Chapter 4


After a fantastic dinner I follow Sookie back to her house. It’s a little place on a big lot on the outskirts of town. Lots of shade trees surrounding the house. There’s a nice little carport off to the south side of the house where she parks her SUV. I pull up behind her. My truck is bigger and older, but Elmer is the shit. He was my dad’s. It was the only thing of his I really wanted after he passed.

I slide out of the truck and follow Sookie around to the back of the house. There’s a good size deck off the back of the place and even in the dark I can tell it needs to be replaced. It’s not even good kindling.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t put too much weight on this thing,” I advise.

“No, I walk down to the yard to sunbathe and that’s about it. I’ve been holding off on getting a grill until I get it fixed,” she tells me.

“Good move.” The railing wiggles violently when I barely try to shake it.

“Want the tour or should we just go get naked?” she teases. The flirting has been getting more and more suggestive as the night progresses.

“I’d like the tour, and then I believe I owe you a kiss.” I’ve tried my hardest to behave myself. I think I’ve done well.

It’s not easy with the dress she’s wearing. There’s a good amount of flawless, golden skin on display that seemed to shimmer in the candlelight at the steakhouse. I had a few explicit thoughts about having her for dessert instead of the tiramisu she talked me into getting so she could have a bite.

“It’s older, but it had good bones and it felt like a good starter home,” she says as we walk into the small living room. “It’s two bedroom, two bath.” I follow Sookie through the living space down the hallway where she points out the front bathroom and the spare room/office. We end in her bedroom. The bed isn’t huge, but it will do.

“It’s a cute house. I’m flipping mine, doing the work a little at a time. Right now I’m working on retiling the upstairs bathroom,” I tell her. Most of us have side jobs to keep us busy or to give us something else to focus on when we’re not on shift. It really does keep us from burning out too quickly.

“I’ve done a little work, like painting everything. I need to get a new toilet before I work on the deck. It works, but I want to get a low flow… Toilets aren’t exactly first date convo,” she giggles.

“Toilets and vibrators. I’m starting to see why you’re single,” I tease.

“Hey, now,” she laughs. “I’m comfortable with you. I can’t stop myself.”

“You’re cute.” I draw her closer to me. “You do have a bed made for miniature people, however. I may have to talk you into staying at my place when I’m not playing Mr. Fix It for you.”

“I don’t need a ginormous bed for just me. I didn’t plan on bringing a giant home.” Her arms move up to wrap around my neck. “I don’t think it’ll be hard to get me to come home with you, though.”

“I can be convincing too. I’m not worried about it.” I told her I owe her a kiss but I didn’t say where. My hands find her hips and her eyebrows rise when I start tugging her skirt up.

“What are you doing with my skirt?” she asks with a playful smile.

“Relocating it.” It’s the truth.

“Shall I take a step back and take it all off for you?” she offers. She starts to sway, rubbing her tits over my chest.

“Nope. You can stay right there.” I drop to my knees in front of her and look up into her pretty blue eyes. I hold her skirt with one hand and move her panties over with the other. Sookie sucks in a breath as I lean in, and for a few seconds I just breathe on her. I can see her nipples getting hard under her dress, and when I finally kiss her lower lips, her eyes flutter closed. She’s so warm and smooth, and the noise she makes when my tongue flicks out and taps her clit makes my cock twitch.

“Oh wow, you are an amazing kisser,” she breathes. Her hands rest on my hair, gently petting me.

I push her back to the bed so she can lie down. Her hands stay on my hair but I tug her barely there panties off so they won’t get in my way. Sookie opens her legs wider for me and I don’t hesitate to lick her from her opening to her clit. My tongue moves around the swollen nub a few times and then I hold her thighs apart while I kiss her opening like I would her mouth.

Her heels dig into the mattress as her back starts to arch. The sexiest noises are coming from her. Sookie’s eyes are closed, for once not trained on me. I can tell she’s lost in the moment when she brings her hands up to start tugging on her nipples.

She’s seriously one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen. She’s confident, which is sexy on its own, but she also isn’t afraid of saying what she likes and what she doesn’t. My thumb moves up and down slowly over her clit while my tongue works inside her. I love the gasps, moans and whimpers coming from her. I want her to cum but I want to take my time getting her there.

“Mmm, I’ve been imagining this since I was with you last,” she moans. “I love the things you do to me, Eric.” She finally opens her eyes to look down at me. “You spoil me.”

I wink instead of stopping. Sookie lets one of her legs rest over my shoulder. Her heel digs into my shoulder blade to pull me closer to her and my mouth finally moves to her clit. I suck my index finger to get it wet and then slowly work it inside her, making her back arch again. My lips seal around her clit and I think her eyes cross for a few seconds at all the stimulation.

“Ohmygod!” she cries out. “Eric!” I can feel her walls pulsing wildly around my finger, nearing her first orgasm.

I pull back but let my finger twist and pump in slowly. “You’re gorgeous when you cum, Sookie,” I tell her. I’m careful not to rub her sweet spot.

“I love the way my name sounds coming from your mouth,” she tells me. Her head drops back as a low, raspy moan leaves her mouth. “I need to cum for you, baby,” she pants.

“Not yet.” I kiss her inner thighs, which only makes her wetter. She’s breathing hard and the way her hips are moving, I know she needs friction. I move in closer to her pussy and when my tongue begins flicking quickly against her clit, she grabs my hair tightly.

“Don’t stop,” she pleads. Sookie pushes my head down some as she tries to grind her pussy up against my tongue. “I need it… please, please can I cum?” she whimpers.

I growl quietly and my arm drapes over her hips to hold her steady. My finger crooks at the same time and I know I found her g-spot when her hips try to buck up.

Sookie doesn’t wait for me to tell her it’s okay to cum. Her orgasm hits, making her hips jerk. She throws her hands up to press against the headboard. “Fuuuuck!” she screams when she cums. Sookie never curses during play time, nor does she cum without me telling her to.

This isn’t playtime and I like seeing her just being herself.

I also don’t stop, not until she pushes my head away after she cums a second time a few minutes later. I could do this all night. Watching her cum is highly entertaining.

“Had enough?” I kiss her mound.

“I want your cock,” she pants. “I want to feel you slide into me and when you cum I want to feel it filling my core…”

I kiss my way up her body and she groans when she feels how hard I am. I have to sit up to take off my shirt and Sookie gets my pants undone for me. We have to get monthly exams for STDs if we want to stay members of the club so we don’t have pandemics of venereal diseases going around the joint. I don’t go unprotected all the time, but it’s safe to do so. Well, as safe as it’s going to get.

I get my pants off and then help Sookie get rid of her dress. As soon as she’s naked I hover over her and take one of her pebbled nipples between my lips. Her back arches when my tongue flicks and her little hand wraps around my dick. She strokes a few times and then puts me at her drenched opening. I lift my head as I sink into her and my eyes roll back. Fuck, she feels good.

“Perfect,” she breathes. Sookie’s legs wrap around my waist, trying to keep me as close as possible. “Kiss me, Eric,” she softly commands.

I have no problem giving her what she wants. My hips move at a good pace, not too fast or hard, but not slow either. Her head lifts from the pillow and my lips catch hers. The kiss is deep and passionate, and her hips start to move to meet mine. She’s a fantastic kisser and, if I’m being completely honest, the best I’ve ever had. Everything about her seems to fit just right. I’m not crazy enough to think there won’t be something controversial or annoying about her, but so far this is a good thing. Almost too good.

Sookie’s hands join mine so she can raise them above her head. I have her pinned below me as we kiss. She uses her feet to help lift her hips to meet me on each deep thrust. Her sexy little moans are filling my mouth as we kiss. Something tells me that she’s feeling this too, whatever it may be. Having sex with her — Sookie — is different than being with Susannah. She’s moved me to pin her, but she’s clearly still calling all of the shots.

“So good,” she breathes into the kiss. “I never want you to stop.”

I don’t want to stop but she feels so good that I don’t know how much longer I’m going to last. I’m trying to think of something else to keep from embarrassing myself, but it’s not working. Sookie’s silky walls massaging my shaft, pulsing and milking me is too much.

“Fuck, Sookie, I’m not gonna last,” I warn her.

“Mmm, that’s okay,” she pants. I can feel her getting closer as well. “I want to feel you cum in me, Eric.”

Usually if I cum in her it’s in her mouth, so this is different. My hips speed up and the pulsing of her walls quickens too. Her mouth attaches to my neck and I’m buried deep inside her when I lose it.

“Yessss,” I hiss, my body jerking with the orgasm. Goddamn, that’s fucking good stuff.

“Eric!” Sookie cries out. My orgasm triggers hers, making her squeeze and milk my cock for every last drop.

I drop on top of her and release her wrists. Her head turns to the side and she gets a hard kiss from me. When I roll over she comes with me and straddles my hips. My fingers try to get her silky hair loose so I can play with it while we kiss. It doesn’t take much to get me hard again.

I’m not sure how long we spend in bed, making out and fucking, before we’re too tired to keep going. I’ve always been a snuggly sleeper and Sookie doesn’t seem to mind when I wrap myself around her and use her glorious tits as pillows.

“Mmm, goodnight,” she whispers, ghosting her fingertips up and down my back.

“Sweet dreams,” I whisper back. It’s a good thing it’s Saturday, but I have less than twenty-four hours until I have to go back to work. Something tells me I’m not going to want to go.


I wake up in the morning with a cute little woman asleep on my chest in a very similar pose to the one I was in when we fell asleep. My legs are hanging off the end of the bed but I don’t care too much about that. Sookie’s plenty warm. I love how soft she is and how good she smells. Even her hair smells good.

Damn, I’ve got it bad for her.

I start playing with her hair and Sookie shifts on top of me. I’m not sure if I’m waking her up or if it’s an involuntary movement. Either way, my body was obviously aware of how close to me she is, based on the way my cock is pulsing… and trapped between us.

“Mmm, are you awake?” she asks in a creaky voice.

“Mmhmm,” I hum.

“Do you want breakfast?”

“I never turn down food.” I kiss her head and let my fingers move down her back to give her a little massage.

“Do you want me first?” she offers quietly, kissing my chest.

“Do I want to fuck you first?” The answer is yes but I can wait and I tell her so.

“Your call,” she tells me. Sookie sits up so she’s straddling my lap. Her hair is a mess and last night’s eye makeup is smudged, making her look almost raccoon-like.

“What do you want?” I rub her hips. She bites her bottom lip in thought while she stares at my cock.

“I could start the day by returning the favor,” she suggests eventually. Her small hand wraps around my length, slowly stroking me.

“Mmm… What favor would that be?” I went down on her because I wanted to and because I knew she’d enjoy it.

“I could give you kisses and maybe even suck your cock a little?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want you feeling like you owe me,” I smile. My hips thrust toward her hand on their own.

“I would do it because I like the way your cock feels sliding in and out of my mouth,” she purrs.

“By all means, have at it. I’m more than happy to lay here and let you do your thing,” I say seriously. She’s more than welcome to blow me anytime she wants.

Sookie smiles as she shifts down the bed. She holds my shaft up, licking me from base to tip before she wraps her lips around my head. She gives me a hard suck and then starts to slowly bob her head, slithering her tongue back and forth over my shaft, suckling each time she pulls up.

“That’s good, Sookie,” I whisper, watching her head bob up and down. She’s good at this.

She continues to stroke me slowly when she pulls her mouth off. “The next time we’re at the club I want you with someone else,” she requests. “I want you to take turns using me, if that’s okay…” Her lips wrap around my head again. This time when she starts to bob she starts to take me deeper until I hit the back of her throat, making her gag a little. The way the tears trickle down her cheeks makes my cock twitch inside of her mouth. She swallows my head, quickly followed by the rest of my length so my cock is sliding in and out of her throat.

If I was capable of forming words they wouldn’t be to tell her no, that’s for damn sure. I’ve seen the way she watches others at the club when it’s two men and one woman and there’s definitely something about that I know she’s been wanting to experience. We haven’t really talked about it but we probably should. I’ve never tried to balance a relationship – even an open one – with the club.

She seems to understand that my brain isn’t fully functional. Sookie continues to stroke me as she pulls up to breathe. Her eyes stay on mine when she catches her breath and takes me into her mouth, immediately taking me down her throat again. Her small hand disappears under her body and I can hear how wet she is when she starts to play with her pussy. Sookie starts moaning loud around my length, shooting delicious vibrations down my shaft, into my balls.

“Fuck,” I groan. My hand lands in her hair to guide her head up and down, not that she needs my help. She’s doing just fine all by herself. I know more words leave my mouth but I’m not sure I’m making much sense.

She pulls her hand out from between her thighs to wrap it around my shaft again. I can see how wet she is by her shiny fingers. She pulls off to take a breath and to say, “I want you to cum for me, Eric. I want to swallow every last drop.” She squeezes on an up stroke before she drops down to take my cock down her throat again. This time she begins to bob faster.

Yeah, that’ll do it.

I could thrust my hips up and it wouldn’t bother her, but I force them to stay as still as possible to let her do things her way. I can feel the pressure building and it seems like I go from zero to sixty in less than three seconds.

“Fuuuuuuck!” I groan right before I jerk violently and my hips thrust up, making Sookie gag a little again as I cum for her. Goddamn.

“Mmm,” she hums as she pulls up, licking up all of her saliva on the way. As promised, she swallows it all. Once she has me cleaned to her liking she kisses my tip. “Mornin’, babe. For my next trick I’ll be making you maple bacon waffles.”

“Uh huh,” I mumble. It’ll be a minute before I have normal brain function again.

Sookie smiles. She moves up my body to kiss the corner of my mouth. She rolls off of the bed and I watch as she walks into her bathroom, I assume to clean up. She comes out a few minutes later wearing a robe. Her face is clean and her hair is piled on top of her head. She gives me another small smile before she slips out of the room.

I know it’s only been one date but if things keep going like this, I have no doubt I’ll end up falling head over heels for this woman.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Totally enjoying these two, not quite as much as they’re enjoying each other though, sigh 😉
    Looking forward to seeing more and am very curious as to how they will react on their next visit at the club.


  2. Loving the honesty between the two of them and how comfortable they are with one another already outside of the club. Eric really does have it bad, and I’m looking forward to Sookie’s POV. These two are hot!


  3. I am probably reading into things but as much as the date and afterdate delight were adorable and brilliant… i get a feeling of impending disaster / angst as Eric’s take away from the surprise meet up & date seems to be that he could see a relationship with Sookie while Sookie’s take is more ‘this guy’s just awesome and I can trust him so let’s up the stakes in our games at the Playground’?
    At any rate good job at keeping us on the edge of the seat… And rather hot and bothered to be truthful….

    Liked by 1 person

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