Chapter 19


My stupid cell phone ringing wakes me the next morning. I would ignore it, but whoever is calling doesn’t seem to get the message that I don’t feel like talking right now. So I get out of bed and go to my purse to retrieve the phone. Jessica’s name is on the display.

“Damn, Jess, it’s early,” I whine quietly so I don’t wake Eric.

“How was it?”

“How was what?” My sleepy brain isn’t prepared for questions.

“Levi? The sex? The trip? Meeting his parents? Take your pick.”

“Oh yeah. About that…”

She doesn’t know what happened yet. She’s about to find out, though.

“What about that?” Jess asks.

“I met Levi’s dad and he’s great. He’s good looking, got a great smile, very charming and easy to be around,” I tell her.

“That’s great,” she says.

“Yeah there’s only one problem.”

“Uh oh…”

“Levi’s dad? It’s Eric,” I tell her.

“Eric? Eric who… Oh! Oh my God! Please tell me you found this out before you and Levi had sex,” she pleads.

I laugh and say, “Yes, I found out my first day here.”

I proceed to tell her the story and since Eric is a heavy sleeper, I get back in bed. I promised him I would be there when he wakes up today.

“So long story short, Levi and I broke up,” I say quietly. Eric looks so cute when he’s sleeping.

And he’s got serious morning wood going, so I know I’ll be getting laid whenever he wakes up. Just thinking about it gets my lady parts in gear.

“What did Eric say? And really? Eric is Levi’s dad? How is that even possible, was he like ten when he had him?” she fires off.

“Eric was a teenager when his ex got pregnant, and aside from his height Levi looks like his mother. After I walked away from Eric that day at the restaurant he went home and his wife confronted him about what he’d been doing. He admitted everything and she threw him out. Now they’re separated and they’ve filed for divorce. He still loves me and I… I think I could fall in love with him, so we’re going to give it a shot,” I tell her.

“Wow… so, he’s a free agent, and you think you can fall in love with him? Sookie, you’re already head over heels, you just won’t admit it,” she giggles. “How did Levi take it? Is he moping around all distraught and stuff? Can I have him?”

I snort at her last question.

“He can do whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned,” I start. “At first he didn’t take it well, but I can’t blame him. We were all caught off guard. The look on Eric’s face alone… It was a steaming hot mess. But Levi and Eric talked things out without me and then Levi and I talked and I’m sure he’s not completely cool with it, but now that I know Eric is his father there’s no way I could have gotten further involved with him. It would have been too weird. Plus you know how fucked up I was when I stopped seeing Eric. Obviously there are feelings there.”

“Can you imagine banging them both… at once, so sexy and dirty at the same time,” she says, completely serious. “I’m still in shock though. Are you home yet? I could drive out to see you.”

“No, I’m still in Utah. Eric is asleep next to me,” I say as I look over at him. “I’ll be home in a few days. Then Eric is coming out to Tahoe to spend some time with me there.”

“Have you met the rest of his kids?” she asks, “This is intense, Sookie, like crazy intense.”

“Only the fourteen-year-old, Chris; he walked in on us having sex in the kitchen.”

“Shut the fuck up!” she practically yells.

“Swear to God. We were in the kitchen and Chris let himself in. We didn’t hear him until it was too late. It was the most awkward moment of my life.”

“I’ll bet. I don’t know how I would’ve handled that. What about his ex, have you met her?”

“No, I haven’t, and I’m not looking forward to it. Eric asked me to answer his phone and it was her. She wasn’t too thrilled I was on the phone, but I can’t blame her for that either.”

Eric rolls over and puts his head on my chest.

“You’re whole trip has been nothing but a bunch of awkward it seems.”

“Awkward and orgasms about sums it up.”

“His stamina was crazy. I imagine getting it for days on end it’s only getting better. Is your who-ha broken yet?” she laughs.

“Not yet,” I laugh. “But he did ask if we could still have threesomes sometimes.”

“I’m down if you’re cool with it. I had a great time with the two of you,” she admits.

“We had fun with you too. You’ll be the first person I call,” I promise her. “When I find out his birthday I might organize a trip out to see you at the brothel.”

“Oh, maybe he’ll get special birthday spankings,” I can hear her smile and how giddy she’s getting at the thought of being with us again.

“Exactly,” I smirk. “Imagine him strapped to the spanking bench while we fuck.”

It would drive him crazy.

“The thought of that turns me on. He’d cum without us even touching him.”

“I think that’s a safe bet.”

“Where is he right now? He can’t be close if you’re able to talk and not being fucked deaf, dumb, and blind.”

“He’s asleep on my tits, actually. He’s a heavy sleeper.”

“Of course that’s where he’s sleeping,” she snickers. “I’m glad that you were able to work things out though. You guys really do have so much potential.”

“So far so good.” I start running my fingers through Eric’s hair.

“You sound happy again,” she observes.

“I am, thanks. We’ll have to get together when I get back home.”

“Definitely. I miss you. The Cathouse isn’t the same without you here.”

“I miss you guys too. I’ll come visit soon,” I promise.

“Good, I’ll let you go. Talk to you soon.”

“Yep. Have fun. Say hi to everyone for me.”

Jess agrees and we hang up. I set my phone on the nightstand and close my eyes, hoping to go back to sleep for a little while. It was good to talk to her. When I see her I’ll tell her about the Aude situation a little more in depth. I don’t want to trash talk Eric’s ex right in front of him. There are certain things I feel like I should save for when I talk to the girls. My feelings about his ex is one of those things.

Eventually my bladder gets the better of me and I have to slip out of bed to go pee. While I’m in the bathroom I brush my teeth to get rid of the icky morning breath since I’m there. When I get back to bed Eric is on his stomach with his head on my pillow, so I move over to the side of the bed he had been laying on the night before. I curl up on my side with my back to him and close my eyes again, hoping to go back to sleep.

∞ ∞ ∞

Later that day Eric is sitting on the couch, talking to someone on a business call. I’m not sure what they’re talking about. Actually, I’m not even really sure what he does for a living. I think it’s something to do with real estate, but I’m not certain. I know it requires him to travel.

Since he says he wants to see how many dirty things he can get away with while he’s on the phone, I dig my reading glasses out of my bag, pull my hair back into a low ponytail and put on the more conservative dress I had planned to wear if I met Levi’s mother. I look a little like a naughty secretary when I’m done. I pour Eric a fresh cup of coffee and bring it to him.

“Your coffee Mr. Northman,” I wink and bend over right in front of him so my ass is in his face when I set the coffee on the table.

He covers the speaker on the phone and tells me, “You’re an angel.”

It’s obvious from the lack of fire in his eyes that he isn’t picking up what I’m putting down, so I try doing a few things to get his attention, but his focus is on his work. I don’t want to piss him off or get him in trouble, so I knock it off. After a kiss on his head, I go back to his bedroom and wiggle out of the fancier dress. It isn’t very comfortable, if I’m being honest, but it looks nice on me. I hang the dress and put it in his closet.

While I’m contemplating what to wear instead I hear Eric get off the phone.

“What happened to the dress?” he asks when he finds me in the room.

“It’s not very comfortable and I didn’t want to distract you anymore,” I tell him and grab a dark denim mini-skirt.

“Oh, you weren’t bothering me. Thanks for the coffee, by the way.”

“You’re welcome, but I was trying to bother you,” I smile and pull on the skirt.

“Oh… oh!” he blushes when he finally gets it.

“It’s okay. Another time.”

I grab an ivory crocheted tank top and pull that on too.

“I do have a few more calls to make,” he offers.

“The mood has passed,” I inform him. “Another day, though.”

“Sorry,” he says. “When I’m in business mode I don’t really focus on much else.”

“That’s how it should be. No need to apologize.”

“I normally don’t work Saturday’s, but I missed so much this week I need to catch up on a few things. I know you’re bored, sorry.”

“Eric, it’s really okay. Go back to work. I’ll go for a walk and keep myself out of your hair.”

“Can I make it up to you tonight?” he asks.

“You don’t have to, but I won’t say no,” I smile at him.

“Okay, dinner and dancing? I’m not the best, but I like going.”

“Sure. Maybe I can help you with the dancing thing,” I offer.

“I’d like that,” he smiles and pulls me into a hug.

“Then that’s what we’ll do.” I tilt my head up and kiss his chin.

He grabs my face and kisses my lips instead before telling me he has to make another call. I put on a pair of sandals and head out.


I hate being so far behind on work, but it’s been worth it. The loss of the phone for most of the day yesterday didn’t help either. I feel terrible for missing Sookie’s cues earlier when she was trying to tease me. I know if I knew how to multitask we could’ve had a lot of fun.

We just ate an amazing meal, and now I’m taking her dancing. I’m a terrible dancer and I have no idea what I was thinking when I suggested it, but I’m stuck with it. I’m with Sookie though, so I know I’ll have a blast. It also feels good to get out to do something fun with her. I feel bad for begging her to stay and then leaving her all alone the last few days. I’m taking Wednesday through Friday off so I can spend time with her while I have her. I know it might be way too soon, but I want her to meet the kids too. It’s too hard splitting my time between them while she’s here.

“Are you ready to dance your ass off?” I ask with a smile, threading my fingers through hers over her thigh.

“Yep. I even warned my toes.”

“I’ll carry you out at the end of the night if they hurt too bad to walk. I even give a mean foot rub,” I offer.

“I do love a good foot rub.”

“I love a lot of different rubs,” I grin and squeeze her hand.

Sookie lets go of my hands and drops hers in my lap so it’s resting on my cock. “Me too,” she says.

“I have a feeling tonight is going to be fun,” I groan and rest my hand over hers, helping her apply a little more pressure.

“I think you’re right,” she says as her other hand slides under her skirt.

“If you keep that up we won’t make it to the club, Sookie,” I groan as my eyes flick down and then back up to the road.

“You mean you can’t dance knowing I’m all wet and ready for you to bend me over and fuck me?” She moans and I can only assume she’s touching herself since I can’t see.

“Fuck, I won’t even be able to walk knowing that.”

“Sure you will.” Sookie lifts her hips off the seat a little and moans again.

“Do you need any help over there?” I offer.

“I think you better focus on the road, mister.”

“I can’t focus on anything knowing you’re about to cum.”

“I’m not that close,” she smirks, and then puts her foot up on the dashboard. I still can’t see anything.

“Pull your skirt up, pretty girl, I want to see what you’re doing,” I plead. I can’t focus on her the whole time I’m driving, but a quick glance here and there can’t hurt.

Sookie inches her skirt up so I can see her hand inside her panties. She’s rubbing her clit in what looks like slow circles, and her other hand moves into the top of her dress to play with her nipple.

“God, I love watching you,” I breathe when we stop at a light.

Sookie turns her head toward me and lifts her hips again when her hand moves further down. The way her arm starts moving I’m sure she’s got her fingers in her pussy, and seconds later I can hear the sound of her fucking herself.

“Green light, baby,” she moans, and then closes her eyes. “Fuck, I want your cock in me so bad right now.”

“I can pull over,” I groan, and bite my bottom lip. “I want to pull over.”

“If you pull over we’ll never get to the dancing part of the night,” she says without opening her eyes, and her hips start moving to meet her hand.

I did promise her dancing. Ugh!

“You need to stop that, or else we won’t make it.”

“But now I’m close,” she says, and reaches over for my hand so I can rub her clit. “You said you love different rubs,” she reminds me with mischief in her eyes.

“Mmm, yes I did, and I love rubbing you.”

Her moans get louder and her hips move faster. Then Sookie bites her bottom lip when she cums. I keep rubbing her through her orgasm until she shoves my hand away.

“Now I’m going to be hard all night while we’re dancing,” I say with a little smirk.

“Poor baby.”

“I’ll take care of it later,” I wink. She’ll probably take care of it, but I don’t want to assume anything.

“You might even have some help.”

“That’s sweet.” I pull into the parking lot and find a spot a few aisles away from the club entrance.

“Do you have any napkins in your glove box?” Sookie asks as she pulls her hand out of her panties.

“Ah, here,” I pop open the console and pull a handful of napkins out. You always have to be prepared with kids.

“Thank you.” Sookie wipes her hands. “I’ll wash them when I get inside. I didn’t really think that through beyond torturing you.”

I laugh and wait to open the door until she pulls her skirt back down. She knows to stay put until I walk around to her side and open the door. I help her out and give her a ridiculously passionate kiss. As I pull away I bring her hand up to my mouth and suck her fingers.

“You ready to go in and watch me make a fool of myself?”

“I’m ready to go inside and watch you be sexy and make some girls jealous,” she says, and loops her arm around mine.

“You’re crazy,” I whisper and kiss the side of her head.

We have to wait in line a few minutes, but we get in fairly quickly. Once inside I let Sookie go to the restroom while I go to the bar. I’m not a big drinker, so I end up ordering a beer and an Amaretto sour. She joins me as the bartender delivers our drinks. When I put my arm around Sookie the bartender gives me a weird look. I’m assuming our age difference is what triggers her attitude change.

“Thanks, baby,” Sookie kisses my cheek and then sips her drink.

I lean down and kiss her lips to get a taste of the drink, “Mmm, anytime.”

“Should we try to find a table?”

“Yeah,” I answer.

I rest my hand on the small of her back, with my fingertips brushing over her ass and we walk through the club. We find a table on the other side of the dance floor. There are a few tables between the floor and our seats, so we don’t have to worry about drunkards falling into the table. Jesus, I feel old when I think things like that.

I sit on the stool and Sookie stands between my legs, drinking her drink and watching the people on the floor.

“Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll make an ass of myself for you.”

She turns around and says, “You will not make an ass of yourself, I promise.”

“Sookie, I have ridiculously long arms and legs that I have no idea what to do with. I’ll look like a fool, I promise.”

She gets closer to my ear and says, “Eric, if you can fuck, you can dance. I’ll help you.”

“In case you don’t remember you helped me there too,” I remind her.

“Oh I remember.” Sookie licks my ear and then pulls back to sip her drink.

“Watch it, I’m still hard. I won’t be held accountable if I fuck you against the table,” I tell her. To make my point I pull her in against my erection so she can feel what she does to me.

She smiles and says, “I think we should go dance before you get us arrested for public indecency.”

“Probably a good idea,” I laugh and take her empty glass from her to set on the table.

I stand and she takes my hand to lead me to the floor. The song has a good beat, but I still feel lost. I’ve never been a good dancer. Sookie has her back to me and puts my hands on her hips.

“Just follow me,” she says, and starts to sway her hips.

I pull her close to my body so I’m flush against her. It’s hard to concentrate on what she’s doing when all I can think about is fucking her. With her heels, her ass is rubbing against my cock and I know she can feel me.

She puts her arms up and hooks them around my head, pulling my face close to hers and my hands move farther in around her lower abdomen. I don’t notice when I start to move to the beat and touching Sookie I don’t have to worry about my hands.

Sookie arches her back, pressing herself more firmly against me until the song changes, requiring us to move faster. I panic a little, but Sookie is a good and patient teacher.

“Loosen up your hips, Eric,” she instructs, and moves behind me. While she’s back there she gropes my ass before moving my hips. Her body feels good against me, but I’m not sure what to do with my hands.

Her grip loosens and I know I’m moving my hips the way she wants me to. I’m a pretty fast learner.

I reach down and grab her hand, pulling her around my body so she’s in front of me. Her tits are pressed against my chest, they feel amazing. I pull her hands up and around my neck before I rest my own hands on her ass. I feel like a middle-schooler but with a lot more sexual tension.

Sookie gives me an encouraging smile and moves her hips seductively. I hug her a little closer, my erection is prominent between us and soon I think I’ll need to take a seat.

“Can we sit after this song?” I ask. I need a break; her body is too much right now after the little show in the car.

“Sure. I’ll get myself another drink.”

When the song ends I give her a quick kiss and then we go our separate ways. I sit and keep an eye on Sookie as she snakes her way through the club. I start to feel a little uncomfortable, I’m probably the oldest person in the club and I suspect the looks I’m getting from people are due to that fact. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw Levi here. That would be a little weird too.

Thankfully my thoughts get my mind off of the sexy little blond walking toward me and my hard-on has gone away. However, the red dress and ridiculously high heels threaten to make me hard again. I keep my erection in check.

“No young studs caught your attention, I see,” I say when she returns to the table.

“One tried to pay for my drink,” she admits.

“You turned him down?”

“Yes, I did. If I let him pay for my drink he’ll think he can come dance with me or take me home or some nonsense,” she says. “And the only sexy blond I’m going home with is you.”

I blush a little and reach out to rub my hand down her arm. Her smooth skin breaks out in goosebumps and I pull her a little closer.

“You’re way too good to me,” I whisper into her ear and kiss her neck.

When I pull back she’s smiling and turns her face a little to press her lips to mine. Sookie blindly sets her drink down on the table as she licks the seam of my lips. I open for her and her tongue starts massaging mine slowly. Her fingers play in my hair near my neck and she comes willingly when I pull her closer.

Sookie gently breaks off the kiss and asks, “Do you want to dance some more?”

“Can I just watch you?” I counter, my lips brushing hers since we’re still so close.

“Of course,” she says, and pecks my lips. “I like when you watch me.”

“Good,” I smile and watch as she takes another big drink before walking back out to the floor, swaying her hips to the beat.

My girl looks gorgeous out there on the dance floor, and Sookie keeps looking my way to make sure I’m watching her. When some handsy asshole gets too close to her she moves away from him so I don’t have to get up and kick his ass. But since I’m so busy watching her, I don’t see the cheaply dressed bottle blond coming toward me until it’s too late.

“What’s a tall drink of water like you doing sitting here all alone?” she asks me.

I’m not sure how to respond as I look her over. Bleached hair, fake tits, cheap perfume and she looks like she bought her outfit from Frederick‘s of Hollywood. So not classy.

“I’m watching my girl dance,” I eventually reply.

“Which one is yours?”

“The curvy blonde in the red dress,” I say with my eyes glued to Sookie. She looks so damn sexy.

“Isn’t she your daughter?”

Is this bitch hitting on me or accusing me of incest?

“No, she’s my girlfriend,” I say through a clenched jaw.

“Oh. Sorry, I thought she was your daughter,” she laughs like she thinks she’s funny. “Would you like to dance?”

“No, thank you. I don’t think my girlfriend would like it,” I tell her.

“Too bad. If you dance as good as you look I’d have one hell of a time,” she says, and then saunters off with a ridiculous amount of sway in her hips.

I roll my eyes, drink my beer and signal a waitress to get Sookie another drink so it’s waiting for her when she takes a break.



9 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. that was great and i am happy Jess called her, looking forward to the bigger talk… Poor Eric is out of his element at the club, i think me being older i understand how he feels, its how i felt in Vegas with my GF’s, lol…..looking forward to more Kristie


  2. waahh Hubs never takes me dancing and now I am too old too Eric. LOL at the not noticing her try to seduce him, poor dude missed an opportunity there didn’t he? The clothes….the shoes…oh those shoes, sigh


  3. Their age difference isn’t “that” much for someone to think he’s her father. Oh, right, that skank was trying to hit on him..


  4. Hot date night; just what they need. They’ve gone from a business relationship to virtually living together with a stressful family situation; a bit of dating will be good for them!


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