Chapter 37


The fact that I’ve managed to surprise Eric so many times in the past week is a pretty huge deal. Then again, I’m starting to think maybe he’s not as quick on the uptake as I used to think. That’s the thing about getting to know someone, I guess. All of that super suave stuff you see when you first meet them starts to go away and you realize the guy’s just like every other guy out there but with a few of his own little quirks. His quirks mostly just happen to range in age of twenty-three to almost thirteen. We won’t mention the big quirk I haven’t met yet.

Jess and I have been watching a movie for the last two hours when I get a text message from Eric. He’s on his way.

“Showtime,” I smile and Jessica is more than willing to turn off the Lifetime movie.

“It’s about time,” she smirks and rolls onto her back. “Come here, Sook,” she beckons me with a smile.

I roll over so I’m facing her and scoot closer to her side. I undo a few more buttons on my top but I’m still dressed, as is she. We figured we can undress each other. Eric’ll like that. A lot. Our lips meet softly but that softness doesn’t last. Jess wasn’t kidding about wanting to fuck, and by the time we hear Eric’s keycard in the door Jessica is on top of me with my hands pinned to the bed above my head.

“Mmm, I see you girls listen well,” I hear when he notices what we’re doing.

I pull away from Jessica’s mouth and turn my head toward him. She starts kissing down my neck slowly and I say, “Come here.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he groans and starts to take his jacket and tie off. His shirt is gone, leaving him in slacks and a wife beater when he reaches the bed.

“Do you want to play, or do you want watch?” I ask him.

“I want to watch. I’ll join you soon enough, but right now I want you to make me hard.”

Jessica starts to move down closer to my chest so I tilt my head up toward Eric and say, “Kiss first.”

He leans across the bed and with his eyes still open he licks my top and then bottom lip. They’re parted right now and once he’s made it around he slides his tongue in to meet mine. The way he’s caressing my tongue with his own makes me want more.

“Kiss her now,” he whispers against my lips and then pulls back.

I lift Jessica’s head from my collarbone and once again our mouths meet softly at first. I play with her hair, which she’s left down, and slowly she parts her lips to let me into her mouth. Her fingers unbutton my shirt as the kiss gets deeper and we only pull apart so we can breathe.

“That looks really good, girls,” Eric says. Jessica is kissing my jaw so I turn to look at him and I see his hand working on the zipper of his slacks. “Jess, suck on my pretty girl’s nipples.”

Eric groans when Jessica keeps her eyes on him as her mouth comes down around my nipple, suckling through my lacy bra.

“Mmm, fuck that’s good,” he growls when his cock is out and in hand. He’s gently stroking with his eyes locked on Jessica’s mouth.

Jessica let’s go of my hands and we sit up so she can take my shirt off. My bra is quick to follow it, and all the while I’m kissing her neck. When she’s got me topless I start to unbutton her shirt and touch her tits. Eric groans and when I look to my left I see Jessica motioning for him to come closer.

Eric pulls his undershirt off, unbuttons his pants, but leaves them up around his hips and slides a little closer to us.

“I’ll do whatever you girls want right now,” he says, surprising me a little since Eric usually wants to be in command.

“Give her your cock,” I tell him. It’ll make both of them happy and Eric can watch me undress Jess.

Eric smirks and rolls onto his back. His hand pumps a few times, getting himself harder since he’s still mostly soft. “Come on, sweetheart, he’s all yours,” he tells Jess and she crawls off of me to take his length into her mouth.

I lie there for a few minutes to watch them together. His fingers thread into her hair and hold it back so he can look at her face. When I get up on my knees I unzip my skirt and start to wiggle out of it. Once I have it off I move closer to the head of the bed where Eric is so he can do what he wants with me. I take his free hand and put it between my thighs.

“See how wet I am?” I ask, and then dip down to kiss him.

“Mmm, my girl is so good to me,” he murmurs against my lips as his fingers split my folds. He runs his middle finger through my slit and then starts to wiggle it inside of me. “Jess, suck harder.”

The groan that escapes him tells me she listens to his command. I reach back and pull her skirt up over her hips. Jessica changes her angle a bit to give me better access to her lower half, and I let my hand slide into her panties.

“She’s so wet, baby,” I tell Eric. “I want to taste her.”

“Then get down there and suck on that sweet cunt,” Eric practically growls. Jessica’s sucking is starting to get to him as I notice his hips pump up.

I lean down and kiss him hard before he pulls his finger from me. When we part he licks his wet finger and I move down the bed to take off Jessica’s skirt and panties. Eric has his eyes on me and when I’ve got Jessica how I want her, I kiss her lower lips before spreading them open to take a long lick from her clit to her opening. She moans around Eric’s cock and it makes his eyes roll a little.

“Goddamn, do that again,” he moans.

I lick Jess again, and her moan is a little louder. My tongue slides into her, which keeps her moaning. Her head starts to bob faster while I fuck her with my tongue.

“Mmm, make her cum, pretty. Her mouth feels so fucking good. I need her to cum, baby, so bad,” Eric pants the last part. I have a feeling when her orgasm hits it’s going to rip Eric’s from him and that’s what he needs.

I reach around her so I can rub her clit fast while my tongue keeps working her cunt. Jessica’s legs start to tremble and her moans are getting louder and longer. I see Eric thrusting up into her mouth and when Jessica cums, she screams with Eric’s cock deep down her throat.

Eric gasps and I see his stomach muscles start to twitch just before Jess starts gagging a little. She pulls off of him mid-orgasm and spits what she got into her mouth back out so it drips down the side of his cock.

“Sookie,” she smiles, “Eric made a little mess, would you like to clean it up?”

“Only if you help me,” I say, and move around so there’s one of us on either side of him, working together to lick his cum off of him.

“Oh God,” Eric groans, “That’s too fucking good…”

I see Eric watching us so I stop Jess for a moment so we can kiss. Eric can see our tongues battling with each other, and I reach to start stroking him. When the kiss breaks Jessica lowers her head to suck and lick his balls.

“Jess, suck me hard again, sweetie, and then I want you to ride me.” Eric’s moment of submissiveness is gone.

“Come here, pretty girl,” he breathes and reaches to bring my face to his. “Did you bring any toys, lover?”

“Everything I brought to your house, plus Jess brought a few things,” I smirk. “What would you like to play with?”

“I want to fuck you with the seven inch cock. Bring it to me please,” he asks sweetly. I kiss him quickly and then roll off the bed to get to the toys. Jessica’s mouth is still on Eric’s cock, but her eyes are on me.

I go to the bag of goodies Jess brought with her and find the toy Eric wants. I take it from the bag and bring it back to bed. When I hand it to him he kisses me.

“Where do you want me?” I ask.

“Straddle my chest.”

I smile and sit up so I can slide my leg over his chest. To give us a little more room I keep my feet flat on the bed and my hands on his chest.

“Suck this, make it all wet,” he says as he thrusts the toy toward my lips.

I do as he says and suck on the toy like I would his cock. My eyes stay on his the whole time until he decides the toy is wet enough.

He smiles as he roughly pulls it from my lips and one of his thumbs comes up to rub my clit while I lift a little when I feel the head of the rubber cock hit my opening.

“I’m going to fuck this pretty little pussy right now,” he starts. “And later I’m going to bend you over, slam my cock into this cunt and fuck your ass with the toy. Does that sound good, baby?”

I moan and nod my head.

His eyes are on my pussy as he starts to push the toy into me. I feel Jess shift behind me and I know she’s fucking him now. Eric slowly pulls the rubber cock out until just the thick tip is in and then he twists as he pushes it in again, repeating the action over and over.

“Oh God,” I moan, and Jessica’s hands come around to play with my tits while she sucks on my neck. “That feels so good, baby.”

Eric keeps moving the toy slowly while Jessica roughly pinches my nipples. I turn my head to kiss her lips and I can feel her grinding against Eric with his cock buried in her. I pull away from the kiss turn to look at Eric.

With my eyes on his I say, “Ride him harder, Jess.”

“Mmm, yes, Jessica. Fuck me like you mean it,” he moans and drives the toy deeper into me.

I moan and flex my hips to try to get the toy deeper, but Eric pulls it back with a devilish look in his pretty blue eyes.

“Baby please,” I beg.

“Please what, pretty?”

“Make me cum.”

Jessica reaches around to rub my clit, but Eric knocks her hand away.

“Touch yourself, Sookie.”

I do as he says and start to rub my clit. He thrusts the toy only a few inches, teasing me with it.

“I thought you said you wanted to fuck me,” I challenge.

“Just playing a little,” he smirks. “But if you really need to get fucked…” He pushes the toy hard into me, lifting me up a little.

“Oh fuck!” I cry out, and move my fingers faster. “Again.”

He has a gorgeous grin on his face when he pulls all the way out and slams it into me again. Pulling out, he does it a third time before pulling back and playing with me again. Jessica turns my head and kisses me hard. She moans into my mouth and tells me she’s going to cum between kisses.

“Mmm… do it Jess so I can suck him clean again,” I say, and Eric groans.

“Keep telling her what to do, you know what I like, pretty.”

My head turns so I’m looking at Eric and I give Jessica instructions for how to fuck him. Judging by his reactions I’m right on the money. Then Jessica cries out and stops moving behind me. When she climbs off of him I take it upon myself to turn around, straddling his chest and start sucking her cum off of his cock. I completely forget how close I am to cumming, and focus on Eric instead. It’ll pay off for me in the long run.

As I’m sucking Eric he starts to pump the toy in and out of me. He’s going slow, taking long, deep strokes. His other hand comes up to grip the back of my hair and he pulls my mouth off of his cock.

“That’s clean enough,” he says. I wanted to swallow his cum, but he seems to be holding back right now.

I look back at him and ask, “What do you want, Eric?”

“I want to watch your pretty face while you cum, baby girl.”

“Do you want me to turn around again?”

“Lay on your back,” he directs me and pulls the dildo from my cunt so I can move into position.

I climb off of him and lay on my back. Jessica grabs my legs and holds them up far apart to give Eric plenty of room.

“Mmm, Jess do you see how pretty she is all spread open for me? She’s dying to get fucked so hard.”

“She wants your cock,” Jess says.

“Is that what you want, Sookie? I was going to play with you a little more, but if you would rather have me cock…” he trails off, waiting for my reply.

“Fuck me,” I say. “You’re so much better than the toy.”

He scoots forward a little and rubs the head of his cock over my clit, tapping a little. His head slips down to my opening and he pushes just the tip inside and then pulls out to play with clit again.

“Is that better than the toy?” he asks with a playful look on his face as he draws circles around my clit with the blunt head of his cock.

“Eric,” I whine. “Please…”

“Jess, what do you think?” He looks up at her with a raised eyebrow.

Jessica looks down at me and says, “Keep teasing.”

Fucking sadist.

He just smirks and moves down to my hole, pushing in just deep enough to get his tip wet and then moves down to nudge my ass. He applies a slight pressure and goes back up to my clit.

“You’re right, this is better than the toy,” he groans.

“Eric, so help me God, you’ll pay for this,” I warn him. And he will. I’ll make sure of it.

With that he slides in to the hilt, making my back arch. He pulls all the way out again and returns to rubbing my clit. He’s trying to drive me insane, he has to be. And it’s working.

“Eric, please,” I beg yet again.

“Mmm, but that’s such a sexy sound, hearing you beg for it.”

I get on his level and say, “You know what’s sexier? Me screaming your name while I’m cumming because you’re pounding your cunt.”

“Jess? My girl begging for me, or screaming my name in pleasure? Your call, sweetheart.”

“Make the little slut cum,” Jess says.

With a look of sheer determination, Eric slams into my cunt, making me scream for him. Jess has my ankles in her grasp, but Eric rest his weight on his hands, holding my legs back so I’m spread wide open for him. He slides all the way out and bites his bottom lip before driving back in, over and over as he watches my pussy stretch around him.

“Is this what you want?” he grunts as he continues to pound into me.

“Yes!” I shout.

“I can feel my pussy gripping my cock. I want to feel you cum for me,” he pants. “Fuck, that feels fucking good.”

“Faster, Eric,” I moan. I’m close. So, so close.

Jess lets go of my ankles since Eric has them, and starts rubbing my clit.

“Oh fuck!” I shout as the pressure in my belly explodes and I clench hard around Eric’s shaft.

“Do you want my cum?” he gasps, “Milk that cock, pretty, take all that fucking cum.”

The next thing I know Eric roars with his release and drops his head back as his hips jerk, pushing harder into me.

“Fuuuuck!” he yells. “That was perfect.”

I’m still catching my breath as the aftershocks ripple through me. He lets go of my legs and they fall to the bed. As soon as he pulls out of me Jess leans down and starts fucking me with her tongue.

Eric can’t seem to help himself. He presses down on the back of her head and says, “Lick it up, baby, drink all the fucking cum from my girl’s pussy.”

I’m still sensitive from the first orgasm so it doesn’t take much to make me cum a second time, and after that I have to push Jess’ head away.

“Too much,” I moan.

“Come here,” Eric says and rips her head up. He crashes his lips to hers, tasting both of us in her mouth. He breaks the kiss and looks into her eyes. “Clean me up, sweetheart.”

Jessica quickly moves to lick his cock clean. Surprisingly he doesn’t get hard again.

When he’s clean I say, “Come snuggle me.”

I just want to be close to him. I’m feeling all clingy and I’m not sure why.


I spoon in behind Sookie and wrap my arms around her. She doesn’t get like this often and usually it’s after an intense orgasm, so I assume that’s what’s going on. Jessica doesn’t seem to know what to do so I tell her to lay down with us and she takes me by surprise when she comes to lay down behind me, pressing her tits against my back and wrapping her arm over my hip.

Maybe she just needs a snuggle too.

Sookie turns in my arms and nuzzles her face into my chest while I run my fingers through her hair. It doesn’t take long for Sookie to fall asleep. I feel Jessica’s hand rubbing up and down my thigh. It’s not sexual, but more soothing.

The next thing I know I’m waking up completely engulfed by the girls. I have to take a piss and roll Sookie away so I can crawl off of the bed. When I get to the bathroom I take a piss, wash my hands and brush my teeth and then go back out to the room. Sookie and Jessica are now wrapped up together and I try not to make any noise or move too much when I climb back into the bed behind Sookie.

Jess wakes up first and I hold back a groan when she stretches out on her back, thrusting her tits into the air.

“Sleep well?” I ask, startling her. I guess she didn’t notice I’m awake.

“Like a log,” she says softly with a sexy as fuck sleepy smile.

“Me too; this one wore me out,” I say, rubbing my hand across Sookie’s hip.

“She’s a machine,” Jess agrees. “There’s a reason she was so successful.”

“I’m aware,” I wink. “Thank you for flying down here.”

“No trouble. I needed to get away from there for a few days.”

“Nothing says relaxation like getting your brains fucked out,” I laugh quietly. “Sorry if I get carried away.”

“I don’t mind. I like intense, passionate people.”

“Thanks again. Should we wake her up?”

“Nah, let her sleep. I think I’m going to go down to the pool for a little while,” she says as she sits up.

I get caught up staring at her tits and forget to reply.

“Mmm, good plan,” I eventually get out as she stands and gives me a great view of her ass. I love Sookie, but I’m still a man and I can appreciate the gorgeous naked girl in front of me.

“I’m sure you’d like the time alone,” she says. Jess comes over to my side of the bed and lays one hell of a kiss on me. “Happy birthday, Eric.”

“Thanks, Jess,” I say and release her hair from my hand.

She gathers up her clothes and gets dressed in the bathroom before slipping out of the room.

I let Sookie sleep a little longer and I lie back on the bed, getting through what email I can from my phone. She shifts after a little while and when I look over she’s blinking her big blue eyes open trying to focus on me.

“Hey,” I smile and set my phone down so I can roll on my side to face her.

“Hi. Sorry I passed out like that,” she apologizes.

“Don’t worry; I was able to get some work done. How’d you sleep?”

“Very well. Did you sleep? Where’s Jess?”

“Yeah,” I chuckle. “I woke up squished between the two of you. She went down to the pool.”

“You poor thing waking up between two hot, naked girls that could fuck you at a moment’s notice,” she says sympathetically.

“It was rough; Jess flashed her tits and ass when she got up. It was hard not to wake you up for another round,” I smirk.

“Your life is full of hardships,” she deadpans.

“I just have to take one for the team,” I sigh.

Sookie smiles and moves closer to me so we’re sharing a pillow.

“She’s not staying the whole time. She flies back tomorrow night so you’ll have me all to yourself for a few days,” she says.

“That’s perfect since I’m a greedy asshole that wants to keep you tied to the bed for my own personal use after she goes.” Thankfully I know not to get upset if Jessica comes back while Sookie and I are fucking this time.

“Mmm… that sounds like fun. Good thing I brought my handcuffs,” she winks.

I lean in close and whisper against her lips, “If you play your cards right I’ll let you handcuff me.”

“I don’t know if your heart could handle it, Gramps,” she teases.

“I’m the same Gramps that fucked you until you passed out,” I remind her. “My heart’s just fine.”

“Good point.” Sookie presses her lips to mine.

“This is also the same Gramps that’s hard for you right now,” I whisper and kiss her again.

Sookie moans into the kiss and lifts her leg up over mine.

I slip my hand between our bodies and stroke over her clit. “Feels like you’re ready too.”

“Always,” she says.

I grab my shaft and slide it along her lower lips. I turn onto my back, taking her with me and when she settles, she’s impaled on my cock.

“Fuck me, pretty girl,” I whisper and cup the back of her head, bringing her lips to mine.

Her hips start to rise and fall slowly as our tongues meet. She sets a slow and steady pace which is nice after being so rough with her before. Sookie pulls away from the kiss and offers me her tits instead. I kiss, lick and gently suck on her soft, sweet skin. When I get to her nipples she grinds down on my pubic bone and moans loudly. I love the noises she makes.

“Mmm… your cock feels so good buried in me like this, baby,” she purrs and starts rocking her hips.

I kiss the underside of her tits and then bring her mouth back to mine for a deep, passionate kiss. We roll over and I settle my weight on her, pinning Sookie to the bed. I keep my thrusts slow and deep, and my mouth moves to her neck to kiss the spot that drives her crazy. Her hips try to move up to meet mine, but I want to keep this slow.

To her surprise, I pull out of her hot snatch and kiss my way down so I can taste her. I haven’t had her this way yet today and I need to taste her sweet honey on my tongue. Sookie cries out when I flick my tongue against her clit, and I lick the length if her slit a few times before sealing my lips around her clit.

“Eric… so… oh my God,” she moans and grabs my hair. Her hips start to move in time with my flicking tongue.

By her noises I know when she’s close. Just before she’s going to cum I pull back and thrust my cock deep into her again. Her back arches and two deep thrusts later she’s clawing my back as her pussy tries to milk me. I’ve cum so many times today that I’ve got better stamina. I keep thrusting through her orgasm and I kiss her deeply as she’s coming down from her high.

My thrusts remain slow and deep and after she cums again a short time later I can’t hold back anymore. I pull out of her and shoot my release all over her tits and stomach. Sookie moans and rubs her clit lazily to prolong her pleasure.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous, pretty girl,” I tell her, and lean down to kiss her. I don’t even care that I’m now covered in my cum too.

“We need a shower,” she says when the kiss breaks.

“Yes, we do,” I agree. “I’ll go get it started and then come back for you.”

Sookie nods and accepts the kiss I offer before I climb off of her and the bed to start the shower.

♦ ♦ ♦

I’m sitting on the bed in a pair of boxers. The girls are at the other end, Sookie wearing one of my shirts and Jessica is in a sheer nightie. We’re just finishing up breakfast and my phone rings. I know I’m supposed to be on a conference call this morning, but that’s not for another thirty minutes. When I answer it’s Clancy telling me the meeting was moved up and I need to call in now.

I hang up and as I go through my calendar I tell the girls I’m going to be on a call for the next hour or so and ask that they stay as quiet as possible.

“Yes, sir,” Sookie says.

“We’ll be good, sir,” Jessica adds.

Fuck me. This is not promising.

I look away when I call in and let the other people on the call know that I’m in. Thankfully I mostly have to listen and I don’t need to have much input.

“Oops,” I hear Jess say quietly behind me, and when I turn around I see she’s somehow gotten syrup on Sookie.

Sookie reaches for a napkin to clean up, but Jessica stops her and proceeds to lean in and lick it off of her instead.

I instantly mute the call and ask the girls, “What are you doing?”

“Jessica spilled,” Sookie says as Jessica’s lips close around her nipple. “She’s cleaning up her mess.”

“You cannot do that shit while I’m on the phone,” I growl and Sookie shrugs.

Jessica dips her finger in the little pot of syrup and paints Sookie’s other nipple with it before moving over to clean that one off too. Sookie moans and threads her fingers through Jess’ hair to keep her in place.

I’m torn, I want to watch them, but I won’t be able to get shit done and I’ll probably end up disconnecting the call to join them. When Jessica tugs on Sookie’s nipple with her teeth my cock starts to get hard. I have to respond to the people I’m on the phone with, but I have no idea what to say right now. I unmute and give a noncommittal response, where I think I agree with Clancy.

I mute them again and bite my lip while I rub over my cock through my boxers.

“Girls, you’re making this hard on me,” I remind them.

Jess lifts her head and says, “I can’t help it. Sookie tastes so good.”

My girl cups Jess’ face and brings her close for a kiss that makes my dick twitch. Jess slips my shirt off Sookie’s shoulders and reaches down between her thighs to rub Sookie’s glistening lower lips.

“Mmm… your pussy’s so wet, Sookie,” Jess purrs.


They’re killing me. I want to beg them to suck me off, but then I really won’t be able to focus.

“Please, girls, keep it down,” I groan and then unmute again to talk about shit I’m not even paying attention to.

Sookie picks up the little syrup pot and drizzles some of the amber liquid right above her mound. Jess lowers her head and starts licking it away. She spreads Sookie’s lips and moves her mouth down to use her tongue on my girl’s clit. Sookie stifles a moan and looks right at me with heat in her eyes when she starts to pant.

“Oh, fuck me,” I groan.

“Eric?” I hear Clancy and I realize I’m not muted.

“Sorry, continue,” I say and this time I make sure to mute the call.

Sookie grips Jessica’s hair and thrusts her hips forward.

“Jess, put your fingers in her cunt,” I whisper. I pull my cock out of my boxers and begin to stroke.

“No,” Sookie says. “You just get to watch.”

“Mmm, but I want to watch her fuck you.”

Jess turns her head and says, “Sookie told you that you would pay.”

My girl smirks, and then moans when Jess slides two fingers into her drenched cunt.

“Ah, that looks good. Maybe you girls should eat each other at the same time. Flip around Jess and ride her tongue.”

“Maybe you should be quiet and pay attention to your call,” Sookie sasses. Jess stays right where she is.

“You’re killing me, Sookie.” Paying attention to my call is the last thing I want.

She gives me a naughty little smile and then moans again when Jess starts to suck on her clit.

“That’s good, Jess. Eat that fucking snatch,” Sookie says with her eyes on me, more specifically, my cock.

I’m forced to focus on my call for a moment, but I don’t take my hand off of my cock. When I look back at the girls, Jessica is sucking Sookie’s clit and she’s using her index finger to rub around the rim of her core.

Then all of a sudden, Sookie pushes Jess back on the bed and buries her face between Jess’ thighs.

“Uh… I’ll be unavailable for just a moment,” I say to my colleagues and go on mute again. “What the fuck are you doing?” I growl.

“She’s doing a very good job of eating my pussy,” Jess moans and it takes every ounce of willpower not to hang up and join them.

Sookie lifts her head and shoves two fingers into Jess’ pussy. Jess’ back arches, thrusting her tits up, and Sookie leans over her to suck her nipples one at a time with her fingers pumping fast.

“Mmm… So good,” Jess groans.

With my call on hold I move my phone away and pay close attention to what they’re doing. My hand starts moving faster up and down my shaft and I’m letting out low growling sounds.

“That’s so Goddamn hot, pretty girl,” I pant and stroke faster.

Sookie ignores my comments and turns herself around so she can straddle Jessica’s head. In moments both girls are panting and moaning while they eat each other out.

I have to jump back on the call and tell the guys it’s a little loud where I’m at so I’m going to keep them muted unless I need to respond. I’m jacking myself off and watching the girls, the call is barely a thought at this moment. I want to tell the girls what I want to see, but that’s not working and I know why. I just hope she forgets and turns so I can see Jessica’s tongue in Sookie’s pussy.

My hand slows down on my cock until I eventually let go and I sit back against the headboard with my eyes closed. This will be the only way I can focus unless I leave the room and it would be louder if I left, not to mention I’d have to get dressed.

I watch the girls make each other cum, but they don’t stop there. They keep it up, fucking each other all through the rest of my call.

When I hang up I get off the bed and go into the bathroom for a shower. My cock is solid and they are having too much fun without me so I’ll jack off in the shower. Only I’m not in there for long before Sookie pulls back the shower curtain.

“Fuck me,” she says.

I pull her into the tub and crash my lips to hers. I can taste Jessica on her and I break off the kiss to turn her around. Sookie presses her hands against the wall and I pull her hips back. She’s soaked from all of the orgasms she’s already had, and I thrust into her easily.

“Fuck, pretty girl, I love fucking this fucking cunt,” I growl and start pounding her.

“Harder,” she says in response and backs up to meet my thrusts.

Jess is smokin’ hot but I’m glad it’s just my girl in here right now. Sookie moans with every thrust of my hips and she cries out when I slap her ass. Her cunt flutters around my cock so I pull her hair and slide my hand around her throat.

“You ready to cum on my dick?” I growl.

“Yes,” she growls right back.

I grip her throat a little tighter and pull her hips back hard into my thrusts. Her pussy starts to massage my cock and I know it’s not going to take me long. Sookie holds the wall with one hand and rubs her clit with the other.

“I’m cumming, pretty, cum with me.”

She shakes and moans in a low, raspy sound the makes my cock twitch. Her walls start to squeeze my cock and her legs start to give out on her.

When I erupt I let go and press her tight against the wall.

“That’s what I’ve been waiting for,” I giggle. Sookie is still panting through her own orgasm and I pull her back to turn her around so I can kiss her.

“I think you got your payback, lover,” I say and kiss her forehead.


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  1. That was super shit hot!! And they seemed to get the balance right this time, Jess giving them time alone when they needed it without any misunderstandings. I loved the girls’ ‘making Eric pay’ – terrible for him! I do like that E & S reconnect alone, affirming that what they have is more than sex.


  2. i was laughing and snorting at the mute button and then when he said Fuck me and they heard him i laughed my ass off thank you for the update, i missed this story Kristie


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