Chapter 7: Lyin’ Eyes


Chapter 7: Lyin’ Eyes


On Sunday I sit with Bill’s family at church like I always do. Specifically, I sit beside Halleigh, Andy’s wife. Bill’s cousin is the sheriff of Renard Parish. His other cousin, Portia, is the assistant district attorney. At the end of the service I mingle with a few of the other parishioners while Andy does his Deacon’s duty, counting out the week’s donations.


Bill and I regularly give to several different charities, including the church. Our usual $100 donation went into the plate in the form of a check, the same as it always has every week for the last twenty-five years. We also support the local historical society and the town library.


Not to mention his whores.


Just yesterday afternoon I stumbled upon a statement for a P.O. Box in Shreveport. So of course I made a call to inquire about the box. They wouldn’t tell me much about it, which sent me on a search for the key. Of course I felt like an idiot when I remembered Bill left his keys at home since he was picked up by a car service. There was a key I didn’t recognize on his ring so I took it to the little shop in Shreveport a few blocks from his office.


In the box I found a credit card statement for an American Express card I know nothing about. At first I thought it was a business card since the charges were all made in Mississippi, but then I looked closer at the places the charges originated from. Expensive hotels, flower shops, jewelry stores, lingerie boutiques, upscale restaurants… A furniture store was even on there!


My blood boiled for a few moments. As soon as I got home I tucked the statement in with Bill’s other statements. I don’t know why he isn’t getting an electronic statement but whatever. The important thing is that I know. Sookie’s living a nice life thanks to him.


Halleigh breaks into my thoughts when she asks if I’m coming for brunch.


“Yes, I’d like that. The house is too quiet,” I say.


Lee’s at work and Bill’s fucking another woman. Plus I happen to know that Andy has a prescription for Viagra. Without it the youngest Bellefleur, their only son, wouldn’t have been possible. It must be something in the genes that make the men in that family predisposed to liking younger women. I’m four years younger than Bill and Halleigh is twelve years younger than Andy. Adversely, Portia’s husband is seven years older than she is.


“Where is Bill this weekend?” she asks.


“At the office in Jackson,” I sigh. “He’s talking about looking for an apartment there.”


“Is he there that much?” she asks, the shock evident.


“Every other week for the last few months,” I reply. “If it’s more cost effective to do that, I’m all for it. Next time he goes I’m going with him.”


“That’s good,” she smiles. “How are you guys doing? Still… good?” she finishes quietly, alluding to his womanizing.


“We could use a vacation, but otherwise we’re good,” I tell her. I wait until we’re outside the church to whisper, “He surprised me in the office on Friday before he left.” I don’t explain that the surprise was that I came.


“Really?” she whispers back. “Andy has to build up to it so there’s no surprises at my house.”


“That might be good with all the munchkins on the loose,” I chuckle. Their oldest is only thirteen and the baby is sixteen months. They have five girls ahead of him. Poor Andy is in for a few years of hell really soon.


“I don’t know, a little quickie in the pantry might be fun,” she giggles.


“Well hint around at it,” I advise. “And by hint around, I mean drag him in there and tell him you want it.” The men in our family seemed to be impervious to hints and subtlety.


“I can tell him that all day long, but he needs… help. You’re lucky Bill doesn’t need a pill to get it up.”


“Not yet,” I reply. “And I hope he never does.”


“For your sake, I hope so too,” she snorts. “At the same time, when he’s on, it’s amazing.”


“It sort of makes putting up with them worth it, doesn’t it?” I chuckle.


“It does,” she agrees, glancing over at Andy.


“Should I bring anything?” I ask as I pull my keys from my purse.


“No, it’s just you. I’m not worried about it. We’ll just be happy to have you there.”


“Alright. Then I’m going to run on home and change. I’ll see you soon.”


“See ya.”


I head off through the parking lot to find my SUV. I check my phone and see a missed call from Bill, so I call him back. Usually he doesn’t call me on his weekends away. Maybe he’s looking at an apartment or something.


“Hello, Darling,” he answers. He sounds like he’s in business mode.


“Hi. I’m just leaving church. How are you?” I carefully back out of my parking space. There are too many kids running around.


“Good. Tired. I was up late working last night,” he sighs. “How was church? Are you going to the Bellefleur brunch?”


“Yes, I am. Halleigh invited me. I’m going to run home and change, and go pick up some flowers for her,” I tell him. “Getting a lot of work done?”


“I am. I worked so late last night I actually slept in and missed going to the gym,” he chuckles.


“Wow.” The sad thing is, I think he was actually working, which makes me wonder what the hell Sookie is doing. “Well it’s Sunday. I’m sure you can find the time today.”


“We’ll see. I have lunch plans with a client that might run long.”


Uh huh.


“Well have a good day, honey. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”


I hear something in the background before Bill quickly says, “I’ll see you later,” and hangs up.


Ummm okay.


I want to call Sookie, but my other phone is at home. It only takes four minutes to get home from church. I park around back like always and let myself in through the kitchen door.


Up in my closet I get out my other phone and call Sookie. If she’s not the reason Bill hung up, we need to talk.


“Hello?” she answers cheerfully as I hear a sliding glass door shut.


“Are you with him?” I ask.


I grab a pair of khaki capri cargo pants and a plain white T-shirt from the closet. Brunch is always casual at Andy and Halleigh’s.


“I am,” she replies. I can hear the smile in her voice. She drops it down to a whisper and asks, “Was it you he hung up on?”


“Yes it was. He told me he was up late working last night and I actually believed him so I was just checking in. I’ll be getting the pill today,” I inform her.


“Great,” she sighs in relief. “I worked last night so he was at the bar until I got off. I was so tired I passed out before anything could happen so he may have gotten some work done,” she chuckles quietly.


“Alright. Well, I’ll let you know when I have the pill.” I kick off my heels and reach back to unzip my dress.


I hear the slider open again before Sookie says, “Great, Ginger, I’ll see you at work on Tuesday.” After that the line goes dead.


I turn the phone off and put it back in the shoebox. Bill wouldn’t have any reason to look in my shoe boxes. I set my dress aside to go to the cleaners. Part of me is angry, knowing that right now my husband is seducing another woman while I’m making excuses to his family about why he’s not in town.


Once I’m dressed I drive into Minden to stop at a little flower shop I love. I pick up a pretty arrangement of tulips and daffodils for Halleigh. I can’t help it. My mother always told me not to show up handed. Flowers are the least I can do if she doesn’t need me to bring food.


When I arrive at the house, the kids are playing in the yard, including little AJ, who is covered in mud. Oh my.


“Girls, what are you doing to your brother?” I laugh. AJ looks like he’s having a great time.


“He’s the Mud Man!” The seven-year-old explains.


“Caroline, I’d get in here before they cover you too,” Halleigh calls from the house.


“Mama help!” AJ yells, throwing his little arms up.


“I’ll get him,” I offer.


Andy appears at the door and yells, “Jesus tits, what did you girls do now?” His cursing gets him a slap on the arm and a dirty look from his wife.


“Andy, go get the boy,” she grumbles. “I don’t want him getting Caroline muddy.” He reluctantly walks out to get him. Of course he gets hit with a flying mudball.


“Jesus tits!” Andy yells again, making his daughters howl with laughter.


“Andrew Jackson Bellefleur the third!” Halleigh admonishes.


“Sorry, sweetheart,” he apologizes. Andy comes off hard but he’s a big teddy bear with a mushy center.


“Come on, Caroline,” she says, shaking her head.


“Here.” I give her the flowers.


“Aww, you didn’t have to,” Halleigh grins.


“Someone should be bringing you flowers,” I say loudly.


“I brought her some last month!” Andy yells back.


“He was making up for being an ass,” Halleigh snorts.


“Daddy, I shooey,” AJ says. He pooped.


“Oh Jesus tits!”


“I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean,” Halleigh says as she closes the door behind us. “He’s been extra grumpy lately for some reason. Maybe male menopause.”


“I heard that!” Andy barks as he lifts AJ like he’s covered in toxic waste.


“For heaven’s sake, Andy. Put AJ in the tub and I’ll give him a bath,” I chuckle.


He mutters something about someone being crazy as he walks by with a wiggly toddler. I follow him inside and upstairs to the bathroom. He puts AJ in the tub and turns on the shower to rinse him off. Of course AJ flips out and water goes everywhere.


“Jesus tits!” Andy curses over his screaming son.


“I’ll go get more towels,” I offer. They’re in the closet in the master bathroom which just happens to be where the Viagra is kept. I saw it there once when I went to get some adult ibuprofen from their medicine cabinet.


When I open the cabinet over the sink I’m not sure how many pills are in the bottle but the prescription is for thirty. I shake two onto my palm and quickly put the bottle back. Just by looking I wouldn’t know two pills are gone and the prescription was filled almost four months ago, so it’s possible they’re not counting the pills. I wouldn’t be.


I pocket the pills and then move on to get towels for Andy and AJ. It takes all my willpower not to grin. I have the answer to all my problems right in my pocket.




I could tell by the look on Bill’s face when I walked in that he thought I caught him doing something wrong. Of course what he’s doing with me is wrong, but hopefully that will be over soon enough.


To keep him engaged I have to do my best to make it seem like I want him. Especially after I crashed last night.


“It’s a lovely day,” I smile as I turn to lean on the balcony after I turn my phone off. Hearing from Caroline while her husband is trying to seduce me is not the best idea.


“Stunning,” he agrees, his eyes traveling up and down my body. “Feeling better, princess?”


“I feel a lot better,” I nod. I turn so my back is to him to watch the scenery and the people walking by. I actually do feel pretty good today.


Bill walks up behind me and rubs himself against my ass. “Daddy missed you last night, princess.”


“Mmm, I missed you too,” I breathe. I rock my hips to counter his rhythm. I haven’t heard from Eric again and sadly, I am pretty horny. I don’t want to sleep with Bill, but I need to keep up appearances. I lift the back of my dress so he’s rubbing against the lace covering my ass.


“Do you want it right here on the balcony, princess?” Bill tugs my panties down and unzips his pants.


“Wait a minute,” I tell him. I reach down and start to rub my folds. I have a small fantasy that’s my go to when Bill isn’t doing it for me. It’s the last time Eric fucked me with my toy while he licked my clit. “Mmm, there we go,” I whisper to myself when I start to feel my juices flowing. Bill’s hard-on is rubbing through my rear cheeks. “You don’t think we’ll get caught?” I ask over my shoulder.


“No,” he replies. His lips catch mine and he thrusts into me, but it’s not as good as when Eric does it. Bill breaks the kiss and groans, “Daddy loves how wet you get, princess.”


“Mmm, and I love how good you feel, Daddy,” I reply, faking a moan. I keep my hand on my pussy so I can rub my clit while he slowly pumps in and out of me.


Bill sucks and nibbles on my neck while he fucks me. His hands are on the railing for leverage, but he’s nowhere near as deep as Eric got last night. I start to push my hips back into him.


“Make me feel it, Daddy,” I breathe. I have to coax him into getting a little wilder. Eric just fucks me. I need to stop thinking about him, but it’s keeping me wet.


Bill’s hands grab my shoulders and his hips slap against my ass when his thrusts speed up. He’s grunting and groaning like he’s close already.


I push my ass out and reach back to grab his hips. “Stop,” I direct him. He lets out a deep groan of disappointment, but he stops. I pull off of his cock and turn to squat down so his cock is bobbing right in front of my face. I haven’t felt sick at all today and for some reason this just sounds better. I wrap my lips around his cock, moaning when my juices hit my tongue.


“Oh fuck,” he hisses. Bill grabs my hair and starts thrusting his hips again, making me gag a little.


I look up to lock my eyes on his while I dig my fingertips into his ass. I pull off his cock after a moment and tell him, “I want to make this last as long as possible, Daddy.” I want to make him willing to take the Viagra next time. If I tell him I want him to last longer, maybe he’ll take it no questions asked.


“Feels… So… Good…” Bill pants as I stroke him. “Princess, I need to be in you.”


“Okay, Daddy,” I say sweetly. I stand up, keeping my fingers wrapped around his cock and lead him back into the room. When we reach the desk I bend over, flip my skirt up and spread my legs shoulder width apart. I reach back to rub my opening to keep my juices flowing. “Is this where you want to be?” I pump two fingers in and out of my pussy.


“Fuck yes,” he growls and pushes his cock in alongside my fingers.


Holy shit. That actually feels good. I continue to move my fingers in and out as he fucks me.


“I want you to make me cum,” I pant. It’s possible. He’s done it once or twice.


“Mmm… Does my princess want it rough?” Bill asks me.


“Yes,” I hiss. My fingers are stretching me so it almost feels like Eric is fucking me. I close my eyes and drop my head as he fucks me. If I imagine someone else I should be able to get off.


Unfortunately Bill’s idea of rough is a weak slap on the ass and an even weaker tug on my hair. It’s not Eric’s hand on my throat, squeezing lightly as he tells me how much he loves pounding into my cunt and hearing me scream for him over and over.


I pull my fingers out and start to rub my clit quickly. If I think about the time Eric fucked me over his desk in his office while people were walking around right outside I can feel it. He made me cum so fucking hard that day and I couldn’t cry out.


“That’s it,” I pant. I start intentionally clenching my muscles around him to make him feel like I’m about to have an orgasm.


“Oh fuckfuckfuck!” Bill shouts. He finally slaps my ass harder. “That’s good, princess. Cum with Daddy.”


“Yes!” I cry out, clenching hard around him. Bill ends up cumming inside of me, grunting as he empties himself. When he falls forward, crushing me to the desk I get nervous about the baby. I know it’s safely tucked into its little home for a while but his weight makes me nervous. Strange that I didn’t get that feeling from Eric last night. “I need to sit down,” I say as I push my panties all the way down my thighs. Bill groans when he pulls out and sees his cum rushing out a couple seconds later.


“Mmm… When are you going to let me make an honest woman out of you?”


I hold back the snort that threatens to leave my mouth. I flip my skirt back to cover my ass and stand up to move over to the bed. I look at him and he looks serious.


“Bill, are you serious?” I ask him.


“Why wouldn’t I be? You’re beautiful, smart and I enjoy your company. I’d be lucky to be your husband.”


I start to giggle and say, “You’re crazy, you know that?” What a piece of shit.


“I’m serious. You’d have a very good life with me, Sookie,” he says. Nevermind he’s still married.


“I’m sure I would, but I don’t think I’m ready for that. What we have going on is enough for me at the moment,” I tell him. I scoot back on the bed and spread my legs again, reaching down to rub my clit slowly. I didn’t get an orgasm and my body wants one. Plus, it’ll get Bill off of this stupid marriage thing. It would be different if I loved him. If I loved him I wouldn’t be going along with Caroline’s plan.


“Need a hand?” Bill offers. He’s easily distracted.


“I’m being a greedy girl, Daddy,” I purr. He climbs onto the bed without taking his eyes off of my hand. “Are you sure you don’t just want to watch?” I spread my lips so he can see his cum sitting just inside of my core. He’s seen it all; I can give him one last thrill. Hell, maybe I can get him to get overly excited without the pill.


“I can watch,” he says. He reaches down to stroke himself. It’ll take him a while to get it up again.




“I wish you could get hard again right now,” I whisper, flicking my eyes down to his flaccid penis. I push three fingers into my pussy, dropping my head back with my eyes closed so I can imagine Eric fingering me. I start to pant softly as I dig my fingers in deeper, slowly pumping in and out.


“Me too, princess,” he groans.


I pull my wet fingers back to rub my clit quickly. As long as he stays quiet I’m sure I can get myself off fairly quickly. I start thinking about the time Eric got me off when we were out to dinner the first time. It was a little slutty, but I bet him he couldn’t do it. I was wrong. Very wrong because I had an orgasm right in front of our waiter.


“Fuck… oh…” I pant. I’m so close.


“Keep going, princess,” Bill encourages.


“Yes, Daddy,” I breathe. I move my other hand down to push two fingers into my pussy while I rub my clit a little faster. “Oh god!” I shout when I finally cum. If Bill notices my reaction is different from when I fake it he doesn’t say anything. My hands slow down and my back arches some with the last couple aftershocks.


“Turn over, princess. Daddy’s ready again,” he says.


Fuck. I didn’t expect that. It’s usually a good hour before he’s ready again. I do as he says though and turn onto my stomach, pushing up to my hands and knees.


Bill and I end up fooling around the rest of the day until I get sick again. Even then he wants to continue. Thankfully he doesn’t bring up marriage again. If he does, I may have to kill the plan instead of Bill and hope to god I win the lottery to help take care of my baby. However, if I tell Caroline she’s probably going to want me to kill him faster. Fucker. I hate him and I hate myself for going along with this bullshit.


Chapter 7


9 thoughts on “Chapter 7: Lyin’ Eyes

  1. Oh grossness. I know you post the warnings but I still feel like I need a hot shower after reading this. I’m surprised Sookie didn’t throw up all over his disgustingly creepy self. Honestly, kill him with a massive heart attack at his other girlfriend’s place preferably with him dying on top of the latest one….just sayin’


  2. Thank you for the warning! Can we rename the Bill sex scenes to something other than lemons? I have a rather sour expression on my face right now that could be mistaken as lemon-puckered, but I think it’s nausea from the images of Bill and his expressions of “Daddy and his princess.” I’m cringing along with estrella75.
    Caroline still seems to be pretty pissed off at Sookie, thinking that all of that money is being spent on her. I bet that bitch ends up framing her. She’ll have all of Bon Temps backing her too; the cousin who’s the sheriff, the other one who’s the ADA, no one will ever believe she plotted it.


  3. I think bill ‘s planning some murder of his own or he’s planning polygamy which I doubt, but caroline and him are a couple of dumbasses. sookie better cut that shit or she’ll be the next caroline or bill. eric has issues as well from his trauma ,so sookie has to cut him some slack as well. he wants to make sure he has that person 100 percent because they’ll have him 200%.


  4. Sookie Sookie. This is all so many kinds of wrong. It’s not just you against the world. You have Eric to help with the baby now, If only you’d let him.

    Hmm. I get the impression that Bill doesn’t buy her expensive things. So who is he buy stuff for? If Caroline asks her flat out about the credit card charges, they may get to the bottom of things.

    I am all kinds of torn over this story. I kinda hope she doesn’t go through with it. Maybe there’s another mistress who will voluntarily give him viagra?

    Even with warnings. Even with her thinking of Eric. Ewwwww. Bill.


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