19: The Freak Show

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To give me time to get dinner together, I had arranged for Ras to get Eric out of the house for a few hours the afternoon of his birthday. My man left the house with a smile on his face, thanks to the way I’d woken him up that morning. Show me one man who doesn’t like waking up with a blowjob and I’ll show you a liar. Eric was no exception.

While he was gone I got phase two of the day ready. I was confident the cheesesteaks would turn out fine. The fries were what worried me, but I knew Eric would be happy with my effort no matter what. His present was a big one; one I might not be able to top.

The fries were just about to go for their second swim in the oil when there was a knock on the door. I wiped my hands off and went to answer it. Tawny was standing there, smiling like the cat who was about to devour the canary.

“Hi. Thanks for coming,” I said.

“I’ve been waiting for this call.” She leaned forward to kiss my cheek. “Eric is going to blow his load when he finds out.”

“That’s the plan. Come in.” I stepped back to let her in. Eric and Ras had taken the dog along since it was boy time.

“It smells good in here. I thought you didn’t cook.”

“I don’t. I taught myself how to make cheesesteaks just for this occasion. Eric went out of his way to throw me a nice party, so I figured it was the least I could do. Plus I figured he would want to fuel up before we get to the fun stuff,” I said. I closed the door and followed Tawny into the house. “Can I get you something to drink? I’ve got water, wine, beer, strawberry lemonade, orange juice…”

“Wine would be good,” she answered. “Do you need any help with anything?”

“No, I’m good. Do you want red or white?”

“Red please. With steak, it always has to be red.”

“You got it. How do you like your cheesesteak? I have grilled peppers and onions and three kinds of cheese.”

“Onions and cheese. Are you sure we should be eating onions before this,” she giggled.

“We’ve got mouthwash,” I smiled. I got down a pair of wine glasses to pour each of us a glass of red. I’d stocked up on Eric’s favorite beer and there was an ice cream cake in the freezer.

“Works for me. Is Ras staying? I haven’t been with him in forever.” She took the glass from me and took a sip.

“I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to convince him if Eric doesn’t mind it.” I hadn’t really thought about it, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to turn it down.

“Have you guys talked about you being with other men? I know your relationship is different than most, but do you think it’s something you would be okay with. The Eric I know doesn’t have trust or jealousy issues so I can’t see him getting mad if we ask Ras to stick around.”

“He knows that before I met him I definitely had some fantasies about entertaining both him and Ras at the same time. Believe it or not, Ras has issues with doing a threeway with a couple.” I was surprised when Eric told me that.

“Huh, I never would have guessed. It might be because the two of them are so close.” She took another sip.

“Could be, but I think it applies to any couple.” I went over to the stove and started to drop fries into the hot oil. Eric was due back any minute.

“We’ll find out tonight, won’t we? He might change his mind if I’m involved. The two of them at once is something every girl should experience,” she chuckled.

“I’m sure it’s an intense experience.”

The front door opened and Henry came running through the house.

“Dude, it smells really fucking good in here,” I heard Ras say.

“It smells like steak,” Eric agreed. He walked into the kitchen and saw Tawny sitting there. His eyes darted to the fryer, and then to the steak, onions, peppers, and mushrooms sitting there. “Lover, what is all this?”

“Your birthday party,” I smiled. “Surprise.”

He smiled as he walked over to me. He wrapped those strong arms around me and said, “You cooked this for me?”

“Yes, sir,” I nodded. “It took a lot of practice that Henry had to suffer through, but yes.”

“Baby, this is… I don’t even have the words. This is pretty amazing.” He leaned over to kiss me, rubbing his hands over my hips. When he pulled back he asked, “What is Tawny doing here?”

“She’s here for dinner… and for after. I thought I’d make good on all the things I’ve been suggesting for the last few weeks.”

“Is that so?” he smirked. He kissed me again before he let me go and walked over to kiss Tawny hello. “You’re in for a treat,” he told her.

“Oh, I know,” she smiled.

“Well, dinner is ready. Help yourselves.” I turned to fish the fries out of the oil and put them on paper towels to dry. Right away I sprinkled a little seasoned salt and a blend of peppers on them. “I wasn’t sure if you liked provolone or cheese whiz on your sandwich, so I got both plus pepperjack.”

“I’d be happy with all three,” he chuckled. “This is truly the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten, Sookie. I can’t believe you went out of your way to do this.” He waved in front of the food.

“You went out of your way for me. Eat up.” I handed him a knife to cut into one of the rolls. I’d bought a dozen mini loaves of french bread. I’d cooked up three pounds of steak. There was plenty of food for everyone. “You’re staying, right Ras?”

“Hell yes,” he said.

“Are you staying for the after-party?” Tawny asked him. She reached out to rub over his ass.

“It’s pretty tempting, but that’s up to Eric.”

“Do you want him to stay?” Eric asked me.

I knew Tawny did. Rasul wanted to. Eric had offered to talk to him about having him come over. Why not do it all in one night?

“The more the merrier,” I answered.

“This is going to be a night to remember,” he chuckled as he pulled me in for a tight hug. He lifted me off my feet and walked out of the kitchen, carrying me to our room. When we got there he set me on my feet again. His pretty blue eyes searched mine as he asked, “Are you sure this is what you want? I don’t want you to do this for me if you don’t want it.”

“I want to do this. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I trust you, and I think you know I’m not someone who doles out trust easily. I know if it gets to be too much or I change my mind you’ll be right there to call it off. Nothing will happen we both don’t want,” I said.

“No it won’t. I trust the two people out there joining us, too,” Eric said. “I just want to make sure before we go through with it.”

“I appreciate it. I’m sure. Now go eat before Rasul gets it first,” I chuckled.

“Yes, dear. I love you.” He leaned down to give me a quick kiss.

“I love you too.” I shook my head at the way he hauled ass out of the bedroom to go get himself a cheesesteak. I followed him out to find Eric and Ras elbowing each other out of the way.

“You’re getting fluffy,” Ras said to Eric as he added more peppers to his sandwich.

“Bullshit. This is only the second meal she’s cooked for me and I work out six times a week with your ugly ass,” Eric argued. He was going after more cheese.

“You boys want something to drink? I picked up two cases of Blue Moon. I even sliced some oranges for it.”

“What did I ever do without you?” Eric asked over his shoulder.

“Probably every hooker that walked through the door at work,” Tawny joked as she watched the show.

“Hookers, huh?” I teased as I reached into the fridge for two bottles of beer.

“We get paid for it, might as well call a horse a horse,” she chuckled. Eric stood there shaking his head.

I got the tops off the beers and set them on the island. Then a second batch of fries went in the oil. Rasul kissed my cheek.

“Thanks for inviting me,” he said.

“No problem. I’m glad you agreed to come.”

Tawny got up to start putting her plate together. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little anxious and nervous about the after dinner stuff. To keep my hands busy I got a treat down for Henry. He was pretty good about not begging, but he was excited to have all the extra friends in the house. I got the second batch of fries draining and seasoned. Eric and Ras were just about ready for a second sandwich and I hadn’t made my first one yet.

“This is delicious, Sookie,” Eric said before taking the second to last bite of his sandwich.

“I’m happy you like it. Kennedy was my other taste tester.”

“Too bad you didn’t invite her too. Tawny would get a permaboner watching you two dance,” Rasul said.

“I’ve had some nice dreams about the two of them,” Tawny giggled. She looked at me and said, “Eric told me you’re as sweet as cotton candy. I can’t wait to find out.”

“Cotton candy, huh?” That got Rasul’s attention too.

“Why do you think I can spend hours between those sexy thighs?” Eric winked.

“It’s Eric’s birthday, guys,” I reminded them. “Y’all should be focusing on him and not me.”

“I don’t want to know what his dick tastes like,” Rasul snickered.

“It tastes surprisingly good,” Tawny said casually.

“Didn’t I just say I don’t want to know?”

“Have I ever cared about what you say?” she teased. When she got up to get another glass of wine she stopped to kiss Ras on the lips.

“Only when I pull your hair and order you to suck my dick,” he said.

“You sure do know how to get a girl going,” she purred.

Rasul winked and slapped her ass when she turned to walk away.

“Have you two ever dated?” I asked. I could see them as a couple.

“Nope. Never even thought about it,” she answered. She sipped her new glass of wine before taking a seat so she could finish eating her sandwich.

“Really? You’d make a cute couple.” I started to cut a second roll for Eric.

“She couldn’t handle me,” Rasul explained.

“I think it’s the other way around, Mister,” she snickered.

“No way.” Ras shook his head.

“We can argue about it all night, but the truth is, you couldn’t handle me,” she said. I noticed Eric nodded, but he stayed quiet.

“Couldn’t and wouldn’t aren’t the same thing,” Rasul said. “We’re great at fucking but she just… her personality off screen is kind of boring.”

“How am I boring?” she snapped.

“You just are,” he said. I was pretty sure he was trying to rile her up and it was working.

“I am not boring. You don’t even hang out with me enough to tell if I’m boring,” she huffed.

Eric reached over and hooked her around the waist since she was standing. He pulled her close and reached under her skirt. He smiled and said, “Good job, brother, she’s getting good and ready.”

“Who can’t handle who now?” Rasul had a smug look on his face.

She flipped him off. Her eyes closed briefly since Eric’s hand was still under her skirt. I couldn’t see what he was doing but I could hear how wet she was.

“I think we need to wrap dinner up,” Eric said, looking at me with that smoldering look on his handsome face.

“Sookie hasn’t eaten yet,” Rasul informed Eric.

“I was so excited about my food I didn’t notice,” he said apologetically. He removed his hand from under Tawny’s skirt and smacked her ass.

“It’s okay. I’m not very hungry,” I replied.

“Are you sure? It’s really fucking good, Lover.”

“I’m sure,” I nodded. It was probably my nerves getting in the way.

“Do you want to take the party to the room?” Eric asked. He stood up and started to clean up the mess.

“I’d like to let everyone finish eating.” Rasul wasn’t done and I couldn’t tell if Tawny was.

Eric motioned for me to come closer to him. He’d moved to the counter. He reached up for a few Tupperware containers.

“What?” I said quietly once I was standing next to him.

“Are you nervous?” he asked just as quietly.

“Duh.” Threeways and girl on girl stuff was probably close to boring for him, but it was all new to me.

He smiled as he leaned down to kiss me. He grabbed onto my hips, kneading them lightly as we kissed. “It might be easier if we go get started and wait for them to join us.”

“It might be easier if I polish off the bottle of red in the fridge.” I was kind of joking.

“If you think that’s best,” he chuckled.

“Probably not. I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

“Eat, Sookie.”

I shook my head. “I’m not hungry.” It was definitely the nerves.

He nodded before he turned to start cleaning up the dinner mess. I did finish off my glass of wine before I started to help Eric with the cleanup. I stopped in my tracks when I realized Tawny and Ras were gone.

“Uhhhh… Tawny and Rasul are missing,” I said.

“They’re probably already in the room fucking.”

That was very likely.

“Are you okay with Rasul maybe fucking me?” I asked Eric. He was okay with it a few months ago but things had changed since then.

“It’s sex, Sookie. I know you’re not going to fall in love with him. I’m secure in our relationship. If he fucks you, I’ll be fine with it. I’m pretty sure I’m going fuck Tawny unless you ask me not to.”

“You can. Hell, she’s your only shot at anal tonight.” I wasn’t into it. I’d tried it a few times and it just wasn’t for me. It was too uncomfortable for me, and guys as big as Eric and Rasul weren’t going to be less uncomfortable.

“I’ll probably take her up on that. She fucking loves it,” he chuckled. “You want to go join them?” He rubbed over my cheek, drawing my face up for a kiss.

“Now’s as good a time as any.” I let him lead me down the hall to the bedroom. Sure enough, both Tawny and Rasul were naked and she was sucking him off. “You work fast.”

“She’s insatiable,” Rasul replied.

Tawny pull off long enough to ask, “You want to get down here and help me?”

I looked at Eric. He kissed my forehead.

“Uh, sure,” I agreed. I crossed the room and knelt down next to Tawny, who wasted no time pressing her lips to mine. She was a good kisser. Aggressive, but not choking me with it. She guided my hand up to stroke Rasul’s cock. I heard the zipper going down on Eric’s jeans. It wasn’t like I hadn’t blown Rasul before. He really, really liked getting head. When the kiss ended I moved over to take his cock in my mouth.

By the time Eric joined us he was completely naked. He watched me sucking Rasul’s dick for a few moments as Tawny reached up to stroke Eric. After a moment he reached out and grabbed onto her hair. He yanked her head over, making her moan as he shoved his thick cock into her mouth. He pumped his hips slowly, gently fucking her mouth as he watched me.

It didn’t feel as weird as I thought it would to be sucking Rasul off in front of Eric, or Tawny, for that matter. When I pulled back so did Tawny and once again her lips met mine. The kiss didn’t last long. I was the only one still dressed, and it was obvious that just wouldn’t do. So the three of them undressed me. I found myself spread out on the middle of the bed. Eric and Rasul were stroking themselves as Tawny’s head lowered between my thighs.

She parted my lips with her thumbs. Her head tilted and I felt her soft tongue swirl around my clit. She licked up and down a few times before thrusting into me. She lapped at my opening, curling her tongue enough to dip into my core every few seconds.

“That looks just as good as I expected it to.” I felt the tip of Eric’s cock rub over my lips as Tawny’s warm, wet tongue slithered up and down through my folds.

I flicked my tongue out to rub over the underside of his tip.

“It feels really good too,” I told him before I sucked on his swollen head.

“Mmm, you’re so fuckin’ good at that,” he breathed. I saw Rasul shift to the end of the bed behind Tawny. She moaned against my pussy after a moment. By the way her body shifted up I knew Ras thrust into her from behind.

I opened my mouth to let Eric slide in deeper if he wanted to. My hips wanted to roll with all the attention on my clit. The bed started to rock, confirming that Ras was fucking Tawny. My back arched and Eric plucked my nipples as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. Tawny definitely knew what she was doing. It didn’t take long at all for her to pull an orgasm from me.

“Mmm… cotton candy just like you said,” she purred before her lips sealed around my clit again.

With my eyes closed I only heard Eric chuckling above me. Tawny had to hold my hips still while she got to work pulling the next orgasm from me. I had a feeling it was going to be a long night.

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7 thoughts on “19: The Freak Show

  1. Well, happy birthday Eric. That went better than expected. Sookie was so nervous because it was her first time with another girl, but it went so easy. That seemed fun for them, but it will get old quick. I’m sure they’ll pace it out, so they don’t lose the joy of the act.


  2. Argh! You ended it there? I hope there’s a Part 2! LOL! I’m sure the rest of Eric’s birthday part went swimmingly though! How thoughtful of Sookie to teach herself to cook his meal and serve his favorite dessert… Great chapter, ladies!


  3. Is it weird that I’m worried about Sookie being hungry and what repercussions there will be?
    She did a great job of keeping this secret and I’m glad the food went well!! Lol, well is likely an understatement. So yay!

    And then dessert. I guess the ice cream cake will have to wait 😝


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