Chapter 15


The next morning it’s my stomach that wakes me up. An intense wave of nausea hits and I have to haul ass to the bathroom to throw up. I drank way too much last night. I don’t even remember how many drinks I had, but I’m paying for it now. I’m also sore from all the fucking when we got home.

I spend a good twenty minutes on my knees calling dinosaurs before I can get up again. I flush the toilet, brush my teeth and wash my face. I’m in desperate need of a shower but I’m too tired to do anything but get back in bed.

Eric is face down on the bed, out cold. I climb in next to him but I’m not feeling too snuggly. Plus he’s got awful morning breath this morning. Stupid alcohol. I burrow under the covers and go back to sleep, cursing that last Fireball shot.

I’m not sure how much time passes before I wake up again to the feel of Eric pulling me closer to him so he can snuggle with my tits. I groan but don’t fight his hold on me.

“I hate alcohol,” I mumble.

“I love it when it’s going down. I hate it right now,” he replies.

“Did I throw up last night?” I ask without opening my eyes.

“Mmhmm, we were two orgasms into it when you bolted out of the room,” he chuckles. “You drank a lot of water afterward.”

“It all came back up a while ago,” I inform him. “And unless you brushed, you have dead rhino breath.”

“I can taste it. Be back,” he groans and rolls off of me. He gets up from the bed and staggers into the bathroom.

I roll out of bed and go to the kitchen to make coffee. Now would be a shitty time for Sophie to pop in since we’re both walking around the house naked. I make the coffee a little stronger than usual and then get back in bed while it brews.

Eric comes back and crawls into the bed next to me. He lies his head neck to mind and blows his breath across my face. “Better? I brushed twice.”

“Much. Coffee’s brewing as we speak,” I reply.

“I knew picking you was a good plan,” he smiles, flashing all of his teeth. He’s way too happy to be so hungover.

“Actually, I picked you,” I remind him, and then rest my head on his chest.

“I remember,” he says and kisses my head. “I made you call me though, that was a good move on my part.”

“Yes it was,” I agree. “What would you have done if I didn’t call you?”

“I was planning on calling you later that day. If you didn’t respond favorably, I would’ve moved on. It’s not like I was looking for a new girlfriend, ya know?”

“I know. I wasn’t looking for someone either. I got lucky.”

“I like to think I’m the lucky one.”

“You’re the adorable one.” I kiss his chest and snuggle more.

“Mmm, I beg to differ, but I’m not going to argue. Plus my mom tells me I’m adorable all the time,” he jokes.

“She’s right.”

“She’s biased, I’m her only baby. I think you are too because I give you those screaming orgasms, which are awful sexy, by the way.”

“I thought you were adorable before I knew there would be screaming orgasms though,” I point out.

“You can thank my dad,” he smiles. His hands rub up and down my back and he kisses my head again.

“I will.”

Eric and his dad are damn near identical.

“He adores you. He said if I don’t marry you he might leave my mom for you. I think he was just trying to get a rise out of me, but I reminded him mom’s been trying to get rid of him for years.”

I chuckle and say, “Well your dad is a pretty good catch.”

“Are you interested in going after the elder Northman?” he inquires, arching an eyebrow.

“Mmm… maybe,” I tease.

“He’s nowhere near as fun as me,” Eric informs me. “And he snores louder than I do. And he can’t cook. You’d be up shit creek when it comes to eating good food.”

“I can order takeout like a pro,” I remind him. “But I’m pretty happy with Northman junior.”

“Good. I’m pretty happy with you too.”

“I’d be even happier if the coffee delivered itself to us,” I sigh and then sit up. I need coffee stat.

“I can get it for you if you like. I’m a bit less hungover,” he offers. “Lay back down, Sugar dumpling.”

“You’re the best boyfriend in the whole world,” I tell him, and lie down again.

He kisses my head and then gets out of bed. He makes a show of walking to the door as he wiggles his ass when he walks out.

“You want a muffin?!” he yells from the kitchen.

“Please!” I call back and then wince. I get out of bed again to take some aspirin to get rid of my headache, and then I start the shower because I feel gross.

“I thought about dipping it in grease, ’cause I know grease makes every hangover better, but I decided against it,” Eric tells me when he finds me in the bathroom. “The muffin is on the nightstand and you can have your coffee if you kiss me first.”

“Deal. Where do you want it?” I smile at him.

“Right here,” he whispers and taps his lips. “I would say my cock, but I suspect you aren’t feeling too hot.”

“I’ll feel better after coffee and a shower,” I tell him and push up to kiss his lips.

“Do I get to shower with you?”


“Don’t try any funny business, woman,” he says and pokes me in the side.

“I’ll be a good girl,” I promise, and give him another kiss before I turn to get in the shower.

The hot water feels amazing. Eric is right behind me, literally, hugging me from behind.

“You made quite the mess of me, sir,” I tell him.

“I didn’t hear any complaints,” he shrugs. “And I think you look cute with sex hair.”

“I’m not complaining. It’s not just the sex hair. I’ve got sticky spots on me.”

“Yep, I’ll show you the pictures later,” he snorts. “You asked for it, I swear.”

“Ugh, no more Fireball shots for me. What else did I ask for last night?” The night is a blur and I blame the shots.

“Nothing too crazy. Just the cum stains and you played the Mistress card. You’re a lot better than you think you are. I got a spanking… my ass still hurts.”

Nuh uh.

“Shut up! I’m not… I wouldn’t… Okay no more Fireball,” I laugh.

“What? You begged me,” he laughs. “You even gave me boo-boo lip. You were so fucking cute.”

“Oh my God.” I close my eyes and cover my face with my hands. What the fuck was I thinking? That ass is supposed to be worshipped. I just can’t imagine what he’s describing.

“Aww, Baby doll, don’t blush,” he says and wraps his arms tight around my shoulders. “You’re starting to look like me.”

“Minus a bruised ass,” I mutter. I look up at him and say, “I have no idea where that dominatrix thing came from. I’m not really into that stuff. I let a guy blindfold me once but that’s it.”

“Everyone needs to feel in charge every now and then. I’m not judging, I promise and I know that’s not your thing. I couldn’t tell you what you were thinking. You were all over the place, and you called yourself mama in the third person at one point. I think the exact words were ‘cum for Mama’. I did, but then you got up and puked,” he explains.

“Probably because I creeped myself out,” I laugh. “Good God, it’s a miracle you didn’t put me in a cab and send my crazy ass home.”

“It was entertaining,” he shrugs. “And I promise I’m sure I’ve done way worse. I don’t remember, but Alcide has a picture of me in an old lady dress that I don’t recall putting on.”

“Oh wow,” I snicker.

“He signed a sworn affidavit to never let that see the light of day.”

“Good call.” I reach for the shampoo and pour some into my hand.

“You want me to do that for you, Mistress Sookie?” he asks in a teasing tone.

“Mama’s got it, smartypants,” I narrow my eyes at him and lose the fight with my smile.

“If you have any parts you need help with I’m your man,” he grins and grabs the bar of soap.

“Nope, we’re keeping our hands to ourselves, remember? I promised no funny business so I’m going to clean up and then go drink my coffee,” I tell him.

“You promised, I didn’t,” he smirks and smacks my ass.

“Hey!” I yelp and rub my butt. I give him the boo-boo lip and say, “That hurt.”

“Just giving you a taste of your own medicine.” Eric takes the shampoo when I’m done and closes his eyes as he lathers his head up.

I rinse my hair and condition it. After rinsing again and washing my body off I get out of the shower. I grab one of the towels and wrap it around my chest. Eric follows me out of the shower and wraps a towel around his waist.

Finally, I can get to my coffee.

I can tell by how light it is which cup is meant for me. I take a big drink and then go to my bag to get out a pair of white shorts with a navy blue anchor on one leg. I grab a striped, blue and white cropped tank top and don’t bother with a bra or panties. Once I’m dressed I climb back up onto the bed to drink my coffee and eat my muffin.

Eric gets dressed in a pair of basketball shorts and goes shirtless. He grabs his own coffee, takes a big drink and the stretches out next to me.

“Is this our only plan for the day?” he asks, resting his hand on his stomach.

“Unless you want to go do something. I wouldn’t mind spending the day in bed with you.”

“Sounds perfect. We can snuggle and watch movies. Maybe we can have another cooking lesson tonight,” he suggests.

“Maybe. Count me in for the movies and snuggles, though.” I take another drink of my coffee.

“Want Lifetime movies, or should we look through my collection?”

“I only want Lifetime movies during hell week. Most of my movies are horror flicks,” I tell him.

“I grew up with Sophie Northman, all we watched was Lifetime movies. I’m perfectly fine with horror,” he grins. “Then I can bury my face in your tits when I get scared.”

I snort and say, “Eric, you’d bury your face in my tits anyway.”

“This way I’ll have an excuse. Credits can be terrifying so expect some serious snuggling. You’re welcome to take your shirt off, too.” He reaches over and lifts my shirt and adds, “This moves easy enough. You can leave it on.”

“Why thank you, sir,” I deadpan.

“You’re welcome.”

“Might I add that I am shocked your mother watches Lifetime.”

“Really? She loves that shit,” Eric snickers.

“She’s a little… hardcore for that. I thought she would be more into shark week than made for TV movies.” I finish off my muffin and take the last drink of my coffee.

“It’s all a front. Maybe I just know her soft side since I’m her baby,” he shrugs.

“Well I never would have guessed,” I smile.

“How about you come over here and let me wrap my arms around you. I need you close,” he says and holds his arms out.

I can’t say no to that, so I scoot over and let him hug me close to him. I need to comb my hair, but it can wait. Snuggles take priority right now. Plus he smells really good.

I sigh happily and close my eyes. He makes a great pillow.

“I love you,” he reminds me. “Kinky mom fetishes and all.”

“You shush,” I laugh. “And I love you too.”

He tilts his head to kiss my forehead and he squeezes me a little tighter.

“I have a surprise for you if we make it through our vacation without killing each other,” he tells me and nuzzles his face into my hair.

“Oh that’s a big tease,” I scoff.

“Yep, I’m evil like that,” he grins.

‘Meanie,” I pout.

“But you’re really cute when you make that face.”

“Oh yeah?” I reach down and manage to almost get to his knee before Eric catches on to what I’m doing.

“Uh, no,” he growls and it’s way too sexy. “No tickles, little lady. Not today anyway. I feel like shit.”

“And I’m trying to cheer you up,” I giggle.

“If you want to cheer me up let me fuck your tits, don’t tickle me. Tickling me only leads to tickling you, and that leads to golden showers. In the end, not cheery,” he explains.

“First of all, I have never peed on you.” I extract myself from his hold and pull my shirt off. “Second of all, go ahead.”


“Yes, ma’am,” I grin and push my shorts down. I kick them across the room and I starts stroking my cock. “Come here, lay right here facing me,” I direct her to lie down on her side with her chest level with my cock.

Sookie scoots down and stretches out on her side at just the right spot.

“I’ve never done this before either,” she informs me.

“If you don’t like it we can stop whenever you want,” I remind her.

I keep my eyes on hers and I rub the tip of my cock around her nipple. There’s something so sexy about touching her body like this. When my eyes leave hers I look farther down to see myself leaving a trail of pre-cum on her soft tits.

“Get him wet, baby,” I tell her as I nestle my cock between her tits and thrust once.

Sookie bows her head and I hear her spit before I feel it, and then she sucks sloppily on the head of my cock.

“Goddamn that feels good,” I groan and flex my hips to try to get a little deeper into her mouth. “Rub it on your tits… I want it to feel good when I fuck those pretty girls.”

I can feel Sookie drool a little, lubing up her skin and my cock at the same time, and then she goes back to sucking me off. I reach down to make sure my shaft is firmly between her tits and I begin to thrust a little more.

“Do you want to lay on your back?” I offer, I want her to be as comfortable as possible.

“This is good. Gravity is helping more this way,” she smiles up at me, and presses on her boobs to make sure I’m getting a tight fit.

I rest my hand on her back, pressing her in tighter to my body. I begin thrusting a little faster as she holds her tits tight around my cock. I haven’t done this in a long time, and the last time it was with much smaller tits. This is good, this is really fucking good.

“Is this okay?” I moan. Her nipples are rubbing on my hips and again, it’s sexy as fuck.

“Mmhmm,” Sookie hums, and her tongue peeks out to lick my tip.

“Good,” I pant. “I forgot how fucking good this was… and with you… I fucking love it,” I tell her as my hips move faster, giving me better friction.

When I need it, Sookie gets me wet again, and holds her tits tighter for me.

“Fuck… yes…” I keep going faster and faster until I can feel I’m close. “Where do you want me to cum? I’m close… very fucking close.” My cock begins to swell and it’ll only take a few more thrusts to cum.

Sookie lets go of her tits and takes me in her mouth instead. Her cheeks hollow and she sucks hard to pull my orgasm from me.

“Yes!” I shout. My hand is in her hair, holding her head on my pulsing cock. “So. Fucking. Good,” I breathe.

Sookie moans while she licks me clean. She takes her time before releasing me from her mouth.

“You get an orgasm of your choosing,” I chuckle when I can talk again.

“I’ll get back to you,” she says with a smile.

When I can move again I pull her up the bed and kiss her. Hard. I can taste myself on her lips, and her warm, soft body pressed against mine makes me groan. I pull back after a moment and get up to go to the bathroom to grab a warm washcloth to clean her up. I make her lay on her back and I massage her tits as I clean the combined saliva and cum off of her chest.

“You can put your shirt back on if you like,” I whisper while looking into her eyes. I dip down to give her a softer kiss before I take the washcloth back.

Sookie has her shirt on when I get back and she’s combing out her hair.

“You look like an angel, Honeysuckle,” I tell her as I slip my shorts back on. I’m probably just high on orgasm, but she really is angelic.

“You’re still on an orgasm high,” she smirks.

“And? You’re still beautiful,” I tell her and lie back down next to where she’s sitting on the bed.

“You’re cute,” she smiles, and sets her comb on the nightstand.

Sookie yawns and lies down on top of me. I wrap her in my arms and run my hands up and down her back. This is my favorite feeling. I love having my girl in my arms, relaxed and content.

“Do you want to nap?” I whisper and kiss the top of her head.

“Mmhmmm… I want to stay right here,” she whispers back.

“I’m not planning on letting you go, so you don’t have to worry.”


We go silent and within a few minutes I hear her breathing even out. My poor girl was way too drunk last night. I’m pretty sure she was joking with the mama comment, but I was too close to cumming to care. She was bouncing on my cock and rubbing her own clit… I’m getting hard just thinking about it. Fortunately I’m exhausted too, so I don’t have any urges to wake her up and give her an orgasm. She’ll get plenty later when she’s not so tired. With that thought I end up falling asleep myself.

I wake up a little while later with Sookie still snuggled into my chest, exactly where I like keeping her. As awesome as it is to wake up to orgasms, I know Sookie feels like absolute shit from drinking too much and that muffin didn’t do much for her. I manage to roll onto my side and when I’m confident she’s still soundly sleeping I extract myself from her grasp and I go to the kitchen. Lately I usually prefer to have her in here with me so she can learn, but again, today is a bad day for learning.

Since we missed out on the greasy food this morning I decide to make breakfast. I pull out a pound of bacon, a bag of shredded cheese, eggs, and potatoes. I’ll get the bread out for toast later. I get the bacon going in the oven as I shred the potatoes. I’m going to make hashbrowns. Yum.

When all is said and done I have a three egg Denver omelet with bacon instead of ham, a half plate of potatoes, buttered toast, and a fresh cup of coffee. If she didn’t love me already she would love me now.

Once I have everything settled on the nightstand next to my bed I sit down next to her. She’s shifted onto her stomach and I start rubbing her back.

“Baby doll, wake up,” I whisper. She’s been asleep almost three hours.

“Mmm…” Sookie moans and her head turns toward me. Her eyes flutter open and she asks, “What time is it?”

“Time for you to eat real food,” I tell her. “It’s just after four.”

“Holy shit,” she mumbles and rolls over.

“You needed the rest, Princess. I have food and coffee for you.”

“Now who’s the angel?”

“I’m hoping to distract you from the fact that I act like a kid half the time and you’re entirely too good for me,” I say and begin to rub light circles on her belly.

“Oh stop,” she says as she sits up. “I like that you’re a big kid.”

I pull her face to mine for a kiss and then pull back, smoothing her hair back. “Good, I just hope you never get tired of it,” I tell her. “Now eat. I made you an omelet.”

“Yes, sir,” she says, holding her hands out for her plate.

I hand it to her and then move around to my side with my own plate. “Coffee now?” I ask since it’s still next to me.

“Yes, please.”

I hand her her coffee and take a sip of my own. “I put brownies in the oven just before I woke you up. You will get dessert if you want it,” I inform her.

“You’re amazing.”

“I’m a man in love, Sookie. And I love spoiling you.”

She leans over and gives me a kiss. When she sits back we start eating in silence. I look at her as we eat and I’m still surprised by her. Every new thing I learn makes me love her just a little bit more.



6 thoughts on “Chapter 15

  1. I wonder if Eric is going to show Sookie his bruised bum? Lol, poor Sookie, self inflicted amnesia 😉

    But Eric was just the sweetest! Awww. He takes such good care of his honeysuckle! Which seems to be the leading contender for a pet name.

    And woohoo that mum didn’t turn up!


  2. Love, love, love this freaking story!!!! Please keep up the absolutely awesome writing. I adore Eric & Sookie in this. The only part that kind of sucked was the Sookies hell week chapter with the absolutely crazy attitude! I don’t know if that is actually an absolutely normal way for women to act when they are on their period or even during pregnancy but I have NEVER acted like that before not even when I WAS pregnant with my 10 1/2 lb son! My husband actually says I am nicer then normal during that time of the month and during my pregnancy. So I guess I’m just wondering if that attitude is more common than I realized? Anyways I just really hope Sookie doesn’t have her period during their vacation because I REALLY REALLY want them to take the next step in their relationship and don’t want it ruined by her crazy period mouth and he kills her just for being a bitch to him for nothing. You know what I’m sayin!? That would suck total ass! 😥 But I am in love with this story and also Playing With Fire. I am just hoping & praying for alot more chapters for BOTH STORIES. 🙂 KEEP UP THE AMAZING WRITING, you both r my heros. If I could write worth a crap, these 2 stories would be what I would imagine writing. Oh and you gals are hot s#@t writing the lemons. Gotta fan myself then go jump my man! Lol 😉 Keep it up ladies, your awesome!


  3. Eric is a keeper. Any man that can cook for you after a heavy night drinking is one to tie to your side. Their relationship is so pleasant.


  4. These two are cute even with a hangover… Awww… Sookie’s embarrassment at her mild dominatrix tendencies was hilarious…


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