Chapter 1


“Hello?” I answer when my phone rings. I’m half asleep on my couch, dozing off while watching Ghost Adventures.

“It’s recess time,” a deep baritone voice says to me. Eric.

“Is that so?” I turn onto my back, stretching on the couch. We’ve been meeting up on a fairly regular basis for just about three months.

“It is. There’s a new swing at The Playground you have to try,” he tells me.

“Who’s to say I haven’t tried it already?” I haven’t.

“Have you, Susannah? That would be disappointing.”

A chill runs down my spine when he says my name like that…

“I haven’t, I just wanted to see what you’d say,” I reply.

“I see. Well, you don’t have to come out and play. I’m sure I can find someone else,” he says.

“I’ll come out,” I tell him. “I just need to freshen up. I can be down there in forty-five minutes.” I never pass up a chance to play with Eric. He’s amazing in bed and most importantly, I trust him.

“I’ll be waiting.” He hangs up.

I get up from the couch to go to my room. I have a decent sized two bedroom house that I bought two years ago. It felt like home when I walked in. It was move-in ready, but I’ve made a few minor adjustments, like painting the whole house. It was all that bland beige color that got real popular in the mid-2000s. It’s a lot cozier now.

When I get to my room I take a few minutes to brush my teeth and apply some makeup. I curl my hair and then head to the walk-in closet to find some slinky black lingerie. I have the perfect black dress to wear. It’s newer, and I haven’t worn it to The Playground yet.

I joined the club about six months ago. It’s a converted airplane hangar out in the middle of nowhere, where adults can go to play. There’s something for everyone at The Playground. At first it looks like any other bar or nightclub – if you ignore the couples fucking in public – but there are private rooms and theme rooms too, dedicated to different fetishes and kinks.

When I show up I park next to a big black SUV. I have a newer model 4 Runner that’s a calm champagne color. I hop out and head into the club. Pam is at the door when I walk up. She leers at me, looking me up and down.

“Hello,” I smile as I walk up.

“No kiss?” She’s only half kidding.

I lean in to give her a peck on the lips. Pam has full, kissable lips. She’s a beautiful woman; very statuesque.

“That’s better,” she purrs and licks my bottom lip. “Someday you’ll let me try your other lips too. You won’t regret it.”

“Maybe,” I smile. I haven’t been with any women yet. It makes me nervous. I know what I like; I just don’t know I’d be any good at fucking or going down on a woman. I’m highly attracted to women; it’s just… scary… “Where is Eric?” I ask. I don’t know which room the swing is in.

“Last I saw he was in the dungeon with Amanda,” she smirks. “He’s got good hands, that one.”

“Indeed he does,” I agree. “I’ll see you around.” I turn to walk away, heading for the dungeon room.

The walk is a fairly short one. As I go through the door to the hallway I start getting turned on seeing all the writhing bodies. I’m going to be very wet by the time Eric gets those amazing hands on me.

I knock softly to let him know I’m here, waiting for Eric to answer the door.

“Come in,” he says from the other side. I hear the unmistakable sound of a paddle landing on skin and then Amanda crying out.

This is going to be fun…

I walk into the room. Amanda is tied to a bench naked while Eric paces the room in a pair of low slung jeans… that’s it.

“You called,” I purr as I close the door behind me.

“I did.” Eric comes closer to give me a kiss hello. It’s a lingering peck and he’s close enough for me to feel how turned on he is.

“Mmm, what did you have in mind tonight?” I reach forward to brush my knuckles over his erection.

“It turns out that Amanda feels like she’s been a very bad girl, so she’s asked for punishment,” he tells me. “So she’s going to watch us fuck and she’s not going to touch herself or cum tonight.”

I’ve had this punishment. It fucking sucks.

“Yes, sir,” I smile. “Where would you like me?”

Eric walks me over to the front of the bench and those big hands tangle in my hair, pulling my head back. His lips crash down on mine in a rough, passionate kiss that makes Amanda whimper with want.

His tongue probes my mouth, dancing with mine. He’s a fantastic kisser. My hands slip around his waist to grab his delectable ass, trying to pull him closer. I want him inside of me. Now.

Eric pulls my head back and asks, “Would you like to show this misbehaving little whore what good girls get?”

“Yes, sir,” I reply with a flirty smile.

“On your knees,” he orders and nips at my lips.

Without hesitation I drop to my knees facing Amanda. Her cheeks are flush and she’s still breathing hard from her paddling.

Eric stands beside me and unzips his jeans, allowing his very hard cock to spring free. Amanda whimpers again.

“I’ll be good, sir,” she says in a pleading tone.

“Susannah, show her how a good girl behaves,” Eric instructs, ignoring her plea.

I fold my hands behind my back and ask, “May I please suck your cock?” My eyes stay on his, never wavering.

“You may,” he answers. Eric gathers my hair and holds it back for me. His eyes meet mine and there’s sweet encouragement there.

I lick his tip before I take it between my lips. I don’t lose eye contact as I suckle, flicking my tongue through his little slit to gather the pre-cum pooling. After and few seconds I start to bob my head, slithering my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft as I begin to take him deeper and deeper until his head hits the back of my throat. I can feel the tears sting my eyes, which I know Eric loves. It’s still a struggle to swallow him, but I manage to take a deep breath and take his head down my throat.

“Good girl, Susannah,” he praises. “You see this Amanda? This is how you do it.”

“Yes, sir,” she replies.

I hum around his length, making him groan quietly when the vibrations shoot through his shaft. I pull back enough for him to feel my tongue massage his solid flesh, and to suck in more air before I swallow his cock again.

Eric holds my head still and thrusts a few times before he pulls out of my mouth. He’s got incredible stamina. He leans down to give me another hard kiss.

“Take off your dress, Susannah,” he purrs. Eric releases my head and then goes to the bench. He grabs Amanda’s hair roughly and jerks her head up before shoving his cock in her mouth.

I stand up, reaching to the side to unzip my dress. I allow it to drop to the floor before I bend to pick it up. I hang it over the back of a chair and stand in the same spot I was kneeling with my hands folded behind my back, waiting for the next instruction.

I see Amanda close her eyes beyond a blink and Eric pulls out of her mouth. “Susannah, what happens to girls who don’t make eye contact?”

“A swat on the clit each time her eyes close, sir,” I answer. I’ve had up to ten swats in a night, simply because I like to be sassy and sometimes I like the way it feels.

“Give it to her,” he orders.

My eyes go wide for a half second. He’s never asked me to touch another girl. They’ve watched us and I’ve watched him with other girls but we never touch. I take a few long strides across the room. Amanda’s thighs are spread, leaving her swollen clit on display for me. Without thinking I reach down and give her a semi-hard smack on her clit, making her moan.

“Oh God, I need to cum,” she whines.

“Not tonight,” Eric says. He motions for me to rejoin him and as soon as I’m close he pulls me in front of him. His big, left hand wraps around my throat while the right goes down the front of my panties to start playing with my clit. He’s clearly on a mission.

“Mmm, can you feel what thinking about you does to me, sir?” I moan, spreading my legs a little wider to accommodate his hand.

“I can.” Eric tilts my head to suck on my neck. His fingers move faster around my clit as he nips at me. His cock is rubbing against my ass. “Be a good girl and cum for me so I can give you my cock,” he purrs.

“Ye… yes… sir,” I breathe. My body instantly responds to his command. I cum hard with scream, reaching back to grip his thighs.

“Perfect.” He kisses my jaw and then walks me over to the swing to help me get strapped in so I’m on my hands and knees. Eric tugs my panties down and doesn’t play around anymore before filling me from behind.

“Oh god,” I whimper. In the swing I’m completely at his mercy. I squeeze my inner muscles around his cock, making him groan quietly.

I can see the desire mixed with envy on Amanda’s face as Eric pushes me forward and then pulls me back. He grabs onto my hips and begins to fuck me faster, running his thumb between my lower cheeks to play with my back entrance. His thrusts get harder and he starts to swivel with every deep, hard stroke.

I keep my eyes on Amanda’s as I start to moan louder as Eric fucks me. He has the best cock I’ve ever had. He’s hung like a damn horse and knows what he’s doing with it. That’s rare, on both fronts. My walls start to flutter around his cock. I had my orgasm, but this man turns me on so fucking much I’m already on edge.

“Please may I cum, sir?” I pant. We don’t always play like this, but we both enjoy it. I’m in charge of thirty eight-year-olds all day. It’s nice to let go and have someone else take charge.

“You may.” Eric pulls me back a little harder so his hips are slapping against my ass.

“Thank you,” I whimper. My orgasm hits hard, making my back arch. I’m sure my juices are running down to his balls by now. His cock is sliding in and out easily. “Oh god!” I want to collapse, but I have nowhere to go.

He keeps going, pounding into me over and over until he’s ready to cum. I feel his cock swell and pulse, and Eric pulls out to come around in front of me so he can finish in my mouth. It’s the biggest reward of all in this kind of play.

I wrap my lips around his head, moaning when I taste myself on him. My eyes stay on his as I start to swallow everything he has to give as he explodes deep down my throat.

“Mmm, thank you, sir,” I smile when he finally pulls out of my mouth.

“You’re welcome, Susannah.” Eric strokes my cheek and releases my safety bindings. Once I’m free he goes across the room and grabs a flogger from the wall. “Now for part three of your punishment, Amanda.”

I want to ask what she did to deserve the flogger, but I know it’s against the rules. Instead I move to take a seat on the bed since I haven’t been dismissed. Eric’s probably going to need me when he’s hard again anyway. I’m glad he called. This is a lot better on a Friday night than watching TV.


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  1. There was meant to be a cool change here. Why did it get it all hot here? That wasn’t forecast. Forceful beginning to another exciting story ladies. Looking forward to more. 🙂


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