Chapter 13


I go into work when we get back from Coachella, floating on air. The past weekend was the best I’ve had in a really long time. I can’t remember being this happy in years and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I even do the cheesy, girl thing and make a picture of Eric and me from the festival the wallpaper on my computer in the office. I don’t care if people laugh at it. Just looking at our smiles and the little bit of sunburn Eric still managed to get despite my frequent dosing him with sunscreen makes me smile like a loon.

A trip to HR lets me know that I have 14 weeks of vacation time banked up. I don’t want to use it all up, but I put in for three weeks off, figuring that’s a really good chunk of time off and I can still take a few days before the end of summer if I want to. I probably won’t want to come back to work but then I would rather be with Eric any day of the week.

It’s an addiction and I know it. Ask me if I give a fuck. I don’t.

I send him a text to let him know that I’ll be taking three weeks off starting with his last day of school since it lands on a Wednesday anyway. I don’t get a chance to see his response because there’s a big meeting going on that I have to be around to help out with. Basically it’s my job to make sure things stay on track. That means making sure lunch gets ordered and delivered on time, refilling coffee, making sure all of the necessary paperwork is available, printing reports as needed and doing whatever else my boss needs to keep things going.

It also means dressing up more than I usually do for work, but I don’t mind it. When the meeting is over, my boss invites me to come along for drinks so I go to a bar near the office to have a glass of wine with some coworkers. Work is how I met Claude and at first, we hated each other. It wasn’t until his partner, Lafayette, got involved that things changed. It turns out Lafayette is also from Louisiana so we have a lot in common where our upbringing is concerned. I swear sometimes I think Claude is from another planet altogether. He’s easily one of the bitchiest men I’ve ever met.

Lala, as he insists on being called most of the time, is one of the most awesome people ever and I adore him. He’s just a fun guy to be around and he brings out a more human side of Claude. Thanks to Lala, Claude is no longer giving me perpetual stink eye. Claude is in the wardrobe department of the agency and Lafayette is a hairdresser who I now credit with my haircut. I haven’t gone to anyone but him since we met.

I make sure to thank Claude for all of the tips he and Lafayette have given me when it comes to head, and assure him that they made my boyfriend very happy. When Claude gets a look at Eric, I’m pretty sure I see him drool a little bit.

“Is he in proportion?” Claude asks me.

“And then some,” I smile, knowing he’s referring to Eric’s dick. I motion with my hands to give him dimensions and he groans.

“And you swallowed that monster? That’s impressive.”

“I didn’t get all the way down, but damn close,” I tell him.

“He better put a fucking rock on your finger or the Pink Ladies will be looking to put a beatdown on his ass,” he tells me.

I laugh and say, “We’re a ways off from even talking about marriage. I told him I love him over the weekend. That was a big enough step.”

“He say it back?”

“He did,” I grin. “I swear, I haven’t been this happy in years.”

Claude’s face softens from its usually resting bitchiness.

“Good. Quinn was a fucking idiot for bailing on you. You deserve better than that fuckwad and if this one breaks your heart I’m going to personally kick the shit out of him for it,” Claude says.

I know better than to gush and accuse Claude of being sweet so I just smile and nod. When I finish my wine it’s almost seven o’clock. I leave the bar still floating on air and see I have a text from Eric in response to my earlier message. He’s definitely happy with the time off I’m taking. I push the call button on my phone and walk to my car with my phone pressed to my ear. I just saw him last night when he dropped me off at home, but I wouldn’t mind stopping by his house for a little bit.

“How was your day, Sweet cheeks?” Eric answers on the second ring.

“Very busy but very good. Feel like some company for a little bit?” I ask as I get into the car.

“If it’s you, always,” I says and I can hear the smile in his voice. “Are you hungry or did you eat already?”

“I shared a bunch of appetizers with my co-workers. My boss invited me to the bar nearby for drinks, so I’m good.” I start the car and put the phone on speaker so I can talk to him while I drive.

“Alright. We had a birthday in class today so I have a few cupcakes if you want dessert,” he chuckles.

“I always want dessert. You should know that by now.”

“I do, that’s why I offered.”

“Good, then I’ll see you soon,” I promise.

“Yes, ma’am,” he says and we hang up.

Traffic isn’t bad so I make it to Eric’s house in less than half an hour. I pull into the driveway and grab my bag from the passenger’s seat to take it inside with me. Instead of ringing the bell, I knock on the front door and then peek my head in.

“I’m here!” I call out and step into the house.

“In the living room!” he calls back.

I close the door and move around the corner to go into the living room. Eric’s sprawled out on his couch in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.

“Hey, Schmoopy,” I smile as I approach him. He’s never seen me in my glasses before but I didn’t feel like dealing with my contacts this morning.

“Hey, Honeysuckle,” he smiles back. He’s watching Duck Dynasty. Reminds me of home. “Cupcakes are in the kitchen if you want to grab one. You can come over here and kiss me first though… maybe you should wait, you look edible and I may not let you go.”

“Now, now, Mr. Northman, you can control yourself,” I wink and then head to the kitchen, putting a little extra sway in my hips as I walk away from him.

I’m  at the counter when he cages me in with his strong arms. He leans down and licks the shell of my ear before whispering, “I think you underestimate how good you look in your glasses, Pumpkin.”

“That good huh?” I shiver and turn my head. “I was too lazy to deal with my contacts today.”

“Lazy looks good on you, Sookie.” His hands wrap around my waist and his lips find their home on my neck.

“It’s not going to be easy to eat this cupcake with you kissing on me like that,” I whimper.

“I can stop,” he offers, but he just travels lower down my neck.

“That’s not stopping,” I smirk, and lick some of the chocolate frosting off the cupcake.

Eric’s mouth moves up to mine and he licks my lips. “That’s delicious, Lover.” The way he says Lover sends a chill down my spine.

‘You’re delicious,” I breathe in response, and turn myself around to face him.

I take another lick from the frosting and Eric doesn’t hesitate to lean in and kiss me so we can share the frosting in the yummiest way I can think of. The cupcake gets set on the counter and my arms end up wrapped around his neck. God, I swear, just being near him completely obliterates any willpower I have to say no to him. Not that I was going to say no to him but still.

He lifts me up and sets me on the counter. Because I’m wearing a pencil skirt my knees don’t part enough for him to stand between them so this isn’t going to work for long. I know he wants to put his fingers in my hair but it’s all pinned up in a twist so he has to settle for sweeping my bangs back behind my ear.

When the kiss breaks I pull back to catch my breath.

“You’re a naughty boy, distracting me from my cupcake like that,” I tell him. What I’m not going to tell him is that the super cute panties I have on are already wet and all I want is for him to rip my clothes off and fuck me right here.

“Mmm, and what are you going to do to your naughty boy?” he purrs, sucking lightly on my neck just under my chin.

I smile and say, “Maybe I should make him sit in the chair over there with his hands on the table and have him watch me pleasure myself.”

“That wouldn’t be very nice, Mistress,” he pouts.

“It would be for me,” I smirk.

Eric’s bottom lip pokes out and he huffs a little. He sucks it up after a moment and says, “I’ll take my punishment like a good boy.”

Another idea crosses my mind and I say, “I’ll give you a choice. You can sit at the table and watch me get myself off, or you can let me hold your head down and you can make me cum with your tongue.”

Gee… I wonder which of those options he’s going to pick. I’m really not good at being a dominatrix.

His pout turns into a smirk. His eyes start sparkling and Eric moves his mouth back to my ear. “I promise to make my Mistress feel very, very good if you allow me to take option two.”

“Option two it is.” I bite my bottom lip, knowing what a treat I’m in for.

“Follow me,” he says and takes my hand to lead me back to his room, Duck Dynasty long forgotten. When we get to his room he pulls his t-shirt off and kisses me softly. “Strip for me, Honeysuckle,” he whispers as he runs his hands down my arms.

“Unzip me?” I ask and turn around so he can unzip my blouse for me since I had to have Dawn zip it for me this morning.

As he unzips he places gentle kisses on each piece of newly exposed skin.

“All done.”

“Thank you,” I smile over my shoulder at him, and then slowly lift the delicate fabric of my blouse. I slip it over my head and then turn to face Eric so he can take in the white with black lace and black polka dots covering my tits.

“Very nice, Miss Sookie. What  else do you have under there?” he purrs as he lies back on the bed to watch me.

I reach behind me and unzip my skirt, and I slowly tug it over my hips to reveal panties that match the bra I’ve got on. The skirt falls around my feet and I hear Eric growl.

“Shoes on or off?” I ask as I get closer to his bed. I reach behind me and unhook the bra so I can toss it away.

“Nope,” he says shaking his head. “I’m going to have you ride my tongue and once you cum I’m going to flip you over and make you cum on my mouth again… and the shoes make your feet look cute.”

“Then I’ll leave them on,” I say in a breathy voice. I turn around and bend at my waist while I take off my panties. I’m sure Eric can see how wet I am already when I hear him growl.

“Get up here, Baby doll. I’m feeling a bit peckish and what I’m craving only you can give me,” he tells me and lies all the way down.

I crawl up the length of his long body, pausing near his cock since I can tell he’s already hard, and I get close enough for him to feel my breath there. I press a kiss to the stiff denim, earning me another growl, and then I move further up his body. I stop again to nibble on one of his nipples and then lick my way up to his lips so I can kiss him.

“Which direction do you want me facing?” I ask him.

“Your choice,” he breathes and he starts rubbing his hands up and down my back.

Since I’m not the greedy kind, I turn myself around so when I straddle his head, we’re both facing the same direction and I can reach forward to unzip his pants anytime I want. For the moment, however, I keep my hands to myself.

Eric growls and his arms wrap around my thighs. He’s able to reach under and run his thumbs up and down my lips just before he spreads them open and I feel his soft, warm tongue slide through my folds.

“That’s exactly what I need,” he tells me and gives me another swipe of his tongue. “Ride my face,” he growls and I feel his tongue on my clit.

I moan and do as he says, rocking my hips the same as I would if his cock was inside me. His tongue moves just right and his grip on my thighs gets a little tighter. I lean forward and start to rub his erection over his jeans. He groans and he uses his strong grip to stop my hips from rocking so he can suck on my clit. His hips flex as he sucks trying to get more friction from my hand.

“Do you want my fingers?” he asks and then goes right back to sucking my clit.

“Yes,” I moan, and unbutton his jeans so I can reach into them to stroke his cock.

“Mmm,” he moans. My hips jerk when I feel his arm shift and I feel two of his thick fingers breach my core.

He slowly works his fingers into me and starts pumping in and out until he’s able to get nice and deep. “Jesus, you’re dripping,” he growls into my pussy.

“That’s what you do to me,” I moan, and pull his cock free from his jeans. I start to stroke him slowly and my hips try to shift again to move with his fingers inside me.

“Can you feel what you do to me?” he asks and moans before going back to suck on my lips and clit, alternating between sucking and licking as he fucks me. “Do you want more?”

“Yes,” I moan again, and then lean forward to lick the little bead of precum from the head of his cock, making Eric hiss against my clit.

Eric works a third finger into me, making me moan right along with him. He drops his head down and focuses on pumping his fingers in and out of me. I can feel his warm breath fanning over me, sending shivers up my spine. My tongue swirls around and around the head of his cock while my hand works his length. My hips start to move against his tongue and when his fingers curl inside me to find my spot, I let my lips wrap around his tip to give him a hard suck.

“Mmm, fuck,” he growls. He tilts his head and rubs his tongue over my clit as he works on the sweet spot inside of me.

I cry out and sit up because it feels so fucking good.

“Right there, Eric,” I pant. “Fuck, keep doing that.”

He growls and redoubles his efforts to get me off. Eric is nothing if not dedicated to making sure I cum as often as possible, and in no time I’m screaming his name and dripping all over him–which he doesn’t seem to mind. To thank him for his hard work, I lean forward and proceed to try deepthroating again. It’s not an easy task with a cock as big as Eric’s, but I’ve been told that it takes practice so I might as well. Besides, the way he reacts to it I’d be a fool not to do it again.

When he’s close I pull off of him and let him cum on my tits. I still don’t really get why guys think that’s hot, but Eric loves doing it. And since I’m in a charitable mood, I let him take more pictures.

“If these ever end up on the internet I will personally relocate your balls to my shoe closet,” I warn him.

“I promise my eyes are the only ones that will ever see them,” he tells me.

“I’m just putting it out there so you can’t say later that you didn’t know.” I lean back against his pillows and leave my legs spread open a little for him.

He moves to lie on top of me, settling his head on my stomach. “I can let you take picture of me for collateral if you’d like,” he offers.

“No, I trust you,” I tell him, and run my fingers through his hair.

“Good, because I would never do anything like that to you,” he says and kisses my stomach.

“I know you wouldn’t.” And I’m pretty sure if he ever did all I’d have to do is track down his mother and she’d kick the shit out of him for it. Not because she loves me so much but because that’s just wrong.

“Are you staying the night with me or does your bed miss you?” he asks me.

“I would love to stay with you but I didn’t bring a bag with me,” I tell him. “I was just planning on stopping by.”

“Okay,” he smiles softly. “I can give you more head or Duck Dynasty is still on if you want to watch a little before you go.”

“I would love Duck Dynasty and some snuggle time on your couch before I have to go,” I tell him. I have maybe an hour before I need to get going. “Mind if I borrow a t-shirt?”

“I was already going to offer you one,” he smiles and kisses my tummy one more time before he hops up from the bed to get a shirt for me. He grabs the one he’s been wearing all day and I love it because it smells like him.

“Thank you,” I smile at him, and pull the shirt on over my head.

“You look pretty in my clothes,” he says and slips into the bathroom to clean up.

I climb off his bed and go to the kitchen to wash my hands and finally get my hands on that cupcake he distracted me from eating before with his sexy lips and those kisses of his. I’m curled up on the couch when Eric comes out of the bedroom in a pair of basketball shorts. He plops down next to me and I lean against him. His arm drapes around me and I offer him a bite of my cupcake.

I like the way this feels. It’s so simple and easy, but in a good way. Too bad I have to go home.


It’s been a month since Sookie and I exchanged I love yous. Things with us have only gotten better and I find a way to fall in love with her all over again anytime we’re together. I know it’s early in our relationship still, but I’m ready to take the next step. We’ve been planning our vacation and I plan on giving her a key to my house when we get back. The three days at Coachella was a good indicator that we travel well together. This trip through California will be the clincher. If we can get through hell/bitch week I think we’ll be fine while traveling. As long as she doesn’t get her period while we’re on the road. I may kill her and hide her body somewhere on the side of the highway if she snaps at me like that while we’re driving… or not. I’ll just get over it.


I’m at the hardware store waiting on my house key to be duplicated when something compels me to look right. I should’ve ignored my gut because I lock eyes with Tara, the last person I want to see next to Quinn. She is a tiny girl so she should be showing by now, but when my eyes scan down her body I notice her stomach is flat as a board.

That fucking bitch.

She gives me a sympathetic look like she feels bad for me or some shit. I look forward again and thirty seconds later familiar scent fills my nose. I close my eyes and look over at her again.

“Can I help you?” I grumble.

“I just wanted to come over and say hello. See how you’re doing,” she says. “I swear I’m not going to start a fight with you or beg for another chance.”

“No, you just tell my girlfriend that you can use the baby it doesn’t even appear you’re carrying to get me back. Lovely, Tara, I don’t have anything to say to you.” I look away and cross my arms over my chest. I’m done with her manipulating.

“You don’t have to say anything,” she says. I hear her take a deep breath and she continues, “I made a lot of mistakes and I hurt a lot of people the last few months. Eric, I lied about being pregnant.”

I look back, arching an eyebrow. “You don’t say?” I say sarcastically.

“It was stupid. At the time I just… I thought maybe Franklin was a better fit for me so I lied about being pregnant because I knew if I told you I was having another man’s baby you’d let me go,” she explains.

“You could’ve just told me it wasn’t working out for you. You didn’t have to rip my heart out,” I growl. “At least then I could’ve respected you a little.”

Tara looks away with guilt written on her face. She takes a few deep breaths before she says, “I’m sure it doesn’t matter much to you right now, but I am sorry, Eric. If I could end things differently, I would. I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“I should be thanking you. I met someone that appreciates me,” I tell her. I don’t really have a lot to say to Tara.

“I know,” she nods. “We uh… we spoke once. I shouldn’t have said the things I said to her either. Franklin and I aren’t seeing each other anymore. When he found out I wasn’t pregnant and that I lied about the pregnancy he threw me out of his place. I’m staying with my sister right now.”

“You really upset her that night, and not because of the shit you said, but because you’re shallow enough to try to use an innocent child as a pawn. That’s really fucking low, and good. I’m glad you got what you deserved.” I want to call her a lot of really nasty names, but I hold off. I’m better than that. I’m better than her.

“Eric, I never would have actually done the things I said. At the time I was just really regretting the choice I made and I… I was wrong.”

I could stand here and yell at her for just how wrong she was, but like I said, this is for the better. Not to mention she’s getting what she deserves in staying with her crazy ass sister. I won’t though. I won’t let her get to me anymore.

“Good. I’m glad your choices are biting you in the ass,” I end up saying after a long silence.

“I deserve that,” she says. “Look, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry and I hope that things are going well for you. You deserve that.”

My manners tell me to thank her for her well wishes, but my hatred of her only allows me to nod curtly. “Thank you for the apology,” I end up saying which pisses me off because I thanked her anyway. “I’m finally happy,” I add. There. Take that!

“Good. You should be,” she nods. “And I hope the new girl appreciates what a good guy you are.”

“She does,” I say with confidence. I’m learning that Sookie really is my other half. We fit together like we were made for each other.

The guy comes back with my key and hands it to me. I notice Tara’s eyes drift to the key and then back to my face.

“I should go,” I tell her.

“Yeah, me too. It was good seeing you, Eric. Take care,” she says with a little smile.

“You too,” I nod and turn to walk away before she can say anything else.

I make my purchases and then I hop in my car. It’s Friday date night, even though Sookie and I haven’t exactly established it is indeed date night, we just happen to go somewhere every friday. We don’t have a plan yet for tonight, but Dawn is in town so I suspect Sookie will be staying the night.

I swing by the grocery store and pick up things for tacos since Sookie and I love them so much. I fire off a quick text to let her know I’ll be home when she gets off of work and I make a few phone calls to the boys to see if they’re busy tonight.  We’re in luck and they agree to meet Sookie and me at Puzzles. They hold karaoke night every other weekend. Sookie’s told me she can’t sing a lick, so this should be fun.


Breakeven 13 Eric


6 thoughts on “Chapter 13

  1. Well Eric has now resolved all his issues & told Tara what she did was unacceptable. Hopefully we are up to the California tour. Looking forward to it.


  2. I hope the knowledge that Tara screwed him over even more than he thought doesn’t mess with Eric’s head too much. Looking forward to a night out with the boys! Thanks for the future daily updates.


  3. Another good chapter, except for Tara. At least she admitted she was a lying skank, but I’m worried because Eric still seems to have feelings for her. You know: anger. I hope he gets to “meh” soon: the feeling where you don’t care one way or the other about your ex.


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