Chapter 17



Within the first three seconds I figured out Sookie’s Gran is a bit dirty. I like her. She already reminds me of Sookie. I leave the girls alone so I can clean up our mess on the counter and start on corn. I’m shucking the corn when I hear the doorbell. Since I’m already downstairs I head over to the door to open it. I’m greeted by Hadley and a guy I assume is Remy. He seems nice by the looks of him. It’s too bad he’s a cheating prick. I’ll give him a shot anyway.


“Hi,” I smile and take a step back. “Come on in. Sookie is giving Adele and Michelle the tour.”


“Hi, Eric, this is Remy, my fiancé.” Oooh, so the wedding is still on.


“Pleased to meet you. Welcome to our home,” I smile at Remy and reach out to shake his hand.


He grips it firmly and says, “Likewise. I’m glad I didn’t need a passport to get in here.”


I chuckle and say, “Any farther North and you would.”


“It’s a nice house.”


“Thanks. Would you guys like to join Sookie on the tour?” She’s probably to the media room right now.”


“Sure, I’ve seen it but I haven’t seen Gran in a while. Remy, do you want to come with me?” Hadley offers.


He looks between Hadley and me and says, “Uhhh I think that’s too much estrogen for me.”


“Your choice. Eric, do you mind…”


“Of course not. Remy, how are you at food prep? I’m working on corn right now and waiting on the macaroni noodles to cook for the macaroni salad.”


“I’m better at eating than cooking,” he says.


“That’s fine. Having company works,” I smile. The only reason I can cook is I had a stay at home mom until she got her job as a realtor and she kept me in the kitchen with her. “Follow me.” I motion for Remy to follow me into the kitchen. I can almost hear his wheels turning in his head. He’s a little flabbergasted by the house, but most people are. “Beer?”




I head to the fridge to grab him a Corona and a lime that Sookie cut up earlier. I slide it in front of him along with some chips and salsa that are out on the counter.


“What do you do?” I ask. Remy and I are probably both marrying into the family so I should get to know him better.


“I’m a structural engineer,” he says as he opens the beer.


“Cool,” I nod and start shucking the corn. “I hear you’ve; been traveling a lot.”


“Yeah, the firm I work for is expanding in Dallas so I’ve been down there helping to get the office up and running,” he explains.


“Nice. I basically travel around town,” I tell him. “I’m not sure if the girls told you I’m in real estate.”


“Oh I’m aware. Your mug is on several billboards in the outlying area.”


“Can you believe I forget that?” I laugh.


“It’s better than being all into yourself and making it the first thing you say to people,” he chuckles. “Hi, I’m Eric Northman, tall as fuck and billboard star.”


I laugh. I like him. I just hope he doesn’t fuck up again. I want to continue to like him.


“It actually sucks being so tall. Yeah, I can get shit off the top shelf, but I have to duck through most doors and I think Sookie needs a neck brace from looking up at me.”


“I can take you out at the knee if you want. Problem solved.”


“Nah, enough leg pain while I was growing. I’ll deal. Tell me how it feels to be average height? I don’t think I’ve ever been there,” I chuckle.


“Feels good. Plenty of leg room in cars and airplanes. No one asks me for weather reports or if I’m enjoying the NBA…”


“The weather is clear, looks like it will be for a while and I gave up my basketball career when I took over my mom’s real estate business.”


“Seems like you made a good trade.”


“I do alright,” I shrug.


“If this is just ‘alright’ I’m afraid to see what your idea of awesome is.”


“You’re right. This is fucking amazing. At the same time sometimes I think it’s too much. I offered to get something smaller for Sookie since this is going to be a lot to chase a baby around in, but she seems happy here. That’s all that matters.”


“Eh, maybe you’ll have more kids and then it won’t seem so huge,” he says.


“Yeah. It already feels a little smaller with Sookie. It’s nice having an extra person around,” I say and set the corn to the side to start peeling the eggs for the macaroni salad and I drain the noodles. “At the same time you’d never guess there are five other people in the house right now.”


“That might be a good thing,” he chuckles. “I’m sure Sookie will have the in-laws over regularly. I’m guessing you haven’t met her brother yet.”


“Not yet. Having them over doesn’t bother me. Corbett doesn’t leave the game room and Michelle has a crush on me,” I snicker. “At least I already know what to expect from Sookie in twenty years.”


“Fuck, I hope that’s not true,” he chuckles.


“That Michelle is Sookie in twenty years?”


“The theory in general. Linda, Hadley’s mother, she’s uhhh… well she’s not as much fun as Hadley, let’s put it that way,” he says and takes a long pull from his beer.


“That sucks. I don’t know anything about her and I barely know Hadley. She seems like a sweet girl though.”


“Yeah, she is. Linda looks more like Corbett than Jason does… mustache and all.”


I laugh again. “Damn, that sucks. I assume the twins take after Adele.” Hadley and Sookie look just alike. It’s eerie.


He nods and says, “In her day, Gran was smokin’ hot.”


“I believe it,” I nod. I can already see a lot of her in Sookie.


“You’ll love Jason when you meet him,” Remy smirks.


“What’s he like? Sookie hasn’t really talked about him.”


“Yeeeah, they don’t see eye to eye on much. He’s been in the army for the last eight years. He wasn’t too happy when his little sister started stripping,” he explains.


“If I had a sister I probably wouldn’t be too happy either. Although, if Sookie wasn’t stripping I would’ve never met her. I can’t really fault her.”


“There’s not happy and then there’s saying nasty shit you can’t take back. Jase fell into both categories.”


“Great, I already don’t like him now,” I sigh.


“He’s not all bad. He’s a goofball most of the time.”


“We’ll see when I meet him. I don’t think Sookie has talked to him since she found out she was pregnant.”


“I couldn’t tell you.”


“Do you have any siblings?”


“Four brothers.”


“Damn,” I chuckle. “I’m an only child. Do you think you and Hadley are going to have a shitton of kids like that?”


“If she wants to. I grew up on a farm in Kansas so we were free labor,” he chuckles.


“That works. I need to look into that. I pay a shitload of money on that lawn,” I laugh.




“I honestly didn’t want kids until Sookie showed up on my doorstep and told me she was knocked up,” I admit. “It still took me a couple weeks to get onboard.”


“Understandable. I was shocked she kept it, to be honest.”


“At the time I wished she would’ve decided to give it up. Now I can’t wait to meet her. It’s fucking surreal, man,” I tell him.


He just nods.


“Are you a baseball fan?” The food is all pretty much either marinating or ready to throw on the grill.


“Not too much. I prefer football.”


“Me too. I was going to offer to take you to Corbett’s mancave.”


“Yeah, sure.”


I motion for him to follow me and lead him to the staircase. We head up and I hear the girls cackling in our bedroom as we walk by going to the game room.


“Corbett, what’s the score?” I ask when we walk in.


He just grunts at me.


“There’s beer in the mini-fridge over there,” I tell Remy and I take a seat in one of the recliners.


“Thanks,” he plops down on the couch.


We all sit back and watch the game for at least an hour before I decide to get up and check on the food.




I’m pretty sure I’d get smacked in the head by Corbett for staring at Sookie in her bathing suit if I wasn’t wearing sun glasses. She looks hot as hell with her feet in the water while Adele and Remy are swimming. Sookie is sitting between Hadley, who has on a much smaller bikini, and Michelle while Corbett is in the chair next to me. We’ve already eaten and Corbett is in the same boat I am. We both ate way too much and the pool is anything but appetizing right now. Unless Sookie decides to get in. Jesus I had sex with her just a few hours ago. I shouldn’t want her again, especially with her whole family here.


Watch her while she talks and laughs and I love how animated she is when she’s telling a story. That girl completely amazes me. I’ve been in love before, but never like this.


“Corbett, can I ask you something?” I say, turning my head to look at him.


“At your own risk.”


“I want to marry your daughter one day and I want your blessing,” I say. I don’t plan on proposing to Sookie anytime soon, but I know she’s the one I want to marry.


“So what’s your question?”


“May I marry Sookie one day?”


He looks over in Sookie’s direction and she’s doing some goofy dance from her seat at the side of the pool. He snorts and says, “If it’s what my little girl wants I won’t make a fuss.”


“Thanks,” I smile and lean back in my chair.


“Thank the Phillies for winning.”


Right. If they’d lost I’m sure it would’ve been a hell no.


I watch as Sookie tries to get up from her seat. It’s apparently not as easy as it should be for her. It’s cute.


When she’s up she heads my direction. I’ve barely seen her since her family showed up. Well, I’ve seen her; I just haven’t really talked to her.


“Hey,” I smile when she approaches me.


“Hi,” she replies and parks herself on my lap. “How’s your food baby?”


“Just about ready to pop,” I chuckle and pull her back against my chest so I can rub her belly. “How’s my real baby?”


“She’s doing the backstroke,” she laughs.


“Mimicking Adele?” I chuckle and kiss her shoulder.


“She asked if she could proposition you so you’d see what I’ll be like in fifty years,” Sookie tells me and Corbett groans.


I shake my head no and say, “I’m perfectly fine learning as we go.”


“You better be,” Corbett grumbles.


“Couldn’t handle me dating your daughter and your mom?” I joke.


“Could you handle my size twelve up your ass?” he retorts.


I laugh and say, “Come on, they’re both adults.”


“He’s serious, babe,” Sookie tells me.


“I know.” Corbett needs to get a better sense of humor. “Cool your balls, Corbett. I only want one of your girls.”


“I’ll remember this when Elina starts dating,” he warns.


“I know you will,” I grin and push back a little when she kicks or punches my hand. “Are you sure you don’t have Layla Ali in there?” I ask Sookie.


“Sometimes I’m not too sure. She’ll settle down soon. It’s the after dinner rush. She’ll take a nap and get going again when I’m trying to sleep. Obviously she’s a Northman,” she says.


“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I say innocently.


Sookie and Corbett both cough and say, “Bullshit.”


“What? I don’t bother you at all at bedtime.” It’s actually Sookie that initiates sex most of the time.


“Uh huh,” she smirks.


I tickle her side, earning another kick from the baby.


“We’ll see,” I tell her. “Do you want to help me cleanup right now?” I actually want to see if I can get her to sneak off for a quickie right now.


“Sure,” she shrugs. “I’m sick of this bikini anyway.”


“I can help you change,” I offer.


“You can keep it in your pants until we’re gone,” Corbett says knowingly.


Yeah. We’ll see about that.


Sookie stands up and I get up behind her to follow her in the house as soon as the door is closed I ask, “Do you think we can get off before they notice we’re missing?”


“Dad already knows we’re gone, so no, probably not.”


“We have a lock on the door,” I shrug. “He can’t walk in, plus I’m sure he doesn’t want to chance seeing you naked.”


“And he really doesn’t want to see you naked. Can’t we just wait until they go home? It won’t be that much longer.”


“Yeah,” I agree. “You just turn me on in that bikini.”


“You need your eyes checked, Gramps.”


“I have 20/20 vision and your body looks amazing,” I tell her honestly.


She shakes her head as she walks to the elevator. I step on behind her and go upstairs with her.


“And you’re cute when you tell stories,” I inform her once we start moving up a level.


“Oh yeah?”


“Uh huh,” I nod. “You talk with your hands and make the cutest faces.”


“Careful, babe, there’s smit all over your face.”


“I’m proud to be smitten with you. You’re gorgeous and funny and smart and I really, really like the way you look in that bikini.”


Sookie laughs as the elevator comes to a stop. She opens the gate and steps into the hall.


“I have to show you the present Dad snuck in here,” she says.


“What is it?”


“It’s Elina’s first present.” When we walk into the bedroom she picks up a little white onesie and tosses it to me.


When I hold it up I laugh when I read ‘Lil Asskicker’ across the front of it.


“I love this,” I smile.


“Me too. It’s particularly appropriate after your Layla Ali question.” Sookie peels off her bikini top as she walks to the closet.


Of course I drop the onesie on the bed and follow her. I lean against the doorjamb to watch her while she starts looking for something to wear.


That’s a beautiful sight,” I whisper in Swedish as I watch.


“I don’t know what you just said but you’re still not getting any until they’re gone.”


I know,” I say and clear my throat, repeating in English, “I know. Just complimenting you.”


Sookie pulls a little dress that makes her tits look amazing off a hanger.


“Are you sure we have to wait?” I ask, glancing down at my thickening cock.


“Yep,” she says and bends over when she takes the bottom of her bikini off.


“Mmm, are you absolutely positive?” I ask even though I know she can’t understand me.


She grabs a pair of red panties from a drawer and starts putting them on.


“Tease,” I wink.


“I’m not teasing. I could have gotten dressed alone.”


“True, I like watching you though.”


“So I noticed,” she says as she glances at my crotch.


“I’m not even sorry,” I chuckle. I’ll make sure it goes down before I go back downstairs.


“Good idea. Gran will start thinking she’s got a shot with you otherwise,” Sookie snickers.


“You know you’re the only Stackhouse for me,” I wink.


“I better be.”


Sookie gets her dress on and on her way out the door the little minx grabs my cock as she passes me.


“You’re evil,” I say and grab her arm before she can get too far. I pull her back to me, wrapping one arm around her. I dip down to nibble on her neck just below her ear and I cup her breast. I start playing with her barbell a little and I whisper sweetly, “You’re going to pay for that later.” I know threats don’t count if you can’t understand them, but this is better torture.


“Hey that was just payback for earlier,” she tells me as she slaps my hands away.


“What did I do earlier?” I ask, kissing her cheek and letting her go.


“You know,” she says as she walks away.


Women. I have no fucking clue what I did.


It takes a few minutes for my wood to die down. When it’s gone I head back downstairs to find Sookie in the kitchen with Michelle putting stuff away.


“Michelle, you’re a guest, you don’t have to do that,” I say when I walk in. “I can.”


“Hush. I got it,” she says.


I move a little closer and see they seem to have a little routine going. “What can I do?” I offer. I don’t feel right about Michelle cleaning, but I’m not arguing with her. I have a feeling I’d lose that fight.


“Get lost?” Michelle suggests.


“Nah, he’s got maps here,” my little smart ass says.


You’re going to pay for that later,” I repeat in Swedish. I don’t need to make threats in front of her mother that she can understand.


“Why don’t you go relax?” Sookie suggests.


I nod and pat Sookie’s butt on the way out of the room. I head to the backyard again and end up in the same spot next to Corbett. I think he’s asleep. I don’t bother him. Instead I put my sunglasses back on my face and lean back in the chair. I don’t realize I’m tired until I pass out right alongside my girlfriend’s father.


I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep when I’m shaken awake.


“Hmm?” I hum, but don’t open my eyes.


“I’m going to bed. Are you coming inside?” Sookie asks.


Shit. How long was I out?


I open my eyes and it takes a second to focus on her face.


“You’re gorgeous,” I say. She looks extra pretty for some reason right now.


“Thank you, babe. Come on,” she tugs on my hand to get me to stand up. “It’s almost ten.”


“Shit, sorry,” I apologize as I stand up.


“Just be glad I talked Dad and Gran out of throwing you in the pool,” Sookie chuckles and wraps her arm around my waist.


“Mmm, I’m pretty sure I’m too heavy anyway,” I smile and kiss the top of her head. The heat must’ve gotten to me. I rarely sleep that long outside.


“Probably.” She leads me to the elevator.


I open the gate for us to step in and close it behind us. I press the button to send us up stairs where we get off and head to the bedroom. As soon as we walk in I lose my shorts. My balls feel sweaty and I need a shower.


“I’m going to take a quick shower if you want to join me,” I offer.


“No, thanks. I showered already,” she says.


“Alright. I’ll be right out.”


I go into the bathroom and head straight for the shower. It only takes about two minutes to wash and rinse everything. I don’t wash my hair; I just need to get the sweat sheen off of me. When I get out I dry off quickly and head to bed. Sookie is already snuggled in, but she’s still awake.


I pull the covers back and lie down. I rest my head on her chest and my hand on her belly.


“How’s my little girl?” I ask quietly.


“Sleeping, I think.”


“Mmm, okay,” I say and tilt my head to kiss the top of her stomach. I move the top of my body so my head is on the pillow next to Sookie’s, leaving my hand over Elina. “Did you have fun today?” I ask Sookie.


“I did. It was good to see everyone. I’m glad you got to meet Gran and Remy.”


“She’s something else. She politely let me know that seventy-four does not mean dead and she wouldn’t mind taking me for a spin,” I chuckle. “I like Remy too.”


“She was polite?”


“Maybe I’m just being polite. I think your dad shit himself,” I smile and kiss the tip of her nose.


“Maybe a little but we’re all used to this. After you conked out she asked Remy what he was thinking sticking his dick in another woman,” she tells me.


“Yeah, we should spend more time with her,” I laugh. “It actually took me a little too much willpower not to ask him the same thing. If Hadley is anything like you he’s a lucky son of a bitch. He’s even luckier she’s giving him a second chance.”


“Yes he is. Had’s got a big heart but cheating is a lot to forgive.”


“I don’t think I could forgive you if you cheated,” I admit. “It’d be like one of those un-whatever curses on Harry Potter, like the killing curse or something.”


“I couldn’t forgive you either,” she says.


“Then it’s a good thing I’ll never give you anything to forgive,” I smile and tilt to kiss her softly. “I asked your dad if he’d be okay with me marrying you one day,” I whisper as I pull back.


“You did?” She looks surprised.


“Mmhmm, I figured it will probably happen one day and I just wanted to get that part out of the way.”


“I’m guessing you got his blessing.”


“Yep, he said as long as it’s what you want,” I tell her and kiss her again. “I hope one day that is what you want…”


“Maybe someday,” she whispers as a teeny foot kicks my palm.


“I think I just got Elina’s vote,” I grin.


“Probably,” Sookie smiles back at me.


I rub my hand over my daughter and lean forward to give Sookie a slow, sweet kiss.


“I love you,” I whisper, reaching up to brush her hair back.


“I love you too,” she replies.


I kiss her one more time and I snuggle into her side, moving back down to rest my head on her chest again.


“How tired are you?” I ask and kiss the side of her breast.


“Pretty wiped out,” she says.


“Okay.” Not surprising, I’m not tired at all now. I continue to rub the baby, but I don’t try to get frisky since she’s tired.


Sookie ends up falling asleep within a few minutes. I gently roll away and get up to slip on some shorts. I don’t want to bother Sookie so I end up going downstairs to the main living room to watch a little TV before bed. It takes me by surprise when I feel myself dozing off watching the end of Saturday Night Live. By the time it dawns on me that I’m ready for bed I’m too tired to move. As it turns out I don’t have to. The last thing I remember before I fall asleep is Sookie climbing onto the couch with me and I wrap my arm around her waist to spoon in behind her, holding on tight to my family.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 17

  1. Awww! They are just too cute together. Adele cracked me up, so feisty. Poor Corbett dealing with so many feisty females for so long. Glad he gave Eric his blessing though.


  2. that was a great chapter….love that they got Corbett’s blessing but because of their cheating talk i hope it was Sookie that climbed onto the couch with him and not some old booty call. ky


  3. Eric fits right into the Stackhouse family 🙂 I hope Eric’s parents are cool like them. Doesn’t seem like Eric will get on with Jason too easy, but we’ll see when they meet.


  4. Great chapter. Good on Eric being able to handle the inappropriate Gran. Liked how he asked permission from Corbett to marry Sookie some day.


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