Chapter 16


Jake and Melinda are the last ones to leave. Sookie, the puppies and I are standing on our front watching their taillights. I have my arm wrapped around her from behind and there’s a slight chill in the air from being settled at the lake. Normally it’s hot as Satan’s ballsac this time of year, but it’s been mild so far.


“Wanna go in or take the pups on a walk?” I ask and kiss the shell of her ear. The puppies have plenty of play area so the walks aren’t actually necessary and I’m not all that worried about exercise because I plan on getting my workout in between the sheets.


“Mmm… I think I’m ready to hit the hay. I’ve been up since dawn,” she replies.


I slip my hand into the top of her dress, pushing the small triangle of her bikini top over so I can tug her nipple.


“Are you sure you want to sleep when we get to the bedroom?” I purr. We discovered we fell in love today. That certainly deserves more celebration. “I still need to give you your birthday spanking.” We both know what spanking does to her.


“I said I was ready for bed. I didn’t say I was ready for sleep,” she winks.




“Why don’t you get in there and strip your clothes off,” I suggest. “I have your bar under the bed if you’re interested.”


“Only if you promise to treat me like a filthy slut.”


“I promise,” I whisper. I kiss dip to her neck before I step back, slapping her ass when she turns to walk into the house.


“I love you, babe,” she says as she walks away, pulling her dress over her head as she goes.


“Mmm, I love you too.” As I follow her my eyes are trained on her ass jiggling with each step. By the time we get to the room she’s completely naked. “On the bed,” I direct her and drop my shorts. My cock is already hard and ready.


Sookie climbs up and gets on her hands and knees toward the end of the bed. “Here?”


“That’s a good place to start.” I bend to get the bar out from under the bed. I also produce one of her vibrators and toss it onto the bed in front of her. The paddle Preston gave her is sitting on the dresser, so I grab that too. “Should we start with your spanking?” I ask when I step up behind her and rub the smooth wood over her ass.


“Uh huh,” she breathes. She’s already turned on. I can see it on her lower lips.


Without a word I pull the paddle back and bring it down hard on her right cheek. I keep my eyes on her pussy and groan when I notice her clench.


“Ouch,” she says. “Not so hard.”


I spank her again on her left cheek a little softer.


“Better?” I slip my thumb between her folds to rub her clit.


“Yes,” she pants.


“Mmm, good.”


I go on like this, paddling her ass softer than I would spank with my hand. When I get close to the twenty-eight I’m giving her I slow down. Her ass is bright red and her juices are running down the inside of her thighs.


“Two more, pretty girl, are you ready?” I purr and push two fingers into her pussy.


“Yes! Fuck, that feels good, baby,” she whimpers. “Please let me cum for you.”


“Not yet,” I reply sweetly and give her another swat. Her pussy grips my fingers. I can tell she’s fighting the orgasm. I don’t want her before I give her the final swat. “Cum,” I growl and curl my fingers to get her g-spot.


It’s like touching a livewire. Her body reacts immediately. Sookie cries out and her walls clamp down hard. “Thankyouthankyouthankyou Sir!”


“Mmm, you’re welcome, pretty girl,” I smile. I lean over to kiss her warm cheeks. I pull my fingers out and finish with a long lick up her dripping wet slit.


“Please, Sir, may I have your cock now?” she pleads.


“Since you asked so sweetly,” I smile. I kiss her clit and stand up to slide my solid shaft into her pussy from behind. I grind against her ass once I’m fully sheathed inside of her, groaning when her walls pulse around my length. “Fuuuuck, baby, you have such a good little cunt.”


“It loves being filled with your huge cock,” she purrs and squeezes her muscles.


“Your tight little snatch isn’t the only place you love to have my big dick, is it, slut?” I growl, rubbing my thumb over her rear opening. I promised to treat her like a slut, and it’s hard, but I’m going to try.


“No, Sir,” she moans. “I love having all of my tight holes full of cock and dripping with hot cum.”


I reach forward to wrap my hand around her throat. I pull her head back so I can look into her gorgeous blue eyes as I lean over her. Sookie’s back is arched, her ass high so I can get nice and deep. “Is that what my little slut wants for her birthday? To be filled with my cum… So full it’s dripping out of your hot little body?”


“Yes, Sir,” she whimpers and her walls pulse. “My slutty holes need to be reminded who owns them, Sir.”


I lick her lips before pulling back. I keep my hand on her throat to use as leverage as I begin to drill into her from behind. I don’t give a fuck about the bar right now. I’ll use it later. At the moment I want to give her the pleasure her body craves. I sometimes worry I won’t be enough for her, but we’ve proven that we can play with the right people and not get jealous. As long as her heart is mine I don’t give a fuck.


I pull her up after a moment so her back is to my chest. I slow down my hips, still going as deep as I can get. My hand tightens around her throat and I slide my hand down her stomach and start to rub her clit. I can feel her velvety walls gripping my dick each time I slide in and grind against her ass.


“You’re being so fuckin’ good to me, pretty girl,” I purr. “Your pussy is letting me feel how bad it wants my cum, by trying to coax it out of me…”


“I need it, Sir,” she breathes. “I need it deep inside me.”


She parts her legs a little wider and arches her back against me. My cock isn’t as deep as it can get, but it’s still pretty fuckin’ deep. My hips start slapping against her ass, rubbing my cock in and out of her wet pussy. After watching her body react to her birthday spanking I’m not going to last long.


“Take it,” I pant when my hips jerk and the first squirts of my release shoot into her pussy. “It’s all for my good girl.” Fuck… her walls clamp down, milking my dick.


“Ohhh… Ohhh fuuuuck!” Sookie screams as a savage orgasm takes over. “Thankyouthankyouthankyou Sir!”


“You’re welcome,” I breathe. I turn her head and swallow her moans when I kiss her as a hard aftershock hits. When I pull back from the kiss I pull my cock out. “On your back,” I command as I reach out to grab the bar. It’s not going to take much for me to get hard again, that’s if I even go soft.


“Yes, Sir.” Sookie’s shaky body flops over onto her back. She lies with her head at the edge of the bed so I can fuck her throat easily if I want to.


I hook her wrists and ankles to the bar so she’s immobilized. I pull her a little farther down so I can tease her lips with my wet tip. She opens her mouth and I slowly slide my semi-hard cock into her mouth. I promised her I’d fill all of her holes with cum and I intend to.


I keep my eyes on her lips as start to slowly thrust my hips, getting harder with each pump. When my head hits the back of her throat I hold while I pull the bar back so I can easily reach her pussy. As I pull my hips back I slide two fingers into her wet core, making her walls clench.


“Is that good, pretty girl?” I ask when I pull my cock out of her mouth.


“Yes, Sir,” she moans. “Your fingers feel fantastic in my greedy cunt.”


“You want more?” Without waiting for a response I pull my fingers out so I can pick up the vibrator. I flick it on and hold it to her clit for a moment before sliding it back and into her pussy.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Please may I cum?”


“Yes,” I groan, simply because I love watching her fall apart.


“Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” she cries out as she erupts. Her nipples are pointed straight up and her legs are shaking.


Goddamn that’s beautiful.


As much as I want to fuck her throat, I have other plans. I pull the vibrator out and I move to the other end of her body. I hook the bar to push it back, lifting her hips. My head drops and I start to suck on her pussy, lapping at her core to try to get every last drop of her cum. This still isn’t what I want, but I can’t help myself with her spread out so beautifully for me.


“I’m… Oh fuuuuck… You’re going to make me cum again, Sir.”


“Keep cumming, greedy girl,” I growl. My tongue flicks out to rub over her rear opening before it slithers up to her clit. I start sucking on her clit while I push the vibrator into her core. I leave it off, but I start fucking her with it in quick, shallow pumps.


“Yes… Yes… Ohmygod! Sir, I’m so…. Fuuuuck!” She’s a trembling mess.


I finish by slowly circling my tongue around her swollen nub. I keep the toy in her as I sit up. I stroke my cock a few times, rubbing my head against her ass, which is nice and wet from her honey pouring out of her.


“You want my big dick deep inside of your tight little asshole?” I ask. I start to pump the toy in and out again.


“Ye… Yes, Sir. I need it deep,” she begs. “I need it stretching me, owning me and marking me as your little slut.”


I push just my tip in, making us both moan. “Is this enough?” I ask as I thrust shallowly.


“No, Sir. I need more. Please… Please let me have more,” Sookie begs. Her eyes on mine tell me she’s not just playing right now. Her bottom lip even trembles.


I reach over to the nightstand to grab the lube. I pull out long enough to drizzle a generous amount over her back opening. As soon as I feel she’s well lubricated I push my tip in. I keep my eyes on hers as I slowly fill her ass, swiveling my hips as I go.


“Is that what your slutty ass is craving?” I ask as I grind against her. The toy continuing to slowly move in and out of her pussy. “You need two thick dicks filling you up?”


“Just yours, Sir,” she moans.


I pull the toy out and flick it on, resting it on her clit. My hips start to move, filling her over and over. I make sure to get as deep as possible on each hard thrust. As I speed up I hook the bar with my thumb. I push it back and smack her red ass without thinking.


“Fuck,” I hiss when she clenches around me.


“Ohgodohgodohgod… Fuckfuckfuck! Sir, I… Please can I…fuuuuuuuck!” Sookie cums without waiting for my permission, her body trembling violently.


The mere sight of her reaction to the orgasm I gave her pushes me toward the edge. I drop the vibrator and lift her ass a little more by her hips. I hold onto her hips and begin to piston my hips so I’m driving into her ass again and again. She’s still cumming when I lose it. My orgasm hits and I cum hard, buried as deep as I can get.


“Mine,” I growl, smacking her ass again. Fuck… her body is fuckin’ perfect for me.


As soon as my body calms down some I unhook her from the bar. I collapse on top of her and slip my tongue between her lips in a slow, sensual kiss. My hips are still moving of their own accord staying nice and deep in her ass.


“I love you, Sir,” she whispers between kisses. “No one else. Just you. Only you.”


Always you,” I add in a low, throaty growl, nipping at her bottom lip. “I love you too, pretty girl, so fuckin’ much.”


“Show me, Eric.”


I pull out of her ass, grab the sex towel we keep on the bed, so I can wipe my cock off. I don’t feel right going between holes the way they do in the movies. I crash my lips to hers as I slide into her pussy. My arms move down to hook her legs as my hips slowly rock forward, grinding my pubic bone against her clit.


“Can you feel it?” I whisper. My lips travel from hers down to her jaw where I place slow, wet kisses up and down her soft skin until I reach her ear. “Can you feel how much I adore you?” I pull back and gently slide back in. “Can you feel how my body craves yours and how bad I desire you?” I whisper into her ear before sucking on the lobe.


“Yes,” she gasps. “Yes, I feel it.”


Sookie pulls my face back to hers and when she kisses me I can feel everything she does. Her tongue dances with mine and she claws at my back as another orgasm builds quickly, making her velvet walls grip and release my cock, milking me to make me cum with her.


She gets it. I release with a soft whimper, pushing my cock nice and deep so she’s full of my cum. She understands my need to mark her and I love that. She’s marked me too in an entirely different way.


“Mine,” I whisper again, resting my forehead on hers as we start to calm down.


Always yours,” she whispers back.


I lift my head to look down at her beautiful face. “I’ll always be yours too.” I give her a soft peck.


Sookie and I go on like this for the rest of the night. This is the best birthday I’ve ever had. My mom likes my girl. My girl loves me back and we have our two puppies that complete our little family until we’re ready for kids. I’m selfish though, so I think that’s going to have to wait a couple years on kids.


The last thing I remember before I go to sleep is Sookie climbing on top of me, settling her weight on my chest. I hear Edith snoring and the crickets chirping outside. The window is open allowing the cool, fresh mountain air in and my heart is full. I’m happy, I’m in love, and I’m exactly where I need to be. I’m home.




Things have been good for us the last few months. While we’ve had our arguments, I can’t remember ever being happier than I have been with Eric. He spoils me in all the right ways but he calls me on my bullshit too, something I’m still getting used to. In my heart, though, I know he’s the one I want fight with and for. I love him more than I thought I could love anyone.


He’s fully embraced my choices and he’s even agreed to be a part of my webcam show. So today we’re doing a special show for Halloween since it’s right around the corner. I have the house all decorated for fall and the place smells like apples and pumpkins, which I know is driving him crazy. Every time I come home with something apple or pumpkin scented or flavored, he gives me a dirty look.


It’s fall. He can deal with it.


Today we’re doing a classic scene, really. A maid dressed in a skimpy costume and tall heels who has sticky fingers and no work ethic. He has my permission to rough me up, toss me around, whatever he wants. I moved the cameras downstairs this morning and since lunch he’s banned me from going down there. He got me my sex bench and I’m hoping he’s pulled it out to play with today.


I’m all dressed up in my costume, just waiting for Eric to tell me I can come downstairs. Finch and Edith are asleep by the fireplace, their new favorite spot in the last week or so. They love cuddling with us when we sit out on the couch outside with the fireplace on. It’s so peaceful out there. We bring a blanket and take a nap out there. Yesterday morning Eric pulled me out there so we could make love as the sun came up. It was beautiful.


“Are you just about done down there?” I call out from the top of the stairs.


“Come on down,” he replies.




I have some of my own jewelry stowed in the black corset I’m wearing so it can fall out when I bend over. Of course as soon as Eric lays eyes on me I hear him growl.


“You like my costume?” I smirk and turn around slowly.


“Does this look like I like it?” He motions to the swelling under his pants.


“Well then let’s get this show on the road. You ready?” We haven’t done this before so we’ll see if making our own porn works.


“I’m a little nervous,” he admits. “I think I’m ready though.”


“You’re going to be great, babe,” I assure him. I move over to the controls and start the cameras so they’ll be recording from various angles, plus Eric has a handheld for closeup shots once we start fucking.


I begin dusting with an ostrich feather duster, going over the bar top, the beer tap, the wine cooler… I bend over to get the barstools and Eric’s watch falls out of my corset. I scramble to pick it up, but he catches me.


“What do you have there, Miss Black?” he asks as he approaches, his eyes are trained on the watch in my hand.


“You must have dropped it here, Sir,” I reply.


He steps up to me motions for me to hand him the watch. As I move one of my necklaces falls out the top of my corset.


“And did my wife drop her pearls in your cleavage?” he asks, arching an eyebrow.


“I have no idea how those got in there,” I lie. When I stand up and straighten my corset a ring falls out.


“Is that so? Do you have more of my wife’s jewelry in your top?”


“No,” I huff and when I put my hands on my hips a bracelet hits the deck.


He glances down to the bracelet, then back up to my face.


“Looks like I have a thief on my hands,” he growls. “How long have you been lifting the jewelry I’ve been spending my hard earned money on?” When he says hard he adjusts his cock. I can tell he’s trying to hold back his chuckle.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe your skanky wife is cheating on you and giving her lover her jewelry,” I suggest, which only makes him madder.


He reaches up and grips me by the back of the hair on the nape of my neck. “You’re a bad girl, Miss Black. I think you owe me an apology.”


“I’m not apologizing for your wife being a tramp,” I snort.


“Apologize for saying such a blasphemous accusation. I know for a fact my wife would never cheat on me… maybe I should show you how I know that…”


“Oh yeah?” My pulse jumps when I see the bench. Mmm…


He leans in close to run the tip of his nose along my neck. “Yeah,” he growls, “I think I should show you just how hard I make her cum.”


I reach out and palm his hard cock. He’s fucking solid. Yummy.


“I think you should too,” I reply.


“Mmm, do you like having a nice big, hard dick down your throat, Miss Black? Does that make your pussy wet?” He moves my hand so he can unzip his pants, allowing his cock to spring free.


“Soaked, Sir,” I breathe. He knows it does. One rainy afternoon he grabbed me in the kitchen and got me down on my knees so I was trapped against a counter. He fucked my throat and by the time he was done I completely ruined my panties.


He pushes me onto my knees. He keeps one hand on my head, gripping my hair. The other is stroking his solid shaft right in front of my mouth.


“Show me how much you like my cock and maybe I won’t get you fired by telling my wife about your thievery,” he says, trailing his tip around my lips.


I spit on his cock and start stroking him while my lips wrap around his swollen head. His eyes blaze when I graze my teeth over his tip. I begin to take more and more of him until he’s nudging my throat. My jaw relaxes and I swallow his cock so my lips reach his base. He grips my hair tighter and when I look up I see the handheld camera in his hand. Eric holds my head still so he can fuck my face. I moan as his cock slides in and out of my throat over and over. Tears prickle in my eyes and he pulls back so I can breathe.


“Mmm, that’s good, Miss Black. I don’t know if it’s good enough, though. Is your naughty pussy getting wet? Should I bend you over that bench over there and pound you greedy little cunt?”


“I’m so wet, Sir,” I pant.


“Get up. Go, show me how wet my cock down your throat makes you,” he commands as he steps back.


I move over to the bench and climb up on it before pushing my panties down enough to give him access to my pussy. I reach back and easily slide two fingers inside my pussy.


“Mmm… See how wet you made me?” I pull my fingers out to show him.


He grabs my hand to suck my juices from my fingers.


“You’re delicious,” he purrs. “You taste way better than my wife.” As he says this is feel his fingers toying with my entrance. “You have a gorgeous pussy.” The handheld moves down so he can get a close up of his fingers spreading me open.


“It’s very tight, Sir,” I tell him.


His thick tip rubs my opening for a moment before he pushes into my pussy.


“So fucking tight, Miss Black,” he groans as he fills me, getting the perfect POV shot of his heavy shaft stretching my core.


“Holy fuck, your dick is fucking huge,” I moan. It always feels incredible the first time he pushes into me.


He has the bench set up in the perfect spot so when he sets the handheld down it’s getting a side view of him fucking me from behind. I feel his heavy hand come down hard on my left cheek before he uses the same hand to grip the back of my hair and rips my head back. He speeds up, swiveling as he pushes in.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” I cry out. I love it when he pulls my hair like this and fucks me hard. Every time he swivels his tip teases my sweet spot, which makes me gush for him. My honey is pouring out right now.


“That’s it. Cum on that big dick, greedy little girl,” he growls. “Cum and then I’ll reward you by letting you swallow my release.” He spanks me again and then starts to rub my back entrance with the pad of his thumb.


“Ohgodohgodohgod! Yesyesyesyesyes… Fuuuuuck!” I scream when I can’t hold back anymore. I grip the bench hard as my pussy contracts like a vice around Eric’s cock.


“Mmm, good girl,” he pants. He pulls his cock out. He comes around the bench and holds my head up at the perfect angle. “Watch,” he whispers. He starts jacking his cock until I see the muscles in his stomach start to twitch. When he cums, he cums hard. His hot, salty release lands on my tongue and lips. “Fuuuuck,” he groans as he continues to cum.


I moan and stretch forward to lick his cock. My lips wrap around it and I give him a good, hard suck to make sure he’s given me every drop of his cum. He groans and strokes my hair back as I suck him.


When I pull back I wink and say, “Next time you’ll have to show me what happens to maids who steal laptops.”


Eric growls at that.


“Next time I may have my wife punish you.”


It has been a while since I’ve played with a girl. Not since the housewarming party, actually.


Eric stops the cameras and I get up off the bench. I need a shower to get my cum off my thighs.


“You did great, babe. I can’t wait to see your cum shot.” I kiss his chin.


“I felt like laughing until we started fucking,” he chuckles. He glances back out the window and asks, “Can we go down and watch the sunset while it’s still warm enough to be on the water?”


“I’d love that. Let me go clean up and get dressed really quick. I’ll be less than ten minutes. Is that okay?” I think we have plenty of time until the sun sets.


“Yeah. I’ll clean up down here so we don’t miss it,” he winks.


“Thanks, babe. Meet you out back?”


“I’ll be waiting.” He kisses my forehead and then pats my ass as I turn to head upstairs.


I jog up the steps to the main floor and into our bedroom. I strip off my clothes and shoes while the shower heats up. After I pile up my hair I step into the shower. I wash off quickly just to get the sex off of me. My walls are still pulsing with aftershocks, which is part of the reason I love fucking Eric.


When I get out of the shower I dry off and find a maxi dress and cardigan to wear. I don’t know if he wants to stay on the dock or go out on the boat. I let my hair down and put on a pair of flats. The puppies are bummed when I don’t take them out with me, but I don’t want to leave them alone in the yard and Finch has no problem jumping overboard from the boat and it’s too cold for that.


Eric is waiting for me by our little private beach and I stop in my tracks when I take note of the candles lit up and lining the dock. Eric’s smiling at me but he looks nervous too. He can be a total romantic when he wants to be, and I love how thoughtful he is with it. If he’s going to do something sweet he doesn’t stop at gas station roses and cheap chocolates.


“What are you up to?” I ask knowingly.


“Mmm, just loving you,” he smiles as he takes my hand. He pulls me into his arms and starts to sway us from side to side in a slow dance on the dock.


“You’re so cute,” I tell him for the millionth time in the last six months.


“And you’re beautiful.” He reaches up to brush a wisp of hair off of my forehead. “You’re funny. You have the cutest little gigglesnort when you laugh too hard,” he grins. Whatever nerves he had when I walked up seem to be gone. “You have the worst morning breath in the world, but the prettiest smile when I attack you anyway.”


“Thanks, babe,” I smile at him. “Although I might have to argue with you about the morning breath. And at least I don’t Dutch oven you.” He’s done it twice. Jerk.


He gives me a lingering peck and whispers, “But you love me anyway, right?”


“More than guacamole,” I reply and kiss him back.


“When you’re having a bad day with your hair piled on your head, no makeup and you’re wearing your fat pants, I think is when I love you the most. I look at you when you’re whining about how shitty you feel and all I can see is this stunning little creature that has taken my breath away every time I’ve laid eyes on her for the last fifteen years. That’s kinda why I need to ask…” Eric takes a step back before dropping down on one knee while producing a little black velvet box. “Will you marry me?”


My jaw drops. We’ve talked about marriage and babies and… Tears start immediately. My head is already moving up and down.


“Yes. Yes, I’ll marry you,” I answer. I know he’s The One. Eric’s the one I want for the rest of my life.


“Thank you,” he grins. He lifts the lid on the box to show me the ring. “It’s a little unconventional, but it screamed Sookie when I–”


It’s stunning. “I love it!” I cut him off. I’m not sure what kind of stone it is, but it looks like the milky way was somehow captured in a stone.


“I’m glad.” Eric stands and cups the back of my head to pull me in for a deep, searing kiss. “Love isn’t a strong enough word to describe what I feel for you, Sookie Stackhouse.”


I sniffle and stroke his cheek.


“I choose you. Every day. Seven billion people in the world and you’re the one I’d choose,” I whisper to him.


“Thank you,” he whispers back. His eyes are twinkling with the fading sunlight. He wraps me in a tight hug and adds, “Every time the sun sets I’m excited because it means I get to start the next day and the next adventure with you.”


Oh he’s good. Even better, I believe him. I feel the same way, and that’s one of the reasons I said yes.


I have no doubt that I could keep searching for a thousand years and not find someone more perfect for me than Eric. I know he’ll love me no matter what I choose to do with the rest of my life. For right now, I have everything I need.




14 thoughts on “Chapter 16

  1. It was a blast ready this!! Can’t wait for the next story and whatever other stories your dirty, dirty minds come up with;) nice work ladies!!


  2. Perfect ending for these two. I forgot to comment last chapter, when Eric said I love guacamole, I spit my drink out! Great line! Reminded me of That 70s Show when Eric told Donna that he loved cake😃
    Looking forward to your next story!


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