Chapter 7: I Hope You Get Lonely Tonight



I was sitting in the living room after a long day. I’d worked my ass off remodeling a kitchen. The house had good bones, but the kitchen was too small and there was some damage to the bathroom floor. I worked with Alcide Herveaux; he was my contractor and the one that got me into flipping houses. It was a good gig. I stayed in shape without having to go to the gym. I got to do stuff with my hands to keep me from getting bored and in the end I usually made a pretty good chunk of change.


I was just out of the shower, flopped back on the couch when my doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I got up and slowly made my way to the door. I smiled when I opened it and found Sookie looking like a million bucks on the other side.


“Hello,” I smiled, leaning against the door jamb.


“Hi. Are you busy right now?”


“Not at all. Just settling in for the night.” I straightened up to let her in. “You look nice.” I couldn’t help myself when I stared at her ass as she walked in.


“Thanks. I was at a fundraiser,” she told me. “I thought about what you said and being in a room full of stuffed suits made me realize I could be across town fucking my brains out.”


“That’s very true.” I closed the door. “So that’s why you’re here? To get fucked stupid?”


“Is that a problem?”


“Nope, just making sure I’m not misreading the situation,” I said. “Would you like something to drink?” My eyes settled on her cleavage and I could already feel my cock stirring.


“No, I’m good. I had some champagne at the hotel,” she said. “I thought about getting a room but I like this place. You have a comfortable bed.”


Sookie came closer to me and pressed little kisses along my jaw. My hands moved up on their own accord to unzip her dress.


“I do, and it looks good with you in it,” I replied in a low, gravelly voice. Her lips felt amazing grazing my jaw.


“And bent over it?” She nipped at my earlobe.


“Mmhmm. There are plenty more surfaces to bend you over too,” I reminded her as I pushed the straps of her dress down.


“I’m sure there are.” Sookie turned my head to kiss me. Her tongue plunged into my mouth and she was definitely being more aggressive than I was used to with her.


It wasn’t a bad thing.


I pushed her dress all the way down to the floor. My hands went straight to her tits. I pulled the cups of her strapless bra down and started to roll her nipples between my fingers. Sookie let out a sexy little growl when I started to tug.


“Tell me what you want,” I whispered between kisses.


“Fucking my brain out wasn’t specific enough?”


I chuckled before I pulled back and lifted Sookie in a fireman’s carry, slinging her over my shoulder. I carried her into the living room and plopped her down on the couch. She was in shoes, panties, and a skewed bra.


“Bra off,” I said as I pushed my sleep pants down.


Sookie reached back to work the hooks and said, “They don’t tell you that strapless bras a little snugger on purpose so they don’t slip. The saleslady said it would loosen up because of my body heat. I think she was lying.”


“If it was loose it wouldn’t hold those pretty girls up,” I reasoned as I leaned over to wiggle her panties off. I didn’t give a fuck about her shoes. I knelt down next to the couch, pushed her thighs back and dove in. I rubbed her clit for a moment with my flattened tongue before I moved down to slide it into her core.


Sookie made a loud noise and held my head in place, as if I had any intention of getting up. Her back arch and she shifted her hips to settle in. It was very clear Sookie wasn’t here for anything emotional. She needed to get fucked and knew the right person to call. I brought my hand up and pushed two fingers into her pussy, slowly pumping in and out. I curled my fingers in the perfect spot to make her back arch again… and again. I kept my eyes on her face as I licked up to her clit. I massaged it with my tongue for a moment before suckling like I did to her nipples. She had a deliciously wet pussy which was making my cock fucking solid.


“Had enough yet?” She pulled my head up from between her golden thighs.


“I could setup camp between your thighs,” I smirked. I would never get enough. I sat up anyway and stroked my cock a few times. “Put me where you want me.” I let go of my cock and pushed her thighs back so she was practically folded in half.


Sookie grabbed my length and ran my tip through her folds until I was at her entrance. I pushed forward, allowing just my tip to pop into her tight core. I gave her a few shallow thrusts. I chuckled when I felt her getting frustrated with me. I finally took her out of her misery and drove into her soaking wet center. I filled her so completely. The way her eyes rolled back told me she liked what I was doing as I pulled back and started to fuck her hard the way she wanted. I didn’t say anything like I normally would. She was clearly after an orgasm or five.


My eyes flicked between her swaying tits and the spot where we were joined. Watching my cock split her folds was still one of the hottest things I had ever seen.


“Hold your legs back,” I commanded. Sookie gave me a breathy ‘yes sir’ as she grabbed her thighs to hold them in place. I dragged my fingertips down her stomach, ending at her clit. I settled my hand on her lower abdomen and started rubbing her clit. I wanted her to cum. I wasn’t feeling as lusty as I was the last time we’d fucked so I knew I would last longer.


“Eric,” she groaned. Her walls started to flutter around my shaft. My eyes darted up to her face as I started to tug her clit lightly as if I was sucking on it. “I’m so close,” she panted as her walls began to grip my cock, trying to pull my orgasm from me.


“Cum,” I growled.


Sookie screamed my name when her orgasm hit. Her back arched as her thighs started to tremble. She was gorgeous when she came.


I wasn’t done yet. I pulled out of her, making her whimper. I helped her flip over so she was on her knees, leaning over the edge of the couch. While she was bent over the arm I shifted so I was kneeling behind her. I spread her cheeks and leaned over to lick her insanely wet pussy.


“Oh fuck,” she moaned. I rested my hand on her lower back so I was able to rub her back entrance with my thumb. I reached down some to gather some of her wetness. I pushed my tongue into her pussy as I applied a slight amount of pressure on her ass. I wasn’t trying to fuck her there, unless she asked.


I continued to rub and lick until she was right on edge. I sat up on my knees and slid my thick length into her from behind. Fuck… her walls were still pulsing. I kept my thumb right where it was while I pulled my other hand back to slap her ass. In all the sex we’d had before she left I didn’t ever remember spanking her. The way her pussy clenched told me she liked it. A lot.


“Again!” she cried out.


I spanked her again, and then one more time before I grabbed her shoulder to give me leverage. My hips pistoned, filling her over and over and over. She felt so goddamn good. Her walls were fluttering like crazy. I slowed after a minute or so, grinding my hips against her. I needed to calm down some so I could keep going. I gave her another hard spanking, making her walls pulse again, trying to milk my orgasm from me.


“Oh fuck, don’t stop,” she panted.


I aimed to please. Sookie started pushing back to meet me on each hard, deep, deliberate thrust. I started to slap her cheeks, alternating between them just hard enough that they started turning a delicious shade of pink.


“Are you going to cum for me again, dirty girl?” I growled right before I grabbed her shoulders so I could start hammering into her again.


“Yes!” Sookie shouted loudly.


“Do it. Now.” I slapped the side of her ass again. Her orgasm was going to trigger my own.


“Ohgodohgodohgod!” she chanted. Her walls gripped my cock so fucking hard. “Eric!” she screamed as she came.


“Where do you want it?” I panted. I had about four more thrusts before I was going to lose it.


She was too far gone to answer me. I didn’t have time to worry about it. I pulled her down hard as my stomach muscles tightened and my cock began to pulse. I shot my load deep inside of her, grinding so her walls milked every last drop.


“Fffffuuuuck!” I shouted, managing not to stutter. I collapsed forward, resting my weight on Sookie’s back.


“I… I think you broke me,” she panted.


“You asked for it,” I breathed, turning to kiss the back of her neck. “Give me twenty minutes and there’s more where that came from.”


She actually whimpered at that and her body went limp on the couch. I pulled out and flopped down next to her, wedged between her soft body and the couch.


“I’m going to take that as a maybe,” I chuckled as I snuggled against her back. We were both sweaty and sticky. A shower, or a dip in the hot tub would be good.


“Good call,” she replied. “I might make a mess on your couch.”


“It’s been Scotch Guarded,” I snorted. “Should I move you so you don’t? The hot tub is on a timer so it’s running right now.”


“That sounds perfect.”


I wiggled out from behind her. I flipped her over and made her yelp when I hoisted her up bridal style. Yep, she was making a mess all over my arm. It was kinda sexy though. I carried her through the house and made her open the door to the pool room. I set her on her feet once we made it to the hot tub.


“It’s safer if you get in yourself,” I chuckled.


Sookie carefully stepped down into the tub and took a seat to the right. Her eyes closed and she leaned her head back to relax. I walked over to grab two towels for us. When I got into the hot tub with her I sat across from her. I didn’t want to bother her if she was thinking. I knew she only came over for sex, but it would be impossible to argue the connection we had. We were amazing together in the bedroom, or the couch. I was sure we could get things back to what they once were. I wasn’t going to think about that.


“I can feel you staring at me,” she whispered.


“You look pretty with your hair all messy and you mascara giving you raccoon eyes,” I chuckled. “I’ll stop looking though.”


“Oh geez,” she laughed. “You need to get out more if raccoon eyes get your motor running.”


“No, what got my motor running was how hard you came when I spanked you. That’s going into the vault.”


“I’m glad you could make another deposit.”


I went silent and dropped my head back too. It was a nice calm silence. I’d always been comfortable with Sookie. If I was being honest, there were a lot of things I missed about being with her. Maybe I did love her? It was possible. I knew I cared a lot about her when she left. Losing Nik just seemed to overshadow it. I wanted a new start with her, but it was fairly clear she didn’t want that. The sex would have to do.


I didn’t know how much time passed when I finally looked up again. Sookie’s hands were moving slowly through the water.


“So what made you decide to come here tonight?” I asked.


“Honestly, I don’t know. The cab driver asked where I wanted to go and I gave him your address,” she answered.


I nodded. She had a look as though she had more on her mind but it wasn’t my business.


“You’re welcome here whenever,” I told her. “I don’t get too many visitors. Surprisingly I go to Tara’s more than she comes here even though she could live in this hot tub.”


“I can understand why. It’s a nice hot tub.”


“Mmhmm,” I hummed. I got out of the tub and grabbed a towel. “Take your time in here.” I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist.


I walked into the house, leaving Sookie alone in the hot tub. I’d just taken a shower, but I had chlorine on me so I felt the need to wash it off. I took a quick shower and then went into my closet to find a new pair of sweats.


When I got back downstairs I heard the front door closing. I looked around and noticed Sookie’s clothes were missing from the ground. She left. I could have gone after her, but she left without saying bye for a reason. It didn’t seem like the Sookie I knew, but then I wasn’t the Eric she knew before either. I found her towel hanging over a chair in the kitchen. I picked that up and took it to the laundry room. I didn’t know how to feel about what had just happened. I didn’t know if it was going to happen again or even if I wanted it to. I wasn’t going to be the possessive asshole that tried to get her to come back to me. She might have been the one that got away, but I didn’t know that either. I would think about it at a later time. I was tired. I needed to go to bed and I had another long day of remodeling ahead of me. I was going to go to bed and crash, hard. Sookie was an issue I wasn’t quite ready to really tackle. If it was meant to be it would all work itself out in the end.



12 thoughts on “Chapter 7: I Hope You Get Lonely Tonight

  1. I wonder what’s going through Sookie’s head now that she accomplished her booty with James Deen dick. She left without saying bye, I wonder if Sookie’s feeling guilty now? Eric tries not to think things to death, but if him and Sookie continue a F.W.B. thing… things may eventually change.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That was hot (first) and then… cold… Walking out like that without even a ‘Thanks, see ya’… Tsk tsk Sookie…


  3. I certainly can’t wait to see what exactly is going through Sookie’s mind to leave without even saying anything to him. I imagine even FWB say bye. That just seemed cold and he gave her what she wanted without trying to make it into something more. Wonder if she’s feeling guilty?


  4. Sure it was rude, given they have some history, but it’s not like they’ve set up any rules, and hell he made a point not to even speak.

    I feel for Eric, sure, he’s tried his best to help himself and right his own wrongs for himself. But I can’t blame sookie for her reluctance at all. The lure of rekindling a relationship is great, but it’s a testament to how much it hurt her then, that she won’t let herself forget–she can’t. Safety is avoiding a past abusive lover.

    FWB is a slippery slope at best, throw in history and shared baggage–disaster. I blame her for naively taking the plunge with him in spite of her instincts.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. She sure made that a booty call. At least Eric knew or clarified when she came. But I still don’t believe she just left. If I was Eric I would feel used. I think Eric is the one that has change. I so want him to deny the next booty call. He felt a deeper connection, I wonder if Sookie did and that’s why she left?


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