Chapter 9


A few days pass before I get up the nerve to tell my parents about Sookie. I don’t know whether to start with pornstar aspect, or the fact that we’re going to be roommates.


My dad is out golfing with one of his buddies so I’m sitting here listening to Mom talk about what she plans to do after retirement next year. I don’t hear a word she actually says because of my nerves.


“Huh?” I ask when I see my mom’s little hand waving in front of my face.


“Where are you, Eric?” Mom asks with amusement.


“Uh, trying to figure out how to tell you something,” I sigh. “Remember Sookie Stackhouse, the girl I had the crush on in high school?”


“You mean the one you might have bought a ring for if you could have ever managed to tell her you like her outside of the bathroom?” Mom teases. “Don’t think we didn’t hear you practice asking her out in a thousand times.”


I chuckle. Sadly, that’s true.


“Yeah, that one… we’re uh… we’re dating now.” That’s a good place to start.


Mom looks surprised, to say the least.


“How did that happen? When did you run into her again? Does she want kids?”


“We saw each other at the high school reunion. And I don’t know if she wants kids. You may not want her to be… well, she’s a pornstar now,” I say and then start to play with my fingernails. A nervous habit I picked up a few years ago.


“A porn… no way!” Mom shakes her head. “But she was such a sweet, smart girl.”


“She still is. She’s crazy smart and still just as beautiful. She got the offer to do it and she liked it,” I try to explain. “She’s nothing like you would expect a pornstar to be, Mom.”


Mom sighs and shakes her head. “Her parents must be thrilled about this.”


“Her dad accepts it,” I nod. “I’m sure it was tough for him at first, but they have a great relationship. I got to meet his girlfriend when I went with her to look at a house on the lake… she’s moving home.” And I’m moving in with her, but I’m not ready to spill the beans on that just yet.


“Is she quitting the business?” Mom asks hopefully.


“Not yet, but I know she’s been thinking about retirement. We aren’t going to be exclusive until she retires.” At least that’s what I’m getting from her. I know she’d feel bad getting to fuck all the guys she wants when I’m at home alone waiting for her.


Mom frowns and says, “I don’t know if I like that, Eric.”


“It’s not an ideal situation, but I like her, I know she likes me, but she’s not ready to quit. She just got out of a relationship that didn’t end too well due to her profession. I don’t think she wants to tie me down and make the same mistake she did with her ex. I went into this knowing full well what she does for work. She’s been completely open with me and even offered to bring me to set on her next shoot so I can see the mechanics of it.”


Mom shakes her head in disapproval.


“Sweetheart, you’re a catch. You don’t need to be some girl’s backup plan. I know you used to have a thing for her, but you were still a kid. You’re an adult now. You should be looking for someone who will put in the same effort as you,” Mom advises.


That’s a great point, but Sookie is what I want. At this stage of the game we’re on the same page. I’m fine with the way our relationship is going.


“It’s more than the crush, Mom. I like the Sookie I know now. I’ve spent some time getting to know her again and I like the adult she is now. I’m not ready to get married yet. Maybe by the time I am she’ll be ready to retire and start a family. If not, we’ll go our separate ways.”


“And if she never gives up the business? Do you really want to raise children with someone who has sex on camera for a living? What about your children? How will they handle that? You have to think about these things, Eric.”


“I’m well aware of that. We just started seeing each other. I’m not thinking about marriage and children with her yet. If we get to that point, we’ll talk about what her plans are and if she’s willing to quit to raise a family. If she isn’t, we’ll go our separate ways. If she is… well… I’m not embarrassed by what she does and neither is she. We’ll raise our children the same way you raised me and that’s to accept everyone regardless of their profession, beliefs, or race.”


“I don’t want to see you get your heart broken,” Mom says with concern. “I can already see the hearts in your eyes over her. I’d hate for you to fall in love with someone who isn’t going to return the sentiment. I’m not sure this is the smartest thing you’ve ever done but if she makes you happy, you know I’ll do my best to be supportive of it.”


“Thank you,” I say. Now time for the big news. “I’m uh… when she moves up here I’m moving in with her… as a roommate in a different room,” I finish quickly before cringing.


That gets me a smack upside my head.


“Are you insane?!” Mom practically screeches at me.


That’s pretty much what I expected.


“A little, yes…” She’s not happy with me. At all. “Mama, I want you to meet her. You’ll see she’s a great–”


“Fuck?” Mom finishes for me. “Is that why you want to live with a girl you barely know, are kind of dating and may never be in a real relationship with? You have lost your cotton pickin’ mind!”


Yes. Maybe.


“When she asked it felt… right,” I sigh. I’m never going to win her over with pictures of the house like I did with Jake.


“You know, I never worried all those snaps in football might have damaged your brain. Now I wonder…” Mom shakes her head with disapproval.


“Mom, can you please just have faith in my decision making?” I ask, reaching over to hold her hand. “It’s insane, we both know that, but it feels right. To both of us. She’s not trying to use me for anything. She likes me, I like her, we enjoy each other’s company. Neither of us are home much and the house is amazing.”


She sighs and rubs her temples.


“It’s not that I don’t trust you or your judgment. It’s that you’re not the impulsive type. The Eric I know doesn’t do stuff like this. I’m concerned.”


“What concerns you? Do you think she drugged me? I’m not high on orgasms if you think it’s that. When we walked into that house it felt like home,” I explain.


“I told you what I’m concerned about.”


“If I get hurt in the process, that’s on me. I’m going into this with my eyes open.” I know she’s not going to accept this until Sookie retires and pops out a few babies. “If she was a retired pornstar would that make you feel better about this or are you bothered that she did it at all? Or is it just that we don’t know each other that well?”


“I’m concerned that you’re making big decisions on a lot of ifs. If she changes her mind. If she makes a commitment. If she quits the business. That’s a lot of things that might not work out in your favor and then where will you be?”


“Moving into a different house,” I answer. “We’re open on our communication… Mom, I know you don’t like this and I know you’re worried. If I’m being honest, it makes me nervous too, but I’m doing it.”


“Well, I hope it doesn’t blow up in your face,” she says but she doesn’t sound hopeful at all.


“Thank you.” She could’ve easily told me hell no and I may have listened. I’m a Mama’s boy through and through.


“Uh huh,” she mutters. She’s not happy about any of this.


This isn’t going to work out well if she keeps this attitude about it. I don’t want her to be disapproving when she finally meets Sookie. If we’re going to live together Mom is going to insist on it.


“Are you going to be nice when you meet her?”


“Of course I will. I’m not annoyed with her.”


“Gotcha.” She’ll be sweet to Sookie but treat me like a redheaded stepchild. “Wanna see the house?” I ask as I pull my phone out. I took pictures the last time we were there. All of the porn is on Sookie’s phone.


Mom holds out her hand to take my phone from me. She scrolls through the pictures with a blank look on her face.


“It’s nice,” she says generically.


She’s insane. The house is fucking perfect.


“We have a dock on the lake. You and Dad can come over to swim and barbecue with us.” When she sets my phone down I scroll a little more and show her a picture I took of Edith on Sookie’s lap. “That’s her now with her puppy, Edith.”


Mom nods but says nothing.


I sigh as I take my phone back.


“Should I leave so you can stew alone?” I ask.


“That might be a good idea,” she replies. “I don’t have anything nice to say right now.”


I get up from the table and lean over to kiss her cheek. She turns her head, giving me the cold shoulder. She’ll get over it eventually. I grab my keys from my pocket as I walk out. I dial Sookie’s number on the way out to tell her about Mom.




“Hey, it’s me,” I sigh as I hop into my truck.


“Hi. How’s it going?” I can hear music in the background.


“Could be better. Are you busy?”


“No, not really. I’m getting ready for my weekly webcam show.”


“Hell, I may go home and watch that,” I chuckle humorlessly. Sookie set me up with an account. “I just told Mom. She’s not happy with me.”


“So much for her just wanting me to pop out babies, huh?”


“She’s not mad at you. She doesn’t like that we’re moving in together so quickly. I’m hoping she’ll calm down once she meets you.”


“She might. Or she might meet me and hate me,” Sookie says. “You better be prepared for option two.”


“Yeah, I’m starting to prep myself.” I pull out of her driveway. Mom and Dad don’t live too far from me, which is nice.


“That’s a good idea. Hey, blue or purple?”


“Hmm, blue. What are we talking about?”


“If you watch the show you’ll find out.”


“Do you want me to be involved in the chat?” I ask once I get on the road. “Or are you going to give me a little sign that you know I’m watching?”


“You can jump into the chat if you want to, as long as you don’t answer questions for me,” she says.


“I won’t,” I promise. “I want to see how it works before I say anything in it.”


“It’s not too difficult to follow. The chat room invitation goes out thirty minutes before the show starts and I turn my webcam on during that time, so anyone who goes into the chat can watch me finish getting ready or answering email. Sometimes I just dance around if I’m in a goofy mood,” she says.


“Got it,” I chuckle. “Can I talk you into a private show one day? Through Skype or something?” I pull into my apartment complex and head toward the back.


“I’m sure you can,” she replies.


“Do you just answer requests, or do you have a plan for this thing?”


“I have a plan to start. The chat starts out with what I have planned and then once I get going it opens up to the group. I don’t get to every request but I try to take as many as I can before the hour is up.”


“Do you ever get requests you just refuse to do?”


“It happens sometimes, but I only bring attention to it if the person becomes abusive about it,” she says. “Thankfully, I don’t have too many crazed fans.”


“Sorry I’m asking so many questions, I’m just curious about everything you do.”


“It’s okay. I don’t mind that you ask questions. It’s better than assuming and being disappointed if you’re wrong,” she says.


“Thanks.” I pull into my parking spot and hop out of the truck to head toward my apartment. “How’s Edith?”


“She’s fine. Sleeping on the floor in here.”


“I bet she looks adorable,” I smile. I’m smitten with Edith. I like Sookie. I’d steal Edith from her if I had to. “Am I still invited to come to your next movie shoot?”


“Yes, you are. I’ll be shooting scenes with Preston, Nora and Ginger,” she tells me.


“Alright. I was able to get the time off. If you’re not busy after your web show, maybe you can call me back and I can get a flight scheduled to fly down there.”


“I don’t have plans, so yes, I’ll call you back,” she promises. “Are you sure you want blue?”


“Well, shit, you’re making me self-conscious about it now,” I laugh. “But yes, I want blue.”


“Okay. You’ll get your invite to the chat in about thirty seconds.”


“Perfect. I just walked into my room.” Jake was sitting on the couch when I walked by, but didn’t say anything since I’m on the phone. I take a seat on my bed and pull my laptop over. As promised, as soon as I turn it on I have an invite from Sookie.


We hang up the phone and I take a moment to get logged into her site. She looks adorable in a fitted wifebeater tank top, her plain cotton panties and some reading glasses. Her hair is up high on her head, with little wisps flying around her face. I know she knows I’m logged in and I so badly want to tell the other guys I need time with my girl after the shit conversation with my mom, but this is her job. I’ll support her in anyway I can and not be an asshole when I’m in a pissy mood. I have a feeling this little chat/webcam thing is going to help me immensely.




I put the finishing touches on a handmade sign, welcoming everyone back, and hold it up for the webcam with a cheesy smile on my face. I don’t usually get dressed up for the chats. In the movies I’m all made up and barely look like me. During the webcam show I rarely wear makeup or anything fancier than lingerie and heels, and even that is pushing it.


I start to get chat responses from the others in the room. I turn on my iTunes and dance a little in my seat while I wait for the thirty minutes to pass before the show starts. Edith wakes up and comes lumbering over to me looking for cuddles.


“Hi, baby. Smile for everyone on the interwebs,” I tell her as I shift the nearest camera to her. My dog has a freaking fan base thanks to the website. It takes a few scratches between her ears before she smiles. It’s adorable when my little girl smiles.


I put the camera back and Sam knocks on the door. He’s been in a bit of a mood since I told him I found a house.


“What’s up?” I ask him, looking toward the door and mute the microphone so the audience doesn’t hear our conversation.


“Is it time for your show?” he asks.


“In about twenty-five minutes,” I answer. “Want to play?” Sam has been pretty private. He’s never shown much interest in my work and he definitely doesn’t seem interested in participating.


“Are you kidding?” he scoffs. “Hell no. I was going to take Edith on a walk if you’re going to be in here… I can take her if you want.”


“If you want to. She just woke up from a nap so I’m sure she’d like going out,” I say. I don’t want to fight with Sam. I understand why he’s upset and I understand why he doesn’t want me to leave. I care about him but not enough to try and make things work.


“I don’t want to be on your camera, can you set her down or bring her to me?”


I put Edith down and she goes scampering over to Sam. He closes the door behind them when they leave and I turn back to the computer. Since I’m alone I turn the microphone back on.


“Edith had to potty,” I explain before scooting back from the desk. I stand up to reveal that I’m only wearing panties to go with my tank top. It’s very girl next door, in my opinion.


My hips sway to the music I have playing, which happens to be Rush. I’m going through a classic rock phase at the moment. I’ve been listening to Rush, Styx, Foreigner and Journey on shuffle since I drove back from Tahoe. I can see the messages coming in on the chat, and to tease the audience some, I lift my tank top almost to my tits or tug my panties down over my hip on one side or the other. In my mind I can see Eric sitting on his bed, shifting his cock or maybe stroking it while he watches me.


I bite my bottom lip and turn to get the toy Eric picked out, a blue dildo with a thick shaft and a vibrating clit stimulator thing. I have a lot of toys to choose from, but this one is one of my favorites. In addition to the vibrating feature it has a suction cup on it that I can fix to the floor or the shower wall. I haven’t used this in a while. I get the toy fixed to the floor and begin stripping. By the time the thirty minutes are up I have my hand between my thighs while I use voice to type software to welcome everyone.


“Hello, everybody, welcome back,” I wave. “I’m excited you’re all here. I know we have a few new people in the chat tonight, so welcome to the show. I’m so excited you’re here too. My reunion was great and I reconnected with a really nice guy who had a crush on me back then before I was anywhere near Dahlia Black. I also put in an offer on a house and it was accepted, so the next time we see each other there will be a view of the mountains in the background. As you can see, I have Mr. Blue set up and I have plenty in my spank bank from my trip home to get me ready to ride him. I’ll also have a new home video for you sometime this week. I was a bad, bad girl.” I get up and bend over to show the audience my ass, which is still sore from the spanking Eric gave me. I can practically hear him groan.


The chat explodes with questions and comments about what they’re seeing.


Offers to kiss my boo boos.


Wanting to know how I was spanked.


Who did the spanking?


Did it make me cum?


“I’d tell you but it would ruin the video. I will tell you there’s a follow up video where I have a nice big cock buried deep in my ass,” I tell them. “And it makes me cum over and over until I can’t take anymore.”


I love the webcam show. It gives me a chance to interact with the fans a little bit but in a relatively intimate way. I start to answer their questions as I can and they’re all pretty good about not bombarding me with a billion questions. The newbies are easy to spot since they ask generic questions in the beginning. I don’t know what Eric’s user name is so I’m not sure if he asks me anything or not.


Eventually I get up and move to the floor where the toy is. I slide down on it with a long moan and begin riding it slowly. The audience asks me to do all sorts of things while I get myself off. Slap my ass, pinch my nipples, flip my hair, bite my lip, roll my hips, suck my fingers, moan louder… I try to do everything I can. I change positions a few times and cum three times before the time is up and the show ends.


My webcam is barely off before I call Eric to see what he thinks of the show. It might be fun to do it together once in a while but I’m not trying to encourage him to do porn for a living.


“Hey, pretty girl,” he answers.


“Hi. Did you catch the show?”


“I did. That was pretty fuckin’ hot,” he says. I can hear his smile.


“I’m glad you enjoyed it. What’d you think, my performance aside?”


“I think I see why you make so much money. If I could pull that off, I would. As for how I feel about other guys watching… I can see how I would get jealous if I were in the wrong mood. I don’t see that being a problem though. I may tune in once we’re in the house together,” he laughs.


“Make sure none of them try to woo me away? You know I get all sorts of gifts from fans at conventions, right?” It’s insane some of the stuff I’ve gotten.


“I’m pretty secure, Sookie. I don’t think anyone is going to woo you away. If they do, then I’m doing something wrong. As for your gifts, maybe they’ll be to my benefit.”


“Oh I’m sure some of them will. Two years ago a fan got me a pair of season tickets to the Seahawks,” I tell him.


“Did you go to any games?”


“Of course I did. I love Seattle.”


“If you ever get more football tickets, I better be your plus one,” he says with a little chuckle.


“You may have to fight my dad and Jason for a seat,” I chuckle. We’re all Seahawks fans. Dad grew up in Washington. His dad was a logger and his mom was a bartender at a local watering hole.


“We can take turns,” he suggests.


“Aren’t you precious thinking they’re going to share with you?”


“We’ll see,” he laughs. “I have a week off. How long is the shoot? And is there a good hotel close?”


“There are several good hotels nearby and I’m scheduled to shoot a total of four days. I don’t know how long the whole thing will take.” I’m only concerned with the days I have to show up.


“Alright.” I hear him typing and he asks, “What days of the week are you filming? I want a couple days before and after.”


“Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday,” I reply.


“I can come Monday to Monday then. Is a noon flight in good? I can leave the next Monday evening?”


“That works. I’m going to warn you that I’m not sure there will be much sex on the trip,” I say. Shoots are exhausting. Sometimes painful after the fact.


“That’s fine. I figured as much. I just want to get a feel for what you do. It helps me,” he says. “If I know how everything works on the back end, I’ll feel better about seeing it later once it’s all edited together.”


“I know. That’s why I invited you.” I like that he’s curious but not in the way that he’s salivating over it or bragging about it to his friends– at least I don’t think he is. I invited Sam to a shoot and he spent most of it pouting in my trailer. I knew then that it was only a matter of time before we ended things.


“I appreciate it. I’m booked. I’ll email you the itinerary.”


“Awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing you.”


“Me too. I already miss kissing you.”


“Soon enough. I already scheduled the trailer I’ll be towing home. I’m leaving most of the furniture to Sam, so I won’t have too much more than my clothes to move up there.”


“Good. Jake said he’s going to move in with Melinda. She has a house full of furniture. Was there anything you saw you might want to keep here? If not we’ll probably sell it.”


“No, not really. I found this sweet, espresso leather sofa. It’s a sectional with deep seats and a chaise on it. I need a couch I can nap on,” I explain.


“I was going to ask if it was comfortable for napping,” he laughs.


“I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m going tomorrow. If it’s good I’ll wait to order it until you’ve tried it out too. There’s a matching set of armchairs and a loveseat.”


“Sounds perfect. I’m going TV shopping after work tomorrow.”


“Let me guess, you’re going to pick a modest twenty-four inch screen?” Yeah right.


“That’s a fuckin’ computer monitor, not a TV,” he snorts. “I don’t know what I’m going to get yet.”


“Nothing 3-D, okay? Those fuckers are obnoxious.”


“I don’t like 3-D.”


That makes two of us.


“We get all of the appliances that were in the house and they’re all brand new,” I tell him.


“Alright. This is exciting.” I can hear his smile.


“Yes it is.” I’ve lived pretty simply over the years. There have been a few splurges here and there, but I have been pretty fiscally responsible.


“Should I let you go?”


“Yeah, I should probably go shower. I’m all slippery,” I smirk.


“Mmm, I wish I was slippery with you,” he purrs.


“You’ll have to wait until you get here.”


“I know,” he sighs. “Enjoy your shower, pretty girl.”


“Thanks. I’ll call you tomorrow,” I promise.


“Alright. Bye.” Eric hangs up.


I set my phone aside and then shutdown my computer. When I open the bedroom door, Sam is sitting in the living room and sees me as I pass through to get to the bedroom. He’s seen me naked plenty and I’m not ashamed of my body. I go into the ensuite and start the shower.


While I’m wetting down my hair and lathering up, Sam comes into the bathroom too. He leans against the vanity and I can tell by the way he’s staring at the floor that he wants to talk about something.


“What’s up, Sam?” I ask.


“So, you’re really leaving?”


“Yes, I’m really leaving. The house is gorgeous and it’s quiet. I’m excited about the change,” I answer.


“Is it the house, or is it getting away from me?” he asks.


“I’d say it’s a twenty/eighty split, in favor of the house. Moving on will be good for both of us, Sam.” I rinse the shampoo from my hair and reach for the conditioner.


“And the person you were just talking to? Do they have anything to do with it?”


“Eric? I’m not moving to be closer to him, if that’s what you’re asking. I’ve wanted to move back there for a while now. It just so happens that we met at the reunion.”


He sighs and says, “I just don’t see why we can’t work this out, Sookie. We were good together.”


“Yeah, we were, but you have a problem with my work. Eric knows what I do and he’s okay with it,” I reply. Sam and I could maybe work if I was willing to walk away from the business. Maybe if I was head over heels, crazy in love with him I would have considered it, but even at its most intense it didn’t feel that way.


“He’s okay with it for now,” he grumbles. “Just wait, he’s going to get tired of you fucking other men too.”


“Well if I’m some cheating whore why do you want me, Sam?” I ask angrily. I hate when he does this shit.


“For some fucked up reason I actually love you. I thought you loved me enough to quit being a whore. Apparently I was wrong.”


Quit being a whore…


It shouldn’t hurt me to hear him say that, but it does. It hurts a lot. I rinse the conditioner from my hair and turn off the shower. I don’t like that I’m crying when I step out of the shower but I can’t help it any more than I can help myself from slapping Sam across the face.


“Fuck you, Sam,” I say quietly before leaving the bathroom. I wrap my towel around me and sit on the end of the bed while the tears fall.


Right about now, the closing date for the house can’t get here soon enough.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 9

  1. Can understand that Eric’s mother has concerns about he & Sookie. In the end, parents just want their child to be happy, so she should warm to the relationship once she is past her preconceived ideas about what a pornstar is. Sam is a douche. He loves her but wants to change her. So who does he love? Sookie or his idea of what Sookie should be. Eric is still being grown up & rational about their relationship & what Sookie does. Having a lot of fun reading your story.


  2. Ah. And there is the asshole judgemental Sam we all loathe. Asswipe.

    Hmm. I can see Eric’s mums point. It’s all so quick, and so foundationless. As a reader it’s exciting. As his mum, I’d be terrified! Not the porn part. Just the ‘if’ parts.

    So much angst! Lol and I’m guessing more to come.


  3. I suppose it’s kind of hard to not expect those types of comments even from men with whom Sookie may become romantically involved. It doesn’t make them acceptable. There are plenty of men working in the porn business too. I don’t imagine they get called “whore.” There goes the double standard once again.


  4. Gosh that is a tough one… I think I try to not judge people for what they do as a job or other such choices but would I prefer if my son dated someone who was not a porn star? I think I’d freak out even more than Eric’s mum. I wish I could be more relaxed / open about it but I don’t think I could… I think to me is the public aspect of the job that bothers me and as Eric’s mum pointed out explaining this to kids they may have does not sound easy to me. I think I’d feel the same if my daughter dated a guy porn star… Then of course the whole room mate situation and all these ‘ifs’ when she can see Eric’s crushing on Sookie again… Yep, I get that she’s a bit freaked out…

    Sam’s words were hurtful so that’s unforgivable and so at least the silver lining I see in that is that Sookie leaving him is an obviously good choice regardless of how things work out with Eric. What I find more interesting is that for all her being comfortable with her own job, the words still hurt her, which I suppose is to be expected. I think one has to be a supremely confident self assured individual to ignore being insulted by your ex-boyfriend even his insult is not accurate.

    Wonder how the Eric-at-the-film-set visit is going to work out…


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