Chapter 2: Fire


I’m getting our gear all set out to show the kids. We take fire prevention week pretty seriously and the kids always seem to be excited about it. Inevitably there will be a dozen or so kids who want to be a firefighter when they grow up, but I doubt that will still be true when the time comes for them to really choose a career path. My old man was a firefighter. So were three uncles and my grandpa on my dad’s side. My dad died in the line of duty when I was still in the academy. A beam fell during a structural fire and he suffered a skull fracture. He lapsed into a coma and after tests showed he was brain dead, Mom took him off life support. Dad didn’t want machines living for him.

“If I’m being fed by a tube and shitting in a bag, that’s not living,” Dad used to say. I agree with him.

“All set?” Chief Quinn asks as I set out the last mask for the kids to examine.

“All set,” I reply. There’s a trailer outside for the kids to practice staying low to avoid the smoke if their house is ever on fire.

“Good,” he nods and turns to report that to the school principal so the assembly can start.

I move over to where Godric is standing. We went to the academy together and we’ve been best friends ever since. Getting put in the same house was a lucky break for us.

“You hear back from Isabel yet?” The two of them have been dancing around being exclusive for the last few weeks but I know he’s crazy about this woman. He gave her the house number. That’s a big deal.

“Not yet, but you know how wishy-washy she can be,” he sighs. “She’s probably sitting at her house pulling petals from a damn daisy trying to figure out if I like her, even though I told her I do.”

“You could just tell her you’re tired of waiting,” I suggest. I know he won’t. It’s not every day a guy meets a woman he likes the way he likes her.

“I’m going to give her till the end of the week.”

Uh huh.

“That’s fair,” I nod.

The principal announces the start of the assembly over the PA system and in the next few minutes little kids start to file into the gym. We do our presentation in shifts since first graders don’t sit still as well as seventh graders. Imagine my surprise when Susannah comes into the gym, followed by a line of kids. We met at this club my friend Pam told me about. I’ve known Pam since college. She’s actually a partner in the business.

At first I thought she was nuts for suggesting that I become a member there. The Playground isn’t open to the public. There’s a whole process to go through, although Pam fast tracked my membership. It’s totally worth it. Meeting Susannah is just one of many perks. I’m getting to experience a lot of new things in a safe environment with people who won’t judge me. Plus it’s great stress relief.

I met Susannah by chance. She just happened to be there one night and I was sitting at the bar, nursing two fingers of good Scotch, when I heard a couple fucking on the other side of the room. Crowds almost always gathered to watch. I got up to look to see if the couple was worth watching. My eyes found Susannah’s and the rest, as they say, is history. There is something magnetic about her. We fucked that night and we’ve been doing it twice a week since then.

Just last night we fucked in the middle of the bar because Susannah wanted to be watched. She got off on it big time. For someone who looks so sweet and innocent, she’s got a serious freak flag she keeps hidden. I watch her lead her kids to their designated spot and try to stay hidden from sight. It’s easier said than done when you’re my size.

Of course Godric picks up on my fidgeting. Not much makes me fidget.

“You alright?” he asks, scanning the crowd of kids.

“Yeah, I’m good.” I try to duck when Susannah looks my way and I crack my noggin on the bleachers, which knocks me on my ass. Awesome.

“Real smooth, Ace,” Godric snorts.

“Eric?” I hear Susannah’s melodic voice from about fifteen feet away. Godric’s eyebrows shoot straight into his hairline.

I look up, rubbing my head. I’m going to have a bump.

“Hey, Sus–” I start but she cuts me off.

“It’s Miss Stackhouse,” she corrects me. “What the heck are you doing on the ground?” She’s almost to me now.

“Your bleachers attacked me,” I answer and let her move my hand away. “So you’re a teacher, huh?”

We haven’t talked too much about our personal lives. The point of the club is anonymity. Most people don’t even use their real first name and they definitely don’t give their last name. When we see each other at the club it’ll be like this didn’t happen.

“Third grade,” she confirms as she rubs her slender fingers over the bump on my head. “You’re going to need ice for this.”

“I’m sure the EMTs have ice packs on the bus,” I reply. It’s all I can do not to grab her hand and kiss it. I like her. It’s weird since I don’t know much about her and for all I know it’s just a persona she’s crafted, but I like her.

“Don’t be silly. I can get it for you,” she offers. “You’re welcome to come with if you can stand.”

“It’s not that serious.” I do feel a little lightheaded when I stand up though. I whacked my head good.

She gives me a look I can’t figure out before she says, “Come on. We’re going to get ice.”

“Thanks. Godric, will you tell the chief where I am?” I ask. I’m not doing the presentation anyway. That’s the lieutenant’s job.

“No problem, Romeo,” he smirks.

I let Susannah lead me out of the gym. She looks completely different from last night. Last night she showed up in some micro mini dress without panties on. Mmm…

“So, uh, how long have you been teaching?” I ask so I don’t think too much about her riding me.

“This is my sixth year,” she says. She glances up at me and asks, “How long have you been a firefighter?”

“Nine years now.”

“Family trade or did you decide to be a firefighter on fire prevention day when you were eight?” Miss Stackhouse leads me toward a side door, opening it to reveal a small hallway.

“I think it’s in my DNA, actually,” I reply with a smile.

She smiles back before leading me to a little office, clearly the nurse’s station. “Arlene has a thing for firefighters and she’s looking for baby daddy number four, so she’s out at the assembly,” she chuckles as she starts to open a cabinet door.

“Oh we met. She offered to be our Resusci-Annie for CPR demonstrations,” I laugh.

Susannah let’s out a sweet giggle. “I’d offer too now that I know you’re out there, but I don’t want to get turned on in front of my kids,” she winks before she starts to break the pack to cool it down.

“Eh, I’m sure we can find another time to role play that fantasy,” I assure her.

“Mmhmm,” she hums. “Sit.” She motions for me to sit on one of the tiny chairs. When I do she comes to stand between my legs so she can rest the cold compress on my bump. She smells fresh and light and… damn near intoxicating.

“You smell like heaven.” I don’t reach out and pull her closer but I want to. I’ve wondered who she is away from the club. It’s weird, but good to finally know.

“Thank you,” she says softly. “You smell like what I assume a firehouse to smell like, but I like it. It’s manly and sexy.”

“It’s sweat, smoke and Pardloe’s pulled pork,” I chuckle.

“Just like a man should smell,” she giggles. She presses lightly on my bump. “How does this feel?”

“It’s sore but I’ll survive. I’ve lived through worse,” I assure her.

“I believe it. You think we should get back out there?”

“Probably. Your kids are probably looking for you and Big Red might think you’re stealing her baby makers,” I wink.

Susannah laughs and says, “My kids are probably horrified by her. She’s most likely writhing around like a dog in heat.”

“That’s… disturbing.” My hands move completely of their own accord to settle on her outer thighs.

“A little,” she agrees. She doesn’t move away. Actually, she shifts a little closer to me so her tits are right in my face.

“We should go before we get arrested.”

“Probably a good idea.” She takes a step back, seeming to shake herself, most likely to clear the lust I can see rising in her.

I can’t speak for her, but I’m not ashamed of the things we do together; it’s just that there’s a time and place. Last night was appropriate. Right now wouldn’t be and I know it. We belong to that club – at least I do – to keep that part of my life separate from the rest of my life. Not even Godric knows I go there and I tell him pretty much everything.

“Thank you for rescuing me, Miss Stackhouse,” I say. I love the way her cheeks pink up. She’s sexy as fuck, but she also has her cute moments too.

“All in a day’s work, Mr… Eric,” she smiles at me.

“Northman.” I point to the chest of my shirt where it’s printed.

“Ah, you’d think I would have noticed since it’s eye level,” she giggles. “Come on. I don’t want your fellow firefighters to think I kidnapped you.”

“I’m sure they’re jealous if that’s what they think.” Yep, I’m flirting with her. And she looks surprised by it. Why? I have no idea. I’m sure it happens all the time.

“Thanks, Mr. Northman,” she blushes. Her hands wring together for a moment before she asks, “What are you doing later?”

“I’m on shift. Thirty-six hours on and then thirty-six off,” I explain. It’s why I’m only free to see her twice a week, but she’s worth the wait. I’m honestly shocked she’s not taken.

“Oh, well… are you busy after your thirty-six hours?”

I smile up at her and my hands move to her hips. “Usually I meet this beautiful blonde woman and do unspeakable things to her,” I answer and note the way her thighs rub together. “But I suppose I could meet you somewhere instead. Maybe at the 6th Street Steakhouse at seven o’clock?”

“That would be perfect.” Her shoulders sag with relief before a beautiful grin spreads across her face.

“Good. Then I’ll see you tomorrow night.” I stand up and have to take over holding the ice pack in place. She’s a munchkin next to me.

Our kids might be normal height…

“I’m already looking forward to it,” she says. She gives me one last smile before she turns to lead me out of the tiny office.

I can’t help watching her ass as she walks and when we get back to the gym the assembly has already started. Susannah joins her class and I go stand next to Godric, who looks pretty amused.

“What the hell was that, Casanova?” he whispers. “You didn’t tell me you were friends with a hot teacher.”

“Uh, I’m not. I mean not really,” I whisper back. “It’s a long story not appropriate for little ears.”

Susannah’s class doesn’t need to know I met her teacher while we were watching a couple of strangers have rough, public sex that turned us both on and led to one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. Godric doesn’t really need to know that either.

“I thought you seemed calmer. Booty call?” he guesses.

“Something like that.”

“Nice,” he smiles before he looks out over the crowd. “I’ll get details later.”

“Yes you will,” I smile.

We go quiet while Chief Quinn and Lieutenant Herveaux talk to the kids. Every few minutes my eyes seem to find Susannah’s. My body wants to cross the gym to be closer to her but I stay put. I see her talking to a younger woman with long red hair that didn’t come from a bottle, and I notice her giving Godric the freaky eye.

Too bad he’s hung up on Isabel. I don’t think he notices she’s checking him out. Godric and I move out to the trailer to get it full of smoke for the kids to climb and crawl through. When they come out, dressed in plastic firefighter hats, they all gasp at the billowing smoke coming from the trailer. I stand at the exit to help the kids coming out while Susannah goes all HBIC on some little shithead who pushes two of his classmates.

“Thomas,” she says sternly. “This is your only warning. I will be calling your parents about your attitude.”

The kid doesn’t seem too fazed, but he knocks it off with the shoving. I’m guessing he’s got those parents who think their little angel can do no wrong. Either that or they just don’t bother with discipline. My parents were the type that you didn’t want your teacher to call with behavioral problems. Mom is a tough lady, but she had to be with Dad being at the firehouse so much. Raising five kids – pretty much on her own – meant she couldn’t use that “wait until your father gets home” stuff.

Watching Susannah keep order among the chaos that comes with small children was interesting. I’m used to seeing her in much more submissive role, but then again I’m not so dominant outside of the bedroom. I definitely work in chaos but it’s not really the kind I can control. Unexpected things happen all the time. There are millions of hidden variables that can seriously fuck up our day.

My mind wanders a little too far, given that I just learned Susannah’s last name. I wonder if she’d be able to handle being with a guy in my line of work. It’s not easy. It’s not for everyone. There’s a lot of worry that goes into it. Anything could happen on any given shift. It’s a lot of stress and anxiety to carry around. Herveaux’s wife almost made him quit during the second half of her pregnancy. I get the worry. Mom hid it from us pretty good when we were kids, but it never failed that after a big fire and Dad came home, their bedroom door was locked that night.

It does scare me that the woman I marry could end up like my Mom, but she’s the first one to say she doesn’t regret a minute of her life with Dad. She’s proud of him and the work he did; the lives he saved and the sacrifice he made to save another person. Women like Mom are rare and I know it.

But I find myself hoping Susannah’s one of them.


10 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Fire

  1. Seeing each other outside of ‘The Playground’ gave them a glimpse of what their real lives are like. I know they’re both now wondering what an actual relationship with the other would be like. I am too😍


  2. Laughed when Eric tried to hide and fracked his head but it turned out to be a great way to spend some time with Sookie. I like that she took the lead in going up to him and by asking to see him later. Looking forward to their meeting.


  3. Cute chapter! They both seemed to cope well with the surprise… And now they’re going for a date… We of course saw this from Eric’s POV and he’s already calculating the size of their future progeny and whether Sookie can cope with being a firefighter’s wife… I wonder whether Sookie will be at such a point too or whether she may want to do more ‘experimentation’ before even thinking about settling down?


  4. How opportune that they’ve discovered each other outside of The Playground. This could be the start of ‘a great romance’. 🙂


  5. I like this. I think it’s great that they’re going on a ‘real’ date outside the club. It seems as if there’s real chemistry there that should be pursued.


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