Chapter 10



What a fucking cunt. It pisses me the fuck off knowing she lied to me for weeks. I don’t agree with cheating, no matter what the fucking circumstances are. I want no part of it. Period. I’m just glad she told me before I got too wrapped up in her.
As much as I want to deny it, I was starting to like her. Her feisty attitude and the way she gigglesnorted when she laughed too hard was fuckin’ adorable. Sadly, if she showed up on my doorstep tomorrow telling me she left her man I’d pick right back up where we left off. I know that’s not happening. She told me she’s not ready, which is fine. It also explains a whole fucking lot about her mood swings. I’m just glad I didn’t allow myself to get too invested.
The sun is still up when I leave her apartment so I stop by the coffee shop and head over to the bakery. I just came four times, but I still need a stress reliever after that fucking bombshell.
When I walk in the bakery is empty. I find the cakes on the rack. I might as well get some fucking work done. I go out to the front to see if there are any messages for me and I’m shocked when I see one from Pam. I haven’t talked to her since that blow up almost two months ago.
I check my cell phone and I don’t have any missed calls from her, so I know she only called the shop. I find her number and hit send.
“About fuckin’ time,” she answers.
“I’ve been busy,” I reply. I’ve actually been getting a lot more business since Pam left and I brought Belinda in.
“Good for you. I just wanted to let you know I’m moving,” she says.
“Where to?” Just my fucking day. My fuck buddy has a fucking boyfriend and my sister is calling me after two fucking months to tell me she’s fucking leaving.
“Los Angeles. I got a job doing costuming,” she says. “They need me immediately.”
“Fan-fucking-tastic,” I sigh. “Good for you, Pam. I’m happy for you.”
“I can tell,” she snickers. “Try not to be too excited, you might pull something.”
“What do you expect, Pam? You’re my only sister and you’re moving halfway across the fuckin’ country. I know we haven’t talked, but you’re here if we need each other.”
“You’re right. I’ll call them and tell them my big brother might need me so it’s not going to work.”
“When do you leave?” I ask, ignoring her sarcasm.
“Are you too busy getting shit ready to go, or can you find time for me?”
“I might be able to squeeze you in. I’m subletting my condo,” she says.
“Good to know. When can I come to see you?”
“Tomorrow is good. I’m meeting my tenant tonight.”
“Man or woman?”
“Woman. She’s a friend of Miriam’s. I’ve met her a few times before, so I know she won’t fuck me over.”
“Is she hot? Maybe I can swing by to check on the place while you’re gone…” I offer. Might as well start looking for a new fuck buddy. Fuck. I should’ve taken Aude’s fucking number.
“I’d do her,” Pam says. “She looks like Scarlet Jo–”
“What’s her name?” I ask, cutting her off. If it’s fucking Aude…
“Aude Carson,” she replies.
“I just spent close to four hours fucking her and her friend,” I chuckle. Looks like I do have a way to get her number.
“Good for you,” Pam says in her bored tone.
“At least I know where to go when I need a good blowjob,” I say. “Give her my number.”
“Do I fuckin’ look like Cupid to you?”
“Just sayin’, fuck,” I chuckle. “Listen, I should go. I have a fucking pussy cake to make.”
“Bridal shower?” Pam snarks.
I chuckle and say, “Nah, and the fucker wants cum squirts all over it. Fuckin’ classy.”
“Gross.” I hear her doorbell ring. “That’s Aude. I’ll call you tomorrow. Answer your fucking phone.”
“I will,” I promise and she hangs up.
I sigh as I put my phone on the charger. I’m not as upset as I could’ve been with this Sookie shit. She could’ve waiting until we started getting all fucking couply and shit before telling me. Or worse; her fucking boyfriend could’ve showed up while I was balls deep in her.



A few hours pass and I’m still staring at fucking Google to see what kind of pussy I want to make when there’s a knock on the kitchen door. I’m not expecting any deliveries and I highly doubt Sookie would be showing up. I close the web page and I’m shocked as fuck when I open the door to see Aude standing there.
“Hi,” I smile, crossing my arms over my chest.
“Hello,” she purrs. “I hope you don’t mind, but Pam told me where I could find you.”
“No, I don’t mind at all.” I open the door all the way to let her in. My eyes go straight to her ass when she walks past.
“Nice place you’ve got here,” she says. Aude sets her purse on the counter and bends over to look in the case in front of her.
“Thanks.” My dick starts to twitch remembering what it feels like to be buried inside of her.
“So you’re working late, huh?” She straightens up, tugging on her dress some and improving my view of her cleavage.
“Yeah. I don’t usually stick around at Sookie’s.” The fact that I’m done with Sookie is none of her business. When my eyes land on her tits I lick my lips.

“She told me.” Aude comes closer to me. “She also told me that you two are through seeing each other.”
She works fuckin’ quick.
“Mmhmm,” I confirm without tearing my eyes from her chest. Suddenly a thought hits and I ask, “How would you feel about modeling for me?”
“What would I be modeling?”
“I’m working on a bachelor party cake and I need a good pussy to model it after,” I inform her.
“What’s in it for me?” She gives me a wicked little smile.
“What would you like?”
Her eyes lock on mine and she reaches out to grab my cock. “This.”
“Where would you like me to give it to you?” I purr.
“Anywhere you want,” she purrs back.
I reach under her skirt and find her pussy bare. She’s also dripping wet.
“This is a nice place for it.” She spreads her legs and I work two fingers into her pussy.
“Mmm… yes it is,” Aude agrees.
I dip my head to kiss her while I continue to finger her cunt.
“I wouldn’t mind having your sexy fucking lips around my base again either,” I whisper into the kiss.
“We’ll call that your reward when you finish the cake,” she says and unbuttons my jeans.
“That works.” I pull my fingers out and turn her around. I lead her to the wall and say, “Brace yourself.”

Aude puts her hands up on the wall and spreads her legs for me. Her back arches, pushing her ass away from the wall. I flip her skirt over her ass and push three fingers into her pussy.
“You sure you want my dick?” I ask as I pump my fingers in and out. She’s so fucking wet they’re gliding with ease.
“Fucking positive. Your cock is perfect,” she moans.
“I don’t have any condoms with me. You may have to settle for my fingers,” I say as I work a fourth finger into her cunt.
“I’m clean,” she moans. “And I can’t get pregnant. I had a hysterectomy three years ago.”
“Mmm, okay,” I smile and twist to rub her g-spot. “Cum on my fingers and I’ll give you what you want.”
“Fuuuuck… ye… yes, sir,” she pants. Her walls are pulsing around my fingers. “Mmm… so fucking good.”
I pull my fingers out and unzip my pants to pull my cock out. I slide my tip up and down her wet folds. I start to push in and give her a hard slap on an already bright red spot.
“Fuck, your pussy feels good,” I groan as I slide in to the hilt.
“I love your cock,” she says. “I’ve been thinking about it since I left Sookie’s.”
“Mmm, good to know.” I start to pound into her, pulling her ass back against my hips as I drive forward. I figured out she likes asphyxiation earlier so I reach up to grab her throat, gripping tighter than I normally would, simply because it’s making her walls pulse around my dick.
“Fuckfuckfuck…” she gasps. “Make my greedy cunt cum all over you, Eric.”
I press her body against the wall and slide my hand down her body so I can pinch her clit.
“You like that, don’t you?” I ask when she gasps again. I start pulling her clit, rubbing my fingers over the slick bud.
“Yes!” She cries out and her walls clench. “Feels so fucking good.”
“Cum hard on my dick and I’ll give you my cum,” I pant in her ear before I scrape my teeth over her earlobe.
“Mmm… I want it all over my pussy,” she moans.
“I’ll give it to you… Now. Cum,” I growl and squeeze her throat tighter.

She lets out a strangled cry and her pussy begins milking my shaft as a fresh wave of her juices run out of her and down to my sac.
“Fuck!” I shout just before I pull out and release all over her slit. “Now get down and clean your pussy off of my dick,” I command her and push her to her knees.
Aude doesn’t hesitate to take my dick deep in her mouth to suck her cum off me. Her head bobs and her tongue bathes me. She swallows my head and her tongue appears to lick my sac while her lips are wrapped around my base.
“Mmm, good girl,” I moan. I slowly thrust my hips. I pull out after a few minutes before I get hard again. “Are you going to let me take a picture of your cunt now that it’s dripping with my cum?” I ask as I help her to her feet.
“Sure,” she shrugs.
I take her to my office and have her sit on the edge of my desk. I pull out my cell phone and start to snap pictures of her pussy. She’s so fucking wet… I lean in and rub my tongue over her clit a few times before I’m done.
“Anytime. So while I’m modeling for you can I play with my pussy, or do I need to be a good girl and keep my hands behind my back?”
I have the pictures so she can play with her pussy, but… Actually…
“You can play. I like the sounds you make,” I tell her.
“Good,” she smiles. “Where do you want me?”
I take my office chair out to the kitchen and tell her she can sit there. I have her hook her legs over the arms of the chair and I pull the pictures up while I get to work. As expected her fingers go straight to her pussy.
Aude and I spend the next few hours together talking. She’s a funny girl, dirty, but fucking hilarious and having someone drop down to suck my dick anytime I tell her to isn’t too bad either. The only problem is that little voice in my head that keeps reminding me I was starting to really like Sookie too.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 10

  1. yeah, I figured this was going to happen. I’m not happy about it but so be it. So, Aude worked quickly and he’s all butt hurt and determined never to see Sookie again. I want to see how long that lasts but I suspect that Sookie is going to hook up with Alcide to keep the drama going.


  2. It looks like Eric had a nice distraction in Aude. I like how Eric was still thinking of Sookie even after that. I wonder if Sookie will think of him.


  3. I had a feeling when I read last night’s update that Aude would be all over Eric in record speed and here she is. This is the part where I have to admit how hypocritical I am. I know that Sookie was cheating on Trey with Eric, but I hate seeing Eric with anyone but Sookie. It’s my hang up…
    So, Eric’s going to get all twisted up with Aude; Sookie will be available when he isn’t. The thing is, I don’t trust Aude. There is just something about her. I hope I’m wrong for Eric’s sake, but I can see her fucking him over. Without Pam around to watch his back, I would be cautious.


    • It’s my hangup too, I admit it. That’s why I had the same reaction that you did when I read last night’s update. And, Sookie might be cheating on Trey but Trey has been someone in the periphery while Aude is very much there and clearly out to get Eric.


  4. Oh wow! I guess he’s not attached to anyone and Sookie asked if he wanted Aude’s number, sooo… I wonder what will happen when Sookie breaks it off with Trey.


  5. Ahhhhhhhhhh. No more cheating! 🙂
    Lol that Pam new tenant is Aude. Perfect!

    He should forget Sookie, at least for a while… until she gets her stuff together 🙂

    In the mean time, no need to look for another fuck buddy.


  6. I wonder if what Aude said is true. It is really quick for Sookie to tell her. I never trust someone who says she can’t get pregnant. Is Eric running on blind trust here?? Love the chapter.


  7. Not sure I trust Aude, why didn’t she tell Sookie she was staying in town? Especially when they decided to get together before Aude left town…


  8. Total Angst alert am I right???

    Not that Eric didn’t deserve a distraction but how stupid can he be? How can you trust a wench you just met that she is clean and can’t get pregnant? Come on! Too much of a risk…

    I may be wrong but I am highly suspicious of Aude… how did she get time to get Sookie’s message that Sookie’s broken it off with Eric? Even her becoming Pam’s tenant? It has to be a coincidence but it makes me nervous… Call me paranoid but the girl you experiment to in college could be the girl who becomes your stalker in your adult days… Perhaps I am just looking for reasons to dislike Aude because hey, I am a Sookie supporter no matter what…


  9. See, Eric moved on with the friend Sookie brought into their sex session and I bet Sookie’s gonna break up with Trey and Eric’s gonna be with Aude. So….what now? Cheaters never prosper….


  10. aude told eric i want it all over me, i don’t know about you guys, aude seems to be lying, she said was ‘fixed’ would it matter were it goes. she was railroadish in front of sookie with eric, he should have known something then.


  11. aude said she doesn’t want to date him, but gets to know him after the sex is through crazy ball and chain for eric


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