Chapter 12



A trial run living with Eric for two weeks seems like a smart plan. I invite Hadley over to help me pack up some stuff. I can tell something is off with her. Usually she’s talking a mile a minute, but she’s been freakishly quiet since she got here.


“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” I ask gently as I sort through my clothes. I haven’t bought a lot of maternity stuff yet, but I’ve mostly been wearing dresses because it’s been so fucking hot.


She breaks down in tears and plops down on my bed.


“Am I a bad person?” she sobs.


“What?” I drop shirt I’m holding and sit down next to her. “Why would you ask me that?”


“I just… I need to know if I’m a bad person or if there’s any other reason you can think of that I’m not good enough for Remy.”


“Had… you’re a good person. You’re funny and smart and you’re one of the best friends I could ever ask for. Of course you’re good enough for Remy.” I don’t know what’s going on, but something’s up. “Are you having second thoughts about marrying him?”


“I think he’s having second thoughts about me. When he was in Dallas last week he was… with someone else…” she sniffles.


Oh fuck.


“Shit. Are you sure?” I ask.


“Yes I’m sure,” she says angrily. “He admitted it to me when I called him out on it. I was unpacking his bag and I smelled another girl’s perfume.”


“Oh,” I say softly. “I’m so sorry, Hadley.”


I didn’t think Remy was the cheating type. He’s been head over heels since he met her. I’m stunned.


“Now I don’t know what I’m going to do. He swore it was one time, he was drunk and all that shit, but I don’t know if I can forgive him. I don’t know if I’m still getting married now,” she cries. “He keeps apologizing… I just…”


I turn and hug her tightly. This is a shitty situation. They’re supposed to be getting married in less than seven months. There’s never a good time to cheat on someone but I guess it’s better before she marries him if she can’t get past it.


“It’s going to be okay, Had,” I whisper. “Do you believe that it was just one time?”


“I don’t know what to believe. He claims it was but maybe he’s just saying that because he was caught? I trusted him… I can’t even look at him right now. I don’t want to hear his voice or see anything that makes me think of him.”


“Why don’t you stay here?” I suggest. “I’m going to be at Eric’s house anyway and maybe the space will give you some perspective.”


“I was going to ask if I could do that, but wasn’t sure how to ask,” she sighs and wipes under her eyes.


“You’re welcome here anytime, you know that. Even if I wasn’t going to Eric’s you’d be welcome here.”


“Thanks. I still need to know where he lives so I can crash in anytime I feel the urge.”


I laugh and say, “Let’s finish packing and then I’ll bring you by the house.”


“Okay,” she nods. “Sook, what would you do if Eric cheated on you?”


“Same situation?” I ask and she nods. I think for a minute. “Honestly, I’d let him sweat for a while. I’d have to ask myself if I believed it was a onetime thing. Obviously it would be different for us since we have a kid but… Had, it’s all a matter of whether or not you can forgive him. If you can’t, then you let him go and be thankful that you found out now what he’s capable of. If you can forgive him you make it clear that if he ever does it again it will be the last time. There won’t be another chance after this. Ultimately, if it was Eric that cheated on me, I don’t think I could get over it.”


“Okay. I’m going to use the next couple weeks to think it through.”


“That’s a good idea. Take your time and be sure either way.”


“I will,” she agrees. She takes a deep breath and starts folding the clothes I have laid out on the bed.


We finish folding and packing, and then she gets in the car with me to make the trip to Eric’s house. When I turn into his ridiculously long driveway her jaw drops. The property is gated and beautifully manicured. The gates are open already for me so I just keep driving. It’s another ten seconds before the house comes into view.


“What is that?” she gasps. “Is that like a hotel on his property or something?”


“Nope, that’s the house. It’s 20,000 square feet,” I tell her.


“And he lives here alone? You’re not just moving in to become part of his six hundred woman harem are you? This place is bigger than every house I’ve ever been in combined.”


“Pretty much,” I laugh.


“Sookie, you don’t have to clean this place do you? Jesus… just… wow,” she says quietly.


“Seriously, I think he’d yell at me if I tried to. He barely lets me wash dishes after we eat,” I say as I pull up in front of the house. Eric’s Audi is parked by the four car garage.


“Is the garage full of cars too? How much does this guy make? And now that I see this I’m beginning to think you hit the jackpot.”


“Yeah, there’s an SUV in there and this cherry old Chevy pickup that was his dad’s,” I tell her.


“Sheesh… I just don’t know what else to say,” she giggles.


“It’s a little overwhelming, I know.” I turn off the car and slide out from behind the wheel to grab one of my bags from the trunk. Hadley grabs another and follows me up the front steps. I open the door and yell, “Honey, I’m home! I brought Hadley with me so only be as naked as you are comfortable with her seeing!”


Eric pokes his head out of the kitchen a second later before he walks all the way out. He’s only in a pair of basketball shorts, but it’s hot as Hades outside so I don’t blame him.


“Hi, welcome,” he smiles.


“This is just my first trip inside,” I tell him and give him a quick kiss.


“I’ll grab the rest and bring it up so you can start unpacking when you get to the room. Hi, I’m Eric,” he finishes, reaching out to take her hand.


“Nice to finally meet you, I’m Hadley,” she smiles and takes his hand.


“See? If you ever lose me, there’s a spare,” I joke.


“Ah, but I don’t plan on losing you. Remember I know my way around this joint,” he chuckles.


“Damn, you do,” I smirk.


“Hadley looks like she’d keep me if you get tired of me,” he winks.


“I uh…” She’s still a little stuck by the house and a mostly naked Eric.


“Come on, Had, I’ll show you the elevator while my slaveboy gets the rest of my stuff,” I giggle.




“Uh huh. Come on.” I give Eric another kiss and head for the elevator.


“This is ridiculous,” she whispers once we start to go up.


“Crazy, right? Just so you know, this is the first time I’ve used this thing.”


Usually Eric just chases me up the stairs.


“One thing at a time. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the size of this place and the fact that you’re bunking with a goddamn Adonis,” she whisper-yells.


I laugh as the elevator stops and the doors open. I step out of the car and lead her down the hall to the master bedroom.


“Sook, your bedroom is bigger than your apartment.”


“Oh I know.” The bedroom has a sitting area with a full size couch and a ridiculously large flat screen TV mounted on the wall.


Hadley puts down the bag she’s holding on the bed and looks around. “You could fit twelve people on this bed.”


“Yep. Wait until you see the bathroom.” I walk over and open the door for her.


She follows me over and her jaw drops again.


“Do you think he’d notice if I moved in here?”


“He has squatters, so maybe not…”


“What?!” she gasps.


“It’s a joke, Had,” I laugh.


“I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t,” she mutters as I hear Eric drop off a load.


“The closet is bigger than my bedroom,” I tell her and open another door.


“Holy shitcakes,” Hadley gasps.


“Uh huh.” The closet is only about a quarter of the way full.


“I don’t even think all of your clothes could fill this… shopping trip!” she exclaims. “I can use some retail therapy.”


“I do need more maternity clothes,” I concede.




Eric pops his head in the closet and says, “All done. Call me if you need anything else from me. Oh, from now on park next to the Audi. I can move it if you want.”


“No, it’s okay. I have to take Hadley back to my place,” I tell him. I need to go make a copy of my key for her.


“Alright. If you girls are hungry I have a fruit and veggie platter downstairs that I can bring up. Unless you want something else.”


“No, I’m good, unless Had wants something,” I say.


“No, I’m good,” she smiles.


“Okay, have fun, girls.” Eric gives me one last kiss before he disappears.


“He’s cute,” I sigh and leave the closet to start unpacking.


“Yes he is,” Hadley sighs. “I miss being all cute with Remy. I hate hating him.”


I don’t really know what to say. “Well, I hope you guys can work it out but if you don’t you’ll find someone else to be cute with.”


“I hope,” she says.


I frown and take some of my stuff to the closet to hang it up.




I wake up the next morning with Eric spooned up behind me. It’s nothing new. I wake up like this a lot, except I live here now. For two weeks, at least. Elina’s kicking is what wakes me. She’s up with the sun every day. I might as well get used to it.


I scoot out of bed and pad over to the bathroom. I feel like I’m spending more of my day in the bathroom than anywhere else lately. I just look at a glass of water and I have to pee. It’s ridiculous.


Afterward I wash my hands and go back to bed. I doubt I’ll go back to sleep, but maybe. I lie facing Eric and close my eyes. I hear Eric move a couple minutes later just before I feel him tracing the lines of my face.


“How’d you sleep?” he whispers.


I smile with my eyes still closed and whisper, “Good until Elina woke me up.”


“Mmm, a morning girl like her daddy,” he says. I can hear the smile in his voice.


“You better not start kicking my kidneys too,” I joke.


“Mmm, nope I like your kidneys right where they are and with minimal injury,” he chuckles. Eric cups my face and a few seconds later I feel his lips brush against mine. “I think we should spend the day in bed.”


“That sounds like a great idea,” I reply and lift my leg to rest it over his.


“Mmm, and I like the way your leg feels right there,” he says in a soft, sultry voice. “I like you as close as possible.”


I open my eyes and say, “I think you can get closer.”


“Oh yeah?” he smirks and scoots in a little closer as his hand slides down the length of my body, landing on my ass.


“Mmhmm…” I reach into his shorts and start stroking him slowly.


“How close would you like me?” he asks, sliding his T-shirt up over my hips before he reaches down to rub my slit through my panties.


“As close as you want to get,” I reply and twist my wrist on the next upstroke.


“Mmm, I want to get very close,” he purrs, pushing my panties over and drawing light circles around my clit.


“Mmm… me too,” I moan. My thumb brushes over his tip, making his cock twitch.


“Mmm, that’s nice. What does my girl want right now?” he whispers, kissing my chin as his hand slides back to massage my opening, dipping the tips of his fingers into me and pulling back to rub my clit again.


“Keep doing that,” I pant and brush my lips over his. I keep stroking him and suck lightly on his bottom lip. His hips begin to thrust a little so I speed up my strokes.


Eric does as I ask and continues to move his fingers back and forth between my core and nub. I can feel him pulsing in my hand and suddenly he plunges his fingers into me, going straight to the good spot that makes my ovaries tingly.


“Baby, right there,” I pant. It’ll only take a few seconds for me to cum if he moves just right and he knows it.


He ups the ante when he rubs a little faster and dips his head to suck on my nipple through the thin cotton. His eyes are closed and he’s making a soft, moaning sound.


My walls clench around his fingers in less than a minute and I temporarily let go of his cock. He’s ready for me and I’m more than ready for him.


“Take your shorts off, Eric,” I pant as aftershocks ripple through me.


When he extracts his fingers he sucks them clean as he rolls back and starts to push his shorts down. When they’re gone he pulls his fingers out of his mouth and groans, “Fuck, that’s good. How do you want me?” He asks from his position on his back.


I get up and straddle his hips. Without hesitating I slide down his length and begin to rise and fall quickly.


“Mmm, keep doing that…” One of Eric’s hands comes up to cup my breasts and he starts tugging on my nipple. With the other, he rests it on my lower belly and starts to rub my clit.


I moan loudly and my head falls back. I reach behind me and give his balls a little squeeze.


“Ahhh, fuck, Sookie. You’re going to make me cum, baby, where do you want it?”


I lift off of him and move down the bed to suck his orgasm from him. I stroke his shaft and suck his head hard the way he likes. It doesn’t take long before his shaft swells in my mouth and his hands go to my hair.


“Mmm, fuck… fuck… yesyesyes,” he pants just before his salty release fills my mouth.


I moan and swallow it all. I don’t stop there though. Instead of releasing him my head starts bobbing, taking more and more of him in my mouth. I look up to see his eyes clenched shut and when he nudges the back of my throat, I swallow his head.


Eric groans and his hips thrust a little so he’s fucking my throat. My tongue peeks out to lick his sac a little. It drives him crazy when I do that. He hasn’t softened at all and I know he’s going to stay hard for a while this time. I moan around his shaft and lift willingly when he pulls my head up.


“Come here,” he growls and pulls me up his chest.


I kiss him hard and he tugs my shirt up over my head to drop it on the floor. Eric rolls us over and braces himself on his hands so he doesn’t crush me or Elina. He gets up on his knees and grabs two pillows to put under my hips.


Once I’m settled he slides into me again and leans over me. My hands cup his face and he begins to thrust slow and deep, rubbing against my spot every time he pulls out.


“Oh fuck,” I pant and nibble on his bottom lip. It feels so good, the way he’s filling me right now. I can’t see over my belly, but I’m sure it looks fucking sexy.


Eric groans softly, swiveling his hips each time he slowly drives in. “Fuck, you keep me so fucking hard, baby,” he breathes. He pulls his head back and looks back and forth between his cock driving into me and my face. “Vacker, helt underbart,” he whispers.


I have no clue what that means either but as always, it sounds sexy as hell. “What did you say?” I ask. Sometimes he’ll translate and sometimes he lets me wonder.


“You’re absolutely beautiful like this,” he says, looking into my eyes.


I smile and pull his face to mine to kiss him. My knees hitch up some, letting him get deeper inside me and it makes us both groan.


“Ohmygod,” I gasp. My walls grip his shaft and he groans again.


“Cum, Sookie… I need to feel it right now,” he pants, grinding against me each time he thrusts in.


The pressure builds and builds until it finally explodes. My fingers dig into his shoulders as my walls pulse around him. I moan his name and feel his lips on my neck. Mmm… “So fucking good, babe,” I whisper.


“Mmm, yes it is,” he whispers back against my skin. “Tell me what you need,” he says, flexing his hips slowly.


“Just keep going,” I reply. This feels fucking amazing.


He drags his tongue up my neck to suck on my earlobe while he continues to slowly thrust in and pull almost all the way out. He stays hunched over my body and slides his knees under my thighs, pushing me up a little higher, switching up the angle.


“Oh, fuck,” he groans when he’s buried to the hilt. “That’s good, huh?” he chuckles when he feels my walls clench.


“Yes! Go faster, Eric,” I pant. He’ll have me cumming again in no time.


“Mmm, like this?” Eric sits up on his knees and reaches forward to grab my tits, rubbing his thumbs over my nipples as his hips speed up, drilling into me hard and fast. He’s biting his bottom lip, panting with each deep stroke.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” My heart feels like it’s going to beat right out of my chest and once the orgasm starts it feels like it’s never going to end.


Eric keeps pounding hard right through my orgasm. His hands brush down to my sides to my hips, holding me tight. It only takes a few thrusts before he cums with a roar, grinding against me. His hips keep jerking with his aftershocks and his head drops back.


“Mmm… that was perfect, babe,” I moan.


“Mmhmm,” he hums and slowly pulls out. “One day I need to get a picture of my cum dribbling out of you like this.” His eyes are on my pussy and he starts rubbing his cum around with his thumb.


“Maybe after the baby is born,” I say and my hips shift with an aftershock. “I might even let you take video.”


“It’s only for you to see what I see. I’ll give you whatever you want.”


“It’s for you too.”


He shrugs and keeps rubbing. “I have a perfect view and a great memory,” he says, watching my face.


“Mmm… but you like having those pictures you took,” I point out. I know he’s looked at them since.


“I didn’t say I don’t,” he smiles, “It’s hot that you’re willing to let me take pictures, but I don’t need them.” He drags his thumb down my slit to massage my rear hole before moving back up to my clit.


“I think I might be done with anal until after Elina’s born,” I tell him.


“That’s fine.” The next drag down goes to my core and he pushes his thumb in, pumping a few times.


My back arches some.


“I might not survive a day in bed with you,” I say.


“You’ll sleep good tonight,” he chuckles. “And we can nap once I feed you after you let me see that gorgeous face you make when you cum again.”


“You’re holding breakfast hostage?”


“Mmhmm,” he smiles. He pulls his thumb out and pushes two fingers in, searching for my sweet spot. The second he finds it he starts rubbing fast and massaging my clit with his thumb.


My eyes roll and my arms fly up to grab the edge of the bed. Yet again it takes less than a minute for me to explode.


“Eric!” I scream and with the way Elina kicks, I must have scared her. Poor thing.


“Bedövning,” he whispers as he pulls his fingers out to lick them clean.


“Perfect?” I guess when I calm down.


“No, that would be perfekt. I said stunning,” he smiles.


“Damn,” I mutter and giggle.


“You’ll catch on,” he winks. “Vacker, is beautiful. That’s your Swedish lesson for the day.”


“By the time I’m forty I’ll know a whole sentence.”


“I want to keep it that way. It’s sexier when you don’t know what I’m saying,” he laughs. “Do you want me to feed my girls now?”


“Yes, please.”


“What would you like? Thelma just went shopping.”


“Hmmm… I want fruit more than anything.”


“Is there anything you or Elina doesn’t like?” He gets up from the bed, kissing me on the way.


“So far just bacon and protein shakes.”


“Fruit coming right up. Were you a coffee drinker?”


“I was.” I miss it.


“I have decaf if you want me to make some,” he offers.


“Only if it’s iced. I hate drinking hot drinks in the summer.”


“You got it. What do you want in it?”


“Milk, if you don’t have half and half, and two spoonfuls of sugar,” I tell him. “I can come down and do it.”


“That’s up to you,” he shrugs.


“I’ll clean up and then meet you downstairs.”


Eric kisses me one last time and slips on his shorts before heading downstairs. I get off the bed and go to the bathroom to clean up. Since we just made a mess on the sheets, I pull them off the bed to take them down to the washing machine. I get them bundled after I put on a nightgown, and then I head for the stairs.


Eric’s huge bed means huge sheets and about halfway down the stairs the bundle comes loose. The next thing I know my foot gets caught and the stairs are rushing up to meet me.


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  1. Yikes. Not good. Where is his laundry chute??? An elevator and no second floor laundry station? Seriously! Here’s hoping. And thank you. Great chapter


  2. I hope Sookie is ok and didn’t fall down too many steps. Maybe the elevator should be her only way of travel between upstairs and downstairs from now on while she’s pregnant. Eric is gonna freak out.


  3. OMG! What a cliffie!!!! I am hopeful this is just a scare and Elina is ok… Although early pregnancy is a fragile time, babies are generally well protected in the womb if the fall is not too dramatic… Eric’s going to be shocked!!!
    Poor Hadley… Remy cheating was a nasty surprise… at the very least I’d put the wedding, possibly the engagement, on hold to avoid time pressures while she decides what to do with him…


    • I didn’t even read this chapter before I posted it and I completely forgot about the cliffie. When I got the first review I giggled like an evil genius for a few seconds before I started to feel bad lol. I won’t leave you guys hanging for long.

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  4. Should have let the maid do it…..mmmmmhhhmm….shoot if I had that kind of money….and an elevator!….yup…definitely not doing my own laundry…haha


  5. OMG! NO! NO! NO!………..You’re scaring me now. Please let Sookie and the baby be OK. The Queen of cliffhangers has struck again……you naughty girl. LOL


  6. it was a great chapter. Hadley will figure it out and these two , awesome. but the cliffie, he is not gonna be happy about her falling down the stairs. I have a feeling she will be taking the elevator for now on. Looking forward to what happens. KY


  7. Oh, no! Everything needs to be ok with her and the little one…and Eric will be beside himself!! I think there will be no housework at all in her future. Oh, please update soon!


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