Chapter 3





I’m not sure where else to take Sookie so I drive back to the beach house and park around the side of it. Trey’s truck is gone and so is Bobby’s, so the house is empty. I turn off the engine and take off my seatbelt.


“I don’t suppose you’ll agree to skinny dipping,” I smile at Sookie.


“Maybe not skinny dipping…” she trails off, biting her bottom lip. “If you promise to be a gentleman, and keep your eyes closed while I’m getting in the water I might. You know since you only live once and all that.”


“I’ll keep my eyes closed,” I promise. “Are you sure? We can just go inside and watch a movie. The house is empty right now.”


“If you don’t want to swim,” she shrugs. “This is my first spring break. I want to have some fun.”


“Then naked swimming it is. Come on, let’s get towels.” I lead her up to the house and gesture for her to go in first.


“I’ve never been skinny dipping,” she informs me as she walks in and waits for me to guide her.


“Me either.” I open a closet door and grab two towels. I hand one to Sookie. “Do you want to strip in here or on the beach?” I don’t care but I’m sure she does.


“We can get undressed in here. I don’t want sand on my clothes,” she says and pulls her tank top over her head, leaving her in a red lace strapless bra, a skirt, and high heels.


I tell myself to look away but it’s not working. My eyes move, but only over her body. At least my hands obey my commands to stay put.


She watches me as she pushes her skirt over her hips and bends at the waist to pick it up. Now she’s in full red lace and high heel Mary Jane’s.


“Am I the only one swimming?” she asks.


I pull my T-shirt off and drop it on the floor. My cargo shorts hit the floor a minute later and it isn’t until Sookie gasps that I remember I’m going commando… and her being nearly naked means I’m getting hard for her.


“Eric!” she says a little too loudly and covers her eyes. “You have to ease a girl into that thing.”


“Well your eyes are no longer virgins,” I smirk.


“Oh. My. God.” Her eyes are still shut when she moves her hands away. “Can you put your towel on?”


I wrap the towel around my waist. “It’s safe to look now.”


She peeks with one eye before she opens them both. “That startled me,” she laughs nervously.


“I’d apologize but I’m not really sorry,” I tell her.


She giggles and turns her back to me. She grabs sets her towel on the shelf and drops her bra. She wraps her towel around her body before she pushes her panties down.


“Can you unbuckle my shoes for me?” she asks when she turns back around. “Bending is awkward right now.”


“I may lose my towel,” I warn her, not that I care.


“I can close my eyes.”


“You don’t have to,” I wink and crouch down to unbuckle her shoes for her.


Wouldn’t you know, my towel comes loose? Sookie makes a noise and when I look up, she quickly averts her eyes.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to see that,” she apologizes unnecessarily.


I stand up and leave my head leaned in close to her face. My index finger trails over the top of her breasts and I tell her, “No need to apologize. You’re welcome to look as much as you want.” I peck her lips softly. Flushed and breathing hard, check.


“Uh… thanks,” she whispers. “Should we go now?”


“Yep.” I lead her out of the house and we walk out onto the beach.


“I know you’re going to look,” she tells me as we get closer to the water. “I’m okay with that.”


“I’m not. I gave you my word and I won’t go back on it, no matter how convinced I am that you probably look sexy as hell when you’re naked,” I reply.


When we reach the water’s edge Sookie is standing close. She turns so we’re chest to chest, looks up into my eyes and I see her hand move to toss her towel behind me.


“Maybe I want you to look,” she tells me quietly and takes a step backwards toward the water. “You only live once.”


“If I look down I’m not going to need a hand to remove my towel,” I say.


“I’m sure I’ll be feeling it in the water anyway.”


“Planning to molest me, pretty girl?”


“I’m not the best swimmer. I might need a life raft,” she grins.


I chuckle and say, “Then it’s a good thing I’m a good swimmer.” I still haven’t looked away from her eyes. Not easy when I know she’s naked.


She turns to walk into the water without another word. Her ass is phenomenal. I drop my towel and follow her. The water is a little cool but not too bad. The water gets to my waist and her tits are submerged.


“So… this is skinny dipping, huh?” she says when she turns to face me.


“Sort of.” I splash her.


She splashes me back and takes a step closer to me. “I need you close in case the water gets choppy and I get scared,” she tells me.


“Or a shark attack,” I joke.


“Or that.” She takes another step closer so she’s almost touching me.


“So did you think we would end up skinny dipping when I picked you up?” I ask her.


“No, I also didn’t intend on telling you I’m a virgin, or feeling so… This kind of attracted to you.”


“You only live once, right?” I smile at her and take the final step to close the distance between us.


“Right,” she agrees as her hands rest on my sides and her hard nipples press into my chest.


My hands move under the water and grab her thighs to pick her up. Sookie squeaks and I walk her a little further out into the water so we’re eye to eye.


“That’s better,” I say.


“Much better,” she smiles softly and tilts her head to kiss me.


I kiss her back and her legs wrap around my waist. My hands move to her ass to press her closer and she gasps. When her lips part I take advantage and my tongue slips into her mouth. Sookie moans and after a few minutes of kissing her hips start to move against me, rubbing steadily against my cock.


She pulls back to breathe and her lips attach to my Adam’s apple as her hands move up to wrap in my hair.


“Maybe we should’ve stayed in to watch the movie,” she whispers against my skin and he hips rock a little harder.


“It’s not too late,” I reply and my hands move so that my fingers graze her lower lips.


She moans louder and tells me, “We can go back in… if you want to.”


“I do. I want to see you,” I tell her. “Are you sure you want that?”


“There’s no reason not to show you,” she says with a little smile.


I lean in to kiss her again and start walking toward the shore. I only set her down when the water is only coming up to my calves, and Sookie runs to get her towel. It makes my dick twitch.


“Okay, do that again but in slow motion,” I tell her.


She looks over her shoulder with a sultry smirk and slowly starts jogging toward the house.


“Like this?” she asks.


“Perfect.” I bend to grab my towel and toss it over my shoulder instead of wrapping it around me.


She stops jogging and waits for me to catch up. She doesn’t look at my naked form as I approach her, but I can tell she’s breathing harder.


“When should your friends be back?” she asks when I reach her.


“It’s pretty early so not for another couple of hours.”




“We can go upstairs if you want to. If someone does come home we won’t be bothered.”


“That would be good. Can we watch a movie in your room?”


“Yep.” I open the screen door for her to let Sookie go in first.


“Do you have a shirt or something I can put on?” she asks. It’s clear she’s trying, but being naked makes her nervous.


“Sure. You know you can get dressed if you want to, Sookie. The movie doesn’t have to be clothing optional,” I say gently and lead her upstairs.


“I’d rather be comfy. My clothes look comfy, but bras make me crazy and I don’t feel right wearing that shirt without a bra.”


“Then I will be happy to loan you a shirt.” I grab a T-shirt from the closet and hand it to her. I grab a pair of basketball shorts and put them on so she won’t feel any more uncomfortable than she already does.


“Thank you,” she says and pulls the shirt over her head. “I guess we watch from the bed?” she asks as she looks around. Other than a chair in the corner it’s the only place to sit.


“I’ll keep my hands to myself,” I promise and grab the remote so we can pick from the cable options. I sit against the headboard and Sookie does the same. I scroll through the movie channels until we find one we can agree on.


We sit in silence when the movie starts. Sookie is fidgety on the bed next to me. I can feel her glance at me every few seconds, but she doesn’t say anything to me. I’m not sure what to do. I promised to keep my hands to myself, so if Sookie wants something to happen she’s going to have to make the first move.


“Do you want the light off? There’s some glare on the screen,” I say. It’s hardly noticeable but maybe she’ll relax if it’s darker.


“Sure,” she nods. She rests her hands on the bed, accidentally brushing my thigh.


I reach over and turn the light off so the room is only illuminated by the TV. I slouch down and stretch out, making myself much more comfortable.


It takes her a few minutes, but she lies down next to me and asks, “Is this okay?” when she rests her head on my arm.


“Yeah, it’s fine.” I turn my head and kiss her forehead.


“Um, Eric?” she says nervously.


“Uh huh?”


“Will you kiss me…”


I tilt her face up a give her a lingering peck. “Like that?”


“No,” she shakes her head.


“How do you want me to kiss you?”


“Like you kissed me last night… And in the water,” she whispers and bites her bottom lip.


I tug her bottom lip free with my thumb and suck on it for a few seconds before I go all in and let my tongue slide against hers. Sookie moans and I roll on top of her. My hand works its way under the T-shirt she has on to play with her nipple and she gasps. Her tits are perfect. Round, heavy and the perfect size for my catcher’s mitts.


Sookie moans a moment later and I feel her hips begin to rock up to get some kind of friction. Her hands slide down my back, under my shorts to grab my ass. My mouth moves to her throat and the hand on her breast moves down her stomach to her mound.


“Do you want me to make you cum, Sookie?” I whisper and grind my erection against her.


“Yes,” she hisses and her hands squeeze me harder, trying to get my erection closer to her.


I growl and my index finger slips into her folds to find her wet already. I trace slow circles around her clit until she’s panting and then I gently slide my finger inside her.


“Oh, God,” she groans. Her back arches and I can feel how bad she wants this.


My finger pumps in and out slowly, occasionally moving back to her clit to rub it. I wait until she’s right on the edge and then I slide my finger back into her.


“Please, please, please, Eric. I’m so close…” she begs. “I want more.”


I lift my head to kiss her and I start to rub my index finger through her folds too. She moans into the kiss and pulls away from it when I start to work a second finger into her very tight opening.


Her eyes snap open and she looks up at my face. “Eric, I want…” she trails off when her hips buck up. Her walls are pulsing around my fingers. She’s really, really close.


“What do you want, pretty girl?” I rub her clit with my thumb and start pumping my fingers again, twisting and scissoring them a little bit to stretch her.






I’m ready. I’m not a virgin for moral reasons; I just haven’t found anyone worthwhile to give it up to. Eric is gorgeous, sweet, a gentleman, and I can’t find any reason to hold out any longer. I’ve never met anyone that turns me on like this and my body is ready.


“Are you sure?” His fingers curl just a little inside me just right and an involuntary scream leaves my throat.


“Very sure,” I pant once I calm down some.


Eric smiles and kisses me sweetly and slowly. His fingers keep working me, stretching and teasing me until I cum again for him. And then he adds a third finger.


“It’s so tight,” I tell him. I know his cock is going to make me want to cry if this is any indication.


“I’ll go slow,” he promises. He starts to drift down my body and as his fingers move in and out; his mouth focuses on my clit. He licks and sucks, flicking his tongue against my swollen nub over and over.


I moan loudly and my hands grip his hair. How is it possible for this man to be real? I’ve never had an orgasm so quickly, never mind two in a row and number three is well on its way.


“Eric!” I cry out when his tongue works me into a frenzy. “You’re going to make me… Oh fuck!” I scream when I cum all over his mouth.


He groans and removes his fingers from my pussy, only to thrust his tongue into me and lap up his mess.


“No more,” I plead. I need to calm down a little before I take him inside me.


He backs off and sucks his fingers clean.


“Delicious,” he says before he gets off the bed and goes to his duffle bag to get a box of condoms from a pocket. He drops his shorts and locks the door before he comes back to the bed.


“Had big plans I see,” I giggle. The box is fairly large.


“Better to be safe than sorry,” he shrugs and opens the box to get a condom.


“Thank you,” I say when he rips it open and starts to roll the thin rubber over his shaft. “I have an idea of what to expect, but I know you’ll make sure I’m as comfortable as possible.”


“I’ll do my best,” he promises, and climbs back onto the bed to settle between my legs. He tugs at the T-shirt he loaned me and pulls it over my head. “Beautiful,” he whispers and drops the shirt on the floor.


“You’re beautiful too,” I tell him and run my fingertips over his abs, making his muscles twitch.


“You should see me in game shape,” he says and starts rubbing the tip of his cock up and down my slit.


“I’m sure it’s a very pretty sight,” I smile.


“Are you ready, Sookie?”


“Yes,” I whisper. My legs spread wider and I take a deep breath.


I feel him at my entrance and Eric leans in to kiss me until I’m good and lost in it, and then he pushes just his head in.


“Fuck,” he groans.


He’s huge, and I know it’s only going to get tighter as he goes in deeper. I reach out and grip the blankets under me. I’m already panting in preparation.


Eric pushes in a little bit more and pulls back some before going in deeper. To keep me relaxed, his thumb rubs my clit. His attention doesn’t stop the tears from forming at the corners of my eyes. It feels good and hurts at the same time and my body doesn’t know how to react.


“Are you okay? Am I going too fast?” Eric asks in a strained tone.


“I’m fine… You’re good,” I pant and move my hands to hold onto his biceps.


He pushes in a little more and leans down to kiss me. His hips thrust shallowly, advancing just a little at a time until he’s finally buried in me.


“My God, you’re huge,” I whimper. I’ve never felt this full in my life.


“You’ll get used to it,” Eric groans and starts to pull back until just his tip is in me, and then he thrusts in again slowly so I can feel every inch of him.


My hands drift up from his arm to his back. They finish their journey in his hair and I pull him back for another kiss. It starts to get a little easier to take him after a few minutes. I don’t think I’ll have an orgasm, but he took care of me before.


“Is it okay?” I ask, not really sure what else to say when he pulls back from the kiss to breathe.


“Perfect,” he says. He slides his arms under me and rolls us over. “This way you can move at your own pace,” Eric explains.


I sit up on my knees and rest my hands on his abs. I start by rocking with him completely buried inside of me. Okay. This is good. This is really good. My clit rubs over his pelvic bone and his cock is rubbing inside of me nicely. I smile at him and grab his hands to place them on my tits. I start moving up and down a little, pulling up until I feel the head of his cock brush my g-spot.


“Oh fuck!” I shout and drop my head back.


His fingers play with my nipples and he thrusts his hips up so his head rubs my spot again. One of my hands moves to rub my clit and the other reaches back to rest on his thigh. Maybe I was wrong about my orgasm. I’ve forgotten all about the pain as his tip rubs me on the inside while my fingers massage my swollen nub.


“Eric, I think I’m going to cum,” I moan.


“I know you are,” he says confidently and his hips start to thrust to meet me. Eric sits up and his lips wrap around my nipple.


I moan and release his thigh so I can hold myself up by the back of his head. Eric’s hands are on my ass as we begin to move faster. I feel my walls start to flutter and squeeze his length.


“I’m cumming,” I whisper, but I know he can feel it.


“Fuck, that’s good, pretty girl,” he groans and moves to my other nipple.


My ovaries start to tingle and my back arches, forcing my nipple deeper into his mouth. I hold his head tight as my pussy massages his cock. I can feel my juices pouring out and I’m sure I’m dripping from his balls.


Eric growls and lies back, taking me with him, and his hips move faster. The angle of his thrusts is prolonging my orgasm.


I’m going to be very sore when we’re done. I keep panting and contracting around him. I’m ready for him to cum too. It only takes a few more thrusts before I feel his cock twitch and swell inside me.


“Oh fuck,” he grunts and his abs twitch right before he cums, spilling his release into the condom.


“I guess you made good on your promise to have me hot, sweaty, and breathless,” I smile and dip to kiss him sweetly on the lips.


“Now we just need to work on that hoarse from screaming thing,” he smirks.


“We’ll see what you can do about that in a little bit,” I promise. I need to go to the bathroom and assess. I don’t know if I’m bleeding, and I need to get cleaned up if I am.


“Take your time. Do you feel okay?” His hands move up and down my back.


“So far,” I smile, “Thank you for being so attentive.”


“You’re welcome.”


“May I use your restroom?” I ask. I haven’t heard anyone come into the house so I feel safe walking through alone right now.


“Yeah, it’s downstairs. I’ll show you,” he offers.


“Thanks.” I slowly pull off of him and roll to his side. I’m scared to move in case it hurts, but I have to. “Which way did you toss the shirt?” Plus I need to find my clothes.


Eric gets off the bed and hands me the shirt. He gets rid of the condom and puts his shorts back on. I pull his shirt over my head and get off the bed. There aren’t any bloody spots on the bed, that’s good. That would be a little embarrassing, but then I never intended for someone Eric’s size to be my first.


I follow him downstairs and he shows me the restroom. I do a quick clean up, wash my hands, and then look at myself in the mirror for a moment. I don’t look any different, I feel like a whole new person though.


When I exit the bathroom Eric is in the kitchen. I don’t know if I’m allowed to cuddle him, but I feel like I need to be cuddled right now.


“Um, so what do we do now?” I ask quietly as I make my way closer.


“Your choice,” he says. “I can think of three good options.”


“What are they?” As I ask I recall he told me he’s a world class snuggler so I take my chances and wrap my arms around his waist in hopes that he’ll hug me back.


“First option,” he does hug me back, “Is to eat ice cream in celebration of your deflowering. Two would be you call all your friends and brag. Third would be going back upstairs and cuddling until you just can’t take it anymore and you have to have me again.”


I laugh and say, “You’re a cocky little thing, aren’t you?” Although, I already know it’ll be option three. My friends can wait, and I don’t feel like eating anything.


“Yes, ma’am,” he nods unapologetically.


“At least you’re cute about it,” I smile and stand on my toes to kiss his cheek. “I say option three,” I whisper while I’m still close to his ear.


“That’s my favorite option too,” he says and before I know what’s happening, Eric’s tossed me over his shoulder and is heading for the stairs.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. “in hopes that he’ll hug me back”…..aahh…..*gulps back a tear*……poor little thing……what a wonderful ‘first time’, she’s a very lucky girl……not every boy is as caring as eric….bless him…. x


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