Chapter 5


It’s a week or so later before Eric and I decide to go to the club again. This is the first time we show up together. It’s a little weird going with him. He’s pretty much my boyfriend now and the thought of having sex with another man is strange, especially in front of him. We talked about it extensively over breakfast that morning though and we agree that if either one of us gets jealous, we stop immediately. I’m okay with that. We can come here and do kinky things without other people involved. Ultimately, finding someone that I have such great chemistry with is way more important than getting tag teamed by two guys.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask Eric once we’re in the building. Pam wasn’t at the door so we didn’t stop to talk. I turn to face him, palming his cock. I start to rub up and down slowly as I tilt my head to kiss his neck.

“I’m sure. I want you to be happy and you being happy makes me happy,” he answers. The best part is, I know he’s not just saying it.

“I want you to be happy too,” I smile. I kiss his jaw before taking his hand to walk to the bar. In the outside world I learned Eric is extremely easy going. The dominant Eric that I met in here can be glimpsed when we’re having sex, but that’s about it. He’s really good at turning it on and off.

We walk over to the bar and take a seat. I personally don’t want to drink. I want a completely clear head during play tonight. Eric sits next to me, ordering me a water as I scan the room. There’s a big guy with a huge muscular arms sitting at one of the tables watching the room. His name is Rasul, at least that’s what he told me when I met him a few weeks ago. We’ve been together twice, and I know he feels just as safe as Eric.

“Sir,” I call Eric as I look back at him.


“May I go check with Rasul to see if he’d like to play with us?” I brush my fingertips down his arm.

“Is he who you want?” Eric looks into my eyes and lightly brushes his knuckles over my jawline.

“I trust him,” I reply, nodding slightly.

“Then go get him,” he winks and gives me a little kiss on the tip of my nose.

“Thank you,” I smile. I head in Rasul’s direction, catching his eye as I walk toward him. He gives me a handsome smile as I approach. “Hi.” I have my own flirty smile. My dress is form fitting so he can see every curve of my body, which I know he enjoys.

“Hello. It’s been a while, princess,” he says.

“Yes it has,” I agree. “How are you tonight?”

“Better now that your beautiful face is talking to me.”

“Mmm, thank you.” He’s not as dominant as Eric, so it makes him the perfect candidate. “How would you like to play with Eric and me tonight?” I ask, running my hand over his forearm. I start to stroke like I would his cock.

“Tall guy?” He looks past me in Eric’s direction.

“Mmhmm. I want you two to use me tonight,” I tell him. “I’m feeling dirty.”

I see lust flare in his eyes a little bit. “Is that so?”

I nod my head. He sitting back with his legs spread so I can see his cock twitch in his jeans.

“I’m dripping wet just imagining your strong hands on my body,” I purr.

“Then lead the way, princess.” He finishes his drink and sets the glass down.

I take his hand to lead him back to Eric. I have my eyes on Eric’s, while I can feel Rasul’s on my ass.

“This is Rasul,” I introduce him. “Rasul, this is Eric. He’s calling the shots tonight…” I give Eric a look the tells him I’m leaving tonight in his hands. We have a safe word that we can use if things get too rough or if either one of us gets uncomfortable with the situation. We also agreed that I will return the favor if he wants it. I’ve always wanted to be with a girl anyway, no matter how scary it is.

The two of them shake hands with each other and I feel Eric’s warm hand on the small of my back.

“We have a room reserved already,” he says. “Are you ready, Susannah?”

“Yes, sir,” I nod.

Eric takes my hand to lead me out of the bar. Once again I feel Rasul watching my ass and I can feel a nervous excitement start to take over. As soon as we enter the room I start walking toward the big bed.

“The safe word is coffee,” I tell Rasul. I look at Eric and ask, “Would you like me to strip?”

“Please,” he replies politely as he closes the door.

I reach back to unzip my dress. It’s form fitting so I have to wiggle out of it. I kick my shoes off before I push my panties down, leaving my bare pussy on display. Both boys are watching with rapt attention as I reach back to unsnap my lingerie. That falls to the floor so I’m completely naked with two very focused men standing in front of me.

“Who would like to start?” I ask. I reach down to rub my slit. I’m insanely wet just thinking about what’s going to happen once we get started.

Rasul crooks a finger at me, motioning me to come forward. He starts to undo his pants with his other hand and before I can get to him, his erection has sprung free from his pants and is waiting for me.

We agreed I don’t have to ask before I do things with Rasul. I rest my hands on his hips to use as leverage as I get down on my knees. My eyes flick up to his as I wrap my hand and lips around him, eliciting a deep groan. His cock is thicker than Eric’s, but not quite as long. Either way, it’s beautiful and feels like silk against my lips when I start to bob my head.

“Fuck, that’s good,” he groans. One of his big, meaty hands wraps in my hair and his hips thrust slowly.

I moan around his cock as my eyes flick over to Eric. He’s watching my mouth and I can see how hard he is. I pull off of Rasul long enough to ask, “Why don’t you come over here so you can take turns?”

Eric stays right where he is, however, and lets me concentrate on just Rasul for the time being. He doesn’t seem to mind being patient and waiting for his turn.

I start to stroke Rasul faster. My eyes flick up to his so he can see the lust in my eyes as I suck his cock. I start to take him deeper, making him hiss. He’s so fucking hard and I’m so wet I want to feel him slide into my pussy right now. I’ll wait until he’s ready.

And then all of a sudden my head is pulled back and when I turn to the side, Eric’s stand there, waiting for me to give him the same treatment Rasul was getting. “Suck,” he commands in that deep baritone that makes my insides tingle.

I don’t hesitate to take his thick head between my lips. I start bobbing head right away, taking as much of him as possible without swallowing him. My hand joins the mix as I stroke what doesn’t fit into my mouth. I’m so turned on by this I can feel my juices running down my thighs.

“Good girl,” Eric praises and sweetly strokes my hair back from my face. I’m not at all surprises when he pulls me off him a few seconds later and pushes me back toward Rasul.

We go on like this for a good fifteen minutes. As soon as one of them is ready to cum they pull me off and push me onto the other. When Eric’s had enough he pulls me onto my feet, giving me a hard kiss. As we kiss I reach down to gather some of my juices.

“Look what you did to me,” I whisper when he pulls back from the kiss. I hold my hand up to show him how wet it is.

“I don’t think that was just me, lover,” he replies, but sucks the wetness from my fingers.

“Mmm, should I share with Rasul what you guys are doing?” He releases my hand and I go right back to playing with my pussy. I need to cum. Bad.

I see something devilish in Eric’s eyes and he moves my hand away from my folds. “You can go lay on the bed. On your back with those pretty legs open. I don’t want to see your hands anywhere near that pussy,” he says in his dominant tone.

“Yes, sir.” I walk over to the bed as instructed. When I lie on my back it takes every ounce of willpower not to reach down to play with myself. I part my legs so the boys can get a perfect view of my glistening folds.

Eric is the first to step up to the bed. He pulls my ass closer to the edge and teases me mercilessly with his tip, rubbing up and down my folds and letting just his head slide into me before pulling out again. Rasul, meanwhile, makes himself useful by kneeling near my head to hold my legs out of the way for Eric.

“You want it, Susannah?” Eric asks me when I whimper.

“So bad,” I breathe.

“Where do you want it?” Tease.

“My pussy for now,” I smirk. We haven’t had anal sex, but I’ve done it before. As long as it’s done right it feels good. I know Eric can do it right.

His eyebrow arches just the tiniest bit, but then he slides all the way into me and that’s all that matters. There’s no time to adjust, he just starts pounding into me hard and deep.

“Ohmygod,” I groan, arching my back. I tilt my head when I see Rasul’s balls right there and I start to lick them. His cock is solid as a rock as he watches Eric slide in and out of me.

“Mmm,” he grunts. “You want two cocks fucking you tonight, princess? One in that tight ass while you’re getting pounded hard?”

“Mmhmm,” I hum around his left nut. It wasn’t the initial plan, but I’m so goddamn turned on everything sounds like a good idea.

“Dirty little slut,” Rasul says in a deeper than usual voice. He reaches down and pinches my nipples while Eric’s fucking me.

I moan louder around his ball. I release it before moving to the right to give it the same treatment. I can feel my first orgasm building. My stomach muscles begin to twitch as my walls massage Eric’s thick shaft.

So of course he pulls out of me, making me groan in frustration.

“Your turn,” he tells Rasul, who let’s go of my legs. Eric steps back while Rasul gets me turned around and on my hands and knees.

His cock stretches me as he slides in deep and he holds my hands behind my back when he starts to thrust just as hard as Eric was a few moments ago. His free hand comes down hard on my left cheek, making a loud cracking noise.

“Ahhh!” I cry out. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t cum the second he slid into me. My walls are still fluttering around Rasul. I gain my bearings and look up to Eric, silently pleading for more. I don’t care if it’s his cock in my mouth or if Rasul allows me to cum. I need it.

Eric grabs onto my hair to hold my head up. His shaft, still shiny with my juices, slides between my lips while Rasul reaches around my hip and begins massaging my clit quickly, giving me the friction I need so badly.

It takes less than thirty seconds to cum. I have Eric’s cock nudging the back of my throat when it hits. When my scream subsides Eric’s head slides down my throat so he can fuck me for few seconds. Tasting myself on him makes me think I won’t have a problem if he ever wants me to go down on a girl. I don’t know if I’m going to stop cumming anytime soon either. Rasul feels like heaven inside of me and he doesn’t stop fucking me.

He does release my hands, however, and I feel his wet fingers starting to play with my back entrance. At first he just paints it with my cum but then he’s pressing and pushing until finally his thumb enters me. He pumps it slowly in and out until he and Eric switch places. When Rasul pulls out of me completely I feel the emptiness. Eric shifts down the bed to take his place but instead of being refilled with his cock, I feel him slide two fingers into my pussy. He pumps them a few times and then moves up to my ass.

“Oh god,” I whimper when he starts to push into me, slowly pumping to stretch me. He’s going to feel huge when he slides into me. I look back over my shoulder to catch his eyes. “Do you like it when I’m a slut for you, Eric?” I ask. Rasul doesn’t know that we’re seeing each other, but I’m sure he can figure it out.

Eric pulls me up by my hair so when he whispers to me only I can hear him. “I like everything you do,” he tells me before licking and kissing on my neck. His fingers start to twist and scissor to stretch me more. Rasul takes advantage my position and the thick tip of his cock slides between my folds to rub against my swollen nub.

I shudder between them. My sensitive clit is standing at attention, begging for more. While Eric kisses my neck I catch Rasul’s full lips with mine. His tongue probes my mouth and he swallows my moans as we kiss. I don’t know if I can ever explain to Eric bow much this turns me on or how much I appreciate him for letting this happen.

When the kiss breaks I whisper-moan, “I want you both inside of me now.” I know it’s not up to me, though.

“Are you being greedy, slut?” Eric growls at me.

“Mmm, yes sir,” I breathe. “I am your little slut today, aren’t I?”

He pulls his fingers out of me and says, “Ride him.”

Rasul shifts so he’s on his back. I straddle his hips, rubbing his thick tip around my clit. Our eyes are locked together when I push him back to my opening and I start to slide down his length, making us both groan. I start to bounce on his cock, swiveling my hips each time I slide down. His hands come up to grab my tits, tugging on my nipples as I ride. He feels fucking great.

When I look to the left I see Eric rolling on a condom and then he grabs a bottle from the drawer in the bedside table. He gets up on the bed behind me and he pushes me forward. Rasul’s mouth takes the place of his fingers on my right tit. I feel the slightly cool liquid drizzling onto my back entrance from the bottle of lube.

“You’re sure you want us both, slut?” Eric asks, his tip pressing against my other opening.

“Start slow,” I breathe. I’ve never been double penetrated, but my body is vibrating in anticipation.

Rasul holds me steady for him while Eric slowly pushes into me. His thick head eases into me and he grunts behind me. “Fuck,” he breathes.

Fuck is right. I’ve never felt this full. It’s tight as hell, but in a good way. To prove I’m being a greedy slut today I start to rock back and forth, taking Eric’s cock a little deeper. Rasul counters this by thrusting his hips up and he’s at the right angle to rub my g-spot with every thrust.

“Is this what you need, Susannah?” Eric asks as he slides in deeper.

“Yesyesyesyesyes!” I chant. My eyes screw shut so I can focus on the two massive cocks moving in and out of me. It’s not going to take much to make me cum.

“I think she’d like more cock,” Rasul grunts.

“Would you?” Eric asks. “Do you want to be tied down and have more than two of us take turns fucking you until you’re too exhausted to move?”

I get a visual of what he’s describing. Just the thought of being used like that makes my walls clamp down around them.

“Yes, sir,” I whimper. “Your little slut would love that.” I’m going to cum any second.

“I bet you would. You’d be dripping with cum,” he whispers to me. “Your sweet little pussy wouldn’t be able to hold it all.”

“Oh fuuuu…” My word gets lost when an orgasm rockets through my body. Rasul grunts below me, but that’s all I can hear over the sound of my own heart racing. I’m sure if he keeps talking he can pull another orgasm from me in record time.

“You like that idea, Susannah? Your tight little holes being used for our pleasure, dripping with load after load of cum…” He stops thrusting and his fingers rub quickly over my clit. Rasul hasn’t stopped fucking me and he’s rubbing against my sweet spot just right.

“Yes, Eric, yes… I want it so bad.” As expected orgasm number two hits like a tsunami, dripping down to Rasul’s balls.

I feel like they’re going to break me. I don’t know how I would feel emotionally if Eric really did tie me down and let guys come in and fuck me, but my body wants it bad. Really, really bad.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. This is a first with another person and it seems ok with Eric and Sookie, but I don’t know if they can handle Sookie getting gangbanged. That might be a deal breaker for either one when the situation comes up.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I agree. There’s talking dirty and walking dirty. Based on her earlier anxiety following instincts might scree things up between them. She may also find reciprocating the favor to be harder than she thinks emotionally. But boy- do they make the screen steam!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The tone of this is reminding me of The Fire Stories and I love it!! Hopefully minus all the angst though 🙂
    I do love me a dirty Eric and Sookie and you two are the best at that!😉


  3. I admit, as a non-practitioner of BDSM, I can’t quite get my head around the interest in being tied up and having a bunch of guys basically fuck you while your bf watches/coordinates… or of doing that to your girlfriend, so I just hope it works for them if that is what both truly want and they can do it without emotional damage to each one of them individually or to their out-of-the-club relationship…


  4. Impressed with how you have the Dominant Eric directing their scene with Rasul but still allowing Sookie some control over what happens. Excellently written scene up there with the best ladies. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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