Chapter 9



I lean back against my headboard and watch Eric pound into Aude. We met in college and we hooked up a few times. I was young and experimenting. Through Aude I learned I like girls and I have a dominant side. It worked out great since she has a submissive side. The last time we fooled around was when Trey was here on leave a few years ago.
Like Eric, Trey didn’t mind watching us make out and he definitely didn’t mind watching us go down on each other. It was a fun night for all of us.
“Do you want both your holes stuffed, slut?” I ask Aude. She gets off on being demeaned and used.
“Yes,” she whimpers when Eric slaps her ass, hard.
I slide off the bed and go to the bag she left on the chair in the corner. There are plenty of toys to choose from, but what I want is the strap-on. I grab it and start putting it on.
I’m guessing by Eric’s expression he didn’t think I had this in me. Surprise.
He pulls out of Aude and flops down on the bed. “I get her ass,” he tells me and holds his hand out for the lube.
I pull the bottle out of the bag and bring it to him. I climb up on the bed and sit on my knees to watch him with Aude. She hisses when the liquid lands between her round cheeks and Eric begins rubbing her tight entrance. It won’t take long to prep her. I know for a fact that she does this at least once a week.
“Start slow,” she tells Eric over her shoulder. He arches an eyebrow and grabs her hair, pulling so she arches her back. His head rubs around her tiny rosette before he slowly slides in. Aude groans loudly as she starts to push back to take him deep. Eric does as she asked and starts slow, gradually working up to a fast, hard pace.
“You ready, Sookie?” he pants and spanks her right cheek.
“I’m ready.” I slide in under Aude and rub the head of the dildo against her clit. Her inner thighs are wet and I know she’s going to lose her mind when I start fucking her too. I guide the toy to her opening and Eric stops thrusting long enough for me to slide into Aude to the hilt so both of her holes are full.
“Oh, God,” Aude whimpers. She drops her head, settling on my shoulder.
“Mmm, none of that,” Eric purrs. He grabs her shoulder to lift her off my chest and starts to thrust first. He goes slow so I can push in when he pulls out.
“How does that feel, slut? You like two big dicks fucking you at the same time, don’t you?” I ask and thrust a little harder.
“So, so good,” she pants as Eric’s hand slips down from her shoulder to her throat to use as leverage. “Oh… Fuck!” Aude shouts in a low, raspy voice, telling me Eric is choking her some.
I grab her nipples and tug, knowing she likes that too. We speed up, both of us pounding into her over and over. I reach down and tap her clit instead of rubbing it.
“Oh, God… Please, let me cum. I need to cum so hard,” she whimpers. “You feel so, so good.”
“Cum,” I command. Her eyes squeeze shut and her body shakes.
Aude screams when she cums. She collapses on top of me and Eric pulls out of her ass. She’s still trembling on my chest when Eric lifts her off and lays her on the bed next to me.
“Sookie, take that shit off,” he tells me, flicking the dildo.
I unhook the harness and wiggle out of it. I set it on the little bench at the foot of my bed and ask, “Where do you want me?”
“Right where you are,” he says as he pulls the condom off.
Eric climbs off of the bed and pulls me to the edge. He doesn’t waste time sliding into my pussy. He falls forward and locks his arms, hovering above me. His hips begin to slam into me. “Push your tits up.”
When I do, Eric dips his head to suck on my nipples one at time. As he sucks he glances at Aude who is down for the count. He releases my nipple so he can move up to kiss my mouth. “Hold on,” he whispers. I wrap my arms around his neck and his arms hook my legs. He makes me yelp when he picks me up. He grips my ass and starts bouncing me on his cock.
“Ohmygod,” I moan. My head falls back and his tip rubs against my sweet spot every time he pulls out. “Yesyesyesyesyes… fuuuuck!” My walls pulse wildly around his shaft.
“Fuckfuckfuck,” he chants before he drops me on the bed again. His lips crash onto mine and be starts driving into me hard. With one more hard, deep thrust Eric releases deep inside of me, jerking his hips with his aftershocks.
Shit, that’s not supposed to happen. This is why I prefer using condoms with him. Given the situation, I’ll let it go this one time but it’s not going to become a habit.
“You alright up there?” I ask after a few minutes.
“Yeah… That one took me by surprise,” he says. I can feel Aude stretching out on the bed behind me.
“Welcome back,” I say to her.
“Mmm, thanks,” she says and I can hear the smile in her voice. “If he made a mess I don’t mind licking it up.”
“If you can get him off me, it’s all yours,” I tell her.
Eric pulls out with a groan and moves to lie in the middle of the bed. Aude makes her way down to the floor and spends the next five minutes getting as much of Eric’s cum as she possibly can. When she’s done she slips into the bathroom, leaving me alone with Eric. He pulls me up the bed to spoon in behind me.
“That was… a surprise,” he whispers.
“You mean Aude?”
“Mmhmm,” he hums.
“We’ve known each other since college. I experimented some and she was part of it,” I tell him.
“It felt good and watching you be dominant like that with her was hot as fuck,” he chuckles softly and kisses my neck.
“It’s a fun role I don’t normally get to play. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Trey did too.
“Now that I know you don’t like sucking dick, I should ask if you like taking it in the ass?”
“Never done it, so I don’t know,” I answer. “Plus, if you understood just how complicated sucking dick is… let’s just say it’s miraculous more men don’t get bitten.”
“I get it,” he says quietly as Aude comes out of the bathroom.
Eric gets up from the bed to go into the bathroom, but she stops him with a soft hand on his arm.
“In case I’m gone when you come out, get my number from Sookie and maybe we can do this again sometime… just you and me,” she smiles at him and pushes up on her toes to give him a lingering peck.
“We’ll see,” he replies with a twinkle in his eye before he extracts his arm and goes into the bathroom. A moment later I hear the shower turn on.
“Good God, I don’t know where you found that one, but damn,” Aude giggles.
“He ran into me repeatedly at a cafe so I told him to eat a dick and he ended up baking me a dick cake,” I tell her. I’m not sure how I feel about them fucking around without me, but then I remember he’s not my boyfriend. He can do whatever, or whoever, he wants.
“Mmm, fucks good and a sense of humor,” she smiles. “I’m going to go get dressed before I decide to jump in the shower with him for one more round.”
“Probably a good idea. He’s got a serious Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. One minute he’s charming as fuck and then the next he’s an assface of a person with some anger issues,” I tell her. I’m exaggerating just a little and I know I’m trying to sabotage anything that might be going on here with them. I just don’t know why I’m doing it.
“I’m not trying to date him,” she laughs. “Will you walk me out?”
“Of course.” I get up and slip my robe on. “I’m just warning you, that’s all.”
“I appreciate it,” she nods. “Sometimes getting your aggression out by fucking someone into a mattress is just what’s needed.”
“I suppose.” We walk to the front door and I open it for her. “It was good to see you again. We should have dinner while you’re still in town.”
“Definitely,” she smiles and leans in to kiss my cheek. “Thanks for suggesting this when I called. I haven’t had this much fun in ages.”
“Me either. Call me, okay?”
“I will.” Aude turns and starts down the stairs.
I close the door behind her and head to the kitchen to get myself something to drink. I end up with a can of Dr. Pepper and then pull open my menu drawer. I don’t feel like cooking tonight. I’m debating about what to order when Eric appears all clean and fully dressed.
“Hey, did you want me to go or stick around?” he asks as he walks up behind me to rest his hands on my hips.
“You can stay if you want. I was just trying to decide what to get for dinner,” I tell him.
“I could eat a fuckin’ horse,” he chuckles. His hand shoots out from behind me and he picks up a couple menus. “Fuck, I could eat the whole fuckin’ menu from this joint,” he says as he throws a Chinese menu on top of the pile.
“I suppose we could order from a few different places. I have a taste for Greek potatoes and chicken.”
“That’s fine with me,” he shrugs.
That’s the great thing about delivery service, I guess. It just never really occurred to me until now that I could do this. I end up ordering a chicken Philly and roasted potatoes instead of fries. Eric doesn’t quite order the entire menu from the Chinese place around the corner, but close enough. He grabs a beer from the fridge and plops down on the couch next to me.
“So… did you want Aude’s number?” I might as well get it out of the way.
“Oh, um, I didn’t really think about it. If you want to give it to me, I guess. I don’t know if I’ll call her,” he replies.
“Really? You two seemed to be getting along pretty well,” I say casually.
“I’m busy enough with work and fucking you. Something tells me throwing Aude into the mix might kill me,” he laughs.
“Yeah, but what a way to go, right?” I joke.
“My luck it would be on the train to work,” he says, shaking his head.
“Well then I’ll just tell her you’re busy with work right now so it’s not a good time for you.” I don’t know why, but this makes me ridiculously happy.
Eric leans over to kiss my softly and says, “That’s fine. Plus, I know we’re just fuck buddies, but it would be weird to start fuckin’ your friend on the side.”
“I’d deal with it,” I shrug. Despite my flash of jealousy, I don’t have any real claim to him.
“Sookie, if you want me to call her I will. I don’t want to, though,” he admits.
“I’m just saying it’s fine with me if you want to, that’s all. Don’t turn her down for me,” I say.
He sighs and says, “If you’re that fuckin’ worried about it, I’ll take her fuckin’ number, but I’m too fuckin’ busy to worry about her. She was fun. She gives a good fuckin’ blowjob, but I don’t need someone else.”
“Fine. I heard you the first time, you know?”
“Can we leave it alone now?” he asks a little nicer while he reaches to play with my fingers.
“Yeah,” I answer.
I watch his fingers playing with mine and it makes me nervous in a few different ways. It’s a cutesy sort of thing to do and it reminds me of previous boyfriends before we really got close to each other. Before I can stop myself, I pull my hand away to nip that in the bud.
Eric gives me a strange look, but keeps quiet. Maybe inviting him to stay was a mistake.
We sit there quietly until the buzzer sounds. I find that it’s Eric’s Chinese food when I get to the intercom. While he deals with the delivery guy I get him a plate and silverware. I excuse myself to go put some clothes on since it feels weird to be sitting around in a robe like I am.
Fuck, this whole situation feels weird. As I’m getting dressed I decide I need to come clean with Eric. I can’t bring myself to break things off with Trey just yet, but I can be honest with Eric.
So I walk back to the kitchen and say, “There’s something I haven’t been honest about that you deserve to know.”
He pauses and sets his fork down. “Okay…”
“The reason I can’t be in a relationship with you has nothing to do with how busy the salon is. The reason is because I already have a boyfriend. We’ve been together for more than ten years and he’s living in Louisiana right now,” I tell him and it feels good to get it off my chest.
Eric looks stunned for a full minute.
“So… you’re basically using me?” he says after another minute passes.
“Basically, yes,” I nod. He’s doing the same thing so it doesn’t really matter.
“Does this boyfriend know you’ve been fucking me every other night for the last few weeks?” I still can’t read his mood.
“Of course not. This is the only time I’ve ever cheated on him. He’s a good guy and I love him… I just… something’s missing,” I explain.

“Something tells me it was dick before you met me,” he mutters. “I should go.”

I sigh heavily and say, “I guess you should.”
He leaves his Chinese food on the counter and goes to the living room to put his shoes on. He doesn’t even look at me when he picks up his keys and heads for the front door.
“This was just sex, Eric. I never gave you a reason to think it was more,” I remind him.
He turns around and says, “Sex with another man’s girl. I’m a fuckin’ asshole, but I’m not into being some chick’s fucktoy because her boyfriend is out of town. I don’t want to be part of you cheating on him. If the sex is something you want, either find it somewhere else or call me if you leave him. I had a lot of fun with you, Sookie… a lot, but I don’t want to be part of this.”
There isn’t really much I can say.
“I’m not ready to leave him,” I tell Eric.
“Good luck.” Eric walks out the door, slamming it behind him.
I let out a deep breath and go back to the kitchen to put away the takeout. The buzzer goes off again but my appetite is gone. Eric has his flaws and all, but the truth is that I was starting to like him.
I pay for my food and while I try to talk myself into eating it, I have an idea. I abandon my dinner for a few minutes to make some phone calls. Ten minutes later I’m booked on an early Thursday flight to New Orleans to go see Trey. If I’m going to leave him, I’m at least going to do it face to face.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 9

  1. Here we go. So she feels bad about sleeping with Eric but not Aude. Seems this Sookie has gotten way too comfkrtable. But i have a feeling she is gonna find out things she doesnt like when she gets to Louisianna.


  2. Well this took a turn. Adding a third person into the mix brought out a lot of feelings Sookie isn’t willing to face but at least she finally fessed up to Eric. I’m not quite sure I can rationalize why Sookie thinks sleeping with Aude too isn’t cheating. Or maybe she does but just doesn’t care at this point? Hopefully she’s completely honest with Trey. Looking forward to the next chapter.


  3. I thought the whole threesome thing wouldn’t work and Sookie did the right thing by telling Eric. Even though he doesn’t want be a part of cheating on her boyfriend I think he likes her just as much as Sookie likes him.


  4. Yay! Not confused anymore! This really did take a major turn. It’s good to see that Sookie is bucking up and doing what is essentially right by telling Eric, and hopefully telling Trey. But now Eric is gonna be crushed I’m thinking. Can’t wait for the next chapter!


  5. Hmm…I’m very interested to see how this meeting with Trey goes. I don’t blame Eric for leaving pissed off.


  6. Good on Eric. I don’t blame him for walking out. I’m glad Sookie told him. He needed to know, and decide if he wanted to be part of the mess.
    Glad she is going to see Trey. Wonder if she will surprise him mod coitus. ..


  7. I would have thought that being with Aude was cheating too. I’m glad Eric walked out but I kinda wish he had taken Aude’s number. Sookie has the best of both worlds at the moment ( well had I guess is the correct term now ) but she really needs a wake up call.
    Eagerly awaiting the next update that’s for sure.


  8. Not too crazy about the whole threesome thing (my issue not yours). I’m willing to bet that Eric may look Aude up now that he knows that Sookie is with Trey. OTOH, good for her for finally coming clean with Eric and I do not blame him for not wanting to be a part of that mess. Oy, too complicated.


  9. It’s ironic that Sookie describes Eric as Jeckyll/Hyde because she went Hyde herself when Eric simply told her he didn’t want to see Aude on the side… That is exactly what Sookie wanted and yet had to fight him on it, esp. when he was being all nice and Jeckyll…. I get Eric didn’t like finding out Sookie had a boyfriend all along but it is not as if they ever sat down and asked each other what the situation was? What does Trey’s existence change? It was just supposed to be sex so not sure Eric has the right to feel so used. He used her too… I suppose it is the fragile male ego? It might now need a bit of stroking so perhaps Aude will get a call after all…
    Oh well, now onto Louisiana… BTW it was kinda hot to see Sookie all dominatrix… I think Eric thought so too…


  10. I can understand why Eric left. He didn’t want to cheat on another guys girl. I like that Sookie was a little jealous of Aude. I’m thinking that Eric likes Sookie. Sookie needs to break up with Tray. I think if you were happy in a relationship you wouldn’t cheat.


  11. aude thinks the ‘ eric stick ‘ belongs to her now and if he gets back with sookie , thermonuclear aude , can’t wait ,also sookie’s crazy for not giving in the bedroom, but receiving she lost me on that one. cum taste gross then don’t swallow


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