Chapter 19


“Jesus, fuck, slow down will you? You almost hit that lady!” I shout at Eric when my adrenaline goes through the roof after he almost sideswiped a Lexus. Los Angeles traffic is a fucking nightmare and he’s driving like a maniac.

“Sookie, I saw her. I know what I’m doing,” he says calmly. I can tell by his tone he’s highly irritated though. He slams on the breaks and the seatbelt locks to keep us in place. There’s some honking on Eric’s part and he flips off the guy in front of us. “Motherfucker,” he grumbles.

“Just slow down,” I insist. “I’m not interested in visiting Cedar’s while we’re here.”

“It was the fucking cockstain in front of us. I’m not even going the fucking speed limit,” he says through clenched teeth.

“And yet I still almost got whiplash so just slow your roll.” If he wasn’t up the guy’s ass we wouldn’t have a problem.

“I don’t really need your backseat driving skills right now, Sookie.” Suddenly Eric whips into the next lane without turning on his blinker, making me grab the ‘oh shit’ handle.

“Goddamnit, Eric!” I yell and restrain the urge to punch him. “You’re gonna get us killed! We didn’t drive all the way to L.A. to die in a fiery car crash!”

I don’t know what his problem is but so help me he better chill out.

“For the last fucking time, I know what I’m doing. Jesus, if I didn’t know how to drive they wouldn’t have given me a goddamn driver’s license. Can you please just shut the fuck up right now. You yelling at me is going to get us killed, not the inbred fuckstains driving in front of us. Fuck!”

I glare at him and say, “Maybe it’s the jackass behind the wheel in here.”

I turn my head and look out my window. If he tells me to shut up again he’s going to regret it.

Another honk and this time Eric’s hand flies out the window before he flips the guy off. “Maybe if he took his cock out of his sisters mouth he could fucking drive,” he mumbles under his breath, but doesn’t address me or comment when I slam my foot on the invisible passenger brake.

I just stay quiet like he told me to until we reach the hotel we’re staying at for the night. I don’t wait for him to get my door for me and instead go right into the hotel to check us in. I consider getting a separate room because I’m pissed at him, but that will only cause more drama.

We’re on the fifth floor and Eric takes the key when the front desk guy hands it over. I glare at him again and head for the elevator without speaking to him.

I’m waiting for the elevator to come when I feel the heat from his body right behind me. He doesn’t say anything, and he doesn’t touch me, but when the elevator dings he grabs my bag along with his own and steps onto it. I step in next to him and fold my arms over my chest. He pushes the button for the fifth floor and the doors close. If he wants quiet, I’ll give him all the quiet he can fucking handle.

The elevator doors open and I grab the room key out of Eric’s hand before we get off the elevator. I storm down the hall until I find our room, and stuff the key card into the reader. I don’t even bother holding the door open for him when I walk into the room. I go straight to the bathroom and slam the door.

I can hear him moving around the room. A couple minutes later I’m still in the bathroom when Eric knocks on the door before telling me he’s going out. I hear the room door open and close a couple seconds after that.


I leave the bathroom and go to my bag to grab my toiletries and then return to the bathroom to start the shower. This isn’t how I thought I’d be spending the night but fine. I take a long hot shower and when I come out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel Eric is sitting on one of the two beds.

“I hope that bed is comfortable because you’ll be sleeping in it alone,” I grumble as I pass him to get clean pajamas out of my bag.

He grabs me around the waist and pulls me to stand between his legs. He looks up at me and I can see his anger has been replaced with sadness.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you,” he apologizes sincerely.

I take a deep breath and say, “I really don’t like being told to shut up. It’s extremely disrespectful and rude, and I didn’t think you were that guy.”

“I know, and you’re right, and you know I have better manners than that. I have no excuse for my behavior, Sookie. I’m just really, really sorry I hurt your feelings and upset you. I love you and I respect you, and I know it wasn’t your fault I was frustrated. I’m just… I’m sorry,” he finishes and rests his hands on my hips.

I take another deep breath. It’s not worth holding a grudge over. We have a lot of trip left and we don’t fight much.

“I love you too. Apology accepted,” I tell him.

“Thank you,” he says and reaches behind his back to pull out a styrofoam container. “This was going to be my bribe to get you accept my apology.” He opens the box and it’s a giant brownie.

“It would have worked,” I say with a small smile and lean down to kiss him. He knows my price. It’s a little sad it’s just baked goods.

“And I love you a lot,” he says again. “And I’m giving you the chore of driving in LA traffic. Clearly there are too many fuckstains on the road for me to do it safely.”

“That’s probably a good idea.” I let my towel fall on the floor.

“Uh oh, Baby, you’re naked… and your nipples just got hard,” he says with his eyes trained on my tits.

“I guess I should get dressed,” I say softly and put the brownie off to the side so he can grab my tits.

“I’ll keep them warm,” he mumbles and engulfs my right nipple in his warm mouth.

I moan and move to straddle his lap. Looks like he’s going to get his makeup sex after all. I gently tug his head back and then crash my lips down on his. His hands slide back down to my hips and he starts rocking me back and forth.

“This would feel a lot better if you let me take my shorts off,” he says and his lips travel down to my neck.

“I’ll help.” I reach down and unbutton them for him. I reach into them after getting the zipper down and start stroking his cock.

“Mmm,” he moans. One of his hands slides down a little so he can reach my nub with his thumb while resting his hand on my lower abdomen. “I miss being inside you.”

“I miss it too,” I pant and twist my wrist on the next upstroke. My thumb brushes over his tip and he shudders.

“I need you, Baby doll, get nice and wet for me please,” he pleads and his thumb speeds up.

I moan and kiss him again. When I’m ready I sit up on my knees and put his cock at my entrance so I can slide down his length. The kiss breaks and Eric grips my hips tightly.

“Is this what you need, baby?” I pant and roll my hips when he’s fully sheathed inside me.

“This is exactly what I need; I need you, Sookie,” he moans and helps guide me up and down his length.

I move a little faster and press my lips to his. My arms wrap around his neck, and when he leans back I go with him. Eric thrusts his hips up, making me moan into the kiss. He’s rubbing against my g-spot with every thrust of his hips and I know he knows it. If he keeps going like this it won’t take much more for me to cum.

I break the kiss to catch my breath and moan, “I love you, Eric,” before he kisses me again. The pressure is building fast in my belly.

“Mmm, I love you too,” he grunts below me.

He threads one hand through my hair to keep my mouth on his and leaves the other on my hip. His grip tightens and he starts whimpering into the kiss. I can feel him swelling inside of me just before he slams up two times and holds as his release fills me.

It seems to trigger my own orgasm because I cum a second later with a whimper and then collapse on top of him. I breathe heavily against his neck and his hands move up my back slowly.

“You didn’t even get to take your shorts off,” I smile and kiss along his neck.

“I couldn’t wait,” he smiles back and holds me as close as possible.

“Me either.” I lift my head and kiss his chin. “I hate fighting with you.”

“I hate it too.” He rolls us over so he’s on top of me and I wrap my legs around his waist. He kisses me hard, filling the kiss with every ounce of love he feels for me.

I give as good as I get and reach down to grab his ass. We lay there making out for a good ten minutes before we pull apart to catch our breath.

“Should I get dressed now?” I ask, even though I feel him getting hard again.

“That depends. Do you want me to rip your clothes off of you?”

“Not tonight,” I smile at him and use my feet to push his shorts down.

“Good answer,” he growls and he starts flexing his hips as he begins to suck on my neck.

We’re much better at making up than we are at fighting.


I feel like an epic dick for the way I yelled at Sookie. I can usually keep my road rage in check, but driving in LA has a way of bringing that side out of me. Thus the brownie she’s taunting me with right now. I bought it for her knowing hell week is on its way and she’s probably craving chocolate right now.

After round two of our first makeup sex I took a quick shower and now I have my head in her lap and she’s eating the brownie above me.

“Are you excited for Disneyland?” I ask her. We’re going to do the normal Los Angeles touristy shit tomorrow like the Hollywood walk of fame and drive up to the Hollywood sign. The next day we’re heading over to Anaheim so I can take her to Disneyland, which happens to land on my birthday.

“I am,” she says, and offers me a piece of the brownie.

Of course I take it and moan a little. I love brownies.

“Is there anything specific you’re looking forward to?” I’m excited to take her to the Mad T party.

“I don’t know,” she shrugs. “I’m excited about all of it. Plus it’s your actual birthday, so it’s even better.”

I grin and say, “It is, and I can’t wait to get a new set of Mickey ears.”

“That is so going in the scrapbook and on my Facebook page,” she giggles.

“I need one of us in our ears together for my profile picture. The world of Facebook needs to know just how adorable you are,” I say.

“Deal.” Sookie offers me more of the brownie.

I actually turn it down. “I got it for you, thanks though,” I tell her and I cross my arms over my chest. I close my eyes and take in her warmth. Jesus, I’m tired.

“Suit yourself,” she says. Sookie starts running her fingers through my hair.

“Honey bear, you’re going to put me to sleep doing that,” I yawn.

“I know,” she whispers and keeps moving her hand.

“But then what are you going to do when I fall asleep and you can’t get out from under my heavy ass?”

“I have my ways and your head, as big as it is, isn’t that heavy.”

“According to that Jerry McGuire kid it’s at least eight pounds,” I inform her.

“Yeah I know,” she chuckles. “I can lift eight pounds.”

“I know, you’ve lifted my cock,” I giggle.

“Well that’s only three pounds max.”

“We could weigh it… I don’t know how, but I bet we can. We can weigh your tits while we’re at it.” Yeah, I’m tired.

“Trust me, they’re heavier than your cock,” she snorts.

“Oh, I know,” I grin and open my eyes to see her pretty smiling face above me. “You’re even cute upside down.”

“And you’re extra goofy when you’re tired.”

I gasp and say, “That’s what we need, a picture with Goofy!”

“We’ll get one,” she laughs.

“I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty awesome birthday, Pumpkin,” I say and my eyes flutter closed again.

Sookie keeps running her fingers through my hair and then I feel her tracing the lines in my face. The last thing I feel is a small shift and Sookie’s lips pressed against my forehead before she snuggles in to me.

♦ ♦ ♦

When I wake up it’s not from my alarm, it’s a warm, wet feeling on my cock. I can assume Sookie has my dick in her mouth, but to be sure my eyes snap open and sure enough, Sookie’s head is bobbing up and down my cock.

Best. Girlfriend. Ever.

“Mornin’, Honeysuckle,” I murmur. My voice isn’t exactly working just yet.

Sookie looks up into my eyes and starts to hum ‘Happy Birthday’ when she swallows my cock.

Happy birthday indeed.

“Fuck, baby,” I gasp and my hips jerk up involuntarily. I put my hands on her head, holding lightly, and I start panting with her movements.

Sookie starts all over again when the song ends and she lets me fuck her throat. Her hand goes to my balls to give them some attention as well.

“Mmm,” I groan and my hips start moving faster. I keep my eyes on Sookie’s and I hate to say it, but it’s kinda hot when tears form under her eyes. I try to stop, but she makes a sound that tells me to keep going. So I keep fucking her mouth.

I feel my balls tighten and I start to whimper, signalling my orgasm. “I’m… cum… fuck!” I shout and Sookie stops as my cock twitches and she swallows every last drop. I’m still whimpering a little as she licks up and down my cock.

Jesus. I love this girl.

Sookie lifts her head and says, “Happy birthday, Schmoopy.”

I grab her by her arms and drag her up my body. I hold her head in place and I plunge my tongue into her mouth. I don’t give a fuck about my morning breath or her cum breath. I need to kiss my girl good morning.

“Thank you, baby,” I say between kisses and slide my hands down her back to grip her ass.

“You’re welcome. Did you sleep well?” Sookie asks as she straddles me, and I can feel how warm and wet her lower lips are.

“I slept like a rock, but I always sleep good next to you,” I tell her. I groan a little when she rocks and my shaft settles in her slit.

“Good,” she smiles and sits up to glide back and forth over my dick. “I ordered us breakfast already. It’ll be brought up at eight. Chocolate chip pancakes with extra whipped cream.”

With the way her pussy feels rubbing on me I don’t give a fuck about breakfast.

“Keep rocking like that and make me hard again, Lover,” I purr and I look down to watch my head peek through her lips when she rocks back.

“Your last birthday present is on the nightstand,” she says, but it’s just my phone sitting there. “I’m letting you record us fucking.”

“Have I told you lately that you’re perfect?” I ask and reach over to grab my phone.

“Not since I let you cum on my tits last night,” she smiles.

I hold my phone up and flip on the video recorder. “Show me how good I make that pussy feel, Baby doll,” I breathe.

Sookie lifts up and she turns around so her ass is facing the camera. She bends forward, giving me a nice view of her very wet pussy.

“Goddamn, that’s so fucking hot,” I say and I reach up to spread her lips with my fingers. “Mmm, you’re such a good girlfriend,” I whisper is I press my finger into her and begin to pump it in and out.

“That feels good, baby,” she moans, and rocks her hips.

“Yes it does,” I agree; she’s practically dripping on me right now. “Baby, do you feel me getting hard for you again?” I ask her when my cock twitches and bumps her clit.

“Mmm… yes, I do,” she purrs. “Do you want me to ride him?”

“Yes please,” I say politely. “Take him slow.”

She pulls forward until my finger slips out of her, and then she reaches for my cock to hold it steady. At first she just takes my head, but then she starts to move up and down, taking me shallowly, slowly working her way down my length. I moan as she settles on my lap for a moment before she begins to ride me. Up and down, over and over, slow and deep.

“You can go faster if you need to,” I tell her and I use my free hand to take hold of her ass cheek.

“This is perfect,” she says. Her hand moves and I’m sure she’s rubbing her clit when I feel her walls start to flutter around my shaft.

I let out a soft whimper and bite my bottom lip. She feels better than ever and even though I just came, I know it isn’t going to take much for me to cum again, especially knowing I get to watch my birthday sex over and over whenever I want. She’s going to love it too, I’m sure of it.

“Do you want me to cum, Princess?” I ask her and spread her ass cheeks just a little more to get a better view of my cock disappearing inside of her.

“Mmm… yes. I want to feel it drip out of me,” she says. A moment later she cries out and her cunt clenches hard as she cums.

“Fuck yes! That’s my dirty girl, keep fuckin–” I’m cut off when my orgasm rips through me and my hips buck up to slam deeper inside of her. “Ohgodohgod… fuck yes!” I whimper and Sookie leans forward to slowly let my cock fall out of her, trailing drops of my cum out of her cunt.

I zoom in.

“Holy shit, you’re so fucking sexy,” I tell her. Her pussy is still quivering and clenching so I’m still videoing.

Sookie smiles over her shoulder at me and I see her hand move between her thighs to play with her clit so that an aftershock forces more of my cum out of her.

“Did you get all of that?”

I hit stop on the video and toss my phone on the bed. She yelps when I grab her and flip her onto her back so I can hover over her.

“I got every dirty detail,” I grin and attack her face with kisses.

“Good,” she giggles. “Was that an okay present?”

“Better than okay, and I think you’ll enjoy watching it too.”

“Oh yeah?” Her hands settle on the small of my back.

“Yep. I zoomed in on my cum dripping out of you,” I smile and a small shiver runs down my spine when her nails tickle me lightly.

“It’s too bad you can’t feel it,” she says. Her feet tickle the back of my knees.

“Oh yeah? Is it good?” I ask willing myself not to laugh or pin her legs down.

“So good.” Her toes keep tickling me. “It’s sexy dirty.”

I lose the battle and I wiggle away from her as I start giggling. She follows me so she can get up on her knees and she grabs my left leg.

“No!” I cry out. I’ve never allowed her to tickle me, but she deserves to know how fun it is.

“Oh come on, birthday boy,” she laughs and tackles me from behind so she’s lying on my back. Her fingers move over the back of my knee and her lips attach to my neck.

I don’t know whether to laugh or moan. I end up with some weird strangled noise in between and I roll us again, lying on her so she’s plastered to the bed under me.

“I can’t take it!” I pant.

“Oh come on!” Sookie laughs and wraps her legs around me. Her hands snake up around my ribs so she’s wrapped around me.

There’s a knock on our door so breakfast is here.

“Perfect timing,” I hop up, making Sookie groan when I press her deeper into the bed on accident.

I find my basketball shorts and u hear Sookie shuffling around behind me as I walk to the door.

“Okay, I have jammies on,” she says.

I look back and smile at her, she’s beaming back at me. She’s so fucking cute. I open the door expecting our breakfast to be at the door. It is, but its not being delivered by only the hotel staff. My parents are standing in front of me.

On my birthday.

In Disneyland.

Best. Birthday. Ever.



4 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. So glad the trip is going well. They are getting on like a couple who have been together for decades rather than months. Laughed at the road rage. That is me driving home from work & giving the eye to every other driver on my side of the road who is in the wrong lane. Having a lot of fun reading your story.


  2. Aww…their first fight. (And their first makeup sex, of course!)

    Thank god his parents didn’t arrive a few minutes earlier! LOL


  3. She’s a better woman than me to let the fight go so easily, I’m more of a ‘don’t touch me I’m still mad’ kind of girl! Hot birthday sex, tho I had to laugh at Eric’s parents arriving while they were still in a state of dripping cum everywhere!


  4. Wow. Eric is not a good city driver! Wow. That was surprising! At least now they know lol. Geepers 🙂 well make up sex was nice. Birthday BJ and sex was yummy. And then the parents.
    Umm, i know he loves his parents, but are they are still sticky and stinky of birthday sex… And this is good?
    Lol, oh well. Time for disneyland!


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