Chapter 2: Auditioning


I decided before I wanted to say anything to Gran about Eric that I wanted to give the drinks thing a try and see what happened. Just so I didn’t seem too desperate to meet him, which I wasn’t, I waited until the next day to call him. Odds were, I wasn’t the only woman he was giving his cell number to and auditioning for the role of his girlfriend. Truthfully, it was kind of an arrogant thing to say but the way he said it, it didn’t seem arrogant. Given his chosen profession, auditioning didn’t seem like a bad word choice.

So I called him in the middle of the afternoon the next day and hoped he’d pick up for an unknown number. I only did because I had sources contacting me and I always hoped by some miracle it was a police officer calling with good news about Hadley. It never was, though.

“Northman,” he answered in that same, deep baritone. It sounded a little deeper over the phone.

“Hi, it’s Sookie. We met yesterday at your optometrist’s office,” I said.

“I remember. It’s a pleasure to hear from you so soon.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t call?” I leaned back in my chair. I was sitting at my desk in the newspaper office. I worked for a small publication a few blocks away from my apartment.

“I thought you might think about it a little longer if you chose to call. I hoped, but I didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched, so to speak,” he chuckled.

“Well I just happen to be free for drinks later if you want to discuss the audition,” I offered.

“I would very much like to discuss the audition,” he agreed. “How’s six sound?”

“Sounds good. Where should I meet you?”

“Are you familiar with Puzzles?”

“Can’t say I am.” There were about a million bars in Manhattan. They opened and closed so quickly that I really only stuck to the places I knew were good and not going anywhere.

“It’s a small bar on East 74th,” he told me. “I can send you the address if you like.”

“Sure.” I could have Googled it, but him sending it worked too. “Is this an upscale place or a little more relaxed?”

“As beautiful as you’d look dressed up, it’s more casual,” he answered.

“Save the dress up for dinner, right?” I could do casual. Hell, I preferred casual.

“Yes,” he said. “As long as the drinks go well, which I’m positive they will.”

“Well then I’ll see you in a few hours,” I said.

“I’m looking forward to it, Sookie. Until then.” With that he hung up. A few seconds later my phone pinged with a text from Eric with an address.

I did a quick search to find that the bar was near 74th and Lexington. It was going to take a while to get across town in rush hour, but I was leaving the office soon anyway. I worked from home a lot. It was easier to concentrate if I didn’t have all the noise of the newsroom to bother me. Plus, being an investigative reporter meant being out in the field and researching more than the beat reporters did. I felt bad for the people who were permanently stuck in front of the news networks.

When I was in the office there was another reporter by the name of Preston Pardloe, who I’d become friends with. He was good for bouncing ideas off of and had a good sense of humor. Preston was also a native New Yorker, which was helpful to a girl who was still learning her way around. It didn’t surprise me at all that he had eavesdropped on my conversation.

“Got a date?” he asked me.

“I’m meeting someone for drinks,” I told him. It wasn’t exactly a date.

“A man, I assume?”

“That’s correct.” I spun around in my chair to look at Preston. “I think he might be prettier than you.” Preston was a good looking man with glowing honey colored eyes. Why he wasn’t a model, I had no idea. He had the face for it.

“Sweetheart, that’s sweet, but not possible,” he joked. “Tell me about him.”

“I don’t really know anything about him, other than he runs a talent agency on West 57th. He’s got beautiful blue eyes and a voice that makes my ovaries quiver.”

“So I shouldn’t expect to see you tomorrow?” he laughed. “You’re going to be bedridden after a night with the pretty boy.”

“It’s just drinks, Preston.”

“Uh huh. I’ll expect a call to tell me all about the drinks tomorrow. I assume you’re going to be drinking more than alcoh– ow!” he laughed.

“Watch it, mister,” I warned. Sometimes his brash New York attitude didn’t mesh with my delicate southern sensibilities. If we were partners, it would probably be like having bad cop and good cop together. Somewhere there was balance.

“Oh calm down,” he chuckled. “I hope you have a good time.”

“Thank you. I hope so too. Gran was just giving me a hard time yesterday about not having a boyfriend,” I snickered. “It’s probably a good thing I met Eric or she’d start trying to talk you into dating me.”

“You’re a pretty girl, Stackhouse, but not my type, no offense.”

“I know. You like narrow, petite girls.” They had to look like ironing boards in front.

“And brunettes,” he winked.

Just about every girlfriend I’d ever seen him with was Asian. It made sense since the women generally checked all the boxes from a physical standpoint. I was about as opposite as a woman could be from what Preston liked. Too blonde, too thick with way too much boob. I also wasn’t as subservient as he would want me to be in a romantic relationship.

“Of course brunettes. Ever been to Puzzles before? I’ve never heard of it until now.”

“Once. Is that where you’re meeting the new guy?”

“Yep. I’m going to run home in a bit and do something a little fancier with this situation.” I gestured to my face. Currently, I didn’t have a stitch of makeup on.

“I think you’ll like it. The atmosphere is nice and comfortable,” he told me.

“A bar is a bar,” I shrugged. “The only bar I’ve been to in this city that I never want to set foot in again is that Dionysus place Amelia took me to. I had a hard time explaining to Gran why there were pictures of me online with a guy in leather pretending to spank me with a riding crop.”

“Oh Lord,” he laughed. “I promise Puzzles is nothing like that. No riding crops in sight.”

“That’s good to hear.”

I had some things I wanted to get done before I left for the day, so I got back to work. My plan was to be out the door at four o’clock. I walked out at quarter after. The walk home didn’t take too long. The apartment was quiet, but I wasn’t surprised. Gran volunteered at one of the nearby libraries, reading to kids and tutoring them a little after school got out. She wasn’t the type to spend her golden years in a rocking chair waiting to die. If she wasn’t at the library, she was volunteering at one of the nearby hospitals, usually visiting with elderly patients.

I went straight to my bedroom to find something a little nicer than a sweatshirt and distressed jeans to wear. I let my hair down and decided to curl it a little. Usually I let my tan and lipgloss be all the cosmetics I wore, but I decided a little mascara was called for. That led to a little shimmery eyeshadow to bring out my eyes. Despite it being a casual kind of place I decided I could never go wrong with a little black dress, so I went with that and a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps.

Getting a cab to go across town was a bit of a pain in the ass, but I made it to Puzzles with twenty minutes to spare. When I got inside I ordered myself a glass of Riesling and waited for Eric to appear.

I was about halfway done with my wine when I felt a big hand on my back and the heat from Eric’s body next to me again.

“If I wasn’t the one meeting you I’d be jealous,” he complimented me before he sat down on the bar stool next to mine.

“Nice to see you again.” He was smartly dressed in a suit perfectly tailored to fit his frame. It was a change from the more casual look the day before. Eric removed his jacket and started to roll up his sleeves. I also noticed his tie was missing.

He lifted his hand to call the bartender over.

“How was your day?” He turned to face me. When the bartender arrived he ordered a scotch on the rocks.

“Not too bad. I actually went into the office for a change. Usually I work from home,” I told him.

“I spend a lot of time out at meetings for work. Going into the office is always a little more relaxing,” he chuckled.

“What does the CEO of a talent agency do?” I sipped my wine.

“A little bit of everything. I’m basically a human salesman, if that makes sense. It’s my job to find my clients roles or book performances. It’s my job to explain why my client would be best for the job. I negotiate contracts, network, help my clients with their image to make them more marketable, career and life coach… That’s the gist of what I do.” When his drink was delivered he asked to have my wine put on his tab.

“Sounds like a busy day for you.” I met sources at off hours sometimes or had to make myself available to interview someone at non-business hours. Occasionally I’d get caught up in research late into the night.

“Very busy. On top of it, I have people that work for me,” he added. “What is it you do, Sookie?”

“I’m a journalist. Currently I’m an investigative reporter for The Chelsea Post.”

“So you’re a question asker,” he smiled.

“I am,” I confirmed. “I like getting to the root of something when I think there’s more to it.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.” He sipped his scotch. Eric let out a soft moan when it hit his tongue.

“Absolutely not. I think it’s healthy to question things. Most people think I’m crazy, but I love conspiracy theories,” I confessed.

“They definitely get people thinking,” he said. “I try not to get too into conspiracy theories. It would keep up all night if I did. I already have a hard enough time sleeping a full eight hours.”

“Who, over the age of twelve, sleeps eight hours a night?” I sure didn’t.

“I don’t know. Not me,” he smiled. “I have good intentions of getting sleep but I end up only getting three to five hours of sleep.”

“Netflix has ruined me,” I sighed.

“I barely even turn the TV on these days. This is the first night I’ve taken off in close to three weeks.”

I arched an eyebrow. “And you want to start dating?”

“I don’t want to spend the nights I do take off in a bar trying to pick up a woman,” he answered. “I don’t know if I have the time to throw myself fully into a relationship, but I’d like to meet a woman to spend time with.”

“One who is amenable to being available at your beckon call?” I took another drink of my wine.

“I know it’s not likely, but it would be nice,” he admitted. “I also like a woman that is independent and has drive. It’s not easy to find a woman like that to show up for me anytime I snap my fingers.”

“What happens if she snaps her fingers?” Relationships were supposed to go both ways. I wasn’t much of a finger snapper, but if the chips were down, I expected my boyfriend to show up.

“As long as I’m not in the middle of a meeting, I wouldn’t mind showing up,” he said. Eric leaned back on his stool and reached over to rest his hand on the back of mine.

“So how does one audition?” I was still unclear about that. “Is it as simple as dinner or do you have something a little more… biblical in mind?”

His eyes flicked down to my tits and then scanned down my legs.

“I would much rather take your audition back to my place,” he purred. “If you prefer a longer audition we could do dinner before we do that.”

“I prefer to eat after sex,” I informed him. I could tell he wasn’t expecting that.

There was heat in his eyes when they met mine again.

“There’s a phenomenal twenty-four hour Chinese restaurant nearby that delivers at all hours,” he told me.

“Do they deliver to a bar?” I teased.

“If I talk to the right person they do,” he winked.

“I haven’t had Chinese food in a while. I live with my grandmother and she doesn’t care for it.” Gran didn’t like anything spicy and there was nothing about sweet sauce on meat that appealed to her. Plus she didn’t like the lingering smell it left behind.

“Would you like to finish the evening at my place with an order of General Tso’s chicken?” He took another sip of his drink. Eric’s hand moved from my back to my thigh.

I wasn’t usually the type of woman who fucked a guy I barely knew. Why I was willing to take a chance on Eric, I wasn’t sure. Yet, I finished off my wine and set the glass on the bar.

“That sounds like a great idea,” I replied. Frankly, if I never heard from him again after one night together I’d be okay with that. What I was feeling wasn’t love at first sight. I was very attracted to him but that wasn’t love.

He finished off his scotch, setting the glass next to mine. He leaned over as he lifted his hand to tilt my face toward his. Eric’s lips met mine in a slow kiss that made goosebumps rise all over my body. His lips had the right amount of softness, but he also took charge of the kiss. I didn’t mind letting him take the lead. He obviously knew what he was doing, so I was going to let him.

When the kiss broke his fingertip skimmed over the top of my breasts, barely dipping into the valley between the two peaks.

“I’m guessing you’re a breast man,” I said.

“I’m an everything man,” he replied. “Your breasts are exceptional, though.”

“Thank you. Do you want another round or are you ready to go?”

“After that kiss I’m ready to take you into the nearest dark corner,” he chuckled as he pulled his wallet out so he could pay for the drinks.

“You like fucking in public?”

“It can be sexy,” he answered. “Do you?”

“Never tried it,” I admitted.

“You should,” he smiled. His big hand slid higher up my thigh.

“Maybe another time.” I wasn’t necessarily opposed to it, but I didn’t think going for it with a stranger was the best idea. “Maybe if you pass my audition we can discuss it.”

“It’s definitely something you want to do with someone you trust,” he said. When the bartender came back with his receipt he removed his hand so he could enter a tip amount and sign the slip of paper.

“Have you ever been caught in the act?”

“No, I haven’t. For such a large man, I can be pretty stealthy.”

“That’s impressive.” I slid off my stool and Eric looked surprised by how tall I was. Then again, he’d only seen me seated.

He stood up too and placed his hand on the small of my back to guide me out of the bar.

“How far is your place from here?” The bar was located in Lenox Hill just a few blocks east of Central Park. There were plenty of residential buildings nearby.

“I’m six blocks away. It’s not a very long walk, but if you’re interested we can get a cab,” he offered.

“A cab would be good. Subway grates and spike heels don’t mix well.” I wasn’t interested in a detour to a hospital.

“I don’t think about it since I don’t wear heels,” he told me. He stepped in front of me to hail a cab coming our way.

“I’m not sure it’s a look that would work for you,” I laughed.

“No?” Eric grinned, flashing me that adorable overbite. “These size fifteens in a pair of pumps doesn’t do it for you?”

Size fifteen… does he hollow out tree trunks to make his shoes?

“I mean, you do you. If you want to rock a pair of pumps, I’m not going to stop you,” I told him.

“I’d probably fall on my ass. I don’t envy you for wearing those. They do make your legs look phenomenal, though.”

“Thank you. I’m going to assume you don’t habitually dress like a woman then?” I got into the cab Eric hailed and slid over behind the driver. He slid in after me and gave the driver his address on East 69th street.

“I’ve done it once,” he admitted. “It was a Halloween party and I called on a friend of mine to put me in full drag.”

“Really? What were you for Halloween?”

“Jessica Rabbit…”

Oh. My. God.

“Please tell me you have pictures,” I said.

“I do,” he laughed. “Not at my apartment, but I have some.”

“I’m going to need to see them.”

“If we decide to see each other again, I promise to show you,” he smiled.

It was a short cab ride to his apartment, which turned out to be on the corner of 3rd Avenue. Eric helped me out of the car like a gentleman after he paid the driver. I probably should have been nervous but I wasn’t. We rode up in the elevator of a building with multiple doormen and a concierge desk in the lobby. The sound of my heels on the marble floor had been almost hypnotic. Eric had punched the button for one of the penthouse levels. I didn’t even want to try to figure out how much a penthouse apartment in a building like his had to cost. No doubt it was way more than I could afford as a journalist at a small newspaper.

We stepped off the elevator when the doors opened. Eric guided me to the right and stopped in front of a door. He unlocked what looked like a very heavy door and gestured for me to go inside. Lights came on when he followed me in. There wasn’t a whole lot to see in the entryway, but a short walk down a hallway put us in the dining room and living room. Immediately I was taken with the incredible view he had.

“Wow,” I whispered. Window seats lined the bank of windows spanning just about the entire length of the wall. As I got closer to the windows I realized there was a three foot balcony. I supposed it was meant for window washers, but if there was a door, anyone could go out there. “This is spectacular, Eric.”

“Thank you,” he replied politely. “Would you like something to drink?”

“What do you have?” I looked around, pleased by the way his apartment was decorated. It wasn’t quite my taste, but it was tastefully done in shades of white, black and gray.

“I have a mini bar over there.” He pointed toward a small bar area. “I also have a wine rack, beer, or water.”

“What are you having?”

“Scotch,” he answered.

“Make it two.” I honestly couldn’t say I’d ever had scotch before. Usually I just stuck with wine that didn’t give me a headache. Fruity drinks were too sweet and guaranteed to cause a hangover.

He walked over to the mini bar so he could pour us each a small glass. He brought it over and handed it to me. As soon as his hand was free it went to my hip.

“Thank you.” I lifted the glass and took a sip. It wasn’t going to be my new favorite thing, but it wasn’t any more awful than any other liquor. The sip burned on its way down.

Eric took his own sip before he leaned over and set the glass down. He grabbed onto my other hip and gently pulled me closer. He dipped his head down to kiss the side of my neck. His wet tongue swirled and licked my skin as his hands started to massage my hips, slipping around to my ass.

“You’re not wasting any time,” I remarked.

“Should I stop?” He lifted his head to look down at me. “Would you like to go sit on the balcony for a while?”

“You don’t have to stop.” He was a good kisser.

When he dipped his head again he kissed my lips. His hand went to my hair, threading through the strands and holding me in place as his tongue slid between my lips. Eric’s other hand rubbed over my ass. When he pulled me closer I could feel how turned on he was getting.

It was immediately apparent it wasn’t just his shoe size that was bigger than average. My hands moved up his torso to his shoulders. In between business meetings he definitely found time to work out. It didn’t take long before my hands were working on unbuttoning his shirt.

Eric released me so he could take his shirt off, leaving him in a fitted undershirt that clung to his six pack like a second skin. Before kissing me again he took my hand to lead me back to his room. We stood at the end of the bed, Eric was standing behind me.

“Lift.” He purred the command as he tugged my dress up over my hips.

I put my arms up so Eric could pull the jersey up over my head. He let out an appreciative little noise when he got wind of the bra and panties I had on.

He reached up to unhook my bra, sliding it down my shoulders. His big hands came around to palm my breasts as his lips went back to my neck, kissing and licking my smooth skin. I felt Eric’s erection rub over my ass as he started to pluck my nipples.

I moaned softly and tilted my head to give Eric more room. My nipples pebbled instantly under his fingertips. He groaned when my hips moved, rubbing against his undeniable hard-on that was pressed against me. I turned around so I could pull his undershirt off. He was sculpted better than any Italian statue I’d ever seen. Definitely better endowed, too.

“Like something you see?” He smirked when I paused to admire his hard work.

“Maybe.” I reached down to open his pants.

“I know I like what I see.” His hand slipped between my thighs. Eric’s fingers rubbed back and forth over my slit through my lacy panties for a moment before he pushed them to the side so he could properly play.

I gasped at the sensation that quickly coursed through me when he found my clit. My last sexual encounter was with Bill about eight months prior. He wasn’t a terrible lover, but I wouldn’t classify him as fantastic either. Everything about Bill had been like vanilla ice cream. There was satisfaction to be found but nothing particularly exciting. I knew what to expect every time. It occurred to me that I was on the hunt for something a little bit wilder. So far, Eric was a little bit of both.

My hands pushed his pants down.

Holy. Hell.

To say he was well endowed may have been an insult. All the same, I attempted to wrap my hand around his thick shaft. My fingers almost met my palm, but not quite. I looked up into Eric’s eyes as I stroked. There wasn’t too much of a height difference between us since I had my heels on. There was fire in his eyes that made me almost painfully aware of how much I wanted to fuck him.

He removed his hand from between my thighs where he had been playing with my clit. Eric brought it to my mouth, tracing my lips with his middle finger and whispered, “Suck…”

I let my lips part and close around his long digit. My tongue rubbed against his finger while I slowly pulled back, taking the taste of my honey onto my own tongue. Before I released his finger my tongue swirled around the tip of it.

“Good girl,” he praised. He reached down between my legs and stroked my clit again with his wet finger before he pushed back and slid it inside of me. He pumped a few times before adding a second finger, curling them just right each time he pulled back.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned. My hand moved a little faster up and down his length. I looked down, watching my hand move. Eric tilted my head back up and held my chin. His eyes locked on mine, making my walls grip his fingers. They weren’t enough. “Fuck me,” I whispered.

He pulled his fingers out. Without taking his eyes off of mine he brought them to his mouth to suck my honey off of them.

“Hands and knees,” he commanded. He removed my hand from his dick and stepped out of his pants before he walked around the bed to get a condom from the nightstand.

I left my shoes on and climbed up onto the bed. Hands and knees sounded good to me. I looked over my shoulder as Eric rolled on the condom. Because I could, I reached down to play with my clit.

Eric knelt on the bed behind me. He rubbed the tip of his thick cock up and down my folds a few times before he started to slide into me. He reached up to grab my shoulder, pulling me back to impale me on his length. His hips rubbed against my ass for a moment before he pulled back and surged forward again, filling me completely.

Oh my god…

He felt bigger than he looked but it was perfect. I was happy to let him have his way and do what he wanted, as long as it felt good. My fingers moved faster, trying to get me across the finish line quickly. Who knew how long he was going to last. It could have been seconds or minutes.

His hands slipped around my throat, pulling my head back as he thrust into me over and over. I could hear him grunting quietly as he fucked me, driving in hard and deep. He took me by surprise when I felt a stinging slap on my ass.

“Ahhh!” I cried out, mostly out of surprise and not because it hurt. In fact it felt good; really good.

“Mmm,” he growled and spanked me again. He pulled me up by my throat so my back was against his chest. He tilted my head to expose my neck and his lips descended onto my skin. He licked, sucked, and nipped as his cock filled me again and again. “I want to feel you cum for me,” he breathed when he reached my ear.

Oh it was going to happen. Soon.

The angle he was filling me at was just right. My eyes closed as the orgasm started. I tried to cry out but no sound left me. It didn’t matter since I knew Eric could feel what was happening. My body trembled and my walls milked him for his release.

“So good,” he whispered. He stopped moving to allow my orgasm to roll through me. When It was over with he pulled out and flipped me over. He spread my legs apart, pushing them back. Eric’s eyes locked onto mine as he leaned over and his lips latched onto my clit. He moaned against my pussy as he suckled the sensitive nub.

That time sound flew out of me. I wasn’t expecting that one bit. My hands went to his hair to keep him there, but it turned out I didn’t really need to worry about him pulling away too soon. I actually had to work to pull him up, and it was obvious he wasn’t budging until he was ready. He wasn’t ready until I came again.

Audition passed… holy shitcakes…

Eric continued to lick and suck until he pulled a second orgasm from me. He dipped his head down to lap at my opening for a moment before he sat up on his knees. He pushed my legs back, lifting my ass. The angle he drove into at allowed him to get insanely deep. He leaned forward so he was hovering over me, my legs hooked over his elbows. Eric started out slow, going hard and deep and gradually increased his speed until his hips were slapping against my ass.

“Yesyesyesyesyes,” I moaned. He was… I didn’t even have words. Maybe he was a unicorn? It suddenly occurred to me that Preston was probably right about being bedridden, which made me laugh out loud. My brain filter had floated away sometime after the second orgasm.

Eric slowed but didn’t stop.

“Are you alright?” he panted, swiveling his hips each time he slid into me.

“Uh huh,” I answered. I didn’t think it was time to explain so I tried to reel it in. Being drunk on orgasms wasn’t helping.

Eric wasn’t too fazed by my giggle fit. His lips crashing into mine quelled the laughter. His hands found mine and pinned them to the bed. When the kiss broke he looked down at me with that same heat and intensity I had been seeing since we got to his apartment. The deep thrusts became more deliberate, making my heart pound in my chest.

I tried to move to get more friction on my clit, but Eric took care of that with the way he swiveled each time he entered me. My eyes rolled back into my head. A fourth orgasm built quickly and exploded before I could even think about it.

“Fuuuuuuuck!” I yelled that time. I wasn’t sure if I could keep going, but it didn’t matter because it only took a handful of thrusts for Eric to finally finish as well.

He dropped on top of me after he came. My hands were free and my legs fell. I felt like human spaghetti lying there in the bed. I could honestly say I’d never had sex that good, especially not the first time with someone new. Eric had to get up to throw away the condom. I laid there like a slug.

“General Tso’s?” he asked.

“Definitely,” I agreed. I was going to need to refuel if he wanted to do that again.


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    OMG! That was a definite welcome back to the wonderful world of sex 😀 Especially if the last you had was Beehl😔 Let’s be honest, Beehl’s a mayonnaise sandwich and Eric’s big beef 😍
    Oh, and something is telling me that Eric’s going to be a suspect because of his job. Could be wrong and I hope I am..


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