Chapter 5


I follow Sookie back to her place. She ended up having one more drink followed by water the rest of the night. She also got to see how I flirt and judging by her reaction, it’s not bad. I’ve never been a cheater and even though we aren’t technically a couple, I wouldn’t feel right being with anyone else.


She parks in her spot and I’m thankfully able to find something close to her. I follow her to the front door, imagining her bare ass under that way too short skirt. It’s making me hard.


Once we’re in the house I kick off my shoes and plop down on the couch.


“I’m beat,” I sigh, keeping my eyes on her legs. As hot as she looks and as hard as she makes me, I’m really fucking tired.


“Poor Cuddlebug,” Sookie says sympathetically. “Come here.” She pats her lap.


I turn to rest my head on her lap, looking up at her face. “I can see up your nose from here,” I grin.


Without missing a beat, she starts breathing heavily, making her nostrils flare.


“Nope, no boogers,” I smile, reaching up to pinch the tip of her nose.


“Oh good. I hate having a bat in the cave and nobody tells me,” she smiles.


“You can always count on me for bat checks,” I assure her. “Why didn’t you tell me your couch was so comfortable?” I stretch my legs over the arm and rest my arms on my chest.


“I wasn’t aware that was pertinent information,” she replies and begins running her fingers through my hair. “I require a couch that is good for naps. I’m a big fan of naps.”


“Me too. I hope you weren’t looking for any action tonight. I’m tired,” I say. I’m sure if she said the word I’d be all over her.


“Actually I was hoping you would cuddle me violently,” she giggles. “But if you’re too tired, I’ll settle for just lying next to you.”


“If you need it,” I smile. “It would have to be a slow, subtle violence.”


“That sounds interesting. Anytime you’re ready, you just let me know.”


“You can lie here in front of me and let me spoon you naked.”


“I could do that but then I don’t think we’ll only be cuddling,” she says.


“I can cuddle naked,” I promise. “We’ll be ready once we’re rested.”


“If you say so.”


Sookie slides out from under me and stands up to take off her clothes, dropping them piece by piece on the floor in front of the couch. When she’s done, she waits for me to strip before she lies down next to me. I turn her to her side so her back is to my chest and I wrap my arm around her waist.


“This is perfect,” I whisper, nuzzling my face into her hair. I’m sure she can feel my hard-on pressing against her ass.


“Minus that poking device, it is pretty comfy,” she agrees.


“I can’t help it. You’re a gorgeous girl and my cock is pressed against your ass. I’d be just as hard if we had clothes on.”


“Oh I know. You were sportin’ a tent for eight in your jeans all night,” she giggles.


“Are you complaining?” I ask, reaching up to tweak her nipple.


“No!” she squeals. Her back arching forces her ass tighter against me.


“Not helping,” I groan.


“Well you pinched my nipple,” she laughs.


I thrust my hips, allowing my cock to slide through her cheeks. “Maybe nudity was a bad idea,” I chuckle. “I’m only getting harder.”


“I can go get a nightgown,” she offers. “Maybe something in chainmail.”


“No,” I veto immediately. “You could just lift your leg and let me slide in.”


“Is that supposed to be the subtle part or the violent part of your cuddling?”


I reach down to feel how wet she is. Sookie moans softly when I tap her clit. “It’ll be the subtle part,” I whisper when I feel she’s still nice and wet.


“You said you were tired,” she reminds me.


“I am,” I say. “I won’t be expending very much energy.”


“You’re trouble,” Sookie says, but lifts her leg for me.


I smile into her hair as I position myself so I can thrust into her. “Mmm, now this is perfect,” I whisper. I help her put her leg down, making her feel insanely tight. I push her hair out of the way so I can kiss her neck softly as I begin to lazily thrust in and out of her.


“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I could fall asleep like this,” Sookie says.


“No, I know what you mean,” I reply. I slide my hand up to her breasts and begin to tug her nipples gently.


She moans and her back arches a bit. “That feels good, Eric.”


“It feels really good, Angel,” I whisper, sucking on her shoulder. It hits me suddenly that I want to do this with Sookie for a long time. She’s sweet, funny, sassy, beautiful, and one of the smartest people I’ve met in a long time. “Will you be my girlfriend?” I ask, stopping my thrusts until she answers.


Sookie turns her head back and says, “Ask me again when you’re not balls deep in me.”


“Okay,” I reply and capture her lips with mine. I begin to move my hips again, staying just as slow. I wrap my other arm under her to tug her nipples while I slip my hand between her thighs to stroke her clit. Her walls flutter softly, making me groan against her lips.


“I’m so close, Eric,” she breathes and nibbles my bottom lip.


“I can feel it,” I moan. My hand comes up from her tits to grip her throat lightly so I can keep her in place. My hips speed up a little, filling the room with the sound of my cock slipping in and out of her wetness along with my hips slapping into her ass. “Cum for me, Angel, please,” I whisper.


Sookie whimpers and her fingertips dig into my thigh as her walls tighten. “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” she chants quietly.


“That’s it, Sookie,” I breathe. The beginning of her orgasm triggers my own and I pull back to drive in hard a few times before I release. “Yesyesyes,” I pant. I thrust my tongue into her mouth to kiss her through the aftershocks.


Her hand moves up to take my hand off her throat and her fingers lace with mine while our tongues dance slowly.


I slip out of her, making us both whimper. “Be my girl, Sookie,” I ask again into the kiss. My eyes are still closed. Her body is warm against me. She feels so fucking good.


She places little pecks along each of my lips and whispers, “Okay.”


I smile, squeezing her around her waist to hold her tighter. “Thank you,” I whisper back. I reach back to pull the blanket on the back of the couch over us before I wrap her tight again. “I don’t want to move.”


“Me either.” She brushes her lips against mine.


Sookie and I spoon on the couch, making out for a few more minutes. Eventually she turns her head and settles onto my arm. We’re both exhausted and end up falling asleep snuggled together on the couch.




When I wake up Sookie is still asleep.  I know she has the wake to go to today so I don’t want her to over sleep. I gently extract myself from her arms. She’s rolled over in the night and she’s wrapped herself around me. It’s nice to be wanted for more than sex and money. I know she likes the sex, but she seems to really like me too.


I make sure she’s still asleep as I make my way to the bathroom. I catch the time when I come out. It’s just past nine so she has plenty of time. I find a nightgown for her and go back to the living room. I slip my boxers on and kiss her forehead before I head into the kitchen. She’s gotten some shopping done which is nice. It takes a few minutes to find what I need, but I’m able to get bacon, eggs and toast. I make a pot of coffee and that’s what seems to wake her. I’m standing over the stove when two small arms wrap around me from behind.


“Morning, sleepy head,” I smile, holding her hands to my stomach.


“Morning, Boyfriend,” she whispers and kisses my back.


That feels good to hear.


“Sorry about the timing on that,” I chuckle. “How do you want your eggs?”


“I like them scrambled. No icky, runny whites.”


“Lucky for you I don’t know how to leave runny whites,” I tell her. I was already planning to scramble them before she woke up. “Coffee is done.”


“Mmm… now who’s the angel?” Sookie kisses my arm and then tugs her hands free to go get her coffee.


“You will forever be my angel,” I wink over my shoulder. “I was going to wake you up when this was done so you could get ready.”


“You’re sweet.” Sookie adds just a little sugar to her coffee. “I’ll be going to bed early tonight and I probably won’t get home from work until close to eight tomorrow and Monday night.”


“Okay,” I nod. “I usually get to the bar at three. You’re welcome to swing by on your way home to say hello if you want.”


“Maybe. We’ll see how tired I am. I work Sunday, Monday and Saturday this week. Then next week it’s Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Unfortunately my schedule changes every week, but it’s always on the calendar over on the wall,” she tells me.


“Thanks. The bar is closed on Mondays. Other than that you can find me behind the bar. I’ll probably take a couple more days a week off now that I have someone to spend time with.”


“Pam wasn’t enough?” Sookie reaches into a cabinet for plates.


“I can’t snuggle with Pam,” I say. “And she goes to bed early.”


Sookie chuckles and says, “If I can’t have kids it’s because she told me how your dad was conceived.”


“Uh oh, you’ve already been initiated,” I laugh. “You’re definitely a keeper.”


“It’s breaking Mrs. Fortenberry’s heart. She got into it with Pam when she called Hoyt a pussy,” she says.


“Hoyt is a pussy,” I laugh. “He met Jessica at my bar. He used to come in and whine about Maxine for hours. Jessica overheard him one night and offered a sympathetic ear. Boom, fucking.”


“Funny. Usually talking about Maxine means I can’t find anything sexy for days.”


“I think she wanted to try to de-pussy him. So far it seems to be working. Grams said he stood up to Maxine for the first time ever two weeks ago.”


“Oh I know. Hoyt and Jase have been peas and carrots since nursery school. That’s why I could never date him.”


“You’re a sweet girl, but you would eat him alive,” I laugh. I pull the eggs off the stove and walk over to Sookie, wrapping my arms around her from behind. I kiss her temple and give her a light squeeze. “Plus if you dated Hoyt you wouldn’t be my angel face now.”


“That’s true,” she agrees. She leans back against me. “I do like being your angel face so far.”


“Good. If I’m ever up before you go to work I’ll come over and make you breakfast,” I say. “I might try to talk you into fucking on the table after we eat though.”


Sookie giggles and says, “That’s my boy. I doubt you’ll find my scrubs very sexy.”


“You’ll come to realize I think you’re sexy in anything,” I whisper, nibbling on her earlobe.


“The sloppy girl that likes wearing men’s sweatpants and baggy shirts is happy to hear that. So are the twins since they hate being caged. They’re free range boobs.”


“I’ll be happy to hold them up for you.” I slide my hands up her sides to cup her breasts. “Perfect fit.”


“See? Maybe that’s how you know you’ve found the right one,” she laughs.


“Good call. If I recall correctly my cock fits perfectly in your pussy too. Soul mates, we have to be,” I chuckle and kiss her head before I go to pull the bacon out of the oven.


Sookie gets out silverware and puts two slices of bread in the toaster for us.


“Are you working tonight?” she asks.


“I don’t have to,” I reply.


“I was just wondering. I’ll probably stay home and watch bad TV.”


“What time do you think you’ll be home from the wake?”


“I’m not staying long. I just like to go and pay my respects.”


“Alright. I’ll go to the bar to get everything set up and come back here around six if that’s okay? Maybe I can bring you dinner.”


“That would be fine.”


“I’ll call you when I’m on my way to see what you want,” I say.


“You can rarely go wrong with a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s or popcorn chicken from Sonic, just so you know,” she tells me. “Mmm… now I want cherry limeade.”


“You’ll get a cherry limeade tonight then,” I tell her as I put three slices of bacon on her plate.


“You’re awesome. Cherry limeade is one of my favorite things to put in my mouth.”


“What are your others?”


“Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, pears, orange chicken and pineapple orange and coconut smoothies,” she tells me.


“Good to know.”


I finish making Sookie’s plate before I hand it to her and make my own. Breakfast is nice, quiet. I like being around Sookie. There’s something calming about her.




I’ve been to several funerals since I started nursing. Not all of the nurses I work with do this, but I do because of the closure. With how sick some of the kids are I get to know them pretty well during their stay. Annabelle is one of those kids.


My heart hurts for her parents. They fought right alongside her and I know they were praying for a last minute miracle to turn everything around. Sometimes I find myself wondering if maybe her death was the miracle. Annabelle isn’t suffering anymore. Her parents will never forget her and neither will I, but it makes me feel better to know she’s not in constant pain anymore.


I stay long enough to talk to Annabelle’s parents for a bit and then I head over to the cemetery to visit my cousin Hadley. Watching her go through what she did was what made me want to do what I do. I saw the way her nurses were always so cynical and looking at Hadley like she was already dead. Every kid deserves to have someone fighting for them and believing they can beat the disease.


Cancer is a heartless whore that doesn’t care who it fucks over. Like Justice, cancer is blind to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and all that stuff. Fair has nothing to do with it, though. There’s no rhyme or reason to it sometimes; it just happens. There was no history of cancer in our family, yet Hadley was diagnosed with it at the age of eight. She was in and out of the hospital until her bone marrow transplant caused sepsis.


She died three weeks before her fourteenth birthday.


I bring her tulips because those were her favorite, and spend some time telling her about Eric. Hadley would love him, I think. He’s sweet, adorable, funny, and so stinking cute I want to devour him. Yeah, Had would be asking how soon we’ll be having babies and then suggesting I name the first one after her.


When I get back in my car I send Eric a text to let him know I’m on my way home. I stop at the store for some orange sherbet and fresh fruit since I’m running low on it. By the time I get home my feet are screaming at me. They’re not used to heels for so many hours in a row. I wear crocs to work and either flip flops or chucks when I’m at home if I can’t be barefoot.


Once my groceries are put away I go back to my bedroom to take off my funeral clothes and then I go across the hall to wash the mortuary smell off of my skin. I’m lathering up with rose scented body wash when big hands grab my hips.


“Couldn’t wait, could you?” I tease.


“I was on my way to get lunch when your message came in. You have the biggest popcorn chicken Sonic sells and a ginormous cherry limeade in the kitchen,” he says, kissing my temple.


“You’re amazing,” I tell him. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome. I know today probably wasn’t the best. You deserve to be spoiled a bit.”


“Her poor parents,” I sigh. “I think they’re younger than I am. I always feel like I should have some sort of sage advice for parents who lose the fight, but I never do.”


“There’s not a lot to offer in that situation. A hug is the best thing.” Eric turns me around and gives me a tight hug. “Should we take her parents some popcorn chicken and cherry limeade?” he asks. He’s serious.


“That’s sweet of you to offer, but I’m sure their family is taking good care of them,” I answer. “My job is done, as far as they’re concerned. Tomorrow I’ll be assigned to a new family.”


Sometimes I think I take more time caring for the family than I do the patient.


“Well, I’ll be here to take care of you when you need it.”


“You and Gran both,” I smile. “She usually has me over for dinner after one of these things.”


“Oh, I’m sorry. I can let you go to her house if you want to instead.”


“Nope. I’m right where I want to be,” I assure him.


“I’ll let you shower,” Eric says, giving me a sweet kiss. “Unless you want me to stay.”


“It’s up to you. I’ll be done in a minute.”


“I’ll be in the living room.” He gives me one more kiss and steps out to dry off.


I rinse off and stand under the spray for a minute before I get out too. I dry off and go across the hall to my room to put on a peach colored nightgown. When I go to the kitchen, I smile at the fresh roses on the table. I’m going to run out of vases at this rate.


It takes a minute to trim the stems but as soon as the roses are arranged in a vase I take them back to my bedroom and put them on my dresser. My popcorn chicken has gotten cool, but I don’t care. I take it and my drink to the living room. Eric is sitting on the couch and after I set the food on the coffee table, I straddle his lap and kiss him hard.


“What was that for?” he whispers when I pull back.


“For being a very sweet man and a very good boyfriend,” I answer.


“You’re welcome,” he smiles.


“The roses are beautiful.” They’re pale pink with magenta tips.


“You’re beautiful.” Eric gives me another kiss. “Eat your food.”


“Yes, sir.” I climb off of him and grab the chicken from the table. “Want some? I can’t eat all this myself.”


“Nope. I ate while you were showering. I can graze on whatever you don’t eat later.”


“Suit yourself.” I open the box and pop a piece of chicken in my mouth.


“I have to get up early to meet the guy with the alcohol delivery,” he sighs. “What time do you get up for work?”


“Quarter after five,” I tell him.


“That hurts,” he laughs. “I’ll get up and go for my jog then.”


“I’m used to it.”


“I’m used to going to bed then. It’s been nice sleeping at night with you these last few days.”


“I can come over after work on Monday,” I offer.


“That would be nice. We can make dinner together,” he smiles.


“I’ll try not to pass out before it’s ready.”


“How about I have dinner ready when you get there?” he asks, reaching back to massage my head.


“Mmm… good idea.” I let my head fall forward. “Magic fingers,” I whisper.


“Many uses,” he whispers back.


“Oh I know.” I keep my head down and eat another piece of chicken.


Eric continues to massage my head, moving down to my neck and back up again. “I’ll massage your back if you want me to after you eat.”


“I have a feeling that will end up like the cuddling last night.” Not that I’m complaining. That was good stuff.


“Are you saying I can’t go without sex with you?” he asks. I can hear the smile in his voice.


“Exactly,” I smile, not that he can see it.


“Is that a bad thing?”


“Jury’s still out on that.”


“You haven’t said no yet,” Eric chuckles. “As a matter of fact, you’ve been ready each and every time.”


“I know. It’s because you’re so stinking cute. Too cute for your own good,” I tell him and set my chicken on the table. I’ve had enough for now.


“I’ve honestly never been told I was too cute,” he laughs. Eric pulls me over to sit across his lap and rubs my hip.


“Clearly you’ve been hanging out with all the wrong girls.”


“Maybe I’m not so cute with other girls,” he shrugs.


“Maybe.” I ghost my lips up and down his neck from shoulder to ear and back again.


“And you wonder why I’m always hungry for you,” he whispers, moving his hand up my side and back down to my hip.


“You put me on your lap. You asked for it.” My tongue flicks against his earlobe.


“I wanted to be close to my new girlfriend. I’m getting other ideas now.” Eric reaches up to cup my chin and turns my face toward his so he can kiss me. The kiss is slow and sweet.


“You’re still close to your girlfriend,” I whisper when the kiss ends.


He tilts his head, placing gentle kisses along my neck. “I’d like to stay this close, if not closer.”


“How close?” My hand sneaks under his shirt and my fingertips graze up and down his lower abdomen.


“As close as possible.” Eric’s hand drops to my thigh and slides up under my nightgown. He reaches my hip and whispers, “My angel isn’t wearing panties.”


“Nope. It seemed like a waste of time,” I reply and kiss along his jaw.


“Mmm, smart girl,” he purrs. Eric pushes my leg out so he can gently stroke my folds. “This is where I want to be.”


“That’s where you are,” I smile and playfully nip at him.


“This is where I would like my cock to be,” he clarifies with a little smile.


“Ah ha. Would we be close enough then?” My finger moves back and forth just under the waistband of his pants. I know he’s hard as a rock already.


“I don’t know if I can ever get close enough to you,” he whispers, playfully slapping my hip.


“I guess we’ll find out.” I lean in like I’m going to kiss him but at the last second I vacate my spot on his lap.


“That’s not close at all,” he groans, dropping his head back.


“Poor Cuddlebug.” I give him my pouty face. It’s not too different from my mean face. I stretch out on the couch and put my feet on his thigh. “Better?”


I gotta make him work for it a little bit.


“Not better at all.” Eric gets up and pushes my legs apart, kneeling between my thighs. “This is getting closer.” His massive hands move up and down my legs, massaging from my calves up to my hips.


“That is closer,” I agree. I bite my bottom lip and glance down at the tent in his pants.


“Is there something interesting down there?” Eric asks as he begins to lift my nightgown.


“There might be.”


Eric licks his lips when my mound is exposed. He keeps lifting, making me sit up so he can pull my nightgown all the way off.


“What would that be?” he asks, moving his hands up to rub my stomach and sides.


“I won’t know until you take your pants off.”


“All you have to do is ask, Angel,” he whispers. Eric gets up from the couch so he can strip his clothes off before he gets right back into position between my legs. “Better?” He goes back to massaging my stomach, brushing his thumbs along the underside of my breasts.


“Mmhmmm,” I hum as my nipples begin to pebble for him.


Eric bends over my body to lick one of my nipples. He sucks lightly and then moves to the other to give it the same attention. He moves up to kiss my lips before sitting back on his feet so he can rub my body again.


“This is better than a back rub,” I tell him. My back arches and I slouch down a little more to get closer to him.


“Mmm, that looks very inviting, Angel,” he purrs, glancing down at my pussy.


“It should. You’re the one that positioned me like this.”


“Nope. I only moved your legs apart so I could have better access to massage your body,” he counters. “This is all you.”


“If it was all me I’d be on my knees, bent over the arm of the couch,” I smirk.


He sits back and says, “Assume the position.”


I laugh and roll over, but I don’t make it to my knees.


“Impatient much?” I ask.


“Just wait.” He straddles my thighs, spreads my cheeks and rubs his thick head up and down my slit until he reaches my core. I gasp when he begins to push into me. He feels fucking huge in this position.


“Ohmygod,” I groan and turn my head to the side.


Eric gives my ass a light smack before he begins to pull almost all the way out before he pushes back in. He starts slow, gradually moving faster and faster. Each time he pulls out his head rubs over my g-spot.


“Fuck, you’re fucking tight, Angel,” Eric grunts.


I grip the couch cushions and try to push my backside up to meet his deep thrusts. With him hitting that spot it isn’t going to take long for me to cum.


“Harder, Eric,” I moan.


He repositions his legs, grabs my shoulder and starts to drive in hard, letting out a deep grunt with each thrust. His thighs are smacking into my ass. He’s breathing so hard I can feel his heavy breaths hitting my back.


“Cum, Sookie,” he growls, smacking my ass again.


The pressure builds and builds in my belly until I can’t hold back anymore.


“Yesyesyesyesyes fuuuuuuuuck!” I scream when it explodes. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, this is fucking amazing. My walls convulse over and over, gripping him so hard I think they try to push him out before sucking him back in. My eyes roll back in my head and my body goes completely limp.


Eric gasps a few times as he continues to pound me into the couch. It doesn’t take much longer before he erupts with a roar, his cock buried as deep as he can get. I feel him trembling above me right before he collapses, crushing me into the couch.


“See?” he pants, his warm breath fanning my hair.


“See what?” My brain is stuck on stupid.


“Why I was impatient. That was…” Eric trails off, never picking up his train of thought again. Apparently his brain is mush too.


He doesn’t need to say it though; I know exactly what he’s feeling right now. I don’t mind that I have a giant lying on top of me. It feels good.


I make the mistake of shifting my leg and the aftershock it causes makes both of us groan. It’s the last move I make for a long time. I feel Eric’s breathing even out and a few short minutes later; I fall asleep too with him still on top of me. I can’t remember ever feeling so safe and warm.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. These two are really likeable and there relationship seems effortless, they fit together so well. It goes without saying that it’s freaking hot too!


  2. Who knew meeting someone at Grams’ Saturday Bingo would lead to sex and romanc of a lifetime. Eric must be careful because Sookie’s gonna get tired of sex all the time, no matter how fabulous it is😉


  3. These two can’t keep their hands off each other… No wonder Eric blurted out his ‘wanna be my girl’ in the midst of…


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