Chapter 10


The flight was nice. It was short, which makes me happy. At six-foot-five being on a plane isn’t very comfortable for me. When I arrived in Los Angeles, I texted Sookie to let her know I’m here. I met her out front with my suitcase instead of making her come inside. LAX is a shitty airport.


I’ve missed her. I’m glad the closing on the house is coming up. I’m ready to get out of the apartment. It’s going to be weird getting away from Jake, but we’ll still see each other. Sookie being in the house with me will be a lot better. She certainly smells a lot better, that’s for sure. We catch up on the way to the hotel, even though we’ve talked every day since we’ve been apart. It’s strange and exciting getting to know her without all the sex. At least I know now that’s not all it is.


As we walk into my room, I drop my suitcase on the floor.


“This is pretty nice,” I smile when I walk in. I decided to spoil myself and got a suite instead of a standard room since this is going to be home for a week.


“Yeah, it is,” Sookie agrees. She lets the door close and steps further into the room. “The couch looks comfy.”


“It does. Wanna try it out?” I ask, hooking her around the waist from behind so I can nuzzle my face into her neck.


“Sure. I love sitting on couches.”


I chuckle as we walk to the couch. I plop down, pulling her down with me to sit on my lap.


“It’s not going to be long enough for me to stretch out,” I playfully pout.


“You poor thing. I guarantee you the couch I have my eye will be more than big enough,” she assures me.


“Good. Maybe we should try out the bed if we want to stretch,” I suggest. I’m not counting on sex; I just want to cuddle with her.


“Good idea. The bounce test is also crucial,” she says.


“Mmhmm. Why don’t you go bounce and I’ll watch,” I chuckle as I pat the side of her ass so she gets up.


“With or without my shirt?” Sookie winks as she gets off my lap.


Since I’m given the option…




“You got it.” Sookie pulls off her top and throws it at my face with a giggle before she runs away.


“You little…” I growl as I get up to chase her. I grab her from behind and tackle her onto the bed, wrapping my arms around her shoulders and stomach. “Good bounce.”


“It’s hard to tell with the 400 pound giant on my back,” she laughs.


“I’m not 400 pounds,” I laugh with her. “Only two… something.” I haven’t weighed myself in a while. I was 210 the last time. I roll onto my back, taking her with me.


“Well I’m only 112,” she says.


“I’m about double that,” I chuckle. “I’ll let you smother me instead.”


“Oh no. I’m here to bounce.” Sookie gets up and steps away so I can’t just reach out and grab her while she jumps on the bed.


I roll to the side so I can watch her tits. They look amazing bouncing the way they are. I want to grab them and rub my face all over them.


“You know you have the best tits,” I say without taking my eyes off of them.


“Thank you,” she says without stopping.


I hate that I wasn’t planning in trying to have sex with her but I’m getting hard watching her.


“How much sex are we not having?” I ask as I reach down to adjust my cock. I’ve never had someone turn me on so much, so fast. This could be dangerous for my health. “Like is there a rule about pre-filming sex or anything?”


“Nope. In some cases it’s encouraged, as long as I’m not covered in cum,” she says. “You don’t have to be celibate but it can’t be a week-long fuckfest either. I’m sure we can find a nice medium. Tomorrow won’t be too bad. I shoot with just the girls tomorrow.”


“Mmm… It’s going to make me hard, I hope you know that.” I start to rub my hard-on through my jeans.


“You mean because I’ll have my tongue in a girl’s pussy or because there’ll be one in mine?”


“Both.” I start to get so hard my jeans become uncomfortable. I unzip them and pull my cock out to stroke.


“I’m sure there will be toys too.” Sookie tugs on her nipples for a few seconds before her hands go to her tiny khaki shorts to unbutton them.


“I’m a little sad I can’t play too.” My eyes scan down her body, landing on her shorts.


“You’ll get to meet Nora, though,” she says. She’s not wearing panties under her shorts.


“Mmm, I’m excited about that,” I purr, licking my lips.


Sookie pauses her bouncing long enough to take her shorts off and then she turns so her ass is to me while she bounces.


“Do you want me to invite her to come and play with us?” Sookie offers.


“It doesn’t bother you I want to play with her too?” I ask. I sit up and grab her hips so I can pull her back and softly bite her right cheek.


“Nope,” she answers. “I think you two would look sexy together.”


“Then, sure, I don’t mind that you invite her.” I bite her left cheek just as softly.


“Tasty?” she giggles.


“Uh huh. Bend over and I can taste a little more,” I suggest.


“That might make bouncing a little difficult.” Sookie turns around and spreads her legs a little bit for me.


I hold her hips so she can’t bounce and tilt my head to rub her clit with my tongue. Fuck, I missed her pussy. She’s fucking delicious. I move my head a little and lick from her opening to her clit again, flicking a few times.


“Mmm… This is much better than bouncing,” she says.


“Mmhmm,” I hum. I reach up to rub her opening. She’s getting so damn wet. I love it. As I lick and rub I continue to pump my cock slowly.


“Unless I bounce on your cock, that is,” she breathes. Her slender fingers tangle in my hair to keep me at her clit. “Fuuuuck, that’s so good, Eric.”


“You’re fuckin’ delicious, pretty girl,” I growl. I wrap my lips around her clit and start to suck while I push my middle finger into her cunt.


“Oh god… Right there, Eric,” she moans. Her legs start to shake a little and her juices are flowing nicely.


My eyes meet hers as I add a second finger. As soon as my fingers are buried in her I curl them and begin to rub her sweet spot. The tip of my tongue flicks over her sensitive nub as I try to pull her first orgasm from her.


“Yesyesyesyesyes,” she chants. Sookie’s head falls back and her breathing becomes ragged. Her walls grip my fingers and she tugs on my hair almost violently. “Ohgodohgodohgod Eric!”


Mmm. Perfect.


As her orgasm rips through her body I force a third finger into her pussy. I sit back and rub her clit with my thumb.


“Are you going to call Nora today or later?” I ask before kissing her clit.


“You’re stuck with just me today,” she pants.


“Mmm, okay. Why don’t you have a seat?” I rub my cock a few times as I lean back. I’m still completely dressed, but all she really needs is my dick, which is out.


“Which way should I face?” Sookie pushes my hand away from her pussy and bends over to pull my shorts off.


“Face me. I want to see your face when you cum again.” I lift my hips to make it easier before I pull my shirt off and throw it across the room.


Sookie straddles my hips and lowers herself down, keeping her feet flat on the bed as she slides down my length. Her hands find purchase on my thighs and her hips start to move up and down quickly. I settle my hand on her lower abdomen so I can run my thumb back and forth over her clit. Her walls are still pulsing from her orgasm and I know I’m not going to last long this round.


“Fuuuuck, that’s fuckin’ amazing,” I pant as she takes me in over and over.


Sookie slams down once and moves her ass in a big circle before she resumes bouncing on my dick. Her head falls back again her moans get louder as she gets closer to her next orgasm. My thumb moves faster as my hips start to thrust up to meet her.


“You like having that big dick buried in you?” I pant. My stomach starts to twitch and I’m positive she can feel my shaft pulse inside of her. “Cum for me, Sookie. I need to feel it.”


She lifts her head and her eyes find mine so I can see her face when it happens. Her lips part and her body shakes a little as her pussy starts to get so tight when it pulses it’s almost painful. She gasps and then cries out.


“Fuuuuuuuck!” she shouts as she explodes.


“That’s it,” I breathe. I hold her in place as I drive up a handful of times. It only takes a few seconds for my own release to rip through me, filling her cunt. “Jesus fucking Christ that was good.” I pull her down on my chest to kiss her face.


“Mmm… yes it was,” she agrees with a lazy smile. “I’ve missed that,”


“Me too, baby,” I smile. I give her a sweet kiss. My hips are still pumping lazily. “You know you can have it whenever you want as soon as you’re home.”


“I do.”


We lay there kissing for a few minutes. This feels good. It feels right. I know people think we’re insane, and maybe we are. That doesn’t matter to me though.


“What has the response been like on our videos?” I ask.


“It’s been good. I’ve had a few people ask who you are and when I did an interview recently for some internet radio thing the guy wanted to know if we were romantically involved since we kept calling each other pet names the whole time,” she says.


“What did you tell him?” I start to rub her ass. My hips have stopped moving but I’m still inside of her.


“That you’re someone I have been seeing,” she answers with a little smile. “And that you’ve been very supportive of my career choice, unlike other men I’ve gotten close to.”


“It might’ve been different if I’d asked you out in high school and then you decided to go into porn after we started dating. I knew what I was signing up for, plus you made sure I did when I asked you on a date. It’s not my job to change you or give you ultimatums if you don’t quit. I like you. Your choice of profession isn’t going to change that.”


Sookie gives me a sweet, tender kiss and says, “That attitude will make it that much easier for me to walk away from the business and straight to you, just so you know that.”


I don’t know why that surprises me.


“Is that something you’ve been thinking about?” I question, tilting my head to kiss her chin.


“I think about it a lot,” she replies. “I know I can’t stay in the business forever. I’ve had a much longer run than most and that has a lot to do with the business I’ve done outside of the movies. The toys, the website and silly merchandise that’s out there with my name, likeness or something on it have all lined my pockets nicely. I’ll continue to make money even if I stop doing films. My contract is up after this movie so I have to decide if I want to renew it for one more year. I’ve been trying to decide if you’re a sign that I should give it up and move on with my life. Try being the faithful girlfriend who becomes the faithful wife and eventually the doting mother.”


“Mom is going to love you,” I smile. I know she’s pissed at me right now, but hearing Sookie say those things helps so I can give her answers the next time we talk. “I love that too. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right.”


“Right now I’m more worried about what you think than what your mom thinks,” she tells me. “I think having no choice but to cut the sex out of our relationship for weeks at a time is a good thing. It makes us talk more about important stuff, other than what I’m wearing or where you want to put your cock next,” she giggles.


“Right,” I chuckle. “I’ve enjoyed this time getting to know you now. I didn’t really know you in high school, but I’m not disappointed.”


“It’s good that you didn’t know me then. You won’t be tempted to compare and contrast me with the girl you remember in your head. Although, it does beg the question of why you liked me back then if you didn’t know me. I might as well be in a different body now than I was then, too.”


“I don’t know. I saw you walking through the quad one day freshman year. Your eyes just sparkled and you had this smile… it practically crippled me. I was hooked from then on. Jake teased me relentlessly,” I laugh.


Sookie shakes her head. “You should have said something. I remember you back then. Kinda awkward but cute as sin. I would have said yes if you had asked me out.”


“Damn,” I chuckle. “I wasn’t ready for you. I would’ve been a fuckin’ mess.”


“That’s probably true. You can barely handle me now,” she giggles.


“That’s almost true.” I give her another little smack on the butt. “I’m way more prepared now. I’ve had enough sex to not have shit stamina and I’m willing to take whatever you throw at me.”


“Mmhmm.” Sookie climbs off of me and lies on her back beside me.


I roll onto my side to curl around her.


“So when do I get to call you my girlfriend?” I ask.


“I don’t know. When it feels right, I guess,” she answers.


“Alright.” I kiss her cheek. “I’m not asking again so you’ll have to let me know.”


“I can do that.”


I hum and settle my head on the pillow next to hers. I’m fine with her not being ready. I’m happy with what we have going on. I’m excited about the changes to come.




We have to leave early the next morning to get to the valley. We’re shooting in some mansion with a big ass pool out back and a big lawn. The long driveway is lined with trailers and equipment for the shoot. As soon as I’m checked in I’m shown to the hair and makeup trailer to start getting me into costume. I’ll be dressed in a skimpy belly dancer costume with gypsy makeup and a white wig.


While the makeup artist is working on putting eyelash extensions on me, Nora comes into the trailer. Like me she’s dressed very casually in plaid pajama pants and a wifebeater that I can see her nipples through.


“Hi doll,” I say. It’s been a while since we filmed together last.


“Hey,” she smiles.


“How’ve you been?”


“Good. Same shit, different day. How about you?”


“Oh I’ve got a lot going on. I bought a house up in Tahoe, Sam and I broke up and that gorgeous man sitting over there watching us is my new…” I don’t want to call him my boyfriend. Not yet. “We’ve been seeing each other.”


She looks over at Eric and licks her lips. “He’s way better than Sam, no offense. I’d take a ride on that.”


“We watched some of our old stuff together,” I wink. “Eric, this is Nora. Nora, this is Eric Northman, my upgrade.”


“Nice to meet you, Upgrade,” she smiles, holding out her hand.


“You too,” he replies, lifting her hand to kiss the back.


“Charmer,” I chuckle.


“I’m just polite,” Eric chuckles.


“Sexy, is what you are,” Nora purrs, making Eric blush a little.


“Would you two like to take it outside?” I tease.


“Mmm, not without you,” Eric says, wrapping his arm around my shoulder, and kissing my head.


“Careful. Makeup artist,” I remind him.


“Sorry,” he blushes again.


“Have you seen Preston around yet?” I’m not shooting with him today but I think Nora is.


“Not yet, he’s always late though,” she sighs.


“Felipe loves that,” I snicker.


“I think Felipe has a crush on him so he’ll never yell at him about it.”


“Felipe has a crush on his cock and that’s all,” I reply. “I thought he was going to have a coronary the last time I worked with both of them. Pres was almost two hours late and we lost the light.”


“Cocky ass,” she snickers. She glances back at Eric before looking at me again and says, “Maybe if Pres doesn’t show up we can replace him with Upgrade.”


“I don’t know about that,” I chuckle. Eric’s great in bed but I don’t know if he’d be able to go pro.


“That bad, huh? That’s too bad. He looks… he looks like he’s proportionate and by the way he walks he looks like he’s pretty good too.” She’s talking like Eric isn’t standing right here.


“Oh Eric is a great fuck,” I tell her. “But you know it’s about more than that for the guys.”


“Oh, I know,” she giggles. “I’m just ready to go and I wouldn’t mind having Upgrade.”


“I don’t think he’d mind having you either,” I say and Eric looks like a deer caught in the headlights.


“Are you busy later, Upgrade?” Nora asks him. Eric just shakes his head no, but clearly doesn’t know what to say. “Sookie, are you up for sharing?”


“Not tonight, but maybe some other time,” I answer. There’s something about the way she’s looking at him that makes me uncomfortable… and jealous.


“Too bad, keep me posted on that,” she says without taking her eyes off of him.


“Sure thing,” I say. It’s hard to tell what Eric is thinking at the moment.


He leans down to whisper, “I’m going to go sit down. I don’t want to be in the way.”


I turn my head to kiss him and watch Eric walk away in the mirror. Once my makeup is finished they put the wig on and I’m sent over to the wardrobe trailer for the skimpy costume. Eric follows me and I hear a throaty growl rumble up his throat once I’m all dressed up in the black halter top with gold ingots and embellishments, and a ‘skirt’ that’s a waistband and tattered, black strips of scalloped material. It rides low on my hips, as one would expect, and I’m not wearing anything under it so if I’m not careful I’ll be flashing my hooha at everyone.


“You like?” I ask Eric and turn slowly, rolling my hips as I move.


“Very much so,” he smiles as he takes in my costume. “Do you get to wear it home so I can have my own play time with Dahlia?”


“Maybe,” I wink. I could probably talk them into letting me keep the costume.


“Can we try to make that a yes?”


“We’ll see.” It’s fun to tease him and he’s already got a lot of shit to process today.


Nora comes into the trailer and she’s given a similar costume, but hers is white. She’s also been put in a white wig, which will make shooting interesting. Pulling each other’s hair off could seriously fuck things up. I don’t want to be here all goddamn day.


“We’re still waiting on Preston,” she tells me as she closes the door. “We can get warmed up while we wait if you like?”


“I’m not shooting with him today.” Thank fuck. Tomorrow, however, will be a long fucking day.


“I was talking about you and me warming up for our scene. Maybe give Upgrade a little preview,” she winks at Eric.


I want to clock her right in her stupid, doe eyes.


“In a bit. I want to show Eric around the set a little more,” I tell her. I’m trying not to sound agitated but I’m not sure how well that’s going over.


“Okay.” She reaches out to touch his arm and he gently tugs it away from her grasp.


“I’ll see you on set,” I say to her as I lead him out of the trailer.


“Are you alright?” Eric asks as soon as we’re out of earshot of anyone else.


“Yep. Perfect,” I smile.


He arches an eyebrow but doesn’t say anything.


“What? I’m great.”


“And entirely way too chipper, sweet cheeks. You don’t have to tell me right now, but I know something is wrong.”


“It’s a crime to be chipper? Since when? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being happy to be away from Grabby Hands McFaketits.”


“I see,” he chuckles. He leans in close and says quietly, “Don’t worry, Sookie. I don’t want her as much as I thought I would after seeing your video together. She’s pretty, but her personality is a turn off.”


“I’m not jealous,” I say adamantly.


“I didn’t say you were.”


“Good, because I’m not.” That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


“Show me around, pretty girl,” he says, moving on from my non-jealousy.


I take him around the set, which isn’t very big. My scene with Nora is outdoors so we have a certain amount of time before the light isn’t right anymore. Hopefully we can get it and I can move on to Ginger, who we meet on the tour. She’s kind of ditzy, but sweet. She’s not as forward as Nora. Thank fuck. The last place I show Eric is my personal space between shots. Instead of a trailer I have a small, air conditioned tent to hang out in.


“I don’t know what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it,” he says as he looks around.


“Yeah we don’t operate on the same budget as Hollywood films,” I chuckle.


“It’s nice. This little area is like your own sanctuary. I would need this if I were doing this kind of work.”


“Definitely. A break is nice between scenes, especially if they’re rougher. The stuff with Nora and Ginger will be like a lot of foreplay,” I say and push up on my toes to kiss his chin but he tilts his head down so my lips find his. Eric’s careful not to ruin my makeup while my lips part to let him in. I really, really like kissing him.


“Mmm, so you’ll be ready for the main event when we leave here?” he whispers between kisses. I feel his hands settle on my hips.


“I’ll be ready for you,” I purr back and rub against him before giving him a deep kiss. Our tongues are dueling when I feel smaller, cooler hands on my sides from behind. Nora, probably.


“You should’ve told me we were warming up,” she purrs.


I break the kiss and say, “I’m not warming up. I’m kissing on my boy.” There’s a difference, at least to me.


“Seemed like a little more than a kiss to me,” she says.


Maybe it was but that’s none of her business.


“So?” I ask, unsure why it’s her business or why she gives a fuck.


“Testy,” she mutters, taking a step back.


“I’m sure you can get warmed up without me, Nora.” There’s a whole trunk full of sex toys for her to play with until we’re called to the set.


“I’m more interested in warming up with Upgrade. You didn’t say he was off limits.”


I’m not interested, Nora. And my name is Eric, not Upgrade,” he interjects.


“There’s your answer,” I shrug.


Nora rolls her eyes before she stomps off.


“Huuuuge turn off,” Eric mutters as she disappears.


“So we won’t invite her to the housewarming party,” I chuckle and ghost my lips over his before sucking lightly on his bottom lip.


“Mmm, no,” he smiles, “Ginger on the other hand…” When my eyes meet his he gives me a little wink.


I move his hand to my mound and kiss him again. While our tongues dance his middle finger plays with my clit. By the time a production assistant comes to get me, my inner thighs are almost wet.


“You’re a great fluffer, babe,” I tell him as he licks his finger clean.


“I’ll fluff you whenever you feel you need fluffing,” he groans as he pulls his hand back.


I give him a wink and when we get to the set, Nora’s already waiting. Eric stands off to the side while Nora and I take our places. We don’t have much dialogue to shoot before we get to the sex. I can tell she’s a little annoyed with Eric for not jumping all over her. Frankly, I’m a little surprised that he didn’t.


I have to push Eric out of my mind while I’m working. My role is that of some kind of evil sex witch and Nora is supposed to be the good witch. I’m not too concerned about the plot. We get through the dialogue and my eye briefly catches Eric’s before Nora leans in to kiss me. Thankfully my eyes close and I have to forget about everything else.


Unfortunately I can feel his eyes on me, watching me. I peek in that direction while the camera is close up on Nora playing with my lower lips and I can see the bulge in the front of his jeans, so we must be doing something right if he’s getting wood. My eyes find his again when Nora’s lips wrap around my clit. To my surprise he’s watching my face and not her.


There’s something incredibly sexy about him watching me right now and I’m not sure why, but it’s definitely fueling me in the scene. Hopefully we can get this done with in record time so we can go back to the hotel because we’re definitely going to fuck tonight. I can feel the tension growing between us. By the time we get back to the hotel? My knees shake just thinking about it.


Above everything else, I find I’m happy he turned Nora down. I’m not jealous, though. Not at all.


Chapter 10

14 thoughts on “Chapter 10

  1. Sookie needs to keep telling herself over & over she isn’t jealous. Glad to read that their relationship is developing past sex all the time. Reads like Sookie has some thinking to do regard where she wants to go after this movie is completed.


  2. And the green monster comes out to play. Can’t wait to see how Eric is seeing Sookie with Preston. It’s one thing to know what she does another to actually watch it happening. I have a feeling he will be feeling anything but turned on watching that scene.


  3. Geez, no wonder Eric turned Nora down. She treated him like he wasn’t a person. I wanted to slap her for calling him Upgrade. LOL at Sookie trying to convince herself she isn’t jealous.


  4. *waves a hand in front of all the other readers* “This is not the green-eyed monster you were looking for” *snigger* not jealous my ass!

    Very fun chapter. Yay for not being jealous!


  5. Hilarious that Sookie’s trying to down play her jealousy! Nora did come off as a slutty woman, porno movie “actress” or not. Somehow I think Eric’s going to be feeling the same during Sookie’s shoot with Preston and that double standard will rear it’s ugly head along with the jealousy. Men may say they would enjoy certain things, but reality changes everything. Looking forward to the next chapter! This was a good one, lots of humor!


  6. Tsk tsk… This Nora! Proving there are assholes in any industry… Loved Sookie’s ‘non-jealousy’… Not surprised that Eric noticed her being beyond uncomfortable and put Nora in her place (even if the nickname Upgrade was kinda funny to me…)


  7. Such a hot chapter! Loved it! Eric’s totally onto Sookie in spite of her unavowed yet blatantly clear jealousy and feelings for him… I think he is smart to not push her and wait for her to realise things as she looks like she might get skittish… Now if she is feeling this way just by seeing Nora’s come ons and being with Preston in front of Eric, she surely has to wonder how she would feel if Eric did bring a girl home some time and she saw them at breakfast… Which I doubt Eric would do but that is OK per their current cohabitation terms…


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