15: Karma Fuck


Janella and I traded numbers at the engagement party. She was a little bit girlier than I was used to, but I didn’t mind. The fact that she was interested in learning to shoot a gun was a bit of a surprise. I hoped she wasn’t one of those women who turned herself inside out to be whoever she thought her man wanted her to be. We hadn’t been in a date yet, which I was also okay with. I liked her, but after what happened with Sookie I was reluctant to jump into something new, and I had told Janella as much.


Not to mention, I was leaving for Las Vegas in three days. It was hardly the right time to get into a new relationship with someone. So for the time being we were friends. If it was meant to grow into something more, it would happen when the time was right.


Since I was traveling with a few things that weren’t on the FAA approved fly list, I was going to be driving  Las Vegas. It was a long drive, but j didn’t mind it. Being back in the desert again wasn’t really something that appealed to me, but I liked my job. Plus my suite at Felipe de Castro’s newest hotel was going to be comped for the duration of my stay. I wasn’t going to be paying a dime for anything while I was there, which got me thinking…


The doorbell rang and I grabbed my suitcase off the bed to put it aside. I wasn’t expecting anyone. My brothers and Eric would just walk in, so I hoped maybe it was Janella. She could have gotten my address from Lilah. I went downstairs hoping to see her standing in my front porch and froze when I saw Sookie instead.


“What are you doing here?” The front door was open. There was just the screen door between us.


“I don’t know,” she replied. “I was just driving and I ended up here.”


“What do you want?” She’d said she was going to stay away.


“I miss you, Rasul,” she said with a pleading look in her eyes.


“You miss me, huh? Did you try that line on Eric first?” I wouldn’t be surprised if she went to him before me.


“No, I haven’t seen him,” she answered.


“The only reason I know that’s true is because he would have told me if you darkened his doorstep. His new girlfriend probably wouldn’t be too happy about you showing up at his place.”


“I didn’t know he had a new girlfriend. I didn’t think that was his style,” Sookie commented.


“Amazing what an honest, sincere woman can do to change a guy. It’s tragic what a dishonest, fake woman can do to change a guy too.” I wasn’t sure why she’d come. There was a part of me that missed her but I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to go down that road when I was trying to move forward.


“I guess I deserve that, although, I didn’t exactly lie; I just omitted some information,” she stated.


“Like your fucking name.”


“That wasn’t a complete fabrication. Ras, I don’t want to argue. I just want to see how you are and… I don’t know, spend some time with you.”


“Spend time with me?” I laughed. She had to be high. “Why the hell would I want to spend time with you?”


“I was hoping you missed me as much as I miss you,” she said quietly.


She looked like she was telling the truth, which was a problem. The parts of me that weren’t over her yet took control and decided to let her inside.


“I’ve tried really hard to hate you,” I said as I opened the screen door to let her in. “Eric’s a lost cause there, but in some fucked up way I understand why you did what you did.”


“He made it quite clear he doesn’t want to see me ever again,” Sookie told me. “Does that mean you’re willing to give me another shot?”


“It means I’m trying to figure out how to make peace with things so I can move on. I know too much about the things you did with him to ever be able to try again with you, Sookie,” I told her. She had Eric to thank for that in some ways, but it was mostly her own fault for deciding to keep the charade going for as long as she did.


She rolled her eyes, trying to hide it from me.


“Things were different with him. It was only about sex. With you things are… different.”


“Because I didn’t fuck you in a nightclub or because I never tried to put my dick in your ass?”


“Rasul, that’s not fair,” she said. That seemed to be a favorite word of hers. “You and I had something more than all that.”

“And it was so good you needed him to pick up where I left off, huh?” Why did I let her in again?


“It was different,” she argued. “I can’t explain it, but you are the one I want to be with.”


“You’re unbelievable.” I shook my head.


“I am trying to be truthful with you, you just don’t believe me. I learned my lesson.”


“That’s the difference between us, Sookie. I don’t need to string along two women and lie about it to know it’s wrong. You’re not the victim here. You chose the situation you’re in. I had nothing to do with the decision making process. You lied to me from the very beginning. Your name was a lie. So no, I don’t believe you,” I told her.


Her eyes had welled up. “I shouldn’t have come here,” she sniffled.


“Probably not. I met someone,” I confessed, mostly just to see what her reaction was.


Her breath hitched. “So… so soon?”


“Last week at Taj’s engagement party. He’s getting married in two months. Lilah introduced me to one of her sorority sisters.”


“Oh…” She wiped the tear that finally fell. “I… I hope she’s a good woman. I won’t come between you.” But she was willing to come between my best friend and me.


“So far we’re just talking. I told her about you and the epic mindfuck you put me through. You know, for the first two weeks it was a fucking struggle every fucking day not to get in my truck and go over to your house?” I’d almost done it a few times, but I always stopped myself.


“I wish you would have,” she admitted.


Yeah, I bet she did.


“It wouldn’t have changed anything,” I said.


“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to change your mind?”


“What do you think would change my mind?” I was curious as to what she thought would get my switch to flip in her favor.


“I don’t know. I’ve already sworn I wouldn’t see Eric anymore, and I haven’t. I wouldn’t see any other man either.” She stepped closer to me. “I would be a one man woman.”


“And what is it you miss so much about me, Sookie?” She never seemed like she cared that much about me. “You never talked about your feelings or wanted a commitment. Anytime I brought it up you got weird.”


“That was because I was seeing Eric at the time. I didn’t want to make it so… official,” she said.


“I’m leaving in three days for eight weeks.” I was getting back two days before Taj’s wedding. “I have to go to Las Vegas for work. I have a lady who wants to get to know me and she’s been completely honest with me about who she is and what she wants. We’re not dating yet, but I want us to be… as soon as I get over you.”


“You’re… I can come with you,” she said quickly, completely disregarding my comments about Janella. “We can start fresh. Stay in Vegas. You don’t have to get over me, we can be an us there.”


A golden opportunity had just presented itself to me and I decided to take it. Karma was a bitch.


“You’re right,” I said like it just dawned on me.


“Yes,” she smiled, wiping another stray tear. “I can go home and pack a bag.”


“Not yet.” I grabbed her hand and pulled her close. She was still a beautiful woman, and she was more than happy to kiss me back when I pressed my lips to hers. There was conflict running through me as we kissed. The part that missed her was happy to have her back. The other part was disgusted with her. It was going to be an interesting night.


Sookie’s hands slid up my chest as we kissed. Her small frame pressed closer to mine, trying to get as much contact as possible. I reached out to push the door shut. Not that she cared much about strangers seeing her get nailed, but I cared.


When we got to the couch I landed on top of her. I let her pull my T-shirt off. I sat up on my knees and reached under her skirt to yank her panties off, ripping one seam at a time. Choosing to go that route ignited something in her; I could see it in her eyes.


“Mmm, I’ve been a naughty girl, Ras,” she purred, sitting up to lean on her elbows.


“How naughty?” I was seeing a different side of her. A side that had most likely been reserved for Eric. I could play along for the night.


“Really naughty,” she answered. “I almost didn’t wear panties at all today. You should feel how wet I am from thinking about being with you again.”


“What do you think should happen to very naughty girls?” I yanked her skirt off and tossed it over my shoulder.


“I think you should give me lots of orgasms,” she smiled up at me.


“That hardly sounds like a punishment, and I know you like to be punished.” Eric had told me how she got off on being spanked.


“I haven’t had an orgasm in several weeks. That should be punishment enough.”


“The drought might continue, naughty girl.” I pushed her thighs apart and reached out to slap her clit. Not too hard or anything, but she definitely felt it.


“Ow,” she pouted.


I stood up straight and unzipped my jeans. Without being asked or told, Sookie sat up and immediately started to suck my dick when my jeans were down enough to reveal it. Whether or not I hated what she did, my body still reacted to hers. Given what I had in mind for the night, it was a good thing my body was overriding anything negative I might have been feeling.


I grabbed Sookie by her hair and started to thrust my hips, which she seemed to like.


“Play with your cunt, Sookie. Let me hear how wet you are,” I ordered. It was a different Rasul she was dealing with, not that she seemed to care.


“Mmhmm,” she hummed. One of her hands dropped between her thighs. She started to rub her pussy. It didn’t take long before I could hear how wet she was getting.


I pulled her off my cock and said, “Tell me what you want.”


“I want you to fuck me so hard I can feel it in two days,” she requested.


So she wants Eric…


“Get up,” I commanded.


“Yes, sir.” She quickly shuffled up to her feet, standing with her hands behind her back.


“Upstairs.” I watched her turn and head for the stairs. I followed behind, watching her ass. When we got my room I grabbed a condom. No way was I fucking her without one. I knew Eric was clean but I didn’t believe she’d been alone the last few weeks.


I ripped the package open and got the latex on. It was a pain in the ass, but better than risking knocking her lying ass up. I tossed Sookie onto my bed and pulled her ass close to the edge. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes, anxious for me to drive into her. I did in one hard thrust.


“Ah! Yes!” she cried out. Her back arched, thrusting her tits in the air. Sookie reached down to rub her clit quickly. “You feel so good, baby.”


Don’t call me baby.  


I wasn’t sweet or romantic. I held Sookie’s thighs and pounded into her hard and fast just the way she wanted. The harder I fucked her, the rougher I was, the more she seemed to like it. I waited until she was about to cum and then I pulled out of her.


“Raaaaaaas,” she whined. “Wh…why did you do that?”


“You were really naughty.” I let go of her legs and turned her over. It was easy to gather her hands and hold them behind her back. She cried out when I drove into her again. My free hand came down on her ass.


“Yes!” Sookie cried out. “Mmm, give it to me… again, baby.”


I did. Again and again and again.


In. Out. In. Out.


Slap, slap, slap…


I kept fucking her when she came.


She cried out my name, rocking her hips back to meet me on each hard thrust. Her walls fluttered and gripped my cock, trying to keep me inside of her.


“So… so good,” she panted when her orgasm started to die out.


I was glad she was enjoying it. I pulled out of her and took off the condom.


“Suck,” I ordered when she turned to look back at me.


Sookie scrambled to turn around. Her small hand wrapped around my dick and she practically swallowed the thing whole. Her head bobbed quickly, her hand stroking in time. Her blue eyes locked onto mine silently begging me to cum.


“You want it on your tongue, Sookie?”


“Mmhmm,” she hummed.


I was tempted to pull out and finish on her face, but I didn’t. Sookie did open her mouth, though, so I could see my release land on her tongue. I growled when I came. She had a blissed out look in her eyes I’d never seen when my cum landed on her tongue.


“Mmm,” she moaned, sucking my tip so she could get every last drop.


“Feel better now?” I asked her.


“I feel wonderful,” she smiled up at me.


“Good. Happy to hear it.” I pulled her up off her knees.


“So… Vegas? We can do that every night,” she offered, trying to wrap her arms around my neck.


“I can call you down to wherever I am in the hotel and I can fuck you when no one’s looking,” I countered.


Her eyes closed briefly imagining it. “Mmm, sounds like heaven.”


“I’ll pull you into a vacant conference room and fuck your tight little ass,” I said, moving close to her ear. “Can you imagine how big my cock will feel there, Suzi?” Something about that made her shiver.


“Yes,” she breathed.


“Then I’ll take you to the control room, order everyone out and go down on you at my desk,” I said, reaching down between her thighs to push three fingers into her pussy. She was stretched nicely from having my cock inside her.


“Or I can swallow your dick,” she offered. She reached down to stroke me but I slapped her hand away.


“Did I tell you to touch my cock?”


“No, sir.”


I curled my fingers to find her g-spot, but the angle we were at wasn’t good for it. I pulled my fingers out of her and had Sookie lie down on the bed. My fingers slid right back into her and that way I found her g-spot no problem. She grabbed my wrist as I stroked that spot quickly, trying to get a fast orgasm from her.


It worked.


She screamed my name as her honey gushed out of her with her release. She came so hard her body trembled on the bed.


“Good girl.” I slowed my fingers down. “Would you like another?”


“Yes, please.”


I gave it a few seconds before my fingers sped up again. It didn’t take long for her to cum again. By the time I was ready to go again she’d cum three times. Sookie was still breathing hard when I got the condom on. I rolled her on her side and stretched out behind her. She was too out of it to lift her leg so I did it for her, and slid in deep.


She let out a whimpery-moan as the top of her body leaned forward, bracing herself on the bed.


“You still want it hard, Suzi?” It felt more natural to me to call her that. For Eric she was Sookie.


“No more Suzi,” she requested. “And I always want it hard.”


I pulled her leg up higher and began to thrust hard. She moaned and looked down to see my dick pounding into her. Sookie was so fucking wet for me by that point. Her walls were fluttering from the last orgasm. I grabbed her hair to pull her head back so I could whisper to her, “Maybe I’ll just call you Suzi when you’re a bad girl.”


“No,” she denied me.


It didn’t matter. She wasn’t coming to Vegas with me.


“Play with your clit,” I ordered.


She reached down to lazily rub her clit. She was getting tired.


“Are you going to cum again for me, naughty girl?” I nipped at her earlobe.


“I don’t know if I can.”


“I think you can. I know how greedy your pussy can be.” I thrust in deep and moved her hand away to rub her clit for her.


Instead of crying out she let out a little whimper with her final orgasm and her body went limp. Sookie was at ragdoll status. I pulled out of her and rolled her onto her back. With her knees over my elbows I filled her again. She moaned but all the urgency and lust was gone. Her body was on autopilot, and even though she thought she was done, Sookie came one more time before I finished.


“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” I roared as my body jerked. I dropped on top of her and before I could get up to take off the condom, Sookie was snoring.


She was out cold.


I got up to dispose of the condom and went to the bathroom to shower. That was the last time I was ever going to be intimate with Sookie. She didn’t care about me; she cared about the idea of me.


After my shower I gathered up her clothes and brought them to the bedroom. I was changing the sheets as soon as she was gone. While she was out I finished up my packing. She came around about ninety minutes after she passed out. By then I was dressed in fresh clothes and my hair was just damp.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to pass out on you,” she apologized.


“It’s fine. Gave me time to think about things.”


“Oh yeah?” She noticed her things on the end of the bed.


“Yeah. I don’t think it’s a good idea if you come to Vegas.”


“What? Why?”


“Because you still want to fuck my best friend,” I said. “You settled for me. I deserve better than that.”


“That’s not true. I didn’t settle anything,” she argued.


“Not a second of all that was me, and you damn well know it.”


“That was you. A different you, but it was you and I loved it.”


I shook my head. “No, Sookie, it wasn’t me. It was me pretending to be someone I’m not. I figured in some way it makes us even. I got it out of my system. I don’t need you anymore.”


“You used me to get off.” She got up from the bed and started to gather her clothes.


“Something like that.” I didn’t feel bad about it either.


“What you just did is no better than what I did.” Sookie pulled her skirt over her hips.


“It’s called karma, sweetheart. You just got a good, hard fuck from it.”


“You’re a much bigger asshole than I expected you to be.” She slipped her shoes on.


“I learned from the master,” I said with a smug look.


“I can’t believe you did this.” She turned to leave the room.


“Bye, Suzi!” I called after her.


“It’s Sookie!” she yelled back.


No one cares.


I certainly didn’t. Not anymore.

~The End~

5 thoughts on “15: Karma Fuck

  1. Didn’t think Rasul had it in him to do that, but she did get what she deserved after the way she played them both. Hopefully Rasul will find happiness soon.


  2. I’m usually one for happy endings but Sookie deserved what she got in this story. I don’t know how you could have made it so she ended up with one of them in the end and made it believeable so I thought your ending was perfect!


  3. Rasul was right. Sookie really didn’t want to be with him; she wanted someone to fulfill her sexual desires. I truly believe that eventually she would have gone back after Eric. Sadly, she really had / has no shame. I think Ras made the right decision about ditching Sookie. Unfotunately, he probably just screwed up any possibility with Janella. Can’t wait to read your next story! Thanks for sharing!


  4. I also think she got what she deserved. I was truly hoping she’d end up with Eric because they were so compatible in the bedroom but when she knew and didn’t tell his about Ras or break it off with him, it was doomed. Thanks for writing.


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