Chapter 4

When I wake up the sun isn’t up yet. I’m still completely wrapped around Sookie; my cock is hard between her thighs. I don’t know what the fuck happened last night, but I’m not complaining. I pull back some and when I push forward again I slide into her, earning a sleepy moan. I would be perfectly happy falling asleep again like this. However, if her sex drive is anything like mine she won’t have a problem being woken up for a slow early morning fuck.


I’m not disappointed when her back arches, allowing me to get a little deeper. I slide my hand down to rub her clit as I start to suck on her jaw. Sookie moans again, lifting her leg to rest on mine, giving my fingers better access. I move slowly for what seems like hours, but I know it’s just a few minutes when I feel her walls pulsing.


“Cum, Sookie,” I whisper into her ear. I just want to give her this one orgasm then I can let her go back to sleep while I go get coffee and get the boat hitched.


All the noise I get is a gasp as her pussy grips my cock like a vice. She whimpers softly as the intense pulses continue to work their way through her. I groan as my hips speed up a little. It doesn’t take much to pull my own orgasm from me. I release with a soft growl, filling her again. Almost as if I’m marking her as my own.


“What do you like in your coffee?” I whisper as my hips slow to a stop.


“Where are you getting it from?”


“Starbucks,” I answer as I start to rub her hip. I slowly pull out, making us both groan.


“Mmm… White peppermint mocha, no whip with a double shot,” she purrs. “Extra hot.”


“Okay. Go back to sleep. I’ll be back around nine,” I tell her.


“Okay,” she whispers. Sookie turns her head back to kiss me.


I could get used to this. When the kiss breaks I reluctantly roll back. I get up to go to the bathroom, taking a long piss. I wash my hands and move around the room as quietly as possible to gather my clothes. I get dressed as quick as possible and grab her phone to add my number to it, texting myself with it so I have hers too.


I leave without kissing her so I don’t wake her again. When I get home I run up to my apartment so I can change into my gym clothes. I race down to the apartment gym to do my morning workout and then head home to shower. Jake has the master bedroom so I don’t have an en suite bathroom. I’m just walking across the hall to my room when he comes walking out.


“Morning,” I grin.


“Hey. Didn’t hear you come in last night.” He scratches his balls on the way to the kitchen.


“That’s because I didn’t,” I reply as I follow him. I check the clock and it’s seven thirty so I have a little more time.


“You don’t look hungover.”


“That’s because I only had two beers,” I shrug. A super cheesy grin spreads across my face and I try to casually add, “I spent the night with Sookie.”


Jake just stares at me in disbelief for about a minute.


“Was it like a hot dog in a hallway?”


I don’t know whether to laugh or be horrified at the thought.


“It was everything I ever imagined,” is what I go with. “She’s very tight…” A lot tighter than I expected, if I’m being honest.


“Bullshit,” Jake snorts and turns to open the fridge to get the orange juice.


“Believe me, I didn’t expect it either.” I’m also bigger than average. “Man, she was… perfect. I’m actually getting ready to hitch up the boat and take her out on the lake.”


“How precious.”


“Shut up,” I laugh. “She’s just as sweet now as she was then.”


“Except now she sucks dick for a living.”


“Yeah, she does,” I nod. “Do I want her going out and fucking other dudes for hours on end, no, but I’m going into this knowing that’s what she does. I’m not going to try to force her to stop doing her job over a date or two.” I don’t know if I can explain it to Jake. I’ve been smitten with this girl for fourteen years. Her profession doesn’t matter as long as I get her heart and she’s not out cheating on me every chance she gets.


“We’ll see how long that lasts,” Jake sighs. He drinks straight from the carton. Pig.


“She’s looking into moving back to town,” I tell him. “If she doesn’t or if I can’t handle her job, I’ll talk to her about it if that happens.”


He gives me a look like it’s only a matter of time, but says nothing else.


“I’ll see ya.” I turn and go to my room to get dressed. I slip on a pair of boardshorts and a tank top. I have a pair of boat shoes that I slip on and go to the bathroom to put on my deodorant and brush my teeth. I spritz on some cologne and then grab my keys.


It doesn’t take too long to get the boat hitched up to my truck. It’s a ski boat and not too big, but it will work for us today. Jake and I bought it together a few years ago and so far has been my best investment. On the way back to the hotel I stop for Starbucks. I get Sookie’s peppermint mocha and an Americano for myself. It’s not easy to find parking at the hotel, so I have to walk a little farther to get to the lobby. I’m grinning like a fool on my way up the elevator to her room. When I knock on the door I hold her coffee out to her in case she’s a morning grump. I know some days I can barely talk before I have my coffee.


“Mmm… Bless you,” she smiles and takes the cup from me to take a drink. Sookie steps back to let me in and as soon as I’m in, she pushes me up against the door and kisses me hard. Her hair’s damp from a shower.


“Mmm, mornin’,” I groan as I reach up with my now free hand to hold the back of her head.


“I have another way to say good morning but I don’t want to reveal all my tricks too soon,” she winks. Sookie does drop her towel, though.


“I’m fine with secrets,” I purr as I take in her naked form. I feel my cock twitch when I reach her bare pussy, imagining my cum dribbling out of her.


“How much of a hurry are you in? Checkout is at ten,” she smiles.


“We have till ten, then,” I smile back.


“Now you know why I asked for extra hot coffee,” she says before dropping to her knees. I can feel her breath through my shorts and her mouth moves over the material where my cock is thickening quickly for her.


I run my fingers through her hair as I watch her face. I reach down to untie my shorts so she can tug my shorts down my thighs.


“Is that what you want?” I ask when my cock springs free.


“Mmhmm,” she hums. Her hands rest on my hips while her soft tongue swirls around my head. Her lips circle my tip and she sucks softly. My head gets a nice massage from her tongue before her head starts to bob.


Jesus, I’ve never had head this fucking good. She’s not even into it yet and I’m ready to cum. I think it’s finally starting to get to me. I’m having a lot of sex with Sookie… Sookie fucking Stackhouse… wow.


“Stay shallow, just my head,” I direct her when she starts to take me deeper. I love the way her hand feels slowly working my shaft while her tongue rubs around my tip.


Sookie moans softly and when she pulls back her top teeth lightly graze my head.


“Mmm, fuck,” I hiss. I pull her head back by her hair and grab my shaft so I can trace her lips with me head, leaving a trail of pre-cum. “I want to fuck you again,” I tell her and then slide my head between her lips again.


She moans and gets right back to work, alternately sucking my cock and massaging it with her tongue while her hand pumps up and down my shaft. I can’t stop my hips from moving, pumping in time with her small hand.


“Sookie,” I growl when I feel my cock start to pulse after a couple minutes. “Where do you want me to cum?” I breathe.


She opens her mouth and her hand pumps faster so I can see my release land on her lips and tongue.


“Fuuuuck,” I groan, dropping my head back. I’m sure she’s done this countless times but this time she’s doing it for me. Not for a camera and millions of other fuckers watching her. This is just for me as is every time I fuck her from here on out.


Sookie licks my cum from her lips and cleans my tip to make sure she’s gotten every drop before she releases me.


“That’s not even my best work,” she winks.


“It was good enough for me,” I chuckle and help her to her feet. I give her a hard kiss while I squeeze her ass.


“I’m happy you enjoyed it.”


“Want your payback now or once we’re on the water?” I slip my hand between her cheeks down to her opening and start to rub.


“Normally I’d wait, but you can feel how wet you got me,” she replies.


I push one of my fingers into her pussy and start to pump slowly, going in as deep as possible. “Would you like to lie down and spread your perfect thighs for me?” I purr as I finger her.


“God yes.”


“Go ahead,” I say as I remove my finger. I pull my tank top over my head and drop it on the chair I’m standing next to.


Sookie moves to the bed and lies down with her legs spread nice and wide for me. “Like this?” She reaches down to spread her lips too.


“Just like that,” I say as I kneel down next to the bed. I lean in and drag my tongue from her ass all the way up to her clit, flicking and rubbing when I get there. I push two fingers into her core and start to pump, curling my fingers to rub her sweet spot, making her hips jerk.


“Oh fuuuu…” Sookie trails off. Her hips start to move with my fingers. “Fuck, your tongue is fucking magical. I want to get that fucker bronzed.”


I chuckle before sucking on her clit. I wiggle my fingers, scissoring them to stretch her a little more. I manage to work a third finger into her pussy, making both of us groan. I pump a few times before pulling one finger out to rub her back entrance.


“Is this okay?” I ask before suckling her clit again.


“Yes,” she breathes. “Fuck, don’t stop, Eric. I’m gonna cum so fuckin’ hard.”


I slide my finger into her ass and start fucking her with my hand, moving quickly as I work her clit with my tongue. I want her to cum. I want a lot of things with her, but an orgasm will do for now. My eyes open, darting up to hers just before her orgasm erupts from her sexy little body.


“Yesyesyesyesyes fuuuuck!” she screams as she grips my hair and her walls pulse wildly around my fingers.


“Mmm, good girl,” I purr. I kiss her clit before pulling my fingers out. “Go get dressed. I want to have you in the sun.”


“I’m going to have to stop by my brother’s. I don’t have my luggage here and I need a bikini,” she pants.


“That’s fine.” I stand up and lean over her prone body to lick her lips. I slide my tongue into her mouth so she can taste herself on my tongue. “If we don’t go now we might have to stay here another night,” I whisper against her lips.


“Nope, I was promised a picnic and a boat,” she says when the kiss breaks, yet she doesn’t hesitate to stroke my cock.


“Both are waiting for you in the parking lot.” I put together a picnic basket before I left my apartment with sandwiches and fruits. “If you don’t stop that now I’m going to be sliding into you any second.”


“I haven’t met a man yet that can’t do a quickie,” she replies. “We have twelve minutes to checkout. Make it count.”


I growl and push into her warm, wet pussy. I take her hands and pin them above her head as my hips start to drive in and out. My eyes stay on her face while I fuck her. Sookie is still hands down the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. My legs push her thighs back to spread her wider.


“Fuck,” I grunt as my eyes flick up to the clock. I have ten minutes. “I want to feel you cum.” I start to grind each time I bury my cock inside of her.


“Oh fuck me,” she moans and tries to tug her hands free. Her back arches, thrusting her bouncing tits up in the air.


I hold her wrists tighter and dip my head to catch her nipple between my teeth, tugging a little harder than last night. My hips are slapping into her ass and we’re losing time quickly.


“Ohgodohgodohgod,” she chants. “Eric, gimme my hands. Let me show you how hard I can cum for you.”


I release one of her hands while I thread my fingers through the other one. “Give it to me. You have four minutes,” I pant.


She reaches down and rubs her clit at a furious pace. Her eyes lock on mine as her pussy tries to suck me in deeper and keep me buried in her. By her eyes I can tell her orgasm is going to be explosive. Her mouth opens and she sucks in the air for a scream but she chokes on it instead.


“Ohfuck… fuck…” I gasp when my orgasm hits. I slam in one more time before I explode deep inside of her with a roar.


Sookie wraps herself around me and kisses my face.


“I’m really glad I set the time ahead ten minutes,” she says.


“Me too,” I chuckle. I drop my weight onto her and wrap my arms around her shoulders. Her legs are already wrapped around my waist so I can lift her as I stand. “Come on; let’s go clean up so I can do this all over again on the boat.”


“Deal,” she whispers and sucks on my Adam’s apple.


I carry her to the bathroom with her lips attached to me the whole time. I don’t know how the hell I pulled it off, but finally confessing my crush to Sookie is actually paying off.




Watching Eric get his boat launched wreaks havoc on my bikini bottoms. I whimper and bite my bottom lip at the sight of those golden-brown arms flexing and curling and… I think my ovaries just ruptured. I step aside while he gets his truck parked at the marina. Emerald Lake is gorgeous. The weather is beautiful and there’s just the right amount of puffy, cotton ball clouds floating overhead. We’re surrounded by the woods and the mountains… It’s nothing like the concrete jungle of L.A.


Right then and there I know I’m moving back here. I don’t care if it means more commuting. With my contract I’m only committed to five films a year. That’s not a lot of time spent on a movie set. Most of my time is spent making appearances at various conventions or on social media, promoting my website and interacting fans. The real money is in my website membership.


“Ready?” Eric asks from behind me as he wraps his arm around my shoulder.


“Ready,” I smile.


Ready to rip your clothes off.


I swear I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. Yes, a high sex drive is a prerequisite for my job, but I don’t usually feel like I’m climbing the walls. Eric seems like a really nice guy. I’m trying not to judge him by memory because I know ten years can change a person. I want to learn more about him now instead of trusting my memory.


Eric leads me to the dock and before I step on the boat, I take off my pumps so I don’t damage the shiny, white fiberglass. He helps me aboard and while I look around Eric starts the engine. Sounds pretty powerful to me. I haven’t been on a boat in ages that wasn’t yacht size. I like this better.


“Next time we’ll bring beer,” I say over my shoulder while Eric unties the boat from the dock.


“There’s beer in the cooler.” He nods to one of the seats in the front of the boat. “It lifts. I stopped by the store before I came to you.”


“Oooh sneaky place to stash the provisions.” I set my shoes and bag down on one of the seats and proceed to lift the seats until I find what I’m looking for. “Want one?” Who cares that it’s not quite noon yet? I’m on vacation.


“Sure,” he answers as he pulls his tank top off and starts backing away from the dock.


I grab two longnecks from the cooler and bring them to Eric.


“Would you mind, Captain?” I hold out the bottles to him.


Once he’s going straight he takes the bottles one at a time to pull the caps off. He hands one back to me and says, “I’m going to park us in a cove in case you want to sunbathe naked.”


“Why Captain Northman, whatever makes you think I sunbathe naked?” I sip my beer. It couldn’t be my all-over tan…


He pulls me down to sit on his knee and says, “I stared at every inch of your perfect body and didn’t see one tan line, Miss Stackhouse. That leads me to believe my pretty girl only sunbathes in the buff.”


I smile and can’t help but give him a lingering peck. Eric and I weren’t friends in high school. Of course we knew of each other. He was on the football team and I was our class secretary on student council four years running. I was a regular at games, both football and then baseball in the spring since Jason was a short stop. Back then Eric and I had nothing in common. I’m not sure that we do now, but I’m happy with the chemistry between us. If all this turns out to be is a lusty fling, I’m okay with that.


Eric has to go slow through the harbor until he gets to open water. I move to my own seat just across from him and hold on while the boat picks up speed. I squeal when we bounce and skim along the water, and take note of Eric watching my tits without a lick of shame. When he slows down toward the center of the lake, I stand up and peel my dress off. He’ll get a real show in my barely there mocha colored bikini. The beaded material barely covers my tits and mound. Most of my ass is visible if I turn around.


“Why don’t you come over here and have a seat?” He pats his lap when he moves out of the driver seat.


“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” I pick up my beer and take small, tentative steps toward him. I can see the flagpole rising in his shorts.


“Would it sweeten the pot if I pulled my shorts off?” he smirks, rubbing his length through the thin fabric.


“Mmm… Maybe.” I move closer and straddle his lap so my tits are pretty much in his face.


He tilts his head forward to suck the skin of my left breast lightly. His free hand lands on my ass, slipping under my bottoms to run his fingertips through my cheeks.


“Your call on the shorts, pretty girl,” he purrs against my skin.


“This feels nice just like this,” I reply. I set my beer in a cup holder and lean in to kiss his neck. My lips brush his skin and my tongue swirls around, leaving wet patches in my wake. I can feel his dick twitching under me when I find a spot near where his neck and shoulder meet.


“Mmm, you’re right. This feels perfect,” he whispers, dropping his head to the side to give me better access. His fingers continue to toy with my rear entrance, but he doesn’t try to push for anything more. “Is this normal?” he asks. “I want to be in you every fucking second of the day.”


I kiss my way up to his lips and peck each corner before sucking on his top lip and then the bottom. My hips rock, rubbing my warm center over his solid erection, making him groan.


“I think it’s all those chemicals in our brains driving us crazy,” I tell him.


“You’re feeling it too?” He pushes his fingers down to rub my core.


“What does that tell you?” I swivel my hips and I know it makes my walls pulse, forcing more of my juices out.


“Good,” he groans. Eric moves his hand around, sliding it between our bodies. He pushes my bikini bottoms over and slips two fingers into me, wiggling and scissoring them. “Ride my fingers,” he says as his lips travel up the front of my neck to my chin.


I do as I’m told and slowly move up and down. My lips find his and I moan when his tongue slides against mine. He’s a fantastic kisser. My fingers play in his hair while my hips move and our tongues battle. My insides are turning to putty a little bit more with every pass of his thumb over my clit. It makes me swivel and moan into the kiss. I reach into his shorts to pull his cock out so I can stroke him while we kiss. My hand wraps around his thick base and I break the kiss long enough to spit on his tip so my hand will glide easily.


Eric moans into the kiss. His fingers start to move a little faster and he brings his other hand up to grip my hair at the nape of my neck.


“Put me inside of you,” he whispers into the kiss as he pulls his fingers out.


I don’t need to be told twice. I lift up so I can slide down his shaft and it makes us both moan. I take my time sliding down his length. We’ve been going at it hard and fast, but right now slow and steady sounds good to me. My forehead presses to his while I move my hips in circles instead of up and down.


“Jesus, you’re so fucking deep, Eric,” I pant and suck on his top lip again.


He holds my head in place while he slips his tongue into my mouth again. As Eric’s tongue dances with mine I can feel every emotion he’s feeling. He’s a very intense, passionate man and that’s all being transferred to me right now.


“I would be happy to keep you impaled on my cock all day and night,” he purrs against my lips.


“Mmm… Your boss might not like that,” I reply and move my hips counterclockwise instead.


“My boss can go fuck herself if she doesn’t like it,” he growls.


“We could start the first ever bring your favorite pornstar to work day,” I suggest and start to glide back and forth.


“Mmm, then she’d want to fuck you too,” he says as his head tilts so he can watch where our bodies are joined.


I lean back to brace myself on his knees so he gets a better view.


“Is she into girls? Would I get in trouble if she caught me under your desk, sucking your cock while you’re working?”


“She’s definitely into girls. She might want to get down and suck on your pussy while you blew me.”


“Would you like that?” I lift up just a little before I slam down again.


“It would be sexy as fuck,” he nods. “Are you into fucking other girls in your free time?”


“Only if it’s in a three-way,” I answer and it makes his dick twitch.


“If you ever feel the need to have a threesome, let me know,” he breathes, reaching down to rub my clit with his thumb.


“Mmm… I think I would love sharing your cock with another girl,” I purr. “Two tongues teasing you. Two mouths playing with your balls. One of us riding your dick while the other rides your tongue…”


“Sounds delicious,” he says. “I’m yours now, you choose where I get to put my cock.”


“Just like that?” I lean toward him again to kiss along his jaw. I begin to rise and fall faster, making him grunt. My ass slaps against his thighs every time I drop.


“Uh huh,” he grunts. “Unless you say otherwise. I’m not going to be seeing anyone else until you say you’re done with me.”


“Good to know,” I pant. I’m not sure where I stand yet. I’m a little worried this will only be a sexy fling for me and he’ll end up hurt because of it, but I’m not going to pull the plug because of it. It’s too soon to know where this is going.


The only thing I know for certain is that this is the best sex I’ve had off camera in a really long time. As the pressure builds in my belly, signaling another overwhelming orgasm, a little voice whispers in my mind that Eric is the kind of guy I’d leave the business for and never look back.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. I wonder if Sookie has trouble having good sex outside of work? She said it was the best outside of work. I feel like Eric is getting attached already, I mean he has had a crush on her for years. I like the end with the voice inside her head. Man, they sure had fun together and doing it together 😉


  2. I have a feeling Sookie is already tired of the business but hasnt found a reason to quit. Now that Eric is there I agree they won’t last if she stays in business. It’s one thing to say you are ok with it but actually seeing or knowing it happened. Completely different


  3. I agree with every comment I also wonder how Sookie would feel if she saw another woman coming onto Eric would she be jealous?? I think she will decide to call it quits and not renew her contract.


  4. It’s nice they are enjoying each other. Lets not complicate matters with long term plans. They have only hooked up the day before.


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