Chapter 4: Revenge



After my long day of fucking Ginger I stopped talking to her. Not because I didn’t like her, but I didn’t want things to get weird. I needed time to cool off. The funeral was a little awkward knowing every intimate detail of her. I got over it, though. I needed a drink and I needed to be away from the house. I didn’t want to be with my friends, or anyone that knew Maria. I wanted to get lost for a while. I didn’t go out too often, but the drinks at Gilroy’s were always good. I rarely ran into anyone I knew there too, so I knew I’d be fine. Hell, maybe I could pick up a chick or two and start living like a bachelor again. I still loved Maria, but I didn’t think I would ever be able to forgive her.


Once I picked a handful of songs I turned to head back to the bar. I wasn’t paying much attention, but I noticed a blonde girl that smelled fucking heavenly sat next to the seat I was in before I went to the jukebox. I took my seat and called the bartender over to order another beer. I wasn’t in the mood to get shitfaced. Anything harder would have fucked me up too bad given the sparse amount of food I’d been consuming.


As soon as I ordered my drink I felt a light tap on my left arm. The delicious smelling blonde was to my left. I hoped like fuck she didn’t want me to move. I was comfortable.


“Ye–” I stopped mid-word when I looked over and recognized her. It was the girl that was married to my wife’s lover. “Oh. Hi,” I said with a somewhat awkward smile.


“Hi,” she replied. “You have shitty taste in music,” she smiled.


“I have lovely taste in music,” I smiled back. “My timing is what’s shitty.”


“Point,” she agreed. There was an enormous diamond ring on her left hand. “I’m Sookie, by the way.”


“Pleased to meet you properly, Sookie,” I replied. “I’m Eric.”


“I know. I’m sorry about the way we met. I’m sure I don’t need to explain how I was feeling that day.” Her full, pink lips wrapped around the black straw in her drink.


“No you don’t,” I said, flicking my eyes down to her lips. “I called my best friend over after you left and we killed a bottle of cheap whiskey. I wasn’t feeling much better. Maybe we can start over?”


“It’s not weird to be friends with the spouse of the person your significant other was fucking?” She crossed her long legs at the knee, exposing more of her thigh. She was a very attractive girl.


I wanted to rest my hand on her smooth thigh, but I settled it on the counter instead when I turned her direction. “It’s extremely fuckin’ weird, but the way I look at it, we have something in common. We were both married to lying assholes that are hopefully rotting in the fiery pits of hell.”


“Cheers to that,” Sookie replied, tapping her glass to mine.


“So what brings a pretty girl like you out to a dive like this?” I chuckled after I took a drink of my beer. It was a cheesy line, and I knew it.


“Would you believe I’m looking to get completely shitfaced and fucked six ways from Sunday?” She was serious.


“Really?” I purred. “Looks like we have something else in common, Sookie.” She was very fuckable.


“Do we?” She sipped her drink again.


“Mmhmm.” I moved my other arm to rest on the back of her stool. “I mean if that’s what you’re looking for. I’ve always heard the best way to get over an ex — or deceased asshole — is to get under another.”


“There is a sense of poetic justice to that,” Sookie agreed. “Maybe we can help each other figure out why they did it.”


I nodded and said, “Like you can tell me if you think my rhythm is bad and I can tell you if you make too many weird noises…” My hand dropped from the bar to rest on her knee, slowly inching up her thigh. I wanted to give her ample time to stop me if she didn’t like what I was doing.


“You can tell me if I jiggle too much while I’m bouncing on your cock and I can tell you if you’re not using your tongue enough when you go down on me,” she added. Sookie made no move to stop my hand.


I leaned in close, sliding my hand further up her thigh. When I was close enough I whispered in her ear, “I want to spread your creamy thighs and bury my face in your pussy for hours. I have a feeling it’s going to be divine.”


“Good to know.” She waved the bartender over and ordered two shots of Jameson.


I kept my hand on her thigh as I sat back. Taking Sookie home with me would be very… It gave me a feeling of pride. It was like rubbing it in Maria’s face. Not only did I know about the affair, but I was going to fuck the girl her lover went home to every night.


“What are we drinking to?” I asked once the shots were delivered.


“Spine tingling sex,” she replied without hesitation.


“Sounds perfect to me,” I smirked as I clinked my glass with hers. I shot my drink back before setting it on the counter. I grabbed her hand loosely so she could pull it away if she wanted to and guided it to my cock. I wasn’t hard yet, but I was sure she could tell I was far from little or average. “This is all for you tonight.”

“Not just the tip?” she smirked.


“Mmm, the whole thing,” I chuckled.


“I’m sure I can find a few places to put that,” she winked.


“Good to know.” I wanted to pay our tabs and take her back to the house as quickly as possible. She didn’t move her hand so I was sure she could feel me pulsing in her palm. I wasn’t sure how soon she wanted to get down to business though. “Say the word and I can call us a cab.”


She raised her hand to get the bartender’s attention. It was Clancy’s brother’s bar. Sookie ordered us two more shots and then slid off the stool when a Velvet Underground song started.


“Dance with me.” Sookie took her shot and set her glass back on the bar.


I followed suit, shooting my drink back before I stood up. She took my hand and turned to lead me to the dance floor. It wasn’t a big area, so as soon as we got there I pressed my body against her back to sway to the slow, mesmerizing melody. I wasn’t the best dance but I could hold my own. The way Sookie’s body was rubbing against me made me tingle. It could have been the Jameson, but I was sure it was her soft body. She had an amazing ass that felt really fucking good slithering back and forth over my restrained cock.


“You’re not much of a dancer, are you?” Sookie tilted her head back, making her back arch. It meant I could see down her dress a little more.


“Not really,” I smiled, dipping my head to scrape my teeth over her jaw. “I would love to sit back and watch you dance for me, though.”


She took my hand and led me to a chair off to the side at the edge of the dance floor. Sookie had me sit and then she stood in front of me while she danced. Her hips swayed seductively and her hands roamed over her torso while she moved in time with the heavy drum beat.


Alcide was a fucking idiot. Maria turned me on, yes, but she would never do something so… sensual in public. Maybe she did it for him; I didn’t want to think about that. Not when I had a hot blonde with gorgeous tan skin and big blue eyes moving her body with so much grace and confidence. It might have been the Jameson. It could have been that burning need to fuck over her husband, even though she was technically single. We both were. What we were doing wasn’t wrong, yet, I highly doubted any of our friends or family would agree. Sookie was like the forbidden fruit, and I wanted to taste it—bad.


As I watched her the overwhelming need to own and possess her started to build within me. It may have been the song, or the way her crystal clear blue eyes were glued to mine. The attraction was clearly mutual. It was more than the fact that we wanted to lose ourselves in each other. It was pure unadulterated lust coursing through the thick air between us.


I crooked a finger to beckon her closer.


Sookie moved around so she was standing behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders and bent down close to my ear. “Yes?” She tugged on the lobe with her teeth.


“When we get home I’m going to tie you to the bed and worship every inch of your sexy body,” I purred, turning my head to lick her full lips. They tasted like coconut and whiskey.


“Into bondage, huh? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since you picked this song. Too bad I left my shiny boots of leather at home,” Sookie replied and sucked my bottom lip.


“Not usually but there’s something about you.” When she released my lip I nipped hers. I really wanted to pull her around and down onto my lap.


“The word,” she whispered.


I didn’t hesitate to stand up. I took her hand and walked over to the bar to settle our tabs. Since I was best friends with the bartender’s brother he only charged me for half of the drinks we ordered. Going home with Sookie was going to get back to Clancy quick, but ask me how many fucks I gave. On the way out I pulled my phone from my pocket to call a cab. Neither of us was in shape to drive and I wasn’t an idiot. I wanted to be sometimes.




Molly was all over Sookie when we walked in. She wasn’t sure who the strange woman wrapped around me was and it was damn near impossible to get her to back off.


“Molly, go to bed,” I commanded. If looks could kill I would have been six feet under. She gave Sookie one last sniff before she finally moved along.


“I have a beagle/retriever mix at home she probably smells and thinks you were cheating on her,” Sookie explained.


“I see,” I chuckled. I turned to face her and tilted her chin up to give her a proper kiss. We’d nipped and licked each other in the back of the cab. No real kissing, though. I left my eyes open as I licked the seam of her lips, seeking entrance.


Her mouth opened and her soft tongue grazed mine before retreating. She ran her hands down my chest to capture my hands. Sookie put them on her sides as her tongue swiped against mine again.


I moaned as our tongues played tentatively at first, trying to figure each other out. It was new territory for both of us. I pulled her tighter against my body with one hand and slid the other up her back to grip the loose blonde waves at the nape of her neck. When the kiss got more intense the first thing I noticed was how good it felt to kiss Sookie. Unlike the day with Ginger, nothing felt wrong or out of place. It probably should have, given the strange way we met.


Her hands moved up and down my sides slowly, ghosting over my skin while we kissed. When she needed to catch her breath, Sookie pulled away from the kiss and started to tug my shirt up. I could feel how hard her nipples were under the thin fabric of her dress.


I allowed her to take my shirt off. She dropped it at our feet and I reached down to pull her dress up. I was excited to see what she had on underneath. As soon as it was off a thought hit that made me chuckle.


“You know it’s like we’ve been fucking each other for two years without knowing it?” I told her, bending my knees some so I could nuzzle into her neck.


“Oh I think I’d know it if I had been fucking this for the last two years.” Sookie gripped my cock over my pants and whispered, “Upgrade,” before turning her face to catch my lips again.


I smiled into the kiss. I surprised her when I reached down to grab her thighs so I could lift her. Sookie’s legs wrapped around my hips, allowing her to rub against me as I stumbled to the nearest wall. I rocked my hips so she could get the friction I was sure she was craving.


“Fuck, I want to rip your panties off and drive into you,” I groaned. I could feel her heat against my erection. It was going to feel phenomenal.


“Do it,” she breathed.


I reached between us to unzip my jeans. It took a minute to whip my cock out. I tugged her panties at the hip, ripping them at the seam. It took less than five seconds to get my tip into her core. I pulled back enough to watch her face as I slowly worked my cock deeper into her warm, wet, tight core. Fuuuuck, she was going to be very fun to play with.




Holy shit he was huge. I had figured out he was big at the bar and I had upgraded him to large in the back of the cab when he was at half mast, but when he was rock solid he was huge. My husband wasn’t small but Eric was bigger. While I didn’t want to compare them I couldn’t help it. Maybe he was too big for his wife but he felt fucking perfect to me.


My eyes locked on his as he began to thrust. Little noises left me with every pump of his hips. Moan as he retreated and gasp as he refilled me over and over. My back moved up and down the wall with his thrusts and Eric growled when I tugged the cups of my bra down so my tits were free to bounce all they wanted.


“Mmm,” he groaned when he dipped down to take my nipple between his teeth. He tugged, while flicking the tight bud with the tip of his tongue. Eric’s hips started to swivel as he drove in deeper and harder. He released my nipple and said, “The noises coming from your sexy mouth are making my dick so fucking hard.”


“You can thank your huge dick for them,” I replied. I tried to meet his thrusts but that wasn’t happening up against a wall. It occurred to me that Alcide and I had fallen into a rut. We were parents. Finding time for sex that wasn’t just a quickie was difficult. It wasn’t just that, though. We were the types to walk under chandeliers, not swing from them. He would never suggest tying me to the bed so he could go down on me for hours.


Eric pulled out of me, setting me on my feet. He turned me around, pressed my chest against the wall and slid back in from behind. One of his hands stayed on my hip while the other came up to wrap loosely around my throat. I felt his lips brush across my jaw, just below my ear.


“You feel fuckin’ amazing,” Sookie,” he purred into my ear. He slipped his hand around from my hip to find my clit, rubbing me slowly.


I gasped when my walls tightened around his very thick shaft. Eric groaned and I pushed my ass back toward him.


“Harder, Eric,” I breathed. His grip tightened a little bit on my throat and my eyes rolled back. He sped up his thrusts and I knew I was going to cum in less than a minute. I could feel it building fast.


Eric growled as his thrusts became more deliberate. His hips slapped against my ass, pulling my head back some.


“Cum for me, Sookie,” he whispered. “Let me feel it.”


My eyes closed and I blocked out everything but how good he felt. My legs started to shake and my fingers wanted something to hold onto, but all I had was smooth wall in front of me. I cried out when the pressure exploded, making me clench and release around his cock over and over until I went a little limp and he had to hold me up.


“One down,” he said, nibbling on my earlobe. His thrusts slowed down. Eric continued to slowly slide in and out of me. “Where do you want it?” I could feel his shaft pulsing inside of me.


“My back,” I panted.


Eric grunted, thrusting a few more times. He pulled out and I heard his hand moving quickly over his wet length right before I felt his hot release shoot all over my lower back.


“Fuuuuck,” he groaned.


“Your wife was a fuckin’ idiot,” I told Eric.


He chuckled, wrapping his strong arms around my shoulders. He pulled me tight against his chest.


“Same goes for your husband,” he said, kissing my neck.


“You think?” My heart was still pounding in my chest.


“Mmhmm. You feeling alright?” He slid one of his hands between our bodies to unhook my bra.


“Yeah, you?”


“Yeah.” His hands moved to cup my breasts, rubbing his fingers over my nipples. Eric started kissing my neck, rocking his hips against me. “I still want to bury my face between your thighs.”


“I’ve never been tied up before,” I confessed.


“It won’t be any good without trust,” he told me.


“I guess you’ll have to deal with my squirming then,” I smiled.


“I’m not going to have a problem holding you down, Sookie,” he purred.


“Is that right?”


“Mmhmm. Come.” He straightened up. Eric pushed his jeans all the way to the ground, kicking his shoes off in the process. He took my hand and led me through the house, up the stairs. When we walked into his bedroom I noticed a huge four poster bed in the middle of the room. There was dark furniture filling the space, other than that it looked fairly sparse. “Get on the bed.”


I did as I was told and stretched out on my side in the middle of the bed. For a moment I wondered which side of the bed had been his wife’s. I noticed there weren’t any photos on the nightstands. If I didn’t have Willa I would have gotten rid of mine too.


Eric climbed onto the foot of the bed. He pushed me onto my back as he sat on his knees between my thighs.


“You have a gorgeous body,” he told me as he took in my naked form. His hands were moving up and down my thighs, slowly moving closer to my center.


“It was better before the baby but I wouldn’t trade back for anything.” That was true. No matter what I didn’t regret being a mom for a second. Willa was the best thing Alcide ever did.


“I’m not worried about what you looked like before.” He leaned down to drag his flattened tongue through my slit. “You make me hard now.” Eric kept his eyes on my face while he slowly massaged my clit with the tip of his tongue.


I moaned and shifted a little bit to get in a better position. My fingers ran through his hair and he growled a little when I tugged on it to move his tongue where I wanted it. I had to admit he was pretty good at what he was doing. His tongue was moving at the right speed in the right pattern around my clit. My eyes rolled back into my head and my hips started to move in time with his tongue.


“Mmm… Fuck, that’s so good,” I breathed. My free hand went to one of my nipples.


I felt him shift right before his middle finger started to probe my core. He played with my opening for a moment before he pushed all the way into me. He turned his hand and curled his finger to find my magic button.


“Ahhh…” My back arched when a tingling sensation deep inside me made my body tense up. Holy fucksticks.


“Mmm,” Eric hummed. His lips wrapped around my clit, suckling with the perfect amount of pressure. He added a second finger, rubbing a little faster.


“Ohgodohgodohgodohgod,” I chanted. My fingertips dug into his scalp and held his head in place while another orgasm ravaged me suddenly.


Seriously, his wife was a fucking moron.


Alcide wasn’t terrible at giving head but he rushed through it a lot of the time because the main event was more fun for him.


“Mmm, I don’t want to stop,” Eric moaned. He pulled his fingers out so he could lap at my opening. He pushed my thighs back, spreading my thighs wider. I felt his tongue slither down to rub over my back entrance before moving up to drive into my pussy.


“Ohmygod!” I cried out. All I could do was lay there while he fucked me with his tongue. It felt incredible. “Oh fuck, don’t stop,” I panted.


He didn’t. Eric followed that same circuit again and again until my juices were pouring out of me, soaking the bed below me. He rested his palm on my lower abdomen so he could rub his thumb over my clit.


I lost track of how many times I came before Eric finally lifted his head. He got up on his knees and once again he was hard as a rock. His cock slid into me like a hot knife through butter. His thumb kept rubbing my clit slowly and he watched his thick shaft fill me over and over. The way my body stretched to take all of his big cock felt positively amazing.


“Tell me how you want it,” he said, flicking his eyes up to meet mine.


“Just like this.” I didn’t mind the slow, deliberate thrusts. My back arched and again my eyes closed. I couldn’t remember ever feeling so turned on or like every cell in my body was awake.


Eric went on like that for what felt like hours. He shifted positions a while later, throwing my ankles over his shoulders. As he slid in his hips began to swivel, grinding against me each time he was buried in me completely.


“You don’t know how bad I want to cum in you,” he panted as he bent forward to lick my lips.


“Do it,” I replied. I wanted to feel it and he had earned it. Big time.


“Yes,” he breathed. His eyes fluttered closed as his hips sped up. “Fuck… yes…” The tops of his thighs smacked into my ass a few more times before he lost it. He came with a deep roar, his cock jumping and jerking inside of me as he pumped me full of his cum.


His orgasm triggered one more for me and Eric collapsed on top of me as I milked him for every last drop of his hot release. While we tried to catch our breath his hips kept moving involuntarily. He was definitely a fantastic fuck.


I hadn’t gone looking for him. It was purely by chance that it was his path I came across. Then again, I wasn’t so sure I believed in accidents. If it was true that everything happened for a reason then accidents didn’t truly exist. I was getting way too philosophical for someone drunk on orgasms and great sex. So I closed my eyes and let myself drift off.


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  1. Gosh I’m all a flame. Hmm this may be my home page. Lots to remember. Still fanning myself after such a delightfully descriptive chapter.


  2. Ya know, all I could think at the beginning of this chapter was that Shania Twain married the husband of her husband’s mistress… but they were both still alive so they had to watch. I’m loving this so far. Eff Maria and Alcide.


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