Chapter 7: Bone App the Teeth


I woke up before Eric the next morning. He was passed out, sleeping hard. I slipped off the bed and went to the bathroom to shower. Eric had been sweet, indulging my middle of the night pizza run. I got the feeling he didn’t cook much. There was a little grocery store around the corner from his building, so I got dressed in my clothes from the night before once I was cleaned up. I wanted to make Eric breakfast, but he didn’t have all the things I’d need to accomplish it.

The night before, over pizza, he’d waxed poetic about his love of Mexican food. So I wanted to make him a Spanish omelet breakfast sandwich on a homemade buttermilk biscuit. Unfortunately, he didn’t really have any of the things I’d need for the biscuit part. I walked through the little market and got the ingredients I needed to make breakfast. I hadn’t met a man yet that could resist Gran’s buttermilk biscuits. Eric, I suspected, would be no different.

Of course, since I was slightly hungover, I hadn’t thought about how I was going to get back into the apartment so I had to ring Eric’s doorbell to get back inside. He came to the door with sleepy eyes and a confused look on his face when he saw me standing in the hall.

“I had to shop.” I held up the bags. “I’m making you breakfast.”

“I don’t know what the hell I did right in a past life, but I accept,” he mumbled as he let me into the apartment.

“How do you feel about Spanish omelets on giant, homemade buttermilk biscuits?” I stepped inside and went straight to the kitchen. It wasn’t a big kitchen, but I could make a decent meal in it.

“I feel like I should start ring shopping,” he joked. “I don’t usually have women cook for me that I don’t have to pay when they’re done.”

“Well I don’t want to act too much like a girlfriend, but you were nice enough to go out for pizza with me last night. I figured I could do something nice for you. You like biscuits, right?” I started to unpack things from the shopping bags.

“I do, thank you,” he smiled. “You’re welcome to take over the kitchen. I don’t use it for much more than coffee and toast.”

“Thank you. You can go back to sleep if you want. I’ll bring breakfast to you when it’s ready,” I offered.

“I might go shower instead. A lot of mess was made last night.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Says the woman that soaked me in her orgasms,” he winked. He leaned over to kiss my cheek. “I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

He wasn’t even exaggerating.

While he showered I got the oven started and began mixing up the biscuit dough. I had made them so many times I could do it in my sleep. While the dough rested a second I quickly chopped the peppers and onions for the omelets. Eric came into the kitchen when I was rolling out the biscuit dough. He was kind enough to get out a cookie sheet for me.

“I didn’t even know I had this,” he said as he set it on the counter. “I really don’t spend time in here.” As he moved past me he rubbed his hand over my hip. “Are you a coffee drinker?”

“Yes. I didn’t see a Starbucks nearby. I almost cried.”

“Making coffee is one of the few things I’m really good at.” He pulled the coffee pot away from the wall before he took the carafe out to fill it with water.

“Then you can be in charge of the coffee.” I didn’t have a biscuit cutter, but I found a pizza cutter, so I cut the biscuits in squares. I knew they were going to puff up beautifully. Once I got them on the tray I brushed them with melted butter. Into the oven they went so I could start sauteing the veggies and chorizo.

“You’re a pretty cute drunk,” he commented as he measured the grounds into the filter.

“Oh yeah?” I didn’t recall doing anything particularly cute.

“Mmhmm,” he hummed. “And sexy as hell, but I think you’re always sexy.” Those hands found my hips as he stepped up behind me.

“You’re not just saying that because of the detour on the way back, are you?” He’d pulled me into an alley and… oh mama…

“That detour was nice, but I was more so talking about the kissing.” His lips skimmed along the side of my neck. “And how wet you were when I slid into you,” he added in a soft purr.

“That was very nice,” I agreed. I didn’t want to move but I had to start cracking eggs and getting them whipped up.

He was polite and kissed my cheek one last time before he let me go. He hopped up on an unused counter next to the coffee pot.

“So… this is starting to be a little more than casual,” he said.

“Yeah, about that… I know you want it to be informal. I’m okay with that, so if we need to cool it–”

“I’m not saying that,” he cut me off. “I still have my obligations for work. Right now I have the time to spend with you, but there’s going to be a time when I’m not around so much. During those times I don’t want you to think I don’t care.”

“Well that’s when I get a side piece, silly,” I smirked.

“Is that what you want?”

“A side piece? I think dealing with you would keep me busy enough.”

“Good. I try to be open and honest with the women I date. These days I’m also a one woman man.”

“I’ve never been the type to play the field. If it’s not working I say so and move on.” I found a mixing bowl and set it on the counter so I could crack eggs into it.

“I’m glad we agree on that. There’s something special about you,” he said. “I don’t know how to explain it. I’m just… drawn to you.”

“It’s the DD tits,” I snickered.

“Those definitely speak to me,” he chuckled.

“I can’t imagine what they have to say.”

“Right now they’re asking for attention but I think I’d get my hands slapped away if I came over there to grab them.”

“I need to get these eggs ready to go. You can stir the veggies and sausage. I got shredded pepper jack. I wasn’t sure if you liked that or not.”

He slid off of the counter so he could come over to stir the veggies for me. Post shower Eric was in a pair of low slung sweats, and that was all. His abs and all their glory were on display for my viewing pleasure.

“Since I never asked, I’m curious about when your birthday is,” I told him as I started to beat the eggs with a fork.

“I’m a Halloween baby,” he told me. “Oh, that reminds me.” Eric left the kitchen. He came back a moment later with his cell phone in hand. He tapped a few times before he set his phone down for me to see a picture of him dressed as Jessica Rabbit. Roger Rabbit was standing next to him, obviously a woman was in that costume. She was half his size.

“Oh. My. God.” I almost knocked the mixing bowl off the counter. He looked shockingly good as a woman. I pinched his arm and said, “How dare you be prettier than me!”

“Oh, I’m not prettier,” he laughed. “The adams apple doesn’t say pretty.”

“The face does.” I had no idea who did his makeup, but it was flawless.

“That’s a lot of contouring. My jaw is too prominent to make a good woman.”

“Pfffft. I know a few women who would kill for those cheekbones.”

“Thanks,” he chuckled. “Roger is my ex-wife. We decided to gender swap because of the height difference.”

“It’s a cute idea. Did you do this for your birthday?”

“Yes. We used to have big parties to celebrate. They tapered off over the last few years. Last year I spent my birthday in Indiana passing out candy to the few kids that came to the house.”

“Your birthday is on Halloween?”


“What century?” I giggled.

He grumbled and said, “I’ll be forty-one on my next birthday.”

“Ooooh that’s a lot of birthday spankings,” I teased.

“I don’t accept birthday spankings,” he said. He went to the coffee pot to pour two cups of coffee.

“Oh we’re going to work on that, mister.” I got back to whipping the eggs.

“No we aren’t,” he replied. “How do you like your coffee?”

“I don’t want to taste the actual coffee anymore.” He looked wounded when I said that.

“So, make it match your skin with creamer?” He pulled out Italian sweet cream coffee creamer.

“Yes, exactly.” I got the veggies and chorizo out of the saute pan and off to the side. The veggies weren’t soft, just sweated out a little bit. Usually I could tell by smell when the biscuits were done, but all I was smelling was chorizo.

Eric brought me coffee while I started on his omelet.

“Pepper jack or something else or no cheese at all?” If he said no cheese I was going to have to reconsider the date on Tuesday.

“Pepper jack is fine. Make it however you want,” he told me.

I ladled some egg into another saute pan. While the eggs cooked I went to the wall oven to check the biscuits.

“Yahtzee,” I smiled and located an oven mitt to get the pan out. I set it on the other hot pad on the counter. “Don’t touch those,” I told Eric before going back to the stove to get his omelet filled.

“Yes, dear.” He looked a little sad.

“If it helps, you get all the leftovers.” There was a dozen biscuits on the tray and they were small mountains of buttery deliciousness. Just to make sure they were extra tasty, I brushed them with more butter.

Eric got out plates while I finished off the omelet.

“Breakfast sandwich or biscuit on the side?”

“Biscuit on the side, please,” he requested.

“You got it.” Getting the eggs to fold right coming out of the pan was the hardest part, but I managed. I sprinkled a little more cheese on top and added two biscuits to Eric’s plate before I handed it over.

“This is better than a good morning blowjob,” he winked as he took it. “Thank you, Lover.” He leaned down to kiss me.

“You’re welcome. Bone app the teeth, as internet idiots say.”

He took his plate to the dining room. I made myself a scramble instead of an omelet. It was less fussy and fit on my biscuit better. When I joined Eric in the dining room he looked like he was in foodie heaven.

“I like yellow gold,” I informed him since he’d joked about ring shopping.

“How big of a rock?” He took a bite of his biscuit and let out a sexual moan.

“Half a carat is enough for me.”

“You got it,” he winked. “This is delicious, Sookie.”

“Thanks. I’m glad you like it. Gran makes the most amazing honey butter but I haven’t mastered it yet.”

“She’ll have to make it for me sometime.”

“She will if she likes you.” I picked up my sandwich to take a bite. Yummy.

“Do you think she will?” He took a bite of his omelet.

“You have manners and don’t act like an idiot. I think she’ll like you.”

“Good.” Eric’s phone started to ring on the counter. “Fuck,” he sighed. “I’m not answering.”

“That’s good. I might steal your biscuit,” I teased.

“That would earn you a swat on the ass,” he winked. His phone went silent for a few seconds and then started ringing again. He ignored it.

“I’m glad you like the biscuits that much,” I chuckled. I sipped my coffee before taking another bite of my sandwich. Whoever was calling was pretty damn persistent. “I can get out of your hair after breakfast. I’m sure you have things to do today.”

“I’ll probably have to head into the office,” he sighed. He got up from the table and went to grab his phone. He silenced it before sending a text message and tossing it on the table. “My assistant.”

“I’ll clean up and get going.”

“You don’t have to rush out. I told her I have a personal appointment and I’ll be in when I get there,” he told me.

“The perks and cons of owning a business, huh?” I took another bite of my sandwich.

“Yep. She does a pretty good job of organizing my life, so I can’t get mad at her,” he chuckled.

“That’s what a good assistant should do.”

“That’s the only reason I haven’t fired her when she pisses me off,” he said. “She’s the best I’ve had.”

“That’s good. Good help makes things easier, I’m sure.”

Eric nodded his agreement. I stopped talking so he could finish eating. He managed to down the four egg omelet and both biscuits. I finished my own breakfast and took my plate to the kitchen to clean up. Eric was working on a third biscuit. How he had room, I had no idea.

“You’re going to run out of biscuits before dark,” I chuckled.

“This is my last one until I get home tonight.”

“Make sure you put those in an airtight container or they’ll dry out.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he nodded. He reached into the cabinet to get a container to put them in.

I got busy cleaning up the kitchen. Eric mentioned a maid but I didn’t know how often she came and I wasn’t going to leave her a mess. I was bent over, putting the last of the silverware into the dishwasher when Eric stepped up behind me.

“Are you ready to get to work?” I asked him. “I can be out of here in two minutes.”

“I’m not quite ready to leave yet.” He massaged my hips.

“Oh no? What did you have in mind?”

“I wouldn’t mind something to make me think of you all day.” He rubbed his growing erection against my ass.

I stood up straight and turned around to face him. In my heels we were about eye to eye. I pushed him against the nearest wall and tugged his sweatpants down just enough to release his cock. He pulled me in for a kiss that made my toes curl. When I pulled away I got down on my knees and sucked his tip.

“Mmm, not what I had in mind, but I’ll take it,” he smiled. His fingers ran through my hair, pulling it out of the way.

I winked and started to take more of him in my mouth. He probably wanted to fuck again, but I needed a break. Great as he was, I wasn’t used to so much sex. Eric didn’t seem to care, though. He may not have had a blowjob in mind, but he was still getting off. When I knew he was close, I pulled back and stroked him. He moved my hand away so he could finish himself. My mouth stayed open, ready to catch his release.

“Fuck,” he growled. His hand moved swiftly over his shaft, aiming right at my tongue. Right at the end he reached out with his other hand to grab my head. He came hard, shooting his release into my mouth. “Fuck. Yes…”

I sucked his tip and licked away every drop before I swallowed it. Just to be nice I resumed sucking him until Eric pulled me back.

“Will that do?”

“Perfect,” he breathed. “I’ll take that any day.”

“Good.” I got up, with his help, and leaned forward with the intention of giving him a lingering peck goodbye.

That lingering peck turned into him pushing me back against the counter and kissing me hard and deep.

“I’ll see you Tuesday if I don’t see you before?” he said quietly when he pulled back.

“Tuesday. I might or might not wear panties.”

“I’d prefer it if you don’t,” he smiled.

“I intend to keep my clothes on Tuesday. No sex.”

“I remember,” he said.

The odds weren’t in my favor to keep my word on that, but I was going to try.

“So I’ll see you Tuesday.” I pecked his jaw. Then his neck. Then the spot that made him twitch.

“If you don’t leave now I’m tying you to the bed and not letting you leave,” he warned.

“You make that sound like a burden.” I kissed him once more and stepped back. “I’ll have to be a naughty girl another time.”

I grabbed my clutch off the counter and Eric adjusted his sweats before he walked me to the door.

“I’ll text you later,” he said once we were at the door.

“Okay. Have a good day.” I opened the door to go, but got pulled in for one more goodbye kiss. I damn near dropped my clutch. We did stumble some so I was pressed against the wall. Damn him and his intoxicating kisses.

“Are you sure you want to leave?” He rubbed his hands up the back of my thighs.

“Work needs you,” I whispered back.

I need you,” he countered. My dress was being pulled up over my hips.

Oh hell…

I dropped my purse and my lips crashed into his. Was there dick rehab, because I needed it. Badly.


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  1. Another great one! Dick rehab…you Ladies have the greatest imaginations. Which one of you came up with that one? It’s hilarious.


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