Chapter 11


Jealous Sookie is adorable. Of course she will never admit it, and Jake taught me to pick my battles. The set was interesting, as was Nora. If Sookie didn’t immediately get epic bitch face when she started talking to me, I may have gone along with it. That is until she proved she couldn’t take a hint. Even I could tell Sookie didn’t like the way she was acting toward me. Either way, the shoot is over and my pretty girl is clearly horny as fuck. As she drives us back to the hotel she’s in the driver seat rubbing her thighs together.


“You alright?” I ask as I lean over the console to kiss her neck. She got to keep the outfit, but after the shoot she put her sweats back on. It doesn’t matter that much to me.


“Uh huh,” she answers in a breathy tone. “I wish these ass-cactuses knew how to drive.”


“We’ll get there soon enough.” I rest my hand over her mound and start to rub through her pants, making her spread her legs some.


“Keep it up and I’m pulling over,” she threatens.


“Mmm, nope. If you pull over I’m stopping.” I lick up her jaw to nibble her earlobe.


“Mean,” she pouts.


“Nope. If I was mean I would sit back now.” I run my hand up her stomach to find her nipples through her shirt. She didn’t put a bra on after the shoot and her nipples are tight, allowing me to find them easily, pinching and tugging.


“Oh fuck,” she whimpers in frustration. “Hurry up, fuckers!”


I chuckle as I start to suck on her neck just below her ear. “So you have to fuck Preston tomorrow?” I purr, moving my hand to her left nipple. I got to meet him today. He seems like a nice, respectable guy. He did give me some insight about the men of porn.


“Yes,” she breathes. “Those scenes take longer to shoot. Ohhh… Eric… Fuuuuck.”


“Do you wish I was in them with you two?” I ask, dropping my hand to her lap again. This time I dip my hand into her sweats and rub her lower lips.


“Mmm… Mmhmm,” she moans. She’s so fucking wet right now.


“What if we invited him home with us tomorrow?” I ask, nipping her jaw. I slip my finger between her lips to rub her clit.


“Oh god… I don’t know if I’d be able to handle that tomorrow,” she says.


“We can wait until our housewarming party. “How much longer till we’re at the hotel?” I ask. I push my finger back to rub slow circles around her opening to gather her juices.


“Not soon enough,” she replies.


“Should I stop for now?”


“I think it would be safest.”


I pull my finger out and pull back. I lick my finger, groaning when I taste her honey. I look around, getting a good view of the Los Angeles freeway. I’ve been here before when I was in high school. My dad had to go for work and took me with him since it was summer. I didn’t really care to look around then. Now it’s interesting to people watch. The people around us all look like assholes. Tahoe is full of tweakers, old people, and tourists. None of them are really assholes though.


“Are you happy to be getting out of this place, really?” I ask Sookie out of the blue. I know she is, but I worry she might miss it.


“Hell yes,” she answers.


“What did Sam say?” She doesn’t talk about him, but I know she’s still living with him until she moves to Tahoe. She stayed the night with me last night and I have a feeling she’ll stay the whole week with me.


“He tried to talk me into giving him another chance. You know, I’d be perfect for him if I stop being a whore,” she says.


My head snaps in her direction as a little growl rumbles out of my chest.


“He called you a whore?” I growl. Sam better hope he never fucking meets me. It’s one thing for some person she doesn’t even know to call her a whore. People are fuckin’ nuts, but Sam supposedly loves her. Fuck that.


“And he loves me. Can’t you tell by that sweet nickname? I’ve been sleeping on the couch since the night of my webcam show,” she tells me.


“Good.” I hated the fact that she shared a bed with him anyway. “You’re staying with me until I go home, right?”


“I was thinking I would,” she replies. “I mean if that’s okay with you.”


“I definitely don’t want you staying in the house with that prick,” I grumble.


“We’ve been avoiding each other. He’s looking for a place to live since he can’t afford our current place alone.”


“He’s not trying to take Edith is he?” I know they got her together and I don’t want him to think it’s okay to take my new favorite girl — other than Sookie.


“No, Edith is mine. Dad gave her to me,” she says.


“Good. I’d steal her back if he tried to take her from you.” From us is more like it, but I don’t say that.


“I’d shank him,” she threatens as the hotel comes into view. Finally.


“Good. Now, when we get to the room would you like me to strip your clothes off, pin you to the bed, and fuck you for the rest of the night?”




I grab her hand to pull it to my mouth for a wet kiss on her palm.


“As you wish,” I whisper.


It takes longer than I want to get back to the hotel. Sookie is rubbing herself against me like a cat in heat while we’re on the elevator up to our room. As promised, the second the door opens we’re stripping our clothes off.


“Mmm, how do you want it?” I ask as I start to stroke my already hard cock.


“In me,” she answers. Sookie tugs her panties over her hips and ass before bending over the arm of the couch.


I take the invitation and step up behind her. I spread her cheeks apart before rubbing my tip through her folds for a moment. With a deep groan I start to slide into her wet heat, slowly filling her. I can’t even say anything as my aching cock rubs every warm, velvety inch of her pussy. I keep my eyes on our joined bodies as I pull almost all the way out before sliding right back in. Fuck. I’ve needed this since I saw her in that damn belly dancer getup.


“Fuuuuck, that feels so good, Eric,” Sookie moans as I fill her.


I hum, but that’s all the response she gets as my I pump my hips, filling her and then pulling away, making her walls try to grip to my shaft to keep me inside of her. It’s slower than normal. I don’t know if that’s because I know she’s going to be fucking another man in less than twenty-four hours and it might get rough so I don’t want to hurt her, or if in this moment the slow sensual pace I’ve set is what we both need. The look that passed between us while Nora had her face buried in my girl’s pussy was more than lust. Sookie can deny it all day, every day, but we both know there’s more to this… dating. I know she struggled to not call me her boyfriend I don’t necessarily know, but it feels like she’s intentionally holding something back. I can make speculations, but I’ll leave it alone until she finally tells me what’s been on her mind all day.


I lean over her body, wrapping one arm around her waist and using the other to prop myself up on the couch cushion. My lips find the back of her neck as my hips pump in slow, shallow thrusts so all she feels is my dick stretching her tight cunt.


“Ohmygod… Eric…” Sookie moans. Her walls clench tighter around my shaft. “Fuckfuckfuck!”


“Mmm, feels like you’re going cum, pretty girl,” I whisper. I tilt my head to grip her earlobe between my teeth. “Have you been imagining this all day? I know I’ve been watching your gorgeous fucking face, wishing it was my mouth latched onto this tight little cunt, making you cum the way she did today.”


Sookie moans and turns her head to kiss me hard as her orgasm takes over. Her pussy grips me like a fucking vice as she cums.


“Mmm, good girl,” I whisper. I pull out of her and turn her so I can lift her up to move to the bed. I set her on the edge before I drop to my knees, pushing her thighs back as I lean in to flick my tongue over her entrance, lapping up as much of her cum as possible. She takes like fucking heaven. I’ve needed this all fucking day.


“Eric!” Sookie cries out and grabs the back of my head.


I moan against her pussy, digging my tongue into her cunt. My eyes flick up to meet hers and that same look we shared while she was filming greets me. I still don’t know what it is, but it’s intense. It makes my dick hard and my desire for this girl fuckin’ skyrocket.


I growl as I drag my tongue up the length of her slit, rubbing her clit for a moment before I stand up. I don’t even realize what I’m doing until I have her ass lifted and my cock buried deep inside of her again. This time I don’t take it easy. My hips start to piston as I drive in harder and harder until I’m going at an almost punishing pace.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” Sookie chants. She reaches down to play with her clit and she’s cumming again in less than a minute. “Fuuuuuck! Eric! Don’t fucking stop!”


I don’t plan on it.


I tilt her hips a little more, rubbing the perfect spot inside of her on each strong thrust. Her orgasm seems to go on forever. I go on like this for close to twenty minutes, earning two more releases from my girl. Finally, I push her up the bed as I crawl up without pulling out. I’m hovering over her as I swivel my hips while pounding her into the mattress.


“Give me one more,” I pant with my eyes trained on hers.


“Mmm… Yes… Yes, sir,” she gasps. “Fuck… Fuckin’ own me, Eric.”


I growl again. My arms move to hook her legs, pinning them up against the bed, literally folding her in half. My cock disappears inside of her again and again. I drop my weight on her as my hips surge forward before retreating. I’m getting so fucking deep I’m sure I’m hitting something that’s never been touched by a dick. The look on her face is a mix of pain and pleasure forcing me to back off a little. My lips find hers in a deep, searing kiss. I’m mentally chanting that I need her to cum. I’m not cumming until she gives me one more of her gorgeous orgasms.


Sookie’s arms move to brace her hands against the headboard to protect her head. Tears fill her eyes as her walls start to tighten and release. Her eyes go wider and her mouth opens a little, but no sound comes out as she cums hard.


Goddamn that’s beautiful. I continue to pound her through her orgasm. This time I feel my own release building. My stomach muscles twitch as my balls tighten. When I cum it’s on an out stroke, but I drive forward again, as my hot release fills her.


“Oh, fuuuck,” I groan, resting my forehead on hers.


Sookie’s arms wrap around my shoulders and she clings to me shaking underneath me while aftershocks ripple through both of us. She whimpers quietly and I see a tear roll down her temple into her hair.


“Are you okay?” I whisper as I pepper her face with kisses. I hope I didn’t hurt her.


“Yeah,” she answers as another tear leaks from her other eye.


“Baby, you’re making me nervous.” My hips stop moving as I wipe the tears away with my thumbs.


“I’m okay,” she says. Her hand moves so it’s resting over her heart and she says, “I feel it here, that’s all.”


I give her a soft smile. “It’s crazy, isn’t it?” I whisper.




“You’ll get used to it.” I’ve been holding back, but I’ve been feeling it since we ran into each other at the reunion. That’s why I was so quick to agree to move in with her. It’s how I recognized the jealousy earlier and brushed Nora off. Sookie is clearly feeling something she isn’t prepared to feel. It feels good and right, but terrifying at the same time. I’m just glad she’s finally feeling it too.




I’ve never felt weird or wrong for doing my job but right now Eric is watching and it’s starting to make me feel… self-conscious. It’s not exactly that he’s said anything to me about it but I know that on some level this has to bother him a little bit. Or maybe, for the first time, I want a guy to be bothered. For some reason I want Eric to storm onto the set and demand that I stop what I’m doing.


He doesn’t, though, and I’m grateful that I’m not looking at him the first time I sink down on Preston’s dick. I know Eric is watching us. I can feel it just like I could yesterday. Preston pulls me in for a kiss and it feels all wrong. Usually I like kissing Preston. He’s good at it and all issues with tardiness aside, he’s a great guy. Like we’ve kicked around the idea of dating before because we’re both in the business and understand the demands of it. Plus it would add something to our work together if there were real emotions there.


The timing has never been right for one reason or another and now I have Eric. Watching. It’s making me nervous and I know Preston can tell.


“You alright?” he whispers, hoping the cameras don’t pick it up.


I nod because what’s bothering me isn’t physical. He’s not hurting me or anything. He could be with a cock his size, but I’m fine. At least I am until we change positions so I’m kneeling on the couch and bent over the arm of it. My eyes meet Eric’s just as Preston enters me again, this time with a slap on my ass.


Purely for performance’s sake I moan, “Mmm… yeah, give it to me baby. Harder…” And I get it. Harder.


Preston slaps my ass again. He lifts my leg so the camera can get a better angle and he grabs my shoulder to give him leverage as he starts to pound into me, slapping his hips against my ass over and over.


“Yesyesyes! Make that pussy cum for you, baby,” I moan. I do have orgasms but I make noises like I’m having them more frequently than I really am.


He grabs my hand and forces it down to make me rub my clit. I feel another stinging slap on the side of my ass as Pres grunts and groans behind me.


I close my eyes and try to convince myself it’s Eric I’m fucking but then I feel guilty for it when my body reacts. An orgasm comes from out of nowhere, making me scream for Preston. There’s a pause in filming to adjust the lights and the camera angles. We change positions one more time so I’m on my back before he finally pulls out and cums on my tits and stomach.


“Cut!” Felipe yells, much to my relief.


“You sure everything is okay?” Preston pants. “You seemed… somewhere else.” He reaches down to help me stand.


A production assistant hands over a few Wet naps to wipe up Preston’s cum before she hands me my robe.


“Yeah, I’m okay,” I smile as I put the robe on.


“Guys, we’re going to reset and we’ll go again in fifteen minutes,” Felipe says. I’m not surprised but right now I want to go home more than anything.


“I’ll see you in a few minutes,” Preston says as he kisses my head before turning to walk away.


This isn’t fair to him. I need to get my head on straight.


“What’d you think?” I ask Eric when I reach him. It’s hard to explain why a three-way with two guys is okay but Eric being on the sidelines like this might not be, but I know there’s a difference and I’m scared he might not be okay with this after all.


“I think I’m glad to know you fake it most of the time,” he chuckles. He reaches out to pull me into his arms. “It’s weird to watch, but I can tell by your expression it’s just an act. I doubt anyone else would be able to tell though.”


I’m relieved to hear him say that. My arms wrap around him tightly.


“Felipe wants us to do it again. Are you going to watch round two or do you want to go chill in the tent?” I ask.


“I’m fine watching unless it makes you uncomfortable.”


I pull him away from the set for a little more privacy and we end up in one of the many bathrooms in the house.


“It’s making me feel a little weird,” I admit. “I’ve never felt guilty for doing my job before.”


Eric wraps his arms tight around my shoulders, giving me a hard squeeze. He kisses my cheek and whispers, “It’s a job, Sookie. I know your heart doesn’t belong to Preston. It’s obvious to me none of that is real for you, and I also know you can’t help a real orgasm.  It’s the body’s natural reaction to the pleasure. I don’t want you to feel weird, but if you don’t want me to watch, that’s fine. I can find something else to do.”


I’m torn. I want him to watch but it’s affecting my work in ways I didn’t expect it to. Either way I feel like I’m going to burst into tears so I take a few deep breaths to calm myself down.


“I think it might be better if you don’t watch. Hopefully we can get it done in the next take and then we can go back to the hotel,” I say. It’s already later today than when we left the set yesterday. Thankfully I’m off tomorrow.


“That’s fine,” he agrees. He dips his head to kiss me, squeezing me just a little tighter. “I can wrap you in my arms and we can imagine being in our hammock for two.”


“Sounds like heaven,” I smile and kiss him back. A shiver runs down my spine. These are the lips I want. The only lips I want.


Eric’s tongue slides between my lips for as slow, sensual kiss while he holds me. He pulls back as moment later, resting his forehead on mine.


“Are you going to be okay when you go back out there?” he whispers.


“I hope so,” I whisper back. Without his eyes on me I might be able to let go and throw myself into my work like I usually do.


As he walks me back to the set, one thing is clear to me: This is my last movie while Eric and I are together.




It’s late by the time we get back to the hotel with a big bag of tacos to share. I go straight to the bathroom to shower because I feel dirty. I’m not expecting it when Eric gets in the shower with me while I’m washing my body.


“Allow me,” he purrs as he takes the washcloth from me.


“Your tacos.” I turn around so he can wash me all over again.


“Making sure my girl is nice and clean trumps tacos,” he says. His large hand moves the washcloth over my stomach, making sure there are no signs of Preston’s cum left.


“And here I thought you were after my taco,” I snicker.


“Believe me, I am,” he says as his hands moves down between my legs. “Are you feeling up for it?” He takes the washcloth away and places his hand over my pussy again without the barrier.


“Be gentle,” I reply. Take two took a little longer and got a little rougher.


“I can do that.” Eric presses me against the cool tile. He drops his head to capture my lips with his as he rubs his erection over my stomach. After a moment he lifts me by my thighs and slowly slides his thick length into me.


“Fuuuuck, that’s what I need,” I moan and wrap myself around him. My teeth tug on his plump bottom lip before he plunges his tongue into my mouth. Eric’s hips move slowly but it feels fucking amazing.


His hands slip under me, holding me in place. I feel his fingertips run through my cheeks as he swivels on each slow upstroke. Eric’s thick shaft starts to pulse inside of me as he breaks the kiss to rest his forehead on mine. I can feel his heavy breaths fanning over my face.


“I shouldn’t want to cum this quick,” he pants with a small smile.


“Take me with you, Eric,” I breathe and reach down to play with my clit. It makes my walls pulse and milk him.


I feel the tip of his finger enter my ass. He growls when my pussy starts to flutter and grip his length.


“Oh fuck,” he pants. “Fuckfuckfuck…” He drives in deep one last time so I can feel his shaft twitching as he pumps me full of cum.


I cry out when his orgasm triggers mine. He’s buried in me as my walls clamp down on him, making him groan and slam a hand against the marble wall to keep us upright. I kiss and nibble on his neck while he catches his breath. This might just be the best sex I’ve had in… Ever.


It takes him a minute to catch his breath and set me on my feet again. Eric wraps his arms around me to hold me as the warm water cascades over us.


“I know it isn’t real because you didn’t make that face today. The one you make only for me,” he tells me as he starts to sway me from side to side.


“I only want to make it for you,” I admit in a whisper in his ear before kissing its shell.


“That’s all I needed to hear,” he whispers back. He tugs my head back and licks my lips. He keeps the kiss slow, this time without closing his eyes, as he nips and sucks on my bottom lip before sliding his tongue into my mouth again.


Our eyes stay connected while our mouths work. Eric’s hips stay still and I don’t try to get him going again. Every emotion either of us is feeling passes back and forth through the kiss and our eyes. It’s intense. When the kiss breaks I have to wash again but it’s worth it.


After we’re done in the shower and all dried off, we park ourselves on the couch to eat tacos and one of the Harry Potter movies on TV. The food is fantastic and it’s obvious that Eric’s taste buds are in heaven right now.


“These are the best tacos in L.A.” I tell him.


“I don’t doubt it,” he groans as he finishes his first taco.


“It’s a good thing we got a dozen,” I chuckle. “The breakfast tacos are amazing too. They use woven bacon as a second tortilla.”


“I think we need to make a return trip in the morning.” He goes for his second one.


I concur. The bacon blanket is glued to the tortilla with pepper jack cheese and then scrambled eggs with chorizo and cilantro in them are loaded into the taco with a little salsa, sour cream and queso. They’re fucking addictive. Eric and I will come back here just for the tacos. Or maybe he’ll figure out how to make them at home. Lord knows I can’t. I’ll have to get better at cooking, though.


When all is said and done, I’ve eaten three tacos to Eric’s six. I’m glad there’s a snack left for him. He’s got a mini fridge and a microwave, so if he gets hungry he can warm up the leftovers. Once they’re put away we stretch out on the bed together to snuggle and watch the movie together. His fingers are teasing my skin where my leg meets my ass and it’s making me surprisingly horny.


So I graze my fingers over his lower abdomen and I can see his dick twitch in response. To test me, Eric slides his hand back a little farther to trail his fingertips through my cheeks.


My breath catches and I up the ante by kissing his nipple. I hear him hiss when my tongue flicks it slowly.


Eric pulls his hand away. He brings it to my lips and whispers, “Get them wet,” as he traces my bottom lip with his middle finger.


I look up at him and suck his fingers into my mouth. My head bobs for a few seconds like I’m giving him head before I release his wet fingers. I lift my left leg to rest over his while my hand moves farther down to rub his sac. He places his middle finger at my back entrance and starts to rub slowly before it enters me. He starts to slowly pump his hips against me as his finger pushes in deeper. He pulls it out, building a slow, steady rhythm.


I manage to get myself turned around so I’m straddling Eric’s chest with my pussy in his face. My lips wrap around his swollen tip and suck while my hand begins to glide up and down his solid shaft.


“Fuck,” he hisses. I feel his head shift before he pulls my hips back. He tilts his head so he can tease my clit with the tip of his tongue. I feel his fingers toying with my entrance as he flicks the swollen nub.


I moan and take more of him in my mouth to get his shaft wetter. When I lift my head I ask, “Do you want your big dick deep in my ass, baby?”


“Fuck yes,” he breathes.


“Do you want to own it like you did my cunt?” I squeeze his sac.


“It’s mine, isn’t it?” he growls and gives me a little smack on my right cheek.


“Mmm… I think you’ll have to show me,” I challenge and suck his tip again.


“I think you need to get down there and ride my dick,” he commands.


“Yes, Sir,” I smile. I shift to straddle his hips instead and sink down on his cock. I didn’t bring lube but it’ll be fine if I ride him for a minute. The hard slaps on my ass make my pussy gush and he knows it.


I rock my hips and begin to rise and fall only a few inches to get his cock all lubed up. Eric slaps my ass every few seconds and my fingers work my clit quickly so I’m close to cumming when he rolls us over. Eric’s weight presses me into the mattress and with a subtle shift; he moves his dick to my back entrance.


I clutch at the sheets while he fills me. He bites my shoulder as he starts to thrust. Eric goes slowly at first to give me time to adjust but he quickly goes deeper and faster. His weight and warmth leave my back and he straddles my thighs. Eric’s hands lift my hips off the bed and I’m grateful I’m holding onto the bed when he starts pounding into me.


“Ohmyfuckinggod!” I cry out. He’s so fucking deep in me right now and it feels so goddamn tight. I love it.


“Who does this sexy fucking ass belong to, pretty girl?” he growls and gives me a hard slap on my left cheek.


“You, Eric! Only you!” I cry out. My hand moves down to play with my clit. Jesus, this is so fucking good.


“It better fucking stay that way.” He smacks me again. He falls forward onto his hands and starts to grind against me on each deep thrust. “Tell me you’re mine, Sookie,” he purrs into my ear. “All of you.”


“I’m yours,” I breathe. I don’t even have to think about it and it doesn’t feel wrong to say it. “I’m all fucking yours, Eric. Fuuuuck, I’m gonna cum,” I moan.


“Do it. Take me with you,” he pants as his orgasm builds. “I want to fill every one of your tight, warm holes with my cum before the night is out.”


My body trembles at the notion of it and within seconds my fingers working my clit push me over the edge. I scream into the pillow under my head as the orgasm takes over. Eric starts panting harder as his hips speed up, slamming into me. It takes all of three pumps before he cums with a roar, filling me with his release.


“Fuck,” he barks as his hips jerk against me.


I groan and my body goes limp. A grunt leaves me when Eric’s weight crushes me against the bed. I turn my head and somehow my lips find his. We’re both breathing hard and after a minute or so he gently pulls out of me. His cock rests between my thighs, tickling my lower lips a little bit.


“I meant it, you know. I’m yours,” I whisper against his lips.


Eric growls and I end up rolled onto my back. We lie there making out for I don’t know how long and it’s just the tip of the iceberg of one of the best nights of my life.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. Such a hot chapter! Loved it! Eric’s totally onto Sookie in spite of her unavowed yet blatantly clear jealousy and feelings for him… I think he is smart to not push her and wait for her to realise things as she looks like she might get skittish… Now if she is feeling this way just by seeing Nora’s come ons and being with Preston in front of Eric, she surely has to wonder how she would feel if Eric did bring a girl home some time and she saw them at breakfast… Which I doubt Eric would do but that is OK per their current cohabitation terms…


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