Chapter 3


I wake up when the bed shifts. It’s gently dipping on either side of my hips. What really gets me is the subtle weight on my hips and the warm, dripping wet home my cock has found. Sookie’s small hands are on my chest and when I open my eyes her big blue eyes are on mine. A beautiful smile lights up her face and I realize she’s slowly rocking her hips back and forth. Fuck. This is far better than morning head.


“Someone got impatient,” I smile. My voice is sleepy and gravelly.


“Awwww poor Cuddlebug,” she pouts. Sookie lifts her hips and asks, “Should I stop?”


“No,” I reply, shaking my head. “I have an angel riding my dick. I never want that to stop.” My hands slowly slide up her thighs to her hips so I can help pull her back down.


She moves her hands back to my thighs and begins to rise and fall slowly so I can watch my cock disappear inside of her.


“How’d you sleep?” Sookie asks casually.


“Like a rock,” I answer. I move my hands down to rub her lower lips. Every few strokes I run my thumb over her clit. This is a beautiful sight. “What about you?”


“I slept great until my cuddle buddy started poking me,” she smirks and her hips swivel.


“I had a sexy, beautiful, warm girl lying on my chest. When I fell asleep your pussy was still dripping on me. Of course I got hard,” I tell her.


She smiles and sits more upright so when she starts bouncing on me I have a better view of her tits. I growl and sit up with her. I tilt my head down and begin to suckle on her left nipple while I tug the right. With my other hand I stroke up and down between her cheeks, massaging her rear opening when I run past it.


“Mmm,” I moan around her nipple before moving to the right. She really does taste amazing.


“That’s so good, Eric,” she moans and stops bouncing to move her hips in circles instead.


“No, that’s good,” I breathe around her flesh before sucking hard. I let go of her nipple and turn my head to capture her lips. As my tongue slips into her mouth I begin to apply a little pressure to her back hole, but I don’t push in.


Sookie loosely wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me back. Her hips start to rise and fall again so she’s slamming down on me. I stop her by grabbing her hips and holding her down. Without breaking the kiss I flip us over so she’s under me. If she wants it hard, I can give it to her.


I keep my lips on hers as my hips begin to drive forward, slapping into her inner thighs. I hook her legs to push her hips up, changing the angle. She moans loudly into the kiss and her fingertips dig into my shoulders.


I push up onto my hands so I can watch her face as I pound into her. My eyes dart down every few thrusts to watch as my cock disappears inside of her over and over. Fuck. This is the best fucking wakeup call I’ve ever gotten and we’re not even done yet.


My eyes flutter closed for a second when I get that tingly feeling in my balls. My stomach coils a little and I pant, “I need you to cum, Angel.”


“So close,” she pants and reaches down to rub her clit. Her walls begin to flutter and her eyes roll back some. “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” Sookie cries out when she cums.


Fuck. Even if I wasn’t so close that face would’ve pushed me over the edge. I slam in a few more times before I cum buried deep inside of her.


“Fuck,” I growl as I collapse on her. “Perfect way to wake up.” I kiss her softly as I try not to put too much weight on her.


“Mmhmmm.” Her legs wrap around my thighs and her lips ghost over my jaw.


“What time is it?” I ask. My hips are still moving slowly up and down. When I look toward the window I can tell the sun is just now coming up. I look back down at Sookie and brush her lips with mine again.


“About seven, I think. I wasn’t sure if you needed to be elsewhere,” she says.


“Not at this hour,” I chuckle. “I’m usually just now falling asleep.”


“And I’m already getting to work,” she giggles. “I slept in.”


“Good,” I smile. “We all need a day to relax. If you trust me in your kitchen I can even make you breakfast.”


“You could if there was more than coffee, Oreos and a bottle of red wine in there.”


I arch an eyebrow at her. “How close is the closest diner? I need you to eat so you can keep your strength up.”


“It’s about two blocks from here,” Sookie answers.


“What do you want? I’ll run and get it,” I offer. I need to eat when I wake up.


“Mmm… the three little pigs scramble without ham,” she says.


“Check,” I nod. I pull out of her, making her groan. “And then I’ll have you for dessert,” I whisper, dipping to kiss her quickly.


“Just be careful where you get the syrup,” she snickers.


“We still have a shower to take. I plan on getting it everywhere,” I grin.


I get out of bed and pause to look for my clothes. Ah. Kitchen. I go to the bathroom, wash my hands and then go into the kitchen to get dressed. Sookie is still lying in bed when I come back into the room.


“I won’t be long,” I promise.


“I’ll be here.”


I leave the room and take the fastest trip as possible to the diner down the street.




“Three little pigs, minus a pig,” I say, holding up the bag as I walk into Sookie’s bedroom. As promised she’s still in bed.


“Yummy, thank you,” she smiles.


I take a seat on the end of the bed, crossing my legs. I start pulling out containers. When the fifth one comes out and I go in for another, Sookie’s eyes go wide.


“I didn’t know what I wanted,” I shrug.


“Is a stomach ache in there?” she giggles.


“I don’t plan on eating it all,” I laugh. As I start to open everything I may be wrong. It all looks delicious. “This way you’ll have something in the fridge later.”


“How many meals do you think you’re eating here today?” Sookie lifts an eyebrow.


“For you, woman,” I chuckle. “Why don’t you have any food?”


“I work a lot. Most nights when I get home I just want to pass out. I was planning on shopping today.”


“Mmhmm,” I tease, taking a bite of the biscuits and gravy.


“Well I was until someone fee-fie-foe-fummed his way into my bed,” she teases right back.


“I haven’t heard you complain,” I shrug. “I still want to take you on a date tonight.”


“While you were gone I did dress reconnaissance,” she smiles. She points across the room and adds, “The shoes I picked are over there.”


“Mmm, you’re going to spend the evening fighting me off, you know that, right?” I inform her.


“I figured. Wait until you see the dress,” she winks at me.


“I can.” I take a bite of bacon and shove another bite of biscuit into my mouth.


“Good. The shoes are all the hint you get.”


“Did you tell Adele you’re going on a date with me?” I ask.


“When did I have a chance to do that?” Sookie giggles. “I’ll tell her tomorrow if you earn a second one.”


“I hope I do,” I smile. “I’m scared Grams will tell me to get away from you. She’ll think you’re too good for me.”


“Why would she think that?” Sookie looks in the bag and grabs little pepper packets.


“Didn’t she tell you you’d be lucky to get a second call if you let me into your pants?”


“She said if a girl gets a call it’s to tell them to make a doctor’s appointment.”


“That’s a fucking lie,” I growl. “She just doesn’t want to lose me to a pretty young girl.”


“That still doesn’t explain why she’d think I’m too good for you,” Sookie says. “I’m not, by the way.”


“She’d say you’re a nurse, I’m a bar owner. You take care of the sick and I only make them sicker, or so I’m guessing. She hates that I own a bar,” I explain.


Sookie nods. “Well… there are pros and cons to both jobs. As long as you love what you do that’s all that matters.”


“I agree,” I nod. “The woman that birthed me was an alcoholic I think. I personally don’t drink at all.”


“I’ve had my moments. I’m a very happy drunk.”


“I bet you’d be an adorable drunk,” I smile. “You should come to the bar sometime. I’ll give you the password for free drinks in case I’m not there.”


“I might try to dance on the bar top. Get a few Lemondrops in me and all sense of needing to stay dressed in public goes right out the window,” she warns.


“Good to know. We do have a no stripping rule at the bar. I might be able to bend it for you,” I wink. “Of course that would be in my office only.”


“Your desk’ll do,” she shrugs.


“I’ll even let you dance naked on it,” I grin.


“Lucky me.”


I finish my biscuits and set the container to the side. I go after the Farmer’s skillet I bought and dig in.


“Do you know where you want to go to dinner or are you leaving that up to me?”


“You can choose,” she tells me.


“Okay.” I know just the place. I only eat half of the skillet and ask, “Do you want any of this?”


“No, I’m good. I won’t even finish this.”


I nod and I start packing everything up so I can take it to the fridge. When I get back to the room Sookie is closing her lid so I take that as well. I wash my hands and go back to the room.


“You have anything else planned besides napping?” I ask as I climb back onto the bed on my hands and knees. I push Sookie back so I’m hovering over her.


“Just the shower that keeps getting delayed.”


“We can go do that now if you want.” I give her a quick peck.


“Mmm… I’m going to let my food settle a bit first,” she says.


I lie down next to her and rest my hand on her thigh so I don’t bother her tummy. I nuzzle into her neck, giving her a sweet kiss.


“I like you,” I whisper. I haven’t even gone on the date yet, but I really like what I know so far.


“I like you too,” she replies.


I smile against her hair. I settle into my spot and before I know it I’m dozing off for a light nap.




The grocery shopping doesn’t happen but the shower eventually does. I kick Eric out of my room so I can get ready for our date. I start with the white lingerie I’m wearing under my dress. Sheer material hugs my curves and then I slip my dress on. It’s a vintage dress with lots of lace and pretty crocheting on the bodice and skirt.


My shoes are also white and there are silver sparkles on the five inch heels. I keep my makeup light and dust my collarbones with shimmery powder. I leave my hair down and give a little curl to the ends with a round brush. The last thing I put on is the pumps.


Before I leave my room I put on a necklace and earrings, and then grab my white clutch. If we leave my apartment I’ll be very impressed.


“Eric?” I call out. I have no idea where he is.


“Yeah?” he comes in from the balcony and stops dead in his tracks. “You look… you’re my angel,” he smiles as his eyes rake over my body.


“Thank you. Are you ready to go?” I ask. The dress is sexy but not too revealing. That’s not stopping him from staring at my cleavage like he thinks he can remove my dress with just his eyes.


He goes back to the balcony and when he comes back in he has a huge bouquet of different colored roses.


“For you,” he smiles as he approaches me.


“Where did… when did you have time to get these?” I grin. They’re beautiful and they smell like heaven.


“You took longer than you thought getting ready,” he smiles. Eric leans in to give me a soft kiss. “Go; get them in some water so we can go before I ravage you.”


I wink at him and go to the kitchen to get a vase. My other flowers ended up wilting, poor babies, and I’m not letting these beauties go to waste. I trim their stems and get the flowers arranged in the vase. After adding water and food, I take the full vase to the living room and set it on the coffee table.


“Okay, let’s get out of here before I ravage you.” I pick up my clutch and keys.


Eric rests his hand on the small of my back as guides me to the front door.


“Do you like Chinese?” he asks as I lock the door.


“I love Chinese,” I tell him. “It’s low on dairy, high on spicy. Win, win.”


“Good. I’m taking you to Fats Chinese bistro,” he tells me. “I don’t know if you’ve been there.”


“I have. They have amazing pot stickers.” I turn and take his offered arm.


“Mmhmm, I love their lettuce wraps too.”


“I’ve never had those, but that’s probably because I’m usually too busy stuffing my face with orange chicken,” I admit.


“We’ll start with them,” he smiles as he guides me to a newer model Infinity he opens the door for me and gives me another kiss before he helps me in. He closes the door behind me and walks around to the driver door. Those slacks make his ass look delicious.


I put my seatbelt on and with my short legs; I’m able to cross them before Eric gets any ideas. He starts the car and pulls out of his parking space.


“What do you normally like to do for fun?” Eric asks, making sure to keep his eyes on the road instead of my thighs.


“In the warmer months I play softball for the hospital team,” I tell him. “In the colder months I hoard hot cocoa and read in front of my gas fireplace.”


“Sounds relaxing,” he smiles. “Other than Saturday morning bingo this is the most time I’ve spent away from the bar in a couple years,” he admits.


“That’s too bad. Everyone needs a break sometimes.” I get about five weeks of vacation time a year and I make sure I use it. “I’m already planning my next trip. I’m thinking North Carolina this fall.”


“Oh yeah? What’s in North Carolina?”


“Other than Duke University I don’t know, but I want to find out. Last summer I went to Colorado,” I smile.


Eric smiles over at me and says, “I like that you have a sense of adventure. Most women I’ve dated are more about manicures and what I can give them. You’re… different in a very good way.”


“Thanks,” I reply. “The time away from the hospital is good for me. I think it makes me a better nurse in the long run.”


“I’d be happy to have you take care of me,” he says. “The bar has been up and running just over five years. I think it’s time for me to take a step back and allow Chow to do the job I pay him to do.”


“That’s probably a good idea. Plus I’m sure you drive him nuts,” I chuckle.


“Probably,” Eric agrees. “He’s happy I’m going on a date tonight.”


“Did you tell Pam?” I get the feeling there’s more to it than just rebellious teenage years but I’m not going to push the issue.


“Not until you agree to a second date.”


“So far you’re off to a good start,” I tell him.


“Good to know,” he nods as he reaches over to hold my hand.


We pull up to the restaurant a few minutes later. Eric finds a parking space and I wait in the car for him to open my door for me. I take his hand and we walk into the restaurant together. Immediately I can smell sweet ‘n sour sauce but it just makes my mouth water. We’re led to a half moon shaped booth by a very petite Asian woman dressed in traditional Chinese clothing. I slide into the booth first and then Eric follows me.


Eric picks up a menu and he looks over at me to say, “In case you haven’t noticed I eat a lot.”


“I sort of got that impression this morning,” I snicker. “There’s like a week’s worth of breakfast in my fridge right now.”


“You won’t have to worry for a while,” he grins. “I think the lettuce wraps, pot stickers, and edemame.”


“That sounds like an entire meal to me.” For Eric it’s just the beginning.


“Mmm, nope. Entrée I think I’ll go with the teriyaki chicken with rice and possibly some general chicken.”


I just shake my head. I have no idea where he’s going to put all that, but it’s his stomach.


“Whatever makes you happy,” I shrug.


“The general chicken is going to make me very happy,” he chuckles.


The server comes by to take our drink orders and Eric gets water with extra lemon before he looks at me for my order. I get tea because it’s tradition. Otherwise I don’t drink the stuff.


“If you have a wheelbarrow you might want to bring it in for this one,” I tease and point at Eric.


The server giggles as Eric shakes his head.


“If we can also order lettuce wraps, pot stickers and edemame?” he asks and the waitress gives me a look silently asking if he’s serious.


“I told you so,” I chuckle.


She walks away to put in our order. Eric puts his arm around my shoulder and asks, “Have you decided what you want to eat?”


“I’m torn between the beef with peapods and the orange chicken,” I confess.


“I would just get both,” he laughs.


“I know you would. I wish they did tasting plates. Then you could try several things without ordering enough food for a small army.”


“We could ask,” he suggests.


“No, it’s okay. Since you’re loading up on chicken, I think I’ll get beef. I promise to share.” I love peapods.


“That works,” he nods.


The server comes back to take our order and promises to be back with our appetizers shortly.


“So did you grow up around here?” I ask before sipping my tea.


“No, New Orleans. Grams and I were evacuated for the hurricane and stayed. We lost everything so we decided to start fresh. What about you?”


“Yep. My brother is living in our parents’ old house,” I tell him.


“I’ve met him,” Eric nods. “He’s… funny.”


“Oh he’s… something. I think he took one too many knocks to the head back when he was playing football,” I laugh.


“You mean when he was QB1?” Eric laughs with me. “He made bingo interesting, that’s for sure.”


“I wouldn’t be surprised if he hit on your grandmother,” I snort.


“She’d eat him alive.”


“We used to call his first girlfriend Mrs. Robinson. He could handle Pam,” I laugh.


“I don’t know,” he smiles. “She might be a little too rough for him. Annnd, no more talking about Grams eating Jason alive.”


“I’m wondering how you know how rough your grandmother likes it,” I say.


“She wasn’t quiet when I was growing up. She had a couple steady boyfriends she brought around. My earphones were my best friends.”


“I can imagine,” I giggle.


“I don’t know if you can,” he snickers. “Stan used to walk around in his underwear at half-mast. It was borderline child abuse.”


I laugh a little harder and say, “Well maybe someday you’ll have grandchildren of your own to horrify. Just be careful you don’t poke their little eyes out.”


“Thankfully I learned from her mistakes.”


“You know one time when he was fifteen; Jase took one of Gramps’ old Viagras just to see what would happen?” That was a debacle and a half.


“I don’t even want to know,” Eric laughs. “Viagra is one thing I hope I never need to take.”


“Let me just say that Gran kept passing him prune juice in the bathroom and the dummy drank it instead of dumping it down the drain.” Ole Jase really had a mess on his hands after that.


Eric blinks at me a couple times before he throws his head back to laugh.


“I… can’t,” he gasps. “What is wrong with him?”


“He skipped the line for brains.” It’s all I can figure. “To this day Gran calls him Thumper for that stunt.”


“Oh wow,” Eric snorts as he calms down.


Our appetizers are delivered and Eric’s eyes light up. He immediately starts putting together a lettuce wrap for me and hands it over.


“Thank you.” I take a bite and moan appreciatively.


“One of my favorite things to put in my mouth,” Eric chuckles.


“What else makes the list?”


“Chicago pizza, Grams’ jambalaya and most recently you,” he winks.


“Mmm… I think you proved that when you woke me up from my after breakfast nap.” I smile and sip my tea. My thighs clench together when I recall waking up with his handsome face buried between my legs and his wicked tongue doing wonderful things to me.


Eric leans over to kiss my neck below my ear and whispers, “I told you taste like heaven, Angel. I could spend days with my face buried between your delicious thighs.”


“See it’s saying things like that, that makes the girls hope you’ll be back,” I smile softly.


“Mmm, well I don’t say things like that to all the girls,” he informs me before he kisses my neck again. He sits up straight and makes another wrap.


“I’m just sayin’.” I grab a pot sticker and pour some of the dipping sauce on my plate.


Eric rests his hand on my leg as he inhales his food. “Speaking of girls; I should warn you I get hit on a lot at the bar. I flirt back because it’s better for business, but I don’t always take them up on their offers. I don’t know what you and I are doing here, but I won’t even think about another girl unless it doesn’t work out. I wanted you to know in case you come in and see me giving a flirty smile or something. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a cheater.”


“Thank you for telling me. I don’t usually fly off the handle with jealousy, so as long as ‘flirt back’ isn’t code for ‘fucking on every flat surface we can find’, I think we’ll be okay,” I reply. I don’t know what this is between us either so I don’t try to answer that. For all either of us knows it’s just lust and it’ll burn itself out in a few weeks. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened to me.


“I promise ‘flirt back’ does not mean that,” Eric chuckles. “A touch on the arm, smile, a few sweet words, nothing over the top.”


“That’s fine. I don’t want to fuck with your livelihood,” I assure him. “Besides, I get hit on at work too.”


“I bet you do,” he purrs as he gives me one of those flirty smiles. “I bet you look delicious in your scrubs. I would flirt with you.”


“I was treating a sixteen-year-old boy with stage IV brain cancer two years ago. His dying wish was to see my boobs,” I confess.


Eric snorts and says, “Smart kid. You have amazing tits.”


“He was a charmer. He had a great sense of humor,” I recall.


Eric looks at me with a sweet smile for a moment before he leans over to give me a soft, lingering peck.


“I enjoy watching you talk about your job. You’re beautiful, Sookie.”


I feel my cheeks heat up as I say, “I don’t talk about it too much. I try not to. No one wants to hear sad stories about sick children.”


“You don’t tell sad stories. You tell stories about these amazing kids that touched your heart. They make me smile, you make me smile,” he tells me.


I smile and say, “Landon got his wish.” I don’t do that all the time, but I liked the kid. It made him happy and forget for a few minutes that he was dying.


“You sweet, silly girl,” Eric laughs. He gives me another kiss, this time cupping my face, holding it to his a little longer. He pulls back when we hear our entrée plates being set down on the table.


“Thank you,” I say to the waitress. “Your next chiropractic appointment is on us.”


She laughs and says, “I’ll be fine. I’m more worried about you. He’s giant and he seems like a clinger.”


I laugh loudly at that. Eric scowls.


“I didn’t come here to get harassed, woman,” Eric says playfully.


“It looks like you were the one doing the harassing,” she teases. “Can I get you guys anything else?”


“We may need a crane,” I giggle and Eric growls quietly next to me.


“Coming right up,” she winks before she walks away.


Before Eric can pout too much I lean over and whisper, “Just remember naughty girls need to be punished.”


With the noise he makes, I think I broke his brain.



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  1. I think my favorite line was Eric’s reaction when he saw her dress. I am really like how sweet he is on Sookie and how he calls her angel. The playful banter at dinner was fun.


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