Chapter 11


“I met someone,” I blurted out. It was my Wednesday lunch date with my best friend Tara. We’d been friends since the second grade when she was being bullied by Amanda Merriweather, and Jason stepped in to break it up. Tara was hooked to Jason like white on rice after that, which led to her being around me. Something just clicked and she’d been my bestie since.

I’d been pretty hush-hush about Eric because I wanted to see where it would go between us. I was pretty sure he was just as smitten as I was.

“Oh yeah? Do tell,” she said.

“He’s tall,” I started. For some reason I always ended up with short guys. “He has the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen and he treats me like I walk on water.” I pulled my phone out of my purse to find a picture of him. We had an impromptu photo shoot at his house the day before taking ridiculous selfies with each other.

“Where did you meet this Prince Charming?” Tara took a bite of her soup.

“Work,” I admitted, passing my phone to her. “All the pictures are safe if you want to look through them.”

“Are you new?” Tara took my phone. “Be still my heart… He’s cute, Sook. Good work.”

“Thanks. He’s a big goof and clearly willing to go along with my silliness,” I chuckled. “We work together a lot and he invited me over after work a couple weeks ago. I don’t know what came over me. I just kissed him. It was like fireworks, instantly,” I said, snapping my fingers.

“Wow. I thought that only happened in the movies,” Tara said. “You look happy. I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you,” I smiled. I took a sip of my tea before adding, “He even took me on a real date. I was able to wear my red dress finally.”

“So you’re not just boning constantly,” she chuckled. “I’m sure Roger is grateful for the break.”

I laughed and said, “He did some overtime after the first two times Eric and I hung out. We didn’t sleep together right away, but there was some serious heavy petting. Poor Rog is on his last leg.”

Tara frowned and said, “We’ll have to pour a forty for your fallen homey.”

“Yeah, it’s time to retire him,” I sighed. “He was good while be lasted though. He never once let me down.”

“A good friend is hard to find,” she agreed. “I’m guessing Eric’s a very good friend?”

I leaned over the table and whispered, “Eric would rather eat pussy than breakfast, you tell me…” As irritated as I was the breakfast went to shit, Eric seemed to make me forget within seconds.

“Marry him.” Tara gave me my phone back. “Wait, is he good at it?”

“Stupid good at it,” I confessed. Not that I’d had a lot of guys go down on me, but Eric was ridiculously good at it.

“Marry. Him. That way when Mr. Happy retires he can still get ‘er done.”

“I don’t think I’m ready for all that,” I chuckled. “I like him, a lot, though. It feels good with him. I’ve never felt anything like this.”

“That’s awesome, Sook. I’m happy for you. You deserve good things,” Tara said sincerely. “You know I’m going to have to come up there to meet him, right?”

“We’re keeping it hush-hush, so if you do show up don’t let on that you know. That shop is a hot flaming mess, by the way,” I laughed. “The guys are so ridiculous. It’s comical.”

“Can they change my oil without blowing my trans?”

“They are good at getting job done,” I admitted. “They play around a lot, but when it comes down to it they’re good at doing work. We have one character that’s a Pat, you know, from SNL? It’s apparently a man, and he’s seeing Caitlin.” She knew all about Caitlin.

“Who isn’t seeing Caitlin?” Tara had some sour grapes there since Caitlin macked on one of Tara’s exes.

“Right,” I snorted. “He’s a mess. He has “buddies” that run around beating people up for him. His stories are interesting, if nothing else.”

“Yeah, that’s a mess,” she agreed.

“So, what’s new in your life?” I asked before taking a bite of my sandwich.

“Not much. Same shit, mostly. There is one little change…” She had that cat who ate the canary look, which meant she was up to no good. Probably with a guy. Tara had a terrible relationship track record.

“What changed…”

“Remember I told you about that trainer JB?” Oh no.


“We’ve been working out off the clock.”

“Working out, or working out?”

Her smile said it all. JB was married.

“That’s bad, Tara. Bad, bad, bad,” I scolded. “Is it any good?” Of course I needed details.

“It’s crazy good but I think it’s because it’s bad. I know I shouldn’t be messing with him but I can’t help it,” she told me. “I know he’s never going to leave her and I know if she finds out I’ll be in deep shit, but every time I get near him I just… Mmm…”

“Are you at least being careful? The last thing you need is getting knocked up with a love child,” I told her.

“What am I stupid over here? Of course we’re being careful,” she said. “I like fucking him but I don’t want any of his idiot kids.”

“Good call,” I chuckled. “I just needed to be sure. Good sex makes people do dumb things. I know if Eric asked to go bare my dumb ass probably would’ve agreed. I need to stop letting him give me head before sex. We’ve been good so far, but I’m sure we’re going to have a fuck up one day.” I was on birth control, so it wasn’t that big of an issue, but still.

“Girl, you do that and I’ll have no choice but to smack you silly.”

“I’ll welcome it,” I laughed. “He doesn’t seem like the type to forget. I haven’t even had to bring it up yet.”

“That could be a trap,” she chuckled.

“Making sure we use protection is a trap?”

“Yeah because then one day you’re all into it and he’s magically out of condoms. It’s just once… Then all of a sudden it’s like they stopped making condoms,” she suggested.

“Good point. I’ll start packing them in my purse to be safe,” I nodded. “We should also have the birth control talk too. I’ll call him later. He’s at work now. Oh! I can invite him over for dinner.”

“Yes you can. I hear girlfriends do that sometimes,” she teased.

“Jerk,” I chuckled. I pulled my phone out of my purse to send him a text.

Me: Got plans for dinner?

“Well if the sex doesn’t woo him try making that pulled pot roast thing you make,” she said. “I’m guessing a guy that big can eat.”

“He’s a monster,” I confirmed. “I’ve seen him kill three double cheeseburgers in one sitting.”

“Damn. It’s really unfair they can eat like that,” Tara pouted.

“Tell me about it. We went to dinner and he ate his and then the rest of mine. Didn’t even seem like it bothered him,” I chuckled.

“Ugh, and he’s still rocking at least a four pack, right?”

My phone buzzed.

Eric: Ramen?

“He is. It’s disgusting.” Since I had my phone out I scrolled up through the message to show her the first message he sent me shirtless.

“I hate him,” she deadpanned.

“Uh huh.”

Me: Pulled pork sandwiches at my place?

Eric: Count me in. I’ll bring dessert. Maybe something on a stick…

“Is he a good sexter?” Tara asked.

“We haven’t sexted. Should I try it?”

“Where is he?”


“That would be evil, so yes,” Tara laughed. She was a bad influence.

I smiled before I shot off a reply.

Me: Something I can lick or suck?

“He just offered me something on a stick,” I told her.

“Well that’s clearly an invitation,” she said.

Eric: Definitely both. It’ll fill that sassy mouth.

“It sure was,” I laughed. “So far so good on the sexting.”

Me: Mmm. My mouth isn’t sassy.

Eric: Oh yes it is. I’ve heard it. Gives me wood 😉

Me: I’ll be happy to take care of that for you anytime you need me to.

Eric: I’m a lucky man.

Me: Yes you are 😛

“Ugh, I’m way too smitten with this guy,” I groaned.

“I can tell. It’s all over your face,” Tara said. “It’s cute, though.”

Eric: Oh, btw, Bobby informed me this morning he’s his basketball team’s MVP.

I laughed. Loudly.

Me: Can you send me a picture of him? I’m having lunch with my bestie and she needs to know what that joker looks like.

“Eric just told me Bobby, the guy seeing Caitlin; he’s his basketball team’s MVP. I’ve asked for a picture of him for you.”

“Is Bobby not the basketball playing kind?”

My phone buzzed with a picture message.

I pulled the text up and snorted when I saw the picture. I turned my phone around to show Tara.

“You tell me.”

“Is he the ball?”

“My thoughts exactly,” I laughed.

Me: Tara agrees he’s the MVP because he IS the ball.

“If he’s an MVP I’m the next Miss Louisiana,” Tara said.

Eric: Des just ran through here without pants…

Me: Jesus fuck. What is wrong with those assholes? Lol.

“Yeah, you should come see me at work soon,” I laughed.

Eric: They’re not even drunk. I don’t know.

“Uh, yeah,” Tara agreed.

“My boss just ran through with no pants. I’m glad I wasn’t there to witness that.”

Me: I’m going to finish lunch. I’ll see you tonight. :*

“Uhhh isn’t that illegal?”

Eric: Can’t wait.

“Probably. They don’t worry about that kinda stuff,” I chuckled. “It’s like Jase and his friends times thirty,” I explained.


“Yeah, I was a little shocked at first.”

Tara and I finished up lunch a while later. I had to swing by the grocery store before I went home. I had to finish the laundry I’d started before I left, which didn’t take too long. I had a pork roast in the crock pot, and homemade barbecue sauce on the stove when there was a knock on my door. I glanced at the clock and I immediately knew who it was.

I could feel the smile on my face when I walked over to answer the door. Yep, it was Eric. I didn’t know it was possible for him to look so much better than the last time I saw him.

He had a plastic bag from the grocery store hanging on his arm and before I could say hello he was lifting me off the floor, kicking the door closed, and pressing me against the wall for a kiss hello.

“Hi,” he purred when Eric pulled back.

“Hi,” I whispered. My eyes were still closed. He was good at the greetings. “Dinner’s ready.”

“Smells almost as good as you.” Eric kissed that spot on my neck before he let me down.

“Charmer,” I smiled. “How was your day?” It seemed like a very domestic question, and I liked the feel of it.

“I saw way too much penis, but good otherwise. Yours?”

“Like, pants and undies off? Were they literally on fire?” That was the only reason I could think that Des would take his pants off in the office.

“Like it was really slow and he shotgunned three twenty ounce cans of Red Bull,” Eric explained.

“Well, shit,” I laughed. “I’m glad it was my day off. It was a good, productive day. I got all my laundry done, and caught up on gossip with Tara.”

“That’s good,” he said. “Andre scared the shit out of Bobby. Literally.”

“Oh Lord,” I laughed harder. “Now I’m really glad I wasn’t there. No one wants to see a grown man shit himself. What’s in the bag?”

“Dessert.” Eric put the bag up on the kitchen counter and started pulling things out. French vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chopped nuts, sprinkles, a jar of cherries and waffle bowls.

“Oooh, a man after my heart,” I said as I grabbed the ice cream to put in the freezer. “What was that you had on a stick that could fill my sassy mouth?” I asked him.

“Don’t you worry about that. You’ll get to have it after dinner,” he promised.

“What if I want it now?” I moved to the stove to turn the sauce off, giving it a quick stir.

“After dinner.”

“Meanie,” I pouted. I reached up to grab two plates. I bought ciabatta rolls to put the meat on. I had them on the back of the stove, already toasted with butter.

“I’m sure you can find a way to forgive me,” he replied, reaching up to rub my shoulders.

I groaned softly, closing my eyes for a moment. When I opened them again I reached across the stove to grab a roll.

“How many do you want?” I started slathering sauce onto the bread.

“I’ll start with one.” That would last all of four bites.

“Want it real wet?” I put a pile of pulled pork on top of the sauce. I usually dipped mine in a little ramekin of sauce on the side.

He smirked at that.

“You or the sandwich?”

I giggled and said, “Both, but we’re starting with that sandwich.”

“Mmm… depends on the sauce. Are you a tangy person or sweet and spicy?”

I lifted the sauce spoon for him to taste it. It was a little more the sweet and spicy side. There was some vinegar in it to add a touch of tang.

He tasted the sauce and nodded.

“That’s good stuff, woman,” he told me.

“Thanks, it was my Gran’s recipe,” I smiled. I was sure Gran was smiling down on us from somewhere. Probably preening because a new person liked her sauce. “I usually just dip mine, if you want to do it that way.” Eric was all about getting the food in his mouth the fastest way possible.

“Doesn’t matter,” he said. “I can dip or you can pour it on. Either way is fine.”

In order to keep it clean I grabbed a second ramekin. I had Eric get us drinks while I finished making our plates. He was already at the table waiting for me when I walked over and slid his plate in front of him. I hadn’t cooked for someone else in a long time, at least not at my own house. I liked it. Gran was a housewife, and taught me all the home economics I ever needed to learn. I knew Eric would never ask me to cater to him, which made it okay if I did.

Once I had everything together and took my seat, I folded a napkin over my lap and started to cut my sandwich in half.

“I know this is like a tenth date question, but do you want kids one day?” I asked out of the blue.

“I do.” He didn’t hesitate to answer me and didn’t seem freaked out that I was asking.

“Good, then we can continue this thing we have going on,” I winked. “I do too. I’ve wanted them for as long as I can remember. I want at least two.”

“Same,” he said. “I’m not quite ready for kids but I’m at the point where I don’t want to get invested in someone who doesn’t want the same things.”

“Ditto,” I replied. “Since we haven’t had a chance to talk about it, I might as well bring up that I am on birth control. I started getting the shot when I started my period. It was so bad I had to go on some sort of birth control. It stopped me from ovulating, so it seemed like the best option.” Eric probably didn’t need, or want to know all that. I was comfortable with him, though, and it just came out.

“That’s good to know,” he told me. “Just so you know, I’m okay with using condoms. I don’t want to end up with an oops baby. I don’t want to be a parent because I feel obligated, you know?”

“I do, and I’m glad you said it. I was about to mention that just because I’m on the shot, it doesn’t mean I want to stop with them. If we get to a point in our relationship when I know you’re the man I want my babies with we can talk about it again.” I dipped my sandwich and took a huge bite.

“Works for me.” Eric put down half a sandwich in a bite.

I took a bite of my sandwich, washing it down with the beer Eric grabbed for me. We continued to eat in silence. I was glad we got the birth control talk out of the way. We were on the same page, which was good. I liked that we had the same family goals too. It would suck to be so compatible, but disagree on a family.

After dinner Eric was polite and helped me clean up the kitchen. As soon as the dishwasher was on we went to the living room. I waited for Eric to take a seat on the couch before I straddled his lap.

“So… it’s after dinner,” I said, resting my hands on his shoulders.

“It is,” he agreed.

“How was it?” I leaned in to kiss his neck. He had two sandwiches, so I assumed he liked it.

“Delicious.” His big hands rubbed up and down my back.

“Good.” I continued to press light kisses along his neck, up to his jaw, and back down again to his shoulder.

“You can’t be ready for dessert already,” he teased.

“I’m just kissin’ on you ’cause I like it,” I told him.

“Oh. Well then do your worst,” he said, his body going limp.

I giggled against his neck as I peppered kisses. I snuggled against his chest with my head tilted so I could keep kissing him. My lips trailed across his collarbone to the other side of his neck. I licked him lightly, swirling my tongue across his salty skin. I moved my lips up to his earlobe and began to nibble, softly tugging.

Eric tilted his head to the side for me. His right hand found the back of my neck and rubbed so his thumb was pressing into my spine just right. His other hand was at my lower back, rubbing in a similar way. I moaned quietly. He was amazing with his hands.

As I kissed him I moved my own hands down to his stomach so I could rub my fingertips lightly over his abs. I could feel his muscles twitching. It was cute.

Long fingers twisted in my hair to move my lips to his. Eric’s lips ghosted over mine and kissed each corner of my mouth. He kissed my bottom lip and then the top one, teasing me a little before I got one of those coming home from war kisses. It was the kind of kiss that made my knees weak. I was starting to feel all kinds of things for him I wasn’t ready for, but as they said, the heart wants what it wants. Mine wanted Eric.



12 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. I always liked that line, the heart wants what the heart wants. I like how easily that talk went, and that they are on the same page. This chapter was fun to read.


  2. Wonderful chapter! Slow and steady progress with just the right amount if spice. Thank you for sharing your amazing stories.


  3. These two are the utmost of cute ever… Seriously… Hope Sookie (or Eric) doesn’t freak out seeing how quickly they’re totally falling for one another…
    By the way, that workplace is freakish…. so glad I can work for myself, mostly from home… Those guys would give me a heart attack a day!!!


    • You’ll be happy to hear that I have never seen anyone drop their drawers while I was on the premises lol. My boss actually takes the sexual harassment stuff pretty seriously. But I do enjoy the shenanigans that go on there quite a lot.

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