Chapter 15


I smile down at Eric and shift so I’m kneeling between his thighs instead of straddling them. I missed his cock. It’s perfect for me. I lick him from base to tip and keep stroking his shaft when I move down further to lick and suck his balls one at a time. When I glance up at Eric his eyes are rolled back and there’s a tense look on his face.

I’m just getting started.

I lick his thick length again before swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. When I tongue the little slit there on his tip his hips thrust a little. I suck lightly on the head and even softly use my teeth on it, making Eric hiss.

“Like that, baby?” I purr, my hand still stroking him.

“Yes,” he groans.

I resume swirling my tongue around his head and my hand strokes faster. When Eric’s breathing gets faster I take more of him in my mouth. My head bobs and I suck hard. His hand is in my hair, guiding my head.

“That’s it, pretty girl. You like sucking my big cock, don’t you?”

I moan my response, which makes him hiss again.

“Do you want me to fuck your pretty throat?”

I moan again, and when his tip his the back of my throat, I start swallowing. My hand goes to his balls to massage them while he fucks my throat. I can feel myself drooling on him and it runs down to his balls. Eric groans and I pull back when I need to breathe. I suck in air and stroke him while I get caught up.

“Fuck, Sookie, you’re going to kill me,” he says.

“You told me to make you cum,” I smirk.

My head lowers and starts bobbing again until I relax my jaw and throat to take him deeper.

“Fuck!” he shouts when he slides down my throat.

His hips start to thrust again and when I start to hum, that sends him over the edge.

“Fuck! Fuck!” he shouts right before his thick release shoots into my mouth.

Some of it dribbles out, but I keep licking him until his length is clean. When I sit up I wipe his cum off my chin with a finger and then lick it clean like there’s cake batter on it.

I rub my thighs together and say, “My pussy is so wet right now, Eric.”

He chuckles a little before saying, “You do realize I just had three kickass orgasms right? I’m  a man, not a machine, dammit.”

“No one’s perfect,” I smirk.

“I don’t need my cock to spank your naughty little ass though.”

“No you don’t.”

Eric sits up, a little shaky still, and tells me to crawl to him. When I reach his side he pulls me down, laying me across his lap. My ass is high and his hand rubs from my thighs, to my right cheek, and over to my left one.

“I have twenty-seven swats to give you,” he says in a low, throaty tone. He pushes my thighs apart and runs his finger through my slit. “Mmm, you are wet.”

“I like when you fuck my throat,” I tell him.

“Good,” he takes his wet finger from my core to my ass and applies the slightest amount of pressure. “Do you like it when I fuck this ass too?”

“So much,” I moan and arch my back.

“Is that what you want for your birthday? My dick in this tight little asshole, pounding into you until you cum.”


Without another word he removes his hand from my body. Suddenly I feel the sting of his large hand coming down on my right ass cheek, making me cry out.

“Count them out, Sookie,” he purrs as his other hand moves from my shoulder blades, around to my throat where he grips lightly. And then his hand comes down again, this time on my left cheek.

“Two,” I say quietly.

Again, his fingers find my center and he moves along my folds, moving up and down from my clit to my opening where he pushes a finger into me. He slowly pumps in and out of me, twisting a little and his other hand is getting a little tighter on my throat. He smacks my ass again and I cry out before counting for him.

“Call me sir when you’re counting, pretty girl,” he tells me, his voice so low and raspy right now. This is really turning him on. With that he spanks my ass again.

“Four, sir,” I breathe.

“That’s a good girl.”

He keeps going, pausing to pump his finger in and out of my ass every few swats. I feel him getting hard again under me, and I want him to fuck me so much it starts to hurt. I count along with his swats, making sure to call him sir every time.

My ass is hot and tingling with the sting of the twenty-five swats I’ve taken. When he rubs my clit after number twenty-five I cry out.

“I’m going to cum, sir,” I pant. My orgasm is so close I can almost taste it.

“Cum,” he growls and his fingers move faster over my clit.

My back arches, pushing my ass up in the air and as my orgasm takes over my body he  gives me my last two spankings, prolonging the intense sensation. Eric releases my throat and rubs his large palm up and down my back.

“Shh,” he tries to soothe me, “You’re okay.” I came so hard I’m whimpering, I may even have a few tears falling from my eyes.

“Are you ready for more?” he asks me while I’m still so amped up I can’t control my own body.

My head nods on its own, and Eric shifts me off his lap.

“Where do you want me?” I ask in a shaky voice.

“Stay right where you are.”

Eric plans on being safe with the anal and he’s familiar with my bag and where I keep everything. I’d planned on having sex with Levi this trip, so I have condoms in the pocket of my suitcase. I track him with my eyes as he grabs a condom and thankfully I remembered to bring lube. I’m familiar with dry sex and it’s not good, better safe than sorry.

By the time he re-joins me on the bed again I’m able to move. I tuck my knees under my body and move up to my elbows. I watch Eric over my shoulder as he rolls the condom on and then he flips the cap on the lube and drizzles it over my ass. He applies a little to his cock and then his eyes flick up to meet mine.

“You ready?” I nod and I feel the pressure of his blunt head on my rear hole. “How do you want it?”

“Go slow at first,” I say. I haven’t had this since the last time we did it.

He slowly pushes into me. His eyes are on his cock disappearing into my ass and his hands are on my hips, pulling me back.

“I’ve missed your ass,” he says, flicking his eyes up to mine before looking back down at the spot where we’re joined.

Once he’s fully sheathed inside of me he starts to pull out and then shove back in. I’m a little tense, but the slow, smooth ride feels really good.

“Relax for me, pretty,” he coos, releasing my hip so he can stroke up and down my spine.

My body calms down and I rest my face against the mattress. I moan and grab at the sheets.

“Faster, Eric,” I tell him.

He increases the speed of his thrusts, panting a little when he grips my hips again. He rocks my body back and forth, filling me so completely.

“Harder, Eric,” I moan. I’m ready for more. “You feel so good.”

His hand slides up my back to grab my hair so he can pull me upright. My back is to his chest and his hand comes around to put a little pressure on my throat. I feel his breath by my ear.

“I love fucking your tight little ass, pretty girl,” he says in that deep, sexy voice of his.

I reach down and rub my clit, in desperate need of some friction there. Eric starts pounding into me and I cry out.

“Oh fuck,” I moan when I feel my orgasm getting close. “Eric, I’m so close.”

His hips are slapping hard against my already sore ass, but it hurts so fucking good.

“Cum for me,” he growls. “I need you to cum for me, Sookie.”

My hand moves faster, and when the pressure in my belly explodes I cum in a silent scream. My body shakes and I can’t move; I can hardly breathe. Eric holds me tight and he slams into my ass quick and hard, four thrusts and he erupts, filling the condom. He sags back onto his heels, pulling me with him. His heavy breaths are fanning my hair out and I turn my head to kiss him.

“That was perfect,” he pants when he pulls away from my lips.

“Best birthday ever,” I tell him.

“I’m glad I could deliver,” he chuckles and kisses my neck. “Let me get cleaned up.”

“I’ll come with you,” I say, and whimper again when he pulls out of me.

I follow Eric to the bathroom and we take a quick PG rated shower together. We’re both too tired to fool around anymore tonight. We dry off and get back into bed. Eric spoons up behind me and after he turns off the lights, he holds onto me tightly like he’s afraid I might disappear.

“Goodnight, Eric,” I say softly.

“Night, Sookie,” he replies just as softly and kisses the back of my head.

In no time at all I’m out cold.


It’s a little surreal bringing Sookie to my apartment. I haven’t really lived here long enough for it to feel like home, but it’s still where I’m raising my kids now — at least part time.

“This is it,” I tell her as I lead her through the front walk way into the living room.

“It’s nice,” she says as she steps inside. “A little empty, but nice.”

“I’ve only been here two months, and I’ve been busy. I don’t have a lot of time to furnish,” I say.

“Then it’s a good thing you now have a girlfriend with lots of spare time on her hands that can help.”

“You’d be willing to help?” I ask. “I don’t feel right asking you to decorate and pick out furniture. You’re vacationing right now and that’s a ton of work.”

“I don’t mind. I like keeping busy,” she says. “Besides, it gives me extra reasons to spend time here so I don’t seem too needy.”

“Shit,” I sigh, “This is something Alyssa would love to do. I do need to make this place more than… this, though,” I say, motioning toward the bare walls. “Really, you want to?”

“Sure,” she smiles.

I kiss her and then take her hand so I can lead her to my room so we can put her things away. “This is where the magic hap… will be happening.”

“Magic, huh?” she teases.

“So you’re saying what this,” I grab my cock, “Doesn’t do magic things for you?”

“Eh,” she shrugs, but she’s smiling.


“Hmm, okay, I’ll keep the magic to myself. Or find someone else to share it with.” I turn my back to her and kick my shoes off.

She wraps her arms around me from behind and says, “You better not, or it’ll be your turn on the spanking bench, buddy.”

“That’s all I’d get for sharing the magic? A spanking from a little tiny girl?” I tease, holding onto her hands so she can’t move away.

“That would be the beginning. Then I’d stroke you until you’re about to cum… and then I’d stop. I’d do it over and over again.”

“It doesn’t sound terrible,” I deadpan.

“Even if you were restrained and had to watch me with another guy to get even?” she asks. “I believe in eye for an eye justice for cheaters.”

“I hope you know if I ever find out you’ve fucked another I’ll do a lot more than deny you orgasms,” I tell her, this time a lot more serious and turn to face her. “I also hope you know I’d never cheat on you.”

“I would never cheat on you either,” she says. “When I’m committed to someone it’s one hundred percent.”

“Ditto,” I tilt her head up for a kiss. “I know I cheated on my ex-wife, but the circumstances were different. I need you to know that as well.”

“I know,” she says. “I believe you.”

“Thank you,” I whisper and kiss her one more time. “Do you want to go out somewhere or stay here to eat? I’m starving.”

“So am I, but I’m a shit cook,” Sookie informs me. “That’s one of my flaws. I never learned how.”

“I can cook,” I tell her. “I’m no gourmet, I can mostly cook things kids like, but I can.”

“Still better than me. I burn toast,” she says, and laughs at herself. “I’m a kitchen nightmare.”

“Let’s go look, maybe I can teach you a few things.”

I take her hand and she follows me to the kitchen. When I open the refrigerator door she sees the picture I have of the kids from two Christmas’ ago I have on it.

“Oh wow, your kids are gorgeous, Eric,” Sookie says as she takes the picture off of the door.

“Thanks,” I close the door and wrap my arm around her so I can point out who’s who. “You know this guy,” I say, pointing at Levi. “This is Ryan, he’s nineteen now.”

“He looks a lot more like you than Levi does,” she comments.

“Yeah, he’s a good mix of his mother and me. There are the twins, James and this one is Mark. They’re my doppelgangers, and this little shit is Christian he’s fourteen. He has his hair dyed black at the moment, and this little princess is Alyssa, but you’ve seen a picture of her.”

“They’re beautiful,” she says sincerely.

“Thank you,” I smile and she puts the picture back.

I open the fridge again and grab a couple chicken breasts out. “Grilled chicken and potatoes?” I ask. “And a green salad?”

“Sure,” she says and I lay the chicken on the counter.

“Can you grab the potatoes from the pantry while I go get the grill started?” I ask.

“The potatoes are the brown things, right?”

I cock an eyebrow, “You’re joking right?”

“Yes, I’m joking,” she laughs, and retrieves the potatoes for me. When she sets them on the counter she says, “You’re the first man to ever cook for me.”

“Really? That’s… unbelievable,” I say and then remember her story. “I guess not and I’m honored.”

“I will try not to burn down your kitchen,” she promises, and goes to the sink to wash her hands.

“I won’t let you near the stove today,” I laugh. “Something tells me you’d find a way to do it anyway.”

“You’d probably distract me with some of that cock magic.”

“Nope, no magic in the kitchen. Keep away from the cock, sweet cheeks,” I tell her and pinch her butt.

Sookie slaps my hand away. “I can keep my hands to myself.”

“I’ll be right back, don’t tear everything up while I’m gone.” I slip onto the patio and light the grill. I prefer charcoal, but at the apartment they don’t allow it so I’m using gas.

When I return Sookie is peeling potatoes over a plastic bag on the counter. I like that she feels comfortable enough to look around the kitchen while I’m away. I want her to feel at home here.

“Am I doing this right?” she asks.

“Perfect,” I say and wrap my arms around her from behind. I kiss her head and then wash my hands so I can season the chicken.

“How many should I peel?”

“Hmm, four maybe. I usually don’t eat too many potatoes.”

I sprinkle a little salt, pepper and garlic powder on the chicken and leave it on a plate. I wash my hands again and take some foil out so we can make potato packs for the grill.

“Do you want any veggies cooked with the potatoes? I have yellow squash if you like it.”

“I’ll try it,” she says. “I don’t know if I’ve ever had yellow squash before.”

“You’ll like it.” I go to the fridge and grab the squash out so I can wash it and chop it up. I offer to cut the potatoes when she’s done peeling them, but Sookie really wants to help.

We finish preparing lunch and get it on the grill. Sookie comes outside with me while it cooks and takes in the view. I’m on the second story of the apartment building, facing the back so I’m away from any traffic or neighbors. I picked this location for the quiet.

“It’s beautiful here,” Sookie says. “This view you have is amazing.”

“Thanks, I lucked out and this one was available when I came to look.”

“The view is why I bought my house,” she says. “And the hot tub out back. It’s nice not having neighbors that can see into my yard.”

“Do you hot tub naked?” I ask, waggling my eyebrows.

“Sometimes,” she says coyly.

“I’d like to watch that, or join you. The most I have is a jacuzzi tub in my bathroom, which is not nearly as fun.”

“I might let you join me. We’ll see how good lunch is.”

“Ah, you’ll be inviting me over after the first bite,” I say and move around her to flip the chicken.


“What did I tell you about magic in the kitchen? We’re cooking here, no magic cocks for you.” I pull her to me and press her against the balcony rail. “As soon as lunch is over though, all bets are off.”

“Didn’t get enough last night… and again this morning?” Sookie rubs her ass against me.

Never enough,” I growl into her ear and thrust forward a little so she knows exactly what she’s doing to me.

Her hips stop moving.

“Oops, I broke the no cock rule,” she says.

“You’ll be punished again. Not sure how or when, but it’ll happen.”

She turns her head and says, “Promise?”

“Of course,” I kiss her lips and then release her to check the food. “Lunch is done.”

“It smells great,” she says and opens the patio doors after I get the food off the grill.

We’re sitting down to eat when my Blackberry chimes. I check it quickly and see it’s an email from work, reminding me I should be working right now.

“After lunch I have to get some work done,” I remind her, “And I have to take Alyssa to her dance class at six.”

“Okay. I can’t cook you dinner but I can order a mean pizza and be naked when you get home,” she says.

“Don’t tell me that, Sookie. Now I have to sit in a room full of twelve year olds with a hard-on. That is not cool.”

“I’m sorry,” she giggles. “I’ll be here in a turtleneck and overalls.”

“Too late,” I tease.

“I could take care of your problem before you go,” she offers.

“I’ll probably have to work until I go,” I remind her. I’ve lost  a lot of time today, but I can’t tell her that. I don’t want her to feel guilty.

“It takes a strong man to turn down a blowjob.”

“It’s never just a blowjob with you, Sookie,” I say, dropping my voice an octave.

“Then maybe I should go for a walk so you can concentrate.”

I think about that for a moment. I want to tell her to stay, but she makes a good point. As long as she’s in the apartment with me I’ll be distracted.

“Would you be upset if I said that might be a good idea?”

She smiles and says, “Not at all. You have a life here and my ass is very distracting to you so I’ll just have to take it elsewhere.”

“You can take my car, as long as you’re back by five-thirty,” I offer. “Then I’ll be thinking about fucking you in the Escalade too.”

“I think I’ll walk. It’s hard to get a real feel for a place from a driver’s seat.”

“Stay on the main roads and walkways, young lady,” I say in a very fatherly tone.

“I’m a big girl. I think I can handle it,” she sasses with a wink.

“I know you can, I worry though. I watch too much investigation TV,” I tell her honestly. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I tend to end up on some sort of crime scene investigation show.

“So then I shouldn’t get into a car if a man offers me a puppy?”

“Fuck no, I don’t think an apartment is a good place for a dog. You can take the candy though,” I deadpan.

“Good to know,” she giggles, and stands up to take her plate to the kitchen.

I follow her lead and press her against the sink and whisper in her ear, “Maybe we should have a quickie before I get to work. I fucked up and watched your ass as you walked in here.”

“You can do quickies?”

“I don’t know, we need to find out,” I say and rub my growing erection against her ass.

“Hmmm… then maybe we shouldn’t do it in your bedroom. You know, so the magic doesn’t take over and keep me naked and moaning in your bed for hours.”

My hands go to her hips and I thrust once before I slide my hands down her legs and I drag the skirt of her dress up around her waist.

“We can try it right here, right now,” I kiss her neck and rub her ass.

She moans and reaches up to hold my head in place.

I take this as a green light and reach between her legs from behind. Not wanting to waste time, I push her panties over and work two fingers into her opening. She’s already wet. I ghost soft kisses along her neck, making her roll her head to the side. I use my other hand to release my cock from my pants and I rub across her ass, running from her bare flesh to her lace panties and back over.

“Do you want me now?” I ask, I don’t want to wait.

“Yes,” she breathes.

I bend at the knee, run my cock through her lower lips and drive into her from behind. I want to make this as quick as possible so my hand immediately goes to her clit. She releases my head and leans forward, resting her hands on the edge of the sink. I take a step back, giving her space to press back against me and I continue to pound into her.

“Shit, Eric,” she grunts.

I can already feel her orgasm building. I don’t say anything, normally I would tell her to cum for me, but I’m too focused on fucking her. As it turns out, I don’t have to tell her to cum. Her pussy tightens around my cock and I slam into her a few more times until I lose my own battle with her pussy. My final thrust is a little too hard and I slam her hips into the counter.

“Fuck!” I yell and grind into her a little more before I pull out, making her whimper a little.

“I made it quick,” I chuckle a little.

“Yeah,” she pants, trying to catch her breath.

I help her straighten up and turn to kiss her.  “I’m going to clean up and then get to work.”


Sookie follows me to my bedroom and goes to her bag while I go into the bathroom. I should take a full shower since I’ll be seeing my daughter soon, but I can wait for that. Once I’m done Sookie trades places with me and I go back to the kitchen table. I pull out my laptop and I’m engrossed in email before she comes out of my room.

“I’m going to go out now,” she says to me and leans down to give me a kiss.

“I’ll try to be done by five so we have a little time together before I need to go.”


With one last kiss she leaves my apartment and I’m up to my eyeballs in email.



23 thoughts on “Chapter 15

  1. It was a sweet chapter they are so in the honeymoon phase right now. I’m curious to see how this will go when real life starts getting in the way. I wonder who Sookie will meet on her walk?? I can’t wait to see what the rest of the kids are going to think of her.


  2. Hard to find a good man in the kitchen…or is that good to find a hard man in the kitchen?!? Eric please turn the heat up a little more?

    This will be interesting how they manage real life and all those kids…


  3. That outfit is fantastic and those shoes are drool worthy…so is Eric by the way. Love a man who knows how to use the kitchen (hee hee) Congrats on your fangreaders awards by the way…forgot to tell you that last chapter.


  4. Interesting…OK, is it just me? It seems as if Sookie has really fallen for Eric, but it’s as if Eric believes he’s fallen for her – just changed the name from Dixie to Sookie – he no longer has to pay to be with her; it just doesn’t seem as real for him as it does for Sookie. It’s as if he’s still living the fantasy – would you feel “loved” if the man you traveled so far to see, fell in love with, etc. still talked about having threesomes that included other women? Even if she’s an ex-call girl, he is supposed to be IN LOVE with her, right? Wouldn’t you want him to want just you? I’d think Sookie would want to leave all that “extra” behind – in her previous life, and something about the way Eric is treating her is coming off as disrespectful and she’s allowing it. Maybe this is what the relationship is going to be about & they’ll learn together. Something just seems off – maybe it’s me!


    • No, I think that’s a fair assessment. I don’t think the reality of their situation has hit him yet but it’s going to. So far Eric has gotten off pretty easily considering he was cheating on his wife with a hooker. His kids are handling it well, so far, and I personally don’t think that’s very realistic. Even if my parents (who divorced when I was 5) had stayed together and were miserable, I don’t think I could have forgiven either of my parents for cheating. Eric has his reasons for doing what he’s done and an adult can maybe comprehend his actions. For children, things are much more black and white. There’s good and there’s bad and they don’t understand all of the gray areas in life. Not that there’s really an excuse for Eric’s behavior.

      Quite honestly I find it amazing that it seems like Sookie is the only one to feel any real guilt over this family breaking up, but that’s something that will be addressed in the next chapter.


      • Yeah – those are just a few of the things of i was thinking of – where is Eric’s guilt over what he’s done to his family; he seems to have no remorse over all the uproar he’s caused in everyone’s lives – including Sookie’s and it’s like just another day at the ranch for him (literally, except it’s free & she’s coming to him). And you’re right – Sookie’s the only feeling guilt & taking responsibility for HER actions in this mess. And it’s a mess. It’s not happy, it’s not love, and it’s not going to turn out well if they all stay in this stage of denial. I’m glad you’re going to address it because I think some of us were getting the wrong message. Thank you!


        • I should mention that the whole threesome thing… yes, she did it often as a sex worker because that’s what some of her customers wanted. However, it’s something that Sookie’s found she genuinely enjoys doing. Of course I don’t know that she’s ever tried to do this with someone she’s in a relationship with. Eric’s question doesn’t offend her and she doesn’t take it personally that he was turned on by it or that he would like to do it again. Her previous line of work has shown her that keeping her sex life interesting is a good way to keep both her man and her happy.

          That said, I do agree that Eric has yet to separate Dixie from Sookie. That’s something that will take time for him to do and he’ll find out that she’s not always the wallflower, yes sir, no sir girl she was when she was being paid to be with him. She’s got a backbone and a low tolerance for his bullshit. But I think he needs that, too. He got used to pretty much doing whatever he wanted with Aude because it was easier to just not talk than it was to work on their problems or whatnot. Things with Sookie will be vastly different but it’s just going to take time for him to see there are differences between Dixie and Sookie.


    • I get that feeling, too. I think I would be a little insulted by how quickly Eric jumped at the idea of still having a threesome now that they’re really together and Sookie is out of the sex-trade. The line between Dixie and Sookie is a little too blurred here for my taste. I guess we’ll see how they manage, though.


  5. I’m cool with how it has been played out. I don’t need a whole bunch of angst. (A little is fine, to keep things interesting). I realize this is fiction so its not going to play out like real life.


  6. as some of the reviews above say, things are one sided. I think Eric is in his Honeymoon phase that he got Dixie/Sookie back in his life. But his life is made up of many facets that he is going to hit a wall soon when things start to unravel. I am hoping that he and she are strong enough to make things work out and i think their first big hurdle will be after the dance thing with Alysssa, i see her surprising daddy with a visit. until the next post Kristie


  7. I think Eric’s just happy to have her back. They can’t hide from their previous “business” relationship. It is what it is. They are both adults and they know they have to move forward. I’m sure there will be bumps in the road but I’m sure they will live and learn.


  8. I agree with pretty much everything that everyone has said so far. Eric hasn’t seemed to made the connection that as Dixie, Sookie was being paid to act a certain way for him. Now he just has Sookie. I am glad this will be addressed soon, even if it won’t be pretty.
    Hell, this is the home of angst and Porn. I get the feeling that it really really won’t be pretty lol!
    And the whole slamming her hips against the counter without saying sorry? Please tell me Sookie reams him a new one for that?

    Roll on tomorrow and another great chapter just like this one 🙂


  9. Oh sorry, I forgot .. Not only did he slam her hips into the counter, he then ground against her and made her wimper.
    Some serious words need to be spoke methinks.
    Look forward to it 🙂
    Don’t get me wrong. Still love Eric, just looking forward to his wake-up call!


  10. they are in a honeymoon phase, it will be interesting when real life with his kids and his work demands get in the way of the fun. Also seems like Sookie wants her own kids one day, I know Eric mentioned his procedure is reversable, but has he really thought about having more children. How will Allysa be if Sookie and he have a girl? Who knows maybe that want isn’t in your story plan..I’ll just have to wait and see.


  11. It’s interesting reading how wrong some people are thinking this is. I had that feeling too, from them meeting in the bar after Sookie talked to Levi. But then I thought that if you’d just had the weirdest experience you ever hoped not to have & you had the chance at being with someone you’d given up hope of seeing again, what do you do? You fall back on what you’ve always done together, which coupled with their intense chemistry means having lots of sex & talking about sex. They’ve done stuff together that most people don’t get to do. That doesn’t go away cos real life is here. The real life bit is the new thing & they’ve talked a bit about that too, but their comfort zone is really hot & somewhat kinky sex.
    I agree that Eric seems to be coasting thro this a bit but there’s still time – a lot has happened in a short space of time & people don’t always deal in the same way.
    We are starting to see a different side of Sookie. As Dixie she was in control & a business woman, but her real life vulnerabilities are coming out. It was a little sad that she doesn’t know how to cook or been cooked for by a man; yet she is financially indpendant & owns her own home. They will slowly have to face & deal with real life with it’s demands & responsibilities as they get to know each other.


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