Chapter 17


I’m at Sookie’s, helping her pack when she goes walking past me wearing nothing but a pair of boy shorts and a thin tank top. Her hair is in a bun on the top of her head and she’s been trying to figure out if she wants to pack her food processor or just buy a new one since she’s going to need a new one soon anyway. The only thing I can think about is her telling me she wants me to surprise her with sex some time.


I set down the book I’m about to put in a box and push my shorts down my thighs. When I walk into the kitchen she’s bent over, pulling pots out from a bottom shelf. Perfect.


I step up behind her, resting my hands on her hips and purr, “Drop the fucking pan, Sookie.”


She gasps but sets the pan down.


“Wha… what are you doing?” she asks innocently.


“If you have to ask that, I’ve been doing something wrong,” I growl as I rub my rapidly growing erection over her ass.


Sookie giggles quietly and grabs the counter in front of her. I pull her boy shorts down her thighs and reach between her legs to rub through her folds. I bend over her back, dropping warm kisses down her spine as I slowly move down to my knees behind her. I push her cheeks apart and drag my tongue through her slit.


She moans and spreads her legs a little wider for me.


“I should be packing,” she says in a breathy voice.


“Yeah, you should be,” I agree, licking her opening. I reach up to stroke her clit with my thumb and ask, “Would you like me to stop?”


“No,” she pants.


“Mmm, good,” I purr against her pussy.


I stiffen my tongue and slide it into her core. I twist my head and curl the tip of my tongue as I drag it out again. I start to rub Sookie’s clit faster as I fuck her with my tongue. I can feel the pre-cum beading at the tip of my cock. Fuck, I want to finish her off with my mouth, at the same time I want to lift her onto the counter and drive into her.


“More, Eric,” Sookie pleads.


I pull my head back so I can kiss the back of her thigh and twist my hand so I can plunge two thick fingers into her pussy as I continue to stroke her clit.


“Better?” I ask. She’s getting so, so fucking wet and I fucking love it.


“Uh huh,” she moans. Sookie rests her forehead on the counter and breathes, “Mmm… fuuuuck…”


I find her g-spot and start to rub slowly, making her groan. So fucking hot. Mmm.


“Do you still want more, or is this enough?”




I start to work a third finger into her cunt, groaning myself when I feel her walls pulsing.


“Better?” I use my free hand to rub my fingers over her rear opening.


“Yes!” Sookie cries out. Her hips start to rock, making her ride my hand.


Mmm, I love watching her body respond to what I’m doing to her.


“You should feel how hard I am for you. I need you to cum for me, baby, so I can give you my cock.”


“Give it to me now,” she says.


I kiss her right cheek as I stand up. I pull my fingers from her pussy, making her groan, and surprise her when I turn her around. I lift her onto the counter, pull her hips to the end and drive in to the hilt in one fluid thrust.


“Fuck!” I hiss when her warm, silky walls suck me in.


“That’s what I need,” she says. Sookie pulls my face to hers and nibbles on my bottom lip before her tongue slips into my mouth.


I moan into the kiss, rocking my hips with my cock buried deep inside of her. I hook her thighs and as soon as I start to lift Sookie wraps her arms tight around my neck. I turn to press her against the refrigerator and start slamming into her juicy cunt over and over.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” Sookie screams when her walls clamp down on my cock. Her eyes roll back and I can see her nipples pebbled under her thin top.


I continue to pound right through her orgasm, dropping my head to suck her left nipple through the pink cotton.


“Tell me how bad you want my fucking cum, Sookie,” I growl when I lift my head to kiss and nibble her neck.


“Mmm… so fucking bad, Eric. Please… mmm… fuck, please give it to me,” she pants.


“Do you want it in your pussy or do you want it in your sexy fucking mouth?” I can already feel my cock swelling.


“I want to swallow it,” she tells me.


“Mmm, good,” I breathe. I pull out, set her on her feet, and reach up to grab her hair. I push her down to her knees and don’t hesitate to shove my head between her full, pink lips. “Suck,” I command as my hips thrust, pushing into her mouth a little deeper.


Sookie grabs my hips and her cheeks hollow as her head bobs up and down my shaft, sucking me hard and taking me so deep she gags a little each time.


“Fuck, yes… You’re being so fucking good for me, beautiful,” I pant. “Swallow,” I tell her when I feel my release shoot out, filling her mouth.


“Mmm…” she moans as she follows my instructions. Sookie keeps bobbing, and reaches to massage my sac gently as she cleans my length.


Once I feel she’s done enough, I tug her up by her hair. I reach down to take her hand, helping her to her feet. We’re still in front of the fridge and I push her against it again as I kiss her.


“Is that the kind of shit you want me to do to you?” I ask between kisses.


“Mmhmm… so fucking sexy,” she purrs and nips at my bottom lip. Sookie cups my face and whispers, “I love you, Eric.”


“Mmm, I love you t…” I pull back to look down at her. “Seriously?” I ask in awe.


“Yes, seriously,” she smiles. “I love you.”


“That’s… Wow…” Sookie is probably the first girl to truly love me for me and not for what I can give her. That doesn’t mean I don’t have to ask, “Is it the sex?” I have a little smile to let her know I’m teasing.


“You’re not that good,” she snorts.


“Says the girl that was left a trembling mess when I was done with her last night,” I chuckle.


“And I didn’t say I loved you then, did I?”


“No, but you couldn’t really say much.” I slide my hands down her back to squeeze her ass.


“I was thinking it,” she admits.


“When did you know?” I don’t know why I’m so curious. I should just be happy she loves me back.


“The other day when you got in a fight with the packing tape,” she giggles.


“It wouldn’t stop sticking to me,” I pout. I brush the loose hair flying around her face back behind her ears and dip to kiss her. “Jessica spotted the fact that I love you before I knew. That was our last conversation.”


“Smart girl,” she says.


“Mmhmm,” I hum. “I don’t want to let you go back to working. I want to take you on as many surfaces as I can…” I give her ass another squeeze as I pull her against my cock, which is starting to perk back up.


“That sounds like a lot of fun but my dad will be here in two days and there’s still a ton of work to do.”


“Do I have to focus when we unpack?” I ask, still rubbing myself on her. “It’s hard to do when you wear these little scraps of fabric.”


“Then I’ll wear regular clothes,” she smiles.


I smack her ass and say, “Oh no you don’t. I’d rather walk around with a hard-on than see you cover this perfect ass up.”


“Not while my parents are around,” she snorts.


“Fine,” I sigh. “Do you think they’re going to like me?” I ask as I slip a hand down between our bodies and begin to stroke her clit.


Sookie slaps my hand away and ducks under my arms to get away from me. “They’ll like you.”


“Baby, you know running from me only entices the beast, right?” I say, turning to stalk toward her.


“Well the beast needs to slow his roll,” she chuckles and snatches her panties off the floor to put them back on.


“You’re an evil, evil woman, Ice Queen,” I say. I smack her butt as I walk past her to find my shorts.


“You’ll survive,” she says without sympathy.


“I’m not so sure I will, but my death will be on your hands,” I pout. I find my shorts and pull them up my legs.


“Careful or I’ll sic the packing tape on you,” Sookie threatens.


“That was a one-time incident and I was tired,” I inform her, making Sookie laugh.


“I’m not sure about that, Pretty Boy.” She pulls the bowls from the cabinet to start wrapping them with paper.


I pout a little and leave the kitchen so I’m not tempted to attack her again. I go back to her bookshelf, which seems to have a never ending supply of books.


“Does this new place have a library?” I call out.


“It will when I’m done with it,” she answers.


“Good.” I finish a box and smile to myself when I tape it without having any problems. Fuck, you have one confrontation with a tape gun…


I label the box and take to the living room to stack on top of the other three I just put there. I go back to work on another box, sighing when it dawns on me that I’ve never in life done this much fucking manual labor.



“Thank you for helping me pack.” I lean over to kiss Eric’s cheek. We’re at his place tonight since the packing is done.


“You’re welcome,” he says. “I actually had fun teasing you and finding fun places to fuck you.”


“Like the blowjob on the stairs?” I smirk.


“Mmm, and when I found you in the bathroom made you watch me fuck you in the mirror…”


That was pretty hot.


“What would you like to do now?” It’s getting late.


“How would you feel about getting in the hot tub?”


“That would be nice. We’ve been doing a lot of lifting.” I didn’t realize how much stuff I have until I had to pack it.


“Mmhmm. It’ll be good on our muscles. I also won’t mind seeing your tits float.”


Of course not.


“Hold on there cowboy, what about your parents?”


“I think they even know we have a hot tub,” he jokes. “They can’t see it from the big house. If you want I can also text Mom and warn her that we’re using it so she knows not to come out back.”


“Good idea,” I nod. I know him. His tentacles will be all over me.


Eric gets up from the plushy couch and goes to the kitchen to use his phone. He pulls his shirt off and drops it on the table.


“I wouldn’t bother with a swimsuit,” he chuckles.


“I didn’t bring one.” I stand up and strip.


“Smart girl,” he winks as he drops his shorts. He walks down the hallway and comes out a few seconds later with two towels and one of my hair ties to hand to me.


“Thanks.” I take one of the towels and wrap it around me. We walk out of the guesthouse and Eric leads me to the hot tub.


“It should be warm,” he tells me as he goes to press a few buttons, turning the jets on.


I wait until I’m in the in-ground tub to put my hair up in a knot. Eric gets in too and we face the city. Lights are just coming on down there.


Eric pulls me over to sit on his lap and wraps his arms around my waist.


“This is perfect,” he sighs and presses a soft kiss to my neck.


Purely out of curiosity I ask, “How many other girls have you soaked in here with?”


“None,” he tells me. “Relaxing was never the plan with other girls. Any time I used the hot tub it was generally alone and once with a group of friends, but never with a girlfriend.”


I nod and lean back. It’s a gorgeous view we have.


“Are you excited about meeting my dad tomorrow? He’s beside himself about meeting your mom.” When I told Dad he squealed like a teenage girl.


“Did you tell him Mom set up a room for him in the big house?” Eric chuckles. “And I’m excited and terrified. What if I’m not good enough for his baby girl?”


“Your mom makes up for it,” I giggle.


“It’s funny to me when people flip out over meeting her. To me she’s just Mom and I don’t see the star, you know?”


“Well yeah, you see her first thing before coffee when she has morning breath.”


“True,” he chuckles. “Your dad will never see that side of her. She will have on full hair and makeup before she leaves her room.”


“My mom is like that too. She used to get on me for the tabloid pictures of me with my hair all crazy and my makeup all smeared…” Michelle Stackhouse is the refined southern mama in Miranda Lambert songs.


“I think you look cute with messy hair and smeared makeup,” Eric says and kisses my neck again.


“I looked a hot mess,” I laugh. “Most of the time I didn’t even know what day it was or how I got there.”


“You saw me,” he sighs. “You were in much better shape than I was.”


“Can you imagine what a clusterfuck it would have been if we met six months ago? I used to hang out at Castro’s too sometimes,” I tell him. Castro’s is a club that caters to a more celebrity clientele. Mom lectured me over the phone for an hour when she saw paparazzi pictures the first time I went.


“I’m surprised I didn’t see you,” Eric says. “For a while I went there almost every fucking day.”


“Andre kept inviting me up to the DJ booth in the hope of getting in my pants. I caught him spiking my drink once.”


Eric growls and says, “I would’ve killed that little fucker if I ever saw him doing something like that.”


“He choked on his balls, I kneed him so hard.” He almost threw up on me. I regret nothing.




“You know, there’s something I never talked about in group.” I turn on his lap to look at him. “I did coke once.”


“What did you think?” he asks and cups my butt in his hands.


“I wasn’t a fan. It made me all jittery and I thought I was going to have a heart attack,” I tell him. I don’t know how anyone could enjoy feeling that way.


“Hmm, I’m glad you didn’t like it,” he says, kissing my chin.


“Me too. Once was enough for me.”


“Do you have any other confessions?” he asks as he works his hands up and down my back in a light massage.


“I almost cheated on Luke once,” I admit. “We got in a big fight about money, namely that I was cutting him off because he hadn’t had a job in five months. I was high and this really cute guy started flirting with me at Castro’s… If it wasn’t for my friend Thalia I would have done it.”


“I’ve always made it clear to my girlfriends that I’m going to fuck who I want, when I want. As long as I was feeding their habit they didn’t seem to mind,” he admits. “Sober me wouldn’t dream of fucking around on you.”


“Good, because sober me would dropkick you back to California,” I tell him.


“Aww, you wouldn’t ask to join in the fun?” he jokes with a flirty smile.


“Is that what you would do if you came home and found me riding some guy?” He’d go apeshit.


Eric leans in to nibble on my neck and whispers, “I’d fucking murder him for putting his hands on my girl.”



“Mmm… I would definitely rip the bitch’s hair out before throwing her naked ass out of my house,” I reply.


“Good,” he says, trailing wet kisses up to nibble on my earlobe.


“I might even pelt her with eggs,” I whisper. He gets turned on when I get possessive. It’s cute.


“Mmm,” he hums. I feel his hand slip down between my thighs and rub my opening.


“Then I think you’d need a reminder of who you belong to,” I purr, playing along with him.


“How would you do that?” He tilts his head to kiss around the front of my neck and up to the other ear.


“Hmmm… I’d throw you on the bed, strip off my clothes and straddle your face,” I tell him. “I’d ride your tongue until I cum all over your face.”


“Wrap your hand around my cock, Sookie. Feel how fucking hard you make me.”


I do as he says and his shaft is solid. My hand moves up and down slowly and I keep talking.


“When I decided I’d had enough I would move down and impale myself on this big cock,” I say. “I’d ride you hard until you make me cum again.”


“You’re wet enough to ride me now,” he says sweetly as he plunges two fingers into my pussy.


I moan and give him a lingering peck. My hips move as I stroke him. I press my forehead to his and continue, “I’d suck your cock until you were ready to explode but I wouldn’t let you finish. Instead I’d get the lube and let you have my tight little ass–”


“Mine,” Eric growls, cutting me off. “Stop fucking teasing me, Sookie. Let me feel that warm little pussy… Give it to me and I’ll bend you over the bed to pound into your ass when we get in the house.”


“Get your fingers out of my pussy and I will,” I sass.


He growls again as he slides his fingers out and up to rub my rear opening. His lips find my collarbone. He sucks and kisses as I get into position.


“What would you do?” I ask as I slide down his length. Fuck, he feels amazing.


“After I committed homicide?” he smirks.


“Mmhmm,” I nod and start to rise and fall slowly.


“I grab you by your throat and push you hard against the wall,” he starts. “I’d look into your gorgeous blue eyes and shove three, maybe four, fingers into your perfect little cunt. I’m sure you’d be nice and fucking wet from fucking your friend,” he says, licking my lips before he continues, “I’d slam my fingers in until I felt your pussy walls fluttering and then I’d pull my fingers out just before you cum.”


“Mmm… that’s evil,” I breathe and swivel my hips.


“Yeah, but you’d deserve it for being my dirty little slut,” he purrs.



“Then what would you do?” I ask.


“When you calmed down I would tie you to one of our kitchen chairs with your legs spread nice and wide for me. I’d grab your vibrator and place it on your clit on high. I’d stop again before your orgasm hit and then I’d run my head through your dripping wet folds. I’d use your thick honey as lube so I could drive my cock deep into your ass,” he whispers. “When I’m buried as deep as I can get I’ll shove your toy in your pussy and punish your naughty little holes…”


Sweet baby Jesus. If he keeps talking just his words will make me cum.


“I’d deserve it,” I pant and bounce faster. Fucking in water is a chore.


“Yes you would,” he agrees. He kisses my lips and starts to talk again, brushing his soft lips over mine with each word. “I’d make you beg me to let you cum.”


“Would you let me?” I lick his lips.


“It depends on how bad you wanted it. If you pleaded with the right words I would. If not I would pull out and make you watch as I stroked my cock to completion, cumming all over your perfect tits.”


“Mmm… and if I came without your permission?” I purr and grind against him.


“I’d untie you long enough to get you on your hands and knees. I’d tie your arms to the chair legs and find something to paddle your sexy ass with,” he says, pulling back to look into my eyes. “The sight of your bright red ass would make my cock hard again so I’d drive back into your ass, fucking you so fucking hard you scream for me,” he breathes. I can tell he’s starting to get extremely excited and close to cumming.


“Do you like spanking me, Eric?” I pant and nibble on his neck.


“Only when you’re a naughty little slut,” he says. Eric reaches back to grab a towel. He stops me from moving and spreads it out the best he can from his position. Without slipping out of me he lifts me, and himself, out of the water to set me on the towel. He grabs my hips and uses them as leverage to pound into me.


“Oh fuck, that’s so good,” I moan as I lie back on my elbows.


Eric keeps his eyes on the spot where we’re joined, biting his bottom lip. His hand slides around my hip and he spreads my lower lips open. He uses his other hand to play with my clit and he growls, “You need to fucking cum, Sookie.”


I’m almost there. My head falls back and I move a hand to cover my mouth. The pressure is too much and I explode. My walls clench hard around his cock, milking him of his own release.


“Fuckfuckfuck,” he chants quietly. Just before he cums he pulls out and shoots his release all over my stomach and clit. “Fuuuuuck,” he groans, dropping his head back.


“Mmm… you’re so sexy, baby,” I purr.


Eric wipes some of his cum from my clit, making me jerk a little when an aftershock hits. He brings the wet finger to my mouth to feed it to me.


“Do you want it in the ass when we get back in the house?” he asks as I suck his finger clean.


“Mmhmm,” I hum before releasing his finger. “Unless you’d rather go to sleep.” Yeah right.


“I think I can summon the energy to take you again.” He swipes the cum off of my stomach and uses it as lube when he pushes his finger into my ass and begins to pump slowly.


“Such a selfless lover,” I chuckle.


“When it comes to giving my girl what she wants, fuck yes I am,” he smirks, twisting his finger.


My back arches and my walls pulse. “Let’s go back to the house,” I say.


“Yes, dear.” When Eric pulls his finger out he bends down to lick me from ass to clit, ending with a soft suckling motion.


“Tease,” I gasp.


“Just giving you a preview,” he winks as he helps me up.


He’s trouble but my favorite kind.


Chapter 17


7 thoughts on “Chapter 17

  1. Geez these two are hotness personified… Loved how you showed how they connect to each other… Eric vs. the packing tape was so hilarious… Can’t wait for Sookie’s dad to stay at Eric’s mum’s place… Fanboy paradise…


  2. So hot, thank God for air conditioning! Meet the patents should be fun and hopefully his dad is out of his dick stage. Can’t wait for more…


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