Chapter 6


I’m having Sookie over for the first time. The outside of the house still needs a lot of work but I’ll deal with that after I fix up the inside. It was obvious when I bought it that some pretty heavy duty smokers used to live in the place. The walls were yellow with years of smoke buildup on them. The carpet should have been replaced twenty years ago easy and the linoleum in the kitchen was poorly installed since I could see the previous design underneath the ‘new’ stuff where it was peeling up. There was also a bug problem at first, but it’s a cute little starter house.

Someone looking to own their first place will fall in love with this house when I’m done with it. I can’t wait for Sookie to see the before pictures I took. So far I’ve gotten rid of the nasty old carpets that were threadbare and stained with God knows what, and replaced them with dark hardwood flooring I installed myself in a matter of hours. That new stuff that just snaps together takes like no time to install. I’ve removed all the hideous wallpaper and trim from the walls. I know it’s trendy right now to do accent walls with wallpaper but I hate wallpaper.

With a passion.

I’ve been painting the kitchen today so I have old jeans and an old shirt on when Sookie’s SUV pulls up to the house. There’s a tree out front that provides pretty good shade and helps to keep the house a little cooler in the height of Summer. Right now temperatures are starting to drop a little so I have the windows open wide and the ceiling fans on to help the paint dry. I set down the roller I’ve been working with and go to the front door to greet her. She’s dressed in her teacher’s clothes but she looks cute.

“Hi,” I smile and open the screen door for her.

“Hi,” she smiles back. When she steps into the house she pauses to give me a sweet kiss hello.

“How was work?” Thankfully, the way paint is now there aren’t really the offensive fumes there used to be. Painting used to be a fuckin’ nightmare.

“Good. The kids were all surprisingly well behaved today,” she chuckles. “How’s painting going?”

“Good. Wanna come check it out?” I offer.

“Of course I do,” she replies. “I can even help you if you like. I have some spare clothes in the car.”

“Nah, I’m almost done. I just have one more wall to do and then you can help me get the paint off my neck,” I wink and lead her through the small house to the kitchen.

“Happily,” she giggles behind me.

“The place doesn’t get a lot of natural light, unfortunately, but I think this is a good color.” I chose a shade of blue called Caribbean Blue. I think it brightens up the place and it looks good against the dark cabinets I’m planning on installing. I point to a box on the counter and say, “Those glass tiles there are going to be the backsplash if you want to check them out.” They’re kind of shimmery so hopefully they’ll make the room look a little bigger.

Sookie walks over to peek in the box. “The room is going to look gorgeous when you’re done,” she compliments. She looks at the walls and adds, “The blue matches your eyes.”

I snort. “I never noticed that.”

“I’ve spent many hours looking into your eyes,” she winks.

“Yes you have,” I agree.

“They’re beautiful, so is this color,” she says, reaching over to rub my lower back.

“Thanks. You should see the master bathroom now that it’s all finished,” I smile. I think I did a pretty awesome job on it myself.

“Lead me to it.”

“The walls were yellow and sticky from smoke in there.”

Sookie follows me through the house toward the master bedroom. “Do you have any before pictures?” she asks from behind me.

“Oh yeah. This has been the most involved cosmetic makeover I’ve done on a place,” I tell her. I pull my cell phone from my pocket and I hear her clear her throat behind me when she sees there’s a picture of us from our second date on my lock screen. I’m a dork like that. She’ll learn to live with it.

“You do realize you’re the cutest ever, right?” Sookie giggles, once again rubbing my lower back.

“I don’t know about ever,” I reply. I find the pictures in question in my gallery and hand the phone back to her so she can look through them. I took a bunch for my insurance company and for my own records, before I got started on. The house is less than 1,100 square feet so it doesn’t take long for us to get to the master bathroom. The floor is done in the bedroom but that’s about it. Oh, and the windows. I replaced the windows, too.

“This was terrible, babe. I bet you got a steal on the house,” she says as she looks through them.

“I bought the place for thirty-two grand,” I inform her. I think I mostly paid for the yard this house is sitting on.

“Yep, a steal,” she chuckles. “Okay. I’m ready to see this glorious bathroom.”

I flop back on my significantly bigger bed. I could use a nap. I’ve been working since early this morning. The sooner I can get this place finished and on the market, the better. It’s kind of sad, though in some ways. I kind of live like a nomad, moving from one place to the other and most of my stuff stays in boxes or a storage unit. It’s not the ideal living situation for a guy who wants to be in a relationship or try to put down roots.

“You know I may way to start staying over here so I have room to stretch out. Your bed is bigger than my whole bedroom.” Sookie steps through the door into the bathroom and I hear her gasp. “This is beautiful, Eric.”

“You like it?” I prop myself up on my elbows and lean a little to the side so I can see her looking around. It’s not a very big bathroom but I changed the window to allow for a little more light and it’s made a huge difference. The vanity is quartz now and even though the tiles and paint are different shades of gray, the tub, sink, toilet and cabinetry are all white so it looks nice and crisp.

“I love it,” she replies. “I may hire you to remodel mine once you’re done with this place,” she giggles. “It puts my paint and new towels to shame.”

“I like your paint and new towels,” I assure her. “But if you want to get fancier I’m sure we can work something out. Is it illegal to charge you kisses for services rendered?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s a very fair price since I’ll give you all the kisses you want.” Sookie comes out of the bathroom and climbs onto the bed, kneeling next to my hip.

“Good point,” I smirk and she tickles my side.

“I make them sometimes.” Sookie stops tickling me and moves her hand up to cup the side of my face. She leans over to give me a sweet kiss. “Do you want to finish painting or call it a day?” she asks when she pulls back.

“I want to finish up the kitchen. There’s just the one wall left. It shouldn’t take me long.”

“Okay. Do you mind if I get changed into something more comfortable? Or should I wait so I can shower with you?”

“Whichever you want is fine with me,” I shrug. “I’ll probably just be in and out of the shower. I’m hungry. Haven’t eaten since this morning.”

I got so busy working I forgot to eat. Then it started to get late so I figured I’d just wait for Sookie.

“Do you want me to go out and grab some takeout while you finish up?” she offers.

“Nope,” I smile. “Our best chef over at the house made me a few of his pecan crusted chicken breasts. They practically melt in your mouth so you have to try them.”

“Oh, good,” she grins. “I’m getting pretty hungry and I can hear your stomach trying to eat itself.”

“Plus I make a pretty bad ass twice baked potato if I do say so myself,” I say with a cheesy smile on my face.

“I repeat: you are the cutest ever. That’s my opinion and there’s no telling me any different. Now go paint. I want to spend tonight kissin’ on your cute face.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I smile. I sit up with an exaggerated groan. When I get off the bed I get a playful smack on the ass from her. In the blink of an eye I turn around and pounce on her, pinning her under me. She squeals when I start nibbling on and kissing her neck. She’s fun to play with in pretty much every way imaginable.

“Eric!” she squeaks and then starts to giggle. “If you keep that up you’re never going to finish.”

“Oh yes I will,” I assure her. I growl as I attack her with kisses and tickles. It’s fun to wrestle around with her but I eventually let her pin me because how can I really lose with a hot girl sitting on my groin?

She starts to rock her hips, rubbing her center over my cock. “Finish the paint and then after we eat you have whatever you want as a reward,” she tells me, kissing my jaw.

“Even chocolate dipped Sookie?” I chuckle and nip at her right breast, even though it’s covered completely by her light sweater.

“If that’s what you want,” she agrees.

“Good to know.” She squeaks again when I pick her up by her hips and toss her off me.

“I’m lucky we’re not at my place,” she laughs as she bounces. “I would’ve landed on the floor.”

“I wouldn’t have tossed for distance,” I chuckle.

“You’re so good to me, babe,” she snorts. Sookie gets off the bed. “I’m going to grab my bag to change if you don’t mind. I hate wearing clothes.” I’ve figured that out already.

“Go for it. I’ll get back to work. Please try not to molest me. I know it’ll be difficult, but restrain yourself, woman,” I tease as I get up.

“I’ll try my hardest,” she promises. “Can you work on being a little less sexy?”

“I can try.” Just to test the waters, I let a fart rip.

“Yep, that did it,” she laughs as she walks out of the room.

“Wait, come back!” I chase after her. “There’s more where that came from.”

“You can keep your funk,” she laughs when she starts to run from me.

“Just wait until bedtime!” I call after her as she runs out the front door. I go back to the kitchen to resume my work. There’s one spot that seems to soak up the paint and it’s not really keeping the color like the rest of the wall so I’m going to have to figure out how to fix that.

When Sookie comes back to the kitchen she’s wearing cute little shorts and a thin tank top. It’s obvious she’s at least gotten rid of her bra, based on the all jiggling she’s doing. I see her hop up on the counter out of the corner on my eye. I can’t wait until the new countertops go in here, too. They’re going to be sparkly and white to contradict the dark cabinets and floors. By doing that it makes everything pop.

I watch too much HGTV when I’m not at work.

“I’m excited to see the end result,” she comments as she looks around.

“So am I. In that drawer over there next to the fridge there’s a picture of what the cabinets are going to look like and there’s a sample from the countertops,” I tell her.

Sookie hops down to go find the picture. “Oh, babe, don’t be surprised if I try to move in. I’m already in love with this kitchen.”

“Well start looking around on the internet and stuff to see what you like. I can help you plan out how to redo yours. I’ll even teach you how to install tile,” I wink at her. It’s easy enough once you know what you’re doing.

“You know, you’re a pretty awesome boyfriend, Northman,” she tells me. She hops back up on the counter.

“I’m glad you think so.” I turn back to the wall to keep rolling. I’ve got a quarter of the wall done.

“Can I tell you something and you promise not to think I’m insane?” she asks after a few minutes of silence.

“I guess it depends on what you want to tell me.” I pause what I’m doing to turn and look at her.

“I can see a future with you, like if I end up marrying you one day, that’s not a bad thing,” she tells me.

‘That’s not insane,” I tell her. I set down the roller and cross the room to stand between her knees. “In fact, I think I agree with you.” She doesn’t need to know I was thinking something similar the day I saw her in the school just a few weeks ago.

“Okay,” she smiles. “I just wanted to get that out there. I feel comfortable with you and your stinky farts.”

“Oh that was nothing,” I laugh. “You haven’t been around after Herveaux makes his four alarm chili.”

“How about we hold off on that until after I’m head over heels in love with you?” she says seriously. She cups my face so I have to look in her eyes. “That’s going to happen way sooner than I ever expected.”

“I’d hate to lose you over a digestive failure,” I say sincerely. “And I promise not to think you’re a psycho if that happens way sooner than you expected.”

“Good because you’re the kind of man a girl is lucky to fall in love with. I’m very lucky we found each other.”

“Yes we are,” I agree. Really, I have no idea how she’s managed to stay on the market for this long but I’m glad she has. “You know, I suddenly don’t feel like painting anymore,” I tell her as I look her up and down.

“Mmm, what do you feel like doing?” she asks. Sookie leans back, pulling her feet up to rest on the counter so her legs are spread wide.

“Testing out these old countertops to see how… durable they are,” I wink. She smiles when I push her shorts over and I growl low in my throat when I find she’s abandoned her panties too. “You know… as far as I’m concerned you never need to get dressed again.”

“Then I’ll have to quit my job and live here as your sex slave,” she tells me, reaching down to stroke my growing erection through my pants.

“Well, only part-time,” I smirk and then suck my thumb for a moment to get it wet before I reach down again and slide it into her, making Sookie gasp.

“Oh,” she moans, dropping her head back. “I can stay naked for you… Fuck, that feels good.”

I lean forward to kiss her neck since she’s left it nice and exposed for me. Her fingers play in my hair as my thumb moves in and out of her slowly. I just want to tease her and get her wet, and I doubt it’ll take too long.

“Mmm, Eric, I want you so bad,” she breathes. She can go from zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds.

“You’ll have me,” I assure her. My thumb keeps moving and I feel her hands working my jeans open. She can be a bossy little thing when she wants to be, but I like that about her. I like that she’s not afraid to take what she wants, just like she’s not afraid to let me be in control of things. It’s a nice balance we have going and it isn’t always rough stuff either. She definitely keeps me interested.

Sookie pulls my cock out so she can stroke me a few times. She uses my tip to start rubbing her clit. “Please, Eric,” she moans, “I need you.”

I’m more than happy to give her what she wants. I remove my thumb and she puts me at her opening. I slide into her with ease, making both of us groan. She sucks her juices from my finger as I slide in and out of her slowly. We don’t do the slow, gentle stuff too much because, well, up until recently there weren’t really the feelings to back it up but I can feel them growing in me now. The way she’s looking at me tells me she’s feeling it too. It’s pretty awesome. She moves my thumb away from her mouth and I kiss her instead, swiveling my hips just right as I slide in deep again.

Her legs come up to wrap around my waist, trying to pull me in deeper with her feet. Her hands come up to hold my head, running her fingers through my hair. Sexy little moans are coming from her gorgeous mouth. She pulls away from the kiss to breathe, dropping her head again. I can feel Sookie’s walls fluttering around my cock, trying to keep me as deep as possible.

“Eric,” she breathes. “So close…”

I reach down again, only this time my thumb rubs her clit in slow circles. I try to stay as deep in her as I can, making my thrusts shallow but giving her the friction we both need. Fuck, this feels good. I don’t know why it’s so much better with her, but seriously… best I’ve ever had.

“Cum, Sookie,” I whisper to her.

Her eyes squeeze shut before a silent scream leaves her mouth. Her velvety walls clamp down hard around my length and I notice tears trickling from the corners of her eyes. Sookie leans up to wrap her arms and legs tight around me, clinging onto me for some reason.

I stop suddenly, worried I hurt her or something. It’s possible to go too deep, from what I’ve been told. That’s the downside of being my size.

“Shit, I didn’t hurt you, did I?” I ask just to be sure.

“No,” she sniffs. “Keep going, it feels amazing.”

“Are you sure?” I can stop. A crying girl isn’t usually a good thing.

“I’m positive,” she says with a soft smile. “You overwhelm me, that’s all.”

“Is that a good thing?” I start to move again but I keep going with the slow, shallow thrusts.

“A very good thing,” she assures me.

As long as she says she’s okay, I’m okay with it. She gasps in surprise when I lift her off the counter, but since she’s clinging to me anyway it’s not a big deal. Sookie ends up pinned against the nearest wall, which just happens to be the one I painted first thing this morning so it’s already dry. My lips find hers and it doesn’t take too long before I’m right on the edge. Her breath is warm and sweet as it fans across my face and the little noises she makes are nothing but encouragement.

“Fuck,” I grunt. “I’m gonna… fuuuuck,” I groan right before I release deep inside her. It makes her shiver, which is pretty fucking cool.

“Uh huh,” she groans. “I’m definitely going to apply for that sex slave position.”

I press my forehead to hers and say, “I have a different position in mind for you to apply for but it’s probably too soon to be talking about that.”

“Mmm, now I want to know,” she giggles.

“Well, it would involve some paperwork, at the very least a Justice of the Peace and maybe a name change if you’re tired of being a Stackhouse,” I reply and give her a gentle peck. It’s way too soon to be talking about that seriously.

“Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll put in my application,” she tells me, running her fingers through my hair.

“Deal.” I give her a deeper kiss and my hips start to rock again. I could spend the entire night fucking her and I don’t think she would complain. Right now, however, I need to stop and get dinner started. As sexy as this woman is, I’m starving and I need to keep my strength up if I’m going to keep up with this woman.


10 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. Totally didn’t see that coming. Didn’t know they had deep feels for each other all ready. I’m thinking maybe Sookie realized that she loved him in that moment .


  2. Their relationship is moving along. The discussion of a possible future together doesn’t seem to freak either one out. Interesting.


  3. Everything is moving fast for them and there’s nothing wrong with that. They do need to talk about if they will be continuing with ‘The Playground’ and if they can still handle being ‘open’ or just do it as a couple. Seemingly easy, but very difficult decisions.


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