Chapter 13


“Did I already tell you how gorgeous you look?” I ask Sookie as my hands slide down to grab her perfect ass. We’re in the middle of the dance floor and I think we’ve had a few too many drinks, but that isn’t stopping us.


“You did,” she giggles. “Did I tell you how sexy you look in that suit?”


“Mmm, not yet,” I purr and bend at the knees so I can kiss her neck. Thalia did wonderful picking this dress for her. She has a gorgeous neck.


“You should check my panties,” Sookie says softly in my ear.


“Here on the floor, or should we go back to the table… or to the bathroom?” I whisper and suck lightly below her ear.


Sookie whimpers and says, “We could go to my room upstairs.”


“Are you off of bathroom duty?”


“Mmhmm,” she hums and her hand moves between us to brush over my cock.


This is the Sookie I used to know.


I kiss her one more time and then ask, “Do you need to say bye to Thal?”


Sookie looks around and says, “I don’t see her. She might already be up in her room getting laid.”


I smile and take her hand. When we get to the bank of elevators Sookie wraps her arms around my neck and starts kissing my neck. It feels way too good and my hips move on their own to rub my cock on her stomach.


The elevator dings and I scoop Sookie up bridal style to walk onto the elevator.


“What floor?” I ask.


“Four.” She reaches out to push the button. “You’re gonna get a hernia if you don’t put me down.”


“You’re not heavy, Sookie,” I tell her.


“Hmm…” she hums and her mouth goes back to my neck to nibble and suck on it.


“Baby, if you keep doing that…” I moan. Her mouth feels amazing on me. My cock is solid right now.


“Do you want me to stop?” She tugs on my earlobe with her teeth.


“God, no,” I breathe. The elevator dings and I step off onto the floor. “What room?”


“429,” she replies. “Brie’s birthday.”


“That’s cute,” I grin and walk down to the room.


She pulls the key card out of the top of her dress and I turn her body to unlock the door. Once we’re in I kick the door closed behind us. I carry her to the bed and make her squeak when I drop her on it.


Sookie giggles and rolls to the side to take off her shoes. “Try to ignore the unsexy Spanx that have been holding my gut in for me all night.”


“I see nothing,” I promise her and I take my jacket off before I kick my shoes off. I start unbuttoning my shirt and pull it off too so I’m in my suit pants and undershirt.


Sookie scoots to the edge of the bed and kisses my stomach while her hands go to work getting my pants open. I can feel her warmth through the material and as soon as the zipper is down, my cock springs free. Sookie wastes no time and the tip of her tongue licks up the pre-cum.


“Baby, are you sure?” I ask. My hands go to her head and I stroke her hair back.


She licks me from base to tip and says, “I’m sure.” Her lips wrap around my head and suck.


“Oh fuck,” I groan.


My head drops back and I rest one hand on the back of her head while I start pulling my undershirt off with the other hand. Sookie wraps a hand around my shaft and starts to pump while her head bobs slowly. She looks up at me and moans softly, sending vibrations through my shaft.


“That’s so fucking good, Sookie,” I breathe. My hips begin to move of their own accord, but I release her head so she knows she can stop whenever she wants to. “So… fucking… hot,” I groan as she takes me a little deeper. It’s not going to take much for me to cum. I haven’t even jacked off since we started seeing each other again.


She releases my cock from her mouth and her lips move down to my balls. She licks and sucks each one and her hand never stops moving up and down my length.


“Jesus Christ, you’re going to make me cum, Sookie,” I warn her.


She smiles and her lips brush my shaft before they wrap around my head again. Her tongue swirls, teasing my tip, and her hand strokes me faster.


“That’s it, fuck, yes…” My balls tighten and I can feel my shaft pulse in her hand. “I’m…” I’m cut off when my orgasm takes over, making my knees go a little weak.


Sookie moans and hums, sucking hard to make sure she gets everything I have to offer before she releases me.


“I guess that means I still got it,” she says.


“You definitely got it,” I pant. “I need to sit.”


I move over and flop back on the bed next to her. Sookie lies back and curls into my side.


“I forgot how good you look naked,” she says.


“I want to see you naked so I can see how good you look right now,” I tell her and rub my hand up and down her back.


“I’ll need you to unzip me.” Sookie sits up and turns the other way.


I sit up with her and unzip her dress. I lean down and kiss her shoulder and tell her to stand up so the dress will fall.


“I’ll leave the Spanx to you,” I smile.


“I’ll be right back,” she says when she stands. Sookie keeps the dress in place and goes into the bathroom for a moment. When she comes back she stands at the end of the bed and lets the dress fall around her feet.


“Perfection,” I whisper as my eyes travel up and down her body. “Get up here.” I’m lying naked in the middle of the bed and I pat my hip.


Sookie crawls up on the bed and straddles my thighs. “Here?”


“Mmm, for now,” I hum and my hands land on her hips. I start rubbing up and down her sides. My cock is already hard again. I don’t know if she really wants to have sex, but my body is definitely ready.


She reaches back and takes her bra off. I don’t know where it lands when she throws it, but my hands go willingly when she moves them to her tits. Her back arches when I pluck her nipples.


I haven’t gone further than her tits yet, so I focus on them for a moment. I tug lightly the way I know she used to like. I keep one hand on her tits and I take a chance when I stroke softly down her stomach. My eyes are on hers the whole time.


“Is this okay?” I whisper when my hand is to her lower abdomen.


“Mmm… I told you to check my panties… and that was before I sucked your cock,” she says in a breathy voice.


I smile and reach into her panties. They’re drenched. My fingers slide through her folds, making us both groan.


“You are very wet, my dear,” I observe.


“I told you the suit was sexy,” she moans and her hips rock.


I move my fingers back to her opening and I wiggle two of them into her.


“This makes me want to cum again,” I tell her as I look up into her eyes.


“We’ll have to work on your stamina,” she winks and her walls pulse around my fingers when my thumb rubs her clit.


“Mmm, I assure you my stamina would be just fine if I didn’t have the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen riding my fingers.”


“Do you want me to ride something else?”


“I would love it if you rode something else,” I say, “You should touch my cock again. Feel how hard you make it.”


Sookie moans and wraps her hand around my shaft. She starts stroking me and asks, “Is this what you want me to ride, Eric?”


“Yes, please,” I nod and twist my fingers until I find her g-spot.


She gasps and her head falls back. Her hips start rocking faster and her walls start to clench. “Ohmygod,” she moans.


“Mmm, good girl, Sookie,” I moan when she cums on my hand. “Would you like more?” I ask. I pull my fingers out and bring them to my mouth to suck her juices off of them.


“Mmhmm,” she hums and picks her head up to look at me.


“You still taste amazing, baby,” I tell her. “Do you want to take your panties off?”


She shakes her head and says, “I want you to rip them off.”


“Yes, ma’am,” I smirk and reach down to tear off the flimsy fabric. I pull them away and throw them across the room. “All gone.”


“Thank you.” Sookie leans forward to kiss me. She’s still stroking me.


“Put me where you want me,” I whisper and grab the back of her head to hold her face close to mine. I want to see the look of ecstasy on her face when I fill her again.


Her body shifts and I feel my tip move up and down her slit a few times before Sookie finally starts to sink down slowly. Her eyes go wide and she bites her lip. It’s obvious she hasn’t had sex in a long time going by how tight she is. As bad as I want to flip her over and fuck her into the mattress, this is her show. I’m letting her lead this time.


I pull her face closer to mine so our lips are barely brushing over one another’s. My hand is locked into her hair and I whisper, “You’re still perfect, Sookie.”


“So are you,” she says as her hips drop the rest of the way, taking all of me.


I tilt my head up to close the small gap. My tongue slides between her lips and the hand I don’t have in her hair ghosts down her back to grab her ass. My hips begin to move in rhythm with hers and my cock starts to pulse.


“Tell me what you want,” I whisper. Right now I will give this woman absolutely anything she desires.


“Make me cum,” she says and moves her lips to my neck.


“Yes, dear,” I smile.


I start thrusting up faster. I move both hands to her ass so I can move her the way I need her to. With each thrust I’m able to make sure her clit rubs against my pelvic bone. I feel her breathing get heavier and I decide to roll us over. I sit up on my knees, brush my thumb over her clit and I angle my hips so my tip hits that sweet spot inside of her on each thrust.


“Cum for me, Sookie,” I growl when I feel her walls begin to flutter.


“Ohgodohgodohgod,” she chants and her eyes roll back as her orgasm rips through her.


I keep going, speeding up just a little before my own orgasm explodes on a deep in stroke.


“Fuuuuuck!” I roar before I collapse on top of her. It takes me a second to gain my composure and I pop up on my elbows so I can look down at her. “Still the most beautiful girl in the world when you cum,” I whisper and kiss her chin. I’m still buried inside of her, but my hips have stopped moving.


Her limbs wrap around me and she says, “I forgot how good that is.”


“I’m glad I could remind you,” I smile.


I drop down again and roll us over so she can lie on top of me and I wrap my arms tight around her waist.


“I guess this means we’re not going back downstairs,” she whispers and kisses her way around my chest.


“I’ll be wherever you want me to be.” My hands start roaming up and down her back, massaging her spine.


“Right here is good.”


“I couldn’t agree more.”




I wasn’t planning that, but I’m not sorry. I snuggle with Eric and we lie there quietly for a few minutes. My head is pleasantly fuzzy thanks to the amaretto sours I’ve been drinking since the reception started, but I’m not worried about feeling regret tomorrow. This is a good thing.


“Do you want to stay here tonight or do you want to go home?” I ask him a short time later.


“We can stay. It’ll be fun waking up in a strange hotel room with you,” he smiles.


I chuckle and kiss him.


“We can do the walk of shame together,” I say between little kisses.


“Mmm, I don’t know if you’re allowed to have a friend during the walk. It takes the sting of the shame out a little,” he tells me. “Plus I’m going to be proud to walk away from a night with you while I’m in yesterday’s clothes.”


“Smooth,” I giggle and nibble on his ear. “I should text Thal and tell her your balls are no longer in danger of turning black.”


“Good call. I’ll even let you send a picture since I’m positive she’s seen them,” he tells me.


“Nope, they’re mine. She has her own,” I giggle some more.


Eric presses my hips down and thrusts up. “They are definitely yours,” he purrs. “All of me is yours.”


“Good,” I moan and suck lightly on that special spot on his neck.


“Mmm, I love it when you do that,” he moans and turns his head to give me better access. His hips begin to thrust slowly under me.


I keep going, sucking lightly and occasionally dragging my teeth over the spot until Eric rolls us over again. His lips meet mine and I can feel him getting hard again.


Eric’s fingers thread with mine and he moves my hands above my head, pinning me in place.


“Is this okay?” he asks between kisses.


“Perfect,” I whisper and thrust my hips up.


“Mmm,” he hums. His thrusts are slow and he’s getting deeper than before. My legs move up to wrap around his ribs, changing the angle a little. “Are you going to let me do this all night?” he whispers as he starts to swivel his hips.


“If you think you can,” I reply.


“You know I can,” he smirks.


“I know you used to,” I smile back.


“Still just as sassy,” he says under his breath and pulls back to slam into me. “Tell me how you want it. Tell me what will make you cum hard for me.”


“Keep doing that,” I say.


“This?” he asks and slams into me again.


“Yes!” I cry out. “Keep doing that.”


Eric does it over and over. The tip of his cock is rubbing my g-spot and he dips his head to suck my neck.


“Mmm… so good,” I moan. He’s getting so deep inside me and when he grinds against me it makes my walls pulse around his shaft. I’m going to cum hard really soon if he keeps this up.


His hands squeeze mine and his hips move faster. “Cum for me, please, baby,” he pants.


My breathing gets shallow and the pressure builds up fast in my belly. Eric’s head dips down to catch my nipple between his lips and it sends me over the edge.


“Eric!” I cry out and my walls grip his shaft, trying to keep him deep inside me while I cum.


“Beautiful,” he whispers right before he pulls out and flips me onto my stomach. He pulls my hips up, and before I know it he’s driving back into me from behind. His hands cover my ass and his thrusts stay deep. “Fuck, I love watching your ass when I’m buried inside you,” he groans.


My head stays down against the pillow and I’m relieved to find that things haven’t changed too much in that area. I talked to one lady who said after her second child was born it was almost impossible for her to have an orgasm. Suddenly my issues with sneezing don’t seem so bad since I’m quickly on the verge of another orgasm.


One of Eric’s hands slides up to my hip to pull me back harder and he rubs his thumb through my rear cheeks. He applies a little pressure on my ass, but he doesn’t try to penetrate. He simply massages for a moment before he moves on and reaches below me to start rubbing my clit.


“I want you to cum again, Sookie.” It feels like Eric is getting thicker and deeper with each thrust.


Oh I’m going to cum; he doesn’t need to worry about that. I clutch the sheets and bury my face in the pillow right before it happens, muffling my moans. Eric just keeps thrusting through it.


“Ohmygod,” I moan once I’ve turned my head again.


Eric keeps his hand on my clit and the other slides up my spine. His hand threads into my hair and he pulls me up on my knees, flush against his chest.


“I want to hear you scream the next time,” he purrs into my ear. His head drops and he starts sucking on my neck. His hips slow and I feel his fingers speed up over my clit. “How much more can you take, baby?” he asks.


My heart is pounding and I’m still breathing hard. I shiver and I try to answer him but I just end up mumbling. I reach back to hold onto his neck and when the pressure explodes again, Eric gets his wish.


“Oh fuuuck!” I scream and my body shakes before I go limp.


“Mmm,” Eric moans. He has to hold me up so his arm warps around my shoulders while he keeps playing with my clit while his hips move slowly. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt you this wet,” he whispers.


I can’t talk. Words try to come out and they end up moans. I turn my head and rest it back on Eric’s shoulder. My lips graze his neck, but I’ve gone to the Jell-O stage. Nothing is cooperating with me.


Eric hums softly and stills his hips. He pulls out and helps me lie on my back. He hovers over me, pushes my legs up, hooking them over his arms, and he easily slides back in.


“My sweet girl,” he whispers and settles his weight on me, bending me in half. “And I haven’t gotten to eat your pussy yet…”


His hips begin to move in a steady rhythm. His mouth lands on my neck, kissing and sucking just below my jaw.


“One more,” he pleads, “I just need you to cum one more time and you’ll milk my orgasm from me.”


The angle of his thrusts is perfect. His cock is rubbing my g-spot with every stroke and his chest is grazing against my almost painfully hard nipples. Eric’s forehead presses against mine and our eyes lock just before I explode for him one more time. The look in his eyes is so intense that it brings tears to mine.


He angles his head to kiss me and I feel two long, hard thrusts before he erupts deep inside me. His hips jerk a few times, but he doesn’t break the kiss. He let’s go of my legs and his hands come up to gently stroke my hair back.


“You’re prefect, baby,” he says against my lips in barely a whisper.


“You’re crazy,” I smile softly and kiss him back.


“I don’t care what you call me as long as I get to say you’re mine,” he says quietly when he pulls his head up to look down at me.


“You’re mine,” I grin.


“I am,” he agrees.


He gently pulls out, but stays on top of me. Eric kisses me again and we lie there making out for a long time until Eric is ready to go again. I get an all night long reminder of just how incredible his stamina is and sometime just before dawn we finally fall asleep.




The stupid wakeup call jars me from sleep. I groan and reach out blindly for the phone. Between the hangover and my sore muscles, I just want to slap the person who decided ten o’clock was a good checkout time. I knock the phone off the hook to make the ringing stop and I feel Eric roll over to hug me.


“I want pull the pillow over my head and sleep until tomorrow,” I grumble. I’m comfortable lying on my stomach.


“I know, we have to get home though. Your mom is bringing Brie home at five,” he reminds me. That means we still have nine hours to sleep.


“Can’t I just give her up for temporary adoption?” I joke.


“You’ll miss her too much and run back to get her within the first ten minutes,” he teases and kisses the back of my head.


“I am a sucker for that little face,” I agree and turn my head to look at him.


Everyone is a sucker for that little face. You saw how quick she wrapped me around her little finger.”


“Yeah, but you’re a big softy.”


“There is that,” he chuckles. “Stay here, I’ll get you something for your head and coffee going.”


Eric gives me a quick kiss and rolls away. I get to watch his naked butt while he walks toward the bathroom. I stay put like he asked, simply because I don’t think I can move. He walks out a moment after I hear the toilet flush and the water running. He goes straight to the coffee pot to start making coffee.


“I may need you to not wear pants from now on,” I tell him.


“That may start to get awkward as the baby gets older,” he chuckles.


“Well you won’t let me put her up for adoption,” I snicker and flop onto my back.


“I didn’t say you couldn’t, I said you wouldn’t. I’ll help you find a good family if seeing my ass is more important,” he winks.


“I’ll start making calls,” I smile and close my eyes.


I hear Eric moving around the room. A few minutes pass and I hear a glass or mug set down on the nightstand closest to me.


“Coffee is ready,” he says quietly and sits down to rub my stomach through the blanket.


“Thanks.” I open my eyes and push myself up some so I’m leaned against the headboard. I reach over to get the coffee and take a drink. “What are your plans for today?”


“Snuggle with you until your mom drops off the baby,” he smiles.


“You mean until your other girlfriend comes around,” I chuckle.


“What can I say; she looks at me with those big blue eyes and those dimples… I’m a lost cause with that one,” he sighs dramatically.


“Just wait until she’s old enough to have a boyfriend her own age.”


Eric gasps and says, “She would never.”


“If she’s anything like her mother, yes she will.”


“As long as she comes home to me I’ll get past it,” he sighs. He smiles a moment later and says, “Plus I have you.”


“You do have me.” I take another drink of my coffee. “Do you really see yourself being around by the time Brie is old enough to date?”


“Yes,” he says without hesitation. “I can’t say I’m in love with you yet, but I love a lot of things about you. I’m head over heels in love with that little girl. If I have my way she won’t miss not having her biological father around ’cause she’ll have me…”


I smile and say, “Okay.” I’m not sure what else to say to that.


I finish my coffee and force myself to get up so I can shower.


“Are you coming with me or do you want the shower to yourself?” I ask him.


“I’m joining you. I was just enjoying the view.”


I smile again and keep walking into the bathroom. While the water warms up I take the bobby pins out of my hair and leave them on the sink. Eric walks into the room and hugs me from behind. He kisses my neck and I manage to mostly hold him off until we get in the shower.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 13

  1. Very nice lemons there. Eric did it carefully & made sure Sookie felt safe and in control at all times. Smart of him. Pleased that they are talking realistically about the future. 🙂


  2. That was an amazing chapter. Incredibly sexy. I like how Sookie was able to let go. Eric’s statement about being around in the future made me smile!


  3. Terrific chapter. Eric was incredibly tender and loving toward Sookie, and if she doesn’t get that he’s a good man from that, she never will. Their comments to one another about a shared future bode well. Nicely written!


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