Chapter 16



When Sookie asked me if I’d be with her exclusively that was a no brainer. Especially after sleeping with Aude. Not only is she fuckin’ great in bed, she makes me laugh, and she understands when I’m busy, I’m busy. She has her own life, and although she lied about something pretty major, I trust that she’s been upfront with me about everything else. I believe what she tells me now and after learning about her “relationship” with Trey I don’t fuckin’ blame her. Not one bit.
I admittedly didn’t want a girlfriend, but I would be a fuckin’ idiot to pass up an opportunity like this. So tonight, she’s taking me on the date she promised. I was joking, but she insisted on it. I learned real quick not to argue with her when she has her mind set on something.
I’m actually nervous, pacing my house waiting for her to pick me up. I haven’t been on a real date in almost a year. It ended in disaster at that. I don’t even know where Sookie and I are going, she just said to dress nice. I’m taking a swig of my beer in the kitchen when I hear my doorbell ring. I know it’s Sookie because, A) Aude has been MIA since the afternoon she interrupted us, and B) she used to try to walk in. I made sure to keep all more doors locked after the first time she walked in. The shit people do for good pussy. Fuck.
When I open the door I groan audibly. She’s in a pink dress covered in black lace. I want to eat her alive.
“Hi,” I smile.
“Hi,” she smiles back and her arm comes from behind her back to hand me a bouquet of whisks in various sizes. “These are for you.”
“Such a gentleman,” I grin and lean down to kiss her cheek as I take the bouquet. “This is the most original gift I’ve ever received.”
“I figured you had better use for these than you would flowers. Plus I keep my broads barefoot and in the kitchen where they belong,” she winks.
I chuckle and say, “Let me put these in the kitchen. Come on in.”
Sookie steps inside and looks around like she’s never been here before.
“Nice place you got here, toots,” she says.
“I would offer you a tour, but I don’t want you to get any funny ideas when we get to my room. I can already feel your eyes on my ass,” I tease as she follows me to the kitchen.
“You’re lucky my hands aren’t on it.”
“I’m a lady,” I playfully gasp. I grab my beer and down the rest of it. “You want one before we go?”
“Sure, why not? We have some time. The boat doesn’t leave until eight.”
“Mmm, making sure I can’t run if the date goes sour?” I ask, arching an eyebrow. I grab two beers from the fridge and pop the top for Sookie before I hand her one.
“Damn, you got me,” she mutters. She takes a swig from the bottle and smiles at me.
“Goddamn, you look fuckin’ good,” I tell her. I step closer so I can twirl the ends of her hair. “You should let this grow out.”
“That’s my plan. I miss it being longer,” she tells me.
“Tell me, honestly, why do you want to date me?” I ask her. I’m usually too much for people. Aude is an exception.

“Honestly?” Sookie takes another drink of her beer. “Because you keep me off balance. There’s something unpredictable about you and I just spent ten years in a very predictable situation until the very end when I didn’t see any of it coming. Plus, I realized after we went our separate ways for a while, that I missed having you around. You can be a complete jackass or a big teddy bear, depending on what mood I catch you in and I know I can handle you either way. And I like a challenge.”
“That works,” I chuckle. “I like that you can handle me either way. That’s a lot of your appeal.”
“You’re really not that bad. I’ve dealt with worse characters than you,” she shrugs.
“Good to know,” I nod. “So… you wanna make out until we have to go?”
“So much for being a lady,” she chuckles.
“I tried for about thirty seconds and it sucked,” I admit. “We don’t have to. I actually like talking to you.”
“Get your sexy ass over here and kiss me,” she orders.
“Yes, ma’am.” I close the small distance between us and cup her face. I drop my head to lick her lips. “Mmm, you taste like beer…”
“You were expecting bananas foster?”
“Mmm, nope, but that sounds delicious,” I smile. I kiss her again and start walking her backwards toward the living room. “How long do we have?”
“No more than thirty minutes,” she says between kisses.
“Just kissing?”
“What else would you like?”
“Hmm, a blowjob is out of the question… I could rid you of your panties… we did learn we’re good at quickies,” I tell her as I start to kiss down her neck.
“A blowjob’s not out of the question,” she informs me.
“You don’t like cum. If your sexy little lips touch my cock I’m going to want them there until I cum.”
“I don’t like cum but that doesn’t mean I won’t blow you.”
“Do you feel like blowing me?” I ask, rubbing my erection against her stomach.
“Sit down and find out.” She pushes me back to sit on the couch and then quickly straddles my lap.
I slide my hands up her thighs, under her dress. I slide my hands around to her ass and give her a hard squeeze. Out of pure curiosity I ask, “Have you ever had anything in your ass?”
“Nope,” she replies and unzips my fly.
“Does it just not appeal to you, or has no one ever tried?”
“No one’s ever tried.” Sookie reaches into my pants and pulls my cock out. Her hand wraps around my base and she starts stroking slowly.
My hips start to thrust slowly with her stroking. “Are you up for a little experimenting later?” I slip my hand between her thighs and rub her slit through her panties.
“Maybe, we’ll see,” she says in a breathy voice. Sookie shifts herself so she’s on her knees beside me. She leans down and flips her hair out of the way before her tongue runs up the length of my shaft. She sucks lightly on my tip, flicking her tongue against my head a few times, and then slowly taking more of me in her mouth.
I rest my hand on the back of her head. My shoulders sag and I rest my head on the couch. Fuck, her fuckin’ mouth feels so fuckin’ good. Sookie starts bobbing faster my stomach muscles start to twitch and I moan when my head hits her throat. I know she’s not going to swallow, but the little gag she does makes my toes curl.
“Fuck, that’s fucking great,” I groan.
“Mmmm…” she hums and lifts her head to concentrate on just my tip while her hand strokes my shaft. Her tongue swirls around and around my head before she starts bobbing again with her cheeks hollowed and her hand working what doesn’t fit in her hot little mouth.
“Faster. Stroke faster,” I start to pant. I don’t think I’ve been this fucking close to cumming this quick from a fucking blowjob in fucking years. It’s not how good it is, but who has her lips on my dick. “I’m gonna fuckin’ cum… where do you want it?”
Sookie stays right where she is, bobbing at the same pace while her hand moves faster. She doesn’t pull away from my shaft swells a little more or when my balls tighten.
“Fuck!” I gasp, “Fuckfuckfuck…” I swell and release in her mouth. “Oh… fucking… Christ…”
She moans and swallows everything, keeping her head bobbing to clean me up and make sure she got it all. When Sookie lifts her head she gives me a lazy smile and says, “Sometimes it’s not about what makes me happy. That’s what a relationship is.”
“Fucking, shit,” I pant. “Signed, sealed, fuckin’ delivered.”
I’m at a loss for words.
She gives me a soft kiss on my lips and puts my cock back in my pants for me.
“Give me five minutes and we can go,” I breathe. “Or we can say fuck it and I can spend the night with my head between your thighs, returning the fuckin’ favor.”
“We’re going,” she says firmly. “So go fix your face or do whatever it is you dames do in the bathroom, but we’re going.”
“Yes, sir,” I smirk.
I get up and stagger to my upstairs bathroom to splash some water on my face. I make sure there are no splotches on my pants and re-tuck my shirt. When I get back to the living room Sookie is coming out of the downstairs bathroom with fresh lipstick on.
“I’m ready, sir,” I smile and grab my keys.
“Me too.” Sookie picks up her purse from the little table by the door and follows me out of the house.


“Champagne?” I ask, reaching around Sookie with a glass.
“Thanks,” she smiles back at me as she takes it.
“This is gorgeous,” I tell her. I wrap my arms around her waist so we can look out at the sunset from the deck of the ship. “I’ve never been any good at dating. If I agree to a second, I’ll leave the planning to you.”
She planned a sunset cruise that includes dinner, dancing, and drinks. It’s pretty fuckin’ nice. The last time I did something this… fancy I was getting married.
If you agree, huh?” The little minx rubs her ass against me.
“Mmhmm,” I hum and dip down to kiss her neck. “You’re going to have to ask really nice to get me to dress up for you like this again.”
“Then maybe our second date should be breakfast… in bed,” she suggests.
“I like a man that can cook,” I chuckle.
“I knew there was more to your relationship with Alcide than you were letting on,” she deadpans.
“Debbie says the same thing. His neighbor was running around mostly naked when she came home one night and Caitlyn ran back to her house before Debbie saw her. She was confused about Alcide’s hard-on.”
I didn’t hide the fact that I was fucking Caitlyn from Aude those three weeks. She was fuckin’ pissed, but she was willing to ‘let it slide’ when Caitlyn agreed to have a night with the two of us. I really should’ve dropped Aude way before that shit got that out of control.
“Did this Caitlyn girl give you wood too?” she asks.
“Mmhmm, she’s fuckin’ hot,” I tell her honestly. “She went back to school about two weeks ago.”
“Did you sleep with her?”
“Yes.” I’m not going to lie to her about something I did while we weren’t talking. Plus it all ended when Caitlyn went back to school. She knew how to have a fuckin’ fling.
“With Aude around it’s impressive there were any survivors,” she snorts.
“Oh, she wanted to go after her. I kindly advised Aude that I wasn’t hers and I could do whatever the fuck I wanted. We had a threesome and Aude got pissed when I spent the whole time paying attention to Caitlyn.”
Sookie shakes her head.
“I don’t know what happened to her. She didn’t used to be so possessive. Maybe losing the baby–”
“How long ago did that happen? She told me she couldn’t get pregnant.”
“What? Maybe something changed that I’m unaware of, but she had a baby three years ago. Beautiful baby girl but she had SIDs,” Sookie tells me. “She was only three months old when she died in her sleep.”
Lying fucking cunt…
“She tried to get me to fuck her without condoms and told me she had a fuckin’ hysterectomy. Thank fuckin’ Christ I didn’t believe her crazy ass,” I grumble. That could also be what turned her into a fuckin’ lunatic.
Sookie turns to face me with a look of complete shock on her face.
“She told you she had a hysterectomy? I mean she could have, but I’m sure she would have told me if that was the case. I know losing Amber was hard on her, as it would be for any mother, but… damn…”
“Yeah, when she showed up at the bakery and I told her I didn’t have any condoms on me,” I sigh. “It sure as shit didn’t sound like a fuckin’ lie, but I didn’t know her. She sucked my dick within seconds of meeting, which should’ve been my first fuckin’ clue.”
“Maybe but it’s a pretty big jump from being easy to being a fucking nutjob,” she points out. “I’ve known her for like fifteen years and I didn’t know she’d gone off the deep end. Don’t blame yourself.”
“I feel kind of bad for her,” I say. “Nobody wants to turn into a fuckin’ nutter.”
“I’ll get in touch with her sister and let her know what’s going on.”
“I should call Pam and see if she’s contacted her at all.” Pam and I still aren’t on the best terms so I don’t know if Aude has called and said anything to her. “Let’s not spend the evening talking about her.”
“Wanna go dance?”
“I’m no good at it, but I can give it a shot.” I down the rest of my drink and set it on a nearby table.
“Eric, if you can fuck, you can dance,” she insists and pulls me along behind her.
“I’m not so sure about that,” I snicker. “Be careful where you put your ass, you may excite me.”
When we get to the dance floor I pull Sookie around to face me. The song is a slow one and I rest my hands on her hips, swaying along to the beat. Sookie rests her head on my chest and her fingers slowly graze the back of my neck.
“See? You can dance,” she says.
My chest rumbles when I chuckle. “I haven’t danced since my wedding and I kept stepping on her toes.”
Sookie lifts her head to look up at me with surprise. “You were married? Why didn’t you ever mention that?”
“Surprised someone would marry me?” I smirk. “I don’t talk about Nora to too many people. She pissed me the fuck off the last time we talked.”
“Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. My surprise is that you wanted to marry someone. I guess I just didn’t think that was something you necessarily wanted,” she explains.
“I was young and the proposal was a surprise to even me. I didn’t regret it,” I shake my head. “We were happy for a while though, it’s my fault she left. I started getting busier and I refused to hire someone to help me at the bakery. I didn’t trust anyone enough to work at my bakery. She gave me plenty of ultimatums, but I just waved them off until I came home one day and she was gone. She’d found an apartment across town. She took Spencer and left me with the house.”
“Wow. How long were you married?”
“Seven years. Spencer was my answer to a baby when she started pushing me for kids. I picked out a mutt at the SPCA and brought him home a week after I asked her to wait until the bakery took off.”
Sookie nods. “Does that mean you don’t want kids or you just didn’t want them then?”

“I want them one day…”
She rests her head on my chest again and asks, “Do you think you’d ever want to get married again at some point?”
“I honestly don’t know. I’m not completely opposed to the idea with the right girl,” I admit and kiss the top of her head. “It’s been almost three years since the divorce was finalized. I guess it’s about time to start looking again.”
“Well by all means, don’t let me get in your way,” Sookie chuckles.
“I won’t,” I smile. I kiss her head again and wrap my arms tighter around her waist.
Sookie keeps me on the dance floor for almost an hour before I talk her into to going to eat something. After dinner we go back to the deck to watch the city skyline until the boat docks. I can’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed, or laughed this hard. Sookie did a little rubbing on the dance floor, other than that we kept the date fairly PG. The last three years have all been about fucking and working. Now I’m starting to reprioritize. I didn’t think I’d ever meet anyone again I’d even consider getting serious with after Nora, but whatever this is with Sookie is definitely getting serious. I like her. A lot. Hell, I even agreed to a second date.




12 thoughts on “Chapter 16

  1. So good. I like that they are saving and talking. I think Eric had a great time. I think Sookie had fun too. This was a fun chapter to read!


  2. That explains a lot with aude the holding on with a death grip Eric sure like to get down Caitlyn probably beg for a break with from those two good God could you imagine lol they blew her sex circuits at 19 omg


  3. Eric and Sookie are too funny switching male/female roles 😄😄I think their relationship will get serious enough for them to get married. I don’t think it’ll be quick, but within a year. I feel bad for Aude and I hope she gets help.


  4. Awwww nice date!!! See what can happen when you kids play nice… Loved the slightly over the top romantic date that Sookie planned like the perfect ‘gentleman’ (minus the BJ I suppose…). And the whisks! Very cute!!! Of course trouble is in the horizon… Aude being MIA cannot be a good thing and the comments about Pam and about pregnancy and babies could be foreshadowing some scary stuff… Very very exciting story!!!


  5. This was sweet with a squeeze of lemon in there! I like how they really talked and learned many things a good start to building a relationship. Aude had a daughter wonder if that made her crack did she ever seek help? I think she’s laying in wait to pounce she has to be up to something!


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