Chapter 4


Instead of taking Sookie home we go to my house after dinner. She continued with those fucking punishment comments throughout dinner so now I’m hard as a rock and I live closer.


“This is it,” I say as we walk in. I slide up behind her, resting my hands on her hips.


“It’s a surprisingly clean place,” she giggles. “Except for the Playboy magazines over there on the coffee table.”


“They’re stacked neatly,” I say, pushing her hair to the side to kiss her neck.


“They’re better than a life size Paris Hilton cardboard cutout a date had in his kitchen,” she snorts. “Just looking at that could have given me Herpes.”


“Paris Hilton is disgusting,” I inform her. “I like a woman I can hold onto.” With that I grip her hips to pull her ass against my rapidly growing erection.


“I don’t blame you, but enough about her nasty ass.” Sookie rubs her much nicer one against me.


I turn her around to face me. My hands go straight to her gorgeous ass. I give her a hard slap, making her yelp.


“That’s for keeping me hard at the restaurant,” I purr as I walk her backwards toward my room.


“I thought you were enjoying the moaning? You definitely didn’t mind me jerking you off under the table,” she smirks. Of course she stopped before I could cum.


I give her another slap on her ass. “Naughty girl,” I whisper, dipping to suck on her neck.


When we get to my room I sit on the edge of the bed, pulling her down to lay over my lap, ass up. “Are you sure you want a spanking from these mitts?” I ask, rubbing up her thigh under her skirt.


“Not too hard,” she tells me.


I slide the skirt of her dress up exposing her sheer white panties. I give her a smack on her right cheek. It’s not too hard as requested, but hard enough to sting a little. I rub her ass, watching as my hand print shows up.


“That’s for giving me blue balls,” I growl.


“Mmm… I’m not sorry,” she says.


She gets another swat on her left cheek, followed by a rapid spanking on the right. I slip my fingers down between her thighs, rubbing her slit through her panties.


“My angel likes having her delectable ass spanked, doesn’t she?” I say in my sex voice. I haven’t used it with Sookie too much yet, but the shiver that runs through her tells me she likes it.


“You have perfect hands for it,” she tells me.


“Then we match. You have a perfect ass for spanking.” I give her another swat.


Sookie moans and her thighs rub together. I rub her slit again, this time pushing her legs apart so I can move her panties out of the way. She’s soaking wet.


“Mmm, I can’t wait to get inside of you,” I purr, pushing my fingertips into her core.


“More,” she begs.


“More of this?” I pull my hand away to spank her again.


Sookie moans and her back arches.


“I want your long, thick fingers inside me,” she pants.


“Mmm, I see, naughty girl,” I purr, giving her one more slap before I suck two fingers to get them wet. I push her legs apart again and plunge my fingers into her heated depths. “Better?” I ask, slowly pumping them in and out.


“Yes,” Sookie moans and her walls pulse around my fingers.


I twist my fingers as I use my other hand to unzip her dress. When I notice the bustier I groan. I pull my fingers out and say, “Take your dress off, Angel. I want to see what you’re wearing under it.”


Sookie whimpers, but she stands up and tugs on her dress so it falls to her feet, leaving her in the snow white bustier, matching panties and five inch pumps.


“Like?” she asks and strikes a pinup pose.


“Beautiful,” I smile, leaning back on my elbows. “Why don’t you unzip my pants so you can get to your prize.”


“You’ve got chocolate in there?” Sookie gives me a cheesy grin.


“Something more delicious,” I wink.


“Gran’s pecan pie?” Smartass.


I chuckle as I sit up and pull her to stand between my legs. “Silly girl,” I whisper and tilt my head up for a kiss. I keep my hands on the backs of her thighs, rubbing up and down.


Sookie gives me the kiss I want and says, “Well I think there are nuts in there.”


“Mmhmm, and they’re all for you,” I reply. I slip my hands up to grip her ass. I pull her down to straddle my lap. My lips go straight for her neck. I’ve discovered when I suck just below her ear it gives her chills.


Sookie moans again and I feel her warm hands working my pants open. She tilts her head as she reaches into them and wraps her hand around my shaft.


“Mmm,” I moan against her soft skin. “You feel what you do to me, Angel?” I whisper into her ear before sucking on her earlobe. I reach between her legs to rub my fingers through her wet folds.


“I want you in me right now,” she says in a breathy voice.


I push her panties to the side and pull her up higher on her knees. “Take what you want, Sookie,” I tell her.


She doesn’t hesitate to pull my cock out and rub my head up and down her slit. Her eyes lock on mine as she slowly slides down my length.


“Mmm, you’re so fucking warm,” I groan as my eyes flutter closed.


“And you’re so fucking big,” she pants. Sookie grips my shoulders and begins moving up and down.


I settle my hands on her hips, helping to guide her. My lips go to her chest, kissing along the tops of her breasts. Sookie has perfect tits. They’re just big enough for my hands and her cleavage… mmm. As she rides I move one of my hands to her pussy again, stroking her clit with my thumb.


Her head falls back and her walls start to flutter. “That’s going to make me cum, Eric,” she moans.


“Good,” I grunt. She’s moving slowly, so I keep my hips still to allow her to set the pace. I push one of her straps down so I can get to her nipple. My lips wrap around it and I begin to suckle softly to match her hips. “Goddamn, you’re so fucking good, Angel. I want to taste every inch of you,” I whisper around her warm flesh.


Sookie whimpers and a moment later she gasps when her orgasm takes over, making her velvety walls grip my shaft in heated pulses.


I hold her through her orgasm, caressing her back and hips. As soon as she calms down some I roll us so she’s on her back on the edge of the bed. I stand to take my shirt off before I reach out to tug Sookie’s panties down her thighs. I drop to my knees and push her legs back before diving in. My lips wrap around her clit and I push two fingers into her wet core, immediately curling them, searching for her sweet spot.


“Oh… ohmygod!” Sookie cries out when I find it. Her hips shoot up off the bed and she grasps the edge of the bed.


“Mmm, wrap your legs around my head,” I groan against her clit as I release her legs. I keep my fingers pumping in and out and I lap at the swollen little nub, pulsing against me.


Sookie does as I told her and wraps her legs around me. One of her hands finds purchase in my hair and I feel her shoes scratching my back a little.


“Oh fuck… don’t stop, Eric,” she pleads.


“I won’t,” I promise. “Relax,” I whisper once my fingers are soaked in her honey. When I pull out I move one finger down to her rear hole and apply a little pressure as I pump my other finger into her pussy again. “Is this okay?” I ask before lapping her clit again.


“God, yes,” she pants.


I suck her clit again the way she likes as I slowly work my middle finger into her ass. Holy fuck, that’s tight.


“Still okay?” I ask and start sucking her nub hard.


“Yes!” Sookie cries out and grips my hair harder.


I continue to pump my finger in and out of her ass. I remove my index finger from her pussy and move down to thrust my tongue into her. I use my other thumb to stroke her clit.


Her body trembles and she chants, “Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuck! Eric!”


“Mmm,” I hum against her core as her juices flow over my tongue.


I continue to lap as she pants and trembles. When her legs go limp I remove my fingers and stand up. I push her legs back again, rubbing my tip through her folds, making her shiver when I rub over her clit.


“Look at me, Angel,” I whisper. Sookie has beautiful eyes and I love the fire and passion in them when I slide into her.


Her gaze locks on mine as her hands settle on her tits to play with her perky, pink nipples.


“Beautiful,” I growl as I push into her warm, wet channel.


I move slow at first, allowing Sookie to feel every long, thick inch I’m giving her. After a few moments I speed up, slapping my thighs into her ass.


“Oh… Yesyesyesyesyes!” she cries out and reaches up to grab the other end of the bed, but her arms aren’t long enough so she grabs the comforter instead.


My thumb finds her clit, rubbing quickly as I pound into her. I’ve discovered watching Sookie cum is my new favorite sight.


“Eric!” Sookie screams and her back arches when she cums again for me.


“Mmm, perfect,” I growl. I grab her thighs to lift her ass, changing the angle as I drive in. My balls tighten and my abs begin to twitch. “Where do you want it?” I pant.


“Wherever you want,” she pants.


I slam in hard a handful of times. Before I can even think about cumming anywhere on her I explode buried deep in her pussy.


“Fuck!” I shout, dropping my head back as I grind against her.


Sookie moans when an intense aftershock ripples through her. She reaches up and pulls me down on top of her.


I catch myself on my hands before I settle my weight on her. I kiss her full lips softly, thrusting into her once simply because she feels fucking amazing.


“My new favorite view is your face when I make you cum,” I whisper against her lips.


“Mine is the look on your face when I cum while your thick cock is buried in me,” she replies and clenches her muscles around my shaft.


“Mmm, will you go on a second date with me?” I ask, grinding my pelvis against her.


“Mmhmm,” she hums and clenches again.


“Are you trying to keep me hard?” I smile, thrusting slowly.


“Maybe,” she says with a devilish little smile.


“It’s not that difficult with you,” I smile back. This time when I thrust I drive in hard and deep.


“Mmm… again.”


I do it again and then one more time.


“I hope you don’t have to work in the morning. I’ll probably keep you up all night,” I inform her when I nibble on her chin and slam into her again.


“Ugh,” she grunts and her eyes roll back. “Nope. I work three days a week. I’m off until Sunday.”


“Perfect.” I drive in hard, watching her face as my cock twitches, making her feel impossibly tight. “I want you to come to the bar. I want to see your ass when I bend you over my desk.”


“Mmm… I’ll think about it,” she says and reaches down to play with her clit.


“You want it hard and fast again?” I ask, propping up on locked arms.


“Yes,” she nods.


I give her what she wants. I watch her tits sway as I drive in again and again. I swivel my hips, making her gasp. This time it takes less than five minutes to make her cum again. I think I’ve met my match in the bedroom and that makes me very, very happy.




I find Gran sitting in the atrium at the nursing home, talking to Pam and Maxine. She smiles when she sees me approaching her and I can already see Maxine flipping on her mental tape recorder to spread gossip after I go.


“Hi, Gran.” I lean down to kiss her cheek. I try to visit her twice a week at least. After her last stroke left her left side fairly weak we decided it was best that she not live alone anymore. It just wasn’t safe for her.


“Hi, sweetheart,” Gran smiles. “How are you doing today?”


“I’m doing great. I finally caught up on my house chores and I went on a great first date last night,” I tell her.


I notice Pam and Maxine lean in a little closer to listen. “Really, now? Who’s the lucky fella?” Gran asks.


“Someone you all know,” I say with a smile. That gets them leaning in closer. “It was Eric.”


“Oh, he’s a lovely young man,” Gran smiles. Pam snorts as she sits back, but doesn’t comment.


“We had a very good time and I’m going to see him again,” I tell her. I don’t care what Pam thinks. We all have a past. I’m not going to judge Eric for his.


“Fantastic, where did he take you?”


“Fats Chinese,” I answer. “I’m not sure how he ate everything he did. He made Jason’s teenage appetite look like nothing.”


“He’s always eaten like that. His dad was the same,” Pam comments. “That boy went through a gallon of milk a day. It would’ve been more if I bought it.”


“I believe it,” I laugh. “You’ll be happy to know he was on his best behavior and he was very polite.”


Pam smiles. Eric has her smile. “That’s good to know. I hope he keeps it that way.”


“I don’t,” Gran snorts. “She needs to get some of th–”


“Gran!” I cut her off, my face flaming and giving me away.


“Ah, that best behavior,” Pam snickers. “And he said he wants to take you out again?”


“Yes, he did,” I confirm. She doesn’t need to know we were still fucking when he asked. “I’m going to meet him at the bar when I leave here.”


“I don’t know why he likes that place,” Pam sighs.


“It’s a job, Pam, if it makes him happy you should support him,” Gran points out.


“I’m proud of him; I just wish he would’ve done something better with his talent for business. I’ll keep my comments to myself though.”


I don’t know what to say and it’s not really my place to get involved, so I just keep quiet too.


“I’m going to Annabelle’s wake tomorrow,” I tell Gran.


“Do you need me to come with you?” she asks sympathetically, resting her hand on mine.


“No, I think I’ll be fine.” I give her a small smile. Gran goes to enough wakes and funerals already.


“You know where I’ll be if you need me,” she offers.


“I do. I think I’ll go visit Hadley afterward.” My cousin died of leukemia when she was thirteen.


“That would be good. I’m sure she’d appreciate it. I need to get out there soon. I’ll make your brother take me.”


“I can take you Tuesday if he makes excuses like the last four times he blew you off.” I love my brother but he’s a selfish little shit sometimes.


“Thank you,” Gran smiles.


“You’re welcome. So how has your day been? Anything exciting happen?” I ask.


“Everlee Mason’s daughter had her fifth baby this morning,” Maxine says before Gran can get a word out. She’s been trying to get me to date her son for years.


“Oh, good for her,” I reply. I think that makes five in five. I’d kill myself.


“Before Maxine interjected I was going to say they announced water aerobics are going to start next week. I’m pretty excited about that,” Gran tells me, glaring at Maxine. “But since she mentioned children, do you think Eric is a good candidate for my great grandbabies?”


Six interested eyes are staring at me but it’s Maxine that says, “If you want a boy, you should be on top.”


Oh. My. God.


“Sookie is probably the only girl he’s dated that’s worth keeping. Do you really think on top?” Pam asks, looking over at Maxine. “When I got pregnant with Godric his father was fond of what the kids call doggie–”


“Annnnd I’m sterile. Thanks.” I roll my eyes.


“Oh come now, Sookie. We all know what that young man does on dates,” Maxine says.


“I’m impressed you’re walking,” Pam laughs. “I changed that kid’s diapers; I know what you’re working with.”


Oh. My. God.


“Change the subject, please.” I don’t need to have this conversation with Gran sitting right here. She knows I’m an adult, obviously, but still.


“Just wait until next time he’s here to call bingo. We’re going to make him so uncomfortable,” Pam smiles.


“Leave the boy alone, Pam,” Gran chuckles, shaking her head.


“Sookie, I promise he’s a good kid and if you’re good enough for a second date, I’m sure you guys have a good chance,” Pam assures me.


“And if it doesn’t work out, my Hoyt is still available,” Maxine adds. That’s not entirely true since he’s been dating Jessica Hamby for the last six months.


“Maxine, you need to take your head out of your ass and realize he’s happy with Jessica. You’re going to lose him if you keep up your meddling,” Gran scolds her.


“I just want what’s best for my boy and that little tartlet isn’t it,” she argues stubbornly.


“I’m flattered that you would approve of me dating your son, Mrs. Fortenberry, but I don’t think Hoyt and I are meant to be more than friends,” I say diplomatically.


“Plus he’s a pussy,” Pam adds. “Sookie has more balls than that little shit ever will.”


I fight a smile but inside I’m dying. Maxine gives Pam a dirty look and says, “He’s a polite, respectable young man that doesn’t need a good neutering unlike some young men I might mention.”


“I’m sorry Eric wasn’t a virgin at thirty-four like Hoyt was until he met the ‘tartlet’. He likes pussy, he isn’t one. That girl has done him a world of good. He has a real life now, that’s why you don’t like her.”


Maxine huffs and pushes the controls on her wheelchair to start moving.


“It was nice seeing you, Sookie. You come and see me when you finish the antibiotics you’ll need after that boy throws you away like the trash he is,” she says, and rolls away.


Oh boy.


“She’s just mad Hoyt threw her in a home instead of building a wheelchair ramp at their house. I had to force Eric to let me move in here instead of in with him after my heart attack.”


“In his defense, I think he was hoping for a little payback for all those nights he needed ear buds,” I tell Pam.


Knowing her, she would have shouted instructions through the wall.


“He does it right, doesn’t he?” Pam says, cocking an eyebrow.


“I’m going out with him again, aren’t I?” I shrug.


“Lesson learned, then,” Pam smiles. “I don’t believe in hiding who you are and what you’re doing. He was a growing boy and the shit they teach at school is useless. I gave him a lecture on the birds and the bees and threw him a box of condoms.”


“Gran gave Jase a similar talk,” I recall.


“Sure did. You learned what you needed to from him. Win, win.”


I snort at that.


“If I listened to Jason’s sex talk I would have been engaging in… other sex to keep my virginity intact.” Jason told me anal doesn’t count.


“Jason’s an idiot,” Gran and Pam say in unison.


“It’s good every now and again, but you don’t want to do that before vaginal–” Pam is cut off with a look from Gran.


“Pam, I’m a medical professional,” I remind her. I know all about… cross contamination. “But on that note, I should be going.”


“Use lots of lube,” Pam snorts.


Gran rolls her eyes and says, “Swing by if you need me tomorrow.”


“I will.” I give Gran a tight hug. “I love you, Gran,” I whisper.


“I love you too, sweetheart. Drive safe.”


“Always.” I stand up. “I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon, Pam.”


“Come back with the boy for bingo next week,” she says. “Tell him I say hi.”


“I will. If I’m not working, I’ll be here,” I promise. I give them a little wave and head for the exit.


The nursing home isn’t cheap, but Gran owns the little apartment she has here and it will be sold again after she passes on, so Jason and I will inherit the resale price, which is a hefty amount even divided by two.


It only takes a few minutes to get to Eric’s bar. Since it’s Friday night there’s already a pretty good crowd inside. I notice I feel little butterflies in my tummy as I look for him, and I flat out grin when I spot him. He looks yummy in that black V-neck shirt he’s got on.


Since he’s busy I take a seat at the bar and wait for him to notice me sitting there. Instead, I’m tended to by a chubby Asian man with a tight smile.


“What can I get ya, Blondie?” he asks.


“Uh, I’ll take a Lemondrop, please,” I smile at him.


He nods and gets to work making my drink. My eyes drift back to Eric and he does an adorable double take when he sees me.


He sets the beer he has in his hand on the bar in front of him and makes his way down to me.


“This one’s on me, Chow,” Eric says without taking his eyes off of me.


“Are you flirting with me?” I wink.


“I don’t know, is it working?” he asks, leaning over the bar to give me a quick peck.


“Mmm… be careful. The guy I’ve been seeing might not like other men kissing on me and buying me drinks,” I warn.


“Hmm, is he here?” Eric asks.


“Yep. Tall, blond, incredibly sexy and he’s great in bed,” I answer. “I can’t stop thinking about him.”


“Sounds like a good catch. I’m going to have to up my game if I plan on stealing you from him,” Eric winks.


“It’ll definitely take more than a drink and a pretty boy smile,” I smirk. Chow sets my drink down in front of me and then walks away. “Pam says hi and use lots of lube.”


“Damn, I don’t have any in my office. We’ll have to wait for that until we get back to my house tonight,” Eric says seriously. “When you’re done with that would you like me to show you my office?”


I pick up my drink and slam it back in three gulps. I’ll be buzzed in a minute. I’m a ridiculous lightweight.


“All done,” I smile.


Eric smiles back and motions for me to follow him. When I meet him at the end of the bar he takes my hand to lead me to the back of the bar. We walk through a door at the end of the short hallway. Eric closes and locks it behind us before he turns me around to press me against the door.


He slips his hand between my thighs under my skirt and whispers, “You should’ve left these at home.” He tugs my panties down my thighs and tilts to brush his lips over mine.


“I thought you’d want a souvenir,” I whisper. My heart is pounding and I lick his lips.


“Mmm, good thinking,” he says. He pushes my shirt up leaving my ass bare against the cool door. Eric slides his tongue between my lips, massaging mine when they meet.


My hands snake around his waist and grab his ass to pull him closer. I really, really like kissing him. I can’t remember the last time I had a crush on someone and the fact that I get to kiss mine makes it even better.


He starts to shuffle back to his desk without breaking the kiss. He sits so his face is level with mine and his giant hands squeeze my bare butt.


“Kick your panties off,” he whispers into the kiss.


I moan and do as he says. It’s a little crazy how easily he gets me going. Just looking at him makes me wet.


“Where do you want me?” I ask him.


Eric stands so he can step out of the way. “Bend over the desk,” he directs me as he picks up my panties and tucks them into his pocket.


I turn around and lean over the desk, keeping my feet a shoulder width apart. I hear his zipper go down just before I feel his hands rubbing my ass, spreading my cheeks.


“You’re already so wet, Angel,” Eric growls, running his shaft along my folds.


“That’s what you do to me,” I pant.


“And this is what you do to me,” he replies as he pushes his cock down so his tip rubs my opening. He slides into me slowly, groaning as my heat engulfs him.


“That feels so good, Eric,” I moan and restrain myself from pushing back.


“It feels like heaven,” he says, giving my ass a light smack. He pulls almost all the way out before driving in again.


I lay my head on the desk and hold onto it as Eric’s hips begin slapping against my ass. God, this feels so good. I bite my lip to stifle my moans, but that’s useless.


“Fuckfuckfuck don’t stop,” I plead. I’m going to cum hard very soon.


Eric smacks my ass again and grabs my hips to pull me back harder.


“Goddamn, that’s good, Angel,” he pants as my walls begin to contract around his length.


“Eric, I’m… I…” I can’t finish my sentence before I explode inside. My ovaries tingle and my walls grip his thick shaft with every intense pulse of my orgasm.


“That’s it, Sookie,” he breathes. “Such a good girl for me.” He starts pounding in harder. I can feel his cock swelling when he asks, “Where do you want it?”


“My mouth,” I pant.


Eric pulls out and pushes me to my knees by my shoulder. He drives his head into my mouth as soon as he begins to shoot his load, shooting deep down my throat.


“Fuck, yes!” he pants, dropping his head back.


My head bobs and sucks every drop of cum I possibly can from him. I swallow it all and then take my time cleaning my juices off his cock.


“Do you know how fucking sexy that is?” he whispers, brushing my bangs out of my face.


“Mmhmmm,” I hum with his tip near the back of my throat.


“You’re trying to keep me hard again, Angel,” he moans, thrusting slowly.


I pull back and release his softening cock.


“Nope. I just want you to remember what you’ll lose if you change your definition of flirting back,” I tell him.


“Thank you for the reminder,” he smiles, helping me to my feet. He gives me a deep kiss as he straightens my skirt.


“No more Lemondrops for me. I’m not wearing panties anymore,” I wink.


“You’re more than welcome to give me a private dance,” he grins, patting my backside.


“Maybe later if you’re a good boy.”


“I’m always a good boy,” he purrs. “I need to get back out there.”


“Lucky for you ‘good’ is a subjective word,” I tease and tuck him back in his jeans.


“You’re cute,” he smiles. “When we go back out sit at my end of the bar.”


“Yes, sir,” I nod and pull his face to mine for one more kiss. “I’m getting addicted to that.”


“Lucky for you I think I am too,” he says, kissing me one more time. “If we don’t stop now I’m going to fuck you again.”


“No you’re not. You’re cut off until you’re done playing Bobby Bartender with Chow,” I giggle.


“Damn,” he pouts playfully. “Good thing I have this new bar towel.” He pulls my panties out of his pocket and dangles them in front of me.


I reach to yank them away but the big cheater holds them up over his head with a stupid, sexy smirk on his stupid, handsome face.


“Don’t think I won’t climb you like a tree to get those,” I threaten with my mean face.


“Oh my god, that’s the cutest face I’ve ever seen,” Eric laughs.


“You’re a tool,” I pout and playfully slap his chest.


“This tool promises to spend the night giving you earth shattering orgasms,” he winks.


“Yeah yeah. Your buddies Johnny Walker and Jose Cuervo are waiting for you.”


Eric gives me one more kiss before he pulls away. “I’ll see you out there. There’s a bathroom through that door if you want to clean up.”


“Okay. I’ll be right out,” I tell him. When he turns to go I smack his butt and shrug when he looks over his shoulder at me. Eric pockets my panties again and then walks out.



7 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Just caught up with your new story and it’s a joy to read! Crazy chemistry these two!!! Also, first time ever for Pam, adele and Maxine in a home snarking at each other…. Esp naughty granny Pam vs. Southern lady Adele are a riot!!! Crazy pair of great grannies for the kids Eric and Sookie will have eventually? Hilarious holidays….


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