Chapter 3: You Ain’t Worth The Whiskey



“Kennedy, just checking to see where you are.” I ended the call. Kennedy was supposed to be over an hour before. I hadn’t heard from her in a couple of days. The last time we talked we planned to do an actual date-like thing.


I decided to call her best friend Dawn. If anyone knew where she was it was Dawn.


“St. Joseph county morgue, you stab ’em, we bag ’em,” she answered.


“Hey hot stuff. You see your best friend anywhere?”


“She didn’t call you? I told that hobag to call you,” she sighed. That didn’t sound good.


“Uh, no. What happened?”


“You know that Bob Marley looking motherfucker that plays in the Calypso band down at Nauti Girls?”


“Yeah…” Nope, not good at all.


“They took off for New Orleans the other night…”


“Well shit,” I grumbled. I wasn’t attached to Kennedy so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was annoying as shit. “Now I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go. I was actually going to take her out tonight.” On her prompting.


“I don’t know if her new husband will like that.”


“Her what?!” I literally fucked her stupid four days before. “How new are we talking?”


“Day before yesterday?” Dawn said nervously.


“That’s fuckin’ sick,” I grumbled. “Tell her good fuckin’ luck when you see her again.”


I honestly had no idea how to feel about that. Kennedy and I weren’t serious at all. That didn’t mean I felt good about her disappearing with a new husband. I hadn’t been with anyone else. Hell, it made me thank my lucky stars I always used a condom with her. I didn’t go down on her either. I still wanted to get tested.


“You got it. You should come down to Coco Bar tonight,” Dawn said. She was a bartender there.


“Only if you’re working,” I flirted. If my ex… I guess girlfriend could get married without telling me, I didn’t see an issue flirting with her friend.


“I am. I’m on my break right now, actually. It’s ladies’ night so it’s a fuckin’ beaver fest.”


“Save me a stool,” I chuckled. “And a bottle of Patron.”


“You got it, sexy. I gotta run. See you in a bit,” she said and hung up.


I was thoroughly disgusted with Kennedy, but that was okay. I wasn’t married to her; hell, she wasn’t even technically my girlfriend. She just moved quick. I would get over it.




When I pulled up to the bar one of the first things I noticed was an old Firebird sitting in the lot nest the entrance. I knew that car. I loved that car. It was Sookie’s dad’s which meant she was probably somewhere inside the bar.


Dawn wasn’t kidding when she said it was a beaver fest. The place was damn near wall to wall tits. I had choices, if I wanted them. Also had my eye out for Sookie. I heard her yelling a few days before and I had a suspicion she wasn’t doing so hot. It wasn’t really my business. Maybe I could buy her a drink though. Kind of an apology for what went down between us.


I walked up to the bar, waiting for Dawn to see me. The place was busy, but I was able to find an empty stool between a pretty brunette with no tits. Nope. I was a boob man. The other side was a fiery redhead with nice tits, but they were obviously fake. It didn’t matter. I wasn’t sure I was looking to hook up anyway. That really wasn’t my style anymore.


Dawn walked up with a big smile on her face and the bottle of Patron I asked for. I wouldn’t drink it all, but I could make a serious dent.


“Hey, gorgeous,” I smiled, leaning over the bar to kiss her cheek.


“Hi.” She accepted the kiss and set the bottle down in front of me. “I put in an order for onion rings too so you’re not drinking on an empty stomach.”


“Why didn’t I take you home from the beach that day?” I chuckled. I took the bottle and the shot glass she offered so I could pour a drink.


“Because she lassoed you first with those long legs of hers,” Dawn replied. “By the way, I give it six weeks before she comes to her senses.”


“Eh, I’m over it,” I chuckled. “She was a good fuck, and that’s it.” She was a really good fuck. And flexible too. She wasn’t The One, and I knew it.


“That explains the bottle of girlfriend eraser you’re drinking from,” she smirked and then turned her attention to someone a few stools down.


I just liked Patron. At least that’s what I was telling myself. I poured the shot and drank it. I looked at the redhead and thought about offering her a shot, but I decided against it. I took another shot and turned around to face the bar. There were a lot of hot girls, a handful of dudes were sprinkled throughout as well. What caught my eye was a very pretty blonde with a hot pink tube top and a pretty smile. I missed that smile. I wasn’t in love with Sookie, or so I thought, but damn was she beautiful. I picked up the bottle and my shot glass so I could make my way through the crowd.

“Hey, pretty girl,” I purred in her ear from behind when I reached her.


Sookie’s head turned and I could tell by her eyes that she was a little drunk. She smiled at me and said, “Hey, stranger! I’m glad you’re here.” Sookie turned to hug me.


She felt good in my arms. Damn good. I squeezed her tight, lifting her off of her feet. She smelled good too.


“How have you been?” I asked as we hugged.


“Pretty good. I bought a house, got my master’s degree, my dream job and the cutest dog in the entire world,” she answered.


“Congratulations,” I smiled as I set her on her feet. I didn’t let her go. I wasn’t sure why, but I wanted to hold on to her as long as possible. Damn I missed her. “You look good.”


“Thanks. So do you. Were you always this tall?”


“Since I was fifteen,” I laughed. “Were you always this cute drunk?”


“Since about seven o’clock tonight,” she giggled.


“I have a bottle if you want a shot.” I lifted the bottle of Patron to show her. “How long have you been back in town?”


“I think I better stick with my trusty Long Islands here.” Sookie sat down again. “I moved back a little more than a month ago. I had no idea Tara was going to be my neighbor.”


“She didn’t tell me you moved in. I was surprised to see you. Are you here alone or with someone tonight?” I needed to know where to stop my flirting.


“Alone. I was here with Mel but Duchess Fifi shit her doggie bed,” Sookie told me. “Apparently she ate a crayon at some point so her shit was spring green.”


“That’s… interesting,” I laughed. “I’m alone too. Will you let me buy your next drink?”


“I guess I could let you do that.” She lifted her glass to take a drink. “So why does someone as cute as you need a whole bottle of tequila?” Sookie asked as the onion rings arrived.


“According to the bartender it’s a bottle of girlfriend eraser. I found out about two hours ago the girl I was seeing married some guy and ran off to New Orleans. I’m not sure what order that was done in.” I pushed the onion rings toward Sookie before taking one.


“That’s… What bitch move,” she said. “If it helps, my boyfriend left me for a twenty-year-old.”


“That does make me feel a little less alone,” I smiled.


Sookie slurped down the last of her drink and then set her glass down. “She can probably blink with her tits or something.”


That made no sense but it made me laugh. I held up my hand to call the waitress over so I could order another Long Island for Sookie. I ordered a beer for myself as well to chase my tequila.


“I for one think you have the best tits in the room,” I told her. I hadn’t looked at all the tits, but I remembered how nice Sookie’s were.


“Awww you’re sweet.” She leaned over to kiss my cheek.


“I’m honest,” I winked. I leaned in a little closer in case she wanted to kiss me again. “Remember that time we were at the beach and I had my hands under your top. The tide pulled back and the force of the water took your bikini top with it.” If I hadn’t been playing with the girls she wouldn’t have had the issue. I had loosened her top to get my hands in.


“Since I had to walk out of the water with my hands on my nips, yeah,” she laughed. “Do you remember the time beach patrol caught us in the dunes at Henderson?”


I leaned in close to whisper in her ear, “I still jack off to that day.” There was something extra sexy about her that day. She was slowly bouncing up and down on my lap when were caught. I had my shorts on and her bikini bottom was moved to the side. Everything about her felt amazing.


“I’m still a little mad they didn’t let us finish. I was so close to cumming,” she replied. There was suddenly lust in her ocean blue eyes.


“You know since we’re both single we could try to recreate that day,” I suggested. She was wearing little tiny shorts that barely covered anything, making her ass look sexy as fuck. I took another shot of Patron as our drinks were delivered.


“We were kids then,” she said waving me off. “I work with kids now so I can’t get arrested for sex crimes.”


“I have a private beach we can try it on,” I shrugged. “It’s private property so no cops would show up. If any people show up at all I can get them arrested.”


“You own a beach? How did you swing that? I didn’t think dolphin tours paid that well.” Sookie picked up the tequila and poured a shot that she promptly drank and chased with the new Long Island.


“I quit the dolphin tour joint right after you left.” Got fired for drinking on the job was more like it. “I started flipping houses and renting them out or selling them. I made my first million within the first eight months. I own four properties, but the one I live in has a private beach and dock.”


“Wow. Well good for you.”


“Thanks. It’s fun,” I shrugged. “What are you doing with the kids?”


“I’m a director at a daycare center, so I do get to spend time with the kids but it’s a lot of administrative work and meeting with potential clients,” she told me.


“Nice. Does it make you happy?” I snatched another onion ring.


“It does. I can’t wait to have kids of my own,” she added. That was nothing new.


“I know,” I smiled. “You’re going to be a great mother when you do have them.” I reached over to take her hand, rubbing my thumb over the inside of her wrist.


“Someday I’ll pick a guy who picks me back.”


I could have been that guy. I had too much going on to even care. Losing Nik fucked me up bad.


“You will and he’s going to be a lucky motherfucker,” I told her.


“I hope you’re right,” she said. “You know I think I need another shot.”


I grabbed the shot glass and poured her a shot. I’d had my mouth on every inch of her body. I didn’t think she had cooties or that I’d have an issue with her drinking from my glass. Plus, she’d already done it.


“For the pretty girl,” I said as I handed it to her.


She winked at me and tossed the shot back like a pro. Sookie set the glass back down on the table and asked, “Wanna go make out somewhere?”


I poured my own shot before answering. “Hell yeah,” I smiled before taking the shot. I took Sookie’s hand so I could lead her to the bar so I could give Dawn the bottle to hold for me. “In my truck, or somewhere else?” I asked Sookie.


“What about that beach?”


“We can definitely do that.” I took her hand to lead her out of the bar. The tequila hadn’t really hit me yet and my house was close so we hopped in the truck to go back to my place.


The drive didn’t take long and when we got into my garage I leaned over the seat so I could place a gentle kiss on her soft lips.


“Come on. We’ll skip the tour for now,” I whispered as I pulled back.


“That’s fair.” Sookie followed me out of the truck and into the house. “Nice fishing shanty you have here.”


“It’s alright,” I shrugged. My house cost well over a million bucks. The place was fuckin’ nice. A twenty-five-year-old had no business having a house so nice. I took Sookie’s hand and walked her right out the back door. “We can always make out by the pool,” I offered.


“Anywhere you want as long as I can take these sandals off. They pinch my feet.”


They made her legs look awesome though. I stopped us by the pool and squatted down to unbuckle her shoes for her. So she wasn’t alone I kicked my shoes off too and then made her yelp when I picked her up bridal style.


I walked out the back door, through the lawn, and toward the path leading to the beach. It was a nice night and the walk was lit by the moonlight. Sookie stayed quiet while I walked until we reached the beach and I set her down.


“We can do this anywhere.” I turned her to face me, dipping my head to press my lips to hers.


Sookie kissed back and her hands settled on my sides. She licked the seam of my lips but pulled back before I could deepen the kiss. There was an impish little smile on her face as she started to back up.


“Last one to the water has to be on top,” she challenged before she took off running.


I won either way. I pulled my shirt off, tossing it behind me. I took off after her. With my long legs she was no match. I caught her around the waist before she hit the water.


“What happens if it’s a tie?” I purred into her ear.


“Doggie style?”


“That works,” I chuckled. “Are we going in, or should we stay here?” I used my free hand to reach into her tube top to grab her tit. I didn’t grab too hard. Just enough pressure to make her moan.


“I was only going to get my feet wet, but if you’d rather get something else wet…”


I dropped the hand around her waist to cup her mound.


“Like this?” I started rubbing her through her shorts.


“Exactly.” Sookie tilted her head to kiss my neck.


I flicked her button open so I could dip my hand inside of her shorts. I started to rub her smooth pussy. I remembered how tight she was the last time I was with her. I was her first, so I imagined she felt just as good. She only said she wanted to make out though. Before the night was over I had a suspicion it was going to turn into a lot more than some kissing and heavy petting.




9 thoughts on “Chapter 3: You Ain’t Worth The Whiskey

  1. Damn! That was quick! Long Island ice teas and tequila will do that though. Wonder if either of them will regret it in the morning or want to start over?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. More please! Sir may I have another? Love, love, love it! I hope these two can get it together. Really I hope Eric can get himself back…. Maybe a little happiness with Sookie can make him feel better about himself… Losing his bro is devistating but time to sack up and go on living and loving right? Not just making it day by day barely living and just sport fucking… Everyone needs someone to care for them and to be able to care back eventually…Hopefully Sookie can bring that back for him and he realizes all he’s lost and will keep losing the farther he falls into a bottle. Wishful thinking!!
    Love you guys,
    Raeleen (howyoudsdoin)

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  3. Well they’re moving quicker than I expected. Hope there are no regrets in the morning! Hopefully this isn’t just a rebound for Sookie. I don’t think Eric was serious enough with Kennedy but Sookie was thinking about marriage. Can’t wait for the next chapter!


  4. That was a GREAT little appetizer!! But I’m so hungry for more. Haha!!

    Oh, but I have to know; when Sookie said, “She can probably blink with her tits or something.” Was that a reference to Indiana Jones’ student blinking “Love You” written on her eyelids during his class, in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Ooooo if so, that’s too funny!


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