Chapter 22


A few days after my first fight with Eric I fly back home to get my house in order. He’s going to be staying with me for a week and this is going to be fantastic or a total nightmare. It’s a relatively short flight from Salt Lake City to Reno, and the drive back to South Lake Tahoe only takes another hour.

When I get home I immediately unpack and get a load of laundry in the washer. I haven’t looked at my email in over a week and I have a few bills to pay that aren’t automatically withdrawn from my checking account. I get the windows open to air out the house a little bit. Then I sit down to write up a list for the grocery store.

I’m sure we’ll have to go back since I’m culinarily challenged and I’m betting there are some pretty basic necessities I don’t have that I probably should. Usually when I go to the store I buy produce, yogurt, bread, eggs, a few things from the frozen section and ice cream. I eat a lot of salads since there’s no cooking required.

While I’m at the market I get fresh coffee and a bottle of the wine I discovered Eric likes. I’m not much of a wine drinker myself, but if he likes it that’s all I care about.

I clean the house from top to bottom, put fresh sheets on my bed and extra towels in my bathroom for him. Two hours before Eric’s flight is due to land I call to make sure there were no delays. Everything is on schedule so I head to the airport. He doesn’t know it, but I invited Jess out to spend the night, so she’ll be here on Monday. That will give us a few days alone before she comes.

The drive back to Reno takes just under an hour. I park in the temporary parking lot that charges an arm and a leg, but I promised Eric I would meet him at his gate. I’m a little early so I get myself a giant iced cinnamon dolce latte to sip on while I wait.

His plane finally taxis to the gate and I can’t help but smile. Only two days have passed, and I miss him. I know the little bit of a break was good for us, but still. The door opens and passengers disembark from the plane. Half a dozen people get off the plane before Eric appears looking all scruffy and sexy.

I raise a hand to wave at him, even though he’s looking right at me. I’d jump on him but I don’t want to knock him over.

“Hello, handsome,” I say when he’s close enough to hear me.

“Me?” he teases, but can’t stop the smile from spreading across his face.

“Actually I was talking to the guy to your right,” I tease right back. “But you’ll do since he’s ignoring me.”

“Ugh, always second best,” he sighs, and then hugs me tight and says, “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too. How was your flight?” I ask without letting him go.

“Too long, I’m still waiting on someone to invent a teleporter.”

“Oh that could be fun. Guess where I would be showering every morning?” I tilt my face up.

“That answer better be with me, or else,”  he cocks an eyebrow and sneaks a quick kiss.

“Well I told you that other guy is ignoring me…” Eric growls and bends his head to nip at my chin.

“Watch it,” he says and pulls away so we can walk to the baggage claim.

“So I have a surprise for you,” I tell him as I reach for his hand and practically jog to keep up with his long legs.

“The last time you had a surprise for me very naughty things happened. Is it anything like last time?” he asks me. We reach the baggage claim and we stand behind everyone else while we wait for his luggage to come down the conveyor belt.

“It’s exactly like that, only at my house. Is that okay?”

His long arms go around my waist and he leans down to nuzzle my neck and says, “Mmm, you dirty little girl. I’m getting hard just thinking about it now.”

“She’s coming out on Monday and spending the night.”

“That works,” he says and the conveyor starts to move. “I’ll be right back.”

I stay right where I am while Eric gets his bag. Once he’s got it I lead him out of the airport to the parking lot. He puts his bag in the trunk and then gets in the passenger’s seat while I get behind the wheel.

“So, what do you want to do first?” I ask as I back out of my space.

“Fuck you,” he shrugs and reaches over to put his hand on my thigh.  “After that’s out of the way I don’t really care.”

“I tried grocery shopping, but we’ll probably need to go if you don’t want to eat just salad, yogurt and Ben & Jerry’s the whole time you’re here.”

“Ah, we can work on your cooking skills,” he chuckles.

“I better make sure my homeowners insurance is up to date first,” I snort.

“And my life insurance,” he snickers along with me.

“Good idea. Better to be safe than sorry.”

We chat on the drive back to the house, and it’s fun to see Eric’s face when I pull into the driveway.

“This is gorgeous, Sookie,” he says as he takes everything in.

“Thanks. I didn’t get to do all the planting I wanted to this spring, but it’s alright.” I park under the deck like I almost always do, and turn off the car.

“Is that relaxing, the gardening?” he asks me and takes his bag from the trunk once we’re out of the car.

“It can be. Mostly I like flowers and gardening is the one thing my Gran taught me that stuck.” I close the trunk and lead Eric up the steps to the front door. When I get the locks turned I push the door open and gesture for him to go ahead of me.

“I think I could spend a lot of time here. My relaxing is stolen naps here and there.”

“Mine is on a little rowboat at a secret spot about ten minutes from here.” I close the door behind us and lead Eric upstairs.

“Come here,” he says when we reach my bedroom so he can put his luggage down. “I’ve been waiting to do this since the airport.”

He grabs my face and crushes his lips to mine as he starts to back me toward the bed. His tongue brushes my top lip at the same time the backs of my legs hit the bed. When I open for him he thrusts his warm, wet tongue into my mouth and I can only moan. I’ve missed his mouth, his hands, his everything so damn much.

“You’re wearing too many clothes, pretty girl,” he whispers against my lips.

“So undress me,” I answer.

His response is to tug my tank top up over my head and then reach down to unbutton my shorts so he can push them down over my hips. As his hands work on my clothes, I unclasp my bra and lose that. Eric ripped my panties down with my shorts and suddenly I realize he’s the one that’s over dressed.

So I tug his T-shirt up and he bends a little so I can get it off of him. Eric picks me up and tosses me back onto my bed before climbing up with me, and as or lips met again I unzip his jeans. I can feel his growing erection when my hand brushes over it. I reach into his pants, but my hands go to his ass to give it a good squeeze.

“Mmm, I need to be inside of you,” he groans and rocks his hips, rubbing his hard-on against me.

I let go of his perfect ass, and pull him back toward the headboard with me. I push his pants and boxer briefs down over his ass, and Eric gets them the rest of the way off, all the while trailing kisses down my neck. He stops at my collarbone and sucks on it lightly. I moan and rub my hips against his, which makes him groan and thrust against me.

His lips keep moving, pausing at my breasts to kiss them and play with my little pink tips until they’re hard. When he moves on he starts tugging my panties off and I lift my bottom for him. I’ve been thinking about fucking him all day, and it’s obvious when he sees how wet I am.

“I’ve been thinking about your thick cock filling my tight pussy all day,” I tell him, and rather than going down on me, Eric moves between my legs and rubs the head of his cock in slow circles around my clit.

My back arches, thrusting my tits up. Eric groans at the sight, but continues to rub around my little nub. A jolt of ecstasy shoots through me when he pulls his cock back and slaps it down right on my clit. Between his heavy shaft and the rubbing I’m already close which is what I think he wants.

“Eric,” I gasp.

“Yes?” he asks playfully. “What does my girl need?”

“Fuck me.”

“Mmm, is that all? I’ve been thinking about filling this pretty little pussy up too, pretty.” We both groan when his head pushes into me.

Eric doesn’t tease me a lot this time. The way he immediately starts to pound into me, tells me right now is not for playtime. When I reach up to grab my tits he slaps my hands away.

“I want to watch your body move,” he whispers as his eyes trace over my entire body. “I love the way you move, Sookie, the way you fuck me.”

I listen to him and put my hands above my head, grabbing onto the edge of the mattress. Although I can get off on just Eric’s cock slamming into me, I really want the clit stimulation that I was planning on when I started grabbing my tits. Eric is so lost in what he’s doing, his eyes going from my swaying breasts back down to his driving cock.

“Baby, play with me,” I purr, hoping my soft voice doesn’t break the spell that he’s under.

He listens. He brings his hand from my hip and rests it on my lower abdomen.  His thick thumb brushes over my nub and another jolt of pleasure bursts through me. Eric knows my body now, he knows all of my hot buttons and the boyish grin that spreads across his face when my back arches makes me want to snuggle him.

“You’re so fucking sexy like this, Sookie.”

I smile up when his eyes reach mine and tell him, “It’s the way you fuck me.”

That gets him going and he focuses on getting me off again. His eyes trail down my body, watching my tits bounce as he slams into me and then down to my stomach. He’s so long and thick it looks like he’s going to poke out of me through my stomach and I think he enjoys that. Finally his eyes land on my pussy.  Eric’s thrusting slows and he brings both hands into play as he runs his thumbs up and down my pussy lips. He’s alternating hands when he rubs my clit and soon the pressure starts to build.

“Is that good?” he asks when my breathing begins to get a little more erratic.

“So good, baby,” I moan and his hips stop moving completely.

Instead of complaining about his lack of movement I wait. His thick length is buried completely inside of me and he starts to swivel his hips a little.  That coupled with the clit stimulation makes me gasp. He’s gotten so much better at what he does to me.

“Keep doing that,” I pant and he just smiles. “You’re so fucking big, Eric. I love the way you feel inside of me.”

“Good,” he whispers his reply and his thumb flicks faster. “I want you to cum all over my dick, pretty girl.”

That’s not going to be a problem.

As he works my clit he starts to slowly withdraw from me and when just his head is inside he slams back in. My orgasm comes out of nowhere and my back arches, my legs come up to lock around his waist. Eric chuckles and pulls my legs down with a little effort since my muscles have seized. He pins my thighs open and his hips start slamming in, over and over, I swear each thrust is deeper than the last. When his driving cock triggers orgasm number two, or one hell of an aftershock he slams two more times and then pulls out. His cum shoots all over me, starting at my clit and all over my stomach, hitting the underside of my left breast.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” he roars. His hips are still jerking and he eventually settles on top of me, smearing his jizz into my skin. “Sorry,” he pants, “I had to see that.”

“It’s okay,” I say weakly. I’m still shaking all over.

With his full weight on me, Eric grabs my hands above my head, pinning them down and he starts to kiss me. It’s the kind of kiss that’ll lead to round two, but he breaks it before we go too far.

“Can we shower?” he asks and I hear his stomach growl, making him laugh. “I’m hungry as you can probably hear.”

“Sure,” I smile.

Eric kisses me one more time and then hops up with way too much energy. “I need a tour too. I got a little carried away when I saw your tiny bed.”

“I told you I’m going to have to buy a bigger bed,” I say with not quite as much enthusiasm as Eric has, but I follow him to my bathroom.

When he sees the giant shower stall, complete with a bench in it, I swear I see his cock twitch. I’m sure he’s got all kinds of dirty things running through his head.

“Just so you know, you’ll be the first man to use this shower since I moved in here,” I tell him as I start the water. The showerhead is one of those fancy rain showers, so he won’t have to duck to wash up.


That gives me a weird sense of pride and cavemanism. I want to make sure no other man shares this shower, or house with her.

“That’s very good to know,” I leer. I’m imagining all of the dirty things I can do before we clean up. I’m starving though, so those things will have to wait.

Once the water warms up I give her a quick kiss and step in, taking her hand to bring her with me. I hold onto her and let the water pour over us. It feels good, being wet and naked with Sookie feels amazing actually.

“I was thinking maybe we should get you stuff you can leave here so you don’t have to pack toiletries every time you come out here,” she says. “I even made some room in my closet if you want to leave any clothes here.”

“Really?” I’m a little surprised honestly.

“You’re going to be spending time here, right?”

“I am, I guess I’m not sure what’s going too fast and what isn’t,” I say honestly. If we’re going to make this work we need to have communication and honesty. “I’m glad though, it makes me happy.”

“I’m not suggesting you move in,” she smiles. “But if you already have a toothbrush or your… whatever other bathroom stuff here then you might be able to get away with a carry-on bag. We both know you’ll be naked most of the time you’re here anyway.”

“That I will be,” I nod.

“I, on the other hand, will be fully clothed,” she manages to say with a straight face.

“Not if I have anything to do with it,” I say and reach behind her to pinch her cute little butt.

“Yeah, I got that when you rationed my clothes back to me after that disagreement we had.”

“Starting with your panties,” I grin. “I’m no dummy. I wasn’t letting you go.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.” Sookie hugs me.

“Me too, I was tempted when you first left,” I admit. “I hate that you walked out, but it worked. If you’d stayed we probably would’ve both said things we regret. I love you and I don’t want to be without you.”

“Me either,” she agrees. “Next time I come out I’ll meet the twins and Alyssa.”

“As long as you’re sure. I know they’d love it, and it would be a lot easier for me.”

“Barring another hangover, or more sexcapades they aren’t supposed to see, I’ll make it happen.”

“We can plan dinner with the boys and something else with Alyssa. I think its better that you meet them separately, but James and Mark are a package deal. I also swear to you they’re nothing like Ryan. He really likes you though,” I tell her. We talked this morning and he let me know he gets a ‘good vibe’ from her.

“That’s good to know. It’s great that Ryan is protective of you; it’s just hard to handle while hungover, barely awake and without at least two cups of coffee,” she smiles, and reaches for her soap.

“He’s hard to handle all the time,” I snicker. “Never repeat this, but he might be my favorite. Alyssa is my princess, but Ryan is special.”

“I thought Chris was your favorite,” she says as she lathers up.

“Christian,” I sigh, not really sure how to explain our relationship. “Things are changing with the split. He talks to me a little more now and prefers to be with me over his mom. I guess they all have their own unique qualities that make them each stand out. Chris is a different animal altogether.”

“He seems like a good kid.” Sookie rinses off and reaches for her shampoo.

“He can be.” I take the soap and finally start to lather up.

“Your kids are lucky they have each other. I haven’t spoken to my brother in almost six years. I wouldn’t even know how to get in touch with him.”

“I’m sorry about that,” I say and rinse off.

“I am and I’m not. The last time I saw him he called me a worthless cunt, so…” she trails off.

“Would you be mad if I punched him in his throat if I ever met him?”

“Not even a little bit.”


“I may have thrown a brick through the windshield of his truck that night while he was at the local bar,” she says.

“That’s kinda hot,” I say and kiss her quickly on her head.

We finish showering and as we dry off I admire Sookie’s towels. They’re really soft and fluffy. My stomach growls again and I remind her I’m starving right now.

“So, here in the house I have salad or yogurt as an option?” I ask once we’re dressed and leaving her room.

“Pretty much. There might be a frozen pizza in the freezer.”

“Terrible, Sookie, just terrible. Is there anywhere good around here?”

“Yeah, there are tons of restaurants in town. And hey, at least I eat healthy food.”

“Yeah, and I never got my Mexican.  I want something with sauce and meat.”

“There’s a Mexican restaurant not too far from here if you want to go there?”

“Yep, right now I don’t even care if it’s good. I just need it,” I laugh and Sookie grabs her keys off the counter. I need to refuel if I’m going to spend a week alone with Sookie.



17 thoughts on “Chapter 22

  1. Delightful as always! Wonder if they will have second thoughts of Jess coming over in a few days –some possessive issues? Hmmm….


    • I’m with you on this one , she already had some issues when they weren’t a couple . Wonder why she instigated this so early in their relationship ?


  2. Loved it! I definitely have a bad feeling about Jess coming, though. Now that there’s real love involved… hmm… someone may get a little territorial! I know I would 😉 Well done, ladies!


  3. Sounds like they are bonding in a good way. It is important for him to spend time in her space and learn more about her life if he is ever going to really understand her. Sad that her brother and Gran made her feel so horrible about herself. Words have a power to hurt more than physical violence sometimes.


  4. I wonder if she is ever going to meet up with them again (gran and jason). Just to let them know they didn’t destroy her with their words, and that she made something of herself, by herself. Sexy chapter and adored the clothes. Wish I could do my makeup like that…sigh.


  5. So this is another first; Eric coming out to see Sookie, just as he always did, but this time as her boyfriend & to her home, her private space. So familiar yet so different. I liked that she told him he was the first man to use her shower – it must be in his mind sometimes that he has shared her with lots of other men, so little details like that are good for him to know; her private life is very different from her professional life. And they’re not hiding from their issues in the last chapter. I love how Eric talks about his kids!


  6. I’m glad they got over their fight. She even wants to meet the rest of his kids, That’s good. So was the sex. I guess we will find out if it’s the same with Jessica coming. Can’t wait to find out.


  7. I’m glad that they can discuss the fight they had and both seem to have a little better understanding of the situation. It will be interesting to see him on her turf. (Although I’m thinking he’ll probably love it, since it will be somewhat similar to how they first hooked up at the cathouse with no kid and work responsibilities….and no kids can walk in unexpectedly.

    I’m with the other posters and am surprised she would invite Jess over so soon into their ‘real’ relationship. I find it interesting that he is very comfortable with her having sex with another girl but not with another guy. What if Sookie wanted a threesome with another guy? Turn about is fair play, right?

    (And please don’t take this comment the wrong way, but you’ve got her panties coming off twice. And Sookie doesn’t strike me as the type to wear 2 pairs…especially when Eric is coming to town!)

    Great chapter…looking forward to more.


  8. I am so addicted to this story! I was worried about the angst (still am) but these two are so adorable, I can’t stay away…

    Considering the very unconventional way they met and their considerable baggage, I also find it concerning that Sookie just brings Jess to play again so soon… I do not consider myself a prude but Sookie seems to focus a large part of her relationship into sex which sure it’s fine but it feels to me as if she buries other issues and uses sex as a sort of escape? Almost verging on compulsive sex / addiction? Sure Eric is just as keen but in his case I see it more as getting laid after many months (years?) of not that much and he has a lot going in his life besides sex (a career, 6 kids…). Maybe I am reading too much into this but it does feel as if Sookie hasn’t really faced the aftermath of her childhood trauma in spite of the way she built a life for herself at the Cathouse


  9. Lol. Hello. Wonder how things will go with Jess now that they are a couple? Considering they both had moments of jealousy before they were a couple.
    Wel that was a very hot howdy do!


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