Chapter 6


While Eric showers I restrain myself from snooping around the house, as well as from stripping down and joining him in there. It really does amaze me that he spends his days with rambunctious six-year-olds. I don’t know if I could do that. It’s hard enough when we have kids come for open casting calls. They’re always running around, screaming and the stage parents. Ugh, don’t even get me started on the stage parents.

I grew up in the south and my mother forced me into a few pageants when I was too little to really protest. Winning the grand prize at a toddler pageant is like being the prize pig or something. It’s a gross habit, so it’s a little ironic that I ended up working in the field I’m in. I can’t stand stage parents but I like the idea of being a part of someone’s dream coming true. There are plenty of people who walk through the doors of the office every day with nothing but a headshot and a dream. A lot of those people leave disappointed but there are those rare opportunities to change someone’s life completely, and those are the moments I work for.

I wonder what made Eric want to be a teacher. I’m guessing he must really like kids. After spending time with him I can see that he’s probably a great teacher. He’s generally pretty soft spoken, patient, sweet and understanding. It must have really killed him when his ex came home and told him she was pregnant with another man’s baby. Nevermind the awful betrayal that goes along with something like that, but if Eric was ready to marry her then I’m assuming he probably wanted children with her too.

Suddenly my breakup with Quinn seems like no big deal by comparison. Yes, it left my heart a little battered and broken but it wasn’t nearly as out of nowhere as Eric’s breakup was. And the balls on Quinn for showing his mug around my apartment this morning thinking I was going to give him another chance. The fucking arrogance on that guy astounds me. Of course he made it sound like he would be doing me a favor if I gave him another chance. Ha!

No thanks.

Eric has done in one night what Quinn couldn’t do in three years. No way in hell am I going back to him.

My cheeky new… shit, I don’t know how to label Eric. I’m not sure boyfriend is quite right. We haven’t had that talk yet and I don’t really think we need to. I’m not seeing anyone else and he doesn’t strike me as the type that does well with juggling ladies. When the time is right, we’ll talk about it. Or maybe we’ll move on entirely from one another. For all I know this is just a fun rebound to distract me from the sting of losing Quinn. It sure as shit doesn’t hurt the way it did nine days ago, I’ll say that much.

“Fantasizing about me over there?” Eric says, breaking me from my thoughts.

“Sort of. I was just thinking about what a great guy you are,” I say honestly.

Of course he blushes. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

“You’re adorable when you turn colors like that,” I tease.

“Thanks,” he says, turning an even brighter shade of red.

“Awwww you match your comforter,” I giggle.

He walks up to me and wraps his arms around me in a tight hug. He holds on for a while, swaying us from side to side. After a couple minutes he leans down to kiss me.

“You can stop teasing me now,” he mumbles against my lips before his hands slide down and he begins tickling my sides, making me squeal.

“Ah!” I try to squirm away from him but he’s not letting me go anywhere. “Alright, alright, you win!”

He scoops me up with his massive hands and I wrap my legs around his waist. “I didn’t know this was a contest,” he smirks and falls onto the bed, caging me in with his arms.

“It is when I’m extremely ticklish and I don’t want to pee on you from laughing too hard.”

“No pee, you’ve already marked me with your cum,” he chuckles and dips down to kiss me. “If we don’t get up right now we aren’t leaving this bed,” he says and flexes his hips to let me feel what I’m doing to him.

“That’s your fault, Schmoopy. I was being a good girl until you caged me up.”

“You’re just so irresistible, Pookie,” he says and thrusts again.

“Okay,” I push his shoulders. “Up you go.”

“Fine. You’re lucky I’m fresh out of the shower, or else…” He gets up from the bed and reaches out a hand to help me up. “Should I pack a bag to take back to your place tonight?”

“Unless you want to come home. It’s up to you,” I tell him. I don’t mind him sleeping over. Once Dawn gets back I’ll have to start coming here because she’s not above standing outside my bedroom door to listen to what’s going on in there.

He goes into his closet and comes out with an outfit for tomorrow. “While we’re looking at books we can think about lunch. Also, there’s one of those outdoor movies playing in the park downtown if you think you might be interested in going to watch it.”

“Depends on what the movie is, but it sounds like a fun way to spend the evening.” I fix my top since it got tugged down a little while he was on top of me.

“I have no idea what’s playing. I just figured we could people watch, or make out under a giant tree.”

“Either one sounds like fun to me.”

“Okay,” he nods. He grabs a small duffle bag and tosses his clothes in before he slips into the bathroom and comes back with his toothbrush and deodorant.

“Phone charger?” I remind him just in case he wants to bring that along too. Mine won’t fit his phone.

“Good call. Although when I’m with you I don’t even think about my phone which is a good thing,” he smiles and unplugs the charger to toss it in the bag.

“Yeah but you never know when Alcide might want to check on you and if you don’t answer he’ll just think I axe murdered you or something,” I snort.

“That wouldn’t deter him. He’d come sniffing around trying to get some pussy from you.”

“Too bad for him I don’t do Dawn’s sloppy seconds.”

Eric looks at me with a raised eyebrow. “Would you do him if he wasn’t Dawn’s sloppy seconds?”

“I honestly haven’t really thought about it, but based on what I’ve seen of his personality so far, fuck no.” He’s a good looking guy, I’ll give him that, but it takes more than good looks for me to hop into bed with a guy. Otherwise I would have fucked Eric the night we met.

“Good.” Eric zips up his bag and tosses it over his shoulder. “Did you find any porn you want to watch in my collection?”

“I didn’t look. I stayed on your bed the whole time. I told you I was a good girl.”

“There’s always next time,” he shrugs and takes my hand to lead me back to the garage. This time he walks around and opens my car door for me. He stops me before I sit by cupping my face in his hands. “May I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Do you think you’re ready to be someone else’s girlfriend? More specifically my girlfriend.”

Well that happened sooner than I thought it would.

“I… I don’t know,” I say. “I like where this is going and I really, really like spending time with you. I’m just not sure if I’m ready to be committed to someone and I don’t want to jump in today only to figure out in two weeks that I’m not really ready for it yet. But for what it’s worth I’m not seeing anyone else and I’m not interested in seeing anyone else.”

“That’s good enough for me,” he says and kisses me. “I hope you know I’m obviously not seeing anyone else either, and that I don’t do casual sex. You’re the only girl I’ll be with until one of us decides it isn’t working, and then I… there’s just no way I can sleep with two different people without feeling guilty. Even if I am technically free to fuck who I want.”

“I tried it once in college and it didn’t really work so well. I don’t recommend it.”

“Mmm, I’ll take your word for it,” he smiles and kisses me again before he lets me go so I can get into the car.

I get settled in the passenger’s seat while Eric goes around to the driver’s side after he tucks his bag in the trunk. I direct him to where the secondhand bookstore is but we have to park more than a block away from it and walk back since it doesn’t have a lot. We walk to the store, hand in hand, and as soon as we walk in the smell of old books hits me and makes me smile.

“I love the smell of old books,” I say quietly.

“There is something about them,” he agrees.

“There’s a great children’s section if you want to start there,” I offer.

“Sure, my classroom is full of them, but I’m always looking for more.”

I lead him toward the back end of the store where the children’s books are and really it’s the first time I’ve ever been in this section for more than a few minutes. The first time I came here I was looking for a copy of The Giving Tree but couldn’t find one. I could just buy one new, but I’d rather have a used one.

“Do kids still read the Bearenstein Bears books?” I ask as we browse titles.

“My kids do,” he smiles. “I have a bookshelf made of little cubbies and I have a whole cubby full of them.”

“Good man,” I smile and squeeze his hand. “Can I ask what made you want to be a teacher in the first place? I never would have guessed the night I met you that you spent five days a week nurturing such impressionable minds.”

“I’m a lot less dirty with the kids, but they giggle a lot. My mom is a retired school teacher and my first year after high school I spent it helping her with her class when I was still trying to figure out what to do with my life. There was a little boy in the class that was having trouble with his reading, like really bad, and so my mom stuck me with him to be his tutor. Turns out he was dyslexic, but by the time he moved on to second grade he was on track with the other kids in the class. Mom told me I would be a good teacher, and I like kids, so why not. It’s more fun than work and I get the summers off.”

“Summers off is definitely a nice bonus,” I agree with a smile, and crouch down when I see a copy of a Dr. Seuss book. I haven’t read one of these in years.

“What do you have down there?” he asks. “It’s too low for me to see from way up here.”

There’s A Wocket In My Pocket,” I hold the book up for him to look at.

“Ah, I don’t have that one,” he smiles and takes it from me to start flipping through it. “I love any and all Dr. Seuss. Shel Silverstein too.”

“So do I. I’ve been on the hunt for The Giving Tree for a while,” I confess and stand up. “One of these days I’ll get lucky here and find a copy.”

“I’m sure you will. There are a few more stores we can look at today if you want to.”

“No, I’m not that serious about it. One day I’ll happen to find one and it’ll be a nice surprise.”

“I like it when nice surprises happen,” he says, looking at me like I’m the best surprise he’s gotten in a long time.

I push up on my toes and give him a kiss before moving on down the stacks a little bit. It’s better if there’s distance between us or we’ll end up getting arrested for indecent exposure. We look around for a while and Eric finds a few other books to add to his collection. I don’t find anything that jumps out at me so after he pays for his books, we leave the store. We stop at Starbucks for coffee because we’re both addicts and haven’t had any yet today.

“You know there’s a secret size cup, right?” I ask him while we wait in line to order.

“Are you talking about a short?”

“Nope, there’s a larger size,” I grin. “Ever had a trenta before?”

He chuckles and says, “Yeah, but it’s only cold drinks and I prefer hot.”

“Good, then I don’t have to worry about you stealing sips from my iced peppermint mocha.”

“No, ma’am, you don’t. I’m a latte man.”

We stand in line, waiting for our turn to order our drinks with our hands linked together. I rest my head on his arm and it’s nice. It’s very… coupley. Being Eric’s girlfriend wouldn’t be so bad, based on everything I know about him so far. I just want to be sure about it before I tell him it’s what I want. If he’s okay with things the way they are right now then I don’t see the need to fuck with it.


Daylight savings time has happened yet so it still gets dark fairly early. They’re playing Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds in the park so I take Sookie downtown. It’s cute, there’s a little hotdog and popcorn cart along with a guy that sells ice cream and candy so it’s almost like a theater experience.

I like that even though she turned me down earlier there hasn’t been any awkward moments. I also like that she holds my hand. I didn’t expect to ask her to be my girlfriend, hell until that moment I didn’t even want a girlfriend, but here she is. She’s right though, we don’t know if this is just a rebound, or if it’ll turn into something more. Only time will tell.

I have the blanket thrown over my shoulder as we walk through the park looking for the perfect spot. Since I do plan on making out with her for most of the movie I look for the most secluded spot I can find and we get a semi private patch under a big tree in the back of the park.

As I spread the blanket out Sookie decides she wants snacks, and insists on going to get them while I keep our spot. I finish getting the blanket on the ground and pull our sweaters plus an extra throw blanket out of a tote in case we get cold. I sit down and lean back on my elbows to watch the people. My favorite people to watch are the little old couples. I’m a romantic and I hope one day I can find that girl that will be by my side throughout the golden years. As cool as it would be if that girl was Sookie, I won’t hold my breath. We’re having a lot of fun, but we’re still both dealing with breakups and getting to know each other. For all I know, we may find out irritating things about each other that we can’t get past.

I do a scan of the park and I see Sookie stomping back to our blanket with two hot dogs, a soda,  water, and a serious scowl on her face.

“What happened?” I ask as I jump up to see if she’s okay.

“Looks like today’s the day our exes come out of the woodwork,” she grumbles and hands me one of the hot dogs. “Tara’s lovely, by the way.”

My skin goes cold. “What the fuck did she say to you?”

“It’s not worth repeating,” Sookie says, and kneels down on the blanket.

“Sookie,” I growl, “What did she say?”

She sighs and says, “Well, first of all you don’t like fake blondes with equally fake tits.”

“That’s true, but you’re neither.”

“Oh I know, but that’s not why I’m pissed,” she says. “She told me that if she wants you back she can take you at any time because all she has to do is tell you the baby is yours.”

“Come here,” I whisper and pull her into my arms. “I will never take Tara back. Even if it was my baby I could never forgive her for cheating on me. Plus I met this sweet little blonde girl that makes me smile… a lot.”

“I’m happy to hear that,” she says, “But that’s not why what she said pisses me off. I’m pissed that she would even think of using her baby as a pawn to get you back. I’m pissed that she would lie about something so important just to get to a woman she doesn’t even know. It’s sick and manipulative and ugh… if she wasn’t pregnant I would have punched her in the uterus!”

I have to smile. She’s so cute. “My little Angelface, you’re a good person, and clearly she’s not. It is upsetting, but there’s nothing we can do about her idiocy.”

Sookie takes a deep breath and says, “I know. It’s just not fair to play head games with people like that. It’s not fair to you and it’s really not fair to that baby.”

“I know,” I agree and hold her a little tighter. “You have a good heart, Sookie, and it’s unfair that people like Tara exist. Knowing what I know now I wish I would’ve never gotten involved with her.”

She twists the cap off the bottle of water and takes a drink.

“I thought like that about Quinn for a while but I learned some things from that relationship too, so even if it failed it wasn’t all for nothing,” she says, and offers me the water.

“Of course not, it got you into the bar to meet me,” I tease.

“Quite the consolation prize. I got a whole chocolate factory in exchange for the Pez I gave up.”

I laugh and kiss her head, but then get serious… or so she’ll think if I can straight face her. “Is that all I am to you? A giant Toblerone… that’s shallow, Sookie.” I smile. Shit.

“Well I’m just a fake blonde with fake tits. What do you expect?” she smiles back at me.

“I expect the fake blonde with fake tits to kiss me,” I say and stroke her hair back. “Maybe later you can call me Daddy as I put my meat stick into your vajizzle.”

“Skin flute,” she corrects, and leans forward to kiss me.

I don’t even care that I was wrong when her tongue slips into my mouth. This is how the movie is supposed to go, no anger. I could punch Tara for upsetting Sookie which says a lot about Sookie. This girl really did take me by surprise.

“Do you want to pay attention to the movie?” I ask between kisses. I know I hope she says no, but I don’t want to pressure her.

“Not right now,” she says against my lips, and then resumes kissing me.

I moan my response and shift her body so she’s straddling my thighs. I’m sure if we’re caught we will get into a ton of trouble, but ask me if I care.

“I really wish you were wearing a skirt,” I whisper and my hands move down to grip her ass.

I don’t necessarily want to have sex with her, but I could at least get her off as we make out.

“Mmm… I’m glad I’m not wearing a skirt,” she whispers. Her lips trail down my neck and her hips rock against me.

“Oh yeah? Why not?” I whisper back and reach between our bodies to rub her through her pants.

“Because we would definitely get arrested.” Sookie sucks lightly on my neck and moans softly.

“I bet I can get you off… if you want,” I offer.

“Tempting.” Sookie lifts her head and looks into my eyes. “But I know I can’t stay quiet.”

“I love how loud you moan when I make you cum,” I tell her, my fingers are still moving over her jeans.

“It might be too much information, but you found in one night what Quinn couldn’t find in three years,” she says and then gasps when my fingers move a certain way.

“Good to know.”

My lips find hers again and even though she said she couldn’t stay quiet I keep rubbing her pussy. In the few times we’ve slept together I already know my favorite thing is making Sookie cum. The look of pure ecstasy that crosses her face turns me on and I have a feeling she’s making that face right now.

“Tell me to stop and I will,” I whisper as I switch the angle my fingers are hitting her.

She gasps but doesn’t tell me to stop. Instead she buries her face in my neck to muffle the noises she’s making.

I kiss the side of her face and I start mumbling in her ear, “Are you thinking about the way my cock feels when it’s all hard, sliding into you? Are you imagining how hard I can make you cum with my fingers deep inside your hot, tight cunt?”

She likes the dirty talk.

“Mmm… stop it or I’ll fuck you right here,” she moans softly and nibbles on my ear.

“Stop talking or stop rubbing? Because I can tell by your body language you’re very, very close to an orgasm.”

“I am,” she whimpers and her hips rock.

“Good, I love the way your body grips my cock when you cum all over me,” I say and she crashes her lips onto mine, muffling her cries.

Her arms wrap around my neck, pressing her body tight against mine while she cums for me.

“Mmm, good job, sweet girl,” I praise her and wrap both arms around her. I kiss her face and her neck as she comes down from her high.

“Just wait until we get back to my place,” she says, and tugs on my bottom lip with her teeth before plunging her tongue into my mouth and kissing me hard.

My hand comes up to hold her face to mine as we make out. I lie back on the blanket, taking her with me before I roll us onto our sides.

“Do you want to stay for the movie or go home?” I ask when she begins to trail wet kisses down my neck.

“It’s a tough choice,” she says between kisses. “Let’s go.”

You don’t have to tell me twice. I give her one last kiss before getting up. I have to adjust a little and Sookie fixes her shirt while I put our things back into the tote.

I pick up the blanket and shake it off. I fold it up and take Sookie’s hand. We’re getting into the car when I start to wonder if I can talk her into road head.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. Holy crap that was hot! I can’t wait for Eric to run into Tara and give her hell. I love that Eric is bashful and Sookie is fiesty. Keep up the great work. Love ya’lls writing.


  2. Jeez, there’s all this hotness going on and Eric’s a teacher too…. phew!!! Work fantasies getting out of control….


  3. First of all, I love that she’s looking for The Giving Tree. That’s my favorite children’s book…I’ve read it to my 3-yr-old son (at his request) at least 4 times in the past week!

    I’m also really loving how easily their relationship is progressing. It’s quick, but it seems natural and not rushed.

    And Sookie’s a better woman than I am. I mightn’t have punched Tara in the uterus, but I definitely would’ve punched her in the nose!


    • I love The Giving Tree. I still have my copy from when I was a little girl and there’s scribbles in it and the binding is falling apart, but I can’t bring myself to throw it away because it’s a very well loved book.


      • I’ve gone through 3 copies of “The Giving Tree” since before my eldest daughter was born. I read it to her while I was pregnant, and of course, after she was born, then the same with the others. Like yours, Meg, the 3rd one’s binding is falling apart so it’s time to order a new one, but I’ve kept the others for each child, and this one will go to my son. The new one will go to the grandkids – if I can get it before this one falls apart! I read it at least twice a week to my grandson, if not more. It’s definitely one of the best children’s books – EVER!


  4. I’m really enjoying this Sookie & Eric. I like how carefree they seem, and how they’re easing into the defining part of their relationship. They seem to be quite compatible with one another and able to make each other laugh. Terrific lemons too! Tara, pregnant or not, needs bitch-slapped; pregnancy doesn’t give her the right to be so horrid. It’s a great story so far!


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