Chapter 9


“Wh… what?” I stutter. This is not what I came here for.


“You heard me.” Sookie takes off her bra.


“Are you sure?” I ask without moving. I don’t want to fuck up this friendship.


“You were there for me when I needed a distraction and was desperate to get high. I’m returning that favor. Plus those abs are sexy.” She pushes her leggings and panties down over her hips.


I stand up and pull my shirt over my head. “So… we just use each other for a cheap high?” I ask as I unbutton my jeans.


“Trust me, it’s not cheap.”


I smile and push my jeans down my thighs. My body has transformed so much over the last few weeks I barely recognize myself in the mirror anymore.


“Lay on your back, Sookie,” I tell her. I have the opportunity to have her in a bed. I want to show her how good bed sex can be, even if it’s a twin.


She steps backward until her knees hit the edge of the bed. She sits down and scoots back toward the pillows.


“Spread your legs.” I kneel at the end of the bed to watch her body. She’s fucking gorgeous.


Sookie does as I ask, slowly parting her thighs to reveal everything.


“Mmm,” I hum as I go down on my elbows. From what I gather Luke is shit in bed so I’m going to assume he didn’t give good head either.


I press her thighs back and groan when I trace her lower lips with the tip of my tongue. I can already tell she’s delicious.


“Is this okay?” I ask and drag my flattened tongue along her slit.


“Mmhmm… Planning on setting up camp?” Sookie smirks.


“I can spend hours down here,” I inform her and use my thumbs to spread her lips.


“Oh really?”


“Mmhmm, I hope you didn’t have plans for dinner.”


“It’s a twenty-four hour cafeteria. I’ll be fine,” she says.


I smile and dip down to rub my tongue around her opening. I shift my hand and begin to rub her clit as I massage her entrance.


“That’s good,” Sookie whispers.


I thrust my tongue into her, curling the tip as I drag it out. She’s starting to get really fucking wet… and she’s fucking delicious.


“Again,” she breathes.


I do as I’m told and slide my tongue in, curling and rolling on the way out. I do this over and over as I use my thumb and forefinger to pinch her clit lightly.


“Oh wow,” she pants and her hands move to her tits to play with her nipples.


I change it up some and move my lips up to her nub while I push two fingers into her core. I don’t tease; I immediately find her g-spot and start to rub slowly. The sounds coming from her mouth are making my cock solid as a fucking rock.


“Mmm… Eric, so good,” Sookie moans as her hips start to move.


I throw my arm over her hips as my fingers speed up and I start to suck on her clit. I want to feel her cum so fucking bad.


“Eric!” she cries out and grabs my hair. Her walls begin pulsing around my fingers. “Ohhhh fuuuuck,” she moans.


“Mmm,” I hum against her clit, sending vibrations straight through her core. I start to flick her nub with the tip of my tongue, flicking out every few seconds to lick the top of her entrance.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” Her pussy grips my fingers hard and her eyes squeeze shut when she cums.


“So fucking beautiful,” I breathe. I start to move up her body, keeping my fingers inside of her. When I get to her mouth I lick her lips and ask, “Are you ready to feel my cock, Sookie?”


“Mmhmm,” she hums.


I pull my fingers out, replacing them with my tip. I tease her a little with shallow thrusts, just allowing her to have my tip.


“You want it all?”


“Yes,” she pants. “Give it to me.”


I hook her legs, pushing them back as I slide in deep.


“Fuck,” I hiss. Her walls are still pulsing from her orgasm.


“Ohmygod.” Her eyes close again.


It takes me a second to get my bearings before I pull almost all the way out and drive in hard again. I start pounding into her, my hips slapping against her inner thighs.


“Fuck, you feel so fucking good,” I pant.


I kiss her quickly before sitting back on my knees. I grab her hips and use my newly acquired muscles to pull her down my shaft as I thrust forward. Her feet move up to my shoulders, making her feel insanely tight with her legs closed some.


“So… deep…” Sookie moans.


“Mmm, mmhmm. Let me feel you cum again,” I pant.


I life her ass a little higher and I know it’s the right angle when she gasps. I can feel her walls pulsing and I know she’s about to cum. Hard.


“Fuckfuckfuck! Eric!”


If everyone in the building didn’t hear that, I’ll be amazed. Her body trembles and her eyes squeeze shut again as a tremendous orgasm rocks her. Her pussy clenches so hard Sookie almost pushes me out of her.


“Mmm, fuck, that’s fucking good,” I groan.


I pull out, close her legs so I can straddle them, and slide back in. Her eyes snap open to look up at me. In this position my length rubs over her clit on each thrust. I lean over her body, caging her in with my hands next to her head.


“You want to make me high?” I whisper, “Let me see you do that again.” I go slow this time so she can feel every inch sliding across her swollen nub as I stretch her core.


Sookie whimpers and her eyes roll back a little. She’s still a bit shaky from her last orgasm. I drop my weight on her, sliding my hands out to take hers to I can raise them above her head. I grip her wrists in one hand while I maneuver my lower body to untrap one of her legs. I hook that leg over my elbow, showing just how limber she is and allowing me to get insanely deep.


“I can do this for hours, beautiful,” I whisper and dip my head to suck lightly on her neck.


Again she whimpers and her head moves to give me better access to her neck. She doesn’t even try to fight to get her hands back.


“Are you okay?” I ask, slowing my movements.


“Mmhmm,” she hums.


I speed up again and arch down to wrap my lips around one of her nipples. I start to suckle, rubbing the tight bud with the tip of my tongue as my hips begin to swivel on each deep thrust. I’m pretty fucking sure when she cums again she’s taking me with her.


“Oh God,” Sookie groans. “Eric, faster,” she pleads.


“As you wish,” I purr and speed up. I start slamming into her over and over. I scrape her nipple with my teeth, making her back arch. Fuck, she’s so fucking sexy it makes me fucking crazy to watch her. These last couple weeks have been so fucking hard, but we both needed the time to work on ourselves.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuck!” she screams again when she cums.


“Mmm, so fucking hot… fuck, where do you want it?” I pant when her pussy starts to milk my orgasm from me.


“Anywhere,” she pants.


I drive in a handful of times before I can’t hold back anymore. When I cum I’m still buried deep inside of her. There’s something so fucking hot about filling her up like this.


“Fuck, yes!” I roar. Fuck I don’t want to fucking stop.


My hips slow and I move my mouth up to hers to kiss her softly. She’s fucking right, this high is far better than a line or a joint.


“I don’t want to stop,” I chuckle.


“Unless you popped a Viagra when I wasn’t looking, we might not have a choice,” she pants.


“It won’t take a whole hell of a lot to get hard again,” I tell her. “I’m only twenty-five, not fifty.” And more importantly, I’m not that fucker Luke, who apparently needs a shitton of  rebound time. Fuck, I just need to flip her over and the sight of her bare ass will get me going again.


“If you think you’ve got it in you…” she trails off.


“Mmm, I know I do,” I smile. I pull out and sit back to flip her over. I pull her up onto her hands and knees. “Your ass is perfect, you know that, right?” I ask as I rub her rear cheeks. I watch as my cum dribbles out of her and reach down to massage it into her clit.


“It’s getting there,” Sookie says.


The sight of her pussy clenching makes my dick start to get hard again. In under five minutes I’m ready to go. I sit up on my knees, drag my head through her slick folds and drive into her from behind without warning.


Fuuuuck… I never want to fucking stop…


“Ohhhhh fuuuuu…” Sookie moans and her head drops down into her pillow to muffle the sounds she’s making.


I spread her cheeks, rubbing my thumb over her rear entrance. I dated a chick a while back that wanted it in her ass just about every day and oddly, I got tired of it. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to play a little.


I keep my thrusts slow, getting as deep as possible. I want to make this last as long as I can. I don’t know when I’m going to get this from her again. Sookie starts to back up to meet my thrusts but her face stays buried in the pillow. She groans every time I fill her.


I figured out she likes it hard in the couple times we were together. Without thinking, I smack her ass before I grab her cheeks and begin to drive in hard, going nice and deep.


“You like that, beautiful?” I ask when her pussy starts to clench around my length.


“Fuck, yes! Again,” she moans.


I spank her again and then again when her walls begin to flutter rapidly.


“How hard do you want it?” I smack her ass a little harder, this time leaving a bright red handprint on her left cheek.


“That’s enough,” she pants.


I grab onto her waist so I can pull her back against me as I thrust forward. She was never really fat, but she was definitely overweight, always gorgeous. Now her hourglass figure is perfect. Her hips flare out like perfect little handlebars and her waist dips in just enough. I know she’ll lose more weight and her body will reshape a little more, but if I could keep her just like this I would be happy.


I speed up a little more and when I feel her walls begin to pulse out of control I ask, “How many times do you want to cum?”


Her response is unintelligible thanks to yet another orgasm, and afterward her body goes limp.


I chuckle and collapse on top of her. I know my head hits her sweet spot when she starts to gasp on each in stroke.


“Do you want me to stop?” I ask as my hips slap against her ass.


“No,” she breathes.


Good. I would’ve stopped but I’m not in the mood for blue balls.


I move her hair out of the way, turning her head some so can I suck and kiss her neck. She smells like sweat and whatever it is that makes up her delicious scent. Her skin is salty and a little sweet. I really want to devour this girl.


I don’t know how long we go on like this but it seems like hours, and two more orgasms from Sookie, before I’m ready to cum again. We’re both all sticky a sweaty. At this point I have her against the wall, driving in hard. Her legs are hooked over my arms and I’m able to get so fucking deep I feel like I’m seeing fucking stars by the time I’m ready to explode.


“Give me one more, baby… that’s all I need…” I pant. I’m going to be so fucking sore tomorrow.


Her strong little hands are doing their share of damage on my back and I’m pretty sure she finally draws blood when she cums one last time. All she can do is whimper and I see a tear drop out of her right eye.


“Good girl,” I whisper just before I lose it. My hips slam into her one last time, pushing her hard against the wall. “Fuckfuckfuck…” I chant as my orgasm takes over. I stagger back and fall onto her bed with Sookie falling on top of me. I think we’re both ready to tap out.




When I wake up from my involuntary nap, I’m still lying on top of Eric. He’s snoring softly and his tentacles are wrapped around my back. I gently disengage myself from him and stumble to my bathroom. I’ve never been sore from sex before, but I’m going to feel this for a few days. Jesus, he’s an animal. Who knew he had that kind of stamina? Hell, who knew I had that kind of stamina?


I start the shower and carefully get into the tub so I can wash off. I don’t know what his plans are or how long he plans on staying asleep, but I need food. My stomach is rumbling like crazy. I wash my body off; including the several deposits of cum he left in me and on me. When I get out of the shower I dry off and go back into my room to put on a fresh pair of leggings and a new shirt.


I’m tempted to leave Eric where he is without disturbing him but it seems rude to do that since he’s in my room and not his. So I lean over the bed and kiss his forehead.


“Eric,” I whisper. It’s well past dinnertime… almost nine.


“Huh?” he whispers back without opening his eyes.


“I’m going to go grab some food. Do you want to come with me?” I ask and tickle his newly defined abs. It makes his mouth twitch, which is absolutely adorable.


“Yeah,” he agrees. His eyes crack open and he sits up, exposing the wounds I inflicted on his back.


“Oh my God,” I gasp and cover my mouth. I really got him this time. Jesus. I definitely scratched hard enough to make him bleed. “Eric, your back…”


“What about it?” he asks over his shoulder.


“We need to go clean you up. I got a little carried away with the scratching,” I admit.


“It just means I was doing my job right,” he smirks as he stands. “Can I use your shower?”


“Yeah, of course you can,” I nod. “Do you want me to wash that blood off your back or do you think you can get it?”


“I might need some help. I don’t even know where it’s at,” he chuckles as he saunters toward my bathroom.


His ass is in great shape too.


I follow him into the bathroom and grab a washcloth from under the sink. While he gets the water going for the shower, I turn on the sink and dampen the cloth. Eric keeps his back to me while I carefully reach up and gently start to clean off the scratches, making him hiss a little.


“Sorry,” I apologize with a cringe. At the time, I didn’t even realize I was doing it.


“It’s alright,” he says. “I’ve had worse scrapes.”


I still feel bad for beating him up a little bit. Once I get the scratches cleaned off I leave him alone in the bathroom to shower up. I catch the headlines on one of the news channels we get and try to decide what to eat for dinner. I’ve been really good about limiting my junk food intake. I let myself have some sort of junky dessert every other day, but otherwise I’m trying really hard to stay away from fried foods and processed crap when I can. When I get home I’m going to have to seriously do some purging in my pantry and because everything in there was pretty much complete crap.


Eric comes out of the bathroom dried off and completely naked. If my lady parts weren’t so sore right now, I’d probably pounce on him. I don’t know if my offering helped him, but I’d like to think it did. I know it cured my itch to get high off my ass.


It doesn’t help when he bends over to pick up his jeans and boxers.


I wolf whistle at him and say, “Lookin’ good, hot stuff.”


“I could say the same to you,” he says as he slips his clothes on.


“It’s a good thing I’m running out of time here. All of my clothes are baggy on me now,” I sigh. No more strapless dresses while I’m here, that’s for damn sure.


“You don’t have to wear clothes around me,” he winks. “You know everyone within a five mile radius probably heard you scream my name, don’t you?”



“Uhhhh I do now.” I didn’t even think about it.


“I didn’t know you were so loud or I would’ve muffled your cries,” he smirks. “Let’s go eat.”


“I didn’t know I was either,” I admit as we walk out of my room. Almost immediately, there are people staring at us. Yep, everyone heard us.


“Don’t worry about them,” he whispers and leads me toward the kitchen. I notice Jessica staring at me. She’s clearly not happy with what just went down.


She and I haven’t spoken, and Eric has made it clear that there’s nothing going on between them besides conversation. If she’s feeling butthurt about what she just heard, that’s strictly her problem. I don’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings but I can only be responsible for my own.


When we get to the kitchen the smell of grease hits me and immediately I know what I want.


“Curly fries,” I mumble under my breath.


“Mmm, my old friends,” Eric purrs.


“Think they have pizza around here somewhere?” I ask. If I’m falling off the wagon, I’m falling off hard. Might as well let pizza catch me.


“I’m sure they do,” he says as he looks around. “Bingo. Pepperoni or cheese?”


“One of each,” I say like he’s nuts.


“Alright. You get the fries, I’ll get the pizza,” he smiles as he walks toward it.


I know Eric can put away a serious amount of food so I request three orders of fries and even go the extra mile of getting some of that liquid, processed cheese that’s terrible for me but so fucking delicious on fresh French fries. I find Eric waiting for me at a table with two cans of soda and that makes me smile. He gets it. Even crazier… he seems to get me.


“Hope you don’t mind the cheese,” I smile as I sit across from him.


“You read my mind,” he smiles back.


“Good.” I grab one of the curly fries and dip it in cheese before shoving it in my face. Eric puts a slice of each kind of pizza on a plate for me and pushes it closer.


Out of my peripheral vision I see Jessica stomp into the dining room with a sour expression on her face. She looks much better since she detoxed but she’s going to have a small scar below her lip from whatever happened to her before she came here.


“Your girlfriend is here and she looks pissed,” I whisper to Eric.


He looks over at her and tells me, “She’s not my girlfriend and she needs to get over it.”


“I was joking about the girlfriend part,” I smile as Jessica approaches us. “Hello, Jessica.”


She glares at me and then looks at Eric. “Can we talk?” she asks him.


“Uh… no, I’m eating,” he replies. Her bottom lip starts to quiver and Eric sighs. “I’ll talk to you later Jessica.”


“Fine,” she pouts and turns to stomp away.


“She needs some serious help,” he sighs, taking a fry.


“I heard some things from Preston about her,” I admit. We’re technically not supposed to discuss what happens in group but people are people and this place is full of gossip.


“It’s true,” he confirms. “I’ve been pushing her to talk more about it with her counselor, but she’s… clingy. I know I was a little clingy with you, but this is different. She doesn’t want me to ever leave her side. It pisses her off that I won’t stay the night with her. Hell, I won’t even be alone with her in a room.”


“Wow. That’s… she’ll be here a while.” I drag another fry through the puddle of cheese.


“Yeah,” he nods. “She’s a nice girl… but her ex really fucked her up. She’s only nineteen.”


“Really? That’s older than I thought when I first saw her. I figured she was like seventeen or something.”


“She says she’s nineteen,” he shrugs.


“I’m not saying you’re lying, I’m just surprised.” I take a big bite of my pizza. “You didn’t happen to find any crushed red pepper flakes over there, did you?”


He sits back and pulls out a handful of little packets of peppers and cheese.


“Here, sorry I forgot about them.”


“Ah! You’re an angel!” I grin and snatch up one of the pepper packets. I don’t want much but a little something extra is always nice. I sprinkle a few flakes on each slice of pizza and then take another bite. “Mmm… much better.”


“I miss watching you eat,” he chuckles. “You love every bite, it’s cute.”


“Food is delicious,” I say with my mouth full. I don’t even care if it’s sloppy.


“Mmhmm, so are you,” he says and takes his own bite of pizza.


“I’ll just have to take your word for it.” I reach for my can of soda and open it.


“Thank you for that, by the way,” he whispers.


“For being delicious?”


“That,” he chuckles, “And for allowing me to find out just how delicious you are.”


I smile and say, “You’re welcome. Did it help?”




“Good. I’m happy I could help you the way you helped me.” I know it’s not healthy to always distract myself with sex but right about now, it’s all we really have.


“You know if you want to do that again a few more times before you go…”


“I know the offer is on the table,” I reply.


“Alright.” He gives me a warm smile before he pulls one of the orders of fries his way.


I don’t think the sexing is going to happen again, but I’ve been wrong before.




Three days later I decide to take an art therapy class just for fun. It’s just painting with watercolors but it’s something different and a nice way to pass my time. I pick an easel closer to the bluffs and smile at the way the sky is starting to change colors with the impending sunset. There aren’t really any rules, according to the instructor, just paint whatever moves you.


Since I have the ocean as my inspiration, I decide to just do a cheesy sunset painting. I dip one of my brushes in water to get my paints wet and then start by painting the ocean. There’s a handful of other people out here. I invited Eric to join me when we were working out, but he said painting wasn’t really his thing. Fine by me.


What I’m not expecting is for Jessica to claim the easel next to mine when there are a dozen open stations out on the lawn for her to choose from. Every time I’ve seen her since she barged in on my dinner with Eric, she’s shot me dirty looks like I stole something from her. I wonder if there’s an open bed wherever they took Freyda…


“Hello, Jessica,” I say pleasantly.


Her only response is to glare at me before she goes back to her paint.


Okay then.


I get the ocean painted and then move on to the clouds. I decide to work with blues and purples with just a little bit of red to deepen and enrich the colors. I don’t know if I’m any good at this but it’s just for fun.


Just to try and be nice I look over at what Jessica’s painting and I say, “That looks good.”


“I know,” she says without looking at me.



“Do you paint a lot?” I’m just trying to be friendly.




“Did you paint before yo–”


“How long have you been sleeping with him behind my back?” she hisses.


“Excuse me?” I laugh. Hard.


“You heard me, just like the rest of us heard you.”


“Jessica…” I shake my head. This isn’t really any of her business. “That wasn’t the first time. We have plans to see each other after we’re done with treatment.”


Her bottom lip starts to quiver like it did when she tried to confront Eric.


“He… That’s not true,” she sniffles.


“It is,” I say gently.


“But… After all he’s done for me…”


“I think he’s just your friend–”


“No, there’s no way,” she hisses, cutting me off. “He means so much more…”


Uh huh.


To her he means more but I don’t think it goes both ways. The look on my face must convey my thoughts because Jessica looks like she’s about to lose it.


“No,” she says, shaking her head. “I don’t believe it.”


“That’s up to you,” I shrug. I’m not about to poke the hornets’ nest any more than I just did.


Jessica drops her brush in the water and excuses herself before she turns to run away.


I can only imagine where she’s going… my best guess is Eric’s room.


Chapter 9


13 thoughts on “Chapter 9

  1. Oh goodness. I was hoping Jessica wouldn’t turn out to be a problem for either of them. Also it’s nice to see that Sookie realizes Eric might mean more to her than just a friend.


  2. Whoa, Jessica is definitely having possessive issues about Eric! Hope this can be fixed before someone gets hurt, especially Eric.


  3. Such a great chapter. I’m so excited they ‘reconnected’.Jessica really had the wrong idea about Eric. I feel bad for her in a way. I wouldn’t want to be Eric in that conversation.


  4. Addicts & underlying psychological disorders = Jessica. Great, HOT, steaminess with Sookie & Eric, even if they shouldn’t be “fraternizin'” Where’s the fun in that?


    • Yeah we didn’t want to get so crazy with Jessica like we did with Freyda, who clearly belongs locked away in a mental institution where she can’t hurt herself or someone else. I think in Jessica’s case it’s a matter of Eric being the first person who is kind to her and not judgmental over the choices she’s made (or fallen into). He’s not abusive to her and he listens when she speaks. He seems to genuinely care about her and I think she’s clinging a little too hard to him. In my mind I saw it like a person stranded out in the ocean, clinging to a buoy in the middle of a hurricane. In her mind Eric is the one thing that feels safe in a world full of chaos. It’s completely unhealthy but I don’t see her having psychotic tendencies (if I remember correctly. It’s been a while since we wrote this lol) that make her dangerous. She’s led a very sad life full of one abuse after another and Eric’s a nice guy to her. It’s causing some confusion where a normal, mentally healthy person would see he’s just being nice.


      • It’s sad that it happens often that way in reality. You’re doing a marvelous job portraying the different personalities & walks of life that addiction affects. Poor Jess would be the type to latch on to the first man to show any kindness toward her, particularly in Rehab where one is at their weakest. She might be somewhat passive/aggressive, but I wasn’t imagining her as dangerous. I imagine her more in this story as “the little girl lost.”
        Thanks so much for the response! Haven’t heard from you in awhile, and it’s always great to hear how you & Missy develop your characters & stories!


  5. So will Jess try to take Sookie out now or will she go after Eric… Poor girl seems like she is going to snap and go off her rocker.


  6. So the E-S roller coaster continues… Wonder what’s going to happen when Sookie leaves after her shorter stint in rehab and Eric stays? Will they stay in touch?
    I feel a little bad for Jessica but she does seem to have some underlying issue whereby she gets attached far too easily, deeply and without concern for mutuality… Whether she is 17 or 19, she sounds like a very damaged teen. She does not sound dangerous but Eric should perhaps report the issue to a counsellor to preempt any come back to him because if there is a dispute between a teen girl and a guy in his twenties he is normally assumed to be the guilty party.


    • Jessica definitely has some issues. She’s a sad character. Writing her broke my heart a little bit because unfortunately, I don’t think her story is really all that uncommon. She’s the product of an abusive household and she continues down the spiral of abuse. The drugs keep her compliant with her pimp/boyfriend but they also make her dependent on him for everything. It’s a terrible cycle she’s trapped in. I think the only person Jessica is a danger to, to be honest, is herself.


  7. Oh no. I really hope Jessica is not going to become a problem. Wonder what’s going to happen when Sookie gets out and Eric gets to spend alone time with Jessica..


  8. I’m glad they got together. I was worried that it might be a new addiction, but so far so good.
    Hope Jessica isn’t going to be a huge problem. Glad that Eric isn’t spending any time alone with her, or at least only publicly.


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