Chapter 19


I wake up refreshed, although my ass is still a little sore from the drive, but I’ll work that out today. I roll off of Sookie and get up to go to the bathroom. I take a piss, wash my hands and go back to the bed. Sookie is still out like a light, but I promised her morning head and I plan on delivering.


She’s already on her back so I work her panties down her thighs and throw them at her suitcase. I push her legs apart  and rest on my elbows with my face hovering over her core. Without a second thought I drag my tongue up the length of her slit, dipping through her folds to rub her clit. I do this a few times before I part her lower lips and I start to draw slow circles around the little nub. When I start to suck I slip a finger into her cunt and that’s when she starts to stir.


“Mmm… morning,” she mumbles. Her hands find my hair as her hips shift beneath me.


“Morning, beautiful girl,” I purr. I work a second finger into her. I flatten my tongue to start lapping at her clit. “Do you want to cum on my fingers or my cock this morning?” I ask between licks.


“Your cock,” she answers.


“Mmm, okay,” I reply. I kiss her clit one more time. I get up on my knees without removing my fingers. I know she likes me to get rough with her, but I don’t really have it in me right now. Instead I pull my fingers out, scissoring them to watch the string of her sticky honey run between my fingers. “What were you dreaming about, Sookie?” I ask as I offer her my fingers so she can clean them.


“I don’t remember,” she answers before sucking my fingers like she would my dick.


“Must’ve been good,” I smirk. I rock my hips against her, running my head over her clit. I pull back and when I rock forward again I slip into her wet heat. “Mmm, you feel so fucking good, baby…” I continue to slide in as deep as possible.


“So do you,” she says with a sleepy smile. Sookie pulls her knees up to her chest, making sure her legs are closed so she feels insanely tight.


I hold onto her hips as I start to pump in and out. I start slow, enjoying the quiet moans leaving her mouth. She looks so fucking beautiful. I want to stay right here, buried deep in her cunt all fucking day.


I slide my thumb over her clit as I watch my shaft fill and stretch her over and over. This is by far one of the sexist sights I’ve ever seen. I’ve had a lot of sex with a lot of girls, but being with Sookie is different. Every fucking time I’m with her seems better than the last.


When Sookie starts to moan louder I speed up my thrusts. I move my hands to her thighs and spread her legs around my waist. I slide my hands under her back, lifting her so she’s straddling my thighs. I move my hands down under her ass to help guide her up and down my length.


“Gimme,” I growl, dipping my head down toward her tits.


She offers me her breasts, pushing them together so I can easily go from one nipple to the other. Her moans become breathy as her pussy starts to flutter around my length. When I swivel my hips she cries out softly and her walls clench.


“Mmm… more, baby,” she pants. “Make me cum for you. Only you…”


I let out another quiet growl as I scrape my teeth over her nipple. My hand slides back some so I can massage her rear opening with my fingertips.


“Give it to me, Sookie. Cum for me,” I breathe, moving my head up to suck on her neck. I don’t even care that I’m probably giving her a hicky. The caveman in me is screaming to mark her; to make a public claim on her.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” Sookie screams when she explodes, her breathing hard and her walls pulsing like crazy.


“Fuck!” I roar as my hips speed up, pounding her right through her orgasm. It only takes a few thrusts before I lose it and erupt deep inside of her. My cock twitches, forcing my release as deep as possible. My lips move to hers, nibbling and sucking on her bottom lip as I shift us so she’s on her back again. I rest my weight on her as I pull out. “Morning,” I breathe.


“Indeed,” she smiles.


“Today’s the day,” I remind her as I nuzzle into her tits.


“I know. Are you sure you want to live with the Ice Queen?”


I lift my head to look into her eyes. “I’ve never been surer of anything,” I assure her.




“Are you sure you want to wake up to the Pretty Boy every day?”


“Positive,” she replies.


“Good. Let’s shower.” I sit all the way up, looking down at her gorgeous body. “I’m a lucky fucker, you know that?”


Sookie giggles as she sits up and says, “Yes you are.”


“I’m glad you know.” I pull her face to mine for one more kiss before we get up.


Looking at her in the morning light with messy sex-bed hair I have to smile. Her lips are a little fuller when she wakes up for some reason and her skin looks absolutely flawless. Her blonde locks are all over the place and those beautiful blue eyes twinkle. She makes me insanely happy. I know with everything that I am that this is exactly where I’m meant to be. All of those fuckers telling us this is a bad idea are fucking wrong and I know it. Sookie is a stronger, more addictive drug than anything manufactured that I snorted or smoked.




When we pull up to the house I just smile. It’s beautiful and I can instantly see spending our lives here. I know what Sookie was talking about when she said this feels like home. I haven’t even been in the house yet and I feel it.


I forgot I’d be meeting Sookie’s mom today. I see a blonde lady standing next to Corbett when we get out of my Escalade. She’s about the same size as Sookie; her hair is a little thinner, but the same color blonde as Sookie’s. She has a harsh look about her, like one of those pageant moms. Sookie told me she’s nice, so I assume it’s just her resting bitch face. Now I know exactly where Sookie got hers.


I walk around to open Sookie’s door, helping her down from the SUV. I take her hand as she leads me toward her parents.


“Are you sure she’s going to like me?” I whisper to Sookie as we approach.


“I’m sure. Just relax and be yourself. She’ll know it if you’re not,” Sookie tells me.


“Okay,” I squeeze her hand. I offer her parents a genuine smile when we get to them.


“You two finally made it,” Corbett chuckles.


“We did. I didn’t realize there was so much paperwork to sign, but the house is all mine,” Sookie grins and holds up the keys. “Mom, this is Eric Northman. Eric, this is my mom Michelle Stackhouse.”


“Hello, Mrs. Stackhouse,” I smile, holding out my hand to shake hers.


“Nice to meet you, Eric,” Mrs. Stackhouse says in a Georgia peach accent. She shakes my hand briefly before hugging her daughter. “I’m so happy for you, Sookie. This house is stunning.”


“I’m happy you approve. I’m going to go show Eric the back before we get to moving things in.”


“Keep it down back there,” Corbett says as Sookie takes my hand to lead me to the back.


Sookie tosses the house keys to her dad so he and Michelle can go into the house and look around. I follow Sookie around to the back of house and smile.


“It’s fucking beautiful, baby,” I tell her as we get closer to the water.


“It’s so peaceful and quiet.” She wraps her arm around my waist. “Eventually it would be nice to build a little cabin on the property for when our parents come to visit so they have their own space while they’re here. You can even play the drums out here if you want to without bothering anyone.”


“That sounds perfect,” I whisper. I kiss the top of her head and squeeze her shoulders. “Our best bet will be to teach the kids to swim as soon as they can walk.”


“Oh definitely,” Sookie agrees. “I thought about that too. The dogs will love it though.”


“I got the same home feeling when we drove up,” I tell her.


“That’s a good sign,” she smiles up at me.


“That’s an excellent sign,” I smile back. I dip down to give her a lingering peck. “I love you so much, beautiful,” I whisper when I pull back.


“I love you too,” she replies. “Wanna go see the inside?”


“Sure,” I grin. I’d be happy to camp next to the fucking pond.


Sookie takes my hand and leads me back to the deck. She taps on the French doors and her dad comes to let us in. I smile again as soon as we walk into the house. It has a warm, homey feel that reaffirms this is the right move.


“It feels… this is definitely home,” I say as I look around the kitchen. I can already imagine Sookie standing at the stove, baking or cooking dinner. I can hear the dog nails tapping on the hardwood floors as they run to the door to greet us when one of us gets home. “Wanna show me the rooms?”


“Of course,” she nods. “I love how open the floor plan is down here. We can assign the spaces as we see fit and we’ll have good sight lines when there are kids running around in here.”


“Or when the puppies get too quiet,” I chuckle. “I do love that I can see everything. The view from the kitchen is gorgeous, too.”


“Wait until you see the view from the master bedroom. We have a balcony,” she grins.


I lean down and whisper, “That’s the first place I want to fuck you.”


She growls adorably and pulls me toward the stairs. She shows me the guest bedrooms and the bathroom that will most likely be used by our kids someday.


“This is perfect,” I tell her as we walk through. The only problem is my height in one of the rooms, but I’ll live. “Show me the balcony. I need to start plotting.”


Sookie chuckles as she leads me to the master bedroom. It’s a decent size with several windows and a set of sliding doors that open onto a deck big enough for a couple of chairs and a good size planter. The view overlooks the backyard and the pond beyond that.


I take Sookie’s hand and lead her out the door, closing it behind us. I make her giggle when I press her hips against the railing. “Do you think your parents would catch on if we have a quickie?” I chuckle.


“The answer is no. My mother will absolutely catch us, I guarantee it.”


I smile and dip my head down to kiss her softly. “Fine, I’ll wait,” I tell her. I kiss her one more time and whisper, “Welcome home, Sookie.”


“Welcome home,” she whispers back and turns her head to kiss me back.


She wasn’t kidding. As soon as I start to deepen the kiss the slider opens behind us and a throat clears.


“I told you so,” Sookie whispers.


“You can paw at each other later,” Mrs. Stackhouse says. “Your father wants to know where you want your bed set up.”


“He shouldn’t try bringing that upstairs himself,” Sookie sighs and goes back inside to go after her dad.


I follow her and we find Corbett on the stairs with the pieces to the bed frame. Those pieces are fairly light, so I don’t worry about him and I head outside to the truck to find the rest of the bed. The headboard is pretty heavy, but I’m able to get it wiggled out and by the time I’m ready to take it in her dad is back to help me maneuver it up the stairs.


We get a good rhythm going, leaving the girls to organize and direct us as we bring everything in. By the time we’re done we have several piles of boxes scattered all over the house with only the bed upstairs and the new couch in place. I’m exhausted, but I feel good.




“I don’t know where to start,” I say as I look around. There are boxes all over and we’re waiting for the rest of the new furniture we picked out to arrive.


We have a guest room bed, dining room furniture and another living room set coming. I want this house to feel like it’s ours and not just mine, so we picked things out in Los Angeles and it’s being delivered via a local store. There are boxes and boxes of dishes, glassware and cookware that need to be unpacked so I might as well start there while Dad and Eric are putting the bed together upstairs.


I find my box cutter to unseal a box of plates and start unpacking. I’m saving the paper to use as kindling later on. Mom opens the dishwasher so she can stack the dishes inside. They’ve got cherry blossoms on them.


“Luke hated these dishes,” I tell Mom.


“That should’ve been your first clue he was a moron,” she comments.


“It probably should. He broke a set on purpose once just to piss me off.”


“I will never understand what you saw in that boy,” she sighs.


“Looking back on it, I’m not sure,” I admit. I move on to another box and cut that one open too.


“Let’s not dwell on him. The important thing is you got away from him.”


“What do you think of Eric?” I hand her a bowl.


“I wanted to dislike him for the simple fact that he’s a drug addict, but I don’t. He’s a nice kid and it’s obvious he’s crazy about you.”


“He is,” I nod. “The last thing either of us expected is to meet someone in rehab, but that’s the way it happened. I haven’t been this happy or excited about anything in years, Mom.”


“I’m glad you’re happy, Sookie. I know how stubborn and set in your ways you can be and I can tell Eric balances you well,” she smiles.


“He tries to. He’s not afraid of me when I get crabby either.” Luke always hid when I had my fits. That shit won’t fly with Eric.


She chuckles and says, “That’s a very good thing.”


“It is. I like that he’s already seen my ugly side. There’s no hiding anything from each other.”


“Do you think you’re going to marry him?”


“I think that’s a safe bet. You know we’ve talked about kids more than we have marriage, but we agreed it’s something we want. Eric didn’t have a very stable childhood so I know he wants to do things differently when he has children. I can see us bringing babies home here,” I tell her.


“It’s a good home to raise a family in and if that boy can tame you, he’s going to be a great father,” she smiles.


“He didn’t tame me,” I snicker. “I tamed myself.”


“Mmhmm,” she hums.


We work quietly for a few minutes until I hear a truck pull up. I excuse myself to meet the movers outside. Eric comes out a moment later and rubs my shoulders as he stands behind me.


“Mmm… that reminds me I need to do laundry so we all have clean sheets to sleep on tonight,” I tell him.


“Your dad has the washer and dryer hooked up already. If you want I can throw them in,” he offers.


“I have to find the boxes with the linens. We’re going to need towels too. I definitely need a shower before bed,” I say.


The movers start to unload the furniture so Eric and I go inside to direct them where to put things. We put the dining table in the open space in the kitchen. There’s a huge pantry in there that I’m sure we’ll be stocking tomorrow. For now the only real groceries we have includes bottled water and our leftover road snacks. I’ve never liked beef jerky so it’s all Eric’s, as far as I’m concerned.


I locate the boxes of linens and the box with the laundry detergent so I can get the sheets going. Trying to combine our personal preferences has been challenging. Luke was so passive-aggressive about everything, but not Eric. No more cute sheets with little pink flowers on them. We settled on a set that’s white, yellow and gray but it was a compromise for us both.


“Sookie, where do you want the guest bed?” Mom asks.


“Uh… across from the windows,” I answer. It’s a queen size bed so it’ll be a little small for Jimmy, but he’ll have to deal with it. A king is too big for that room and there’s no need to fill all the bedrooms with furniture right now. That particular room is the furthest from the master bedroom. It’s a good thing since Hands McGee can’t seem to keep himself from pawing at me.


I go to the living room to inspect the furniture for damages and find everything in good condition. Eric is lying on the giant sofa in the family room in front of the kitchen and pulls me down on top of him as I try to pass by.


“You need to sit down for a minute,” he says as he tucks me into his chest.


“I have work to do. I’ll relax when I’m done,” I reply. If I stop now I’ll pass out. We’re losing daylight so I’d like to get as much done as I can.


“You’ll relax for the next five minutes and then I’ll let you go back to work,” he tells me as he kisses my head.


“I could be asleep in five minutes,” I chuckle.


“I won’t let you,” he says, nibbling on my ear.


Mom’s throat clears and she says, “I best get to knittin’ y’all some baby booties at this rate.”


“Sorry, Mrs. Stackhouse,” Eric chuckles. He’s not sorry at all. He kisses the side of my neck and pats my butt for me to get up.


“I’m just taking a break, Mom,” I say as I get up.


“You’re making good progress,” she says. “I’m gonna get back to the kitchen.”


“I’ll be right there.” I lean down to give Eric a kiss. “Will you and Daddy please start putting up the curtain rods? I marked them all so you know which room they go in.” I had Selah take some measurements for me so I could get this stuff picked out in California.


“Yep,” he says as he gets up from the couch. “I got something for the house but it won’t be delivered until tomorrow.”


“What did you get?” I’m nosy.


He smiles and says, “Lawn tools. Including a riding mower.”


“Very nice,” I chuckle. We’re going to need a shed out back. I want to plant flowers and maybe a small vegetable and herb garden. We’ll see, though.


“Mom unfroze my bank account so I don’t feel like a fucking mooch,” he tells me as he walks past me to find the curtain rods.


“That’s good,” I reply. “I’m gonna order pizza for dinner if that’s okay with you.”


“Yeah, that’s fine.”


We’ve been cooking our own meals at my place instead of going out to eat. It’s healthier and Eric’s learning by watching me. Hopefully he’ll be able to make a full meal before our first kid is born. I do some research to find a pizza place that will deliver to us. Once I sign off on the furniture delivery, I call in our dinner order. If nothing else, we’ll have leftover pizza to munch on in the morning until we can get to the grocery store.




“I don’t think a shower has ever felt this good,” I tell Eric as I wet down my hair. Mom and Dad are already asleep down the hall. It’s almost eleven o’clock, but we don’t have to rush to get up in the morning.


“And if I’m lucky your mom won’t walk in on us when I try to steal some kisses,” Eric chuckles as he leans down to kiss the side of my neck.


“I think you’re safe. She was nodding off on the couch.”


“Mmm, good,” he purrs and places gentle kisses along my neck, up to my lips.


We stand there making out for a few minutes, enjoying the water beating on us, until I’ve had enough of being vertical. I reach back to turn the water off and Eric opens the shower door to grab a towel for me.


“Still wanna get frisky on the deck?” I ask.


“Have you met me?” he answers, lifting an eyebrow.


“Just checking,” I smirk.


I step out of the shower and dry off a little. There’s a chill in the air here at night even though it’s the end of August. In California it’s hotter than Satan’s ball sac, even at night. This is good snuggling weather. We can sleep with the windows open and fresh air filling our lungs. I drop my towel on the vanity and put a little extra sway in my hips just for Eric since I can feel him watching my ass as I walk out of the bathroom.


He follows me and makes me squeak when he scoops me up bridal style. He keeps walking, carrying me out through the slider. When we get outside he sets me on my feet again and turns me so I’m facing the pond.


“Rest your hands on the rail,” he whispers. His hands settle on my hips and he starts to rub up and down my sides.


“Yes sir,” I whisper back and put my hands on the railing in front of me.


I feel his lips on the center of my back as his hips move from side to side, rubbing his hard-on over my backside. His hand slips down my stomach to my mound. He rubs slowly down a little farther to my slit.


“Are you going to stay quiet for me?” he asks as his fingers move up and down through my folds.


“I’ll try,” I answer. I can’t make any promises.


Eric’s head nudges my opening as he strokes my clit. With his other hand he wraps it around my mouth to try to muffle any sounds I might make. He thrusts into me with a deep groan. My grip on the railing tightens as Eric fills me. It’s a damn good thing he covered my mouth.


He stays slow, allowing me to feel every long, thick inch of his cock as he slides in and out. I can hear him breathing heavily behind me before I feel a warm breath fan over my shoulder and his lips brush over my skin.


“You want it faster?” he asks in a low, growly sex voice.


I shake my head. This feels good just like this. His hips stay at the same slow pace while his fingers speed up over my clit. He releases my mouth, turning my head to steal my lips in a heated kiss. Eric’s soft moans fill my mouth as his hand drops from my shoulder down to tug on my nipples.


I shiver from all the things he’s doing to me, plus the cool breeze that blows by us. My walls pulse around his length, making Eric tug a little harder on my nipples. I whimper into the kiss as my orgasm creeps up on me. Instead of exploding like I usually do, this one releases itself slowly and feels like it’s never going to end with the way my pussy keeps milking Eric’s cock.


Eric groans into the kiss as his body shakes with his own release. He stays buried inside of me, just kissing for a few minutes until he takes a step back so he falls out. Eric wraps his arms around my waist and starts to ghost soft kisses down my neck to my shoulder.


“I can’t remember the last time I was truly happy,” he whispers.


“I can but it’s been years since I was,” I reply. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”


We go inside and go to the bathroom to clean up. I put on pajamas before getting into bed. Eric climbs in next to me. We left the sliding door wide open. He pulls the comforter up around us and spoons up behind me.


“I love you,” I whisper as he wraps his arm around me.


“I love you too,” he whispers back. “Sweet dreams, beautiful.”


He kisses my shoulder a few times but not long after that we fall asleep.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. Sookie’s mum catching them each time was hilarious… Great description of the house and their enjoyment of it… You really give a great feeling of their future in it… Some people may not have believed in them as a couple because they met in a rehab clinic but I love seeing how they are proving them wrong…


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