Chapter 7



We go back to my house before dinner. I made us reservations for six-thirty. I’m sure Sookie will be starving by the time we get there. At the house I show her to a guest bathroom she can use to get cleaned up and change. She’s crazy horny and as much as it kills me, I actually turn her down otherwise we won’t make it to dinner.


When I get downstairs I’m wearing a crisp gray suit with a black shirt. I contemplate wearing a tie for a good fifteen minutes before I go with leaving the top three buttons undone. I find Sookie in the kitchen eating a bagel. She looks beautiful. Absolutely stunning.


“Sorry,” she says with her mouth full. “Sally got hungry.”


“No, it’s fine. I should’ve made sure you ate earlier. Sorry about that,” I smile. “You look… perfect.” She’s in a long, slinky black dress with her hair falling down around her shoulders.


“It’s okay,” she says and picks up the skirt of her dress some to show me the shoes she’s wearing. Minx.


“Mmm, I’ll be fucking you with nothing but those shoes on later,” I purr and move around the island. I rest my hand on the small of her back, rubbing my fingertips over her exposed skin.


“I’m counting on it,” she says and rubs her ass against me. “I wanted to wear this dress one more time before I’m too big for anything but yoga pants and my dad’s old shirts.”


“It’s sexy as hell, but then so is your ass in yoga pants,” I chuckle. She’s pretty much gorgeous in anything. She should know she’s never had a problem getting me hard.


“Hopefully I don’t end up with anything orbiting around it,” she snickers.


I give her a light smack on her ass and say, “It’s going to make me hard no matter what.”


Sookie smiles at me and pops the last bite of her bagel in her mouth. “Okay, we’ve fed Sally. Now it’s Mama’s turn,” she smirks.


“We’ll never make it to dinner if you need to swallow–” I’m cut off when Sookie smacks my chest. “I’m teasing. Come on.”


She shakes her head at me and turns to head for the door. “I can feel your eyes on my ass, Northman.”


“Yep, and you’ll be feeling my hands on it later, Stackhouse,” I chuckle as I follow her to the door.


“That better not be all I feel there later,” she winks over her shoulder as she steps outside.


I walk out behind her and lock the door. We make our way to my Audi and I open her door for her. The drive to the restaurant is a short one. I wanted to stay close to home and I’ve been to it for business meetings. When I get on the road I look over at her. The sun is still up and the light shining on her face makes her look like an angel.


“So where are we going for dinner?” Sookie asks me.


“Vincinzo’s. Have you been?”


“I have,” she smiles. “I swear the chicken masala makes me have a tiny orgasm.”


“Uh huh. I’ve never had anything bad there.”


“Have you had the fried arancini?” Sookie moans and licks her lips.


“Yeah, and if it gives you that reaction we may not make it through dinner. I may need to take you home and spend some time with my dick buried in your ass,” I say. Jesus. This woman’s libido is rubbing off on me. “Holy shit, I have sympathy horniness.”


“Mmm… keep talking like that and we won’t even make it to the restaurant.”


“So I shouldn’t tell you that I want to bend you over the couch, grab your tits and drive into you over and over?” I ask innocently. It didn’t take long to figure out her nipples are her hot buttons.


Sookie rubs her thighs together and says, “Don’t say it if you don’t intend to do it in the next thirty seconds.”


I look over at her and say, “I can pull over up here and bend you over the trunk… I just need to tug on your nipples and I can have you cumming so fucking hard, so fucking fast.”


Sookie bites her lip and says, “You’re an enabler.”


“Mmm, imagine how good it would feel to have my long, thick cock stretching you open… You’re making me hard, baby,” I purr and reach over to rest my hand on her thigh.


“It’s a good thing you can’t feel what’s going on in my panties right now,” she says as her hand moves slowly up and down the inside of my leg.


“I’m pretty sure I’d turn the car around and go home. I promised you a date that doesn’t involve hours of fucking though.” I bet she’s dripping. Fuck.


“Yes you did,” she sighs and removes her hand from my leg.


“We did have several hours in the air already… Vincinzo’s has a to go menu…”


“You fucked me in the air,” she reminds me.


“Dammit, I told you, sympathy horny,” I chuckle. I’ve always been able to control myself. Sookie gives me a look and I’m ready to pounce.


“Uh huh,” she smirks at me.


“We’re almost at the restaurant anyway,” I sigh.


“You’ll just have to suffer through dinner.”


“As will you,” I remind her and lift my hand to slide it into the top of her dress. She’s not wearing a bra so it’s easy to pinch her nipple.


Sookie groans and her thighs rub together again.


“You’ll pay for that later,” she warns.


“Or I’ll keep good on my promise to pound your ass,” I shrug and brush her other nipple before pulling my hand out of her dress.


She growls at me but that’s all the response I get out of her. We pull into the restaurant a couple minutes later and I park in front of the valet. I get out and hand the guy my keys as the other guy opens Sookie’s door for her. When we start walking up I take her hand.


“I have a reservation for two for Northman,” I tell the hostess when we’re greeted.


She checks her list and smiles before she grabs two menus. “Follow me, please,” she says and leads us through the dining room to a booth with high sides.


“Thank you,” I smile and allow Sookie to scoot into the booth before I slide in next to her. “What are you drinking tonight?” I ask Sookie.


“Just water,” she says.


I nod and when our waiter comes by a moment later I order two waters. I’m not a big drinker anyway.


Sookie opens her menu and starts to read through it. It’s a relatively small menu but what’s on it is absolutely fantastic.


“How are you feeling?” She hasn’t complained about morning sickness at all, but I still like to ask.


“I’m good,” she says with a smile.


“Good. I just like to check every now and then,” I smile back and reach over to rest my hand on her thigh as I look through my own menu.


“Do you want to get an appetizer?” she asks me casually.


“We can. I eat like a horse,” I chuckle. “You can choose.”


“Hmmm… lots of yummy choices here,” she says.


“Get one of each. We can always take home what we don’t eat. Make it like your own sampler platter,” I say. I’m probably going to end up with the eggplant parmesan.


“How about I pick one and you pick one?” she suggests.


“That works.” I go back to the appetizers and start to look. It’s all good. I’ve tried everything at least once.


“I’m going with the arancini,” she informs me.


Of course she is. She’s trying to kill me.


“I’ll go with the meatballs, or Polpette alla Napoletana,” I smile.


“Sounds like a tasty combination,” Sookie says and closes her menu.


“Mmhmm, did you decide on an entree?”


“I did,” she nods. “It was a tough choice between the ravioli and the marsala but I’m going with the masala with the parmesan risotto and sautéed broccoli.”


“Mmm, sounds delicious. I’m going to have the eggplant parmesan. It’s the only one I’ve ever found I like,” I say.


“It’s really good,” she agrees as our waiter comes back.


We place our dinner and appetizer order. When he walks away I look over at Sookie and ask, “Have you decided if you’re staying the night or not?”


“Not yet,” she says, “but I came prepared just in case.”


I smile and lean over to purr in Swedish, “Please, please stay the night with me, sweet Sookie.


Take that.


She smiles and asks, “What did you just say?”


“Mmm, just some dirty things to try to get you to stay,” I smile back.


Her small, warm hand lands in my lap and she leans closer to me to whisper, “That was damn sexy, mister.”


I have to bring my A game with you,” I tell her, again in my native tongue. All I have to do is say it in my sex voice and I could be reciting the dictionary.


Sookie whimpers and moves her hand up my thigh to rub my cock over my pants. “Keep talking,” she whispers.


Would you like me to tell you the lady in the purple dress keeps checking me out?” I whisper back.


“I have no idea what you’re saying,” she giggles.


“I know,” I wink. “You look beautiful though.”


“Hmmm…” she looks at me suspiciously.


You look beautiful,” I repeat, allowing my eyes to search her gorgeous face.


“Well I doubt you’re reciting the phonebook,” she smiles.


“No, I’m not,” I smile back. I just repeated that you look beautiful.”


“Thank you.” Sookie kisses my cheek.


“You’re welcome. I also tried to convince you to stay the night,” I wink.


“Oh yeah?” She gives my dick a little squeeze.


“Mmm, yep.” I lean over and brush my lips over hers. “I promise you infinite amounts of pleasure if you do,” I whisper in Swedish against her lips.


“Mmm… the way you twitched just now tells me you said something dirty.”


“It could just be your hand on my cock,” I counter.


“True.” She nibbles on my bottom lip and then sucks it lightly. I cup the back of her head, sliding my tongue between her lips and just as I’m ready to lay her back on the bench the waiter clears his throat. He’s here with our appetizers. Yum.


“Thank you,” I say as he sets them down. When he walks away I tell Sookie, “This smells and looks amazing.”


“Yes it does,” she agrees and reaches for the platter with the little arancini balls on it.


I use my fork to move a couple of the meatballs over to my plate. “Would you like one?” I ask while I reach for more.


“I would love one.”


I cut one in half and spear it on my fork before reaching over to feed it to her. Sookie opens her mouth and her lips wrap around the tines. She moans as she chews.


Let’s hope that’s the same sound you make when you wrap your lips around my cock later,” I purr and take my own bite. Mmm, these are way too good.


Sookie puts three of the rice balls on my plate since they’re a bit messy once they’re cut into.


“Thanks, baby,” I smile. I cut into one and take a bite. I make the same moaning sound Sookie just did when it hits my tongue.


“Yummy, right?” She smiles and cuts into one of hers. She drags it through the rich tomato broth and when she takes a bite she lets out a moan that makes my dick twitch.


“You’re evil, Miss Stackhouse,” I groan. Her moans are one of the sexiest sounds I’ve ever heard.


“Am not.”


Yes you are.” Now that I know the Swedish turns her on I’ll use it all the time.


“Trouble,” she shakes her head and takes another bite.


“Says the girl whose mere presence makes me hard,” I say, polishing off a meatball.


“That’s not my fault,” she says innocently.


“Just like it’s not my fault I forget to speak English sometimes. It is my second language after all,” I smirk.


“Must be your old age.”


“Mmm, with age comes experience,” I say.


“In forgetfulness?”


In giving you orgasms,” I purr and lean over to give her a quick kiss.


“Trouble,” she repeats.


I chuckle and eat my appetizer.




When we walk into my house I have her hand in mine. Dinner was amazing. It was delicious and the company was perfect as always.


“So, have you made a decision on staying the night?” I ask as I close the front door.


“I have.”


“And?” I arch an eyebrow in question.


“And Sally wants snuggles.”


I wrap my arms around her from behind and kiss her neck. “Then Sally will get snuggles,” I whisper. “Do you want to go to bed and watch TV until we pass out?”


“Watch TV?” Sookie smirks. “Sure. I’ll even put on the nightgown I brought.”


“You’d be sexier in one of my shirts,” I offer.


I let her go and lead her up the stairs. She leaves me to dip into the spare bedroom her bag is in and then comes to my room. I go into my closet to change into a pair of basketball shorts while Sookie disappears into my bathroom. I go to the bed, pull the cover back and lie on my back. I flip on the TV and wait.


She emerges from the bathroom in a slinky red satin slip of a nightgown with a slit to her hip in the barely there skirt and black lace trim going around the hem. Plus she’s still got the pumps on.


She’s fucking stunning.


“You look…” I can’t even get the words out. All of my blood is rushing to my cock and I can’t think straight.


“Do you want me to wear your shirt instead?” she asks nervously.


“We’ll save my shirt for the next sleepover,” I say, my eyes scanning her body. I pause a moment on the tiny baby bump poking through the silk before going back up to her face. “Come here, beautiful girl,” I whisper in Swedish, holding out my hand to her.


Sookie comes closer and stands beside me at the edge of the bed.


“Getting past your bedtime, Gramps?” she teases.


“Nope. I’m very awake,” I smile and start rubbing my cock through my shorts.


Sookie climbs up on the bed and straddles my chest instead of my waist like I would expect. Her drenched pussy rubs against me and then she moves down my body. With her eyes on mine she lowers her head to kiss my chest and lick up the little mess she left on me.


“Mmm, that’s pretty hot, Sookie,” I whisper.


“Well you said I taste like honey and we skipped dessert,” she says and nibbles on my nipple.


“You do, wouldn’t you agree?” I have my arms folded behind my head, allowing her to do whatever she wants to me.


“I would. Do you want a taste?”


“I would love a taste,” I smile.


She moves up my chest again and lifts the skirt of her nightgown for me. I reach out to grab her hips. I prop my knees up and pull her a little closer and bend my head to lick up her slit.


Mmm, exactly what I wanted,” I purr in Swedish earning a fresh wave of her honey for me to lick up. I start slowly rubbing my tongue up and down from her opening to her clit, trying to get every inch of her delicious cunt.


“Better than the chocolate lava cake you were eyeballing?” Sookie asks.


Much… much better,” I whisper. My eyes drift closed as my tongue continues it’s slow journey through her folds. I hook her legs, wrapping my arm around one so I can spread her lips open with my thumb and index finger and I get to work on her clit. I suck lightly for a moment before dipping down to lick up the juices pouring from her core before suckling on her clit again.


Sookie gasps and runs her fingers through my hair. Her hips start to rock a little bit. “Mmm… that’s so good, Eric,” she moans.


I open my eyes to look up her body at her gorgeous face. I continue my slow movements, making sure to get everything she’s dripping out of her. I rest my other hand on her tiny bump before ghosting my hand up her body until I reach her nipple. I grab the jewelry running through her nipple and I start to tug lightly.


Mmm… her body’s reaction tells me she likes that.


“Oh fuck,” she breathes and her hips rock faster.


I move my tongue down, licking from her ass up, digging into her core. I roll my tongue inside her, moaning when a fresh wave of honey hits my tongue. My fingers trade places so I can hold her open and rub up and down her clit while I move my hand from one nipple to the other. The sounds she’s making are making my cock weep, I can feel my pre-cum dripping onto my hip under my shorts.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” Sookie cries out and her walls pulse, making more of her honey coat my tongue.


“Mmm,” I moan and shift my arm so I can work two fingers into her. “Do you want me to keep going?” I ask, pushing the top of her body back so she’s sagging against my knees and I can get my giant hand between us.


“Make me cum again and I’ll let you have anything you want,” she tells me.


I curl my fingers to rub her sweet spot and purr, “I couldn’t ask for anything more than what you already offer me. You are perfect for me, Sookie.” I know all she can understand is her name, but it gets the desired effect.


Her head falls back and she lets out a small scream. Her walls are fluttering and her nails are digging into my sides.


“Fuckfuckfuckfuck!” Sookie shouts.


“Gorgeous,” I whisper. I keep my fingers moving and I tilt to suck on her clit again, dragging her orgasm out.


After a minute she tries to push my head away. Her pussy is still clenching hard around my fingers. I pump a few more times before I slowly pull them out of her. I smile when I watch her juices literally drip out onto me.


“Are you alright up there?” I chuckle.


“Mmhmmm,” she moans.


“Good. Can you move? My shorts are constricting and I want to take them off.”


Sookie lifts her left leg and rolls off of me, landing on her stomach with her nightgown up and her ass exposed.


I lift my hips to pull my shorts off. “Stay exactly how you are,” I tell her and go to grab a condom and lube. I don’t know if I’m going to fuck her in the ass, I just want to be prepared.


When I get back to the bed she hasn’t moved, as instructed. I get up on my knees, straddling her thighs. I was planning to tell her to ride me, but this is just too inviting. I rest my hands on her ass, rubbing her cheeks.


“Where do you want my dick, baby?” I ask, dragging my thumb up through her slit, starting at her opening, before rubbing her rear entrance.


“Mmm… well my pussy is all ready for you,” she purrs.


I smile and push her legs apart just enough to get my head to her heated core. I grip her cheeks, spreading them open as I slide all the way in. The sound she makes and the way her hips jump tell me I’m getting a good spot inside of her.


Is this where you want me? Buried deep inside this tight, wet pussy…” I ask quietly as I slowly pull out and when I drive in again it’s so hard her body shifts down the bed.


“Fuuuuck!” Sookie yells. “Right there, Eric! Fuck…”


I do it again; this time when I grind my hips against her I slap her ass. Fuck, she has a sexy ass.


Her hands grab the end of the mattress and she tries pushing herself up onto her knees. “Come on, Eric. Show my pussy who she belongs to,” she growls.


“Mmm,” I hum. I pull out long enough to let her get up on her knees. Before she’s settled I grab her hips and drive into her again and again and again. My hips are slapping against her ass. I reach under her body and I start rubbing her clit as I pound into her.


“Put your hands behind your back, Sookie,” I direct her.


She does as I tell her to so she drops her face to the bed and puts her hands behind her back. I hold both of her wrists in one hand and I use them as leverage to pull her harder down my length as I thrust forward. I smack her ass hard, making her yelp. Jesus, if I fuck her any harder I feel like she’s going to fly off the bed.


“Fuck, you feel too fucking good, baby. You’re going to make me cum,” I pant.


“Yesyesyesyesyes,” she chants as her walls pulse. “Fuuuuck!”


I slap her ass hard again. It only takes a handful of thrusts for me to swell and explode deep inside of her. “Fuuuuuuck!” I roar and smack her ass one more time as I cum. “You make me cum like I’m a teenage boy,” I tell her in my native language. I can only imagine how bad she would tease me for that comment.


Sookie rubs her ass against me and moans. When she turns her head I can see a content smile on her face and her eyes are closed.


“Am I allowed to claim your sweet little cunt as my own?” I ask as I continue the thrust lazily.


“Mmhmmm,” she moans.


I pull out of her and flip her onto her back. I arch over her and pull the top of her nightgown over so I can get to her hardened nipples. I reach down with one hand, holding myself up with the other. My lips wrap around her nipple as I push three fingers into her pussy.


“I want to get hard again and take your ass,” I whisper around her sweet flesh.


“I want it too,” she breathes and rocks her hips. “Oh god…”


“It’s Eric, but god works too,” I joke before I move to her other nipple to give it the same attention. I pull my fingers out and when I push back in one of my fingers slides into her ass while the other two go back into her cunt.


She lets out a strangled cry and her back arches, pushing her tits up. “More,” she pants.


I give her what she wants and slide a second dripping wet finger into her ass, pumping slowly to stretch her a little more.


“You want all three?” I ask, brushing my thumb over her clit.


Sookie shivers and she nods her head. “Give it to me, Eric.”


I smile around her nipple and work a third finger into her rear hole. Fuck, she’s fucking tight. I release her tit and sit back on my knees.


“Play with your nipples, baby,” I tell her and I use my other hand to start stroking her juices up from her core to her clit.


Her hands go her tits to pluck and twist her nipples, making her juices flow faster. I start to push two fingers into her pussy, filling both holes.


“Is this okay?” I whisper as I push in deeper.


“Yes! Fuuuuck!”


“Mmm, so you like having both of your tight little holes full like this?” I ask, adding a third finger to her pussy.


“Yessss!” Sookie hisses.


Good to know.


I curl my fingers in her cunt and as I rub her g-spot I pull my fingers out of her ass. I grab the lube and drizzle it onto my dick, stroking to rub it in. She’s right on the edge when I push my thick head into her ass.


“Ohmygodohmygodohnygod…” she pants.


I pull my fingers out. I press my hands onto the backs of her thighs. I won’t be able to push her legs back like this for much longer. As I push back it lifts her hips some and I lock eyes with her before I slam into her asshole.


“Fuck! That’s so fucking tight,” I breathe and I begin to pound her ass.


Sookie grabs the edge of the bed again and her nipples rub against the satin of her nightgown. Her eyes roll into the back of her head as her mouth opens in a silent scream.


Fucking gorgeous,” I whisper. I slide my hand over to her lower abdomen and I start rubbing light circles over her clit as I drive in harder the way I’m learning she likes it.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” she cries out.


Her orgasm is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. When I brought her home from the club I asked her her real name so I could fuck her, but in reality my mind was fucking Montana. Right now and every time after that first time I’m fucking Sookie who is… so much more than Montana. Fuck, most of the time I don’t even remember I met her at a strip club. I just hope she realizes I don’t see a stripper when I look at her. I see the beautiful young woman that I was lucky enough to knock up.


That last thought shifts something inside of me. My eyes lock onto her face and I drive in impossibly harder. It doesn’t take long for my stomach muscles to start twitching and my balls tighten, alerting me to my rapidly approaching orgasm. I pull out and as soon as my tip hits the cool air my body explodes and I cum all over her mound and ass.


“Holy fuck!” I shout.


Sookie is a shuddering, whimpering mess on the bed. Her eyes are closed and she’s still holding onto the mattress for dear life.


I collapse on the bed next to her and reach up to rub her arms, trying to get her to loosen her grip. “Come here, baby,” I whisper. “Come on, let go…” I coax, trying to get her to settle down and curl into me.


Her arms go limp a moment later and her head rolls toward me.


“Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” I ask quietly, rubbing her belly. I’ve never seen her act like this and it scares me.


“I’m okay,” she whispers and rolls toward me to try and wrap herself around me.


“I got you,” I say softly and help her settle her arms before I wrap mine around her. We’re a sticky, sweaty mess, but I’m not moving and I don’t think she can. I kiss her forehead and rub her back softly.


Sookie snuggles into my side and in less than five minutes she’s out cold. I smile and give her a little squeeze before I relax. My muscles are finally catching up to the performance I just put on and I go a little limp. I revel in her warmth and her scent. My last thought before I pass out is that I don’t know what the fuck I did in a past life, but I’m reaping the benefits now with this perfect girl.


12 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. That was fun… and insanely hot with a touch of slightly over the top touches in public but hey… pregnancy hormones and ‘poor Eric’ is horny-by-sympathy… Is that like a power of attorney thing? It made me giggle… I hope Eric tells Sookie about how he feels in English since he clearly is developing strong feelings for her. Hope she doesn’t freak out (unless there is a hidden twin?) if/when he does… Can’t wait for the meet-the-parents chapters!
    PS – computer get well soon…


  2. I really liked this chapter . My favorite part was Eric’s thinking how lucky he is to have found Sookie. I like that he doesn’t see her as a stripper. I’m curious how Sookie feels . I’m really liking this.


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