Chapter 30


An idea smacks me into being awake. There’s just under a month before Eric’s birthday and I’m willing to bet that he’s never had a surprise party before. Now seems like the perfect time to throw him one and this is something the kids could help me with. Levi and Ryan would have a better idea of who to invite and I’m positive Alyssa would love to help me with decorations.

A glance at the clock tells me that it’s after eleven already and I haven’t heard Alyssa knock in the door. Eric is still asleep next to me and I get the brilliant idea to try and sneak his keys out so I can make a copy of them just so I can let myself in the day of the party to surprise him. So I slip out of bed and tip toe over to the dresser where his keys are.

The apartment is silent so I’m not sure what Alyssa is up to. Of course the second I get ahold of Eric’s keys his eyes open.

“Mmm… what are you doing?” he asks sleepily.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

“Going for donuts,” I lie.

“Lover, the only thing I want to eat right now is your pussy,” he says.

I smile and drop his keys before going back to the bed.

“It’s after eleven. We should probably get out of bed to check on your child,” I tell him.

He sighs and says, “Yeah, we should. I don’t usually sleep this late.”

“We were pretty worn out by the time we went to sleep.” I lean down to kiss him and Eric pulls me down completely on top of him.

“Eric!” I squeak, and laugh when he flips me so I’m under him.

We’re making out, morning breath and all, when Alyssa knocks on the door.

“I can hear you and I’m hungry!” she calls out.

Eric sighs and the kissing stops.

“We’ll be right out, Lyss!” Eric calls back.

“I told you so,” I smile up at him and he rolls off of me.

“This isn’t over,” he calls out over his shoulder when he gets to the bathroom.

“It is until Alyssa goes to bed or goes home,” I say, and get out of bed too.

I leave the bedroom to find Alyssa sitting on the couch trying to replicate the braid I put in her hair the night before.

“Want some help?” I offer.

“Yes please, it’s not working for me,” she sighs and drops her hair.

“It’s okay. It takes time to get your hands used to the movements,” I say as she turns on the couch so I can sit behind her. “How are you feeling this morning?”

I still can’t believe that her mother never bothered to tell her what was going to happen with her body. There obviously wasn’t much of a sex talk either. Poor girl.

“My stomach is cramping, but it’s not too bad. I feel a little more like myself though.”

“That’s good.” I want to tell her that she can call me if she has any other questions she’s afraid to ask her mom or dad but I don’t think we’re quite there yet and I don’t want to step on Eric or Aude’s toes by doing that.

“Morning, princess,” Eric says when he comes out of the bedroom. “I have stuff for pancakes if you want.”

“Yes please,” she replies. She really is a good girl, with amazing manners.

“You’re lucky your dad can cook or we’d be in big trouble.”

“He does alright,” she teases. “He does make the best pancakes though.”

“I got to try them yesterday. They are pretty amazing,” I agree.

“Ah, singing my praises. I like it,” Eric chuckles from the kitchen. “Your hair looks good, baby. Is Sookie teaching you how to braid it yourself?”

“Yeah, she said she will.” I finish the braid and tell her to go look.  Alyssa surprises me when she turns around and gives me a huge hug. “Thank you, Sookie.”

I hug her back. I like this Alyssa much better.

“You’re welcome, sweetie.”

When she gets up to go look at her hair I turn to see what Eric’s doing and he’s watching me with a small smile.

“I love you, I hope you know that,” he says quietly.

“I do, and I love you too. Want some help?” I offer as I get up.

“Sure, you can be my counter decoration again. That helps more than you know.”

“Good thing that’s my specialty.” I follow him into the kitchen and get stuff out to get the coffee going. Alyssa joins us in the kitchen and takes it upon herself to get the chocolate chips out of the cabinet.

“Are you going to meet the twins before you go?”Alyssa asks me and sets the chips down. She surprises me when she puts her arm around Eric’s waist. She really is a daddy’s girl.

“That’s the plan. I probably should have brought a berka, though,” I joke.

“What’s a berka?” she inquires.

“It covers a woman’s face and body, only showing her eyes,” Eric replies. “Sook, do you want me to invite them over for dinner? Or we can take them out so they’re less likely to try to touch your ti– breasts.”

“It’s up to you. I don’t care either way,” I tell him.

“Lyss, dinner in or take them out?”

“I say out,” she suggests. She probably wants more makeup done.

“Do you really want them to embarrass you?” he asks her and she just shrugs.

“They don’t embarrass me anymore.  Plus they’ll try to impress Sookie.”

“They can try, but they’re a little young for me,” I giggle.

“Well, you did date one son…”

“Who is only four years younger,” I say in my own defense.

“So… there’s a cut off?” he jokes and turns back to the pancakes.

“If there was would I be dating you?” I fire right back, making Alyssa laugh.

“Touché,” Eric snorts. “How many pancakes, princess?”

“Hmm… two I think.”


“I’d like three again, please.”

I get out the plates and Alyssa takes them from me to set the table.

“So, Alyssa, anything I need to know before I meet your brothers today? I’ll take any pointers you have to give,” I say.

“I don’t know how they’re going to act, so I’m not sure. They like to joke, and they’ll talk at the same time which is creepy.”

“Do they have their own language? I heard somewhere that twins can do that.”

“Not really, unless you count the looks. They don’t need words they just look at each other and know,” she shrugs.

“They’re fluent in idiot,” Eric says. “Those two get into more trouble.”

“Like father like sons,” I snicker. I’ll pay for this later. And I’ll enjoy it.

Eric gives me a look that says it all.

“They’re excited though, and not because of your boobs.”

I lean over and whisper to Eric, “Are my boobs really that great?”

Alyssa doesn’t need to hear that.

“Yes, they’re fantastic,” he whispers back and gives me a peck on the lips.

“Hmmm… Well thank you. Pam tried to talk me into a reduction,” I tell him while Alyssa gets the silverware out.

“Who’s Pam?” she asks.

“My old boss,” I answer honestly. The answer pacifies Alyssa and she returns to setting the table.

“Pam’s an insane woman. I’m glad you didn’t listen, I’ve would’ve been sad,” Eric says.

“Me too. I like them as are,” I say.

“I wonder how big my boobs will get,” Alyssa chimes in. Eric is in for another fun day. “My mom’s are smaller than yours, but bigger than a lot of my friends’ moms.”

“Do we have to talk about your boobs, Lyss? I’m already an emotional wreck when it comes to you.”

“We’re talking about boobs, Dad. I’m allowed to talk about mine. Chill.”

I fight my laughter because I know Eric really is struggling with the overnight change where Alyssa is concerned. So I decide to keep quiet unless one of them directs a question at me.

“Do you want me to talk about your boobs?” he asks her, cocking an eyebrow.

“Oh, eww, no!”


“Fine, no more boob talk. Ugh,” she groans.

“Sookie, when did your boobs fill in?” Eric asks, keeping up the conversation.

“Uh, I started early, but I’ve been this size since I was seventeen,” I answer.

“Look, you probably have a few years,” he tells Alyssa.

“I already have a bra, Dad. They’ll probably start growing faster now that… you know.”

“Ok, change of subject,” Eric starts. “I was going to wait to ask, but now is good. How would you feel about living here full time? Or most of the time, you can go to your mom’s when I have to travel.”

“Mom’ll never let me,” Alyssa says.

“If Mom was a non-issue would you want to?”

“Uh, yeah,” she grins. “It would be awesome to get away from the three stooges.”

“I’ll talk to Mom then,” he offers. “She’s going to fight it though, just so you know to expect some yelling when I come over to talk.”

“Is Sookie moving in too?” Alyssa asks, and looks at me.

Well shit.

“Uh, not right now, Alyssa,” I answer.

“Baby, we talked about this. Sookie is still in school right now and she wants to finish before moving anywhere. We’ll talk about it once she graduates though,” Eric answers while looking at me.

“That’s our plan,” I nod my agreement. “In the meantime I’ll have to suffer out in California riding horses and soaking in my hot tub.”

“Can I come to California?” she asks excitedly. “I’ve never been on a horse.”

“Ummm… that’s up to your parents.” I wouldn’t mind, but I’m not going to say yes and get her hopes up if her parents are just going to say no.

“I don’t think Aude will agree to that right now,” Eric answers. “I can’t take you out of the state without her okay.”

Alyssa looks a little deflated and I don’t blame her. I think she would love riding. Maybe I’ll look into places in Utah we could go to so she could try it. I’m sure there are horse ranches out here.

Eric finishes up cooking the pancakes and I get down to pour us coffee. Alyssa gets herself some milk and then the three of us sit down to eat together. It’s nice sitting like this. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything family-like. I could get used to this.

∞ ∞ ∞

“Sookie will you do my makeup again?” Alyssa asks after she’s dressed and showered.

I’m curling my hair and Eric is shaving. He whimpers beside me and I can practically hear him wondering if it’s not too late to drop his princess at a convent.

“Sure. I’ll come find you when I’m done with my hair,” I tell her.

“Okay!” Alyssa bounces away, telling us she’s going to try again with the braid.

“If one of my sons tells me they got someone pregnant you’re not allowed over anymore. Too much has changed since you got here,” he sighs.

I laugh and say, “That’s life, sweetie. Get used to it.”

“Yeah, tell me that when Mark’s love child is calling you Grandma at twenty-eight.”

“You know the only good thing about that is the kid would probably call you Great-Grandpa,” I tease.

“Fuck you,” he laughs. “I look good for my age.”

“I think you look fantastic and sexy as hell, but I’m sure I look like an old lady to little kids.”

“Probably,” he winks. “I should trade you in for a newer model.”

“Don’t go too much younger or you’ll be looking at jail time.”

“I couldn’t comfortably go younger than Levi.”

“You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that,” I say sincerely. It’s one thing to get involved with a younger woman, but an eighteen-year-old would be fucking creepy. A step-mother shouldn’t be younger than a step-son. Just no.

“I’m actually attracted to women my own age. I would never look for a younger girl, but there’s something about you… I don’t know what it is.”

“Probably the fact that I swallow,” I smirk.

“Could be,” he winks and leans down to kiss me.

“You should go get dressed before I do naughty things to you,” I tell him.

“But I want you to do naughty things to me.”

“I know you do, but I don’t think there’s time.”

“Sadly you’re right,” he sighs. “I guess more fucking with your mouth covered tonight.”

“I thought that was a given?”

“You know I love that, right?”

“Oh I’m aware.”

“If you don’t like it I can just go nice and slow and stop anytime you make a noise.”

“Why do you hate me?” I deadpan.

“Mmm, no slow fucking, check.”

“Seriously Eric, did we just meet?” I shake my head, smiling at his reflection.

“Ah, you women are crazy. Anything is liable to happen and your minds change at the drop of a hat.”

“That’s just us keeping you on your toes. Besides, you’ve liked all of my surprises so far.”

“This is a truth,” he nods.

Eric goes to get dressed and I finish my hair. When I’m fine I go over to Alyssa’s room to help her with her hair. After that I bring her back to the other bathroom to put makeup on her. I can feel Eric watching and decide to have a little fun with him.

“You know, Alyssa, you would make a great Amy Winehouse for Halloween,” I say.

“Nope!” Eric calls and walks past us.

“I’m talking about before she was dead,” I say, and Alyssa giggles.

“Keep it up and I’m separating you two. I don’t like the ideas coming from the two of you.”

“Okay then how about Britney Spears right after she recovered from the breakdown?” I wink at Alyssa.

“I need my boys,” Eric groans.

Poor fella.

“Just remember you’re lucky you only have one daughter and somewhere there are fathers stressing out because of your sons,” I remind him.

“If I had more daughters I would be used to it by now and my sons are just as stressful, Sookie. I was a father at eighteen, and I don’t want that for any of them.”

“Sex talks for the win,” I smile at him.

“I’ve had it five times, I’m a pro now.”

“You aren’t going to have one with me, are you?” Alyssa looks nervous.

“Maybe,” he says, “It might scare you into becoming a nun.”

“Dad,” she whines.

“When you’re ready ask your mom… or Sookie.” I love that he offers my services without checking with me.

“Sookie,” she says. “She won’t get all weird like you and Mom do.”

“Sorry, Sook, you got the tough job,” he laughs.

I smirk at that and pronounce Alyssa as being done. She thanks me and goes back to her room to finish getting ready.

“Eric, do you really think I’m going to have a problem giving a sex talk?” I ask as I clean up. Has he forgotten that I’ve taught him quite a bit?

“No, that’s why I offered you up as an option. I know you’ll teach her all the stuff she should know. Just don’t tell her how good it is,” he says. “Tell her it’s terrible and she shouldn’t ever do it.”

“Which will explain why she has five brothers,” I laugh.

“Fuck you,” he snickers. “That was actual terrible sex.”

“You don’t want her to end up with a guy that’s bad in bed,” I say and he looks like he might explode, “You want her to make smart choices where those kinds of relationships are concerned.”

“But if he’s bad, she won’t want to do it again. You have to think about these things.”

“So no magic cocks in her henhouse.”

“Hell no, we can stop talking about my baby girl’s ‘henhouse’ it freaks me out.” He used air quotes… actual air quotes. He’s adorable.

I give him a hug and say, “I’ll stop.”

Just then we hear two voices coming from the living room. The twins are here.


This is going to be interesting. Their hormones are hitting them hard and I suspect Sookie is going to get uncomfortable.

“Ready for this?” I ask her.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I have years of practice dealing with horny idiots,” she says.

We’re getting ready to walk out of the room when James comes walking in, no knocking, he just walks in.

“Hi,” he says, eyeballing Sookie.

I think his appearance takes Sookie by surprise. She’s seen pictures, but nothing recent and he looks exactly like me at that age.

“You need to learn to knock, kid,” I tell him before she responds. “Sweetie, this is James.”

“Nice to meet you, James. I’m Sookie,” she extends a hand to him.

“You too,” he replies and takes her hand. “Mark!” he yells and the final Northman walks in.

“Hi,” he says, just like James did.

“This one is Mark,” I tell her and they’re both staring at her.

“Hi, Mark. I’m Sookie.” she shakes his hand too. “Nice to meet you.”

“Come on,” I take her hand to lead her out of the room with the twins trailing behind her.

When we get to the living room Sookie says, “I’m sorry to disappoint you boys, but Alyssa couldn’t get the pictures you wanted.”

The two of them go into full on idiot mode, sputtering and trying to deny they even asked for such a thing.

“Liars,” Alyssa says. “Then why did Mark give me his cell phone?”

“I didn’t give it,” Mark says.

“It was a loan,” James supplies.

“Enough. It was inappropriate regardless so knock it off. You should know better than that. I shouldn’t have to tell you this,” I say in my stern father’s tone.

“Why’s Lyss all dressed up like it’s Halloween? Mom would drop a deuce if she saw this,” James says.

“Why do you always look like it’s Halloween?” Alyssa fires back. I’m proud of my baby for standing up for herself, but I feel a little insulted too since the twins look just like me.

“Quiet, squirt,” Mark says, and tries to put Alyssa in a headlock. It earns him a near punch in the balls and he backs off.

“Leave her alone,” I tell Mark.

“Tattle tale,” James says.

“It’s not my fault you guys are gross,” Alyssa says, and then hugs Sookie. I think the twins are jealous their sister is so close to Sookie’s twins.

“How about we get going?” Sookie suggests. “I’m hungry.”

“Good idea, you little shits better not mess with your sister in the car,” I tell them as we all walk out of the apartment.

“Let Alyssa sit up front and Sookie can sit in the back with us,” James suggests.

“No,” I say, leaving no room for argument.

“Please?” they say in unison.

“No.” This time it’s Sookie and they shuffle behind us pouting.

“Too bad you can’t tie them to the roof,” Alyssa says.

“State laws are a bitch, princess, otherwise I would,” I sigh.

“Careful, Dad, or we might start thinking Lyss is your favorite,” Mark says.

“I’m just responding to your idiocy,” I smile as we approach my SUV. “Love ya, son.”

“Yeah,” he says, but that’s normal.

“So, Sookie,” James starts.  They’re going to give her the same third degree the rest of them did. “I know you don’t only date old folks since you hooked up with Levi. Do we have a shot once you’re done with Pops?”

Sookie looks legitimately offended by that question.

“If this is the way you always talk to girls no wonder you don’t have girlfriends,” she says. “And to answer your question, no, you don’t have a shot.”

“That’s what Dad meant about them being fluent in idiot,” Alyssa says.

“I don’t think asking you not to be assholes is too much,” I sigh.

“We’re just curious,” they say in unison.

“Why would you want to go out with your dad’s ex-girlfriend anyway? You guys are creeps,” Alyssa shakes her head.

The kids bicker in the back on the short drive to the restaurant a few miles away.

“Are they always like this?” Sookie asks.

“No, this is mild.”

She lifts an eyebrow. “That doesn’t sound like fun, Eric.”

“Do you see why I had a vasectomy? They’ve been like this since they were one and a half,” I tell her. I love my boys, but together they’re a lot to handle. “Twins run on my side and I didn’t want to chance another set.”

“Well then I guess you’re lucky there was only one set,” she says.

“Don’t get me wrong, when they’re behaving themselves they’re amazing, but I am glad I only have one set.”

“I always thought it would be neat to have twins. Now I’m reconsidering.”

“By the time they were born I knew what I was doing, so it wasn’t a problem. I don’t think twins are a good idea right out of the gate,” I say and reach over to set my hand on her leg.

“Sookie, how did you meet Dad?” James asks from the backseat. “Chris said you’re the girlfriend he cheated on Mom with. Is that true?”

“She wasn’t his girlfriend,” Alyssa provides.

“So… you were…” Mark says, he doesn’t want to say fuck buddy or friend with benefits and he doesn’t know how to finish.

“We were friends,” I tell them. “We stopped talking and when we saw each other again it was after the split so we decided to give it a shot.  That’s all,” I say. They don’t need to know any more than that.

We pull into the parking lot and as soon as I turn the car off the kids all pile out.  Sookie and I stay in the car for a minute and I ask her, “They’re not too much are they?”

“No. They don’t have tact, but I almost expected that from what you guys said earlier.”

I lean over the console to kiss her before we also exit the car. Our group of five is small compared to what I’m used to. We’re seated at a round table and I sit to Sookie’s right while Alyssa takes her left.

“So aside from harassing girls what do you boys like to do for fun?” Sookie asks the twins while we look over our menus.

“I like snowboarding,” Mark says.

“I start football practice next week,” James informs her. “I like the snowboarding with my brother too.”

“I’ve never been snowboarding,” Sookie says. “I don’t think I’m built for winter sports. They require too much balance and I’m top heavy.”

“Sook, your balance is just fine,” I say a little quieter. “You wear some heels that make me nervous and you can run in them. You would do fine on a snowboard.”

“I’d try it,” she shrugs. “I’m a terrible skiier, though. My skis always end up crossing and I always fall on my butt when I get off the lifts.”

“We’ll teach you,” they say together and then James adds, “Snowboarding is more fun than skiing and you don’t have to worry about crossing anything.”

“Then it looks like I’ll need to dig out my hot pink snowsuit,” Sookie says.

“You have a few months; we like wakeboarding too.” They finish together and I have a feeling Sookie thinks it’s cool when they do it.

“I love wakeboarding!” she says excitedly. “Although I learned the hard way to double knot my bikini when I do that.”

“You better blindfold the twins too just in case,” Alyssa suggests.

“Better yet, wear a one piece with something covering it,” I offer and the boys try to veto that immediately.

“I don’t like tan lines. You should know that,” Sookie winks at me.

I lean in to whisper, “You’re making it worse, pretty girl. Their little teenage hearts can’t take shit like that.”

“They’ll live,” she shrugs.

“They’re also only seventeen, maybe tan lines aren’t what we should be talking about. Especially with Lyss here.”

“Why not?” Sookie lifts an eyebrow. “Alyssa gets tan lines too from being out in the sun. You get them too. Big deal.”

“They’re a bigger deal when you suggest you’re naked when tanning. I’m asking that you don’t egg them on,” I tell her.

“Then I’ll just sit here and try not to look at them or breathe.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Sookie,” I sigh. I shouldn’t have to explain nudity is a bad idea with them.

All the same Sookie stays quiet unless someone speaks directly to her all through dinner, and when I put my hand on her leg she pulls away.

“Excuse us, guys,” I say and get up from the table. I grab Sookie’s hand and she reluctantly follows along.

“What’s your deal?” I ask her when I take her outside.

“I’m just trying not to get anyone riled up. Isn’t that what you wanted?” she folds her arms over her chest.

“You’re acting like a child right now,” I tell her. “Asking you not to talk about nudity to my seventeen year olds does not warrant the way you’ve been acting all night.”

“Actually, I was talking to you jackass!” she yells back at me.

“It’s fine that you talk to me like that, but please not with the boys and Alyssa within earshot,” I say a little softer.

“So the entire conversation we had this morning about my tits with Alyssa right there in the room with us was okay, but it’s not okay around the boys because it might turn them on? That’s a bunch of bullshit, Eric.”

“I’m the one that has to field the fucking comments about your tits and that Chris got to see you naked, but they can’t. So yeah, we can talk about your tits to Alyssa, she’s growing her own pair, but the fucking twins want to attach their bodies to them. I can only deal with so much in one fucking weekend!” I yell. I don’t yell often.

Sookie takes a deep breath and says, “Yeah, well, maybe now you understand how I’ve felt through all of this. Suck it up, Eric. You’re the one that insisted I meet your kids right away. How’s it going for you?”

“Actually, I was fine with waiting for you to be ready, and you know that,” I have to pause to regroup. “We can’t do this right now. Do whatever, say whatever, Sookie. I don’t fucking care.”

Regrouping didn’t work.

“That’s great, Eric,” she says and turns around.

Before she can walk away, I reach forward and tug her back into my arms. I rest my head on her shoulder from behind and hold her tight.

“I know this isn’t easy for you,” I whisper into her hair. “It’s not easy for me either… I’m just… I’m begging you to work with me here, even if my words and actions don’t match. I love you, Sookie. I love my kids more than anything and all I can do is try… with both of you. I’m just trying here. I’m begging you to try with me, please.”

“You should go back inside. I’ll wait out here,” Sookie says, and lifts a hand to her face.

I turn her in my arms and cup her face in my hands. She looks so tiny right now. I run my thumbs across her cheeks, wiping away the tears. I tilt her head up so I can kiss her and she kisses me back.

“We’ll be out in a few minutes.”

I kiss her one more time and walk back inside to pay and get the kids.

Sookie is leaning against the car when we get back and I unlock for everyone to pile in. As we’re driving away I reach over and rest my hand on her leg, she doesn’t throw it off this time, but she’s still being quiet.

“Sook, do you want to go get ice cream?” I ask her, but the kids are too loud behind us so they don’t hear.

“If you want,” she shrugs indifferently.

I don’t reply. I drive home instead of ice cream. When we get into the apartment the boys say they’re going home and each give me a hug while waving at Sookie.

Sookie doesn’t seem to know what to do and she goes to the room.

“Dad, what’s wrong with Sookie?” Alyssa asks once we’re alone.

“She’s having a hard time, we all are,” I say and wrap her in a hug and then tell her truthfully, “Dad’s been acting like an idiot.”

“You always act like an idiot, she should know that,” she giggles.

I lean down to kiss her head and then she asks if she can go talk to Sookie. I shrug and she lets go to slip into my bedroom after a small knock.

I stay in the living room and clean up a little. We don’t make a big mess, so there isn’t much to do, but I want to give them time.

Finally with nothing else to do I go into my room and I find my girls snuggled up in the middle of my bed. They’re both asleep and it melts my heart a little. Of course I have to take a picture of them and I pull my shirt off before I slide into bed behind Sookie. I wrap my arm around both girls, and kiss the back of Sookie’s head. It’s been a long day for all of us and it doesn’t take long for me to pass out with the girls.



37 thoughts on “Chapter 30

  1. What the heck was Sookie thinking? Not appropriate conversation to have with 17-year-old boys. Yeah, Eric needed to call her out on that shit. She overstepped in a big way & should have known better.


    • Perhaps, however, I can understand her confusion over the whole situation in regards to what’s appropriate and what isn’t. These boys armed their sister hoping to get naked pictures of Sookie. Then in the car they insinuate she’s a slut by asking if they’ll get a shot at her once Eric is finished with her, like she’s just supposed to be passed from Northman to Northman. It’s deplorable behavior and Eric doesn’t really say or do anything to correct it. So if it’s okay for that, then why isn’t it okay to discuss nudity? Or is it only a problem when SOOKIE instigates the discussion?

      This chapter really hit a nerve for me from a feminist perspective, and there will be a discussion about the twins’ behavior next chapter.


    • I completely agree! Especially since she was just talking about two horny teenage boys not having tact. If you don’t want people making comments about your breasts, don’t purposely draw attention to them. It seemed like that’s all she wanted to talk about. Not to mention, she should understand the difference in talking to another girl about breasts, versus young boys. It’s not the same.

      I also agree with Eric that she was acting like a child afterwards. I understand it’s difficult for her, but she made the choice to be with someone with children. I love her with Alyssa, but when this side of her comes out, she just looks like a spoiled brat.


      • It’s slightly ridiculous that Sookie is the one that got the talking to. Was it inappropriate? Yes, I can agree to that. At the same time, where was Eric when his boys were behaving the way they were? He just let it go like it was no big deal when he should have nipped it in the bud. By saying something only when Sookie brings it up, to me it sends the message that it’s okay for his sons to objectify women but it’s not okay for Sookie to talk about a part of her anatomy. It’s a ridiculous double standard and one that Eric should be a little more conscious of since he has a daughter.

        How would he feel if a couple of boys wanted to get pictures of her naked? How would he feel if those same boys insinuated they should get a turn with her when someone else is done? It’s disgusting.


      • Totally agree. And I don’t think it’s ridiculous that Eric said something to Sookie. She’s an adult. The twins are just kids, basically. They DON’T know better. She does. Or should. To me, it’s not a feminist issue, but a maturity one.


  2. The twins are abnoxious and over the top and between there horn dog attitudes and Alussa’s prior attitude it makes me wonder what kind of parents Aude & Eric are. Eric acts like there was nothing to be done about their dip shitness at least Alyssa got over herself once her period was discovered. I loved the fact Alyssa went to Sookoe to soothe her.


    • You know, there are times when it seems like Eric is more concerned with being a buddy than a parent to his kids. When they’re really grown up and on their own, fine. Be their buddy. That kind of a relationship is fine with Levi. With the twins, who clearly aren’t adults yet? Not cool.

      He should have been all over their asses for the things they said and did. They should have been called out publicly so they knew it was inappropriate behavior that wouldn’t be tolerated. Instead he let it slide like it was no big deal when I would have flipped my shit if I heard my son say the kinds of things I heard the twins saying about Sookie.

      Instead, Sookie is the one that he takes to task publicly for her choice of conversation. I’m not saying she was right, but the fact that she’s the one that gets called out for it? That’s fucked up. Yes he whispered to her but the kids aren’t stupid. They knew what was happening. So Sookie gets shamed while the boys are free to continue to be little assholes. Not okay. I wanted to punch Eric when I finished reading over this chapter. I don’t blame Sookie one bit for being pissed off at him.

      If he wants to treat her like child then she has every right to act like one.


      • Totally agree! I don’t even think its such an inappropriate topic that she brought up. It’s not like she was saying “hey! I sunbathe nude and look here ***flashes tits around*** see!” It was a veiled discussion once the topic was already on the table. I mean the kids aren’t stupid so they know what’s being talked about but what is so inappropriate about talking about nudity? The boys were being fucktards and behaving horribly but that was in no way sookies fault. I’m with Sookie and Meg on this one.


  3. I’m sorry. Do my eyes deceive me? How the hell is this Sookie’s fault?

    Eric’s sons are disgusting assholes and the first thing Eric should have done when the first kid walked into the room without knocking is to throw his ass right back out. Sookie may have been a prostitute but she is no longer one and NOBODY NO ONE at ANY TIME has the right to speak to her as though she can be passed around from one Northman to the next. Eric should have spoken up then. His whole boys will be boys attitude chaps my hide in a big way. And then chastising Sookie for the tan lines talk? Really?? What double standard planet did I land on? All inappropriate conversation directed at Sookie by the twins should have been stopped immediately by their father especially since Alyssa is present. Way to go, Eric. His parenting skills leave a lot to be desired.

    I have three sons and at no moment in time have I stood by and allowed them to be rude, impolite or inappropriate to anyone while they are in my presence.

    This one is on Eric not on Sookie. Quit blaming the girl!


  4. Porn Eric…Dad Eric…geez,I love them both. lol

    i get that in the conventional sense, the convo was on the more inappropriate end of the spectrum…but I dont blame Sookie one bit, she’s been cocnsistently taking her cues from Eric, and been really careful not to overstep her bounds. Eric had just earlier been speaking really candidly with the boys and even using profanity. in the context of the entire night and the general tone of their banter, totally fine. But Eric is def making use of his double standadard, and really, daddy’s little girl is growingupand he needs tolet somethingsgo. he can complain about Aude’s repressed self when it represses him, but he’d be happy for Alyssa to never put a stroke of pink on her nails or indulge in her girly side because he cant stand it. the boys are going through a “phase” until they turn their hormones on his woman…

    I am still holding onto an issue with Sookie telling Alyssa that she was a prostitute…I just cannot see that ending well. But on the upside, I really love the friendship that’s developing between them. I appteciate that Sookie doesnt want to replace a mom, just be a friend.


    • Right. It’s not okay for Alyssa to want to learn how to wear makeup or paint her nails but it’s okay for his sons to treat Sookie like a sex object. I fail to see how that doesn’t send a bad message to Alyssa. And Sookie is going out of her way to make Alyssa feel comfortable because she knows how important she is to Eric. With the boys it’s a little harder because all of them except Ryan seem to think she’s just a little fucktoy they can degrade and insult, and Eric doesn’t do much of anything to change that perception. It’s unacceptable, and to me, if I was in Sookie’s shoes, I would seriously be reconsidering whether or not I wanted to be with someone that allowed me to be treated that way by his children.


      • I so agree – it is shocking how many men encourage and find their sons’ sexualisation of women and their sexcapades something to praise and feel proud about without a thought for the woman in question. And at the same time they are completely freaked out thinking about their daughters’ sexuality. How they cannot see that their daughters would be safer if they encouraged a more respectful behaviour in boys is beyond me.


      • Absolutely. Eric’s inability to cope with his daughter’s emerging feminimity could lead to more harm than good. It’s fine for him to have a hard time with it, but to openly express that to his daughter while his sons’ out loud sexist attitudes are accepted more often than not? What sort of message does that send his daughter? It’s the whole Madonna/Whore Complex thing and it sets terrible standards for his daughter because she’s either one or the other, but she can’t be Madonna forever. Eventually she’s going to mature into an adult woman and begin sexual relationships of her own and then what? She’s a whore? It’s not fair to her, not at all.


  5. I hate how Eric tells her that she’s acting like a child. That is so belittling. And given their age difference, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sookie doesn’t develop a complex from it.

    Also, he should’ve shut the boys down in the car and yeah, maybe the dinner table at a restaurant isn’t the best place to talk tittays, but still Eric was being a hypocrite.

    Though if I were Sookie, I’d be highly tempted to get in my car and drive home.


    • Oh she was! I told Missy that when we were writing. I was getting pissed off by the whole situation and in my head Sookie wanted to dump him right then and there.

      Additionally, as I said before, if Eric is going to treat her like a child then she’s well within her rights to behave like one. He’s more concerned with correcting HER behavior than he is with correcting his sons, who are the real problem here.


      • Thanks of letting us know that. It puts things in a different angle. If that was her though process, then I can understand why she wasn’t eager to extend their evening with icecreams.

        I hope she calls him on his double standards, and lets him know how close he was to losing her.


  6. well after reading the comments above i don’t know what else i can possibly say. I am siding with Sookie on this one. Eric should have nipped it in the bud, first just walking in the room. the twins were trying to catch her naked, no if ands or buts about it. then trying to get Alyssa to get a picture rude and so not cool. then ERic not stopping their line of questioning. i know Sookie is trying here and she is overwelmed, but shit Eric should take her side too. I see her leaving soon and the kids will be at fault. As for Alyssa, i think the two girls will become closer and i think Sookie feels if she is honest with her then Alyssa will be honest back. it may backfire but it might work out too. until the next post Kristie


  7. I agree with a lot that has been said above – I’m definitely of the opinion that Eric & his sons were out of order here. As the twins arrived, Eric seemed almost to be looking forward to them making Sookie feel uncomfortable; he seems to shuttle between disapproving of their behaviour & taking a boys will be boys delight in them. I think he needed to set the standard from the start, calling them out for their offensive comments & making it clear that they need to respect Sookie.
    If you are part of a big family it is easy to forget how intimidating it can be for outsiders. You are so used to the loud, hectic interactions & banter that fly around. This has been Eric’s world for a long time & I really don’t think he gets how hard this is for Sookie, even without the added pressures of who she is to him, how they met, her history etc. She is clearly more comfortable with Alyssa; she has taken this big sister role with other girls at the brothel in the past I would imagine & the time they have spent together has been on mutually comfortable ground. She knew what to do & felt confident she could do it. Her relationships with men are entirely different; at times abusive & usually sexual & I doubt she knows much about teenage boys. Then factor in the loud family dynamic & the offensive attitudes & I think she probably felt totally lost. She was trying to find something to talk about with them, she was doing OK. Surely Eric could just have changed the subject? He was very out of order telling her off like a child – surely their age difference & the ages of his kids are blurring some boundaries here. And as for her sulking afterwards, I just think she decided to keep quiet & try to survive the meal, whilst no doubt being upset over the disrespect shown to her by all the Northman men.
    I also think they are going to have big issues in the future over having children together. Eric keeps making these comments which imply he’s had enough or he doesn’t want to risk twins again etc. Which is totally understandable, but Sookie is coming from a completely different position & this is important for er. They are in the very early stages of a real relationship, yet they are already dealing with family/ step family issues. Their alone time, which they need right now, has been cut short & they are restricted in their time for sex, which has been their main way of communicating. It was never going to be easy!
    Well sorry for going on & thank you for another thought provoking chapter!


  8. Great Chapter ! Erics Boys Were Out Of line And Not Once Did He Call Them Down ,Even When He Noticed Sookie Was Bothered By It In The Car, Yet She Goes With The Flow And Starts Talking About Tan Lines , And She Gets Called Down, Those Boys She Have Been Made To show Her Some Kind Of Respect , Not Treat Her Like A Walkin Pair Of Breast !
    I Don’t Blame Him For Not Wanting The Talk Of Her Being Nude , But I Understand Her Getting Mad About Being Called Down , And In Front Of The Boys, More Please


  9. I love this story but I want to smack Sookie about half the time over his kids. You can tell she doesn’t have kids & has probably never been around them much. Eric needs to deal with the twins though. They are some what disrespectful & he should of said something to them. Sookie is great with Alyssa. I’m so glad they getting along. I think Sookie needs to stop asking like a kid everytime something happens concerning Eric’s kids. She knew when they started their relationship that he had children & they were a big part of his life. If she wasnt truly ready to be apart of that, she never should started the relationship.


    • Speaking as someone who has divorced parents and has watched both of them go from relationship to relationship, it’s not necessarily the best thing for the kids to meet Sookie right away. I know I formed attachments, particularly to my dad’s girlfriends and when the relationships ended it was hard for me too. Given that Eric and Aude aren’t even divorced yet, I don’t see what the big rush is. Eric can still be close with his kids. It’s not like Sookie lives with him where he’d have to go out of his way to spend time with his kids when Sookie comes to visit him.

      Eric seems to think the entire relationship is supposed to happen on his terms and that’s not the way it goes. If Sookie says she’s feeling overwhelmed by what’s happening why should she have to suck it up and deal with it? Why is it wrong for her ask for time to let things settle down? His life isn’t the only one that’s changing. On top of that, this is a big deal to Sookie and she already has strikes against her because of the affair, her relationship with Levi and her former profession. Cut the girl some slack. It’s not like she’s not trying here.

      Seems to me she’s putting in way more effort and getting shit on for it. Where is Eric to defend her when his sons are so grossly disrespectful of her, not just as his girlfriend but as a HUMAN BEING?

      He can whine about how overwhelmed he is, but HE’S the parent in this situation. He’s used to the craziness that comes with having six kids. Is Sookie? No, she’s not. This is all new to her. If he really wants Sookie to have a good relationship with his kids, then how about having HER back once in a while? He should have in this instance and he didn’t. If it was me, I would have dumped him right then send there outside the restaurant.


      • I agree with this. I do think they (mostly Eric) have rushed the introduction to the kids. Unless he’s trying to race to the altar again, which would be incredibly stupid, why does all of this have to happen so fast? He needs to be more considerate of Sookie’s feelings and her need for time to adjust to this completely alien lifestyle.


  10. In a lot of ways, I feel like Eric still thinks of Sookie as a prostitute on a long term contract. He’s nice enough when they’re alone, but as soon as they’re around anyone else, he treats her like she’s dirty and worthless. I almost hate him for that. She’s trying to make the relationship work, is doing her best in an uncomfortable situation where she has obviously been badmouthed to the children by either their parents or elder siblings and then is punished/ridiculed because it’s hard for her.
    All of Eric’s boys have been completely disrespectful and unapologetic about it. They seem to take pleasure in making Sookie uncomfortable, and then Eric turns around and practically blames her for their behaviour. It’s really making me mad.
    Eric is not behaving like a parent to these boys, he’s overcompensating for the family breaking up and behaving like they’re his friends, instead of children in need of guidance. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if he laughed off a sexual harrassment suit because the girl was wearing a short skirt and lipstick.
    On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is Eric’s behaviour with Alyssa! It’s almost oppressive, he’ll be shopping for plate armour, chastity belts and armed guards before the week is out! Completely glossing over Alyssa’s first period and handing her off to someone who was a complete stranger the day before is really chafing my tits. A) Surely a call to her mother would be warranted, regardless of how much they may hate each other, and B) Did Alyssa not learn anything in school? I’d had a sex ed talk by the time I was 9 or 10, it didn’t cover all of the mechanics, but it was enough to cover the basics of puberty, menstruation, and conception. I certainly knew you couldn’t get pregnant from kissing. Was this girl educated by nuns?
    His reaction to her wearing nail polish and a tiny amount of makeup is completely OTT! I understand that Alyssa is his only daughter, I understand that she’s only young, but wearing nail-polish and lip-gloss wouldn’t make her look like a whore for crying out loud! It’s another instance of Eric thinking of Sookie as a prostitute. He obviously doesn’t trust her to make age appropriate choices, automatically thinking she’s going to do something to sexualise his 12 year old. This subconsious lack of trust is probably the underlying issue for a lot of the things about Eric and Sookie’s relationship that is making me mad.
    Eric’s behaviour has been ridiculous, he is understandably worried about his kids adjusting, but that shouldn’t make his girlfriends comfort completely negligible. He needs one of his friends to come in and point all this shit out because he’s obviously not picking anything up on his own. One of the other reviews said something about strangers treating Sookie the way the kids had done, and said that Eric would probably react differently… I’m starting to wonder if he would, I’m wondering if he wouldn’t be blaming her for the attention because she has skin and her eyelids work.
    Sookie isn’t entirely blameless, she’s letting it go, glossing over it all, not standing up for herself and they’re both using sex as a band-aid. Strangers or not, if someones children spoke to me the way Eric’s have spoken to her, you can be damn sure I wouldn’t sit there and make small talk, if I couldn’t politely get their parents to correct their behaviour, I’d be leaving. I can’t blame her for wanting to make a relationship work… but she seems to be the only one trying. She’s making a lot of concessions for him and his kids, and that’s fine, but she should have some leeway too, knowing your entire future with someone depends on their children’s opinion is stressful enough without being taken to task for being clueless about the rules.
    I’m sorry for the rant, I really am enjoying the story, watching how things develop and hoping it all turns out for the best – I’m just really hoping Sookie acknowledges that this isn’t right and gives Eric what for… hopefully over the phone so they can’t gloss over it with sex.


    • *lix your brain 206549648765416879649879874 times*

      Thank you Sarah! I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking all this shit because I was worrying for a minute there that I was a little psycho, but I’m glad it’s not just me.


      • If it turns out that we are nuts, do you think they’d let me decorate my padded room? And do the ‘cuddle’ jackets only come in white? because I don’t look well in white.
        *hugs n brain lix* Can I just say – I love that brain lix have become a normal way of expressing affection for an idea. hehehe 🙂 I’m so cool.


  11. Huh! Interesting chapter… definitely getting a reaction and it is interesting to me that there is such a spectrum from some reviews find Sookie’s behaviour completely wrong while others find the same about Eric…

    I think it is a tough one to call. For sure Sookie could have avoided risque conversation for that one meal… the thing with kids this age is that the more you tell them not do / say something, the more you could be encouraging bad behaviour just because they want to be rebellious. Worse even with twins as they play off each other… Having said that, Eric should not allow them to disrespect Sookie as they did in the car… At some point he has to call them on their shit. It also doesn’t help that in the middle of a divorce kids (esp. manipulative ones like these twins from hell) play one parent against the other… I wonder if they also call Aude out about her girlfriends?

    As there is always a silver lining at least Alyssa and Sookie are getting along and that last scene was adorable. But the morning after conversation is going to be tough…


  12. I don’t want to sound polyannish, but it seems to me that Sookie and Eric are acting very naturally and comfortably with one another. Yeah, it is tough introducing the kids to the new ‘friend’, and some hiccups are to be expected. I think they are coping pretty well. Good chapter.


    • You know, all things considered, I think Sookie has taken all of this very well. SIX KIDS. SIX! That’s a lot of approval to meet, and in a relatively short period of time. It’s a lot of pressure on her. It’s not helped that she’s basically in a sink or swim situation because by Eric’s own admission, he won’t be giving up his kids for a woman. Except that contradicts what he told Alcide, doesn’t it? He said he would walk away from the wife AND kids to be with Sookie. Now it seems he’s changed his tune and wants it all. (I’m just remembering this and it’s making me a little angrier with him as I type lol)

      I feel for Sookie in all of this. Honestly, there are hiccups, but in the grand scheme of things it hasn’t been anything fatal. Until this.

      It just really rubs me wrong that the twins were permitted to treat her that way with Eric right there, especially on the back of the nudey picture incident. It shows so much disrespect for Sookie as a person and his treatment of her later on, lecturing her like she’s a child? Just ugh. Can I kick him? I’d really, really like to kick him lol.

      I’m so sorry for going off. You left such a nice, concise comment and my temper hijacked it. I apologize lol.

      I’m going to go get coffee now. Perhaps that will help.

      *wanders off to the nearest Starbucks*


  13. I can see major fault with both of them in this chapter. Eric should not have let his boys get away with that behavior…it was rude and unacceptable. HOWEVER, I do feel like Sookie should’ve been the grownup in this situation and confronted Eric in private later about it, even if she went at him with both barrels and possibly ended up walking out. He owes her a major apology and the boys a stern reprimand, but as the adult (vs. the twins) in the discussion, she shouldn’t have followed that particular topic with a couple of teenage boys, no matter how rudely they were behaving. I feel like Sookie is so used to dealing with males as Dixie Darling, that some of that persona still shows through when she’s interacting with men. She needs to remember though, that not only are these boys just 17, they’re also Eric’s children. Her interactions with Alyssa are wonderful, so I know she has it in her to be the adult “big sister” type, she just needs to remember that Eric’s boys also need to be treated in that same manner and not in any way that could be considered flirty or inappropriate.


    • This is exactly how I feel about it. There’s no doubt that what the twins did was wrong, and while Eric did publicly voice his disapproval by first telling them that the photo thing was inappropriate and then again in the car by calling them assholes, he definitely should have done more.

      The main problem I have is at the dinner table, neither of the twins was talking about her breasts. They were talking about sports. She managed to find a way to discuss her breasts multiple times in that conversation. And at first, Eric wasn’t reprimanding her at all. He politely whispered that it may make the problem worse. Obviously Sookie was uncomfortable with the twins’ behavior, and I feel like Eric was trying to keep the peace in the best way. I don’t think that he encouraged the boys at all. I think he could have been harder on them, but I don’t think that Sookie is innocent in this. I mean, Eric and Sookie both were easier on Alyssa and the way she treated Sookie at first. Sookie even made mention that some of the behavior could be blamed on her hormones because of her getting her period. So, the girl gets a pass because of her hormones, but the boys need to be publicly shamed for theirs? How is that not a double standard?

      I think that Sookie, as an adult, is much more capable of handling her reactions than two teenage boys fueled with hormones, just like Sookie is more capable of handling her reactions than a soon to be teenage girl fueled with hormones. For me at least, this isn’t about feminism or men versus women, it’s about maturity.

      And I also don’t think that Eric initially was treating her like a child. He was having a quiet conversation with her, that she didn’t like, which she’s in her right to do, but then she started acting like a child and everything blew up.

      If Sookie didn’t like the way that Eric was handling his kids’ treatment of her, she could easily have said something. She’s known about the way the twins were for a while now. She could have had a conversation with Eric about it, just like he was trying to have a conversation with her. She could have even used the privacy once they were outside to voice her opinion. He even gave her a chance in the car to speak up, when he asked if they were too much for her.

      Now, if the shoe was on the other foot and Eric acted like a jackass when Sookie confronted him about her feelings, or he acted like she acted at dinner, Sookie would be well within her right to be angry at him. As it happened though, there was no part of that fight where Sookie was even trying to be an adult.

      Even going so far as to say that Eric insisted that she meet all of his kids, so this is all his fault. So, which is it Sookie? Are you an adult that can make your own decisions and tell your boyfriend no, you’re not ready, no matter how much he “insists”, or are you a child that has someone make your decisions for you and you have no choice but to go along with them?

      I just find that, in my opinion, Sookie is awful at confrontation. Instead of actually talking about things rationally, she huffs, stomps away or plays the silent treatment. How is this acting any differently than Alyssa? At least Alyssa seems to realize that she was acting like a brat. Sookie seems to always expect Eric to apologize and grovel for all of his misgivings, which he should, but she doesn’t ever seem to see herself at fault for anything. Anytime she’s in the wrong, it’s because someone else, namely Eric, did something first and caused her to react that way.

      Sorry about the rant. It’s obvious that everyone has strong opinions on this one way or another, but it seems like I’m in the minority with this opinion. Oh well. 🙂 Now that it’s off my chest, I’m going to shut up and enjoy the rest of the story! After this comment, it may not seem like it, but I really do love the story and the writing, so I’m looking forward to the next chapter. I would also like to say that it’s a credit to the writers of this story that you guys can inspire such debates with your storytelling. At the very least, everyone gets to see things from different perspectives, which is never a bad thing!


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