Chapter 15


After dinner I send Sookie to the living room so I can clean up really quickly. I go to the fridge and grab the bottle of sparkling cider I bought and I pour two glasses. We didn’t get to celebrate her birthday and she looks happy for the first time this week. The house is still lit up with candles. I don’t know if she noticed the new bouquets of roses all over the place, but they’re all red tonight.


When I get to the living room she looks nervous when she sees the champagne glasses.


“Sparkling cider,” I inform her as I hand her a glass. I take a seat next to her, looking at her gorgeous face. The bruises are a lot better, but I can still see them on the candlelight.


“What’s this for?” Sookie smiles.


“This part of the night is to celebrate your birthday,” I reply, leaning over to kiss her sweetly. “Happy birthday, Angel.”


Her smile grows. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome. The other part, the bath, that was to relax you,” I say quietly, reaching up to play with her hair.


“It worked. You have no idea how much I needed that,” she says.


“Maybe I did,” I whisper. I lean over and kiss her check.


“It wouldn’t be the first time you just knew something about me intuitively.”


“I pay attention to you. I’m learning your moods. I know that you get this little crease in your forehead when you think too hard and that your left shoulder bunches up when you need to relax. Your right when you’re irritated.”


“Pretty perceptive.” She puts on her poker face and asks, “What’s my mood now?”


I smile and lean in to whisper in her ear, “That you want to lie back and spread your pretty thighs. You feel like having my head buried there for the next two hours, gently caressing your sexy little cunt with my tongue… or that you want something stronger than cider,” I chuckle as I pull back.


“You’re batting a thousand tonight,” she smiles.


“I have a bottle of champagne for you in there. Want me to grab it?” I smirk.


“No. I shouldn’t mix alcohol and my meds.”


“Do you need help lying back?”


“Only if you want me a certain way.”


“I can scoot down on the floor and lift your little nightie…” I rest my hand on her thigh, stroking up and down, gradually moving closer to her center. “I only care that you’re comfortable.”


“I’ll be fine,” she promises and parts her legs for me.


I set down my glass and slide to the floor between her thighs. I know she doesn’t feel sexy, but to me she is always sexy. I push her legs out a little farther and lean in to kiss her mouth. I keep my eyes open, licking her lips as I stroke her folds with my fingertips.


“I’ve missed touching you like this,” I whisper, moving down to suck lightly on her neck, just below her chin.


“Me too,” she breathes, tilting her head for me.


I moan against her skin, placing wet kisses all along the front of her neck. My fingers stay slow, gently pushing through her folds that are getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. Sookie moans quietly when I reach her clit. I keep my finger there, drawing light circles. With my free hand I grab her chin to turn her face back to mine. I sweep my tongue between her lips, moving my finger down to probe her core at the same time.


“Mmm, you feel so good,” I groan into the kiss. It takes seconds to find her sweet spot and I curl my finger to rub slowly while I kiss her.


Sookie moans into the kiss and her hand grabs my wrist. She doesn’t try to pull me away, though. Her hips roll and start to flex a bit.


“More,” she pants into the kiss.


I pull back to watch her face while I work a second finger into her. “Like this?” I ask, rubbing her a little faster.


“Yes!” Her pretty eyes roll back.


I make her moan louder when I add my thumb into the mix, rubbing her clit. I move my head back in to lick her neck, swirling my tongue over her smooth skin, giving her a taste of what’s to come next.


“Let go,” I whisper when I feel her walls begin to flutter around my fingers.


“Mmm…” Sookie moans and she pulls my mouth back to hers for a deep kiss right before her walls clamp down on my fingers.


We’re both breathing heavily when I pull back from the kiss. I keep my eyes on hers as I lick my fingers clean. “Mmm, what do you want next?” I ask. “I could do this for hours.”


“Do your worst,” she says.


I wink and bend down. I push her legs farther apart and groan against her pussy the second her warm honey hits my tongue. I start lapping at her opening, moaning so her lips part around my tongue.


“That feels so good, Eric,” she pants and her fingers run through my hair.


I keep going, licking nice and slow for what feels like hours before I finally add my hand, spreading her open with my fingers. I drag my tongue up to her clit, sucking lightly, pulling out before releasing and doing it over and over. I work two fingers back into her core. This time I twist and scissor, stretching her until I can get a third finger into her pussy.


“Ohhh… fuuuuuck,” she moans and her hips roll. “Jesus, that’s tight.”


“Mmhmm,” I moan, twisting to find her sweet spot again. I begin to suckle her clit, flicking my tongue down every few seconds to hit the top of her opening.


Sookie’s grip on my hair tightens. “Fuck, don’t stop, Eric! Don’t stop!” she cries out.


I wouldn’t stop if she’s paid me to.


I start pumping my fingers, going as deep as I can on each in stroke. I pull out and make her gasp when I push one wet finger into her ass while the other two fill her pussy. Fuck. I want her now. So fucking bad. I can wait until she’s ready. I start moaning against her clit, sending vibrations through her core as I fuck her faster. I wiggle my fingers so I make sure to hit that special spot inside of her.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Ohmygod!” Sookie cries out again. Her walls grip my fingers and a fresh wave of her honey flows from her.


“Mmm, perfect,” I purr, pulling my fingers out to lick up her juices. “Are you okay?” I ask when I pull away. I sit up to lean in to kiss her. I’ve learned she doesn’t mind tasting herself on me.


“Mmm… take your pants off,” she tells me.


I kiss her one more time and get up to drop my jeans. I kick them to the side and pull off my shirt to join them.


“Where do you want me?” I ask. My cock is solid, weeping pre-cum, aching to be inside of her… anywhere.


“Sit,” she commands.


“Yes, ma’am,” I smirk and take a seat next to her.


Sookie straddles my lap and doesn’t waste any time sliding down my thick length. Her hands press against my chest and her forehead presses to mine.


“You feel so fucking big right now, babe,” she breathes.


“Mmm, I was going to tell you how tight you are. You feel amazing, Angel,” I whisper. I rest my hands on her ass to help her roll her hips. “So fucking good…”


Her hips keep rolling slowly and she sucks on my bottom lip. Her hands slide up my chest to my neck and she whispers, “I love you so much, Eric.”


“I love you too, Sookie. More than you know,” I whisper back, tilting my head to kiss her.


Her thumbs stroke the sides of my neck as she begins to rise and fall. Sookie takes her time riding me and she only breaks the kiss to catch her breath before coming back for more. I’m careful where I put my hands, not moving past her hips so I don’t hurt her. I start to breathe heavily into the kiss. I don’t know the last time I’ve needed someone this bad. My body is vibrating below her.


“Make me cum,” I breathe against her lips. “I need it… so bad, Angel.”


Her hips start moving faster and Sookie leans back to brace her hands on my thighs while she bounces on top of me. I reach down to rub her clit with my thumb while I watch her tits bounce. Fuck. Her walls are getting tighter with each stroke. I can feel my shaft pulsing inside of her.


“That’s it, Angel… Fuck,” I hiss. “Are you ready for it?” My eyes dart down to watch myself disappear into her heated depths over and over.


“Give it to me, Eric,” she pants. Her hips swivel and her eyes screw shut right before she explodes.


“Fuck!” I cry out when I erupt, filling her with my hot release. “Oh. My. God… I didn’t know how bad I fucking needed that.” My head drops against the couch as involuntary shivers run through my body.


Sookie moans and falls forward, collapsing on my chest. “I did,” she says. “You’re not the only one paying attention.”


I tilt her head up so I can kiss her and whisper, “I love you so much, Sookie.”


“I love you too,” she says between kisses and wraps her arms around my neck.


I settle my hands on her hips as we kiss. We end up kissing like this for at least an hour before we break apart to go to bed. I help Sookie into the bed before I go back to the living room to pick up the rose petals and blow out the candles. I find her on her side, snuggled up under the covers when I get back. I slip into my side of the bed, spooning in behind her.


“Do you feel okay?” I ask. That was a lot of movement.


“Better than okay.” Sookie pulls my arm around her loosely. “Thank you for everything, Eric. I don’t know what I would have done without you these last few weeks.”


“You would’ve done the same for me.”


“Let’s hope I never have to.”


“Mmm, no, let’s hope not,” I sigh, kissing the back of her head.


“Sweet dreams,” she whispers.


“Same to you, Angel,” I reply. We snuggle in together and we’re out within minutes.




The next morning I wake up lying on Eric’s chest. I have no idea how I ended up here, but I’m comfortable. When I try to climb off of him to go to the bathroom, Eric’s python arms wrap around me to keep me where I am.


“Potty break,” I say quietly. “I’ll be right back.”


He releases me without opening his eyes. I kiss his chest and climb off of him to go to the bathroom. I think we both really needed last night to happen just the way it did. This feels like a new beginning for us.


When I’m done I brush my teeth and wash my hands before going back to bed. Eric hasn’t moved so I climb right back up and lie on his chest again. His arms close around me and I nuzzle into his neck.


“Are you sleeping?” I whisper.


“Mmm mmm,” he grunts.


I smile and kiss his neck, slowly working my way down to his chest. Eric’s hands slide up my back, working into my hair and massaging my head without pushing me anywhere. The head massage feels good. My lips keep moving and when I reach his nipple, I bite him playfully.


“Mmm,” he smiles. “There’s my silly girl.”


“Biting your nipple is silly? The way your cock twitched, I’d say you like it.” I bite the other one a little harder.


“I never said it didn’t feel good,” he groans.


“Good to know. I need to do research for when I cuff you,” I explain.


“Experiment away,” he says with a naughty smile, finally opening his eyes.


I keep moving, laying wet, open mouth kisses on his chest, slowly working my way down. I move from one side to the other and when I get to his lower abdomen, his muscles twitch. I know he’s hard as a rock.


“What do you want, Eric?” I purr and kiss my way to his base.


“Suck on my sac,” he requests in his sex voice.


I move his heavy shaft out of my way and skim my lips over his sensitive skin. He sucks in a breath and my tongue peeks out to flick gently against the right side of his sac. My eyes flick up to his before my lips close around his nut.


“Mmm, just like that,” he groans as his eyes flutter closed. He keeps his hands in my hair, stroking and rubbing my head.


I hum, making Eric groan again. I move to the other side to give it the same treatment. My tongue flicks against his sac and I hum again since he likes it so much. I keep going, moving back and forth from one side to the other until Eric gently pulls my head up. He grabs his shaft to hold his cock up and runs his tip along my lips.


“Just for a moment…”


My lips wrap around his head and I flick my tongue against the tiny slit to lick up his pre-cum.


“Mmm,” he moans. “Perfect. I’m so in love with your mouth, Angel.”


I moan appreciatively and start to take more of him in my mouth. My head bobs up and down slowly while Eric strokes himself. Fuck, that’s sexy. This is the best kind of teamwork.


“Get on your hands and knees, Sookie. This isn’t where I want to cum,” he says as he brushes his thumb over my lip.


I give him one more hard suck and then pull off of him to get on my hands and knees as requested. Eric gets up behind me. He runs his thumb through my folds, groaning when he feels how wet I am. He pushes into me a few times before he moves his thumb up to my ass. He draws slow, wet circles around my rear hole as I feel his head at my core. Eric swivels his hips as he slowly slides his cock deep inside of me.


“Fuck, that’s gorgeous,” he breathes as he pulls out just as slowly.


“I’ll have to remember to pack my video camera for Mexico,” I moan. “I can pretend to be a stranded tourist with nowhere else to go.”


“Mmm, I like it,” he says. I can hear the smile in his voice. As he pushes back in he slides his thumb into my ass. He holds his hand still while he starts to thrust a little faster, making sure to swivel and roll on each thrust.


I moan and look over my shoulder when I say, “Or maybe I should be the naughty guest that tries to skip out on my bill.” I think that’s more up his alley.


“And how would you like me to punish you?” he asks, moving his thumb in and out of me.


“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” I wink.


“Mmhmm,” he grins. His free hand comes down lightly on my ass before he reaches under my body to rub my clit.


“Mmm… just like that, Eric,” I moan. My hips rock back to meet his thrusts. My walls start to flutter and he slaps my ass again. “Ohgodohgodohgod,” I chant. I’m going to cum so fucking hard.


“Fuck, that’s good,” he growls. His hips speed up a little and he slaps my ass again and again. “Cum hard, Angel. Now,” he commands with a deep thrust and another slap on my right cheek.


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuck!” I cry out when I cum for him. My arms give out and I drop to the bed. Holy fucking hell, that’s amazing.


He slams in a few more times, harder than I would expect before he cums with a roar.


“Fuck!” he shouts, panting heavily. His hips roll a few times while he’s buried deep inside of me. I feel him shiver as he pulls out, dropping on the bed next to me. “Holy shit that was good.”


“Mmhmmm,” I hum and turn toward him. “Do you want me to bring the camera to Mexico?”


“Uh huh.”


I smile at him. “Maybe I’ll be extra naughty and try to steal room amenities.”


He pulls me on top of him and nuzzles into my neck, kissing me softly. “I’ll have to come up with extra naughty punishments then,” he growls against my skin.


“Yes you will. You can make me work off my bill in filthy ways,” I purr.


“I’ll start googling new punishments as soon as I buy the tickets,” he says. “I think my brain will be too fried from your skimpy bikinis to think of anything.”


“That’s a safe bet,” I giggle.


“What are you doing today?” he asks, kissing along my shoulder.


“Hmmm… let me think. Oh right, you.”


“Good plan.” I feel him smile against my skin. “I have an idea…”


“What’s that?”


He starts drawing light patterns on my back and says, “What if when we get back from Mexico we come back to our own house… together…”


My head jerks up to look into his eyes. “Are you asking me to move in with you?”


“Yeah?” he answers nervously.


My mouth opens but nothing comes out so I shut it. We’re practically living together now, I love him and I see us having a future together. Why would I say no?


“Yes. Yes! Let’s do it,” I smile.


“Really?” he grins. “Like really, really?”


“Really,” I nod.


“We can get a house for just a little more than our apartments and… you already said yes,” he laughs. “I don’t have to talk you into it. I love you.”


“I love you too. I’m sure our neighbors will be sorry to see us go,” I laugh.


“I got a thumbs up from the guy above you a couple weeks ago,” Eric laughs.


“Oh Jesus.” I’m still laughing but I feel my cheeks pink up.


“Mmm, you’re so cute when you turn that color.”


“How cute?” I grind against him.


“Lift your hips and I’ll show you how cute, roommate.”


I nip at his jaw and lift my hips for him. He reaches down to position his head at my opening.


“Down,” he whispers.


I slide down his length easily and rock my hips.


He rests his hands on my hips to help me rock and says, “I’ll get to show you everyday just how cute you are to me. Maybe even one day I’ll start calling you Mrs. Northman.”


“If you’re lucky,” I wink.


“I will be lucky to have you forever.”


I hear my phone ringing in the kitchen since I left it in my purse last night, but I’m not getting up to answer it. Instead I sit up and start to bounce on top of Eric. I put his hands on my tits and my head falls back. Fuck, this feels good.


He starts tugging on my nipples a little harder than normal. His breathing gets heavier and his hips buck to meet mine.


“So. Good,” he growls, tugging harder with each word; each thrust.


I moan and hold still to let him pound into me. His tip is rubbing against my spot with every thrust so I reach down to rub my clit and help myself along.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” I cry out as the pressure builds in my belly. My ovaries are tingling so I’ll be exploding any second.


“Give it to me, Angel,” Eric pants. He’s biting his bottom lip, watching the spot where we’re joined.


A few thrusts later I scream his name when I cum. My walls grip him and my insides feel all warm and tingly. He grips my tits hard, pulling me down on top of him so he can crash his lips to mine. His hands move down to my ass to hold me in place while he thrusts up harder and harder.


“Mmm, fuck,” he moans into the kiss. “Fuckfuckfuck…” Eric cums hard, moaning loudly, thrusting his tongue back into my mouth.


The kiss feels like it goes on forever and Eric’s hips keep thrusting lazily. We each get one more release before I get out of bed to make coffee. While I’m scooping grounds into the filter I check my messages. There’s one from Detective Beck.


Debbie’s been arrested.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 15

  1. Glad Debbie has been arrested. In most fics she is dealt with outside of the legal system. Like how Eric & Sookie reconnected!! Very entertaining. 🙂


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