Chapter 25




Eric’s parents get in tomorrow afternoon and I’m nervous about meeting them. I’m booked solid until eight tomorrow night, but I blocked off some time for them the night after. I never met Trey’s family in the ten years we dated but he explained that away by telling me his parents were dead and he was an only child.




Turns out his parents are alive and well in Oklahoma, and he’s one of five kids. Yeah, I shouldn’t have been surprised when Janella told me about that, but I was. It wasn’t just his marriage he lied about; it was his entire life. The only things he was honest about was his name and his occupation. Because he was in the military, I was willing to accept that he was secretive about some things. It never occurred to me that he was outright lying to me.





Eric’s been an open book, by comparison. The last few days have been insanely busy for us both. I’m stretched out on my couch, watching TV when I get a text from him.  Last I heard, he was still at the bakery… an hour ago.


Eric: Make me leave this fucking place!


Me: Get over here and snuggle me or I’m dumping you.


Eric: When you put it that way…


Me: I’ll even get naked if you want.


Eric: I’ll be there in 30. If I’m not I grant you permission to spank me 😉


Me: I might anyway just for fun.


Eric: Minx.  :-*


Me: You like it. I’ll be watching the clock, mister.


Eric: Yes, Mistress Sookie.


I set my phone down on the couch next to me and end up dozing off during a rerun of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The next thing I know, the buzzer is going off. I groan and get up off the couch to get the door. I pause at the intercom to let Eric in and then crack the door for him. I go straight back to the couch and lie down, pulling a cozy blanket off the back to spread out over me.


Eric walks in and I can instantly smell the sugar on him.


“I brought some cupcakes… Hey, did you lure me out of there for snuggles?” he asks as he closes the door.


“Uh huh. There’s room here for you, but you know I get cold.” My boyfriend is part polar bear, I’m sure of it.


“I know, weirdo.” He walks past me to go to the kitchen and drop off the cupcakes. He starts peeling his clothes off on his way back to the couch. By the time he gets to me he’s in only his boxers and left a trail of clothes in his wake. He climbs on top of me over the blanket. “I can help you stay warm.”


“Good. I’m wearing sweats, a tank top, a thermal shirt and heavy socks… and I’m still chilly,” I tell him.


“Well now you have two hundred plus pounds of sexy fuckin’ beast on you,” he tells me and nuzzles into my neck.


I giggle on account of the beard because it tickles.


“How was your day?” I ask while rubbing the back of his neck.


“Busy as fuck. I hit my fuckin’ head when I stood up and fuckface opened an oven without telling me. In the process I dropped the fuckin’ cake I had in my hand and had to start over. That Fucker just laughed at me. Move your hand up and you’ll be able to feel the knot.”


I move my hand and damn…


“Babe, let me get you some ice,” I tell him.


“No, I’m fine. I’ve had way worse,” he assures me. “Plus you’re cold and I want you to stay warm.”


“It’ll just take a minute and your head will feel better.”


“If you can move me I’ll let you get it,” he grins and I feel him buckle down to make it harder for me to move.


“Hey, if you want to be in pain that’s on you.”


“Give me some kisses and I’ll be just fine.”


“Get your face out of my tits, and I will.”


He lifts his head and dips to kiss me. “I missed you,” he whispers against my lips.


“I missed you too. Are you excited to see your parents tomorrow?” I kiss him again.


“Mmhmm, I can’t wait to squeeze my mom.” He kisses me back.


“Is she miniature like me?” He gets another kiss. .


“Maybe an inch taller. Me and Pam got Dad’s height.”


“Oh good. I can talk to someone without needing a chiropractor.”


“Keep wearing your tall shoes and you won’t need one with me,” he reminds me and sucks on my jaw.


“Mmm… I’ll be wearing tall shoes to dinner with your parents,” I tell him. “Silver strappy ones.”


“Is it too cold to give me a trial run tonight?” he asks, wiggling his eyebrows.


“Aren’t you tired? You were up before me and I dozed off after you said you were on your way.”


“Haven’t you learned I don’t sleep,” he chuckles and gives me a lingering peck.


“Liar. You sleep on me all the time,” I laugh.


“Nuh uh, I’m just checking my eyelids for leaks,” he denies it.


“And snoring…”


“Making sure my sinuses are clean?” he tries with an adorable grin.


“Nope, you’re out cold.”


“Am I? I wouldn’t have guessed.” He kisses me again and flexes his hips.


“Well not right now, but you have dry humped me in your sleep before,” I inform him.


“I was probably having a dream I was fucking you. You could’ve helped me out,” he says.


“I was asleep too, until the poking in my back,” I chuckle. “I just scooted away from you.”


“That no fun,” he pouts playfully.


“You survived,” I shrug.


“Next time you should just roll on top of me and go for a ride,” he chuckles.


“Or we should get you iron boxer shorts to contain the monster,” I counter.


“You can’t wake me up with a handjob if I wear iron boxers. Duh.” He snorts before he yawns and asks, “Wanna go to bed?”




“Three-thirty is hitting me real hard all of a sudden.” He yawns again.


“Crazy how that happens, huh? Come on, let’s go.”


“Mmkay. I’ll pick up my clothes in the morning,” he promises as he hops off of me.


I turn off the TV, pick up my phone and follow him back to my bedroom. He’s already stretched out on the bed. I put my phone on its charger and then get into bed with him.


“Come snuggle me,” he whispers.


I scoot over and rest my head on his chest.


“You ditched the boxers?” Of course he did.


“Have you met me?”


“Nope. Who are you and why are you naked in my bed?”


He grabs my hand and pushes down his stomach to his growing erection.


“I’m the real Big Daddy,” he winks.


“Is that right? That feels like Medium Daddy to me,” I smirk.


“Stroke a little,” he whispers and tilts his head to kiss me.


“Mmm… I don’t know if my boyfriend would be okay with me stroking someone else’s cock,” I tell him.


“What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right?” Eric asks sweetly.


“Good point. What’s in it for me?”


“What would you like?”


“An orgasm. I fake it with the boyfriend,” I tell him.


“That’s pretty shitty. Why don’t you dump that loser?” he asks and rolls onto his side so he can push his hand down my sleep pants.


“He gives great massages and he’s a GQ motherfucker.”


“Fuckin’ GQ fuckers always take the good ones,” he sighs. “Don’t worry, sweet Sookie, I’ll give you what GQ doesn’t.”


“Good. You know he shouts his own name when he cums?” I lift my leg to give him better access.


Eric starts to rub my opening before he pushes two fingers into me and starts to pump.


“Mmm, with a pussy this fuckin’ tight he should be screaming your name when he blinks too fuckin’ hard,” he hisses.


“The downside of fucking a pretty boy,” I sigh.


“I think you should drop that fucker and come to me. I’m ugly, but I have big hands with amazing dexterity and a massive dick I can spoil you with,” he purrs and twists his fingers.


“Mmm… you’re not ugly,” I tell him. “Are you a good kisser?”


“Bring those sexy lips over here and find out.”


I lean in and lick his lips a few times before finally pressing my lips to his. His fingers pump slowly as I part my lips for him.


“Mmm,” he moans as his tongue slips into my mouth. When his tongue meets mine his thumb hits my clit, mimicking the way his tongue swirls around mine.


“Very good kisser,” I whisper against his lips. “You should take my pants off.”


“I don’t want to take my fingers out of your cunt. You’re so fuckin’ warm… Mmm, and sticky…”


“But if you take my pants off, you can put your cock there instead,” I point out.


He starts to kiss me again as he pulls his fingers out so he can help me out of my pants. He rolls on his back, pulling me on top of him to straddle his waist.


“Take your orgasm,” he whispers. “You can have as many as you want…”


“How generous of you,” I say as I rub his swollen tip up and down my slit.


When his head gets to my opening he grabs my hips and pulls me down as he thrusts up, filling me completely.


“Fuuuck, so fuckin’ warm… and so, so fuckin’ wet,” he moans, arching his back some.


“So much bigger than the boyfriend,” I tell him.


“Good,” he breathes. His hand rests on my lower abdomen and he starts to rub my clit. “I’m going to make you feel way fuckin’ better than fuckin’ GQ.”


“We’ll see.” I start rocking quickly.


Eric’s other hand goes to my breast and he starts to tug on my nipples one at a time as he continues to stroke my clit. His hips gently buck up to try to get deeper inside of me.


“I’m fuckin’ exhausted, pretty girl. This might take a while,” he tells me.


“You quittin’ on me?” I start to bounce instead, knowing he likes watching my tits move.


“I’m never quittin’ on you. I’m just warning you might get more time on my cock,” he chuckles.


“If I swallowed it you’d cum in less than five minutes.” I haven’t done that in a while. I don’t want to do it every time I blow him.


“I would, but I like being in your pussy. Keep doing what you’re doing.”


I do. I continue to bounce on his cock while he rubs my clit. When I lean back a little his tip starts rubbing against my sweet spot and it doesn’t take much after that for me to explode. I climb off of Eric and take him in my mouth instead to finish him off. I bob my head quickly and play with his balls the way he likes.


“Mmm, just like that,” he hisses as his hips begin to thrust slowly.


I keep my head down and suck harder. My hand joins my mouth and I feel his shaft swell a bit more. I start humming and that does it.


“Ohfuckohfuck… Where do you want it?” Eric gasps.


I pull off him and keep stroking his length so he can cum on my tits. He reaches down to push my tits together and cums with a roar. His hips jerk with each thick, creamy shot of his cum that hits me.


“Mmm… perfect,” he pants.


I lean down to kiss him before I get up to go clean off my chest. By the time I get back to the bed, Eric’s already snoring. I shake my head and smile. So much for not sleeping.




I’m just getting my shoes on when my buzzer sounds. Eric is bringing his parents here and then we’re going to eat. I’ve been nervously cleaning and straightening things since I got home from work. My hands are sweating and clammy as I hustle to the intercom to buzz them in.


I open the front door and wait nervously for them to appear. I assume I see Eric’s mother first. She’s about my height, like Eric said, with almost white hair, it’s so blond. Her eyes are brown and she’s wearing glasses. I decide immediately that I like her smile when she looks at me.


“Hello, please come in,” I say politely and step back. A tall man that looks like an older version of Eric is right behind her.


Eric comes up behind them and gives me a smile that I realize looks just like his mother’s.


“Sookie, this is my mom, Lisel and my dad, Bryan,” he introduces me. “Guys, this is a Sookie,” he chuckles. Apparently his dad asked what a Sookie was when he told them about me.


“It’s so great to meet you both. Can I get either of you a drink?” I offer. The plan is to have a drink before we go. “I have water, tea, coffee, wine, beer and a bottle of scotch I’m never going to drink.”


“It’s nice to meet you too, Sookie,” Bryan greets me, reaching out to shake my hand. “The kid is driving so I’ll take the scotch.”


“You got it. Eric, will you take their coats for me?” He nods and I continue, “What about you, Mrs. Northman?”


“Oh call me Lisel. Bryan and I aren’t formal people,” she says as Bryan helps her with her coat. “Wine would be lovely.”


“Great. Babe?”


“Coffee, I’m fuckin’ tired,” he says. “I can come help though. These two can snoop.”


“Or you can get the drinks and I’ll give them a tour,” I suggest.


“Okay. Dad, keep your fuckin’ eyes up,” he jokes.


“After being married as long as I have I’ve learned to be stealthy,” Bryan chuckles, earning a smack in the chest from his wife.


“That’s what he thinks,” Lisel says.


“Don’t think I don’t notice your wandering eye, little missy,” he tells her and pokes her side.


“I’m on the lookout for a younger model,” she shrugs.


“You let me know when you find someone,” he snorts.


“Oh I will,” Lisel says. I can’t tell if they’re kidding or not until I look at Eric, who is shaking his head. “This is a lovely apartment, Sookie.”


“Oh, thank you. Come on, I’ll show you around. The upstairs deck has a great view.” I start toward the stairs.


There’s a bathroom, guest room, living space and two balconies. Bryan and Lisel follow me upstairs while Eric gets the drinks.


“How long have you lived here?” Lisel asks.


“I’m originally from Franklin Park, but I’ve been in the city for ten years and in this place specifically for five,” I answer. “It was my first big purchase after the salon started making money.”


The stylist in me is dying to get my hands on Lisel’s hair. It looks thick and full, but it needs some shaping.


“It’s a good place,” Bryan comments. “Good job on GQ down there.”


I chuckle and say, “Thank you. The hair in his eyes was starting to bug me.”


“I’m surprised you noticed. This is the first time I’ve seen him without a hat in decades,” Bryan chuckles. “I almost didn’t recognize him.”


“Well that beard doesn’t help,” Lisel says. “I can only imagine how grungey he was before you cleaned him up. I love the kid but he gets terrible tunnel vision.”


“I distracted him with Mexican food.” I leave out the wet white T-shirt. They don’t need to know that.


“I figured it was either that or sex,” Bryan says seriously.


“Or both,” Lisel says. “Remember that time we came home early and we caught him in the basement with that little purple haired girl from around the corner?”


“Yep. Took him to the store for a giant box of condoms after that. It was our first “talk” and he spent the whole car ride beet red.”


“Awww… how old was he?” I chuckle.


“Oh, fifteen, I think,” Lisel says.


“In other words, way too young to be trying to sex up the neighbor girl,” Bryan points out.


“She started it!” Eric calls up the stairs.


“I don’t remember you fighting her off!” Lisel calls back.


Of course not. He had a girl wanting to play with his boy bits.


“I don’t think Eric turned anyone down at that age. He started sneaking girls in after that when he thought we were asleep until his sister caught him and would pound on his bedroom door to piss me off and embarrass him,” Bryan says.


“Sounds like something I would have done to my brother,” I laugh. “My parents caught Jason skinny dipping with the neighbor’s twins when they were sixteen.”


“Yeah, my son has the Northman Stealth,” Lisel smirks.


“And charm,” Bryan winks.


“That charm is dangerous,” I say as I lead them to the sliding doors that lead to the deck. I won’t take them outside, but they can still see the view.


“Oh this is lovely,” Lisel breathes.


I notice Bryan rub her shoulder before he kisses her temples.


“It is gorgeous, Sookie,” he smiles.


“It’s great in the summertime. I can hear the crowd at Wrigley Field if I go out there,” I tell them.


“Cubs fan?” Lisel asks.


“I bleed Cubby Blue,” I chuckle.


“Careful, this one’ll try to convert you,” she warns, bumping Bryan with her hip.


“Inconceivable!” I gasp.


“The Sox are an obviously superior team,” Bryan argues.


“Eh,” I shrug. “I’m not a fair weather fan. I’ve been to Sox games and they’re boring. There’s better energy at Wrigley.”


Bryan gasps in offense.


“Tell me you’re not a Packers fan,” Bryan pleads.


“Oh hell no,” I reply without hesitation.


“I need to go find my son and get away from all this sports talk,” Lisel says.


“You know he went to a hockey game a few weeks ago?” I ask. There’s an odd pride in Bryan’s eyes upon hearing that.


“He’s never given a shit about sports,” Bryan says. “If he didn’t look like me I’d think Lisel fooled around with the mailman.”


“Well I’d say not caring about sports has served him pretty well,” Lisel says. “How did you two meet?”


“He ran into me twice within minutes at a coffee shop and I elbowed him in the head on my way out,” I tell them.


“He probably saw tits and was drawn in like a tractor beam,” Bryan snorts.


“I doubt it. He was standing behind me the first time. As I was walking away from the cafe I told him to eat a dick and he baked me a cake shaped like one.”


I did not just tell them that.


“Oh it’s like that song he made us listen to,” Lisel says.


Bryan laughs and says, “He made us listen to some Lonely Island song that made us laugh. Believe me; my boy saw your chest. We’re tall; he probably looked right down your shirt.”


Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true. However, he was in a bad mood that day so I doubt him bumping into me was intentional… the first time.


We go back downstairs where Eric has our drinks waiting. He’s doctoring a cup of coffee for himself. Poor boy looks exhausted, happy, but exhausted. I stand behind him and rub his back.


“You feeling okay?” I ask. If his parents weren’t here I’d be tucking him into bed right now.


“Yeah. I’ve been up way too fuckin’ early every day this week.”


“Sweetheart, you should hire more help seasonally,” Lisel says as she takes the wine Eric offers her.


“I didn’t expect to be this busy and the season is almost over. If business stays this good I’ll look into hiring someone after the new year permanently,” he tells her.


“We don’t have to go out to dinner,” Bryan suggests. “I’m sure we’d both be fine with ordering a pizza and getting to know Sookie a little better.”


My hands move up his back to his shoulders. Jesus, he’s tense.


“Yes, lets do that,” Lisel nods.


“It’s fine with me too, unless you have your heart set on going out,” I tell him.


“We can g–”


“Eric, go sit down. I’ll order a pizza for us,” Bryan tells him. “I just need your address Sookie, and what you like on your pizza.”


“Yes, sir,” Eric sighs and sags under my hands.


I keep rubbing Eric’s shoulders while giving Bryan my information. It’s not exactly normal to be giving your boyfriend a back rub in front of his parents, but whatever. He needs it. They can just get over it if they don’t like it, but they don’t seem to care. So far I like Eric’s parents.


I just hope the feeling is mutual.



12 thoughts on “Chapter 25

  1. I get the feeling with these parents they won’t be awkward about Sookie giving Eric a back rub in front of them. Conversely, I think they will see it as a sign that she takes care of him, and will approve!

    I love them both already 🙂


  2. Awww…. these two are in a good place well minus the moment Eric’s head was hitting the oven door…. and I bet Eric’s parents do love Sookie (I think the sports metaphors established that too if I read them correctly….)


    • Your cubbies beat my cards Friday before last we rode the train to Chicago for an extra long weekend. It was my first time at Wrigley loved the old time feel of the stadium and the fans were awesome. I worried about taking my girls dressed head to toe in their cardinal gear to an out of town game but everyone was so nice.


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