Chapter 6


I’m not complaining, but this certainly wasn’t intended.


“Should we go back?” I ask, running my fingers through her hair, placing light kisses on her face. I’m still buried inside of her and if we don’t move soon I’m going to get hard again.


“Yeah. The sun’s going down and I need a shower,” she replies.


“We can always take one together,” I smile.


“You should probably take it easy. I don’t think you need another head injury.” Sookie lifts herself off of me and fixes her panties.


“True. Octavia will probably be around to check on me pretty soon anyway.” I tuck my cock away and add, “Freyda’s out of here. They finally sent her to a mental facility.”


“Really? How the fuck did I miss that?” Sookie stands up and her skirt falls down around her legs.


“Something tells me you’ve been out here a while,” I say as I stand with her. “I guess they started looking for a place to take her after I left. Apparently the shit she took fucked her up beyond repair and they were able to find a place to take her permanently. She was moved after dinner.”


“Ahh, that’s why I didn’t know,” she says. “You lucked out, Sparkles.”


“Yeah, but it took a fucking concussion and a day in the fucking hospital to get her out of here. Man, you know they wouldn’t let my parents touch me?” I say.


“Really? Why not?”


“Since I’m in rehab they were nervous that they would try to slip me some shit,” I tell her. It’s a bunch of fucking bullshit, especially since they’re the ones that put me in here. Plus, they could’ve searched me again. “My mom was a fucking mess.”


“I’m sorry,” Sookie frowns. “Are you gonna be okay walking back?”


“Yeah,” I nod. “Are you okay?” I ask her, reaching out to rub her arm.


“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”


“Well, here’s the thing, I kinda consider you a friend now and I’m going to worry regardless of what you say.”


“Then why bother asking?” Sookie chuckles.


“I don’t know,” I smile. As we start to walk back I wrap my arm around her shoulder and ask, “Was that a one-time thing or are you going to let me show you what else I can do to your body?”


“I don’t know,” she answers. “I just got out of a relationship. I’m all over the place. I’m not sure what I’m doing right now.”


“Gotcha, well, you know I’m going to be here whether we’re fucking or not,” I tell her. “If you ever just want to talk about it you know where I am.”


“I know. I appreciate it,” she says sincerely.


I kiss her temple and we make the rest of the journey in silence. When we get to the corridor with the rooms I remove my arm from her shoulder.


“I’ll see you in the morning?” I ask.


“Yep. Thanks for… you know,” she smiles.


“Anytime,” I smile back. “Thank you for always being there to get help for me when I bump my head.”


“You’re welcome,” she laughs. “Sweet dreams, Pretty Boy.”


“Same to you, Ice Queen,” I wink and head down the hall toward my room.


When I get there I walk in and head straight for the shower. I turn on the water and strip my clothes off. When I step in I let the water cascade over my body and revel in the warmth. I’ve had a long fucking day.


As I shower I start to think about my progress. I still have a really long way to go but for the first time today I didn’t wake up yearning for a joint. When I was at the hospital I didn’t once think to ask my mom how any of my friends are, if they’re even asking about me. I don’t give a fuck. I know I’m not going to be able to talk to any of them unless they clean up too and I’m okay with that.


With Quinn in the room today I was able to talk to my parents some. My dad is a little more… reluctant to accept any blame for my downward spiral. In truth, it is my fault, but some part of me feels like if I hadn’t been exposed to all the sex and drugs at such a young age I would’ve been less likely to fall down the rabbit hole as hard as I did.


We still have time, but I feel like I’m really starting to get somewhere.


They don’t want me in group sessions just yet with my multiple head injuries, but I still have my one on one sessions with Quinn though. I’m just coming out of the shower when there’s a soft knock on my door. It’s Sookie’s knock. I wrap my towel around my waist and call for her to come in.


The door creaks open and she peeks inside. Her hair is damp and her makeup is all washed off.


“Got a minute?” she asks.


“Yeah, come on in,” I tell her, motioning for her to come into the room.


She steps inside, dressed in a thin, ice blue nightgown that hugs her body nicely. Sookie closes the door and doesn’t come any closer.


“I did some thinking when I was in the shower about what you asked me. What happened out there on the swing was great, but I think it’s best if I keep my focus on recovery. The stuff with Luke is an extra set of problems I wasn’t counting on and I don’t want to be lugging that baggage home with me. It’ll just increase my chances of relapsing and I don’t want to go through this again. I hope you understand,” Sookie says.


I look at her, processing her words. I honestly didn’t think that hard about it. If it happens again, it happens again. That’s how I looked at the deal.


“Okay,” I shrug.


“Okay,” she nods. “Then I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll be up for yoga in the morning if you want to watch me put my feet behind my head.”


“You can’t do that, Sookie,” I tell her. “If sex is off the table for sure now I don’t want you to offer things like watching you bend and put yourself in positions that only make me want to fuck you. It sends mixed signals.”


“I was just inviting you to class,” she shrugs.


“Right,” I nod. She’s so fucking wrong about that. If she was just inviting me she wouldn’t have added the bit about watching her put her feet behind her head, but whatever. “Wanna stick around a while? I promise no funny business.” And I mean that.


“I can stay for a few minutes. I want to try to get in another chapter of The Grapes of Wrath before bed. How’s The Art of War coming along for you?”


I take a seat in the chair; kick in my legs out so she can sit on the bed. “Have a seat,” I offer and point at the book. “I’m about halfway through. It’s pretty good. It’s weird trying to focus after killing so many fucking brain cells.”


“Then definitely stay away from the Russian literature,” she chuckles.


“I’ll work my way up to that,” I smile. “This being normal again is like learning got walk again. Clearly I don’t have a good grasp,” I say as I rub the bruise on my forehead.


“Seeing as I’ve had to learn to walk again, I can tell you that this is harder.”


“Ah, yeah, I almost forgot about that. Your balance is way better. Can I ask you something?”




“How do you feel about our little bet, about getting on the ice again?” She was quick to take the challenge but I can see the fear in her eyes anytime she has to talk about skating in group.


“I feel good about it. I have a goal,” she smiles. “Yoga has taught me that my body hasn’t forgotten a lot of things. Things my doctor said I’d never be able to do again I’m doing every morning. If the trend continues, I’ll be able to skate again too.”


“No offense, but your doctor was a fucking hack and I hope to Christ you get a new one. I’m happy for you though. That smile you have right now, that’s a really good one. I like seeing you be happy about being on the ice again.”


“It’s going to be a lot of work if I want to get back to where I was, but it wouldn’t be impossible. Only time will tell if I still have it. It’s also a good thing I don’t have your balance or my skating career would have been over before it started,” she teases.


“For the record, the first bump was from sitting up too fast and the second was getting away from the crazy chick. My balance is just fine.”


“So it’s your depth perception that sucks,” she giggles.


No, I blame my fucking cock for getting all twitchy, but I don’t think I want to tell her that.


“My depth perception is fine too. It was a fluke.”


“We’ll see about that, Lumpy.”


“I’m still going to skate circles around your jumps and shit,” I chuckle. I haven’t skated since I was ten. I’m going to fall on my fucking face.


“Your long legs won’t help you if you don’t have the strength or speed,” she shrugs. “My legs are shorter but even with my extended vacation, I’m betting they remember how to work on the ice and I’ll have at least thirty days to train.”


“Ah, that’s not fair,” I chuckle. “You can’t touch the ice till I’m out and I can try on my sea legs too.”


“Nope, sorry, that wasn’t in the bet, Mr. Cocky.”




“That’s not cheating. Cheating would be dulling your blades or skating topless to distract you. What happened to skating circles around my little jumps? Or do you only make bets you know you can win?”


“Oh, I’ve lost plenty of bets. I just didn’t expect you to practice for a month before we got to the challenge.” I knew I’d lose when I made the bet.


“Lucky for you it’s not a jump competition.”


“Have you ever skated with a partner?” I ask curiously.


“Not competitively. It takes so much coordination and synchronization to be good at it.”


“You’re coordinated,” I tell her. “My mom had a bit part in that movie The Cutting Edge. I learned everything I know about figure skating on that shoot.”


“It’s just an entirely different discipline. It’s not for me.”


“Understandable. How do your parents feel about you being here?” I ask.


“They’re not speaking to me, actually. They tried an intervention over a year ago and I told them all to fuck off. We haven’t talked since.”


“Oh, wow,” I whisper. “That’s… that’s fucked up. I’m sorry.”


“It’s my own fault,” she shrugs. “So I’ll be on my own, for the most part, when I get out of here.”


“I know it sounds silly since we don’t know each other that well, but if you ever need anything you can call my mom. She’s an addict, recovering addict, and I know she would be helpful. I uh… I told my parents about you today. Just that I think I made a new friend.”


“What’d they think about that?” Sookie takes a seat on my bed.


“Dad seems to be indifferent about everything. Mom was happy,” I smile, “She’s happy I have someone I feel comfortable talking to.”


“That’s good. It’s nice that you have their support,” she says.


“Oh, I said some really fucking nasty things to my mom when I figured out she was bringing me here,” I laugh.


“You? Noooo…”


“Hush, woman.” I stand up, making sure to hold my towel in place as I walk to my closet. “I can feel your eyes on my ass, Sookie.”


“Payback for all the time you spent staring at my tits.”


With my back to her still I drop the towel and search for a pair of shorts. Even if we aren’t going to sleep together anymore, she’s nice to talk to and tease. I like her, a lot.




The next morning yoga class is just winding down when I see Eric come outside for a smoke. I’m just going into downward dog, so I give him a wave before bending over. The stretching feels good on my back and legs. I hold the pose until our instructor calls out the next.


When I look up it’s obvious Eric was watching me. I sit down on my mat, fold my legs and lie back. I feel my body open up from my pelvis to my shoulders. My eyes close and I rest with my palms up. I swear I can feel the earth moving. There’s the soothing sounds of waves and birds chirping in the trees. The deeper I breathe, the more relaxed I feel.


After rehab I’m definitely looking into taking a regular class because this is definitely doing me some good. I may meditate just because from now on.


Ten minutes or so go by before class concludes. I feel energized and ready to take on the day. I get up off my mat and roll it up. It’s on loan but I’ll be getting one after I get out of rehab. I walk up the lawn to the deck where Eric is. There’s a nasty bruise on his head but at least the swelling is going down.


“Mornin’, sunshine,” I smile at him.


“Morning,” he smiles back. “How was yoga?”


“Fantastic. I’ll be taking a class when I leave here.”


“That’s good.”


“I think so. How’d you sleep?”


“Like a rock after the fucking day I had yesterday,” he chuckles.


“Good. I’m gonna go grab some breakfast if you want to join me.”


“Sure.” He snuffs his cigarette out in the sand.


We go inside to the dining room and I go straight to the bottled water. Yoga might just look like stretching, but it’s harder than that. I gulp down some of the water and look around at my options for the morning.


“Do you know what you’re having?” I’m thinking Greek yogurt, granola and fruit. Maybe a bagel too.


“I think I’ll take a page out of your book and have a spinach and egg white omelet, light on the cheese,” he says. “Maybe a small bowl of oatmeal with berries.”


“Sounds good,” I nod.


“Are you drinking coffee too?” he asks as we move toward the air pots.


“I think I’ll stick to juice today. I’m too hot for coffee right now.” There’s definitely a cool shower in my future after breakfast.


“We can just go back to your room now for a cool shower,” he winks.


“I’m not that kind of hungry,” I chuckle.


“Too bad,” he sighs.


I grab a container of yogurt and then move to the fruit table to pick up some blueberries, strawberries and a banana. I find a nice poppy seed bagel at the bread table, so I slice that puppy and smear some strawberry cream cheese on it. I take my food to a table and then go get a big glass of juice. I’m in the middle of slicing my banana when Eric joins me at the table.


“Just you wait, by the time I’m outta here I’m gonna look like a fucking bodybuilder,” Eric says as he sets down his plate.


“If you can stop hospitalizing yourself,” I laugh.


“I just need a different spotter,” he says, taking a giant bite of his omelet.


“I was a perfect spotter,” I scoff and pop a blueberry in my mouth.


“Oh, I know,” he says. “I popped up so quick because I was… never mind.”


“Getting twitchy?” Yeah, I saw it.


“Something like that.”


“It was no big deal. We’re not twelve.”


“I flirt, but I still don’t want you to think I can’t control myself.”


“Eric, it’s a natural response. I wouldn’t have been offended,” I tell him.


“Good to know,” he says, taking another monster bite.


We eat in relative silence. He finishes before me, but I’m not surprised. I grab a fresh bottle of water on my way out of the dining room and then we walk out together.


I stop short when I see Luke at the front desk, arguing with the receptionist. What the fuck is he doing here? He’s the last person I want to see right now.


“You alright?” Eric asks with concern.


“See the tall guy with dark hair arguing with Talbot?”




“That’s Luke.”


“Motherfucker,” Eric growls and starts walking toward the door to the lobby.


“Eric,” I hiss and grab his wrist.


“I want to karate chop him in his fucking throat,” he tells me.


“Me too, but if anyone’s doing him bodily harm, it’s me,” I say.


“I’ll give you that,” he says. “Do you want to stand here and watch him try to get through Talbot or keep going?”


“He didn’t think enough of me to write more than three sentences, so he can fuck off,” I reply. It’s tempting to be petty and lay a big, sloppy kiss on Eric right there.


“Come on, let’s go back to the room,” he says, tugging my hand.


We start walking again and Luke calls out to me when he spots me.


“Keep walking,” Eric whispers, threading his fingers through mine.


“Sookie, please!” Luke begs.


Part of me wants to go confront him, but instead I flip him off and keep walking. Maybe he should have said more in his postcard.


“Dick,” I mutter as we walk.


“Don’t worry, if he happens to get through Talbot I can hold him down so you can pummel his fucking face.”


“Thanks,” I sigh.


“That’s what friends are for, Sookie.”


“If I was more childish I’d drag you back out there and make out with you right in front of him.”


“I’m perfectly fine with childish,” he smiles, kissing my temple.


“I’m not. I don’t want to be that girl every time I get dumped,” I tell him.


Her turns me around and wraps his arms around me in a tight hug.


“You won’t be,” he says, pressing his lips to my forehead.


“This is the inaugural event, so…”


“Take it from someone that’s been from a lot of bad breakups, it doesn’t get much easier,” he tells me truthfully.


“I’m sure it doesn’t, but I can handle it with grace instead of being petty. The little devil on my shoulder wants me to be a spiteful little twat.”


“You’re literally the most graceful person I know.”


“Thanks. I’ll be fine. The shower will help.”


“You sure you don’t want company in there?” Eric offers sweetly.


“It’s tempting,” I admit.


“Then take me up on it,” he says, petting the top of my head. “I’m sure it would feel amazing having someone else scrub your back.”


“Wouldn’t that be a mixed signal?” I ask. He got onto me for inviting him to yoga, so I can’t imagine what inviting him into my shower would do.


“You would think, but I’m asking to come in, just for the sake of helping you scrub,” he grins.


“But yoga is a problem?” I just want to understand his train of thought.


“Fuck the yoga thing. I have a head injury and I took you up on the yoga watching anyway,” he says.


“Yeah, about that; I’m proud of you for not putting me in doggie style while I was in downward dog,” I snicker.


“I told you I can control myself,” he chuckles. “Come on, I can use a shower too.”


I think about it for a minute before I say, “One shower.”


“I’m going to pre-apologize for poking you,” he tells me.


“Well, at least we know one of your heads is working right,” I tease.


“Hush and take me to the shower, woman,” he says, leading me to my room.


When we get there I lock the door behind us and kick off my flip flops. I do yoga barefoot. In the bathroom I turn on the water and pull off my oversized t-shirt. Then I peel off my sports bra and yoga pants… with Eric growling behind me.


“This definitely needs to be a cold shower,” he says as he drops his shorts.


“Definitely,” I agree. I pull the curtain back and step into the tub with Eric right behind me.


Her reaches over my shoulder to grab my body wash, poking me in the lower back. I hear the bottle click open and a few seconds later he places it back on the shelf. Eric’s giant hands land on my shoulders and he starts massaging my body wash into my skin. His thumbs are rubbing into my shoulder blades as his hard-on rubs the tops of my rear cheeks.


“Tell me when I get to something you don’t want me to wash,” he whispers.


“Okay,” I reply. So far he’s safe and his hands feel good.


He works his hands down my back, massaging each muscle, paying special attention to my spine.


When he get to my ass he starts to rub my cheeks and whispers, “Am I still okay?”


“Mmhmm,” I nod.


Eric pauses to get a little more soap and goes right back to massaging my ass. I feel him kneel behind me and massage up and down each of my legs. He’s sure to stop before he goes too far up. As he stands he bypasses my center and goes up to my lower abdomen. His fingers are light on my body and I feel his chest against my back. He moves up and down my sides, ending at my ribs. When he gets to my breasts he doesn’t hesitate to cup them and caress my nipples with the pads of his thumbs.


“Still okay?” he asks in a thick, sex laden voice.


Mentally, I know I should tell him to stop but my body wins out. I nod and close my eyes as his fingers work. I feel his lips ghost across my temple as one of his hands slowly moves down my stomach again.


“Tell me to stop now if you want me to,” he whispers when his fingers reach my mound.


One more time. That’s it.


“Don’t stop,” I breathe.


Eric’s hand slips down a little farther and he begins to gently massage my lower lips. I feel his lips on my neck as his finger slips into my folds and he begins to rub my clit.


“Mmm… that feels good, Eric,” I moan and move my feet further apart.


“How does this feel?” He shifts his hand and begins to work one long, thick finger into me while he continues to circle my clit with his thumb.


“So good,” I reply.


“Tell me if you want more,” he whispers, slowly pumping his finger in and out of me.


“I want more.” I might as well be greedy if I’m doing this.


He pushes a second finger into me. “Fuck, you’re so fucking wet, Sookie,” he breathes and starts to suck on my neck. “Do you want my cock?” he purrs against my skin. “Do you want me to bend you over and slide my long, thick shaft in and out of your perfect little cunt?”


“Yes.” I don’t even have to think about it. He’s as good as he said he would be.


“Brace yourself on the wall,” he directs me as he extracts his fingers.


I put my hands up on the tiles in front of me and hope I don’t lose my balance or slip and fall on my face. There’s only one time I didn’t have sex in a bed and even then it was on the couch. Definitely not in the shower or up against a wall.


Eric grabs my thigh, lifting my leg so I can rest my foot on the edge of the tub.


“I got you,” he promises when I start to shake a little.


He bends his knees some, just before I feel his thick head rub up and down my folds. When he hits my opening he begins to push into me. He holds onto my hip with one hand while the other slips under my body so he can start to rub my clit.


“Ohhhh… fuuuuck,” I moan as my body stretches to take him again. My head falls forward this time, pressing gently against the cool tiles. “More, Eric.”


“Mmm, you want it all?” He pulls my hip back as he thrusts forward, filling me completely. He pulls almost all the way out and drives in again, over and over, setting a quick pace. His hips are slapping against my ass, making my tits bounce with each deep thrust.


“Yesyesyesyesyes,” I chant quietly as the pressure builds. God, this is good. If we weren’t in rehab I’d probably be pouncing on him all the time, but I can’t keep doing this.


Eric’s fingers speed up over my clit and his thrusts get a little harder. “Fuck, if we had more time I would bury my tongue in your pussy to make you cum over and over,” he pants when my walls begin to squeeze his shaft. “Cum for me, Sookie.”


My fingers curl to try to grab the wall but there’s nothing to grab onto.


“Ohmygod!” I cry out when the pressure explodes and my walls pulse furiously around his cock.


“Mmm, I’m not done yet.” Eric pulls out, making me yelp when he flips me around and lifts me by my thighs. He presses me against the wall and he quickly drives back in as his lips crash into mine. This time he sets a punishing pace slamming into my pussy again and again, getting as deep as possible.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” I breathe. My fingers dig into his back and I’m pretty sure I scratch him a few times. He’s rubbing up against a spot inside me that’s driving me crazy.


“Are you going to cum again, Sookie?” I feel him smile against my lips before he starts to press

soft kisses down my neck. “You feel so fucking good when you cum around my cock.”


“Yes!” I cry out. “Fuck, I’m so close, Eric!”


He pulls out so just his tip is inside of me before he drives in again, burying his cock to the hilt. He does this a few times before grinding against me, rubbing his pelvic bone against my clit.


“I would love to play with your body for hours,” he pants. “Cum with me… I’m almost there…”


I can’t hold back. My walls grip his shaft hard, desperate to keep him buried deep inside me.


“Eric!” I scream and this time I know I scratch him. Jesus, this is amazing.


“Fuck… fucking beautiful,” he pants. “Where do you want it?”


“Anywhere,” I pant. I don’t care. I’m in the shower.


He stays inside of me, driving in three more times before he explodes, filling me with his cum.


“Fuck,” Eric growls. His hips continue to thrust lazily and he turns his head to rest his cheek on my shoulder. “Perfect…”


“Mmhmm,” I hum. If he puts me down, I might actually collapse in a heap.


Why did we have to meet in rehab? Ugh.


Chapter 6


6 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. Happy Freud’s is gone! Hope we find out what Luke was doing there but am worried about why…have a theory and I guess I’ll have to wait to see what you write.


  2. Yeah, I knew she wouldn’t be able to stick to that “one and done” philosophy with Eric. What woman could? I do wonder what Luke was doing there, though. Hopefully you’ll clue us in with the next chapter.


  3. Mmhhh… Luke at the door looking nervous? Perhaps someone else wrote the telegram-letter from Texas?
    I liked their conversation about hooking up (or not) as at least it sounds like they can communicate easily… Even if signals sent might be mixed and then of course, after a firm no… sexy shower time!!!
    I keep wondering if with both being minor celebrities (Sookie a former star skater and Eric some actor’s son) their stint in rehab may create a small scandal for paparazzi and the like to stalk them?


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