It was the birds that woke me up. I was curled up on my side facing the edge of the bed, which was the opposite of how I fell asleep. I reached back, expecting to feel a warm body curled up behind me, but there was nothing. The bed was still warm so I knew she hadn’t been gone for too long. I turned over as the toilet flushed in the adjoining bathroom. When she came back to bed, Sookie lifted my arm to lay down under it. She made a good little spoon.


There was a chill in the spring air. Even in Louisiana it got cool out at the end of April. It was good snuggling weather. I was lucky I found a girl that enjoyed curling up with me.


“It’s wrong to go pump eight pounds of buckshot into a four ounce body, right?” She knew those fuckin’ birds annoyed me to no end.


“Just a little,” she said quietly. Sookie’s head turned so she could see me. “I like the chirp anyway. It makes me happy that they’re just as happy as I feel right now.”


“You’re a cheeseball,” I smiled sleepily. My eyes were barely open but I could see her smiling back at me. She had a pretty smile. Even first thing in the morning it went all the way to her sky blue eyes.


“And you like it,” she giggled.


“I do,” I confessed. In fact, I was kind of a fool for it but that was beside the point.


“Besides, the birds woke us up just in time for afternoon sex.” Sookie started wiggling her ass against me.


“You would have gotten that anyway,” I assured her.


“Hmm, no it would have been more like early evening sex if it wasn’t for them,” she replied.


“Speak for yourself, lazy bones.” I kissed her neck and rubbed her hip. I was up early more often than not.


“It’s so comfortable out here. I don’t want to do anything but nap and fuck,” she giggled again.


“One of the many reasons I like you, Miss Stackhouse,” I replied in my silly Russian accent.


“What are the others?” she replied in the same accent, although nowhere near as good.


“You bring me coffee without me asking for it,” I said and kissed her shoulder. “You smell good. You have a beautiful laugh. You let me play with your boobs…”


“You’re good at playin’ with them,” she smiled. “And anything smells better than the jackholes at the shop.”


“True story. Well, except Des. He smells pretty good,” I joked, making her giggle.


“You’re making me question your sense of smell, Mister. My non-existent gag reflex comes out to play when he walks into a room.”


“It’s shocking to me that you’re not turned on by the intoxicating aroma of goats and Red Bull,” I deadpanned.


“Intoxicating is right,” she snorted, “But not the fun kind. The kind that has my stomach turning.”


“Then you’re glad I turned it down when he offered me a bottle of that sewage, huh?” I chuckled and pulled her little body closer to mine.


“Me too. That would have been a huge turn off,” she said, slowly moving her butt up and down my cock. “You would’ve gotten a big fat hell no when you asked me out.”


I didn’t really ask her out as much as I asked her if she wanted to come over and hang out. One thing led to another and we ended up making out on my couch for like three hours. It was pretty awesome. Unexpected, kind of, but not unwanted.


“You would have come around,” I said as my hand moved down between her warm thighs to play with her lower lips, making her moan softly. She lifted her leg for me and let it rest on my thigh so I could find her clit. Her perfect ass kept rubbing up against me, making me a little harder with each pass.


“Oh, yeah, your smooth lines would have had me throwing myself at you,” she giggle-moaned.


I wouldn’t say any of my lines were smooth, but she seemed to be a sucker for my goofy ass. I wasn’t afraid of making a fool of myself and I think that kind of confidence was a major draw for her. It was easy to get bored at work. We found ways to entertain ourselves between phone calls and customers.


“You know you can’t resist Boris,” I teased in that silly accent again.


Sookie laughed and said, “He is pretty cute.”


“Ja,” I agreed and kissed her neck on the spot that made her shiver.


“He also knows all my easy buttons,” she said quietly.


“He does.” I gently tugged on her clit, making her back arch.


“Mmm, again,” Sookie purred in a sweet, raspy moan.


I gave her what she wanted – another little tug – and continued to kiss her neck. My fingers got to work massaging that sensitive little bud in slow circles. Sookie reached back to pull my head down to hers. Her lips locked onto mine, her hips moving in time with my hand.


“I want you inside of me,” she breathed into the kiss.


That wouldn’t be a problem. Well, not after I got my sleep pants off, that is.


I had to let go of her so I could roll onto my back to get my pants off. Never one to shy away from initiative, Sookie shifted to straddle me as I kicked the flannel off my legs. She rubbed her warm center over my cock and I groaned. My hands cheated under her nightshirt, one of my old t-shirts, and played with her nipples as she started to slide down my shaft slowly. Fuck, she felt good.


Her hands settled on my chest as she continued to work her way down my length. Her pretty sky blue eyes locked onto mine as she rolled her hips once I was fully sheathed inside of her. Sookie started rubbing my nipples with her thumbs right before she started to rise and fall, taking me in to the hilt each time she dropped down. Her hips would swivel and her tits began to bounce in time with the slow up and down.


“Goddamn, you feel good, honey,” I whispered. My eyes locked on hers and my fingers tugged on her nipples the way she liked.


“Mmm, yes,” she whisper-moaned. Her hips started moving back and forth, grinding her clit against me. Her walls began to flutter some, squeezing my shaft. After a moment Sookie started to rise and fall again, a little faster so her ass was slapping against my upper thighs.


My hands moved down to her hips to help her move up and down. I didn’t expect it when she first showed up at the shop four months ago, but it was safe to say I was in love with Sookie. I hadn’t told her yet but I was planning to. Just not while we were having sex because that was cliché and bad timing. Even I knew that.


Instead I pulled her face down to mine to kiss her before my hands reclaimed her hips to hold her steady while I thrust up; hitting that right spot inside her that always drove her nuts.


“Oh fuuuuck,” she breathed into the kiss. I could feel Sookie’s walls pulsing each time I filled her. Her arms caged my head in as her slender fingers ran through my hair. She pulled back from the kiss so she could look into my eyes. The look she gave me told me everything she was feeling in that moment. If she wasn’t already in love with me too, she was damn close.


The crazy thing about our relationship – and it wasn’t even really all that crazy – was that it was the first time I was really good friends with a girl. We didn’t jump into the dating thing. We’d spent time together at work getting to know each other. She wasn’t quite as goofy as me but that was okay because one of us had to be the normal one. Not that she couldn’t play along with me, because she definitely could. I guess you could say my inner dork spoke to hers. I never really thought about how important it was to speak that same language that way. But she got it. It was one of the many reasons I loved her.


I rolled us over and kissed her hard as I moved at a slow, deep pace. I loved the way her body reacted to it, especially when I reached between us to slowly rub her swollen little bud. Her eyes fluttered shut and I knew she was going to cum. When she did, she was going to take me with her.


“Ohmygod,” she whispered. She started pumping her hips up to meet me on each deep thrust. Her orgasm hit hard, making Sookie gasp. Her cute face scrunched up as her breath came out in short gaspy-pants. Her silky walls gripped my cock tight, trying to milk my orgasm from me.


“Shit…shit…” I grunted. A handful of thrusts later I was cumming hard, filling her completely. I dropped on top of her, not that Sookie minded that one bit. I kissed her neck and up to her jaw to find her soft lips. Kissing her was the highlight of my day and I decided there was no better time to tell her so than right at that moment. “You’re the best part of my day, baby,” I whispered.


She reached up to run her fingers through my hair. She had a small smile on her face when she whispered back, “You’re the best part of mine too.”


Out of nowhere I heard a wolf whistle and a sudden burst of applause. I looked through the window to the left to see a group of assholes with familiar faces staring at us. For the last few months Sookie and I had been able to keep things quiet.


It looked like those days were over.


15 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. Oh thank God! I was so happy to see your post. With all the drama lately, I was afraid I would have to resort *sniffle* to reading other fandoms.*sniffle* And starting out with a spicy lemon? All is right in my world again.


  2. Of course the nosey a-holes were watching!
    I wouldn’t put it past them to put spy equipment in their bedrooms just so they could watch and listen/get their rocks off. It doesn’t matter that that kind of thing is wrong, it only matters that they get to watch!
    *poke. poke*
    *glares over at Eric and Sighs*
    Eric says to tell you that MORE sex scenes are needed.
    I guess he doesn’t realize that that’s about all you guys right, lol.


  3. Interesting starting point as Eric & Sookie are already involved in the prologue … The premise does sound like fun!


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