Chapter 1


Golden_Boy: Dani, are you still there?


I think I scared her off with my last comment. We’ve been chatting for almost two months. I don’t even remember how it started, but I know it quickly escalated into serious flirting.


Dani Irving: Yeah, sorry. Tumblr distraction. Mamoa’s on my dash again *drools*


Golden_Boy: I’m almost jealous 😉 How dare that meathead take your attention from me?


Dani Irving: I would lick that man from head to toe. Good gawwwwd.


Golden_Boy: So you’ve said… several times *rolls eyes*


Dani Irving: Don’t worry, Goldie, I still love you :*


Golden_Boy: Awww :*


Golden_Boy: Now it’s like we’re making out. Lol.


Dani Irving: Ha! Sort of.


Dani Irving: ( • )( • ) now you’ve seen my tits lol


Golden_Boy: Nice and perky. Just the way I like em! Now if only you’d send me a real picture of them. 😉


Dani Irving: And ruin the fantasy?


Golden_Boy: Don’t worry. I’d still fantasize.


I’ve been working on getting a picture of her for three weeks. Not even a nude one.


Dani Irving: I’m sure you would *snort*


Golden_Boy: Come on. I’m even faithful to you! I don’t even chat with other girls.


That is the truth. I don’t do a lot online, but I got sucked into chatting with her one day and we’ve been bantering since.


Dani Irving: You’re a good interwebs flirter, I’ll give you that.


Golden_Boy: I’m a terrible real life flirter. I have to hide behind a keyboard to say some of the things I say to you.


Dani Irving: I don’t believe that for a minute. I’m sure you have tons of girls waiting to cut each other to get to you.


Golden_Boy: Uh… no. I’m tall and awkward. My brain/mouth filter filters out the wrong things. Lol.


Dani Irving: We share the same filter affliction and I’m short and chubby. We’d make quite the pair.


Golden_Boy: Apparently the number 10 if we were standing together haha.


Dani Irving: Seems so.


My microwave dings and I set my laptop down to check on my reheated meal. It’s last night’s spaghetti.


Golden_Boy: Sorry I skipped out on you for a moment. A boy’s gotta eat.


Golden_Boy: It’s getting late. Should I let you go?


Dani Irving: Yeah, probably. I’m going to go think dirty thoughts and look at tumblr porn 😉


Golden_Boy: You can’t leave a man with that thought. You know I wouldn’t mind hearing about those thoughts.


All I know about Dani is she’s shorter, blonde and apparently chubby according to her. Her personality is hot enough to get me hard.


Dani Irving: Buddy, you have no idea what kind of freak flag I fly when no one’s looking…


Golden_Boy: Tell me…


Dani Irving: I can show you. Check your email in a minute.


Golden_Boy: Yes ma’am.


My email alerts a few seconds later and Dani has sent me a picture taken from behind of a curvy blonde with her hands tied behind her back. She’s on her knees in a black corset, fishnet stockings and a pair of shiny black heels.


Golden_Boy: Please tell me that’s you. So. Fucking. Hot.


Dani Irving: That’s me. You’re not freaked out by that kind of stuff?


Golden_Boy: If the state of my cock is any indication the answer is no.


Dani Irving: So then you want to hear how my Sir fucked my throat after that picture was taken?


Golden_Boy: I would love to hear about it. I can imagine it’s my cock down your throat.


I want to send her a picture of my hard-on through my shorts, but I won’t unless she asks for it.


Dani Irving: He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth. I swallowed all of him and he punished me if I didn’t swallow all of his cum.


Golden_Boy: You’re making me harder. Do you want me to rub one out thinking about you?


Dani Irving: That’s up to you, Pony 😉


Golden_Boy: Mmm Cherry. How does your Sir feel about you sending me that picture?


I’m not touching myself no matter how bad I want to.


Dani Irving: He’s not my Sir anymore. Hasn’t been in over a year.


Golden_Boy: I would offer to take his place, but… Check your email.


I send her an image of the outline of my cock through my thin basketball shorts.


Dani Irving: I should start calling you Horse instead of Pony.


Golden_Boy: I’ve been told it’s a bit above average. Right now all I can think about is shoving it down your throat.


Dani Irving: You poor thing…


Golden_Boy: It is a curse. It scares women off.


Dani Irving: Not me.


Golden_Boy: Good to know.


Golden_Boy: Got anything else you want to send?


Dani Irving: Not tonight. Try not to let my big ass give you nightmares 😉


Golden_Boy: Your ass is perfect. I’m going to have wet dreams about it. 😀


Dani Irving: Hmmm… then your dreams will match my panties right now.


Golden_Boy: Was is Momoa or my horse dick?


Dani Irving: I’m about to go have a moment thinking of both of you at the same time.


Golden_Boy: Dirty girl. Have you ever done that?


If she says she’s has I’m going to blow my load and I’m not even touching myself.


Dani Irving: I’m a good pet… except for when I’m feeling bratty. So yes, I have.




Golden_Boy: I want it.


My hand does go to my cock now and I begin to rub over my shorts.


Dani Irving: What do you want, Goldie? Do you want to see what a good pet I am?


Golden_Boy: Fuck yes. I also want to watch my dick slide in and out of your ass.


I reach into my shorts and wrap my hand around my cock.


Dani Irving: It would be a tight fit with a dick that big, but you’d make me take it and cum so hard I scream for you.


Golden_Boy: Fuck yes. I bet your pussy would be dripping all over the bed.


Dani Irving: Like I am right now…


Golden_Boy: Yes… are you touching yourself?


I begin to stroke a little faster.


Dani Irving: If you say I can I will.


Golden_Boy: Touch yourself. Fuck yourself with your fingers until you cum hard then send me a picture of your wet fingers.


Dani Irving: Yes, Sir 😉


I pull up the picture again and I rub my thumb over my tip before sliding up and down even faster.


Golden_Boy: What’s on your mind, baby? What are you thinking about as you shove your fingers in your cunt?


Dani Irving: How good it would feel if you bent me over and fucked me hard…


Golden_Boy: Would you like to see him bare?


Dani Irving: Mmm… yes… show me what I’m missing.


I push my shorts down under my balls and I stroke myself quickly. Right when I’m about to cum I stop and take a few pictures to send to her.


Golden_Boy: How’s that?


Dani Irving: So sexy. I hope I don’t wake up my neighbors with the noise I’m making.


I pump my cock until I cum all over my stomach. I snap one more shot to send her.


Golden_Boy: Check your email and you get to see what you made me do.


Dani Irving: Mmm… I’d lick it up if I could. Check your mail and see what you made me do.


Dani replied to my picture with a picture not just of her wet fingers, but of her very wet pussy.


Golden_Boy: I wouldn’t mind licking that up, Dani. You’re a very sexy girl.


Dani Irving: You’ve got orgasm brain.


Golden_Boy: Yes, but you’ve got a beautiful pussy that I want to spend hours licking. Your ass makes me want to smack it and bite it and fuck it.


Dani Irving: *sigh* only in my dreams.


Golden_Boy: I know, baby, mine too.


Dani and I have had cybersex, but these are the first pictures ever sent between us. From what I see she’s sexy as fuck. She’s thick and curvy, not chubby. She has a real body that I want to caress and kiss and fuck.


Dani Irving: One of these days I’ll find myself a new Sir. I am in desperate need of a good spanking.


I send her a picture of my left hand.


Golden_Boy: Something like that coming down on your sexy ass? Maybe your naughty pussy?


Dani Irving: lmao are you trying to interview for the job, Goldie?


Golden_Boy: Maybe 😉


Dani Irving: Ever been a Sir before?


Golden_Boy: Sadly no. My damn nerves get the better of me and I’d chicken out before I get to do any real Sir’ing. Lol


Dani Irving: Too bad. The search continues.


Golden_Boy: You don’t want to be the first?


Dani Irving: You said you get too nervous.


Golden_Boy: That might be different with you. I’ve already done more with you online than I ever have in the past. I’ve certainly never sent a cock shot to anyone.


Dani Irving: Yeah, but I want the real thing. I want to be marched out of the store for complaining when I don’t get my way and I want a Sir that’s not too nervous to punish me right there in the backseat of the car out in the parking lot. I don’t think you’re that guy, Goldie.


Golden_Boy: I want to be that guy for you.


Dani Irving: You don’t know what you’re asking for. You’re too… nice.


Golden_Boy: It’s apparently a blessing and a curse.


Golden_Boy: I know exactly what I’m asking for, Dani. I would rather do it with someone experienced then try it with someone that has no fucking clue. I’ve done some reading… I think I could do it, but I understand.


Dani Irving: We’re not face to face. For all I know you’re on the other side of the world. That won’t work.


Golden_Boy: I’m in Illinois.


We’ve obviously never discussed where we live or anything personal. I’m nervous about telling her that much.


Dani Irving: Then you aren’t out of reach but I don’t know… You’re supposed to train me, not the other way around. Let’s just keep things the way they’ve been.


Golden_Boy: Fine.


I get where she’s coming from. It makes sense; I just wish her answer was different.


Dani Irving: Don’t be upset 😦


Golden_Boy: I’m not. I get it.


Dani Irving: Ok. I have to get going. Big meeting in the morning and I have to change the sheets thanks to you.


Golden_Boy: I’ll be here for your sheet ruining pleasure anytime. 😉


Golden_Boy: I have a meeting too. Goodnight.


Dani Irving: Sweet dreams, Pony Boy :-*


Golden_Boy: They’ll be about you so I’m sure they will be :-*


Golden_Boy: Sweet dreams to you too.


Dani signs out of chat.


I get up to clean up my mess and turn off my computer. I lie down in bed and when I close my eyes all I can see is Dani’s hands tied over her ass and her dripping wet pussy.




As soon as I get to the office in the morning I start my computer. I hang my coat on the back of my door and then take my lunch to the break room to put it in the fridge and get some coffee.


“Good morning, Eric,” I smile at him as I pass him by.


“Morning, Sookie,” he smiles back.


I like Eric. He’s a little awkward but he’s a nice guy and he’s got a beautiful smile.


I put my lunch in the fridge and grab a mug from the cabinet for coffee. I add my sugar and creamer first before I reach for the coffee pot.


“How was your night?” I ask while I stir my coffee.


“Good. Nothing too exciting happened. How was yours?” He grabs the coffee pot to pour his own cup.


Oh it was interesting thanks to my little internet friend, but it’s not like Eric and I are the kind of work friends that share super intimate details of our lives. The most intimate thing I know about him is that his father had cancer before he passed away two years ago.


“Eh,” I shrug with a little smile. “Dinner, laundry and Whose Line reruns. Definitely nothing fancy.”


He gives me one of those beautiful smiles and says, “I love Collin Mochrie. That already sounds better than my leftovers and overtime. I need to stop working from home.”


“We all do it from time to time.” I lift my mug and take a sip. Eric’s a very sexy man, but I’m sure if I said that to him he would explode with embarrassment and denial. Of course that only makes him more attractive. He brings his coffee to his lips and I note how tiny the mug looks in his big hand. That leads to thoughts of his hands other places, doing other things and I have to hold back a whimper.


“Are you ah… okay over there?” he asks as he puts his cup down and moves to put a bagel in the toaster.


“Yup, I’m good,” I slap on a smile.


“Mmhmm,” he hums, but eyes me suspiciously.


“What? I’m fine,” I insist. “I should get to work though. See you later.”


“See ya,” he says. As I walk away I can feel his eyes on me.


I go back to my office and close the door behind me. I get logged into my company email and then start up the internet to check my gmail. I sign into chat but go invisible. With the meeting starting at 9:30 I need to calm down and get my head on right. While I’m printing off time change forms for payroll alterations I get a chat from my little buddy.


Well, after last night I’m not sure I can call him ‘little’. Holy cow the pictures he sent. Definitely not little. Anywhere. This is not helping me calm down.


Golden_Boy: I couldn’t sleep last night…


Dani Irving: That blows. Sorry to hear that 😦


I slept like a baby.


Golden_Boy: I’m blaming you 😉 all I could think about is you.


Dani Irving: Yeah I probably shouldn’t have sent you that picture.


I don’t know what I was thinking, other than it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I’m not so sure.


Golden_Boy: Understandable. I shouldn’t have sent what I sent, but what’s done is done. Now I can’t get those images out of my head.


Dani Irving: Me either. I got a little spacey staring at a guy in my office this morning. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a weirdo now.


Golden_Boy: Eh, weird is the new normal. I’m sure he doesn’t think you’re weird.


Dani Irving: I’m not too sure about that, but it’s okay. We’re barely work friends so I’m not going to stress over it.


Dani Irving: I do have to get back to work though. I’m meeting with people soon. I’ll be around later tonight.


Golden_Boy: Me too. The work thing that is. I’ll chat with you later :-*


Dani Irving: Adios, amigo!


I close the chat window and get back to my paperwork. The ADP people will be here in less than half an hour.




The oven timer goes off and I pull two trays of cupcakes from the oven. I have three girls working under me and tomorrow is Arlene’s birthday. I spoil my girls but they work hard so I don’t mind doing it.


The chat pings on my phone and I don’t even have to look to know it’s Goldie. I pick up my phone, take a picture of the fresh baked goods and email it to him. Then I look at the message he sent.


Golden_Boy: How did the rest of your day go?


A few seconds later I get another one.


Golden_Boy: Are you kidding me with this? First your ass and now homemade desserts?!


Dani Irving: I like baking. You should see my apron lol


Golden_Boy: Are you wearing anything under it?


Dani Irving: maybe 😛


Golden_Boy: I’m completely naked under my clothes. 😉


Dani Irving: *gasp* me too! We’re matchy-matchy!




I take the cupcakes out of the muffin pans and let them cool on a rack so I can frost them. There’s a little pan of mac ‘n cheese from Trader Joe’s calling my name so I unwrap it and get it in the oven.


Golden_Boy: Aren’t we cute. What are you doing right now other than making delicious looking food?


Dani Irving: That’s about it. Dinner is in the oven now that the cupcakes are out. Having sad leftovers for one again?


Golden_Boy: No. Jerk. I’m having new food for one. I have you to keep me company though.


Dani Irving: oh so TOMORROW is sad leftover day 😛


Golden_Boy: Exactly. You’re still a jerk for that 😉


Dani Irving: I’ve been called worse lol. Just today an employee called me a cunt in Spanish.


Golden_Boy: ¿Coño?


Dani Irving: Exactly and he won’t be calling me that again after the rectal bleeding stops.


Golden_Boy: Huh, sounds like it was a fitting assessment 😀


Dani Irving: Not exactly.


Felipe threw a fit because he’s too dumb to understand that he has turn in time off request forms before payroll gets processed if he wants to get paid for his time off. Jackass.


Golden_Boy: I get shit too. It’s part of being in charge of people.


Dani Irving: Yeah but just like you shouldn’t fuck with people that handle your food, you shouldn’t fuck with someone that issues your paycheck.


Golden_Boy: Sound advice


Dani Irving: I think so.


Golden_Boy: What’s for dinner?


Dani Irving: Mac ‘n cheese and probably a chicken breast.


I grab a skillet from the cabinet and set it on the stove to get it warming. I’ll end up taking half of the pasta for lunch tomorrow.


Golden_Boy: Sounds good. I actually doubt I’ll have my sad leftovers tomorrow. I’m making a steak and that’s a fresh only item. I don’t know how close you might be, otherwise I would try to talk you into steak and Mac ‘n Cheese.


Dani Irving: I’m somewhere in the Land of Lincoln.


I’ve never mentioned where I live and until last night I had no idea where he lives either. Now I know it’s Illinois, but I don’t know anything more than that.


Golden_Boy: So I could potentially hang out with you sometime before tomorrow seeing as we share a state.


Dani Irving: That’s what you’re doing right now, Pony Boy.


Golden_Boy: You know what I mean, Cherry.


Golden_Boy: Sorry. I’m not crazy…


Dani Irving: Are you sure about that?


Golden_Boy: Not so much lol. You’re just the first girl I’ve been able to really talk to. Women run from me. I’m starting to get a complex.


Dani Irving: And you think I wouldn’t run if we met face to face? Do you look like Sloth or something?


Golden_Boy: Perfectly symmetrical, thank you very much.


Golden_Boy: I think the girls at work only talk to me to be nice though. I get a lot of looks that I can’t figure out.


Dani Irving: And I get a lot of guys staring at my tits. That’s just life.


Golden_Boy: I haven’t see your tits…


Dani Irving: No, you haven’t. There’s a guy in the I.T. department who keeps staring at me with rape eyes *cringes*


Bill Compton is a creepy motherfucker.


Golden_Boy: So would it be creepy or rapey if I said I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?


Dani Irving: A little creepy lol


Golden_Boy: I’ve already seen a lot more than your tits…


Dani Irving: I’m aware but you shouldn’t have tits…


Golden_Boy: Lol. True. How about I’ll trade you pecs for tits? I’ll even do a few push ups first so they’re nice and hard.


I snort.


Dani Irving: I’ll think about it. Maybe after dinner.


Golden_Boy: Fair enough. If you can see past the cum on the one I sent last night there’s some abdominal muscles hiding out under there.


Dani Irving: I noticed.


Golden_Boy: 🙂


Dani Irving: I’m about to start my chicken and after dinner I have to frost my cupcakes. I’ll be around a little while later.


Golden_Boy: Have fun. You know where to find me. I’ll probably be working.


Dani Irving: Okay. Enjoy your not sad steak 🙂


Golden_Boy: Thanks :-*


I set my phone off to the side and grab the chicken from the fridge to get it seasoned. For a while I forget all about my chat buddy and concentrate on cooking dinner. I’m just finishing cleaning up my kitchen after I eat when my phone pings with an email alert.


It’s Goldie… topless.


I shake my head and laugh his persistence. I also go to the bathroom and take my shirt off to send him a reply. I’m not going completely topless but he’ll get the idea. I’m careful about not getting my face in the picture. I’d like to maintain some anonymity. Once I’m happy with a picture I send off to Goldie. I’m sure I’ll be getting a response that will more than likely keep me up past my bedtime.


16 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. Oh this is gooooood ladies!! can’t wait until they figure out they work together LOL.. that’s gonna be funny… so they date for only 3 weeks?? strange but I so wanna see where ya’lls going with this story, please update soon, you so freaking rock chica’s!!


  2. The banter is great! I can’t wait for the “duh” moment when they discover they already know one another! This is a fun one!


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