Chapter 16



“Hey, babe,” I smile when Sookie comes out to find me in the backyard. I’ve been out here reading for the last two hours.


“Hi,” she smiles back at me and comes over to give me a kiss hello.


“How was your day?” I ask and pull her down on the couch to lie in front of me.


“Good.” She holds up her feet. “They look much better. And I think I saw some side boob when I walked by Claudine.”


“Mmm, did you offer to suck on the side boob?” I tease and tickle her side. I know it’s not her thing, but she goes along with it for me and I appreciate her for that.


“I did,” she smiles. “And I ended up sixty-nining her in the back of the salon.”


“Mmm, I’m sad I missed that,” I purr and lean down to nibble her neck.


“Me too. She kept saying how she wished she could have a thick cock in her ass while she ate me out,” Sookie tells me.


“Did you offer to call me?” I purr. I flex my hips so she can feel what her words are doing to me.


“I did, but then her handler came in and caught us messing around so he took your place,” she says.


“That’s too bad. How do you plan on making it up to me?” I slide my hand under her shirt up to her tits so I can tug on her nipples.


Sookie moans and shifts to straddle my lap. She reaches into my basketball shorts and starts stroking my cock nice and slow.


“I thought I’d start with this, then maybe worship your cock with my mouth so it gets me dripping wet for you. Then I’ll let you have me any way you want me,” she says.


“Mmm, oh yeah?” I grunt when she twists her hand just right.


“Mmhmmm,” she nods. “I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”


“I think you should take your shorts off and show me just how wet you’re getting.”


Sookie leans in to give me a lingering peck before she stands up to take her shorts off. She leaves her panties on but she pulls the front down so I can see her lips glistening.


“Mmm, that’s gorgeous, little girl,” I say and reach down to rub her lips.


“Keep doing that and I’ll go straight to riding you,” she moans.


I slide my finger through her lips to find her slick clit. I rub a little before I remove my finger.


“I want your mouth,” I tell her.


Sookie gets back on the couch and lies on her stomach with her head in my lap. I can feel her warm breath as her lips skim over my pants where my cock is trying to get out. She reaches into my shorts to pull my erection free. Sookie starts at my base and licks and kisses her way to my head. Her soft lips part and she bobs on just my tip.


“That’s good, baby,” I hiss and pump my hips up slowly. I keep my hands under my head as I watch her.


I can feel her saliva running down my shaft and she wraps her hand around my base. Sookie resumes stroking me and she moves her head down to lick my sac, sucking on my left nut as her thumb rubs my head. She hums softly and moves to the right side. Her hand speeds up and starts to twist.


“Stay slow,” I whisper. My eyes go to her lips so I can see her soft, pink tongue flick out every few seconds. I could lie here all day and watch her worship my cock.


Sookie starts to kiss her way up my shaft, brushing her full lips over my sensitive flesh. She swirls her tongue around and around my head before her lips wrap around it. She goes back to bobbing on just my head until I start panting, and then she takes more of my length in her mouth. Sookie keeps it nice and slow, taking me as deep as she can in her warm mouth.


“Baby, why don’t you sit up and fuck me?” I ask sweetly. Her mouth is doing amazing things to me, but I want to be inside of her pussy.


Sookie hollows her cheeks to give me a hard suck as she pulls off my cock. She sits up and pushes her pale pink panties over her ass before she gets up and stands between my knees. I hold my shaft in place and Sookie slides down my length nice and slow.


“Mmm… so fuckin’ big,” she moans.


“And you’re so fuckin’ wet. Maybe I’ll fuck your throat next time to see how much your pussy drips for me,” I breathe and reach up to play with her tits under her shirt.


“Fuck, that feels so good, baby,” she moans and leans back against my chest. Her hips keep moving up and down slowly and with her legs closed like this, she’s so fuckin’ tight.


“Mmm, yes it does,” I agree and my lips brush over her shoulder. “I don’t know when Ras will be home so we might want to make this quick or go to my room.”


“Let’s go inside. I like how this feels all slow like this,” she says.


I wrap my arms around her and let her move for a couple minutes before I help her off my lap. We leave our clothes right where they are and go into the house. When we get to my room I stop her before she sits and I bend her over the bed. My hands are on her ass, rubbing slowly and I slide my cock into her pussy again. I spread her cheeks and begin to thrust nice and slow so she can feel every inch of my thick shaft sliding in and out over and over.


“Baby, I’m so close,” Sookie moans. I can feel her walls fluttering.


“I know,” I reply. I move my hand and I start to rub her rear entrance with my thumb.


“Mmm… do you want me there next?”


“I don’t know yet,” I say honestly. “I just like to play with your body.”


Sookie reaches down and rubs her clit. Her eyes close and her walls pulse. Her moans get louder and she starts pushing back to meet my thrusts.


“Fuckfuckfuck,” she pants.


“Mmhmm, imagine a nice warm tongue on your clit while I’m buried deep in your snatch… fuck…” She feels fucking amazing.


Sookie’s walls grip my shaft and begin milking me quickly. “Yesyesyesyesyes,” she breathes. “Ohmygod, yes.”


“Good girl,” I purr and give her a soft smack on her ass.


I pull out and flip Sookie onto her back in the middle of the bed. I drop down on my elbows with my head between her thighs and drag my tongue up the length of her slit from ass to clit.


“Mmm… do that again,” she says.


I do as she asks and move down to rub my flatten tongue over her rear hole a couple times before slithering up through her slick folds, ending at her swollen clit. I wrap my lips around the sweet bud and begin to suck, rubbing the very tip of my tongue over it. I use two fingers to drag her juices to her ass and apply a little pressure before slipping one thick finger into the tight hole.


“Ohmygod,” she gasps and her hips flex.


“Mmm,” I hum against her clit as my finger goes deeper. I pull almost all the way out and when I push back in I slide a finger into her cunt.


“Oh fuck,” she moans. Her hands go to her tits and tug on her nipples.


I keep my eyes on her hands as my fingers speed up and I suck harder on her clit. I feel my finger rub over her g-spot and wiggle a little, making her back arch.


“I want to feel you cum all over my hand,” I tell her and slide my lips along hers.


“I will,” she pants.


Her walls start to pulse and her back arches. Her hands drop to the bed and her eyes squeeze shut.


“Mmm,” I hum, sending vibrations through her core. I feel her juices run out of her pussy, dripping down to coat my finger pumping in and out of her ass.


I pull my fingers out and move up the bed. I turn Sookie onto her side and lift her leg, resting it on my thigh as I scoot into place. I line my cock up with her entrance and start to slide in. I push in to the hilt, making Sookie cry out in ecstasy. This is the deepest I’ve ever been.


“Mmm, is that good, baby?” I asks and reach down to rub her clit.


“Yes,” she breathes. “God, don’t stop.”


I start to thrust, pulling almost all the way out before sliding all the way in, going just as deep on each long thrust. I grab her leg and hold it up higher around my waist and begin to drive in harder.


“Fuck, this is going to fuckin’ make me cum,” I pant. Goddamn, her tight, wet walls feels like fuckin’ silk around my shaft.


I can feel her breathing hard on my face her fingertips dig into my shoulder. Her lips meet mine roughly when her walls clamp down on my cock and milk me hard.


I lift her leg even higher and start slamming in over and over and over again. “Fuckfuckfuck… So fuckin’ close,” I pant. I can feel my balls tighten and my stomach muscles twitch. “Where do you want it?”


“In me,” she pants. “Fill that tight pussy up.”


“Mmm, fuck, take it all,” I breathe as I erupt. My hips slam against her as I jerk with my orgasm. My head drips back and I keep thrusting lazily as her walls contract around me.


“So… good…” Sookie whimpers and clings to me.


“Mmhmm,” I hum. I stay buried inside of her and I shift her legs so I’m straddling them. Each time I push into her my cock rubs over her clit, making her gasp. I settle my weight on her and start to suck lightly on her neck. “Is that good?” I whisper, “You feel so fucking tight like this. You’re keeping me so fucking hard.”


Sookie whimpers again and I see tears in her eyes when I lift my head. Her walls are still pulsing so I doubt she’s in pain.


“Are you okay, baby?” I ask just in case.


“Mmhmmm,” she nods and pulls my face to hers to kiss me.


I moan into the kiss and continue to slowly rock my hips so I’m constantly stroking her clit with my shaft. I think my head is hitting her g-spot if the way she gasps into the kiss is any indication. I keep going for what seems like forever. Sookie’s body is trembling below me, making my cock twitch and swell.


“Do you want more?” I whisper against her lips when I feel my orgasm approaching. “Do you want to feel my release filling up your perfect little pussy again?”


“Yes,” she whimpers. “Please, baby…”


“It’s all yours,” I growl softly just before I explode, ripping another orgasm from my girl.


Sookie cries out and her body shakes. A few tears roll down her temples as she goes limp under me. She’s definitely done. I pull out slowly and fall on the bed next to her.


It’s still fairly early in the evening and we haven’t had dinner yet. I lay there with her until she falls off into a light slumber and I roll out of bed. I go to the bathroom and take a quick shower before I go to the kitchen in only my towel to figure out what she was going to do for dinner. I can’t figure it out so I pull a couple steaks from the fridge to let some of the chill die off.


I’m starting to peel potatoes when my cell phone rings.




Despite saying we can have a relationship; I haven’t talked to her since she left.


“Hello?” I answer and settle the phone between my ear and shoulder so I can continue to work.


“Hello,” she replies. “How are you?”


“Good. You?” I ask, still not really sure what to say to her. I’m not as angry with Sonja as I was in the past, but the thought of what she did still hurts. I know she only wants to make it right… I just don’t know if I can ever fully forgive her.


“I’ve been busy,” she says. “But that’s a good thing. We have a big bake sale coming up at church that I’m in charge of so I’ve been making cookie dough like a demon.”


Mmm. I miss her cookies.


“Sounds like fun,” I say with a smile. “Sookie came back. We’re seeing each other now.” She’s the first person I’ve told… That’s kind of a big deal.


“You are? Oh Eric, that’s wonderful. She seems like a very nice girl,” she says.


“She’s an amazing girl. She’s kind and smart. You already know she has a huge heart,” I say. “I realized I wanted more when she was in Louisiana.”


“That’s good to hear. I’m happy you were able to work something out,” she says.


“Me too,” I agree. I start to rinse and dice the potatoes. “So, what’s up?”


“Nothing really. I just thought I would check in and see how you are.”


“I’m doing pretty good, considering. I’m going to allow Sookie to do a story on me and let her sell it to the highest bidder for charity.”


“What charity?” Sonja asks.


“We haven’t decided yet. I’m looking into a couple that help abused children.”


“That’s… very fitting,” she says.


“I think so,” I agree.


“Are you taking her to the awards shows with you?”


“I am. I was planning on taking her as my assistant, but now she’s going as my girlfriend. If the story isn’t complete by then we’ll come out at the show.”


“Good for you,” she says sincerely. “I hope you know I want more than anything for you to be happy, Eric. I want you to have the family you didn’t get as a child. I’m sorry you were cheated out of it and that I helped to ruin it for you.”


“I know,” I say quietly. As shitty as she was to me, she’s still my mother and it hurts to hear her hurting. “Who knows, maybe Sookie will be the one to give me that family.”


“Perhaps. She seems like a good match for you. I’m not sure anyone else would have stuck their neck out for you like she did.”


“I doubt they would’ve. You know she was a reporter, trying to get a good story on me?” I didn’t tell her this when she was in town.


“She was?” Sonja sounds shocked.


“Yeah and you unknowingly gave her the story of the century,” I chuckle. “Thankfully her integrity got in the way and she quit the paper. She only works for me now.”


“Oh… well… I’m glad she did the right thing.”


“You and me both,” I snort. I get the potatoes boiling and head out back to start the grill. “So… We didn’t talk about it; are you dating anyone?”


“Oh no… I’m done with men,” she says seriously. “I think I’ve had about all I can take.”


“Understandable,” I nod even though she can’t see me. “I hope you at least have some good friends.” I imagine her living like the Golden Girls for some reason.


“I have made some wonderful friends through the church,” she tells me. “I started going after the separation because I felt I needed a little guidance and it has been a big blessing in my life.”


“I’m happy for you, Mom…” I trail off when I realize I haven’t called her that since I was twelve.


“Thank you,” she whispers. A moment later I hear a sniffle.


“Please don’t do that,” I plead quietly.


“Do what?” Her voice is a little shaky.


“Don’t cry, please. I don’t like it…”


“I’m not,” she clears her throat. “Something just got stuck.”




“Mmhmm,” I hum. “So, do you brag to all your friends that you have a famous son?” I ask to change the subject.


“Of course I do,” she laughs. “You were on our prayer list after the nomination was announced.”


“Thanks,” I chuckle. “I appreciate that. “I uh… When I start filming my next movie it’s going to be on the east coast, maybe I can visit…”


“Eric, that would be… I would really like that,” she tells me.


“Okay… You’re in North Carolina now, right?”


“South. Charlotte, to be exact,” she says.


“Oh, well, I’ll be filming near there. Maybe Sookie and I can come spend my days off with you and I can meet your friends,” I offer.


“That would be lovely. Is she traveling with you when you go on shoots?”


“I haven’t asked her yet, but seeing as she’s also my employee and she spends her days with me already, I’m pretty sure she will be.”


“Well you might want to ask her about it since I’m sure she’s supposed to be making all of your arrangements,” Sonja suggests with a chuckle.


“I will before she has to book my flights,” I smile. “I should probably go. I’m cooking and I’m not so good with one hand and my neck is starting to hurt.”


“Alright. Well, feel free to call anytime. You give that girl a nice hug for me,” she says.


“I will,” I promise. “I’ll try to be better at calling.”


“It’s alright. I know it’s not a habit for you. It’ll get better in time,” she says. “Take care, älskling.”


I smile. I’ve spoken in Swedish to a few fellow actors I’ve met, but not regularly since leaving.


You too, mother,” I reply in my native tongue. We hang up and when I turn to walk back into the house I see Sookie standing there. “Hey, sleepyhead.”


“Hi,” she smiles over at me. “Sorry, didn’t mean to pass out on you like that.”


“It’s fine. I got dinner started,” I tell her and walk over to kiss her head before I lead her back inside.


“So you do speak Swedish,” she says.


“Yeah, fluently,” I chuckle. “I rarely get a chance to here.”


“Good to know.”


“I’m making steak, potatoes and cauliflower and spinach salad for dinner.”


We head into the kitchen and Sookie takes over the potato and cauliflower mixture while I man the steaks. Dinner is quiet and Sookie and I end up relaxing out back with the firepit going.


It’s comfortable and I feel truly happy and safe for the first time in years. Sookie came into my life in an unconventional way, and there are a million reasons I should have had her arrested for the shit she pulled, but she fits with me perfectly. It doesn’t matter how it happened, we are where we’re supposed to be.


16 thoughts on “Chapter 16

  1. Sigh, they are both happy. Great ending, thanks for sharing stories with us. Looking forward to next adventure when posted.


  2. These two make each other better😍 It’s good Eric wants to rebuild the relationship between him and his mother, it won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it. A lot of crap is going to be said when that article hits stands or if the awards show comes first. Hopefully the article will go first, so no one can make up stuff regarding her previous employer.


  3. I agree that was a good place to end. We all know that you two could entertain us with this for many more chapters. But you’ve promised more new and exciting stories so this is where they lived happily ever after.

    Thank you guys so much for all the wonderfulness (I know it’s not a word but it’s fitting). I can’t wait to see whats next. You both are so amazing!!!!


  4. Still trying to move Charlotte to South Carolina, huh? 😉

    I love this story and I like how it ended with nothing cemented, but all the potential in the world in front of them.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love it. I’m glad his mum reached out to him. Looks like things are going to coast along nicely.
    Guess I was wrong about the scoop on her stories being important lol.

    Thankyou for a lovely story!


  6. I like you ended it there. Loved this one, but I think it ended in the right place. This is one relationship that couldn’t happen fast. Eric has to learn how to have a relationship and Sookie is aware it will be a slow build. Otherwise it would have needed to be another 16 chapters. Def one of my faves!


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