2: Betty and MJ


“What do you have planned today?” I asked Heidi. We’d just rolled out of bed, waiting on the shower to warm up.


“My sister wants me to go with her and my nephews to the Children’s Museum,” she answered, squeezing toothpaste onto her brush.


“Sounds fun.” I was sure a bunch of kids running around would be a blast. I was generally fine with kids until they got loud and crabby. I was sure it would be different once I had my own kids, but I usually handed my nephew back to my sister the second he got fussy. As soon as she stepped away from the sink I stepped up so I could wet my toothbrush. I squeezed some toothpaste on so I could start brushing my teeth.


Heidi showed up at my place just after one in the morning. We usually played for a couple hours so I wasn’t going to kick her out in at three in the morning. I didn’t mind staying the night with her. She didn’t kick in her sleep or snore. Plus, it was actually pretty nice waking up with someone. I wasn’t quite sure I was ready to settle down and knew Heidi wasn’t. If I did, it wouldn’t have been with her. I liked her a lot but she wasn’t wifey material.


Once our teeth were brushed and our mouths were rinsed we stepped into the shower. She could also be fun to shower with when we didn’t have places to be. It didn’t stop me from wrapping my arms around her from behind.


“What time are you heading to your sister’s?” I asked. I reached out with one hand to grab the soap.


“I said I’d be there by ten. The kids are only good for a few hours before they need naps. If they don’t get them I start setting up appointments to sell them on the black market.”


I chuckled as I lathered up my hands. I set the soap back down and started to rub her shoulders. I’d met Heidi at the Monkey Bar. I didn’t take too many women home from work but that night I was in the mood and she was just the right amount of flirty. We’d been friends with benefits going on two months. I had a feeling she’d met someone else, but it wasn’t serious. If it was she probably wouldn’t have come over at one in the morning to have sex in every position we could think of.


“I’m sure they can’t be that bad,” I said, rubbing my hands down her back.


“Oh, you have no idea.”


“My nephew is eight months old so everything makes him laugh these days. I’m sure he’s going to be terrible in about a year.” I slid my hands down to her ass, giving it a light squeeze.


“Probably,” she agreed. Heidi turned her head to kiss me. “Think there’s time to get dirty before we clean up?”


“Sweetheart, I always leave time to get dirty,” I pointed out. She had to have known that by now. I reached out to rinse the soap off of my hands. I kissed her again as my hands found her tits, rubbing them slowly.


Heidi moaned and reached back between us to stroke my cock. Slowly she turned to face me so she got a better grip on me. When the kiss broke she let the water run down my chest for a few seconds so I was rinsed before she got down on her knees to suck me off.


I was A-Okay with that. I would make sure to get her off before we were out of the shower. We didn’t have sex in the shower due to the lack of condom. I was a lot of things, but risky with the health of my dick wasn’t one of them.


Heidi and I got quite dirty before cleaning up. When we got out the shower we took a little time to dry off and get dressed. I planned on meeting Ras around ten as well. I had to work that night so I didn’t want to stay out in the sun too long. It made my old ass tired and I didn’t want to drag ass at work. That being said, if Idris was there it was highly likely I’d be calling out and letting Felicia close. I hoped he didn’t talk me into some dumb shit.




I was on my way to the gym on Tuesday evening. I was flying down one of those out of the way two lane highways when up ahead I saw an old Chevelle. Judging by the tail lights it was a ‘69. Rasul liked his sports, I liked my cars. We fucked with each other about our differences in taste, but I wouldn’t give that dude up for anything. We’d gone through way too much shit together. The Chevelle had the hazard lights on so I slowed my Mustang down. I pulled off the road behind it and saw the back of a blonde head sitting inside.


She turned her head around as I got out of the Mustang and made my way up to the driver door. The window was down so I smiled at the girl when I approached.


“You doing okay out here?” I asked. Damn. She was smoking hot. Great rack, although I did my best to keep my eyes on her face.


“I’ve been better. Betty stalled out on me and she won’t turn over. I don’t think it’s the alternator, but she is due for a checkup,” she said.


“As luck would have it, I’ve had my fair share of experience with pretty girls like Betty,” I smiled down at her.


“Then I’ll pop her hood. Just be gentle.” The girl reached out to pull the latch.


“Gentle as a lamb,” I promised. “Can you try to crank her over so I can hear the sound she’s making?”


After I got the hood up, she turned the key for me.


It was trying to crank over, but no go. From the sound it was making the battery was probably good. The starter wasn’t clicking. There had to be a connection issue somewhere.


“How long has it been since the last tune up?” I inquired.


“Usually I’m pretty on the ball about it, but I missed the last one. Should have been in March.” She got out of the car and I discovered she was in a tight little sundress. “I’m Sookie, by the way.” She held out her hand to me.


“Eric,” I replied. “Very nice to meet you, Sookie.” When I took her hand, I slapped on the charm and lifted it so I could kiss the back. She was exactly my type. Curves in all the right places. Blonde, beautiful blue eyes, and legs for days.


“Ooooh look at you,” she smiled.


“I’m just doing what any decent man should do for a pretty lady,” I smiled back. “I have some tools in Mary Jane if you’d like me to check a few things,” I offered. “Unless you’re waiting for your husband to arrive…”


“I’d be waiting for a lonnnnng time for a husband to show up,” she chuckled. “By all means, feel free to take a look. I’m waiting on the tow truck.”


“If everything goes right you won’t be needing the tow truck.” I walked around her so I could walk back to my Mustang. I popped the trunk so I could get out my toolbox. Having an older car meant always having tools on hand.


When I got back to Betty I set my toolbox down on the ground. I could feel Sookie’s eyes on my ass when I bent over to get a socket wrench out. I grabbed the spark plug socket and attached it to the wrench.


I looked over at Sookie and said, “If I get this running and save you some money on repairs, can I talk you into going to dinner with me so I can get to know you better?” No point in beating around the bush.


“If you can get her running I’ll cook you dinner,” she offered.


“Now I’m determined,” I chuckled. I bent over the engine and popped the spark plug wires off. I used the wrench to unscrew one of the spark plugs. Yeah, she was very much due for a tune up. The spark plug was filthy. “You can call and cancel the tow truck,” I said as I inspected it.


“Oh yeah?”


“Yes,” I said with confidence. I reached into my toolbox again to get a little brush so I could clean the end of the plug in my hand.


“Okay.” Sookie turned and reached into the car for her phone. Her skirt was so short I could almost see her ass while I was digging for the brush.


I paused what I was doing to watch. I was very much a fan of the female form. Sookie had a gorgeous form that I would have been more than happy to play with. When she straightened up I looked down at the tool and part in my hand. I cleaned off the little plug before I grabbed the wrench to get the second one off. I had six more to check. A pretty girl with a badass car. I was serious fan.


Sookie came over and leaned into the engine bay. The wind blew her perfume my way. It was a clean, but slightly floral scent.


“I guess I need new spark plugs, huh?” The way she was braced on the car, her cleavage was impossible not to notice.


“Yeah, like you said, you’re probably due for a tune up,” I said. My eyes flicked over and down to her cleavage before moving back up to her face. She was a very good looking girl. “Do you have a regular mechanic?” I started working on plug number four.


“My dad,” she told me. “Betty is one of his projects.”


“Betty is a very pretty girl,” I smiled. “You’re a hell of a lot prettier, though.”


“Awww thank you. Betty’s named after Betty White. Dad had a crush on her when he was a kid,” Sookie told me. “She’s definitely got the sassy of that fireball.”


“Betty White is hilarious,” I chuckled. “If your dad doesn’t get to the tune up within the next couple weeks I’d love to spend a little more time under her hood.” I somehow kept my eyes on Sookie’s face when I said that. I wouldn’t have minded spending time under her hood.


“Not under my hood?” she asked like she was reading my mind.


“I would be lying if I said no to that,” I smiled. “Just like Betty, you have a beautiful shape. I’d be a fool not to want to see what else you have going on under that dress.” Why lie?


“Then I guess we know what’s for dessert,” she smirked.


My kinda girl.


“My mouth is already watering just thinking about it.” I pulled the last plug out. It looked pretty clean compared to the other but I still cleaned it off some.


“You’re not vegan, are you?”


“Nope. Definite meat eater.” Sookie watched as I returned each spark plug to its home.


“Good. When are you free?”


“I can be free tomorrow night if you’re not busy,” I offered.


“I am now,” she smiled.


Got the date before the car started. Yay me.


I smiled back before I made sure the plugs were all nice and tight and then I put the wires back where they belonged.


“Want to go start her up?”


Sookie turned and slid behind the wheel of the car. She turned the key, and Betty roared to life.


“You’re a lifesaver!” Sookie stuck her head out. “If it wouldn’t be too forward, I’d kiss you!”


“I don’t think it would be forward at all,” I grinned.


Sookie got out of the car and walked toward me. She didn’t second guess herself or get at all timid. She reached up to pull me down and pressed her soft lips to mine. They tasted like vanilla.


I brought my hands up to settle them on her hips. I licked her bottom lip before sucking it lightly.


“Mmm, delicious,” I purred when the kiss broke. Her hips felt damn good in my hands.


“So, you still want dinner? Because I could be easily convinced to start with dessert,” she told me.


“Dessert is a wonderful meal,” I said, her hips still in my hands. I massaged them lightly. It took all of my willpower not to reach around to grab her ass.


“I’ve never had dessert for a meal.” Sookie looked down at my body. “But you look like four courses.”


“You’re welcome to spend your time savoring every single course,” I replied, my eyes flicking down to her full lips.


“Oh I will,” she said. “I should probably give you my number.”


“Yes,” I agreed. “Do you want to eat at my place or yours?”


“If I’m cooking, my place. If it’s just dessert, your place.”


“Hmm, do you live alone?” I asked. I rarely turned down a meal, but I didn’t want to be bothered with roommate.


“I do.”


“Do we still get to start with dessert?”




“Then we can have dessert and then dinner at your place,” I smiled. I didn’t think twice about dipping my head to kiss her again.


She wasn’t shy about kissing me back, or about reaching between us to palm my growing erection.


Yep, definitely my kinda girl.


“Mmm, keep that up and we’re going to have dessert right here on the side of the road,” I growled against her lips. I slid my hands back to grab her sexy ass. The tips of my fingers brushed over the top of her thighs.


“Sorry. You’re a really good kisser.” Sookie wasn’t sorry at all. Her hand kept rubbing over my cock.


I slowly walked her backwards to press her up against her car. “You’re a pretty fucking good kisser too,” I replied. I dipped to kiss her again, nipping her bottom lip. When she parted her lips I slid my tongue into her mouth, tangling with hers.


Sookie moaned into the kiss. When she pulled away she asked, “Would it be really slutty if we did have dessert right here?”


“What do you think?” I asked. The way my lips skimmed down her neck probably told her I didn’t think it was slutty at all. I kept condoms with me at all times. I liked sex, a lot, and I didn’t think there was an issue with women liking sex just as much. Rasul was going to judge me hard if I told him about Sookie and I hooking up thirty minutes after meeting each other.


“I think this,” she squeezed my hard-on, “Is a terrible thing to waste.”


I looked down the road both ways. Not a car in sight.


“Meet me on the other side of the car.” The car hadn’t been on long enough to make the hood hot.


Sookie released me and went around to the front. “Here?”


“That works.” I walked back to Mary Jane so I could get a condom out of the glove box. When I made it back to Sookie she was already sitting on the hood with her legs spread. “Goddamn you’re sexy,” I murmured as I stepped between her thighs. I reached down so I could rub her lips through her panties.


“Thanks.” She reached into my shorts and stretched up to kiss me while her hand wrapped around my dick.




When she started to stroke me it was the perfect amount of pressure. I pushed her panties to the side and slid my middle finger into her core. She was crazy wet. I wasn’t sure if it was the kissing or if she got off on watching dudes work on cars. As I pumped my finger in and out I rubbed my thumb over her clit.


Sookie pulled away from the kiss to ask, “Got a condom?”


“Right here.” I lifted the hand that wasn’t playing with her pussy.


She took it from me and carefully released my cock from my shorts. Sookie rolled the condom on like a pro. She looked around and made sure no cars were approaching before she tugged the top of her dress down so I could see her tits.


I was a serious fan. As she worked on getting the condom in place I bent over some so I could wrap my lips around her left nipple. I sucked hard before nibbling lightly. The way her hands paused and her back arched I knew she liked it. I wanted her tits to stay out so I hoped like hell no cars came. We could hide the fact we were fucking fairly easily, especially with her in a skirt.


As soon as I felt the condom was in place I lifted my head and whispered, “Put me where you want me.”


Sookie didn’t hesitate. She put my tip at her entrance and pulled my hips forward. Her butt scooted closer to the edge of the hood so I had better access and slid in deeper.


“I want it all,” she said.


I spread her legs wider before hooking her knees over my arms. Sookie leaned back some, resting her hands on the hood of the car. As requested, I drove in a deep as I could get. I was long and thick, so the look on her face when I was buried to the hilt was stunning.


“Is that what you want?” I asked, grinding my hips against her.


“Yes,” she moaned, her hips moving from side to side, trying to get more friction.


My hands were wrapped around her upper thighs. I pulled her forward each time I thrust forward, making sure to get nice and deep. I started to thrust hard, my hips moving off of her cues. Her moans were loud and a little raspy. I was able to get one of my hands around to flick her clit.


“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, yes,” Sookie moaned. “God, you’re so big.”


“Glad you approve,” I breathed. Her walls started fluttering around my cock. I certainly didn’t plan on having sex when I left the house but I wasn’t complaining. I made sure I didn’t slow down since she seemed to like it hard.


“What’s… mmmmmmm… what’s not to like?” Sookie lay back on the hood and played with her nipples.


My eyes were trained on her bouncing tits. I lifted her legs a little higher up my arms, allowing me to get a little bit deeper. She gasped loudly and her back arched up. We were probably running on borrowed time since no cars had driven by in close to forty-five minutes. In the new position I was able to get better access to her clit. I was going to cum pretty fucking soon. Being out in broad daylight made it that much more exciting. The way Sookie’s body was responding to me let me know she was going to cum soon too.


“Are you going to cum for me, pretty girl?” I panted.


“Fuck yes,” she moaned. To speed things along she took over rubbing her clit. Sookie gasped and her body tensed up a few seconds later. “Ohfuckofuckohfuckohfuck!”


Oh, goddamn…


Sookie’s orgasm ripped mine from me. I slammed in one final time, filling the condom with my release.


“Fuckfuckfuck,” I chanted, my hips jerking against her.


“Oh my god… Are you busy for breakfast?”


“Nope, I usually work nights,” I smiled. I didn’t want to pull out.


“Male stripper?” she smiled. Aftershocks had her walls tightening around me again.


“Mmm, no, I thought about it before the Army, but as it turns out I’m a shitty dancer.” I reached up to grab her tits. “I manage a bar.”


“Thank you for your service,” she said as she sat up.


“You’re welcome. Thank you for breaking down on my way to the gym.” I kissed her. I rocked my hips a few times before pulling out.


Sookie moaned and said, “I’ll be thinking about you all goddamn night.”


“I’m off at one if you’re interested in a repeat performance,” I told her.


“I might be.” She pulled the top of her dress up.


I pulled the condom off and tied off the end so I didn’t make a mess. I tucked my cock away and said, “We should exchange numbers. I’m not opposed to sexting while I work.”


“Are you opposed to nudes?” Sookie fixed her panties and slid off the car.


“The more the merrier.” I tilted her head up so I could give her a sweet kiss.


“Good. Then you’ll have something to look forward to later. I’ll get my phone.” She turned and walked over to the passenger’s side. That time I could see her ass when she bent over through the window.


I stepped up and rubbed my hand over it. She had an amazing body.


“I want to kiss and nibble every inch of your fuckin’ body, Sookie.”


“That’s what dessert is for.” She stood up and handed me her phone so I could add my number to the new contact.


I punched in my number after adding my name.


“Are you opposed to nudes? I can snap a picture of the goods and make it my contact picture,” I chuckled.


“I’m not opposed to nudes but it’s probably not a good idea to make your dick your contact photo.”


She was right.


“I’m high on orgasm,” I chuckled as I handed her phone back to her.


“Me too. So, I’ll see you tomorrow?”


“Yeah. It was nice meeting you, Sookie.” I leaned down to peck her lips. “I’m glad I was able to get Betty going for you.”


“So am I. Getting me to cum in less than five minutes was an even bigger achievement,” she replied. “I look forward to taking our time tomorrow.”


“Me too. Many more orgasms to come. The face you make is absolutely beautiful,” I complimented.


“I’m sure you’ll see it plenty.”


“See you later, Sookie.” I turned and started to back away from her, heading toward Mary Jane.


I watched Sookie get into Betty before I got into my car. I had just started her up when I got a text message from a number I didn’t recognize. I opened the message and it was a picture of Sookie blowing me a kiss. I was a big fan of Sookie’s. If things worked out I wouldn’t even worry about Heidi anymore. I was sure the sex was only going to get better going forward. I couldn’t wait to find out how good it could get.

13 thoughts on “2: Betty and MJ

  1. Oh lord that was hot, and just about every girls’, and some guys’, dream come true! So, the different name thing is interesting. I think there might be some fireworks at the dock, lol

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  2. Oh Man!
    Feels like winter just flipped the switch to summer here! H. O. T. !!!
    Lol, sookie, you go girl! Getting some on the side of the road on your way to meet Mr Handsome 🙂

    Yeah this isn’t going to be awkward at all when they see each other at Rasuls!

    Ps. Love Betty White, and that the car is named after her – freaking hilarious and somehow perfect too 😄

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