Chapter 14: Rocky Horror and Janet Weiss Meet Magenta


Amanda agreed to dinner Saturday night. I was holding Eric to it. Knowing there was no way I could show up at his place and we’d just head out to meet Amanda, I went home first to drop off my things and talk to Gran. To my surprise, she wasn’t home. She was out for the day with Dr. Brigant. I unpacked my suitcase and packed an overnight bag instead. Eric didn’t say where we were going for dinner, but I decided on a white cocktail dress that had cherries on it. Hadley’s red Badgley Mischka pumps went on my feet white comfy shoes went in my bag.

Eric was finally getting his lingerie under a trench coat wish.

I heard his doorbell ring when I pressed the button but I didn’t hear him on the other side of the door before it opened.

“Hello,” he smiled. He looked like he had just gotten out of the shower.

“Hello.” I stepped inside when he moved back. “How’s your day?”

“It’s been good so far. How was your time away?” He moved around me to close and lock the door.

“It was good, exactly what I needed.” I walked toward his bedroom so I could hang up my dress and unveil my surprise. “I thought about bringing you a souvenir of some kind but didn’t think you would want a lobster refrigerator magnet.”

“You thought correctly.” He followed me to his room. Eric leaned against the closet door when I went to hang up my dress.

“Mind if I hang up my coat in here?”

“Not at all. I want you to feel at home here.”

“I’m happy to hear you say that.” I turned to face him as I unbuttoned my red trench coat. The look on his face when I let it fall off me was priceless.

“Lover,” he purred. “What is this…” His eyes scanned up and down my body.

“You’ve mentioned more than once wanting me to show up in a trench coat and little else.” I was wearing the red pumps and a matching black bra and panty set. Oh, and earrings. That’s all. “I can get dressed–”

“No, no, you’re wearing plenty,” he assured me. “What do you plan to do with so little clothes?”

“I thought you would probably remove them.” I ran my hands over my sides and up over my tits.

“But you look so pretty in them.” He reached down to rub his growing erection through his shorts.

“I could leave them on and you could take me out to the balcony,” I suggested. I wasn’t too worried about anyone seeing us fucking forty-something stories off the ground.

“Checking out the view sounds like a splendid idea,” he agreed. He reached into his shorts to stroke himself as his eyes moved back and forth between my tits and mound.

“Did you get off thinking about me while I was gone?” I turned around slowly so he could see what it looked like from behind.

“More than once,” he confessed. “I thought about your beautiful blue eyes looking up at me as you sucked my dick. I thought about the way it looks when my thick cock spreads your tight little pussy…”

When I turned to the side I cupped my tits and played with them, making them bounce a little. “I’m sure you thought about how they bounce when I ride you,” I said. I teased him by tugging the cups down long enough for him to clearly see my hardened nipples before I put the black lace back.

“Mmhmm,” he hummed. “And how pretty your ass looks after I swat your silky skin.” I could tell his was rubbing his thumb over his tip.

“How hard my pussy clenches when you make me cum…” I reached into my panties when I was facing him.

“And how wet you get for me.” He licked his lips. “That sweet, sexy sound your little cunt makes when I slowly slide in and out of you.”

“You’re getting me wet right now, baby.”

“Let me see.” His eyes were trained on my hand in my panties.

“You might be able to see better in the bedroom.”

“I thought we were going to the balcony,” he said.

I smirked and confidently walked past him. Eric followed me to the sliding door that led to the section of patio where the table was. I turned a chair to face the door and sat down, slouched in the chair with my legs spread wide so I could move my panties to the side. That way Eric could easily see how turned on I was getting. My fingers moving in and out of my opening with ease were further evidence.

“Damn, baby,” he said quietly. He came to a stop in front of me and pushed his shorts down so he was standing there naked in front of me. He wrapped his hand around his thick shaft and started to stroke again. I could see the precum beading at the tip. “You see how fast you got me hard?”

I sat up and leaned forward to suck the wetness from his tip. “I do.” My tongue swirled around his head as he stroked himself.

Eric’s hand settled on the side of my head, helping me bob on his tip. He released himself so he could get a little deeper.

“You’re so good at that, Lover,” he said quietly. His thumb rubbed across my cheek.

I looked up into his eyes and moaned. If he liked it when I sucked him off, I was happy to do it. Gradually more and more of his cock filled my mouth until his dick was nudging the back of my throat. I stopped playing with myself to focus on him. My tongue swirled around his tip a few times before I resumed bobbing. I found a good rhythm, determined to get him off.

“Do you think you can swallow me?” He reached down to tug my nipples.

I never tried in the past, but there was a first time for everything. The next time his tip nudged the back of my throat I began to swallow. The look on Eric’s face said it all.

“Yes,” he hissed. “Keep going.” For the first time Eric lost eye contact. His eyes fluttered closed as he dropped his head back.

I had to pull back after a few seconds to catch my breath. As soon as I did, I tried once more. Tears prickled my eyes as I swallowed his cock again. It took a little work, but eventually I got my lips all the way to his base and hummed.

“Fuuuuuck,” he growled. He grabbed onto my head and slowly started to rock his hips. “Yes… yes… that’s it, baby.” He was completely lost in the pleasure. It took a moment for him to look down at me again. His thumbs wiped away my tears as he fucked my mouth.

He pulled out after a few seconds of this.

“You’re such a good girl, Sookie,” he praised. “Lean back and spread your legs nice and wide for me.”

I did as he asked, leaning back in the chair with my legs wide open for him. I wasn’t sure what his plans were. For all I knew he was planning on resuming jerking off and cumming on me.

He leaned over and bent his knees. Eric’s lips met mine in a heated kiss that made my toes curl as he angled himself to position his tip at my entrance. He broke the kiss to look into my eyes as he fed my pussy his thick length inch by inch.

“Did you miss that, Lover?” he whispered as he filled me.

I sweetly stroked his face. “I missed you,” I told him.

“I missed you too.” He reached down to scoop me up. He turned to press my back against the window and he slid into me again. Eric licked my bottom lip before sucking on it lightly as his hips rocked up into me.

I moaned as I wrapped myself around him. The kisses were what I missed more. I loved the sex but the kisses… My walls quickly started to flutter. I was sure we were both closer than we usually would be so soon, but the combination of conquering something I wasn’t sure I could do with Eric’s reaction to me doing it had me on edge. I reached between us to rub my clit, making my orgasm that much closer.

“Feels so good, Eric. Are you going to cum in me, baby?” I kissed along his neck.

“Yes.” His hips swiveled. “All for you,” he whispered, tilting his head to the side to give me better access.

“I dreamed about your big dick inside me, fucking me last night,” I whispered. “I was tied up face down and I was so full of your cum that it was running down my thighs.”

“Is that what you want?” His hips swiveled again. He pulled back a little, pulling my hips out so he could watch himself slide in and out of me.

“I want to see your beautiful eyes when you cum,” I replied.

His look was a lot softer than normal when his eyes met mine again. His fingers dug into my hips and his thrusts got harder and more deliberate, grinding each time he filled me.

“You ready?” he panted.

“Yes,” I breathed. My fingers moved faster. At the start of the orgasm my body tensed. When the first wave hit I began to shake along with the intense way my walls were milking him. “Eric,” I moaned, my eyes on his.

“Mmm,” he hummed. He pressed me fully against the window again. His hips rocked up, forcing me to move my hand. Eric’s pubic bone rubbed against my clit with each deep thrust. “Fuck…” He came hard, crashing his lips onto mine.

My fingers played with his hair while we kissed. His hips kept thrusting through his orgasm, but then stilled. The kiss broke and his forehead rested on mine.

“I really did miss you,” I whispered to him.

“I missed you too,” he replied just as quietly. “I missed you more than I probably should have.”

“So you don’t mind if I sleep here tonight?” I kissed his nose.

“I was hoping you would,” he smiled. He massaged my hips.

“Good. We should go inside and clean up.” We had about three hours until dinner. Knowing Eric, he was thinking round two.

“Are you sure you’re ready to clean up?” he smirked. He rocked his hips.

“You got a better idea?”

“Maybe,” he smiled. He pulled back and set me on my feet. “Maybe we can go make out for a while and see where it leads…”

“I like the way you think, Northman.” I reached between my thighs and caught some of his release that I promptly sucked off my fingers, making his eyes darken.

“You are a naughty little minx and I fucking love it,” he purred.

“How much?” I started to walk backward toward the door.

“More than I’m ready to admit to.” He stalked toward me. He somehow managed to look even bigger and more intimidating than normal.

We only made it to the chaise lounge in the bedroom, but it was as good a spot as any to make out. It was the best way he could have welcomed me back to the city.


“Eric Northman, this is Amanda Peterson. Amanda, this is Eric Northman.” My best friend and boyfriend were face to face at Lettie Mae’s, a soul food restaurant in Tribeca.

“It’s nice to finally meet you,” Eric smiled, reaching out to shake her hand. He kept eye contact with her as he closed his other hand over the back of hers.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” she smiled back. She looked a little starry eyed in his presence.

“I ordered you a Manhattan.” It was her go-to drink. I was working on a gin and tonic instead of a glass of Riesling. Eric had two fingers of good scotch.

Lettie Mae’s had been open for about six months. If the luster was going to wear off, it was going to happen soon.

“Perfect,” she said as she sat down on the chair Eric pulled out for her. She looked at me and added, “Definitely the gangster of love.”

Eric arched an eyebrow at me after he took his seat.

“You love my peaches,” I supplied. He also shook my tree three times before dinner.

“Yes I do,” he smiled as he leaned over to kiss my cheek. His hand settled on my thigh. “What do you do, Amanda?” he asked my friend.

“I’m a web designer,” she answered.

“How did you two meet?” he asked, looking back and forth between us.

“We both signed up for speed dating on the same night and got seated next to each other. None of the guys stuck, but Amanda did,” I explained. “Well, except for Gothic Gary. He’s the unofficial love of Amanda’s life.” Gothic Gary was the imaginary friend of her last date that night.

“Should I even ask what a Gothic Gary is?” Eric laughed.

“It’s probably safer that you don’t,” Amanda chuckled.

“It’s like a Geisha Gwen but with boy parts.” That confused Eric more but made Amanda laugh harder.

“This is starting to sound dirty,” he chuckled.

Our waitress returned to see if we were interested in an appetizer. Eric ordered some fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese dip that was served with pita chips.

“Have you been here?” I asked Amanda. It was my first time.

“Not yet,” she answered. “I’ve heard good things about it. It smells like heaven in here, too.”

“Right?” As soon as I walked in it reminded me of Sunday dinner as a kid.

“I think Eric should be in charge of making reservations going forward,” Amanda chuckled.

“My assistant actually picked this place. She asked what I was in the mood for and came back twenty minutes later with the reservation. She spoils me with the good stuff,” he smiled before taking a sip of his scotch.

“Does she spoil you the same way Sookie does?” Amanda sipped her Manhattan.

“She better not,” I snickered. If she was deepthroating him too, he was all hers.

“No one spoils me the way Sookie does,” he replied, looking down at me. He had that familiar heated look in his eyes.

Amanda made a whip cracking sound before taking a bigger drink of her Manhattan.

“He spoils me too. I can’t complain,” I said.

“So no chippies on your casting couch these days?” Amanda asked Eric.

“No chippies anywhere,” he answered. “I’m a one woman man, unless she invites the other woman and I get the idea Sookie isn’t inviting anyone else into our bedroom.”

“You’re stuck with just me,” I told him.

“I wouldn’t call it stuck.” He rubbed up and down my thigh.

“Has Sookie dragged you to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show yet?”

Eric’s eyebrow shot back up as he looked over at me.

“Lover, I’ll do a lot of things with you, but you will not find me a the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show,” he informed me.

“Then who’s going to be the Rocky Horror to my horny Janet?”

“You’ll have to find someone else,” he chuckled.

“Humph,” I grunted and sipped my gin.

“I think you’d make a better Riff Raff.”

“Sweetheart, if I was going to go at all I’d dress as Dr. Frank-N-Furter,” he stated calmly.

“Ha! Yeah right,” Amanda snickered.

“He’s serious. He makes a pretty woman,” I informed her.

“Ummm you forgot to mention he’s a drag queen, Sook…”

Eric pulled his phone out and tapped a few times before he found the Jessica and Roger Rabbit picture before he handed it to Amanda.

“I don’t halfass things,” he told her.

“Holy shitcakes,” she muttered.

“He’s a Halloween baby.”

“I usually go big on Halloween. The last couple years I’ve been holding back,” he explained. “I’m getting too old for that shit now.”

“Hopefully you’ll feel differently after Sookie pops out a bunch of babies,” she said.

“I think it’s a little too soon for all that,” he chuckled.

“Well I don’t mean next month, but if you’re in it for the long haul,” Amanda said.

“We haven’t talked about that yet,” I said.

“I don’t need children to party,” he said. “If Sookie wants a big party, I don’t mind.”

“Do you not want children?” Amanda sipped her drink.

Our appetizers were delivered and the waitress took our orders. I got the barbecued pulled pork on top of cheesy grits. My mouth was watering just thinking about it. Eric ordered the smothered pork chops and Amanda got fried chicken and mac ‘n cheese.

Once the waitress walked away with our order Eric answered. “I’ve been too busy with my career to think about having kids. That’s a conversation Sookie and I should have on our own, though.”

“Point taken. I had to ask. So… in the movie of your life which rockstar would play you?” she asked.

“Tommy Lee,” I answered for him, making Amanda choke a little on her bite of pimento cheese.

Eric looked at me. “Should I even ask why?”

“Have you never heard that Tommy Lee is hung like a horse?”

“Is he? I saw the video… I didn’t notice…”

“If you were watching his junk and not Pam’s funbags, I’d be shocked,” I said. Fake or not, they were still tits.

“I’m not into clams, but I’d bump with Pam back then,” Amanda said.

“She was definitely hot,” he chuckled. “I met her once.”


“About ten years ago. She was at a party I attended,” he told me. “At the Playboy Mansion…”

“Oooh look at you,” I chuckled. “How did you get an invitation to a party at the Playboy Mansion?”

“Lucky, I guess,” he smiled. “I went with a client.”

“Was it just wall to wall boobies?” I asked.

“Did you hook up with someone in the grotto? I heard it’s like a cesspool in there.”

“It was wall to wall boobies. I may have had some in my face a few times. I did not hook up with any of them. I was a married man at the time,” he stated.

“I’m sure your former wife was thrilled.” Amanda cut into a tomato.

“She knew where I was and probably expected me to motorboat a Bunny or two,” he said.

I had no doubt he had taken full advantage of however long the leash was. It wasn’t like Eric’s marital arrangement with his ex-wife was any of her business.

“I think it’s probably mandatory to motorboat a bunny or two if you go to one of those parties,” Amanda said. She smiled at me and that sixth sense kicked in. It was true I knew her pretty well, but something else was telling me she liked Eric.

That little voice in my mind scared me a little bit but I also realized that I needed to learn to listen to it. Ignoring it probably wasn’t going to make it go away, and if what happened in the church was any indication, ignoring it might get me killed.


15 thoughts on “Chapter 14: Rocky Horror and Janet Weiss Meet Magenta

  1. Wow, very hot reunion! Sounds like both are falling a bit harder than they expected too.
    Amanda certainly asked quite a few personal questions, glad Eric didn’t get ticked off.


  2. Love your chapter names for this story. So inventive! Now for curiosity’s sake…is Eric a midnight toker, too? Great job, Ladies!


  3. **Liked**
    It’s good Eric gets along with Amanda because that would make things awkward. Sookie and Eric are real freaks for each other;)
    I’m glad Sookie’s listening to her instinct or whatever power that’s proving helpful. Now that she’s actively paying attention to the helpful little hints I think she’ll find out what happened to her twin sooner.


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